MB&F HM8 Only Watch: a symbolic product designed to help children with myopathy

In order to make such a replica swiss watch, the Swiss Watch Company asked a very special artist to create the most unique work: Cassandra Legendre, a 15-year-old young Spanish artist Putting all its creativity at the core of HM8, the “watch only” function perfectly blends the childish appearance and the most exquisite design.

The basis of the HM8 “Only Watch” watch is the design of MB&F’s iconic Horological Machine N°8, which was created as a tribute to the famous American Can-Am racing car. Today, creativity leads to childish creativity: I painted Cassandra Legendre’s work on its sapphire crystal, and reproduced this work with metal engraving, showing a certain amazing Imagination: robots, jellyfish, jet planes, excellent dials decorated with ice cream cones, footballs, video game controllers, sunglasses and many other symbolic elements of childhood.

However, it turns out that this is only the most poignant representative of HM8 “Only Watch” is indeed the elephant: this animal has softness, impressive strength and obvious size at the same time, and is a perfect reference for children. Suffering from myopathy, at least this is what the budding artist Cassandra Legendre said. This refined platinum elephant is molded in three dimensions under the safety ring of the work. This effect is achieved due to the optical prism, giving the impression of a mini sculpture: an extraordinary rendering effect requires no less than 120 hours . Therefore, this kind animal turned out to be one of the core characters of the smiling HM8 “Only Watch” (watch only). This symbolic figure is made from a platinum record. Through it,

HM8 “Only Watch”, as its name implies, is a unique work with multiple symbols, which will be auctioned on November 11 to commemorate a noble cause: helping children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

How To Buy The Jacob & Co. Watch

Recently, we reported a story about the announcement of Jacob & Co. time zone watches will be synonymous with the new partnership.

Jacob & Co. Astronomy Casino Hands-on Watch

Jacob & Co. Astronomer Casino (also known as Jacob & Co. Astronomer Gambler) is another unique creation of Jacob & Co. whose conception, design and production are another step towards their rule of absurd and over-designed parts. Interesting super high-end watch-because this kind of thing does exist and has actually been there for many years.

Mid-term mischief was ruled by Harry Winston Opus watches-widely and taken for granted as the original source of haute horlogerie creation, ignoring the limitations of design and functionality-teenage boy It’s all Jaquet Droz pieces of music, and the complex craftsmanship of the big brands has a perpetual calendar, a chronograph and a timekeeping mechanism. (Some basic research will enable you to realize how the value of these products from companies such as Audemars Piguet, IWC, Lange and Thorne has fallen, sometimes to 25% to 30% of the original retail price.) Why do I say this? ? First of all, because I didn’t realize until recently that this is something that happens frequently, with “big complications” rather than “one-time lemons”, and second, it shows that many people who can afford these things are ready to fight Their purchase (or even if they are not ready, if they wish to retire from one of these watches, they will be forced to do so).

Why do these traditionally highly valued watches often suffer such a huge blow to their “value”, except for some references like currency? One is because they are severely overproduced. The relative abundance of these watches will indeed echo. Another factor to consider is that they no longer become interesting-not in the eyes of their original owners. The perpetual calendar perpetual calendar was very addictive in the late 1920s, but when you can only say one of the main complications of the watch: “Yes, what you see now does not do anything, but you Don’t even know how complicated this is?” -This is not a good sign.

Whether you like it or not, the resale value of these once-once Holy Land status watches can tell you their current needs better than I can. Those watches that burn six digits (USD) when they can be purchased have migrated to watches with any one or more of the following: 1) novel, 2) fun, 3) expressive, 4) unique, 5) Easy to use and appreciate. As with fake watches, the more boxes that are ticked, the higher the price. Jacob & Co. Astronomer Casino went to great lengths to tick all these boxes, and then some more.

With its ridiculous thickness of 27.9 mm (only one inch, and then some more!), it is understandable. This watch is easy to admire from up close…and the other side of the dining table. It is as cautious as Francis Bacon of the 1940s who was sitting on a boat at dinner and fixed overhead like a sail. The multi-layered, multi-purpose JCAM29A caliber can verify its weight. The caliber includes the astronomical “vertical caliber”, the rotating platform with its four rotating arms, and the fully functional fully mechanical roulette below it.

