Zenith will launch two new El Primero chronographs, returning to the replica Chronomaster Sport series, setting a new tone for the brand. It’s been 5 years since we saw the new Chronomaster Sport. The new execution method uses a traditional method, which is clearly aimed at some of the flagship products in this category. As Zenith El Primero, it has the advantage of a built-in strong heritage. It also has an easy-to-understand design language, and Zenith has taken a good line while moving El Primero into a new field.

Chronomaster Sport has always been one of El Primero’s more advanced execution methods, can quickly adapt to new trends (for better or worse), and can attract new customers who value the modernity of timepieces. The product released in 2015 has a diameter of 45 mm, a thickness of 14 mm or more, and is equipped with an oversized hour hand and pointer, and is matched with a squat watch. The dial in the sub-dial is somewhat lumpy and numerical. The three-color color scheme was canceled to choose a uniform appearance color that matches the dial. Although handsome in some respects, he fell into an uncomfortable situation in the context of the El Primero name.

The new Chronomaster Sport series is clear at a glance. This new watch has two changes, which can be immediately recognized as the Zenith El Primero Chronograph, and has more similarities compared with the current Rolex Daytona (ref. 116500), thanks to the eye-catching The black ceramic bezel is matched with the white or black dial of your choice. Of course, a version of the El Primero movement has been present inside Daytona for 12 years (reference number 16520), so you can say that it is similar to the one obtained. Fortunately, Daytona is a very beautiful watch.

As Zenith replica, this is not exactly your standard chronograph, it differs from watches like Daytona in some important ways. The most striking thing is the chronograph itself, which in the Chronomaster Sport only takes 10 seconds to make a complete trip around the dial and track it every tenth of a second during the entire process. You will notice that the unusual layout of the bezel allows for this measurement, and it replaces the more traditional speedometers that are usually found to occupy the area. It is not as strong as the Land Rover 21 we show you here, but it can be said that it is more useful in measuring the types of things that normal people need to measure.

The dial itself is controlled by three super-sized registers, which have acquired the three-tone processing that Zenith understands and loves. Here, they are presented in blue, anthracite and light gray. The rest of the dial is a restraint exercise, with only minutes and a second hash value appearing between the applied hour bars, which themselves have been chamfered and polished. The date aperture appears at 4:30 and matches the color of the dial. The simple dial with eye-catching, clear hands and hour markers recalls the rare De Luca in the late 80s and early 90s, which is a very good thing. That watch is another day’s story, but what is exciting is that Zenith has cited this field in its history to achieve such an effect.

The steel case has a diameter of 41 mm and is worn on the wrist due to the protruding bezel. The lugs bend and evenly toward the wrist, and the curved, polished chamfer extends along the edge. From top to bottom, this makes the lugs significantly smaller and forms a watch around the wrist, effectively hiding a thickness of about 14mm. Overall, it looks good to wear. If you think Daytona is too small, it should be the perfect choice for you. Also, you may actually be able to get one of them.

Inside the Chronomaster Sport, El Primero 3600 beats at a speed of 5 Hz and provides 60 hours of backup time. This is the same movement we saw in the Chronomaster 2 limited edition in 2019, which is very similar to the movement we see here, but is more conceptual in execution. Chronomaster Sport is a regular production model, this is the first such appearance of the 3600. The movement can be seen through the back cover of the exhibition. Although it is not beautiful, it is definitely interesting. As mentioned earlier, the chronograph is read every tenth of a second and is read via a pinion connected to the escapement itself (rather than borrowed from the gear train). There are 3,600 seconds per hour, and this action beats at 36,000 VpH, so it becomes easy to perform math calculations from there.

The new Chronomaster Sport will use an Oyster-style stainless steel bracelet with a polished center link. The edge of the brushed link has a polished bevel, which brings a certain visual depth to the bracelet as a whole. The fit and finish of the bracelet is not as good as the level that can be achieved on Daytona, but it is available daily. Depending on the color of the dial, a blue or black fabric strap can also be provided, which looks more suitable for the overall aesthetic. Yes, it also looks great on a nylon strap. Swiss Watch Online

Richard Mille RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail

The supercar world is characterized by the most advanced disguised as numbers. The McLaren Speedtail is no exception: 1,050 to 2.37 from 1050 and 403. In other words, from a top speed of 403 km/h with a top speed of 1,050 horsepower and a weight of 1,430 kg to a unit price of 2.37 million euros-including additional costs. In this world, it will never be too big in terms of performance, expenditure and forward thrust. This is why it can be said that in many ways, Richard Mille’s self-image of watches is much more than the ideal of a super sports car. The brand’s slogan is “racing machine on the wrist”, and this is for a reason. The new RM 40-01 McLaren self-winding tourbillon combines the two worlds in the best way.

