Hands-on Longines DolceVita Sector Dial

Hands-on Longines DolceVita Sector Dial Longines, a fan-shaped dial watch with a retro and cool Art Deco style

Recently, Longines has performed a bit with cool but reasonably priced vintage style watches. Considering the long history of the brand, this is not a real surprise. After all, its history can be traced back to 1832, so there are many historical works to choose from. Although DolceVita may not be the most popular series in the Longines product portfolio, adding a fan-shaped dial to the portfolio will seriously enhance the cool factor.

So far this year, we have seen a complete set of attractive vintage style watches from the Wings Hourglass brand. There are several new Longines legendary divers to choose from, and of course new models in the Spirit series. Another example is the very beautiful Longines traditional classic, with several color combinations. Of course, we also have the Heritage Silver Arrow and the surprisingly stylish Avigation BigEye titanium and gradient blue dial.

Launched in the mid-90s, DolceVita is an ode to the fascinating Italian lifestyle. It can even be transformed into a good life or a sweet life. Its design was inspired by Longines in the 1920s, when the Art Deco style flourished. Perhaps the watch that evokes the Art Deco movement the most is undoubtedly the Cartier Tank series.

In turn, this Longines watch exudes the same vibe, especially because of the original flinqué style dial we knew before. The flinqué dial is evenly distributed with oblique printed numbers on the rectangular dial. The dial has a pattern similar to the guilloche pattern, but the pattern is machine-applied. The new fan-shaped dial, launched earlier this year, aims to change the Art Deco style of the previous model and elevate it to something more prominent.

Let’s start with the case, it has two different sizes throughout the range. You can choose a case of 27.7 mm wide x 43.8 mm high, or a case of 28.2 mm x 47 mm. Both watches have the same proportions and details, but they provide people with versatility when considering this watch.

The rectangular stainless steel case has a smooth, polished outline, and there is a small step on the strap to give it some extra style. On the right hand side, there is a restrained polished crown with a strap for gripping on the side, and the spelling “Longines” on the top with an hourglass logo. Although the surface of the watch and case has a curvature from top to bottom, the closed case back is flat and decorated with the model name and the vintage-style Longines strap wing hourglass logo. Considering that this is a case without a real bezel, its outline is smooth to the touch and flows seamlessly into the lugs.

The real novelty of this DolceVita series is of course the Sector-style dial. This typical style divides the markings into subsections, adding a pleasant power balance to any dial while maintaining its legibility. It is usually considered a pure retro style, but it is very popular even today. A common design element of most fan-shaped dials is the railroad minute track on the outer edge of the dial.

The new Longines DolceVita has a two-tone fan-shaped dial with a matte silver finish in the center. This also has a black crosshair, which is another retro design element in a fan-shaped dial watch. The exterior of the dial has black hour markers and a black railway minute track, with a vertical drawing process. Except for the hour markers at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock, all time markers connect the railway minute track to the central crosshair portion of the dial. Again, this special style dial has a classic style. The hour, minute and second hands are all made of blue steel, and there is a date window at 6 o’clock.

Regardless of the size of the Longines DolceVita, you can buy the L592 mechanical movement. This automatic movement comes from ETA and is regularly used by Longines. It runs at 28,800vph (or 4Hz) and has a 45-hour power reserve. Until you state that it should benefit from the 80 hours provided by the new ETA C07.111 (used by Tissot as a Powermatic 80), this is simply not suitable for DolceVita. So choose the 19,40 mm diameter of L592 instead of 25,6 mm of ETA C07.111

In all fairness, Longines DolceVita is a very attractive rectangular watch, there are not many on the market. Of course, the legendary French brand has obvious alternatives, but it offers a similar style at a lower price. Especially the adaptability to the new fan-shaped dial makes it more attractive, at least for us.

fake Longines DolceVita has four different combinations, from black, blue or light brown leather straps with ordinary pin buckles to stainless steel multi-link bracelets with folding clasps.

Case: 27,70mm x 43,80mm or 28,20mm x 47,00mm size – rectangular stainless steel case – stepped case profile – sapphire crystal – solid caseback – crown adorned with Longines hour-glass logo – 30m water resistance

Dial: two-tone sector style dial – matte silver finish on center section, vertically brushed finish on outer section – black railroad-style minute track – black sectorized hour track with Arabic numerals for 3, 6, 9 and 12 – blued steel hands – date window at 6 o’clock

Movement: Longines Calibre L592, ETA based – automatic winding – 28,800vph (4Hz frequency) – 22 jewels – central hour, minutes, seconds and a date indication – 45h power reserve

Strap: Black, blue or light brown alligator leather strap with steel pin-buckle – stainless steel 5-link bracelet with folding buckle

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II ceramic

Why would I choose Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph instead of traditional luxury watches Trigger warning: Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph is my favorite 2021 luxury watch release. More importantly, I would rather buy this watch than any other traditional luxury watches released recently. But wait! There is a reason behind the madness. Although the core aesthetics of all Hublot Sang Bleu watch series are the same, the designs of tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Büchi still have the power of shock/repulsion/impression. Although we will see that it is imperfect, it is not just a value watch, it should have a trigger warning.

