SevenFriday watch review: P1, P2, P3 models

Sevenfriday P3C/04 - RED CARBON Replica Watch

Sevenfriday P3C/04 – RED CARBON Replica Watch

SERIES:Sevenfriday P-Series Watches
CASE SIZE:47.6×47 mm
Crystal:Sapphire Crystal
Dial Color:Black, Red dial
Bracelet Strap:Alligator Leather
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Functions:hours ,minutes

People often ask me how the SevenFriday watch is. They either want to know their opinions on a specific SevenFriday watch model, or they just want to know my opinion on the overall uniquely positioned Swiss watch brand, which offers large, uniquely designed mechanical watches at an expensive price. SevenFriday is so popular that it has created its own market in just a few years. New brands that seem to be imitating their success have emerged, and some existing brands are offering new models designed to directly compete with SevenFriday’s core series of “P Series” watches, including P1, P2 and P3 watches (and all their variants) . For this article, not only provides another hands-on review of SevenFriday watches, but also discusses the market that SevenFriday has created in the Swiss watch industry.

SevenFriday currently has two main types of watches, including the P series and the 2014 new M series (please read about SevenFriday M1 and M2 watches here). Each contains a Japanese Miyota automatic mechanical movement. However, the SevenFriday brand is located in Zurich and was founded by veterans in the watch industry. Of course, the irony is that even if the brand is technically a Swiss brand, these watches cannot be called “Swiss made” because they contain Japanese mechanical movements. So, what is the brand’s goal from the beginning? First I reviewed the SevenFriday watch here.

Daniel Niederer, the founder of SevenFriday, is a little tired of the usual stuffy and stiff way the watch industry treats design, and the way watches are sold. Niederer used to be a luxury watch distributor. He shared his views with me. He believes that some of the profits of the watch industry on its products are not in line with production costs and consumer expectations. He also hates how (literally) the brands he helps sell stay on the same old design and marketing practices. Daniel saw huge room for change and improvement, and the only solution was to complete it himself.

Starting SevenFriday-to start any new business-is a gamble. The idea of ​​the brand is to produce mechanical watches with modern designs. SevenFriday noticed that many traditional Swiss watch brands have completely abandoned this price range and opened up to other markets (such as the Japanese). The Japanese did participate in the competition, but many high-end (but not the highest-end) Japanese watches are of high quality and value for money, but the design is a bit strange.

As a watch company, SevenFriday is actually conducting an experiment to see whether it can successfully combine the efficiency of Japanese movements and Asian manufacturing with the subtlety of European design. With such a polarized industrial appearance, the debut of the SevenFriday series may be a success or a complete failure. SevenFriday also intends to combine the traditional wholesale business model with consumers’ ability to buy directly from the brand online.

The SevenFriday case of the P series is shaped like an old-fashioned TV screen, with an earless design and a size of about 47 mm. This means having a big watch, but considering the bold points, it is still feasible. I checked not only a SevenFriday watch, but also four different models. These are the same watch, but with different colors, material treatments, straps and surface treatments. For review are SevenFriday P1-1, P2-1, P3-1 and P3-2 watches. replica Greubel Forsey watches

Sevenfriday T-Series T2/02 Replica Watch

Every SevenFriday P watch has a stainless steel case, ranging from polished steel on P1-1 to black PVD coating on steel, and a silicone ring around the P3-2 case. The case color and surface treatment are indeed different, and the color selection is impressive, showing the purpose of the original SevenFriday watch series from a design perspective. Before I put it on my wrist, I was always skeptical of the SevenFriday watch, but what really impressed me was the fun it once brought me.

The dial design is perhaps the most interesting and perhaps the most controversial element in SevenFriday watches. Although it has more or less traditional hour and minute hands, it is deliberately a little weird and not the least easy to read. Other elements on the dial include the auxiliary seconds hand (using a disc), and a synchronized 24-hour hand that indicates AM or PM time. All these types overlap each other, and an open view of the movement balance can also be seen on the dial.

That being said, not all the words on the dial or the indicators on the back of the watch are meaningful-nor are they required. There are some deliberately redundant text on the dial of the SevenFriday P watch, and it is easy to criticize the elements on the back of the case, such as the picture of the Scuba diver indicating the waterproof level. The rating is just 30 meters, not even enough for the watch to swim, let alone dive, but you get the idea.

SevenFriday does not want you to take the watch as seriously as a hardcore tool watch. The brand didn’t want to do that, and frankly, they realized that most people don’t need or need tool watches. What they want are high-quality watches that can add positive colors to their lives, look good, and may even attract some attention. If the design appeals to you, then apart from SevenFriday, few brands will offer you at the same price.

In short, the price of SevenFriday watches is reasonable, but it really depends on your point of view. If you are used to spending the prices of Omega and Rolex and want a fun mechanical watch that you wear occasionally, then SevenFriday watches are a bargain. If you want to switch from a Japanese watch of a few hundred dollars to something like the SevenFriday P model, although you will get a very interesting design and overall excellent product planning, there will be a lot of jumping. Even the demo is very good. Each SevenFriday watch is packaged in a large wooden box, and the overall match of the case, color and strap is very clever. I even really like the curved adrenal buckle that fits the shape of the case in appearance.

Each of the SevenFriday P1, P2 and P3 replica watches price is equipped with a Japanese Miyota automatic winding 82S7 movement. Of course, the hands are highly customized for SevenFriday watches, especially two of them are discs with indicator pointers on the dial. The movement has 21 jewels and runs at 21600 bph (3Hz). The 82S7 has a power reserve of about 40 hours. As a mid-range Japanese mechanical watch, it is not the most accurate watch in the world. Therefore, if you wear it regularly, it is best to adjust the time once a week.

Due to the variety, it is difficult to summarize the overall collection of SevenFriday P watches. There are currently about 10 versions, and I believe there will be more versions in the future. I think my favorite is actually the original SevenFriday P1-1 watch, which is made of polished steel and comes with a slightly shiny leather strap. Others are also cool, but it depends on your mood and what color you usually wear. I don’t think SevenFriday is a watch I wear every day, but it’s okay. Such a watch is fun when you want to show off, not for business meetings or excursions.

Personally, I think it’s great for a brand to find a niche market and successfully fill it. SevenFriday did not reinvent bread, but it provides new flavors for those who have been tired of the same taste. In terms of money, the quality is not bad. For those who cannot afford a truly outstanding field mechanical best replica watches with five figures or more, SevenFriday timepieces provide a very suitable (very cool) choice.

Brand: SevenFriday
Model: P1-1, P2-1, P3-1 and P3-2 watches have been reviewed
Size: 47mm