Richard Mille – Innovator
At present, Richard Mille’s success seems almost inevitable. After all, it is so unique and expensive that its watch marks its wearer as the highest earner. Aesthetically speaking, they are distinctive and innovative, and can communicate with a new generation of collectors. swiss Richard Mille‘s watches are not elegant pieces with tailor-made suits, but to inspire those who are more relaxed and less traditional in high-level life. This is a high-tech watch for hip-hop singers, emerging billionaires, sports icons and novices with large sums of money.

In other words, for the zeitgeist of 1999, the meaning of this brand is not just justice, it also represents a bold idea in 1999. The Frenchman founded his own company with the support of minority shareholders of Audemars Piguet and launched his first watch in 2001. The watch RM 001 tourbillon limited edition 17 pieces, the price at that time was a staggering 135,000 US dollars. Since then, Richard Mille no longer only relies on gold and platinum, but combines them with innovative technical materials. These include titanium alloys and even the company’s own composite materials, such as Carbon TPT or Quartz TPT. In addition, the development trend of sapphire crystal case is also largely due to Richard Mille (Richard Mille).

Understand the brand
Mille works with companies like Rafael Nadal and Pharrell Williams, to name just two people. In addition, since the beginning, he has been emphasizing the connection between watches and motorsports. His watch sees itself as a race car on his wrist. Since the early days, these watches have become fans of Formula, let alone their sponsors. In addition, when the sales of the entire watch industry fell after the financial crisis, Mille did not reduce its high prices, but increased their prices.

Today, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) is considered one of the most valuable brands in the industry. The thousands of watches to be produced each year are sold so fast that boutiques usually only display a few models. Naturally, prices on the second-hand market exploded as a result. It is almost inevitable that such a brand will cooperate with Hyper-Watches and McLaren sooner or later.

McLaren: newcomer
In the world of supercars dominated by Italian manufacturers, McLaren has won a respected position in just a decade. Like Richard Mille, the company did not succumb to its long-established competitors. Instead, it relies on respect for Bruce McLaren’s name in racing and sports car-related expertise.

Today, it is believed that McLaren racers have surpassed races with horses and bulls in the logo. However, its image can be said to be less attractive overall. This makes the cars appear more sober and objective, but also gives them extra performance charm. From London Senna and P1 to 720S to GT.

After the initial collaboration between Richard Mille and McLaren Racing, the subsequent collaboration with McLaren Automotive is almost inevitable. After all, the connection between these two brands is more than just a marketing plan.

New Hyper-Watch: RM 40-01 automatic tourbillon McLaren Speedtail

People who can spend 2.37 million euros on a car will indeed be very rich. For most people, this is unimaginable, even absurd, and it is fair to say that most buyers of McLaren Speedtail (McLaren’s fastest supercar to date) may have gone through a lot of hard work. Gained this kind of financial freedom and cleverness. Therefore, it can be assumed that many such buyers have indeed made wise investments.

Richard Mille RM 40-01 McLaren self-winding tourbillon watch. If Speedtail watches insist on producing only this number and are initially offered to owners of three-seater cars, then similar value development can be expected. Part of the reason is that this time, there are even fewer watches in the global collector community. And, of course, the community is particularly eager to get any new works from Richard Mille.

Longines spiritual green dialing watch

The latest colors of the recent recent sports watches.

In the mid-1920s, Longines spirit collection is not only a very important launch of wingshake, but also marks a brand new line. The legendary airline and explorer rely on Longines watches and historical references with modern mechanics and contemporary code, it is more “mainstream” than the ferrite model, but still has a variety of retro inspiration elements, as we see In our video comments. After the black, silver and blue submissions, the brand has expanded, adding the most fashionable color, green … in line with the new Yanziling spirit green disk, can be used for time and date model of 40mm and 42mm .