I don’t know you, but if I buy a luxury watch, I want a serious experience. I want fun without all headaches, especially without all BS. If you are totally tired of luxury watch BS-in the industry, especially outside the industry-then I am by your side.

What I want is to be able to walk into a boutique in a good place in town, ask for the watch I like, and buy it because I like it. End of the story.

Now, I understand that so far, it is impossible to imagine how the experience of “no headache” stems from having enough lines to make up 18 Patek Philippe watches-but believe me, it will prevent it.

Contrast traditional luxury watch purchases
In my opinion, the biggest advantage of the Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph may be that it is its own thing. Whether you like it or not, what I want to say may resonate with you. I like this watch because no one on this planet wants me to know, recite, and revel in the recent font type updates, or understand how the watch I choose fits (to be honest, ordinary) with the same “watchmaking icon” Iteration. At the dining table, I would not support my choice of the 40.7mm version instead of the 38.5mm version, or explain why I chose the highly controversial rose gold instead of the traditional 18k gold-or test whether I knew whether it was used half a century ago Pen or pencil draw the original design on the napkin. I can enjoy my luxury watch because I like how it is made and how it looks. These are a bunch of clichés I have encountered and heard in the past ten years. Remove them from the equation, and what remains is one of the purest forms of tabulation-again, whether people like its appearance or not.

Of course, I admit that you can buy and enjoy traditional watches on a selfish basis, completely out of touch with all the theaters mentioned above. I have no intention to imply anything else. However, the process that causes people to buy the “icon” is usually a tiring process. It’s covered with a history of excessive hype that you don’t actually care about (but are paying for it), a lot of operations are done between incremental design updates, making one iteration more “desirable” (sometimes down) than another Other completely arbitrary things to the color of the dial). Yes, sometimes even some low-price transactions are made with sales people to convince them that you are worth buying. Just typing this gave me the wrong chill. This is a pile of fluff, either tied to the high-profile purchase and ownership experience of traditional luxury watches, or at least something unpleasant has always been there.

8 What does the gear reverse offer contrast with this? A fake watch is because of the existence of a random person I don’t even know-completely forgetting the tattoo scene-it is guaranteed by a clean sheet of paper and proper 21st century watchmaking techniques, no matter what sketch he outlines Realize. At least to some extent, isn’t this what watchmaking in the 21st century should be, even if we don’t like a particular result?

In terms of drive design, how can this multi-billion-dollar industry have eight reverse gears and one forward gear?

I think this is possible because of the 13,775,470 watches that Switzerland claims to be exported to the world in 2020, most of their customers just want a decent, traditional, and likable watch that can display the time and have Help spread their good taste. All this is fine.

However, I suspect that a significant portion of the customers who spend US$25,000 or more on new high-end watches are not buying their first watch of US$25,000 or more. They are buying a second, third or more. And you, my lucky watch lover, should be (and should be required) to be entertained, not to be constrained by a lone ranger experience that is usually part of the more traditional watch ownership experience. This is why I think Sang Bleu II is so cute: because its unique and obvious purpose is to amaze potential customers and make them happy afterwards through pure design and excellent execution quality.

Good design is worthless if it is not executed well. One of the main components of the Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph so special in real life is that it feels completely uncompromising when it transforms the sketch into substance. And this is extremely rare. In fact, I would gently urge you to take some time to appreciate its special features by trying to find other luxury watches launched in the past few decades. Everything about these watches is very complicated, bizarre, but so accurate in Sang Bleu II In the realization.

Wearing a Sang Bleu II chronograph makes me feel the worst.

It turned me into a person walking up and down the street staring at his big, ostentatious watch. In a civilized society, there really is no excuse for this. However, I was and now: When everyone is staring at their mobile phones on the subway, I stare at this incredible object, which happens to be a watch. After wearing it for a week, the freshness has not disappeared (I agree that it should last for years, if not more, but if you put your hands on your heart and look back at your recently purchased watch, you might agree that this feat is easy to look forward to But things that are hard to experience permanently). In fact, I have to adjust myself and not spend too much time looking at it, otherwise I will walk into the lamppost again.

