HYT H1-Hydraulic Mechanical Watch

I recently announced a new brand called HYT, which will make its debut at Baselworld this year. Now, thanks to Ariel Adams, I have the opportunity to show you images of its top-of-the-line watch HYT H1 based on the revolutionary concept of “Hydraulic Mechanical Clock”.

The transparent tube circling around the dial is actually a hollow filled with liquid, indicating the number of hours in which the green luminous liquid has been used. The lower part of the dial shows two bellows, which are controlled by the movement. These are used to push the liquid and then draw it back again to show the current time. Display the minutes in a more traditional way, using a separate subdial at 12 o’clock. The small second hand is located at 9 o’clock and is designed in the style of a water turbine. The other side of the dial is at 3 o’clock, equipped with a power reserve indicator, which can balance the layout well.

According to the brand, the watch has no less than seven patents pending. Once available, customers can choose from the following three versions: titanium, DLC black coated titanium and 18k rose gold. The HYT H1 is a 48.8 mm wide film driven by a mechanical self-winding movement, which can be seen from the rear, and provides a 65-hour power reserve.

HYT H1 Hydro mechanical watch

HYT replica stands for a new concept in the watchmaking industry-HYT stands for “Hydraulic Mechanical Watchmaker”, the brand will focus on producing watches that not only contain liquids but also use liquids for functional purposes.

HYT has applied for 7 pending patents for all aspects of H1, which further highlights the new realm of HYT CEO Vincent Perriard breaking this watch.

H1 has 3 watch case styles to choose from: titanium, DLC black coated titanium and 18k rose gold. The housing will be 48mm wide and 18mm thick.

Of course, the most striking aspect of the swiss men watch is the glowing green-yellow liquid ring you see around the dial. H1 uses liquid to display the hours on a round tube around the edge of the dial.

You can see two devices that look like pistons at the bottom of the dial, which are used to push and pull the liquid to show the time on the scale.

The minutes are displayed on the medium sub-dial near the center watch, with a cool paddle wheel seconds hand on the left.

On the right, you can also see the power reserve indicator (65 hours) of the manual-winding mechanical movement. Wholesale copy watch

Oris Replica watches

Wholesale Cheap Oris TT3 WILLIAMS F1 TEAM CHRONOGRAPH LIMITED EDITION 01-673-7587-7084-Set watch

Hands-on Copper replica Oris Carl Brashear Caliber 401 Limited Edition Another bronze edition pays homage to the most famous American military heroes.

The connection between Oris and the Carl Brashear Foundation is not new. It all started in 2016, when the brand launched its first bronze watch, which also marked the beginning of a long-term partnership between the Swiss brand and the American foundation. This watch is based on the handsome Divers 65 nostalgic style model, which will draw design inspiration and will be found in two subsequent watches. The recently launched Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph 401 Limited Edition, the 2018 Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph and the watch we are going to discuss today.

Tribute to a man who never gives up
The story of Carl Brashear is about people who face adversity and overcome challenges despite shortcomings, racial prejudice, and disability. Indeed, he never gave up! Carl Brashear is most praised by the younger generation, thanks to the 2000 film “Honorary Man”, an American drama starring Robert De Niro and Cuban Gooding Jr. The film depicts the life of Blashal.

Brashear (1931-2006) was born in a farmer’s family in rural Kentucky. Poverty, without too many educational opportunities, he always wanted to live a different life for himself. Despite his limited formal education, he joined the U.S. Navy on February 25, 1948, and graduated from the U.S. Navy Diving and Salvage School in 1954. He became the first African-American to participate and graduate. An African-American diver studying here. The history of the U.S. Navy. Nevertheless, Brashear must face hostility and racism. But his career will result in him being assigned to escort Presidential Yacht Barbara Anne to Rhode Island. He met with President Eisenhower and received a pocket knife that read: “To Karl M. Blashal. Excerpt from Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1957. Thank you very much.” After he became chief in 1959, he Stayed in Guam for three years, mainly engaged in demolition diving work. Shopping replica watches

In January 1966, in an accident now known as the Palomares Incident, a B28 nuclear bomb was lost near the coast of Palomares, Spain. Brashear, who served on a U.S. Navy lifter, was sent to find and recover the missing bomb for the Air Force. During the bomb recovery operation on March 23, 1966, a wire used for towing was loosened, causing a tube to hit Brashear’s left leg below the knee, eventually amputation of his left calf.

“The Navy wanted to retire him because of his disability, but he stayed on active duty and became the first amputee diver to continue serving, an unprecedented feat at the time. He retired in 1979,” explained his son Phillip M. Brashear Say. Despite the “five obstacles” of his life, he never gave up. He overcame racism, poverty, illiteracy, and physical disability. Before retiring, he devoted himself to participating in naval alcoholism courses to help alcoholism. Today, he is one of America’s most famous military heroes. “

Oris Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph Bucherer Blue Editions 01 771 7744 4095-SET LS Cheap watch

Since 2015, Oris has partnered with the American non-profit organization Carl Brashear Foundation to expose the incredible life of Carl Brashear and continue his extraordinary legacy for future generations. “We have donated thousands of dollars to the Veterans Hospital in order to restore the lives of injured service personnel across the country,” said Blashal’s son, the chairman of the foundation. After the first watch was proposed twice in 2016 and 2018, this year Oris launched a third model dedicated to Karl Brashir and based on funding, a watch “will once again expose the hope and resilience of my father News, according to Philip M. Brashir”.