Yanziling is a series of classics, sophisticated pilots. – Brand’s professional – with old school design clues, contemporary implementation and high-end functions. It is not a hardening, such as a legendary diver or a dovetail time code table. From the beginning, it is created and designed as a new series, which is designed to bring a classic pilot code, but modern format and modern technology solutions. The goal is different from the legacy model. This is not a nicker watch for experienced watch enthusiasts, but a more wide viewer who wants a series of daily-oriented models, but has excellent Perceive quality and resistance to modern life.

Only for the current time and date model, the Longines line brings a new dial color to its spirit … Understand the current trend, see green joining classic black, silver and blue model It is not surprising. The main difference here involves color, more saturated tones, and the finishing of the dial. Although the black version is matte, the blue is Sanrera, and the silver is Argentina. This green version has a sandblast dial that brings a beautiful metal gloss. Combined with super Luminova’s light-colored colors, it brings a retro style for collection. luxury watches price

Although color and finishing are new, the remaining dials are still the same as other versions. Therefore, we have discovered the number of Arab administration – no 3 for 40mm model 3, and partially cut 3 – sandblamatic silver, application logo and stars, as well as its edge raised minute track polishing metal . One date is at 3 o’clock, which contains a white background – its presence makes the series of mainstream professions. Discover red cautious touch on the tip of the luminous second hand.

For the rest, there is no evolution. In this case, 40 mm or 42 mm is still very satisfactory, combined with brushing and polishing ramps. The housing is superimposed by a dome blue gemstone crystal with an AR coating, which has a screw, and the water resistant rated resistance is 100 meters. Closed closed and decorative decorative embossed badge.

These new green Yanzil spiritual times and dates are still powered by the exclusive caliber L888.4 (also known as ETA A31.L11). This automatic winding movement has a variety of interesting functions, including COSC Chronometer certification, extending power reserves for 72 hours and anti-magnetic silicon remains. Even based on known ETA foundations, it also brings significant competitive advantage for this collection.

As for the rest of the model, the cheap Longines Green Dial Model can be on the beige belt on the buckle buckle, or 3, the stainless steel bracelet is connected, with a triple fold buckle. Both are equipped with an interchangeable system, so there is no need to take the tool from the belt to the bracelet.

Technical Specification – Longines Spiritual Time and Date

Case: 40mm or 42mm diameter – stainless steel housing, polished decoration – dome blue gem crystal, multi-storey anti-reflection coating – spiral screw with 6 screws – 100m waterproof
Dial – Scattered dial, coated with super Luminova application numbers, filled with super Luminova, silver sandblabbing, using Longines logo and stars, tiny orbit with polished bevel

Sports: Caliber L888.4 (also known as ETA A31.L11), proprietary – CHONONETER-CHRONICER-CERNIFICED BY COSC – 25.60MM – 21 Jewelry – 25,200 Vibration / Hours – Silicon Postal Springs – 72H Power Reserve – Hours, Minute , Seconds and dates

Band: A pin buckle can be provided on the beige belt, or 3 links and polished stainless steel bracelets, with a three fold buckle and pose open system

Two options with interchangeable systems
Reference: L3.810.4.03.2 – Leather 40mm
L3.810.4.03.6 – Steel 40 mm
L3.811.4.03.2 – 42MM Leather
L3.811.4.03.6 – Steel 42mm

MB & F Replica watches

MB & F replica celebrates 10 years of legacy with new LMX Horology Innovator InnovatorMaxbüsser and his brand MB & F launched a second launch in 2021, traditional machine X. Shortly, the new watch celebrated the first collection of the first time in October 2011, and accompanied by the fascinating HM9 “Blue Polish Vision” Iconoclastic brand is launched in January.

As a ninth watch launched in the LM series, LMX, as well as follow-up in many other legacy machines. At its core, LMX is an interesting, highly luxurious two-level clock, reading the wearer’s time with brand signing mechanical sculpture.

This new Haute Horologerie Creation uses 44 mm, with a thickness of 21.4 mm, made of polished 18K rose gold or 5-stage titanium. The case reminds people of the previous legacy machine. When the first browsing feature, it is on the traditional contour, but the design, manufacturing and finishing of professional execution is displayed when approaching the check. The two upper corners positioned in the housing are two crown, and the right side is used to set the time of the right bottom and carry the engraving of the MB & F combat axis rotor. The left side is installed at 10 o’clock (engraving the potential use of potential use The second time) is set to another time on a left zero.

The highly dome of sapphire crystals cover the three-dimensional partially disclosed dial, produced in the engraving style, where MB & F has become a well-known green CVD or black NAC treatment. It is highlighted that the design mechanical happens immediately caused your eyes; including a floating balance wheel, the center of the dial, two arched bridges, combat axle escapement bridges and three big wheels – each Winding crown, the third is their shared second wheel.