About legibility
There is an important point: if you think of the Hublot Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph as a watch, you think its main function is to tell the time, you mean that people should be able to easily read the watch mainly based on how to buy a luxury watch. You have to tease me for a while and let me say this: This is the podium finisher among the most snob and dazzling things that watch lovers can say. I am not saying that this is intentional, but I am saying that it doesn’t make any sense. This means that just because a luxury watch is clear and easy to read, its main function, therefore, the main reason people buy it is to tell the time.

We all know this is not true. It’s all status, it’s all vanity purchases, all this (hope) is just for fun.

So who cares if you can quickly or hardly (sometimes not at all!) read the 30-minute chronograph subdial that you don’t actually care about? Or if it takes 1 second or 5 seconds to tell the hour and minute? Frankly speaking, if you have $27,300 to spend on items on your wrist, you will be surrounded by technology products (and possibly people), and they will be happy to remind you of important moments of the day. You won’t miss a board meeting or real estate presentation because your Hublot can’t recognize it immediately (just like your poseur pilot watch), so please save yourself the effort to convince me that there’s no room for a more or less completely illegible heinous watch world. Yes, Sang Bleu II requires hard reading time, I like it better.

Amazing wearing experience, that’s it. This is indeed a watch that you must see in a completely ordinary and everyday environment in the real world. I even dared to wear it for a day or two for even the most vicious traditionalists, watch lovers who hate the watch the most (some of you seem to be), and never laugh at its absolute shamelessness. An ordinary big bang (the antichrist for the watch design not long ago) looks docile—in fact, it’s boring next to this thing. Of course, one might argue that this watch is easy to do: Compared with ordinary luxury watches, the sensory overload of Sang Bleu II is like comparing weapon-grade cocaine with Coca-Cola. A person will have easier work occupying your mind.

Without the addition of geometric main hands and sub-dial hands, and without an engraved rubber strap, the case would not be what it is now. The absolute icing on the cake is a truly outstanding component: the faceted sapphire crystal. Add all of these together and you will understand what I mean, and there seems to be no limit when I say that this design becomes a reality. Even among experienced watch designers, it is a rare achievement to make such a complicated thing so unique and coherent among so many materials and functions. Most of them either have never been exposed to such a complicated design, or their employers don’t even allow them to start. I understand: to achieve the jaw-dropping perfection exuded by the 38.5mm Lange 1 is an act of sacred edges, and busy designs can often well hide the incompetence of their designers. Nonetheless, there is nothing to hide from the SBII chronograph-everything is for display.

When the watchmaking industry needs to upgrade
In contrast, Sang Bleu II has all the leisurely and calmness of the sketches drawn by the genius on the back of the notebook (this is not exactly a popular concept in the field of luxury watchmaking, but this is the point). The sketch is supported by a well-designed calculation balance, in this case, if the whole thing is not changed, nothing can be changed. Then, Hublot’s unparalleled expertise in the use of man-made materials merged all these into a tangible object. For example: the flat edge of the one-piece ceramic bezel is brushed, while the concave (it took a few days to find out, but they are concave) the inner triangle is polished, as is the vertical outer edge of the bezel. Each exposed H-shaped screw has a polished frame, which reflects under the slightest flick of the wrist, while the center is matte—obviously sandblasted. cheap hublot

The dial, if we may call it that, has a convenient 12-hour scale that allows you to read the time easily, especially after you learn how to spot the luminous triangular ends of your two hands. Under all this, the Hublot HUB1240 Unico movement, designed and manufactured in-house, shines with its polished components-some of them are very clean and shiny, and they clearly reflect the geometry of the hands passing them. Speaking of shiny things: the long, centrally mounted chronograph second hand reflected so brightly under direct sunlight that it almost burned my eyes. A strange achievement, especially for vertically brushed surfaces.

Back to Unico for a moment: the winding feel and button feedback are silky smooth and precise, as well as the best and latest luxury chronograph movement. An important (to me) point is that the automatic winding system is almost silent, just like it is on a watch with an open back. If I put the watch next to the laptop on the desk, I can hear the 4Hz working frequency ticking in complete silence, but even this sounds very delicate. The power reserve is 72 hours. Unlike Hublot’s full-face and pantsless products equipped with Sellita, the Sang Bleu II chronograph has the best of its kind.