First, a few words about astronomy. Although Jacob & Co. has created many distinct variants of this movement, it is still truly outstanding in terms of its structure and function. Powered by a single mainspring, the mainspring has a considerable power reserve of 60 hours (depending on model changes and increased complexity, it can be longer or shorter), except for the barrel and winding device and the “bow” device ( The crown on the crown) is reflected in this four-arm assembly.

The four arms are equipped with a dual-axis tourbillon (hereinafter will be explained as a three-axis tourbillon soon), a blue magnesium miniature planet earth, a 1 carat, 288 faceted Jacob cut diamond, which also revolves around its own axis of rotation and the time Differential slave turntable. These four arms simultaneously and simultaneously rotate on the dial in less than 10 minutes-it is this rotation that adds a third 10-minute axis to the tourbillon.

The time display rotates with the component, so in order to prevent it from turning upside down when rotating around the dial, a differential is required. This keeps the sub-dial horizontal, can drive the hands, and rotate the entire assembly together.

The tourbillon and the spinning diamond are impressive, and two of my favorite feats in astronomy are this differential drive time display and the fact that the two opposing arms are perfectly balanced with each other. It is a cool “invisible project” that can save the movement from the excessive pulling force caused by the overweight arm, which pulls or pushes the delicate train assembly.

The core of this astronomy is of course the complexity of roulette. When you press the button at the 8 o’clock position on the lower case, the wheel will be strongly rotated to make the white ceramic ball fly. In order to prevent it from entering the movement, the entire roulette function is set under a piece of sapphire crystal glass. Every time you press the button, the function of this complex function will make people feel at ease, and the overall execution effect of every detail is excellent.

The wheel is crafted from 18k rose gold, and black and red enamel is used for its 36+1 pockets. As I said, the thickness is 27.9mm, while the diameter of the case is 47mm. Strangely, because the lugs are very short and have a large downward slope, the overall abrasion resistance is another gameplay of Astronomia Casino. Seen directly from above, the overall effect is controllable, even on my narrow wrist with a diameter of 6.75 inches. However, as soon as I started to take the watch away from me, it began to reveal its Bunkers case structure, topped with a generously curved front sapphire crystal. Speaking of, the case strap is a sapphire crystal strap. When paired with the hollow lugs, you can easily enjoy the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino in operation.

The Jacob & Co Astronomer Casino is a unique piece. Of course, compared with any traditional large-scale complication, it is much more entertaining, and even if you are not a real gambler, the construction of this movement will definitely attract the watch lovers inside. You can find more equally crazy astronomical works on the Jacob & Co. website.

Richard Mille RM 35-01 Rafael Nadal NTPT Carbon Watch Hands-On

Luxury Richard Mille RM 35-02 RAFAEL NADAL AUTOMATIC QUARTZ-TPT RED Watch Replica Online

Richard Mille in 2014 released another model of Rafael Nadal new series of timepieces, the RM 35-01. As early as 2010, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) put the tourbillon timepiece on the wrist of the Spanish tennis champion, which shocked not only the watchmaking industry, but also the world. Not only did Nadal wear a limited edition RM027 watch worth US$500,000 to win the trophy, but he also lost a bit on the way.

What makes the original RM027 watch so special is its weight. I forgot the precise records it set (many records come and go), but I am pretty sure it is the lightest mechanical watch or tourbillon mechanical watch ever, because it uses a peculiar lithium alloy case material. The idea at the time was that it was light enough not to hinder Nadal’s game, and it was durable enough to withstand the game. From a marketing perspective, this is genius. A few years later, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) decided to continue to release the Nadal Legend, launching a follow-up model of the RM 27-01 series of watches, and available in several colors. The RM 27-01 is larger and more interesting than the original product, but it is actually 1 gram lighter, only 19 grams. It also uses a unique tension cable system to fix the tourbillon movement in place, making it more shock-resistant. The RM 27-01 is limited to 50 pieces, which makes the original RM027 sound cheap. Now, this trend will change in 2014.