Although the mechanical components on the dial are being fascinated, the watch also has more traditional timing elements. These most obvious are the bodes found in the bottom corners of the dial, each number of times slightly slightly tilted to improve the user’s readability to quickly glance on his wrist. Signed to LMX, each sub-region tells time independently, and due to their tilt design requires specially developed cone gears to better transfer energy from horizontal to vertical planes. The other timing element on the dial is a traditional 12-point position where an unusual hemispherical power reserve is located, showing the user to select a week or 7 days, and rotate when the watch is wound to present the preferred display.

Behind the LMX’s sapphire exhibition, we can see the highly symmetric engine of the watch, such as all MB & F movements, the same name as the watch it resides. Through the design of the campaign is “deep symmetrical”, try to recall “a complete balanced X.” Therefore, we are most consistent with people who have always seen three bucters, located around the center, each of which is highlighted by Côtesdegenève.

As for its technical characteristics, 367 pieces are composed of 367 components at a technical feature of 18,000 Vph frequencies, including 41 jewels. In addition, it has a seven-day power reserve that maintains three of the wire barrels by manual windings. In addition to functionality, the entire mechanism is intricate, using gold Chatons with diamonds, bevel edges, mirror polishing, various sculptures and Geneva. 1:1 Quality Replica wathes

ZENITH Replica watches

ZENITH replica and FELIPE PANTONE team up to create the first watch in a watch factory designed by a contemporary artist Launched Defy 21 Felipe Pantone, a highly colorful and eye-catching visual timepiece that brought different artistic concepts to the watchmaking industry.

The Argentine-Hispanic artist Felipe Pantone has caused a global sensation in the contemporary art world and has become one of the most outstanding talents in the contemporary art world. Felipe Pantone’s work is immediate, polarized, and has never left the observer indifferent. It is coveted by art lovers and those who pursue radical design. Zenith and Felipe Pantone began working together in 2020, when the watch factory provided contemporary artists with the facade of its main building as a canvas. Now, Felipe Pantone has reinvented Zenith’s most advanced chronograph to date, creating an object that can create extraordinary watchmaking skills and wearable kinetic art .

This unexpected but coherent collaboration produced DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone, a colorful work designed to be played with frequency through visual and mechanical means. With the El Primero 21 chronograph movement of 1 millionth of a second per second beating at a very high frequency of 360,000 vibrations per hour, it has reached unparalleled accuracy. DEFY 21 is the expression of Felipe Pantone. The logical choice of canvas for the concept of “visible spectrum”, all detectable light frequencies and their refraction colors work together with the highest frequency chronograph in production. DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone is limited to 100 pieces, which is Zenith and the entire A new type of cooperation in the watchmaking industry.

Felipe Pantone said in the first collaboration with the watch: “I am very happy and very humble. For the first time I can give my watch a personal style, especially for my innovation and courage. Manufacturer. From the very beginning, the concept was to transform this spectacular watchmaking process into a wearable work of kinetic energy that merges time and light into one object. I am very excited about the result.”

Just as Felipe Pantone continues to explore novel techniques and tools to create his bold artworks, Zenith also broke through the limitations of innovation when executing Felipe Pantone’s DEFY 21 version, to the extent that new technologies that had not been heard before must be developed. tabulation. One of its most eye-catching features is the color bridge, which is an iconic feature in Pantone’s work. Using the principle of interference color, the coating on the bridge reflects the gradient of metallic rainbow tones. DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone requires months of experimentation and seeks experts’ appropriate solutions to achieve this rainbow effect. It is the first watch that uses this innovative three-dimensional PVD with silicon particles with silicon surface treatment to produce Movement. The color range for perfect transition. Although the craftsmanship has been standardized, each work will use a slightly different color, essentially becoming a unique artwork.

The central hour and minute hands are equally outstanding, presenting a deliberately distorted appearance, similar to the lightning in most of Pantone’s works, with rainbow-colored gradients applied through the same latest technology as the movement bridge. The unusual shape and proportion of the pointer and the precise application of the gradient PVD make the color transition perfectly between the different parts of the pointer. It turns out that creating colors is much more difficult than anyone imagined. However, Zenith engineers refused to compromise, even in the smallest details. In the process, the development of this collaborative version allowed Zenith to use it out of the box and achieved several world firsts in the watchmaking industry.