Bad and miscellaneous nuances
People are constantly aware of wearing the Hublot Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph. Except for obvious visual reasons, it is still a fairly heavy watch. Wrapped in a 45mm wide ceramic, the lug-to-lug size exceeds 55mm. If you consider the huge pusher (which you should probably consider), the size between 10 and 4 is actually 48mm. It is a sturdy case that matches the sturdy strap. In my case, Hublot’s rubber strap is still not in perfect shape. If they are the correct “height” (because they don’t leave a large gap on the sides of my wrist), they are still too tight for the bottom of my wrist. If the height is set correctly, although the buckle is not as bad as last time, it still leaves marks under my wrist. The mold of the strap should be rounder and not so flat. I don’t know anyone who has a wrist like a pancake like the natural shape of these straps. best luxury watch

Water resistance is 100 meters, which should be the damn thing. The Sang Bleu II Chronograph seems to be equipped with a quick release crown, Hublot did not even advertise it, which reminds me of the “compressor key” crown on Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressors-this was it before JLC lost in the black space Stop making their own history. Equally fast and easy to use is the Hublot One Click system, which is one of the few quick strap release solutions that are truly error-proof and comfortable to work with. The H-shaped folding clasp has an angular ceramic top-this is a good choice because ceramics are extremely difficult to scratch. It is black instead of blue to match the case material (minus points). Personally, I still don’t like the way Hublot desperately matches the color of the watchband to the case, creating too much wristband feel for me, but then again, it should be easy to mix things up with the One Click system. enough.

After all, my instinct tells me that the Hublot Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph makes many people look at images in the wrong way-but there is no doubt that when it comes to cermets. It’s very interesting, not only because of its off-wall design, but also because of the level of complexity and quality of its manufacturing, Hublot’s competitors don’t even try to match it, or if they do, they charge twice or Three times the cost. So yes: Today, I will put this watch on any traditional luxury watch because it is more interesting and refined.

Brand: Hublot

Model: Hublot Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph (gray ceramic is 418.FX.8007.RX.MXM21, blue ceramic is 418.EX.5107.RX.MXM21)

Dimensions: 45 mm (more like 48 mm) wide, 17 mm thick, 55 mm lug-to-lug distance.

When will you wear it in person: When will you not wear it?

We recommend it to a friend first: design fanatics and/or exhausted luxury watch lovers. This will bring them back into the groove.

The best feature of the watch: Stunning design, executed at an affordable price. Interesting appearance, interesting dressing, interesting appreciation. Exquisite sports.

Worst feature of the watch: I want it to be lighter and the strap better fits the shape of my wrist.

Tag Heuer Monaco Caliber Heuer 02

Manufacturing in Monaco: Tag Heuer Monaco Caliber Heuer 02

Monaco racing watches fans – In 1969, the first automatic timeline in the world is one of the world’s first automatic timeline – loves its blue Senburst dial and contrast silver counter, red hand and square, sapphire crystals and facets with its expansion edge. The latest version, Tag Heuer Monaco Caliber Heuer 02, our test watch provides the same visual function, all of which continue to optimize according to early Monaco caliber 12 models. The serial register is now slightly depressed, making the design more deeper and interest.

Tag Heuer Monaco Caliber Heuer 02 REF. CBL2111.fc6453.

This is another update: the symmetrical arrangement now shows a few minutes and time instead of minutes. Running seconds indication is now at 6 o’clock – even if the date window is spanning a few seconds per minute, even if the date window is across the date. With the use of new sports, the label luxury has designed a clear display layout, but this also involves compromise. Includes the small second display displayed at 6, the desired “automatic” lettering moves upward and placing it between two registers.

Modern manufacturing exercise

Changes in dial layout are based on basic innovation. Using automatic caliber Deluxe True 02, Tag Leuer is now using the fully developed internal chronological codes of the Monaco line. Recall that the original caliber 11 in 1969 is a collaborative project between Haol, a hundred years of forest and Hamilton – Bonolon, except for the modular expert Duboisdépraz. The long-awaited internal base timeline table reflects the first appearance in 2017 as a diameter luxury 02, which is introduced in the retro model Autavia Caliber Heuer 02. Previously on label Haoa, “only” complex caliber luxury 02-T can be used (using additional gourmeters) and before, the caliber of the fine exercise is luxurious.

The diameter luxury 02 is an eye-catching with a red column wheel, a black rotor, and a decorative incision.

Now, the Tag Heuer Timing Table is powered by the real manufacturing movement. This innovation actually brings real advantages to users. The mechanical watch fan can be used to measure the interval for 12 hours rather than 30 minutes, and when it is completely entangled, the Monaco caliber 02 is 80 hours – almost its original 42-hour power reserve – so you can take off watch on Friday I have no problems or interruptions in Monday morning. The new movement is visually repeated to Monaco, its modern high-tech appearance, the generous diameter of 31 mm, returning to large sapphire crystals. The new model from the back is similar to the Monaco caliber 12 with the ETA 2894, or the Monaco Card 11, with improved SELARITA SW300 movement and the left side of the crown.

However, compared with previous movements, the new manufacturing caliber has a disadvantage: one-way rotor returns a quite noisy. In our test of AUTAVIA CALIBER Heuer 02, the sound made by the rotor is not as different, which may be due to different case structures.