What surprised me about Richard Mille’s latest product was the price. Of course, Richard Mille watches will always be at the “exclusive forefront.” Therefore, the biggest mechanical difference between the 2014 RM 35-01 Rafael Nadal and the previous series is the lack of a tourbillon. Can a watch really be made into a “Nadal” watch without a tourbillon? In fact, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) clearly pointed out that most sports watches should have a tourbillon movement. Although the brand’s tourbillon is indeed the most “Mille”, I think some of the brand’s non-tourbillon movements are the best.

Although the Calibre RMUL3 movement inside the RM 35-01 is very satisfying visually, it is relatively simple and only provides hours, minutes, and seconds. It is manually wound and has a power reserve of approximately 55 hours. Most of the movement is made of titanium bridges, and its operating frequency is 4 Hz (28,800 bph). Again, this is a more basic exercise by Richard Mille, but still has many of the visual technical styles that people expect from the brand.

The RM 35-01 is not focused on movement innovation, but part of the new 2014 watches that showcase Richard Mille’s new material for the case. They call it NTPT Carbon, and we made our debut here at the end of 2013. “NTPT” stands for the company that produced it; this is North Thin Ply Technology, which is actually located in Switzerland. The material is a specially layered carbon composite material, which is technically a high-tech laminate. It is used in multiple layers and has been used in a series of industrial and sports applications, such as in the America’s Cup. If produced in the right way, it happens to have a unique quality that looks like Damascus steel.

Damascus steel is a layered metal. After acid treatment (especially), it shows various layers. It is said to have a “wood grain” style texture. Damascus steel is used in certain watches, such as Gustafsson & Sjogren (Gosafsson & Sjogren (Gos) watches), and is often cherished by collectors for its visual style. Now, Richard Mille has his own “Damascus” material with an interesting look of NTPT carbon fiber, in this case black. I feel that this material can be almost any color, although I cannot confirm this.

So what does NTPT Carbon look like on the case? It’s really cool. I don’t know if I personally would think of using it for watches related to tennis players, but the texture of this material blends perfectly with the overall appearance of the watch and strap. Although the background color is black, the case has a series of slightly shiny grays that almost look like futuristic camouflage. It doesn’t look fancy, and unlike some of the exotic polymers used by Richard Mille in other timepieces, NTPT carbon does have a very high-quality material.

By the way, the case material should be very strong and durable. There is no doubt that this kind of situation can well resist various forms of abuse under the condition of extreme vibration, and the internal mechanical movement will become a variety of damaged spare parts. So how bright is the whole watch? For a series of very lightweight series, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) did not provide the overall weight of the case. Although they have stated that the total weight of the RMUL3 movement is very low, only 4 grams.

Like last year’s RM 27-01 watch, the RM 35-01 will use Velrco’s fabric strap. Such a strap is difficult to pull off in a high-end way, but I think a fashionable sports watch like this will work. To be honest, compared to other watches with tourbillons, I have more confidence in the durability of this watch. Logically speaking, a simple three-hand manual winding movement requires more effort than a fussy tourbillon. If you are someone who likes to refer to Richard Mille timepieces as everyday wearers, then RM 35-01 Rafael Nadal is definitely not a bad choice. Its comfortable design, easy-to-bridge red rubber crown, clear and easy-to-read dial and durable features .

Although replica Richard Mille is technically a limited edition, it has not yet indicated how many RM 35-01 watches will be made.


Buy HYT H3 Platinum and Charcoal Grey PVD Titanium 361-TP-01-GF-AG replica watch

Manual operation of HYT H3 with linear fluid time display

This watch puts the timeline in the timetable.

In the chaotic modern luxury watch market, having a product that allows you to stand out from the competition will never bring you any harm, and HYT has its own position in almost all watchmaking fields. The company’s iconic design element is its liquid time display, which attracted almost everyone’s attention when it debuted in 2012. From a practical point of view, the idea of ​​using liquid to display time is of course absurd, but it is even more important for modern high-end timepieces-many of them involve actively exploring new technologies and materials as performance advantages and providing new ones Opportunity for creativity – it looks and looks very cool. Since then, HYT has not only succeeded with its highly personalized first design, but also continues to expand its visual and technical language.