The new ORIS CARL BRASHEAR movement 401
Look at the third watch inspired by Brashear, there is no doubt its fusion. Of course, we are looking for a model that draws inspiration from the first two versions. Still based on Divers 65, still inspired by vintage diver watches, still made of bronze (a material that makes sense in this case), and still has a dark blue dial. However, there are many new things in the third Oris Carl Brashear, which are related to mechanics and proportions. And all this is the best.

First of all, there is no doubt that the case of this new Oris Carl Brashear is made of bronze, just like the two previous versions. As early as 2016, Oris chose this material for a simple reason. At that time, the trend of bronze watches had not really appeared on the market. Its connection with the world of divers reminds us of the materials used in the diving helmets Carl wore during his career as a US Navy diver. The reason why bronze was chosen is that it is a lively material, a natural material, when it reacts with external elements (such as oxygen, salt water, moisture, etc.), it will form a bronze color. Over time, it will show a unique surface effect, which will tell its story. Wearer. In this new version, the middle case is made of brushed bronze, the crown, bezel and its inserts are also made of the case, and has a 60-minute pitch scale. Bottom cover,

Compared with the other two versions, the size of the watch has changed. The first model is based on a larger version of the Divers 65 with a diameter of 42mm, the chronograph model is 43mm (a fairly high height to say the least), and the latest Oris Carl Brashear draws more on the retro style. A reasonable 40mm case is now available-initially debuted in the 65 series. This watch is protected by a super-dome sapphire crystal, which enhances the retro look, not only brings cool distortion, but also reflects a lot of light. Although the case and crown are tightened, the water resistance is still very low for diving watches, only 100 meters… This is still sufficient for most daily wear activities.

The dial of the Oris Carl Brashear 401 movement is once again a typical representative of this sub-series, and has an ocean-inspired blue. The dial surface is smooth, again bringing animation and reflection effects. The dial is dotted with golden hour markers-shaped like dots, rectangles and triangles, allowing you to quickly check the time in low light conditions. The hands are also golden and equipped with a lot of Super-LumiNova, whose cream color emphasizes the retro look. In order to bring us the greatest pleasure, Oris chose a dateless display and replaced it with a small second hand at 6 o’clock, with an arched depth rate word on it and a white hand. It is very easy to read the time in the dark due to its unique luminous characteristics.

The new Oris Carl Brashear comes with a new belt, which is a woven elastic nylon webbing produced by Erika’s Originals for moisture absorption and perspiration. Black, with a golden centerline, is extremely comfortable, strong and resistant to underwater activities. It complements the appearance of the watch and provides casual wear. The buckle and metal fittings are also made of brushed bronze.

Big news, caliber 401
A few months ago, Oris introduced the Calibre 400 movement. Although it is not the first movement conceived internally by the brand, please remember the 10-day power reserve calibre 110-this new engine is very important because it will become the brand’s new standard automatic movement. Powerful and modern, it is produced by a network of suppliers using the most advanced industrial technology according to Oris specifications. The accuracy of this automatic movement (-3 to +5 seconds per day), reliability (10-year warranty) and continuous development, because many displays or complex functions will be implemented in the next few years. It is powerful and well protected, because its dual barrel structure can provide 120h or 5 days of power reserve, and the escapement is equipped with silicon parts to counteract the magnetic force. In addition, it is also equipped with a newly developed pendulum based on a low-friction, sliding bearing system that only winds in one direction to reduce long-term wear.

The swiss Oris Carl Brashear 401 movement created a precedent for the first evolution of this movement, which replaced the central seconds and date with a small second at 6 o’clock. It is also gratifying that the brand is implementing this specialised core in small watches.

Technical specifications-ORIS CARL BRASHEAR movement 401 limited edition

Case: diameter 40 mm x height 11.9 mm-bronze case, brushed-one-way bronze bezel, bronze inserts with embossed 60-minute scale-screw-in bronze crown-steel case back-dome sapphire crystal- Waterproof 100m

Dial: Smooth dome navy blue dial

Applied hour markers and hands, gold, with cream Super-LumiNova
Movement: Oris calibre 401, manufactured movement-automatic movement with central rotor-24 jewels-28,800 vibrations per hour-120 hours of power reserve on two barrels-silicon parts-daily -3 / + 5 seconds-hours, minutes, small seconds (hacking)

Strap: Blue braided elastic nylon webbing with bronze buckle, co-produced with Erika’s Originals

Reference: 01401 7764 3185

Bremont Jaguar MkIII

The minute hand of the replica Bremont Jaguar MkIII perfectly reproduces the hands of Smith’s tachometer, only the outermost part is painted white and seems to float on the recessed scale area of ​​the dial. Of course, since the minute hand on the watch does not jump and cannot attract your attention like an engine speed indicator, it may be a little tricky to tell the time at a glance. But it is wrong to paint the hands completely, so I am glad that Bremont is still faithful to the Smiths design. Except for the lollipop of the second hand, the hands and dial are completely dull. My choice is a bit strange. Therefore, you will not wear this watch to sleep on the bed, but you may not sleep on the old E-Type either. Delicious details.