Quality and operation

We have a true test on the wrist of the Tag Heuer caliber, only 3 seconds per day. On electronic timing, the gain is only 2 seconds, which is ideal for mechanical watches.

The latest changes in well-known watches have shown its batch in its finishing and easy operation. Due to the cylindrical controller of the timer, the vertical clutch ensures that the second hand is easy to use, easy to use their protective cover, and vertical clutches ensure fast and smooth. It is also easy to open and close the crocodile leather strap, fold the buckle with a single-sided safety, and adjust it to the perfect length using the integrated clamping mechanism.

The Tag Heuer case is impressive, longitudinally curved sapphire crystals, protected pushers with protected edges.

However, we have discovered an excellent process for a shortcomings: 39 mm stainless steel box and its dramatic 15.1 mm height, combined with its square shape, uncomfortable as you want. But this will definitely not prevent this new version of Monaco fans, the first chronological table, accounting for 100% in the room, especially due to the $ 6,150 price tag and the left side of the Monaco diameter 11.

Since all positive features of the previous Tag Heuer model remain unchanged, and the new motion provides many additional upgrades, we can conclude that any people who don’t mind in the bottom of the small seconds of 6 o’clock and “automatic” relocation lettering This new manufacturing watch will be regarded as the best Monaco ever.

Manufacturer: TAG Heuer SA, Rue L.-J. Chevrolet 6a, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
Model: TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre Heuer 02
Reference number: CBL2111.FC6453
Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph with seconds, 30-minute and 12-hour counters, date
Movement: Manufacture Caliber Heuer 02, automatic, 28,800 vph, 33 jewels, hack mechanism, quick date adjustment, column wheel, vertical clutch, eccentric fine regulator, Kif shock absorber, 80-hour power reserve, diameter = 31 mm, height = 6.95 mm
Case: Stainless steel, curved sapphire crystal with no anti-glare coating, sapphire crystal caseback with 4 screws, water resistant to 100 meters
Strap and clasp: Alligator strap with safety folding clasp
Rate results (Deviation in seconds per 24 hours (With chronograph switched off/on):
Dial up -1/0
Dial down +2/+3
Crown up -4/-2
Crown down +9/+10
Crown left +4/+5
Crown right +2/+3
Greatest deviation 13/12
Average deviation +2/+3.2
Average amplitude:
Flat positions 270°/263°
Hanging positions 241°/235°

Roberto mancini automatic anti-exchanging watch RM11-04

Roberto Mancini automatic anti-storm watch RM11-04 Born in Roberto Aldra – Italy National Football Team Manager Roberto Mancini’s spectacular cooperation, Robertntan Chile automatic flyback watch RM11-04 provides unparalleled mastery The coach is in the field of the game. Realize his dreams of Victory and production of Italy

Squadra Azzurra’s first in the world, Roberto requires a perfect strategy, as well as seamless tracking and management time. This most refined and advanced skeleton watches can be. By dedication to tracking half, additional time, over time, RM 11-04 helps to reduce the negative effects of negative impacts between strategies between game time. One type in the luxury watch in this hourlet provides a completely new time management level in this area.

Maintaining the smart talents provided by RM 11-01, RM 11-04 highlights the latest Richard mille style code. However, the color of the Italian flag is decorated with the official blue shadow of Squadra Azzurra, this time account will definitely pay for the background of Roberto Mancini. This 9.00mm thick watches have 68 jewels, equipped with a three-bit rod equipped with a manual winding, data adjustment, and manual settings that achieve optimal time control. In addition, the backplane and bridge of the watch have been optimized for optimal resistance, and is constructed from highly corrosion-resistant 5 titanium, thereby achieving no effortless function of the gear train. Packaging in carbon TPT®, widely celebrating its superior microcracks and splits, this luxury watch is almost indestructible, providing first-class shock protection. With its super-sport case, the RM 11-04 displays a comprehensive new side of the 5-stage titanium diameter RMAC3 in the “carbon TPT® raised”.

As for the chronograph, the Roberto Mancini skeleton automation is the first rate – power supply of Calibre RMAC3, with an anti-excited timing table dial, equipped with a central minute counter and a variable geometric rotor. The anti-excitement time code table dialing display matching time includes not only half of the two 45 minutes, but also up to 15 minutes of stop time, but can also be reactivated during additional time rewards. By pressing the pusher at 4 o’clock, start the anti-intensive function, reposition it in the hands of 12 o’clock and kick the lower half. When reactivation, the anti-excited time code table dial will be in additional matching time in 15 minutes and add 5 minutes.

Furthermore, the variable geometry of the clock has an adjustable weight segment of a 18K white gold wings, 18K white gold weight segments, a 5-stage titanium central flange, a 5-stage titanium, ceramic bearing, and a one-way counterclockwise. In addition, its skeletal automatic winding movement, hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as oversized date and month display, allowing users to utilize time as strategic resources rather than pressure sources.