The Moiré optical effect produced by alternating white and black ribbons, which is repeated in Felipe Pantone’s paintings and sculptures, has been laser-engraved on the top bridge and dial of DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone. Miniaturized and replicated. And the painting techniques are so precise that they provide an optical illusion of fluid movement under the contrast of the stripes. The open dial is full of movement, with a mixture of gradient and square colors on the markers and counters.

Felipe Pantone even re-examined the inanimate external parts of the DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone case for dynamic overhaul. The black ceramic DEFY 21 has a grid pattern engraved on the bezel, and “FP#1” is engraved on the four corners of the case, which means “Felipe Pantone El Primero”. In order to make the various details of the colorful dial and movement stand out, the artist chose a black textured rubber strap with a twisted grid pattern.

For those who like a bolder look that matches the eye-catching tones of the dial and movement, a second rubber strap is also provided, with a central insert ranging from dark gray to flashes of all colors in the spectrum, depending on the angle Light. The color is not actually embedded in the strap, but the result of iridescence due to the surface of the material and the way it reflects light.

DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone is very suitable for works of art, with a presentation imitating a hardcover book in the box. On the cover is a miniature painting specially created by Felipe Pantone for this special series, accompanied by a signed certificate.

Through the DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone 100 limited edition, Zenith has cleverly integrated contemporary art and watchmaking to produce both a precision instrument and a dynamic, wear-resistant artwork. replica watches usa

Breitling Super Chronomat

The B01 chronograph and a four-year calendar.

The Breitling Years Last year, the CHRONOMAT version of the 1984 version was resumed until the signature Rouleeaux bracelet. Now, the brand is launched in the launch of Super Chromat, a larger, 44 mm watch has two customers: B01 chronograph table and more interesting is that the chronograph format combines the “1461” four-year calendar once is a signature centered spirit. complex.

initial thoughts
When the brand shrinks their most famous design, the super Chronomat is majestic. The brothers and sisters of the the chronomat are bigger and bold. “It’s a watch. If you don’t have to worry, it is worrying that Breitling CEO said in the announcement. I tend to agree – new super chronat affirmation issue a statement.

With a unique Rouleeaux bracelet and a large-active, Super Chromat can remind people in the mid-2000s design. When the brand is favored excessive size, this makes it possible to recall in the mid-2000s, but in modern manner. That is, the new super Chronomat also has a cool 1980 atmosphere, especially in the UTC module on the super Chronomat B01.

Then the SUPER Chronomat 44 four-year calendar, including a half permanent calendar. Previously, the banner of the Breitling years of spiritual flagship, the calendar is called 1461, and the number of days later after four years. It is useful and the price is reasonable, and the complications are missing for a while, so I really want to see its return.

With the recently launched large data (boiling timelock and three calendars) and spike secondary launched, Super Chronomat 44 four-year calendar reflects the progress of the brand towards complex timepiece, and I am for it.

Super Chronomat B01 44

The smaller Chronomat model is consolidated, and the super Chronomat B01 44 is basically the same watch with a larger format, which has more aggressive styles. Still applicable to the trademark label of the dormitory, the baffle now has almost scratch-resistant ceramic inserts.

All models in Super Chronomat can be on Rouleaux (or “roller”) bracelet or Rouleaux inspiration of rubber straps. Molded to have a three-dimensional texture, the rubber bundle has a three-dimensional front, which is aimed to evoke the name of the bracelet.

Super Chronomat B01 is powered by Calible 01, and Breitling found in the high-end timeline table of the brand, including flagship NavitiMer. It not only has a convenient 70-hour power reserve, which is also a fine-constructed movement with a column wheel and a vertical clutch.

Super Chronomat is provided with stainless steel, with blue or black dials, or 18k red gold, with brown dials. The 18K red version allows people to be eye-catching, but it is expensive, not a “tool” Fake Luxury Watches.

In three, my choice may be a black dial variable with a UTC module. The root of Chronomat is optimally reflected in the Black Dialometer, with a beautiful generic time coordination (UTC) module in the bracelet, tracking the second time zone.

In the mid-1980s, the UTC module was basically a simple quartz movement in the amplifier hand chain. Nowadays, additional CHF1,200 is costly, which is an amazing expensive choice, but it is a novel, retro extra choice.