The Jaguar MkIII is powered by Bremont’s COSC-certified BE-36AE movement, which is manually completed and assembled at Bremont’s UK factory. This is Bremen’s entry-level movement, which has been used in many of their watches and started to use ETA 2836-2. Mine has always been an excellent timekeeper, comparable to the products you find in Sinn, Grand Seiko or Omega competitors at the same price.

Flip the case, we covered the large retro Jaguar logo on the solid caseback, and the movement covered the movement. The replica watches for sale, its minimal operating instructions, strap replacement tools, spare rubber strap, COSC certificate and warranty card are neatly wrapped in a “wallet”, and its vinyl is very similar to the Cordovan shell. Then wrap it in a tasteful fabric drawstring bag and place it in a simple cardboard box. On the whole, the kit feels low-key, high-quality and refreshing.

I am worried that the watch may be too big, but teardrops make the watch wear very flat. It feels like a 40mm watch on the wrist, it measures only 43mm. Another case detail that I did not expect is the soft colors of the hardened steel. It is polished, so it has a luster, but also has subtle softness and tone, just like a cloudy day in November. It’s hard to describe, and I haven’t noticed it in any photos of the watch I’ve seen before. However, despite the wide width of the bezel, this is not the case with sparkling watches.

The final detail of the note is the crown, but this is just one of the many details I participated in. It is engraved with the tread pattern of Dunlop’s cross-ply tire, so that it is engraved with the pattern originally equipped with the E-Type, and at its end, the old-fashioned Jaguar logo reappears. I like this Easter egg, it’s easy to miss.

Defended Bremont Jaguar MkIII.
I have never particularly liked cross-marketing products, especially when they make me feel owned (Hello, “No Time to Dead Sea Horse”). They are usually too fictitious to integrate my interest in forming a brand in a novel and unique way. But this is not the case for the Bremont Jaguar collaboration watch. Its origin is an incredible story. An amazing and historically significant British brand completed the work it started decades ago and looked for an equally impressive Surprising young British partners to create truly unique and unique watches. Useful supplementary products. These watches recognize the arts and crafts, and commend timeless high-quality design, sophisticated objects, yes, with a certain British style.

There are only six Continuation E-Type racers with matching Bremont wrist astronomical clocks. As the possibilities increase, you cannot have one. But more than 72,500 E-Type road cars were produced from 1961 to 1975, and you can easily find one of them.

In addition, you can also spend nearly half of the money on the new cross-selling LL Bean Subaru or Eddie Bauer Explorer to buy your own beautiful modern second-hand Jag, and then spend some of the money you just saved on the Bremont Jaguar watch. Right. In my world, this makes a lot of sense.

So far, my comment on Bremont Jaguar MkIII is over.

Greubel Forsey’s signature quadruple tourbillon

Greubel Forsey’s signature quadruple tourbillon timepiece gets an ultra-rare update With the new titanium case, it is mechanically heavy, but it is light on the wrist.

Greubel Forsey, the master watchmaker who used the 3D multilayer dial production method, launched the first version of this highly decorated GMT in 2013, which included a spherical globe. In addition to providing a 24-hour global time display, it also includes a tilted 24-second tourbillon, Greubel Forsey logo. The Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) platinum quadruple tourbillon has been raised to a new height in 2019 from two tourbillons instead of one. fanreviewwatch.com

The new version released today is titanium, not white gold, and new colors and finishes are used on the dial and movement, which change the appearance – when the timepiece is carried out so many times, the changes in color and finish will produce great changes. The shell material has also changed the rules of the game. On such a large watch-46.5 mm wide x 17.45 mm thick-titanium is much lighter than gold,

Although there is almost no need for a tourbillon nowadays, it does add serious horological fireworks to the tourbillon. Two double tourbillon watches are located at 11 o’clock and about 5:30 respectively on the dial. Each consists of an outer cage tilted 30 degrees, which rotates once a minute. Nested in it is a second horizontal cage, which rotates every four minutes. The idea is to average the position error due to gravity in all situations, which means that no matter where your wrist is, it will remain accurate. Including two double tourbillons doubles the workload, and in order to ensure that it works properly, and to prove fake Greubel Forsey‘s emphasis on the timing function, it uses a spherical differential to find the average of the timing rates of the four tourbillon cages.

Greubel Forsey was equally cautious when finishing work. This version is specially designed with new hand-finished details, including a round texture hour ring with a polished bevel and a 72-hour power reserve arc, both of which are bright blue for the first time. The hour mark applied is gold. Now, the motherboard has been frosted and polished bevels, counter holes and straight tooth sides have been found, finished in gray. The new bright blue of the hour and minute hands and the power reserve indicator match the rubber strap on the globe at 8 o’clock, which replaces the black alligator leather of the previous series. result? A brighter and sportier version of the 2019 model.