This unique design of copy Richard Mille watches is suitable for sports and non-sports events, allowing easy and effectively modifying the backbone of the main power source to best suggest the level of activity. By adjustable six-bit ribs, the rotor inertia can accelerate, with a leisurely or slow speed to accommodate stronger sports activities. RM 1104 Automatic Time Code Table Roberto Mancini also has 45 to 55 hours of powerful power reserves, depending on the advantage of the timing of the chronograph of the clock. Due to its two nitrile O-ring seals, this 50 mm watter provides 50 meters of water resistance, equivalent to 165 feet. This multi-facing mechanical watches provide a clever display and function that makes it a variety of activities – all on the field and below.

Blancpain Tribute to Fifty Fathoms No Rad for Only Watch

Cool Blancpain pays tribute to only 2021 50 Fathoms No Rad

Blancpain’s popular vintage diving observation orange and no date

Every two years, the watch industry surrounds a great career, through donating unique watches, a unique watch during this year, can only watch. This idea is to create a special model, never do anything, and in all fair, all brands are definitely playing this game, with amazing watches. As always, there are always some models to seize our attention, for example, this year is the unique work of Blancpain, and the orange (this year’s theme) is a 50-year-old Fathoms No Rad.

The NO RAD name is certainly important for diving observation enthusiasts, specializing in collecting military models. Some of the watches have a special forces and Flock, BlancPain has always been a top choice, which is a prognostic manner in the field of diver instruments. In 1953, BLANCPAIN and the President Jean-Jacques FIECHTER showed one of the earliest submersible watches, which would be incredibly legitimate and attract the army around the world. For example, BlancPain has developed a Watch of German military-or “bundeswehr” in the mid-1960s – so-called fifty Fathoms RPG 1 model, or “Bund No Rad”. This watch is equipped with “Campwiimmer”, the Elite German Frogman Commando unit, until the early 1970s. The difference attribute of the RPG 1 model is the “non-radiation” flag found in 6 o’clock on the dial.

These “non-radiating” BLANCPAINs, their dials indicate that there is no laser dial because height can be collected. For this reason, the brand shows these “no” watches to contribute tribute to these “no” watches in 2010. 5015B pays tribute to the fifty-year-old Fathoms.

BlancPain specially observed 2021 watches based on NO RAD table in March 2021, most of which have the same specifications, but with multiple elements, making this model unique – and more bold. What is it? Well, only the situation only used to observe the 2021 RAD, means a fairly compact polished stainless steel box 40.30mm, with thread and shovel and 300 meters of water resistance. The cautious gap between the border, the side is also maintained, but the insert is different, and the dial is also the same.

For each version, only the design specific color chart and this year’s fundraising plan are based on orange theme. Although not all brands are decided to use this color in their unique watches, BlancPain is advantageously depends on this bold color to create a unique NO RAD. First, the baffle insert made by the dome and the glossy sapphire crystal, it sees its 60-minute level, the lower luminescent material below.

Then, the tribute dialing to the fifty Fathoms NO RAD is only used to observe the RAD of 2021 and slightly modified. Obviously, orange is found in the mark and hands. Both have very different than classic nonlinear curves because the combination of display points and rectangles is marked and applied on the dial. In the same vein, the hand is white painted instead of polishing metal. Other differences in this OW model are No Rad logo, and now has orange background with yellow logo. The matte black base is still the same, but if you look closely, you will see this unique work is a ban, and the version of March 2021 has a date window in the date window of 3 o’clock.

Orange is not the easiest color, sometimes causes the watch of the tits. But here, I must admit that the way BlancPain is just amazing. Orange almost makes the watch tropics, super solidification, more vivid, not traditional models. Never say, there is no date to show that there will be more than one fan. In the rest, the watch is still sized, comfortable, and tropical rubber straps.

It is also a slight different movement under the hood. The standard production model is equipped with Calibre 1151. For this Ower Edition, BlancPain is using Calibre 1154, which shares the same technical foundation, but a real no-date movement (there is no ghost position here). At 3Hz, it has a 100-hour power reserve, and is decorated, with a black coating rotor of pure gold, with special “only watch” inscription. replica RAFAEL NADAL watches

This BlancPain pays tribute to the fifty-year-old Fathoms, only the 53 batches of 53 years can be taken in 2021.