In 2015, HYT launched the largest and most complicated watch at the time: H3. The previous HYT replica model (and all subsequent HYT models) also used a round tube and bellows system to display fluid time. The bellows system inputs colored fluid to one end of the tube and transparent fluid to the other end. The meniscus between the two liquids marks the point at which the hours are read. This is a very clever technique-obviously, the two liquids must be made of liquids that will not mix, not only that, they will not mix even after multiple uses. The degree of expansion and contraction of each frame must also match exactly.

H3 uses the same basic bellows system, but arranged in a straight line. Like the circular HYT model, you can read the hours of the meniscus between two fluids. You can see the two bellows above the tube, located on the far left and right. Below the tube is a quadrilateral strip. On the bar, there are six rectangles on each side, and if you do mathematical calculations, it is 6 x 4 = 24: this is where you read the hours. At the end of each six-hour cycle, two things happen: the rod rotates a quarter of a circle to display the numbers for the next six hours, and the liquid is reset-this is a complication of liquid refresh hours.

In keeping with the reverse theme, the reverse minute display is also displayed below the hour bar-the direction is also linear; therefore, at the top of every six hours, you will see the minute hand jump back to 00 and the hour bar rotated by a quarter Circle, and the fluid in the tube returns to the zero position, which is a trick. Generally speaking, a watch that has to jump three things at the same time will greatly increase the burden of the clockwork and draw juice from the escapement and balance devices. In this case, it must bring considerable engineering challenges ( Other swiss HYT watches have a traditional center second hand). .

Contrasting with all the high-tech watchmaking technology, the balance wheel and its rim with balance wheel form an interesting contrast. Obviously, this is not your favorite watch, because it is a classic expression of traditional Swiss watch design, or a tool for all finishes related to high-end watch decoration-instead, it is an exploration of possible art, using only traditional watches Design and manufacturing methods are absolutely impossible. In the clearest sense, this is a concept film-of course, almost everything HYT does is a concept table. Some people think that the whole brand is a conceptual brand, in a sense, it is a specific idea.

But H3 takes this concept to a special extreme: on the one hand, it is to celebrate its own complexity, on the other hand it is for its own difficulty in execution. In a way, seeing someone mess around with eight running chainsaws is the same pleasure you get-it’s hard to imagine it going on. This may be because HYT has been more involved in its fluid display reductionist approach in recent months-watches such as HYT H0 are a good example. https://www.fanreviewwatch.com

The prerequisite for a super watch is an extra-large size; the H3 measures 62mm x 41mm, which is not only much larger than any traditional watch-its volume is so large that it is almost impossible to wear from a practical point of view. It is an extraordinary feeling to wear it. You will feel as if you have put on props from a retro science fiction movie. This is a very rare field-in a huge situation shows a unique mechanism to enhance the visual effect. In most of the history of watchmaking, this method has existed in one form or another-for example, I think the automata clock in the British Museum appears on the dining table in the form of a ship and then stops during the meal And it fires cannons automatically; although there are countless obvious differences, what it has in common with H3 is that they are extravagant, let’s see how much we can do this exercise in a certain mechanical arrogance. It’s easy to complain that such watches are too big, unreadable, too expensive (whatever you mean), or what you mean, but that’s the point. H3 has no interest in pursuing the same as ordinary watches. To steal a phrase, it has the same thing as a fearless rubber duck in common with a regular watch.

Exclusivity For this type of product, the great advantage lies in the proprietary – of course, the cutting-edge concept table is an expensive proposition; HYT H3, I hope that potential customers will encounter such as Richard Mille, Greubel-Forsey, Cartier (Cartier) Really complex high-end products, and even none like Jacob (Jacob & Co.) completely grows on the tree. Despite this, H3 will remain a rare bird for the foreseeable future – HYT stated that they always have at least one species of bird globally at any given time, so I don’t have to worry about encountering it on your local Redbar Crew Other people (or for that matter, anywhere else). Personally, I have a big weakness for this kind of thing-although I admire the minimalist version of this complication, for H3, it is such an attractive and straightforward Gonzo that makes me difficult resist.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive

Grand Seiko Spring Drive “Snowflake” SBGA211: On the “Brightman” high-strength titanium bracelet. Case, Brightman titanium, 41mm x 12.5mm, with Zaratsu polishing. Movement, Grand Seiko Spring Drive movement 9R65, 72-hour power reserve. The maximum rated deviation per day is ±1 second. Wearing snowflakes is also an exercise to achieve blameless functions. The case and bracelet are Seiko’s “high-strength” titanium metal, which has the lightness, comfort and hypoallergenicity of titanium, but has better scratch resistance. Although the bevel and bezel of the case are polished brightly, you don’t have to worry about scratches on this watch, so even if you wear Seiko’s large diameter case (the case is 41mm x 12.5mm), it will not wear out and is comfortable to wear. – After adjustment, it fits my 7-inch wrist slightly, and it is almost inconspicuous unless I happen to need to check the time or date.