The 24-hour ring around the world determines the time zone in which daylight saving time is used. The second time zone of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the small second hand appear below the 5 o’clock position of the hour dial, and the 24-city disk on the bottom cover makes it a real world timer. The manual winding movement of the 705 component is housed in a 46.5 x 17.45mm titanium case with an asymmetric convex sapphire crystal. buy replica watches

Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon Watch

For 2014, Jacob & Co. replica brought amazing watch ideas, which will surely impress everyone from traditional watch lovers to the general public. It is easy to understand why “wow” is a typical response to this complicated and very interesting watch creation. When and whether astronomers will actually make this is another question, but even if the clock is still digital video, I am happy to create this pure concept.

The whole point of astronomy will provide you with a “four-arm” movement with a time dial (as the entire movement structure rotates on its axis, its twist remains upright), a tourbillon (technically on 2 axes) Point on movement) ), rotating the second hand and the rotating ball will reverse the second hand. The astronomical sky more or less retains this performance (although the design and implementation are different), and adds some astronomical complexity. Follow the small hand of the 12-month scale, completely surrounding the surface. Now, look at the center of this four-arm motion structure. On top of it, you will find a small sphere that looks like the earth. This globe has a hemispherical shield surrounding it, which can be used as a day/night indicator. There are only two pivot points to note here. They are the 24-hour rotation of the day/night index. In addition, the earth rotates every 20 minutes because this is the rotation time of the four-arm movement. The little “world” itself is made of titanium, then painted by hand, and then carved. Under the movement of the movement, there is a star map with the stripes of the Chinese zodiac. The face is made of blue titanium (similar to the look we have long loved in De Bethune watches) and has an oval “sky indicator” hand. In fact, the entire dial rotates once a year,

Jacob & Co. is one of the first watchmakers to understand the function of “crazy watch”, a mechanical watch with epic complications, its function is only to resemble the tone of many rap music videos And the way the content is amazed. These watches are designed as “ultra-luxury lifestyle” watches, The significance of a watch like this is that it should be more impressive than most other things that wealthy people can afford.

Nothing I say is mean or ironic. Indeed, the target population of such watches is very small. We are talking about new money and new money. Consumers of this type are interested in claiming their wealth because sometimes they do not have enough capacity to spend money. Having said that, due to its high horological pedigree, works such as the astronomical tourbillon do have an elegant atmosphere. Although Jacob & Co. may have a “diverse” customer base that represents people you would and don’t want to have dinner with, they are certainly capable of doing so when they go all out.

Except for video tapes and pictures, there is currently very little information about the astronomical tourbillon, and Jacob & Co. is enough to equip us for the “release” at Baselworld 2014. We hope to see it in person or eventually. Sometimes such a best watch first made its debut in the form of computer rendering, and it won’t be released until a few years later, because it may take longer to make a working movement. This may be the case, because the movement in the astronomical tourbillon seems ambitious. The watch itself is not a complicated function of the chronometer, but is based on them. The center of the watch is the “sun”, and there are four orbiting objects around it.

These items include the dial of the time (it remained upright in all positions as it moved around the main dial), the rotating representation of the earth, the rotating spherical crystal (perhaps a diamond), and finally the impressive dual-axis tourbillon. All of this is based on an excellent planetary gear device, and any engineering student (or watchmaker) will be proud of their semester project.

It is not clear whether the rotating Earth is consistent with the planet’s 24-hour cycle, and whether it can be used to clearly indicate anything. It doesn’t even matter, because its simple actions look very interesting. The dial at that time probably impressed me the most, because its visual effects were both clear and complex. www.fanreviewwatch.com

Jacob & Co. launched the astronomical tourbillon tourbillon large diameter 18k rose gold case, the bezel and the watch mirror are made of a sapphire crystal. This allows you to fully appreciate the dial from all angles. Also note that there is no crown, which means it is either on the top of the watch or more likely on the back of the watch. According to the design, the mechanical movement itself occupies only a small part of the dial to enlarge the thickness of the case and feel that the four “planets” have a lot of space for movement. It is likely to be wound manually.

As a pure watchmaking craft, the astronomy tourbillon watch is undoubtedly a very interesting watch, its production cost and final retail price may be equally excellent. We like these things on aBlogtoWatch because it makes owning a simple clock more fun. We can look at the most basic “classic” watch and imagine that somewhere, someone may be wearing an astronomical tourbillon, and reading it at exactly the same hour of the day, but it is much more flooded.

Blancpain Villeret Quantième Perpétuel watch

Buy Replica Blancpain Villeret QUANTIEME COMPLET Watch 6654 3640 55B

Blancpain launches a special limited edition of the Villeret Quantième Perpétuel watch Every year, Blancpain relies on hundreds of years of watchmaking heritage and craftsmanship to create outstanding timepieces and impress people with its unique technical and aesthetic characteristics. Today, Blancpain launched the indispensable Villeret series Quantième Perpétuel watch (model: 6656-3440-55B), this platinum watch with a blue dial.

Blancpain Villeret series is a symbol of the purest classicism style, reflecting the brand’s deep attachment to the value of traditional watchmaking, which is fully interpreted by the movement with complex functions such as a perpetual calendar. The perpetual calendar function is used to display the day of the week, date, month and leap year. It does not need to be adjusted until 2100. The perpetual calendar model is endowed with a veritable mechanical memory and is an outstanding example of an extraordinary timepiece entirely produced in-house by Blancpain.