Case: 40.30mm diameter x 13.23mm height – stainless steel case, polished – unidirectional bezel with sapphire crystal, 60-minute scale in orange – screwed caseback and crown – 300m water-resistant

Dial: Matte black, orange-coloured painted markers, orange lume in hands, no-rad logo at 6 o’clock

Movement: Calibre 1154, in-house – automatic, central rotor – 27.40mm x 3.25mm – 28 jewels – 190 components – 100h power reserve, with 2 barrels – 21,600 vibrations/hour – hours, minutes, seconds

Strap: 20mm Tropic-like rubber strap with steel pin buckle

Reference: 5008E-1130-B64A

richard mille rm 50-02 acj

Richard Mille launches the most complicated timepiece to date The ingenious collaboration between Richard Mille and Airbus Business Jets (ACJ) has produced the most complicated timepiece to date-expensive.richard mille rm 50-02 acj

Three years ago, this customized private jet manufacturer and Mille teamed up to design the RM 50-02 ACJ tourbillon minute-second chronograph.

Frequent flyer
Now, full of passion and precision at the forefront of the beautiful new design, the stunning RM 62-01 tourbillon vibration alarm ACJ is another great choice for frequent flyers.

Richard Mille’s most complex watch to date contains 816 components, two barrels, seven hands, 11 displays and a tourbillon frame, not to mention the large date and 70-hour power reserve. Impressive, hey?

it is not difficult to see why the cost is so high.richard mille rm11-03 le mans

This timepiece uses a steel and titanium metal back cover and bezel, and its second bezel is shaped like an aviation window, but is made of carbon and black resin composite material, called carbon TPT.

Simple function
Although every detail of the technical elements seems to be consistent with Mille’s contemporary watchmaking craftsmanship, the use of this timepiece is still very simple.

By pressing the crown button, you can switch between five functions, including hand setting, alarm setting, UTC setting, winding and neutral position.

The aircraft reference continues to use the colors of the hands and hour markers, the bright tones indicate the cockpit lights, and the dark carbon fiber is very similar to the dark wood paneling commonly found on private jets. fake watches for sale

Impressive alert
But our favorite feature is the discrete alarm clock, which relies solely on vibrations that the wearer can feel-so there is no hammer to strike a pole or gong.

This is achieved through the use of a special rotating mass, which is machined from a small piece of platinum and looks similar to a self-winding rotor. It spins so fast at 5,400 rpm that it produces unheard vibrations.

The combination of carbon and titanium ensures that the vibration generated by the alarm clock is transmitted to the wrist instead of movement. audemars piguet royal oak skeleton

Incredibly, one of Mille’s watch manufacturers worked tirelessly for five years to make this watch, ensuring that the alarm clock would not interfere with the manual winding movement-even four prototypes were made before the final version was finalized.

But the work of this famous watch brand doesn’t stop there. The brand has been showing some of its best components at the Frieze Art Fair in London, which ends on Sunday. (October 6) The exhibition brought together more than 160 world-leading galleries.

The column wheel of the minute and second chronograph RM 008 is one of the products on display.replica tourbillon watches

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Art Phoenix

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Art Phoenix has a shocking natural gas. Over the years, the founders of Jacob & Co shaped a company in the watch industry, with truly unique vision. His brand has created a spectacular time rate in technology and visual. These statements have become a brand signature of the brand … Talk about statement, astronomical art phoenix combines impressive tips and meticulous decorative art.

The number of art Phoenix is ​​the spectacular concept of the initial presentation in 2013. It combines three-dimensional displays, unique complications and artwork. The following versions, such as the imperial dragon or extravagant octopus, the latest astronomy is characterized by the highlighter complexity of its miniature sculpture. This unique work shows a golden phoenix rising in sports and spread his wings around its different elements.

Jacob & Co. Astronomy is a fascinating 3D machinery microscopic. The display consists of the end of the center-mounted wheel with each satellite arm of the four satellite arms, which is constant. 1 grams of alone Jacob cut diamonds rotate themselves within 60 seconds; rotating magnesium handmade spheres within 60 seconds; an hour and minute sub-dial; the last two-axis gourmet regulates this charming ballet. The main cage rotates in 60 seconds, while due to the vertical axis, it can also rotate within 5 minutes.

Developed such hand-wound sports, Jacob & Co. Works with Studio 7H38 (owned by Luca Soprana), which is a sports manufacturer specializing in high complications, close to Neuchatel Vaumarcus. Due to less than 368 pieces, the power reserve is completely entangled for 60 hours.

During the seven-month process, an artist wrapped around this sporty sculpture. It is carved and completed by hand. The craftsman cast a solid 18K rose gold Phoenix from several parts. These are well-polished and completed, and then seamlessly assembled. The entire attention details are obvious. Because there are many negative space, sculptures must create specific tools to enter almost unreachable areas.