In terms of competition, it has been a particularly interesting year at this price point, and many manufacturers have done their best to provide as attractive watches as possible at a price of $6,000 or less-so many that we do not Don’t feel difficult. All of these will be summarized in a quick survey in July last year. The lineup includes Tudor’s first chronograph and Breitling’s new movement. The always reliable Rolex Oyster Perpetual, and of course the snowflake itself. However, in the true sense, Spring Drive Snowflake has no competition-at least no competition in terms of competing with other watches that use similar technical methods. Christopher Walken should say: “In my career, I am very lucky. In Hollywood, if you want the type of Christopher Walken, you almost have to hire Christopher Walken. ).” Similarly, if you want Spring Drive, you almost have to get Spring Drive. There are almost no spring drivers.

I think at the current price (SBGA211), this is one of the most satisfactory watches at the moment. Yes, as you requested, it has excellent objectivity in pursuing the actual interests of the owner. Seiko officially set the accuracy as one second per day, but interestingly, the owners of Seiko Spring Drive generally believe that the accuracy is much better-usually an order of magnitude better. It is easy to wear day after day. And reading time will not be a temporary matter-even in the case of very low light, due to the inclined surface and highly reflective surface of the hand and index finger, you would think that some kind of luminescent material is essential. The time is short. However, at the same time, you can also appreciate it technically on behalf of the watch. It takes some time to understand Spring Drive, but it is worth mentioning how it differs from traditional quartz and standard mechanical watches, if you find the technical achievements and innovations of independent timekeeping interesting (that is, since 1969 Since Seiko introduced the quartz replica watch, Spring Drive is one of the most interesting developments.

However, the place where snowflakes really win people’s hearts is its design and aesthetics, which have won people’s hearts for the past ten years. The excellent fit and finish you can expect from Grand Seiko is a big part of it, but like any truly successful design object, the whole is far more than the sum of its parts, and it is a design object with a unique design. As the heart of the Japanese, Spring Drive Snowflake should be the favorite of Seiko Seiko fans. Grand Seiko is known as a high-quality symbol in the watch enthusiast world, and in the fake Grand Seiko family, Snowflake stands out as a symbol that successfully incorporates many of the qualities that make Grand Seiko so attractive-if you will.

De Bethune DB28 Digitale

Ask your average millionaire independent watch collector who is making some of the most interesting and annoying watches, and they are likely to mention fake De Bethune. We visited Geneva on the first day and showed you their artwork Dream Watch5. Now, we return to their bread and butter-DB28, this time the jump is called “Digitale”. “

DB28 Digitale has three different types of time display: digital display for jumping hours, analog display for minutes and spherical moon phase display. Although the 3d moon phase is undoubtedly De Bethune’s business card, the technical aspects of the minute display with retrograde function or the hour display with the patented time-jumping system cannot be ignored.

From 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock, the night sky driven by the impressive micro ball bearing mechanism is vividly depicted and drives the digital hours. The moon phase consists of two hemispheres, one in palladium and the other in flame blue steel. The moon phase of the DB28 Digitale will remain accurate for 1,112 years in a day.

At the rear of this new DB28, you will have the crazy and gorgeous movement DB2144, which has flame-blue steel parts and the exquisite Cotes de Geneve shape on the bridge.

At 6 o’clock, you can see De Bethune’s exclusive round silcon and platinum balance wheel. Behind the crown, you will see not the Geneva seal, but the De Bethune seal.

The case is made of ultra-light polished titanium alloy, coupled with the patented articulated lug system, making this 40mm best luxury watches very easy to use on the wrist.