The new Villeret series Quantième Perpétuel limited edition fake watch reproduces the iconic dial layout of the Blancpain perpetual calendar model. The time information appears at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock, combined with the moon phase at 6 o’clock and the large central seconds hand to complement the hour and minute display. These functions are driven by the Calibre 5954 self-winding movement, which uses a safety system specially developed by Blancpain to prevent improper operation. Another distinguishing feature of Blancpain complication timepieces is that they can be adjusted smoothly and easily. This watch is equipped with a hidden lug adjuster: a patented invention, you can adjust the calendar hands and moon phase display by simply pressing a small button located on the back of the case with your fingertips. This convenient mechanism also has an aesthetic advantage because it eliminates the adjustment buttons commonly found on the side of the calendar watch case.

The platinum case and double bezel add elegance to this exclusive model. The watch has a diameter of 40 mm and a water resistance of 30 meters. It uses an anti-glare sapphire crystal to protect the dark blue dial and is decorated with long white gold hour markers. This Fake watches is equipped with a blue alligator leather strap, secured by a folding clasp.

Collector series Todd Searle and his MB&F HM7 Aquapod Titanium Blue

A rare opportunity to see one of MB&F’s most brutal watches.

Today, we are talking to people who bought MB&F. Although MB&F’s design has been very “popular” (remember the gorgeous falling LM1 owned by @winewhiskeywatches), today’s collectors have become one of the most unusual designs in the watch world. Today’s collector is not necessarily a long-term watch collector, but he focuses on the extraordinary and creative side. His name is Todd Searle, and his business card says “general creator”. He is both a writer, a content creator, and a sales specialist. Todd must be MB&F Horological Machine HM7 at first glance. Let’s find out why this bold watch attracted this collector from Chicago, Illinois.

Have you always been a fan of MB&F?

Todd Searle – Since the first time I saw the product online, I have fallen in love with MB&F. I am a relatively new collector, and the concept of watches at the time prevented me from considering owning MB&F. Too many people tell me that this watch will lose its value, and if I decide to sell it, I will never make money. I continue to be attracted by Max’s amazing products and have always been fascinated by the creativity of watches and how they differ from other products on the market. I know Max Büsser’s creativity is incredible, so I want to learn more about his watches.

When writing the book “32 Regrets: A Guide to Creativity”, I had the opportunity to communicate and interview with Max, and I was immediately attracted by his watchmaking methods. It is obvious to me that Max wants to make the watches he wants to see in the world, regardless of whether other people like them. He wanted to create because he had a vision, that is, to use traditional watchmaking technology and expose it to the human eye for observation instead of putting it on the bottom cover. Max’s vision is to create 3D mechanical art that can also explain time. In our interview, Max’s passion and creative drive were so clear. I am absolutely obsessed with this.

What makes this brand so special?

As I became a more confident fake watch collector, I started to research and add more independent brands to my collection. I began to understand the spirit, the product, and the reasons why independent watches are so different from mass-produced watches. When I became more satisfied with my series, I knew that I wanted to add MB&F to the series. There are a lot of great works, I’m not sure where to start.

In an interview with Max, I talked to him about his creative process. His answer touched me, and I still think he performed equally well on HM1 today. He told me: “The creative process is my vision for watchmaking. This is a very, very personal vision involving three-dimensional works of art. I want to fundamentally deconstruct and reconstruct the traditional watchmaking industry that I like. For 3D sculpture, by the way, this gives you time.

I admire Max’s willingness to rethink traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and look at it with a new perspective, seeking new shapes and sizes that are not suitable for traditional watchmaking craftsmanship. The brand I just liked has traces of rebellion.

Why is this special watch so prominent to you?

At this point, I started searching for my first MB&F. I like the more traditional Legacy Machines and think the LM1 is an excellent watch. The LM1, despite being different, still has the feel of other more traditional watches in my collection. I like the rest of the Legacy Machine series and think that these watches represent a beautiful and innovative series, but I know that my first MB&F cannot be similar to any other watch.​​​ You would not go to MB&F to buy traditional watches, would you?

For me, it depends on the watch mechanics. For starters, these are the craziest designs of MB&F. Max’s ideal of 3D mechanical art embodies as much time as the Horological Machine series. There were nine options at the time, and I was taking the time to decide which one I liked. I happened to see that there are several watch machines on the market and would like to know about buying other watch straps from MB&F.

At that time I was fortunate to be able to contact Thibault Verdonckt, MB&F’s International Sales Director. We started a conversation, started talking about this book, how he found the way of MB&F, and why he was so fascinated by my product. Thibault helped solidify my appreciation for the MB&F team and its work.

I have limited my choice to just two watches. This is no longer a question of whether to ask, but when to ask. I know I have a difficult decision-I feel very painful between HM5 and HM7. Then, as a grown-up swimmer, learned to dive and like to be in the water whenever possible, I know what watch I must own: HM7.

We ended our conversation with Thibault and asked if I needed to look for any watches in particular. When I mentioned HM7 Aquapod Titanium Blue, I could almost hear his smile on the phone. He just participated in the game. The timing couldn’t be better.

Tell us more about the watch of your choice.