It should be noted that the UTC module is only available for black dialing models, at least now. Given that the Hundred Years of Spirit has provided a choice for most watches, this will not be surprising if this is in the near future.

Super Chronomat 44 four calendar
The more interesting of these two new models is the calendar of Super Chronomat 444. One and a half permanent calendar (also known as a four-curd calendar), the calendar only needs to adjust during the leap year, or once every four years.

In terms of complexity, it is sitting in a simpler calendar (taken once a year) and permanent calendar (only one manual intervention every 100 years, or in some cases per 100 years). Breitling fake

The dial feature is outside the date, date, and the moon and the timer register, and the timer register. Although the amount of information proposed, the dial is still easy to read.

Tetarthen gland calendar Chronomat with black dial or double tone deformation with blue dials.

Between the two, I will definitely choose a black dial – its utilitarian, it feels more consistent with the spirit of the hundred years. Like its B01 chronograph, there is a ceramic insert, which is dressed in 18k red gold label.

Under the hood is the caliber 19, it is basically ETA 2892, the top has a dual module, a Duboisdépraz chronograph module, and the other “1461” module. This movement is COSC certified and has a 42-hour power reserve.

Breitling Super Chronomat B01 44
Ref. AB0136251B1A2 (with UTC module)
Ref. AB0136251B1A1 (black dial, metal bracelet)
Ref. AB0136251B1S1 (black dial, rubber strap)
Ref. AB0136161C1A1 (blue dial, metal bracelet)
Ref. AB0136161C1S1 (blue dial, rubber strap)
Ref. RB0136E31Q1R1 (18k red gold, gold bracelet)
Ref. RB0136E31Q1S1 (18k red gold, rubber strap)

Diameter: 44 mm
Height: 14.45 mm
Material: Steel or 18k red gold
Water resistance: 200 m

Movement: Caliber B01
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph
Winding: Automatic
Frequency: 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: 70 hours

Strap: Rouleaux bracelet or rubber strap


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 43 Pink Gold Ceramic Replica watch REF: 26420RO.OO.A002CA.01

Not every day a brand quietly puts down the watch collection without the usual social media promotion, scheduled events and endless stream of articles. Nevertheless, if 2020 teaches us anything, then we can expect unexpected things. This is not a new tactic for fake Audemars Piguet, they have released such a watch before, so we cannot say that we are surprised.

Royal Oak
Kick off, we launched a series of new green dial Royal Oaks. Considering that yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps it was already a day late, there is still a clear appreciation for all the green things. In recent years, as blue has become popular, green has become an increasingly popular dialing option, and green has gradually come to the fore.

First of all, we have the Royal Oak “Super Large” ultra-thin version (15202PT.OO.1240PT.01) in platinum. The center of the smoky dial has changed from emerald green to black on the periphery, which is a kind of beauty. As we increasingly expect, this is “AP House Exclusive”. In recent years, AP has been removing its popular styles and series from its AD network and launching such a watch, which is in great demand for watches, because House Exclusive is not shocking. This amazing product abandons the AP dial pattern, brings a unique modern beauty to the watch, frees it from the constraints of time, and continues to exist as one of the most popular watches on the planet.

Next, we have the Royal Oak Chronograph (26331BA.OO.1220BA.02) in 18k gold with another incredible emerald green dial, this time using AP’s signature pastry pattern. Thanks to its similar color design, it competes fiercely with John Mayer Daytona, and it will undoubtedly be a very popular watch. Limited to 125 pieces, this watch may see crazy after-sales value.

Around the Royal Oak, we also offer three new variants of the Royal Oak self-winding flying tourbillon, each of which is powered by AP’s latest flying tourbillon movement. In 2950. All watches use the same emerald green dial and have a cross-stitch pattern from the center of the tourbillon. The difference lies in the metal and gem setting. One titanium variant (26534TI.OO.1220TI.01) lacks any gemstones (limited to 50 units), and the other titanium variant (26532IC.EE.1220TI.01) has 32 emeralds ( Limited to 15 units), and the last model of the flywheel tour Royal Oak series (26533OR.OO.1220OR.01) is made of 18k rose gold (limited to 10 pieces), which covers almost all collection segments. These watches won’t be available until April, so you still have some time to keep them. Although we don’t have prices yet, we think they will be expensive.

Following Royal Oaks, we have provided a new triple color for the ever-popular and durable Royal Oak Offshore Diver series. AP adopts a new internal movement and interchangeable belt system, and began to join Cartier (Cartier), Vacheron (Vacheron) and other companies that began to provide the convenience of interchangeable belts.

