Bell & Ross BR 05

When replica Bell & Ross announced BR 05, those of us who had participated in BaselWorld 2019 were eagerly waiting for the public’s response. I remember that when I saw the trailer for the conference for the first time, I had to take the oath of office (not true), and we will not discuss it anymore. I thought “Wow, they really like it.” “It” is a clear, unapologetic design, inspired by Genta and his iconic luxury sports watch. The status of the icon is so lofty, to approach its form with your own design is to dance with destiny. Icarus came to mind. Therefore, at the press conference, I would like to know whether they succeeded or failed.

The reaction is-both. The diehards and snobberies who oppose the Royal Oak and Nautilus condemned the move only out of respect. Those with rich pockets or people who have no AD connection cannot obtain the said watch, but still see it as an opportunity to enjoy the aesthetics they dream of, and this still comes from the brand they know, trust and respect. Many more people just don’t care about either way at all. Final Results? Well, there is nothing. Things are out of hand. Now, best Bell & Ross is the proud manufacturer of a series of luxury sports watches in stainless steel with integrated bracelets, which can be purchased in large local watch shops. Frankly speaking, a series of watches seems to fit their existing watch series and their position in the market very well. To be fair, although Bell & Ross is a new model, it is not in the 70s, but they still imitate the format of the “Marine Corps” watches of the 90s, although their functions are much more obvious. Tactically, the Germans resonated with them.

So why should I write this on Wear and Wounds? Bell & Ross (Bell&Ross) is a brand, and its design, especially the round box design, I find very attractive. Seeing them with their own eyes, they will always complete their work to an extraordinary degree, which gives them the luxury of “X-factor”. Perhaps my favorite example is BR V1, which is equivalent to the Swiss luxury version of Sinn 556 (not just because of the early relationship between the two brands). It is small, dexterous, very good on the wrist, and has reached the ninety percent unchanged, but also low-key the value of the tool watch. This is also a perfect comparison, which can illustrate the biggest problem of Bell & Ross. In fact, many of their watches are just value for money.

BR 05 brings unique aesthetic characteristics to nature and can be used in more accessible terrain. Although it cannot be compared with value, I do believe that accessibility is at least a partner of value and is also very important to our work at Worn & Wound. In addition, cheap BR 05 is a very beautiful watch. It mixes Genta DNA and Bell & Ross’ unique form and typography vocabulary. Although I have never thought of 15202s or 5711s (the latter is more than the former, tbh) or a truly integrated bracelet watch, I do appreciate the finishing, if nothing else, this style of watch is for the brand Show off your abilities.

Therefore, let us put aside the controversy for a while and let Bell & Ross face to face and bracelet-like value this semi-radical. I can say from the beginning that, regardless of the price, BR 05 surprised me and perhaps made me an integrated sports watch guy.

Where to start? The case of BR 05 is actually BR05. As with all integrated bracelet watches, things starting from the wrist flow to the entire surface of the watch, forming a clean and tidy stainless steel case, which happens to tell the watch the time. You cannot really talk about the case without discussing the bracelet, and vice versa. So let’s start with the overall shape.

Bell & Ross is famous for its square instrument table. Although they have made many other watches and cases, they will never escape the square. Therefore, they embraced it. The Associated Press has a round octagon, Patek Philippe’s porthole, and B&R has a square. After placing it in place, they adopted a platonic geometry, rounded the corners into a soft Nauti-cal shape, cut a hole in the center, and obtained the foundation of BR 05. This shape acts as a border and is located slightly offset from the 40mm middle shell at the top. Combined with the rotatable display back, you can see the main body of the watch, which has a thickness of 10.7 mm, which is very slim.

Let’s stop there for a while. Part of what makes the fake BR 05 more attractive is that you can see some very simple shapes at the same time, while others are extremely complex, and they are all finished with a high degree of processing. The simplest fact is that the rounded square is at the top, which determines the overall tone of the design. This makes it easy to access (unlike the hollow dial in the faceted case, for example), and it’s almost nothing, at least to me, it makes it more palatable.

Back to the mid-end – not only copied the shape of the bezel, it adopted this shape, but then turned steep downhill, and then seamlessly transitioned into the bracelet. This is one of the more RO style details. It looks as if the medium-sized case has been cut off on a grinder, forming very eye-catching details in shape and surface, but it is also very functional and provides a perfect angle for the growth of the bracelet. Then, the bracelet continued to maintain this shape, gradually reduced to 17 mm at the buckle, and re-wound on the other side.

Connecting each link is a wide rectangular block with rounded corners to make the shape work again. Between the flat surface and the larger connecting chain, the design mixes RO and Nautilus, while also talking to other series of B&R tool watch H chain bracelets. The buckle is butterfly-shaped, with a striking B&R and number logo at the seam where the buckle is closed. More information about what to wear later.

On the right side of the middle case is a small screw-in crown between the two screw-in crown guards. The design is very basic, with grooves and ampersands for gripping on its outer surface. The size is set to be no larger than 5mm x 3.5mm of the middle shell. I can’t help but feel that it is a bit small. Although its masculinity is not so exaggerated compared to many B&R timepieces, the BR 05 is still masculine in many ways, and this crown feels too light or too delicate. It is also painful to hold it when fully tightened. Maybe touching a larger diameter or a more confident grip can solve the problem.