The origin story of this watch is the story of Max’s wife being stung by a jellyfish, which is really great. I like how these moments and details of his life fit into his watchmaking industry. This is a great design inspiration, whether on the wrist or on the wrist, the watch does have a jellyfish feel. The antennae of the winding rotor does indeed play a role in the bulbous shape of the watch. The tourbillon at the top of the watch is the icing on the cake. It is fascinating to watch its spinning. I can watch the ticking of this watch all day long. I found that HM7 is not too busy visually, I can check the time quickly, but if I have time to distract, the rotor, tourbillon and night light will attract me. The glow of this watch is crazy. The light is not only everywhere, it also adds depth to you. It feels like you are watching sea fish swimming.

I chose the blue titanium version because I am a big fan of blue and I like the way the watch is read. It has the feel of a nautical compass, and although it is a large watch, it can be worn perfectly on your wrist. In addition, since it is titanium, its presence is hardly noticed. I like everything about this watch and how it is worn. And I wear it often. For me, this is the perfect embodiment of MB&F’s design spirit and execution. It feels like a sculpture, no matter where I go, I can take it with me and appreciate it whenever I look at my wrist. When I see it on my wrist, I smile without hesitation. I often joked with my friends that this is my favorite weekend watch, and I can hardly say that it is more outgoing than the AquaPod watch.

All in all, I can completely transform into Max’s thoughts. I think Max has successfully completed his vision of deconstructing the traditional watchmaking industry, reconstructing it into a three-dimensional mechanical art and exposing the watchmaking industry to everyone’s appreciation. I am deeply grateful for the introduction of Max&Max and MB&F, and for bringing such a unique, well-thought-out and outstanding performance product to the market.

What reaction will I get when I wear HM7?

I received interesting responses from collectors and friends. Many people regard it as a statement of personality, and although I do not disagree, I think everyone can appreciate the depth and beauty of this watch. Some watch collectors immediately knew what this watch was and had a strong response to it. Collectors often say that they like watches, but they cannot wear them because of their size. Friends commented that it is very different from other watches. They want to know how to use time to tell the time and understand the story behind the watch. I like to tell the inspiration story of this watch. Most of the time, I wear a watch for myself, but it feels like a watch, allowing me to become an ambassador for watch enthusiasts and novices, and share why watches are so special and beautiful.

How about the rest of your collection, will it expand with other watches?

As for the future, replica MB&F has more watches that I am interested in. I like the idea of ​​adding Legacy Machine to my collection. I often think of the traditional machine No. 1. It was created for very practical purposes. It can distinguish the time in two different time zones, one of which includes half-hour shifts. I also like Legacy Machine Perpetual. Stephen McDonell (Stephen McDonell) designed an ingenious movement to prevent damage to the watch, and there is no need to use a stylus to set any functions of the watch. The completely hollow movement feels that the machine is still alive on the wrist, and I personally like it very much. The combination of LM Perpetual YG gold and blue chassis is my favorite among current products.


How Chopard builds its own products from scratch

In 2021, fake Chopard‘s manufacturing department will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Let us review the steps of this manufacturing process, which was rebuilt from a demanding and ambitious vision

In 25 years, Chopard has grown from the early sprouts of the rebirth of watchmaking to a mature all-rounder, and every function in its catalog is very complicated. This is a long and winding road. In 1992, the watchmaking industry had not yet flourished, and mechanical clocks were still at a standstill. Several brands keep large and complex watches alive, one small batch at a time, and the names of several talented watchmakers will continue to be famous, these are just the beginning. However, in the context of being far from Geely, Chopard is considering becoming its own movement manufacturer.

More precisely, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is considering this bold move, believing that self-sufficiency in the field will prove decisive. Since 1963, his family has been the owner of Chopard, and he successfully convinced them.

The project was fully formed in 1996, requiring only one action, aptly named 1.96. There was nothing else at that time. First of all, this is internal development. The original plan provided by the talented watchmaker Michel Parmigiani was abandoned midway through the process. Chopard had to form a development team from scratch.

Secondly, this is a self-sufficient sport, but with a twist: it has a miniature rotor. This concept received widespread attention in 1960. The idea is to make a smaller rotor and set it within the height of the movement instead of covering the top, thereby making the product thinner while retaining the advantages of automatic winding. In return, it is much more difficult to finalize. But it turned out to be very slim, and since then 1.96 has remained at its original height of 3.3 mm. As a result, the first watch to use it, Chopard’s L.U.C 1860, was only 8.5 mm thick. The transparent sapphire glass always maintains the view on the back of the movement.

Finally, the movement has a date display and a 65-hour power reserve due to its two barrels, which Chopard named Twin. At that time, almost no exercise could allow more than 45 hours of autonomy. Although some are even up to 8 days long, they are all manually wound, thicker and much more complicated. Oh, 1.96 has passed the chronograph certification. Since then, all the talents of L.U.C have been guaranteed, except for a few people who do not have a second hand, which is essential for the certification process.

Chopard developed further and quickly became the main user of the Geneva logo. These parts are processed in Fleurier and then completed and assembled at Chopard’s headquarters outside Geneva. Since it is a founding member of the Fondation Qualité Fleurier Foundation, the brand continues to be the largest and most diverse officially certified user. This independent, demanding certification system has a wide range, but has been used for several years.