This diver trio comes in “Original Gray” (15720ST.OO.A009CA.01), “Navy Blue” (15720ST.OO.A027CA.01) and “Pioneering Khaki” (15720ST.OO.A052CA.01 ) Issued, these three divers have their iconic Mega Tapisserie dial style, internal unidirectional rotating bezel, 10 o’clock crown (control bezel) and rubber strap matching the dial, as well as an additional strap. Both khaki and navy blue have matching straps and black straps, while gray has its matching straps and additional blue straps-all of these additional straps are compatible with the internal rotating bezel of this model match.

Powered by new cal. These Divers 4308 movements have a 60-hour power reserve, which is AP’s incredible finishing, and a blackened 22kt gold clockwork rotor. Continuously developing its own products, it is great to see AP push its Divers to a new direction and provide some of the best technologies on the market. The price has not yet been announced, but compared to the aforementioned Royal Oak, you have a better chance to choose one of them.

AP marked the start of the 2021 novelty season with an amazing performance, and of course they have put down their gloves with these new watches. All other brands have to do now is to stand firm and show us their composition.

Breitling Chronomat Replica watches

Breitling and the new female Chronomat

Breitling launched the Chronomat series with 36 or 32 mm case, which delighted women’s wrists. Inspired by sports watches from the 1980s, this watch will appeal to today’s target women, fighting spirits and modern women. Just like the new Spolight Squad trio, it consists of Charlize Theron, Misty Copeland and Yao Chen.

Breitling (Chroomat) replica Breitling (Chronomat), with a variety of forms of collection

Breitling, who is closely related to aviation history, designed the current model for Chronomat in the 1980s and took inspiration from it. In the elegant sporty look, the new interpretation proposes two different sizes to perfectly embrace the female wrist.

The 32mm version is powered by a quartz movement, and the battery can last for three to four years. These “SuperQuartzTM” are available in seven versions in stainless steel, red gold or two-tone. With a pure white or dark blue dial, some bezels and hour markers set with diamonds. As for 36 mm, they are equipped with a self-winding movement and have a power reserve of about 42 hours. These are available in ten variants with different dial colors: white paint, light green, midnight blue or copper.

The entire series of products can be certified by the prestigious Swiss Official Timekeeping Company (COSC).

“Who pays more attention to major global causes than Charlize Theron, Misty Copeland and Yao Chen because they redefine what it means to be a strong woman? The three leading stars are known for their ferocity and breaking boundaries. What binds them together is Spotlight Squad […].”

The new Breitling Chronomat becomes the new Spotlight squad

“Our inspiration in this new series comes from Ms. Breitling, as we represent in the #SQUADONAMISSION campaign: women with purpose, action and style are the best in her game.” CEO of Breitling Georges Kern condensed this idea of ​​exploring undeveloped areas: helping celebrities of all origins in the tasks they set for themselves.

With the Spotlight Squad baptized by its team, Breitling helped three outstanding women take action for their deepest cause. Actresses Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron) and Yao Chen (Yay Chen) and the famous ballet dancer Misty Copeland (Misty Copeland) are known for their careers, initiative and commitment to others, they use One’s own prestige inspires and triggers obvious changes in society. The pioneering trio will continue to make headlines. copy watches for men

Hublot Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic Ceramics Watch 2021

Hublot fake has become a leading innovator that has been used in colored high-tech ceramics since 2018. In this fast-propelled field, not all colors are equal, long-term, energetic and powerful colors cannot meet watch cases. Created a vibrant and durable yellow (and red and blue) ceramics proved that Hublot’s largest material challenge in the past few years.

The brand has been cracked as part of its 2021 watches and miracle lineups, and the sun is bright to its cornerstone design. New Limited Edition Hublot Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic provides a distinctive supersaturation, with brand signature architecture as a most dramatic and compelling current product.

Naturally, the 42mm multi-piece ceramic case is the visual core of the Hublot Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic. Keep an angle, a hierarchical, overall smart bracelet form of a large explosion line, title yellow magic material increases the size of purely saturated gloss in the initial image.

Hublot claimed that this new ceramic has been developed for four years, with a wide range of internal research and development, created a true yellow pigment, which does not burn during ceramic sintering. The final result not only creates a lasting and real pure yellow pigment, but the final material is more difficult than the traditional ceramic shell material, the overall hardness is 1350 HV (opposite to 1200HV of common shell ceramics).