The completion of an integrated sports watch is indeed a matter of life and death. As mentioned in the introduction, B&R has always been impressed by the watches I have seen. The lines of the case are always clear and obvious, brushing the teeth always has an attractive texture, and because of the lack of better words, they never feel mushy when polished. Therefore, I am happy to say that BR 05 has not disappointed me. Considering every surface, most surfaces are coated with rough particles.

Starting from the top, the bezel is polished vertically, with chamfered and polished edges, and has an attractive “black polished” appearance. There is a polished screw at each corner-I will continue the introduction. The screws of the middle shell are the same, without screws, providing a cool step effect. The side of the case is drawn vertically. Compared with the horizontal drawing, I usually find it less attractive, but considering that it is actually a hard kink before the lugs, they have no choice. At least it is a relatively thin surface, which is also shattered by the crown and crown guard on the right side, so I rarely find myself looking at it frustrated.

The bracelet then consists of larger H-shaped links with a flat brushed top surface and fully brushed sides, including the area between the links. The surface is also slightly rounded, which allows the links to move better although there will be a larger gap between the links. Then the connected square links are completely polished and their edges are rounded. Although these links are small, they add up to create many outward-facing polished surfaces. In other words, they provide a bling effect. Enough for me to have dinner with my girlfriend, she complained that the reflected light kept shining into her eyes. In addition to the blind influence that these links may cause, another disadvantage is that they are only required to be scratched, because the highly used samples I received have already passed (you can clearly see in the photos).

Back to those screws. Since the first BR 01, the corners of B&R’s instrument series have been screwed on. In the context of these timepieces, because they have added a meter-based format, they will not feel the derivation of RO design. However, by screwing four screws to the BR 05 case, B&R undoubtedly stepped into the dangerous AP area. If you take a step in this direction, it will be a difficult decision. On the one hand, it has affected their history, and without them, there may be too much blank space in the corner, and on the other hand, it has nothing to do with this concept, except for history. RO’s iconic details are also very obvious and hard to ignore (at least they are round). To be honest, I am a bit contradictory here because I think the area needs some details, but it feels too primitive to ignore it.

Still there? Thank you for your participation. Unlike the case and bracelet, the dial is very simple, maybe too much. The dial is available in black, blue or silver (plus a slightly separated skeleton model). The dial uses elements from its iconic scheme and has been overhauled from sports replica watches china in the 70s. In this way, you will find a sunny surface with a glossy fill mark applied. The numbers are twelve, six and nine, with small batons, while the other alarm bells are marked with larger batons, but three hours have been replaced by the date window. The batons and numbers are reminiscent of other B&R (B&R) models, but look fatter and rounded, which is similar to the rounded square elements of the case. The design successfully stored enough light to make the watch glow well.

Corum-Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique

Replica Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE STREAM BAGUETTE watch REF: B313/03498 - 313.101.69/0F01 SB69G Review

There is no doubt that Golden Bridge is one of the best watches developed by Corum. Now, Corum is trying to surpass the Panoramique of the Golden Bridge Tourbillon.

The Corum Calibre CO100 movement has 360° visibility, as if suspended in the center of the case by a sapphire main board and a bridge, it is the true star of the new Panoramique Golden Bridge Tourbillon. This hollow and translucent movement is equipped with a cantilevered or “flying” tourbillon: freed from the upper bridge, it seems to be suspended above the movement.

The movement beats at 21,600 vibrations per hour and has a power reserve of 90 hours.

The Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique is water-resistant to 30 meters. There are three limited editions to choose from; ten features are 18k rose gold case, five features are French baguette set 18k rose gold case, and the other five are 18k rose gold. The case is set with round diamonds. Each watch comes with two black and brown hand-stitched alligator leather straps, each with a tri-fold rose gold buckle.

Replica Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE STREAM BAGUETTE watch REF: B313/03498 – 313.101.69/0F01 SB69G Review

Model Number: B313/03498 – 313.101.69/0F01 SB69G
Case Material: white gold,diamond
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter:31.00 x 42.20 mm
Brand Name: Corum
Gender: men
Water Resistance Depth: 30 m
Thickness: 14.70 mm
Dial: Skeletonized
Glass: Sapphire
Boxes: common box package without paper
Band Material Type: Alligator strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes

RM 60-01 REGATTA anti-excited time code table

In the Voiles de Saint-Barth sailing game, the sponsor of the event and Richard Mille replica, wearing this practical series on his wrist, making it sailed for six sea navigation. Let us explain it.

During the sailing race, first through this line for the downlink conditions in front of the competitors and control the game. In order to assist the sailor, Richard Mille has obtained expertise on the land by developing RM 60-01 album anti-excited time code table. In addition to easily measuring short-term power, due to its flyback function and its automatic performance, and the posture teacher knows how to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts, whether they have themselves on the earth.