From the beginning, Chopard’s approach, complexity, ingenuity, and emphasis on basic principles such as watchmaking made Chopard still unique. It mastered all the complex functions time and time again: the 8-day movement, tourbillon and later flying tourbillon, integrated automatic chronograph, perpetual calendar, high-frequency silicon escapement, and several combinations of the above. Chopard’s experience continues to evolve, which has brought benefits to Chopard’s high-end watch line L.U.C. Its acronym is that of Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the founder of the brand. In fact, they have been on the road for several years. Except for L.U.C., it is hard to imagine a minute repeater movement with a Fullstrike robust sapphire clock in any other fake men watch.

The classic style of L.U.C, with its twisted design language throughout the 00s, has both symmetry and asymmetry, broad and baroque fonts, eccentric dial and crown, and complex colors. Then, sometime around 2014-15, their style gradually stabilized and became more classic. This is both the original nature of Chopard in the 1860s and the personal preference of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. Because he has always been deeply involved in the development of the series. He regarded it as his child and became the standard bearer of Chopin’s watchmaking industry.

At the same time, the L.U.C movement has become the high end of Chopard’s finishing skills, and they have gradually replaced the less traditional series such as Mille Miglia, Imperiale or Happy Sport. The reason is that Chopard created a new branch of Chopard in 2009. Its name is Fleurier Ebauches, and its mission is to use more industrial methods and greater output to manufacture movements.

On the one hand, the increasing skill level; on the other hand, the unremitting horological ambition inspired by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele (Karl-Friedrich Scheufele) gave birth to another extension of the Chopard Manufacture. It does not have such a label, but the Ferdinaind Berthoud brand has inherited a lot from them. The Chronomètre CFB 1.1 and FB-T.FC movements are absolutely unique. They are exclusive products of the brand and are completely different from Chopard’s products. The degree of finish is also higher, and the degree of finish is higher. However, Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud would not be possible without the manufacturing department, development team and excellent culture of Chopard.

It is unwise to interpret this anniversary as complacency. In any case, Chopard best is not a company that can extricate itself. They did their best to launch their original movement, which is indeed an opportunity for them to remember that they started to care about automatic manufacturing and the revival of high-end watchmaking before almost everyone. Moreover, although it is still considered a jewelry brand, Chopard is definitely a legal, appropriate and capable watchmaking industry.

Jacob & Co. Tourbillon Bugatti Chiron

Replica Jacob & Co. Grand Complication Masterpieces Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti TT200.21.AA.AA.A watch

Replica Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti TT200.21.AA.AA.A watch

Item Type: Replica Grand Complication Masterpieces Watches
Case Material: Titanium / Carbon / PVD,Rectangle
Model Number: TT200.21.AA.AA.A
Brand Name: Jacob & Co.
Movement: Self winding
Dial Diameter: 52 mm
Dial: Skeletonized,Black
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: Unisex
Band Material Type: Leather strap
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Functions: Hours / Minutes / The power reserve indicator

Jacob & Co. Tourbillon watch presents Bugatti Chiron W-16 engine

This is a 578-piece watch with a mechanism similar to the W-16 engine of a French supercar

Jacob & Co. replica is a watch brand that produces some high-end luxury models. In this case, we are talking about Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron tourbillon. It actually uses a mobile engine as a mechanism.

The timepiece has a total of 578 parts and its mechanical devices are the same as the Bugatti Chiron four-turbocharged W-16 engine. The crown pushed to the right hand, from the micro piston and crankshaft to the micro turbocharger, the internal operation of the engine is vivid. This watch has a power reserve device and a tourbillon, which can show that the mechanism can still work for several hours. What is a tourbillon? We are pleased with your request.

The tourbillon watch was developed around 1795 and was patented by French-Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet (Abraham-Louis Breguet) on June 26, 1801. In other words, Breguet is the inventor of the tourbillon. The escape wheel and balance wheel of the mechanism are mounted in a rotating cage to counteract the effects of gravity when the clock is fixed in a certain position. By continuously rotating the entire balance wheel/escape assembly at a slow speed, the tourbillon can eliminate position errors. In short, wearing such a watch on the wrist will assure the owner that the time will only be less than one second every 100 years, depending on the manufacturer.

For the Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron tourbillon, the engine mechanism is placed under the sapphire crystal and mounted on four shock absorbers. The case is made of titanium and measures 54 mm by 44 mm. The watch strap is made of rubber and has a titanium buckle. This watch is made in Switzerland and is a limited edition.

This is not the first Bugatti-themed watch developed by Jacob & Co.. The brand’s previous Twin Turbo Furious and Epic X Chrono timepieces also pay tribute to the French car manufacturer.

The unique and exclusive Twin Turbo Furious 300+ provided by Jacob & Co..

In 2019, Bugatti and Jacob & Co. signed a partnership to create a unique timepiece. In order to create a performance-led partnership, two timepieces were created. Based on Twin Turbo Furious and Epic X Chrono, these watches are directly inspired by the unique design and spirit of Bugatti supercars.

This year, new Discount replica watches in the Twin Turbo Furious series will be launched, as well as the new Bugatti Chiron series. Following the Bugatti Chiron tourbillon, the watchmaker created the Twin Turbo Furious 300+, inspired by the fastest super sports car ever.