Richard Mille RM 11-05 automatic winding flyback

Richard Mille used hard diamond titanium for the RM 11-05 automatic winding flyback chronograph table Linnage standard time Richard Mille (Richard Mille) used an alloy called gray cermet, which claims to combine the lightness of titanium with the hardness of diamonds to make a new RM 11-05 automatic reverse Exciting chronograph GMT.

The properties of cermet have been used in bullet-proof, external aerospace fuselage components and brakes for racing vehicles.

The RM 11-05 automatic flyback chronograph GMT is housed in a 50 x 42.70 x 16.15mm case.

Its RMAC3 movement has a bottom plate and a bridge made of grade 5 titanium alloy, thus maintaining the integrity of the lightweight movement.

The skeletonized self-winding movement can drive 3 o’clock hours, minutes, seconds, oversized date, month, 9 o’clock flyback chronograph and 9 o’clock, countdown timer, 6 o’clock hour counter, UTC Functional and variable geometry rotor.

“The King of Sports Watch” RICHARD MILLE

Today, I want to talk about swiss RICHARD MILLE.

In the past, what I have talked about most is the watches I have bought and played. The price is mostly famous watches with a public price of tens of thousands to more than 200,000 yuan. Although there are occasional watches with higher prices, I can’t afford the RICHARD MILLE level (set a goal for myself, I hope I can Buy it).

Watches that have not been bought or played, and are outside the scope of their capabilities, are inevitably suspected of “talking on paper”. The reason I want to talk about RICHARD MILLE is because I had the opportunity to meet RICHARD MILLE’s RM 61-01 and RM 39-01 a while ago. Among them, 61-01 left a deep impression on me. Many of RICHARD MILLE’s introductions on the Internet list various technical data. I don’t think it means much, so I want to talk about my personal feelings.


I have two feelings.

  1. After many years of buying watches, going in and out, and jumping back and forth between a formal watch and a sports watch, I found that my favorite is a sports watch.
  2. When a certain price is reached, the choice of sports watches decreases.

RM038 Tourbillon

In the market, there are not many high-end sports watches that can support high prices and are widely recognized and circulated. There are mainly the following brands:

Patek Philippe/Nautilus, grenades, Vacheron Constantin/Audemars Piguet/Royal Oak, Roger Dubuis/King Hollow, Big Bull, Hublot/Big Bang, Crystal, Rafa, Rolex/Some popular sports are mainly based on labor. These high-end sports watches have high actual prices and a certain amount of circulation on the market.

With the “average price exceeding one million” level, RICHARD MILLE is aloof, and has opened a huge gap with other high-end sports watches. RICHARD MILLE has become the “peak” of sports watches, and there is no similar product.

RM52-01 Skeleton

Compared with mainstream watches on the market, RICHARD MILLE is extremely rare in life because of its high value. There are very few opportunities to touch and play with real RICHARD MILLE watches. There are situations where most people have seen RICHARD MILLE on the Internet, but haven’t actually contacted them. So some people will ask, is such a high price of RICHARD MILLE a “gimmick”? Is it really that awesome? It is normal to have this kind of doubt.


The new RICHARD MILLE RM 61-01 I saw this time left a deep impression on me and made me feel why RICHARD MILLE has such a high value. Comparing the Nautilus I bought, and a few Hublots, I really feel the overwhelming strength of RICHARD MILLE.

Pick up RM 61-01, it is really light and super light. If I want to say “light as nothing”, it must be an exaggeration. If I insist on describing it, I feel like picking up a few pieces of paper. This super light feeling is something I didn’t have on any steel case, titanium case, ceramic case, etc. watches before. Players who are familiar with RICHARD MILLE know the term NTPT. The reason why RM 61-01 is so light is that it uses NTPT technology, including Carbon TPT and Quartz TPT (NTPT is the name of a company, and RICHARD MILLE develops a table Shell material, it developed Carbon TPT and Quartz TPT materials, which means).

RM 61-01 YOHAN BLAKE Ultimate Edition

Carbon TPT is a carbon fiber, and Quartz TPT is a quartz fiber. The bottom of the RM 61-01 white bezel is Quartz TPT quartz fiber, and the body of the black case is Carbon TPT carbon fiber. The reason why two materials are used for a watch is because Quartz TPT quartz fiber can be made into different colors (including this white and various colors) while being light in weight, while Carbon TPT carbon fiber is light in weight and high in strength (but black ). Used together, it is very powerful, taking into account both performance and color.