The rotating baffles placed on 50 mm titanium provide a variety of indications, including four points of the wind rose positioning compass. Two colored scales, yellow and green, provide important information at the beginning. fake watches for sale.A degree of display up to 360 and another display for 24 hours. To use this feature, you need to know the location of the local time and the sun. To calculate your location, you must use Pusher to move the UTC indicator in the direction of the sun at 9 o’clock. The second step relates to the rotating border until the UTC hand complies with the local time on the outer ring of the baffle. Once completed, northern, south, and west graduates will be consistent with the four points of the compass. This feature is convenient in northern and south hemispheres.

RM 60-01 Regatta also provides a 9 o’clock countdown timer, in the form of a step-by-step skeleton disc. This accumulator displays the remaining time and remaining minutes. Prepare nail?

New Greubel Forsey GMT sports on the metal bracelet

The GMT movement occurs in huge titanium and blue quality. More ergonomic and modern, this GMT movement is the first replica Greubel Forsey Creation with a fully integrated metal bracelet. With new baffles and new fins, this limited edition is an exciting evolution, only 33 collectors will have the opportunity to find the first hand.

In the GMT movement, the center stage is taken in the GMT, and the unique Greubel Forsey Bezel now blogs gradually ease the key value of relief engraving and adopts a complete new file. Take a hand-made level on top and hand-polished contours and side flashes directly grinding, the baffle is soft and eye-catching new form, the baffles are exquisite, open up the dial to attract greater focus – basically – Greubel Forsey Movement And manual finishing, feature of each clock.

This new completion highlights the unique image of the BEZEL of GMT Sport, which is an oval ellipse, bent down at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock to embrace the silhouette of the wrist – a passion, reiterate this contemporary, daily style Perfect ergonomics exclusive watches.

This ergonomic design is further pursuing in this new bracelet of this GMT – this is the first metal bracelet on the Greubel Forsey Creation. It is fully imagined in Atelier, specifically used for this time meter, which is completely integrated into the GMT motion, and analyzes the ellipse seamless followed by the housing and the baffle. Faithful to its tradition, Greubel Forsey is committed to using three different styles distributed in three horizontal and central circles: linear gravel, matte and manual polishing bevel.

For example, select the sugar cream to respond to the finish of the lugs, emphasize the aesthetic continuity between the housing and the bracelet. The latter is made of 5-stage titanium, lightweight, rugged, very powerful. It has a fine adjustment system that provides valuable millimeter games, allowing the wearer to choose from loose and casual or comfortable wristbands.

As for the move, this new Greubel Forsey Sport is the first unified color: motherboard, bridge, global, second time zone dial and Tetaway 24 seconds 24 seconds indicator ring in the same blue finish in the same blue finish . The central suspension arch bridge and the gyro bridge are transparent to highlight the three-dimensional motion architecture of its strong blue finish.

On the one hand, the polishing ingredients of the side are deep, matte blue, and the polishing ingredients of titanium (bridge, global) or steel (hand, power reserves) emphasize the strong contrast of sports itself and ensures perfect readability. Due to its 42 mm housing diameter (45 mm on the baffle), this movement technology expression and intuitive central clock and a few minutes, the second time zone, the power supply reserve at 3 o’clock and the electric reserve of the rotating land It is completely harmonious. Earth in 8 o’clock. high luxury store

Through this new uniform, it is more refined, more refined than ever, and provides a new expression for their two signature creations. Their third invention is between 12 o’clock in 24 seconds between 12 o’clock and 2 o’clock. Since its cage is tilted at a 25 ° angle and complete full rotation within 24 seconds, the gyro 24 seconds is a high programming performance – except for the truly unique visual effect.

The land is then between 7pm to 9 o’clock. More than anything else, it reflects the three-dimensional time display of the Greubel Forsey champion. Due to the present invention, complete rotation is performed within 24 hours, it can be easily and intuitive to read the general time.

From the top of the Arctic, a ring with 24-hour tag allows all vertical portions to read all vertical times, and also behave as one day / night. On the case belt, the disc is displayed by the city name surrounded by 2 rings allows the wearer to read the UTC general and summer time of 24 cities in 24 major time zones. It also distinguishes between time zones that will take summer time (on light background) with those who are not (in dark background).

New GMT Movement – Bold Aesthetic Choice from Atelier, signed Greubel Forsey.

Greubel Forsey GMT Sport Technical Specifications
In titanium, blue movement
Limited edition
Hand-wound movement with 3 patents • Patents pending

• 2nd time zone
• rotating globe with universal time and day-and-night
• universal time on 24 time zones
• summer and winter time
• cities observing summer time
• GMT and Earth pushers
• Tourbillon 24 Secondes
• hours and minutes
• small seconds
• power-reserve