Last year, Chiron Super Sport 300+ made Bugatti the first car manufacturer to break the fabulous 300 mph (480 km/h) barrier. Behind the steering wheel of the car is Le Mans champion Andy Wallace, who set a world record with a speed of 304.773 mph (490.484 km/h).

Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+ has a black titanium alloy dual three-axis tourbillon movement, which includes a decimal point chronograph and a single push chronograph with reference time. It is housed in a forged carbon black DLC titanium case that echoes the exposed carbon fiber body of the record-breaking super sports car.

Exclusive technology
The existence of the tourbillon in the watch movement has made the watch an elite in the watchmaking industry. Jacob & Co.’s Twin Turbo Furious has taken a step further by incorporating two accelerating three-axis tourbillons into its striking design. The tourbillon works together to compensate for the influence of gravity on the accuracy of the movement.

Another very rare component is Twin Turbo Furious 300+ decimal minute repeater. In order to simplify the audible indication of the time, Twin Turbo Furious will beep as needed in the ten-minute interval after each hour and before each minute.

“At Jacob & Co., we found a partner who understands how we view exclusivity and how each item with the Bugatti name combines extreme power and state-of-the-art technology with pure luxury and impeccable Bugatti aesthetics and Combination of elegance. Bugatti President Stephen Winkelmann (Stephan Winkelmann) said that “Twin Turbo Rage” is another product of the spirit of cooperation.

Fifty shades of blue: Patek Philippe 5170P Tiffany & Co. Dial

The Patek Philippe reference 5170 is a historical reference in the brand of manual winding chronographs. It came out in 2010, replacing the popular reference model 5070, and brought a lighter, more wear-resistant case, and more importantly, this is Patek Philippe’s first homemade manual winding chronograph movement.

This example (5170P) has only been produced for two years from 2017 to 2019, and is the last version introduced to the model, ending the ten-year production span for reference. This is a perfect interpretation of the 5170, and a suitable design is used to complete a memorable timepiece. But while the standard 5170P is still an excellent watch, this particular example significantly improves itself with the simple text lines on the “Tiffany & Co.” dial.

If we expand our attention to the infamous Tiffany stamp, we will find an awesome dial. The combination of dark blue gradient color with sunburst texture and grooved sub-base color brings endless fascinating effects, reminiscent of deep sea water, and emits a little sunlight. Combine the dial finish with the baton-shaped rectangular-cut diamond hour markers, and you will find that this watch is a constant dancer in the light. The dial shade and diamond index provide a constantly changing appearance according to the environment. The diamonds on the swiss men watch are usually not my business, but the cutting and implementation methods here keep the overall appearance of the watch gender neutral and not too loud.

To deliberately remove all these glimmers and flashes, white is used on the sub-dial, tachymeter scale, second hand, chronograph minute hand, and minute and hour hands. Even if the shade on the dial changes, the white text and gloss still make the watch clear and easy to read. Although this is a very formal watch, it is also a chronograph, so legibility is key. The 29-535 PS caliber with rapid jumping minute complications further improves clarity.

When the chronograph is running, once the second hand of the stopwatch has finished rotating, the minute hand in the 30-minute sub-dial will immediately jump to the next minute. This makes an accurate reading of the elapsed time insignificant. Such small details help people understand how internal movements optimize the ownership experience.

Patek Philippe’s internal column wheel chronograph movement is the 29-535 PS movement that beat the 5170P movement, which replaced the improved Lémania movement in the brand’s early chronographs. This move towards an internal chronograph movement is a big step for the brand. In fact, they have not done this for more than a century, which explains its difficulty. The movement is printed with the Patek Philippe seal, the movement frequency is 4Hz, and it has a 65-hour power reserve.

The movement is fully visible through the back of the display and, as you might expect, has reached a special standard. There are black polishes and deep tons. Architectural and visual interest are the main reasons why manual-winding chronographs are so popular, and Patek Philippe makes some of the best and most beautiful watches.

In addition to the movement, the biggest feature of 5170P is this situation. It has amazing proportions, with a diameter of 39 mm and a thickness of 8.5 mm. The overall design is classic and timeless, with a simple round shape and thoughtful but not exaggerated character lines. Unlike other reference watches in the series, this case has a minimalist and Calatrava style. I think this style is more elegant and subtle than the bold stepped 42mm 5070 before and the bold 41mm 5172 afterwards. It is made of platinum and is an excellent choice, it helps to maintain the versatility of the watch while maintaining its particularity. In addition, since it is platinum, Patek Philippe placed a top-quality Wesselton diamond between the lugs at six o’clock. This is a meticulous detail recorded by me. I like it very much.

It is difficult to overestimate the particularity of this cheap watch. This is already a frightening reference, but after adding Tiffany & Co. stamps to the dial, it becomes unusually rare. Although no specific figures were disclosed, Tiffany & Co. can only print a few specific types of stamps in a given year. Although this is just a guess, I don’t think it is crazy to have less than 10 5170Ps with Tiffany stamps. The simple co-branding between these two luxury giants automatically obtains any given watch reference and makes it one of the most ideal examples of that reference. For watches like the 5170P that are already extremely important models of the brand, it puts this example on the top of a mountain with a high clock height.