RM 61-01 YOHAN BLAKE Ultimate Edition

I have seen some players say, “Other famous watch brands also make innovative materials, not worse than RICHARD MILLE.” Just for all the famous watches that I have personally bought and played, whether it is a titanium case, a ceramic case, or even a Hublot crystal case, they have not reached the level of RICHARD MILLE’s ultra-light and color.

RM 61-01 YOHAN BLAKE ultimate edition, you can see the movement is suspended in the center of the case.

RM 61-01 includes RICHARD MILLE’s other men’s watches. Regarding the size, they are all large watches. But what’s very good is that after getting started, they are very fit and comfortable. Coupled with the super light weight, it can be said to be the ultimate sports watch. The tonneau-shaped case of RM 61-01, if you look closely, you will find that it is asymmetrical, with small left and large right. This is the ergonomic design of RICHARD MILLE. In terms of movement, players familiar with RICHARD MILLE know that the RM61 is commonly known as the “runway” in China because the watch movement is suspended on two obvious “runways” (of course, there are other supports). The watch has no dial, and the movement is hollowed out in a large area, which is very cool.

RM61 ceramic shell, green color, commonly known as “green track” in China.

From RM 61-01, I feel that RICHARD MILLE has reached the “peak” of sports watches. Reached the highest combination of performance and high recognition. In my personal feelings, the Nautilus 5711A takes into account sports and thin thickness, and is also very easy to wear, but the 5711A is not a high-profile watch, not as eye-catching as RICHARD MILLE in terms of recognition and coolness; and Hublot is indeed also It’s cool. Whether it’s colored ceramics or colored crystals, the recognition is very high, but it is not as good as RICHARD MILLE in terms of weight and wearing experience.

I hope that in the future, I and you all will be able to join RICHARD MILLE.

Some Nautilus 3800s you haven’t seen

The word “second generation” has a complicated meaning, like a crown and a shackle. “X Second Generation” often means inheriting the wealth, status, reputation of the previous generation, and carrying all the glorious past. What he has to do is to open an unknown future under the eyes of people’s expectations.

The story of Patek Philippe‘s original Nautilus 3700 has probably been told a hundred or a thousand times. This watch has changed the development trajectory of Patek Philippe and, to some extent, the entire industry.

When the popularity of 3700 gradually subsided, Patek Philippe launched a slimmer 3800 in line with the market, with a diameter reduced from 42mm to 37.5mm, which fits more people’s wrist sizes and has more design choices.

In most cases, the charm of the first generation is definitely higher than that of the second generation, both in terms of feelings and collection value, so today, 3800 is rarely mentioned, but it is undeniable that it is a masterpiece.

3 different 3800

Since the early 1980s, Nautilus has been built on three basic models: the first generation 3700, the second generation 3800 and the quartz movement 4700. The 4700 was launched a year earlier than the 3800, with a diameter of 27mm. Women’s watch.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the 3800 was born in response to the market, because the trend at that time was still more keen on small-size styles. Compared with the 3700 and 4700, the 3800 has a wider range of metal and disk configurations and rich choices, so pay the bill Naturally more consumers.

Product catalog of October 1982

3700, 3800, 4700

The 3800 first appeared on the Patek Philippe price list in 1982, but the fact is that it was developed in 1981. This delay in sales can be regarded as a routine operation.

Looking back at the entire history, the designers of 3800 have developed more than 20 different styles of dials. You may see a lot of conventional stick-shaped hour markers in various colors, but sun-patterned dials, telephone dials and classical Roman numeral hour markers may be touched. It’s your blind spot, don’t worry, look down.

Rod-shaped hour markers in different colors

The most common and easiest to recognize is the blue bar-shaped hour scale, which will evolve into different shades over time.

The gold shell version of the first generation 3700 is not much produced, only about 1,500. The number of gold discs in this case is more scarce, but in the 3800 disc design, the frequency of gold appearance has become higher.

The blue plate has always been the most popular style, but the gold plate 3800/1J has gradually attracted more and more collectors due to its monochrome appearance and retro aesthetics.