Movement dimensions
• Diameter: 36.90mm
• Thickness: 13.18mm
Number of parts
• Movement: 435 parts
• Tourbillon cage: 88 parts
• Weight of the cage: 0.38g
Number of jewels
• 63
• Olived-domed jewels in gold chatons
Chronometric power reserve
• 72 hours
• Two coaxial series-coupled fast-rotating barrels (1 turn in 3.2 hours), one of which is equipped with a slipping spring to avoid excess tension
Balance wheel
• Variable-inertia with gold mean-time screws (10mm diameter)
• 21’600 vibrations/hour
Balance spring
• Phillips terminal curve
• Geneva-style stud
Bridges and main plate
• Titanium
• Frosted and spotted, polished bevelling and countersinks, straightgrained flanks, blue treatment
• Multi-level, openworked and polished suspended-arch bridge, polished bevelling and countersinks, straight-grained flanks
• Openworked flat black polished tourbillon bridge, spotted, polished bevelling and countersinks, straight-grained flanks
• Inclined at a 25° angle, 24-seconds rotation
• Light alloy cage pillars
• Titanium cage bridges
• Gold counterweight
• Involute circle profile
• Tangential inclined gear on fixed wheel
and on escape wheel pinion
• Inclined gear and profiled teeth on intermediate wheels of the sethands mechanism.
• Hours and minutes, on suspended-arch bridge
• Small seconds on disc
• 72-hours power reserve on a sector
• 24-seconds tourbillon rotation
• Rotating titanium globe with universal time
• Day-and-night
• 2nd time zone GMT
Movement side
• 24 time zones universal time
• Summer time
• Titanium with curved synthetic sapphire crystal
• Three-dimensional, variable geometry-shaped bezel, hand-polished with hand-finished straight graining
• Profiled lugs, screwed fixing
• Engraved pushers
• Transparent back with high domed synthetic sapphire crystal
• Titanium security screws
• Raised engraving “GMT Sport” and “Greubel Forsey”
Case dimensions
• Caseband diameter: 42.00mm
• Bezel diameter: 45.00mm
• Case height: 15.70mm
• Height on synthetic sapphire crystals: 17.80mm
Water resistance of the case
• Water-resistant 10atm – 100m – 328ft (standard NIHS 92-20/SN ISO 22810:2010)
• Titanium and rubber with GF logo
• Colour-coded rubber capping, interchangeable
Dial Side
• Three-dimensional, variable geometry hour-ring, with luminescent hours and minutes indexes
• GMT indicator with raised engraving
• Power-reserve indicator, engraved and lacquered
• Tourbillon rotation indicator in gold
• Rotating globe with fixed day-and-night UTC indicator in synthetic sapphire, engraved and lacquered
Movement Side
• Synthetic sapphire disc displaying city names surrounded by 2 rings (UTC engraved on the
case / Summer time engraved on a gold movement plate, lacquered and hand matt-lapped)
• “Summer time” plate with limitation number, raised engraving, hand matt lapped
• Hours and minutes, curved profile, polished steel with Super-Luminova
• 2nd time zone GMT indicator, grey triangle
• Small seconds, fixed red triangle
• Power-reserve indicator, in polished steel
• Aluminium 24-seconds double-tipped hand, black treatment
Strap and clasp
• Rubber with text in relief, titanium folding clasp, engraved GF logo
• 3-row metal bracelet in titanium, folding clasp with integrated fine adjustment, engraved GF logo

Patek Philippe launched the Calatrava “Clous de Paris” Ref. 6119

And elegant calibration. 30-255 PS sports.

Although Calatrava is often overlooked and prefers luxury sports watches, it may be a classic of Patek Philippe-it came out in 1932 and named after the brand’s logo-with diverse designs and elegance Simplicity.

Patek Philippe’s second batch of new watches launched in Watches & Wonders 2021 focuses on exquisite, sophisticated watches-it just announced a striking new perpetual calendar-and naturally includes Karat Calatrava (Calatrava), which also added Calatrava (Calatrava) “Clous de Paris” mark. 6119.

Pay tribute to famous Calatrava models (such as ref). 3919 and its successors ref. No. 5119 6119 combines several iconic elements of past designs in a larger case to create a more modern mask, and is available in rose gold or white gold. It is important to refer to. The 6119 is driven by a newly developed manual winding machine. 30-255 PS, large, thin movement with double barrels-the balance wheel has a high moment of inertia.

I have always been a fan of Calatrava, especially the variant with a hinged “Hunter” back like ref. 5227. Known as a gentleman’s superior watch, it represents Patek Philippe’s traditional and exquisite watchmaking methods.

But Calatrava’s previous generations of cases are relatively small-reference. 3919 is 33mm, and ref. The case of the 5119 is 36 mm. And more latest models, such as 40 mm reference. The 6007, which was launched last year, tends to be more casual in style, which may be too casual for Calatrava.

In contrast, reference 6119 achieves the best results. With a diameter of 39 mm, the case is larger, but still delicate enough to be regarded as an elegant formal watch.

Between the two, I would choose the platinum model; its vertical matte gray dial is understated and more modern than the rose gold version. cheap Patek Philippe introduced the reference material in its announcement. 6119 as a model of “reflecting the changes of the times”-the platinum model is definitely a more modern appearance.

referee. The 6119 movement is better, more refined than similar products, and higher specifications. There is also the fact that it looks the most beautiful and has the longest history.

Contemporary Calatrava
As the name suggests, ref. The 6119 has a bezel similar to the Clous de Paris or Hobnail shown in the references. 3919 and reference. 5119. Some of the trademark features of Patek Philippe watches in the 1980s and 1990s. Today’s nail bezels are relatively uncommon, but they are eye-catching and enhance the decoration of the case without exceeding the top. referee. The 6119’s bezel has a wider, more slanted contour, which makes the wrist more feel.