When a stark contrast is formed with a medium-sized matte black part, the crown, the promoter and the big explosive signature baffle screw, this yellow program provides a sports and provocative bold edge, which is already this Active design. Hublot Room Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic is at a water resistance of 100 meters.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic Dish Follow the same skeleton pattern as the previous large bombings, with a radical steel printing theme, which is carried out by applying a mix of Arabic numbers and indices and complete exposed date wheels. The 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock sideways form a visual anchor for the remainder of the floating skeleton assembly, which has almost complete sub-ground and cleaning folded outer ring.

Hublot maintains a color scheme between the housing and dial in the housing and dial as a viscosity, as well as the black finishing of the exposed skeleton. This leaf is like a date wheel, a gear train, and a column wheel, popping up from the background, highlighting some movement mechanical complexity and does not become overwhelming.

The internal HUB1280 automatic anti-excited time console is carried in the Hublot Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic, from the previous large bombings UNICO model. This intricate skeleton movement is rugged, 72-hour power reserves are 28,800 Britman’s defeat rate. Hublot completes watch, with matching round and black rubber with matching integrated ridge.

The rainbow in the expanded ceramic color seems to be very simple, uninive seems very simple, Hublot Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic demonstrates the tip of material design, with bright and aggressive look. Replica luxury watches price

Richard Mille RM 21-01 Aerudyne Tourbillon

TPT® Carbon Association and Red 5N
Platinum in Haynes®214® PVD Processing Blue

The quality of the fake Richard Mille watch is part of its architecture and materials. Design models to withstand the final criteria, without using components, also created to respond to extreme collection.

By utilizing the materials of the material – especially from aviation or level equation, Test watch motion may have precise, brightness, resistance, and reliability in nature of the materials used in nature.

The new Aerudyne Tourbillon RM 21-01 responded to all the respect for this study, attracting its revelation in the aviation universe.

Richard Mille showed its latest innovative version and applies to 21-01 Drangage. The complex structure of the 5N red gold box is used for the outer carbon frame TPT® to enhance the telescope and pillars. This composite, light and resistance, by superimposing hundreds of carbon fibers by the automated process, the method changes between 45 ° between each layer and previously heated to 120 ° C in the autoclave. Processed to the vicinity of micron. This kind of armor, this strengthening ensures the best protection of the box and holds firmly with 20 spline screws.

The eye-catching rendering of the TPT® carbon layer is coordinated with gold reflection and a perm blue honeycomb pattern of platinum.

TPT® carbon in the heart of the board, this time in Alvelee Orthorhombic Structure – Expressed AIR Concept – In the Blue PVD processed in Haynes® 214®, the first is the brand. The nickel-aluminum-ferric alloy is mainly used in a hot environment of more than 95 °. Its optimal resistance to high temperature oxidation allows traditional molding and assembly to make it particularly suitable for combustion chambers. Therefore, the platinum therefore provides unparalleled rigid, thermal expansion coefficients, and distortion of the distortion. So many properties are essential for miles.AAA replica watch

In order to build a bridge, the manufacturer’s film machine Richard Mille selects titanium 5. It is the titanium-aluminum-vanadium biocompatibility used in the aerospace industry, providing great rigid and excellent corrosive. Composed of the bridge of the hollow circular seat and circulating gold, bucket and whirlwind, placed in a central crucible of the sheet, providing ideal mechanical properties for the rotation of these moving parts, rather than do not leave all whirlwinds. This diameter is completed with 5N red PVD to enhance the contrast generated by housing and confirm the characteristics of the air machine.

The sapphire glass dialing ensures that the system of the manual winding RM21-01 caliber is completely transparent. Instead of numbers 11, there is a 70-hour power reserve indicator and a numeral 1, a torque indicator. This allows the voltage of the motor spring of the tube to be visualized to optimize the operation of the motion. At 4 o’clock, the function selector controlled by the central pusher is integrated with TPT® carbon crown and red gold 5n, with sealing material as a white rubber bracelet. By simple pressure, the neutral position (n) is transmitted to the time (H) of the restructuring (W) and a watch.

It is highly clean, tilted, polished, bending and chamfering components, using technologies and innovative materials until the rotation is running, this new RM 21-01 Aerudyne Tourbillon is limited to 50, and the flight exploration is new.