Reasons to buy Rado watches


Rado is a luxury watch brand with many outstanding qualities. They are widely known in the watch industry for their innovative material uses. With more than a century of experience accumulated, Rado took the lead in using ceramics in the watchmaking industry, thus winning the top throne. If you still need more persuasiveness, please choose the following 5 reasons to buy a Rado watch.

The production of highly durable watches is at the core of the brand’s beliefs. As mentioned above, Rado has always been one of the leading brands that introduced high-tech ceramics to the watch industry. Ceramic is a highly durable, high-strength material used in medicine, engineering and NASA. It is lightweight and scratch resistant. It does not contain any metal, so it is very safe and gentle.

This material has the highest level of comfort and is the core of the Rado concept. RADO true automatic high-tech ceramics This True Automatic watch is sturdy and durable, and its lightweight design makes it an ideal timepiece for everyday life. The whole case and bracelet are made of black high-tech ceramics. The black dial contrasts with the rose gold hands and hands. Both hands and hour markers are illuminated. There is a subtle date hole at 3 o’clock. The sapphire crystal improves the scratch resistance of the watch. This watch is water resistant up to 5 bar or 50 meters and has an automatic movement. The power reserve is up to 80 hours.

The case has a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 10.4 mm. This year, Rado won the prestigious iF Design Award for its True Thinline Les Couleurs Le Corbusier series. The design of the limited edition works is inspired by Le Corbusier’s architectural multicolor color theory. Le Corbusier or Charles-Édouard Jeanneret was one of the most acclaimed and controversial architects of the 20th century. Over the years, Rado’s Thinline series products have won many awards. Continuing the tradition of innovation, the True Thinline series is the first luxury watches for men with an injection-type overall high-tech ceramic case.

Replica Rado THE ORIGINAL AUTOMATIC R12403633 watch

RADO True Thinline Les Couleurs English Green Limited Edition Limited to 999 pieces, minimalist and modern. The bracelet and overall case are made of high-tech ceramics. Special engraving function on the back of the watch. The entire watch, from the case to the hands and the index plate, has a soft, light mint green color. Its dial is very simple, with subtle indexes and a pair of batons. The diameter of the case is 39 mm and the thickness is 5 mm. Do you like retro design… The Captain Cook series has a distinctive appearance from the 1960s.

For this series, the brand strives to keep the design of the model as close to the original design as possible. The technology of the watch itself is still the latest. RADO XL “Captain Cook” Automatic Bronze This Captain Cook model has a 42mm bronze case. The baffle has blue high-tech ceramic inserts. Over time, the bronze case will begin to age, and the watch will have a truly unique appearance. The strap is made of blue leather. The pins under the lugs add to the retro style of the watch. Its dial matches the blue bezel. The dense luminous index of gold and large hands highlights the retro charm of this model. The date hole can be seen at 3 o’clock. The movement on the model is automatic and has a power reserve of up to 80 hours.

Or you like futuristic design

On the other hand, if you are looking for a watch with a futuristic design, Rado will provide you with the perfect model. Combined with its pioneering use of materials, the brand has demonstrated an outstanding modern appearance. The clean lines, stylish design and ultra-thin case make Rado unique.

RADO one-piece diamond high-tech ceramic black square dial watch

The case and bracelet of the watch are made of black and silver high-tech ceramics. There are two silver wires on both sides of the rectangular housing. The buckle on the back cover and strap is stainless steel. The angular case and monochrome style give the desired futuristic look. The black dial is set with 4 diamonds and is equipped with silver hands. The discreet date hole is located at 6 o’clock. The dial is wrapped in sapphire crystal.

You value accuracy
In addition to durability and innovation, Rado also designs timepieces with excellent accuracy. Brands understand the importance of every second. Their clocks ensure that you never miss a moment and you are always on time.

RADO Centrix Chronograph Black Ceramic Bracelet Watch

Durability, design and precision all combine to create this beautiful timepiece. The case and bracelet of the watch are made of high-tech ceramics with silver details. The diameter of the case is 44 mm. The black dial contrasts sharply with the silver hour markers and luminous sapphire hands. The functions of the quartz watch include an chronometer and a date hole at 4 o’clock.