Although the dial style is restricted, it is composed of many thoughtful details. The key element to make its appearance more modern is the peripheral railway minute track. This is a simple printed track, but it has been enhanced by applying a golden sphere in the 5-minute mark.

The applied “obus” hour markers are pure gold with facets on all four sides so that they can capture light well. In addition, the dauphine pointer has three facets in the longitudinal direction, and their appearance is more eye-catching than the elongated flat leaf pointer in the past model.

And there are many textures. On the white gold model, the dial is obviously drawn vertically, while the sub-second dial is printed with a concentric pattern and divided into quarters with crosshairs, reminiscent of the “fan-shaped” dial of an old-fashioned watch.

The rose gold model has a more classic grain texture, extending into the second hand, and polished with rose gold to match the case.

The case design draws on the original Calatrava reference. No. 96 in 1932, with curved tapered lugs instead of straight lugs on the referee. 3919 and 5119. These make the area of ​​the watch slightly larger, so that the watch has more appearance without having to increase the diameter of the case. Although the case is relatively large, the height of reference 6119 is only 8.08 mm, which is still slim and a true formal watch.

The slim profile is due to the new internal calibration function. 30-255 PS.

Although it is much wider than cal. 215 PS found. 3919 and 5119, this is the actual movement of the manually wound Calatrava model for decades. 30-255 PS maintains the same thickness of 2.5 mm.

Several aspects of the traditional movement structure have been reconfigured to help achieve lightness and thinness. One is the “intermediate pinion without a pinion, which meshes with the central gear through an intermediate gear”-essentially a more streamlined arrangement of gears-and the other is the crown and ratchet, which are located under the barrel bridge instead of above.

The manual winding movement has a 65-hour power reserve, which is a significant improvement over the 44-hour movement. 215 PS.

It uses parallel or simultaneous double barrels to achieve. The dual parallel barrels greatly increase the torque of the movement: Patek Philippe says that the balance wheel has the highest moment of inertia in its 4 Hz movement. In other words, it has excellent HDF.

This improves the stability of its beat rate-meaning better timing without being affected by external factors such as vibration-and also makes adjustment easier. Like all movements certified with the Patek Philippe seal, cal. The rated accuracy of 30-255 PS per day reaches an impressive -3/+2.

It is worth noting that cal. The surface treatment effect of 30-255 PS is also slightly better than that of its predecessors, showing the usual Côtes de Genève and shocking power, but also improved details, such as the bridge slope with sharp external angles, although it can be completed by stamping.

Patek Philippe Calatrava “Clous de Paris”
Ref. 6119G-001 (white gold)
Ref. 6119R-001 (rose gold)

Diameter: 39 mm
Height: 8.08 mm
Material: 18k white or rose gold
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 30 m

Movement: Cal. 30-255 PS
Functions: Hours, minutes, and seconds
Frequency: 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz)
Winding: Hand wind
Power reserve: 65 hours

Strap: Alligator with gold pin buckle


Ref #26620IO.OO.D077CA.01

Sandblasted titanium case with titanium inserts, glareproofed sapphire crystal and caseback, black ceramic bezel and crown.

42 mm

50 m

14.6 mm

Hand-painted white gold 3D Black Panther character, purple inner bezel, white gold Royal Oak hands with luminescent coating.

Purple rubber strap with titanium AP folding clasp. Additional black rubber strap.


Black Panther in a new watch collaboration between Marvel and Audemars Piguet

The entertainment empire and the watch giant have jointly launched the first of many superhero-themed timepieces.

Panthers are popular with superheroes in Audemars Piguet.

It is said that it has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Marvel Comics. The new Royal Oak concept “Black Panther” flying tourbillon is just the beginning of many co-branded timepieces. Black Panther entered the newly forged AP x Marvel universe for the first time, with the hour hand, minute hand and tourbillon thrusting at 6 o’clock. The imposing figure is made of platinum, hand-engraved and hand-painted, occupying almost the entire surface of the dial, except for a glimpse of the laser-textured titanium alloy bridge (the clockwork bridge under the arm at 10 o’clock) and the bridge Used to tighten the mechanism at 2 o’clock and set it under the other arm-the background is black and gray PVD coating.

As you might imagine, making detailed graphics is not an easy task. New tools need to be created so that they can be designed, assembled and assembled on the movement. First, the volume and shape are cut out of the platinum disc by CNC machining. Next, use a laser to carve out the texture of the clothes. Then it was carefully carved by a craftsman, from hands and claws to muscles and facial features. Finally, a painter will decorate the eyes and apply several layers of dark paint on the clothes to get texture and contrast. Some parts are unpainted and hand polished, so the figure has alternating matte and mirror finishes. Painting and engraving each work requires 30 hours of work: a total of four engravers and four painters were employed to create 250 works.

Under its core components, the watch is equipped with a manual winding mechanism with a caliber of 2965 and a flying tourbillon, which was first released in the RO Concept Collection in 2018. The titanium geometric bridge visible through the sapphire crystal back cover is sandblasted and painted black and black. Gray PVD coating, the back of the tourbillon cage and part of the gear train. The dial surface can also peek into the hollow barrel and the mainspring at 10 o’clock, providing a 72-hour power reserve.

All these horological fantasies are wrapped in a 42mm titanium case with an octagonal black ceramic bezel and crown. The case and bezel are satin-brushed. The case is equipped with satin-brushed and chamfered titanium alloy inserts, and the bezel is equipped with satin-brushed steel hexagonal screws. Lightweight enough to resist attacks by villains in real life, it will not overwhelm your watch. The purple gasket and rubber strap of the best replica watches add talent in case you need to play the role of a superhero.

Although you may need superhuman powers to master one of the works, the good news is that you should have another hero on your wrist in the future.

The watch was officially unveiled at today’s digital press conference, hosted by Audemars Piguet CEO François-Henry Bennahmias and comedian and actor Kevin Hart (Kevin Hart), as well as Serena William Many celebrities including Serena Williams, LeBron James and Mark Ronson. This sparkling event ended at the auction, and the proceeds were used for charity, including lunch with Serena Williams and one of her signed tennis rackets. 18-hole golf game with Ian Bauert and the opportunity to see his collection of cars and watches in person, there is also a unique version of the Royal Oak concept “Black Panther” flying tourbillon 18 karat gold, Special edition hand-carved case. That also went to Chinese bidders. It seems that Audemars Piguet has a very strong customer base in the Far East, including a very, very large Marvel fan.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Master Sheng

Replica Maurice Lacroix Aikon Master Grand Date 45mm watch AI6118-SS00E-430-C Price

Replica Maurice Lacroix Aikon Master Grand Date 45mm watch AI6118-SS00E-430-C Price

Case:stainless steel
Cuts:45 mm
Gender: men
Glass: Sapphire
Dial: Blue
Thickness: 15 mm
Band Material Type: stainless steel,leather strap
Water-resistance : 100 m
FUNCTIONS : Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date
Year : 2021

Aikon integrates masterpieces collection spirit and internal mechanic.

The AIKON series is the game replacement of Maurice Lacroix. This successful line is a brand of popular luxury sports watches with a comprehensive bracelet. Since the price is relatively reasonable, it stands out in this category, in line with the brand’s motto: accessible luxury and highly perceived quality. As the watch and miracle 2021 beat, Maureice Lacroix demonstrates a new model suitable for internal sports and integrates the spirit of its masterpiece collection. Welcome new Aikon Master grand dates, the new flagship model in this collection.

The first thing to chase your eyes with the new Maurice Lacroix Aikon Master is its original display. Although cases and overall design are unstable as the Aikon series, its dial is immediately letting the brand’s masterpiece integrates to think of the inventive instructions and visible moving parts – including balance wheel and escapement, just like masterpiece gravity. Unlike most AIKON watches with outsourcing automatic changes, Aikon Master Grand Date is powered by the new internal caliber ML331, with a distance centered hour, minute and small second indication, and a large date of the 10 windows.

One of the 8 o’clock dials showed the heart of a watch consisting of a balance wheel held by the skeleton arch bridge and the silicon escapement. Blue dial feature embossed and rough surfaces, all indications are defined by metal depressions to improve contrast and readability. Automatic caliber ML331 can hit 18,000 vibration / hour, and 50 hours of power reserves can be stored.

Aikon Master Grand Date has a large 45mm stainless steel box. Compliance with the rest of the Aikon series, it shows a wheelbase with six unique claws. Turn the watch, the exhibition cabinet reveals the movement of its revel, brushing and snails. Its waterproof rated is 100 meters.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Master Grand Date The date is a five-row stainless steel bracelet and a deep blue lighting textile belt with steel folded buckle. Cordura strap combines with the brand M flag. Like all Aikon watches, shoulder straps and bracelets can be exchanged within a few seconds without tools. exact replica watches

BlancPain replica watches

Insert Rad Doublethaminated here – BlancPain pays tribute to 50 Fathoms

No Rad We really tend to consider smoke, but it is one of the most important features in diving observation – it allows users to operate and read their watches when light rays. The earliest diving watch – just like the fifty-year-old Fathoms of the replica BlancPain reaches the brightness. Radium, if you don’t know, it is radioactive, it is harmful.

As people don’t want to hurt their wrists, the company campaign alternatives. They choose to replace radium substances? : Less sterile – but is still a weak radioactive substance.

This is where the BlancPain “no radiation” watch is played. Blancpain hopes that the customer knows that there is no radium in its watch. It doesn’t go to the marketing route – no, this will not be enough, not directly, but chooses to add bright red and yellow “no radiation” symbols in their watches.

So why do I tell you all this? Ok – If you have not guessed from this article – BlancPain released this: Visiting the fifty-year-old Fathoms – those unbelievable and faithful modernizations have been unbelievable a few years ago. replica watches for sale

There are two key differences between the new NO RADs produced in 60 seconds: 3 and size dates. This is 40mm for his own joy and smaller wrist, producing 5 mm from the last tribute BlancPain, 1 mm than the original own.

Although its new size, the new NO RAD is the original spit image. It has a polishing steel box, a 60-minute rotary diving baffle, a diamond hourly marked 12, a iconic “radiation” symbol is close to 6 and waterproof, yes, you guessed it, fifty-year-old Fathoms-300m. Watches even have pseudo-star fields to make hands and hour tags to imitate aging, if you ask me, you may expect a primary touch.

Flip the new NO RAD display caliber 1151, which is visible by returning A by sapphire case, and is absolutely no. Automatic diameter 1151 has a silicon balance spring, two buckets – this helps to observe to achieve its 100-hour power reserve and beat them at 21,600 Vph. The caliber 1151 is a solid practical movement suitable to accompany this iconic tool table.

Blancpain fake pays tribute to Fathoms, no RAD is a RAD-ICully payment, pay tribute to the watch representative RAD-ICAL-OKE, I will stop developing in the tabulation – stop diving to watch users into doctors. Manhattan.

Blancpain Tribute to Fifty Fathoms No Rad

Case | Stainless Steel

Dimensions | 40.3mm Diameter x 13.23mm Height

Dial | Black With “No Radiation” Symbol

Crystal | Sapphire Crystal

Water Resistance | 300m

Movement | Calibre 1151, Automatic

Frequency | 21,600 vph

Power Reserve | 100 Hours

Strap | Rubber

Functions | Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Date, 60-Minute Rotating Dive Bezel

Take a closer look at Breitling’s new Premier Heritage series

Replica Breitling Premier B15 Duograph 42 RB1510251B1P1 Men watch

Replica Breitling Premier B15 Duograph 42 RB1510251B1P1 Men watch

Item Type: Replica Premier B15 Duograph 42 Watches
Model Number: RB1510251B1P1
Case Material: Red Gold,round
Brand Name: Breitling
Gender: men
Movement: Manual Winding
Dial Diameter: 42 mm
Thickness: 15.35 mm
Dial: Black
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Water Resistance Depth: 10.00atm / 100.00m / 330.00ft
Band Material Type: Black Alligator
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Split-Seconds Chrongraph
Year: 2021

Breitling has introduced six revised and refined new chronographs that can be used in all colors in their color boxes.

Last year was a moment of reflection for the Swiss watchmakers of Breitling. At the first digital summit in 2020, the brand released updated versions of classic versions, including Superocean Heritage in the 1950s and Chronomat in the 1980s.

This morning, Breitling CEO Georges Kern presented the company’s 2021 novelties at his virtual summit-all concentrated in the 1940s-and launched six new Premier Heritage series watches, divided into three unique The categories: Chronograph, Duograph and Datora.

Breitling’s Premier collection was first launched during World War II, when the brand was busy producing pilot watches and instruments for the army. In contrast, the Premier series was created to provide an element of elegance for civilians in difficult times.

The new Premier Heritage series uphold this spirit, but Breitling has avoided copying and reinterpreting these legendary timepieces. Although the shape and dial design of the case were extracted from the archive, the size and color scheme of the case no longer exist.

The following is a summary of these retro-style but forward-looking wholesale replica watches.

Prestigious heritage chronograph
Breitling is closely related to the team’s goals. According to Kern, the vision behind the new Premier Heritage series dates back to before the 1940s. In particular, Kern cited the leadership skills of the founders’ team members as inspiration.

The founder team-three generations created today’s Breitling-including Leon Breitling (Léon Breitling), who founded Breitling in 1884 and obtained a patent for a simple timer/speedometer that can measure 15 to 150 Any speed between km/h. Gaston, the son of Léon, created the first wrist-worn chronographs with independent buttons at 2 o’clock in 1915. There is also Leon’s grandson Willy, who patented the second independent chronograph pusher at 4 o’clock in 1934.

The Premier series first appeared under Willy’s supervision. Willy Breitling saw that customers wanted elegance and charm, which inspired him to design a watch that met both purpose and style. As Willy once said: “When a person puts on a watch, it is undoubtedly an impeccable taste.”

In order to maintain this sentiment, all new Premier Heritage series timepieces use exquisite design elements, such as Arabic numerals, retro-style hands and a halftone alligator strap (sewn in the same color). In addition, each watch in the new series is a COSC-certified chronometer with a water resistance of 100 meters.

But the 40mm Premier Heritage Chronograph comes with an eye-catching pistachio green dial with a stainless steel case or a solemn silver dial wrapped in 18-carat rose gold. These shades provide a bold statement of style without changing the basic DNA of Premier.

Both are driven by Breitling Caliber B09, which is based on Breitling Caliber 01. Using this manual winding mechanism as the backbone of a watch is similar to tailors made by experts for delicate Italian suits.

Prime Minister’s Inheritance Two Steps
Of course, Premier is the “first” in French. Duograph, which came out in 1944, introduced instantaneous complex functions to Breitling’s chronographs. Similarly, the new Premier Heritage Duograph has a watchmaking function, which is one of the most detailed functions in watchmaking. Thanks to its two superimposed chronograph hands, the wearer can measure the elapsed time twice at the same time.

The manually wound replica Breitling B15 movement in the Premier Heritage Duograph is based on the Breitling B03 movement and pays homage to the original Duograph movement. Although the movement is very complicated, the appearance of the watch is much lower-key. These 42mm watches are available in stainless steel with a blue dial or 18 carat rose gold with a black dial.

The display is very intuitive, and Super-LumiNova’s illuminated hour and minute hands make it easy to read. In addition, the new Premier Heritage Duograph retains the luxury of the original, thanks to details such as applied numbers, curved sapphire crystals, and black or brown alligator leather straps.

Prime Minister’s Legacy Datola

Like its predecessor from the 1940s, the 42mm Premier Heritage Datora also stands out for its highly visible and sophisticated functions (ie date, date and moon phase display). In addition, it is also equipped with a self-winding movement B25, which is the only self-winding movement in the Premier Heritage series. The Premier Heritage Datora also has an outstanding copper-colored dial variant, framed by a stainless steel or silver dial and surrounded by 18-carat rose gold.

From an aesthetic point of view, the contrast between warm and cool colors provides a lot of effects (I particularly like the combination of copper and steel). Although the name “Datora” usually refers to works with date/date display, personally, I use it in large-scale dating or family camping. A slightly larger moon phase aperture will also be good. But overall, considering all the items on the dial, the smaller windows on this version of Datora feel good.

Kern talked about these colorful chronographs in the press release, “This heritage-inspired design coupled with stylish modernity embodies some of Breitling’s most famous innovations and reproduces the tradition of Breitling replica inventing modern chronographs.

Count down the most wanted Patek Philippe watches

Patek Philippe replica watches with more than 160 years of watchmaking experience are an eternal pursuit for all tasteful collectors, especially for those who pursue fine traditions and high-quality craftsmanship. The brand’s prestigious series include many unique features and functions, such as perpetual watches, annual calendar watches, tourbillons and timekeeping watches and so on.

Patek Philippe will always be a frequent visitor to well-known watch auctions like Antiquorum, and it seems to be always refreshing amazing transaction records. The brand loves that eternal success-so star-studded figures like Albert Einstein, Duke Ellington, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Queen Victoria, Pope Pio IX, and Rudyard Kipling are all on the list of Patek Philippe’s former distinguished customers .

Patek Philippe Calatrava series

Calatrava series is named after the symbol of Patek Philippe-the beautiful Calatrava Cross. The first Calatrava appeared in 1932. In the past 70 years, Patek Philippe designers have continued to expand the series, adding more excellent designs and functions. It is still the most popular series of Patek Philippe. So far, at least 24 different models have been created.

As the brand’s most famous series, Calatrava perfectly blends the roundness of the dial with the classic beauty of the watch shape.

The original Patek Philippe Calatrava followed the creative philosophy of the German Bauhaus School of Architecture and Art-form should meet the needs of function. Today, designers still use the Bauhaus theory in Calatrava’s design and development. The Calatrava series reflects the idea that the main responsibility of a chronograph is to record time in the most accurate way. The Bauhaus school has always abandoned excessive and useless decorative details, so the Calatrava series will never allow any design to attract the wearer’s attention too much-people’s visual focus will always be on the record of time. The appearance of the first Bauhaus style Calatrava laid the foundation for the design concept of every subsequent watch of the same series.

Gondolo series

Speaking of the story of the Gondolo series, it goes back to the period 1900-1928. At that time, Patek Philippe was cooperating with the Gondolo and Labouriau jewelry store in Rio de Janeiro. As one of the results of the cooperation, the Chronometro Gondolo pocket watch came into being. Its excellent quality and precise timekeeping mechanism quickly won the attention of watch collectors.

In 1910, Patek Philippe introduced watch styles for Gondolo. The Gondolo dial has a variety of shapes, from barrels, squares, rectangles, and even polygons. The design is inspired by the masterpieces of designers from other watchmaking companies around the world. For this initiative, Brazilian shareholders are so satisfied that they have since directly used “Patek” as a synonym for “watch”.

Golden Ellipse series

Patek Philippe’s Golden Ellipse series realizes the perfect unity of watch shape and elegance. The oval shape of the dial means the classic integration of circle and rectangle. In 1968, Patek Philippe’s first Golden Ellipse debuted. At that time, Patek Philippe’s watches were different from all contemporary watches. This Golden Ellipse won more than just a temporary fashion craze; its golden ratio-like perfect proportions keep it on the classic list of world watch history forever.

The ellipse of Golden Ellipse is designed based on the classical theory of the golden section of the ancient Greek mathematician. This classic proportion has already achieved countless masterpieces of architectural design and fine art. This watch is not only bold in design, but also compatible with elegance and peace. Its iconic design has long been recognized by the world as a pioneer in creating trends. To this day, it is still one of the most recognizable watch styles in the world.

Today, best Patek Philippe designers continue to introduce new styles to the Golden Ellipse series, and even add jewelry designs to it. No matter how you change, the essence of design will always stand out. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the perfect combination of classic aesthetics and precise timing. Golden Ellipse is so precise that it has even expanded the Geneva watchmaking craftsmanship with a century-old tradition.