This charming ballet and sculpture are in a 47 mm white gold box. It is impressive highly huge sapphire crystal invitation to enjoy the details of changes from different angles. The lugs are empty, just like the side of the box. You may have noticed that there is no crown of the watch. Turn the watch, two symmetrical flip keys are full of buckets. One is used for wind blowing and the other for setting time. The watch is wearing white gold folding buckle on crocodile belt.

Bold Jacob & Co. Astronomical Art Phoenix Nature has no things that don’t see … But it highlights its technical and attention to the details involved in its production. Every time there are three-dimensional and different, it provides a dynamic and real hypnosis experience. replica nice watches

Ulysse Nardin – Blast Photstriker

Using a new explosion, copy Ulysse Nardin will be on the hanging tape mechanism of the latest eye-catching clock on the dial side.

To achieve this challenging objectives, Ulysse Nardin engineers and watch manufacturers have developed a new movement, which is a new movement, 330 component UN-621 caliber.

This hand-wound movement can be grateful to flying trunk, anchors, anchors, anchors, anchors, anchors, and silicon hair. Take 4 Hz frequencies (28,800 vibrations per hour), providing 60 hours of autonomy.

Trigger the mechanism of the special dedicated bucket drive by pressing the button at 10 points. The small frame and the inertial regulator began to rotate; the hammer visible in the opening of 12 o’clock, hitting the shape of the shaped shape bypass the cage of the flying gyro. copy watches for sale

In order to make the ring mechanism silent, press the button at 8 o’clock to check the “off” position of the function selector tip.

In order to improve acoustic performance, the motion includes titanium film treated with black DLC treated with Devial ​​ET in French audio technology company. As a diaphragm, this 3/10 mm thick film moves a large amount of air, which increases the audibility of the resulting sound.

The signature dual x cut bucket of the explosion line ensures that the safety of this sensitive sponsole is taken, just like a high-fidelity speaker – released and enlarged sound.

Water resistance to 30 meters / 100 feet, 45 mm housing has rose gold baffles and gans, with black DLC titanium for improved acoustic. With black crocodile leather straps and two extra waterproof velvet and rubber band.

Discover new Ulysse Nardin vertical Odystel watch collection

Highly expected Ulysse Nardin vertical Odyssey is finally here, just here, seems to be a miracle of 2021. Swiss watch manufacturers are rarely incorporated into true features and performance to conquer any conditions that they abandon. Ulysse Nardin is proud to provide new luxury time, which is inspired from the celestial navigation of 300 meters from the sea, and ends 30,000 water. During vertical Odyssey, Ulysse Nardin reveals three new chess pieces, including diver x skeletons, UFO Chronometer and Blast Photostriker. Each model contains its own design and features, focusing on its expected purpose to explore its exploration. All new models of Ulysse Nardin vertical Odyssey currently obtained by authorized dealers or click on the link below.

Diver X skeleton
Starting from the depth of 300 meters in the sea, the new Ulysse Nardin diver X skeleton is the first to explore the exploration of vertical Odyssey. The brand continues to reinvent the world’s strong relationship between the world of oceans, and pushes people to discover possible boundaries under the surface. The diver X skeleton uses a 44mm blue PVD shell and a blue carbon fiber baffle to ensure a lightweight feeling and intensity brings an impact. The central X skeleton dial allows you to take a closer look at the internal work of the internal UN-372 automatic movement, which can maintain a 96-hour power reserve for its hours, minutes, and second functions. Along the transparent back, the case is engraving to represent only 175 pieces. After the idea of ​​comfort and function, Ulysse Nardin uses the rubber board and matching each diver X skeleton.

Ulysse Nardin is being represented by a class clock of a class of modern design by reseminating Chronometer, celebrating its watch clock. Limited-Edition Ulysse Nardin UFO is preferably described as an artwork, which is true because all dome glass cases are created by a 26-year-old Artisan glass blower Romain Montero. From the bottom, the UFO shell is made of blue aluminum, standing in a consistent 675 components to achieve accuracy. ULYSSE NARDIN UFO is driven by a clock core that is equipped with a six-barrel, which is capable of retaining a 1 year of power reserves. With its modern complex design, it also has functions that maintain 3 time zones, as well as hours, minutes, and seconds. Attached to the base is a plaque, engraved with a limited number of production products.

Ulysse Nardin pushes the limit of sound and space, adding new explosion clocks as its ultimate luxury clock to vertical Odyssen. Start building an explosion time, ULYSSE Nardin engineers set the goal of increasing quality / power output ratios, and design visible hanging flowers located on the dial-up side, which successfully completed. 45 mm case was made of 5n rose gold, black DLC titanium and Glassbox sapphire glass. In the transparent Central X dial, the automatic flight gyro is proudly displayed at 6 o’clock, drawing the eyes of collectors and various enthusiasts. The internal Un-621 automatic movement provides 60-hour power reserves for Ulysse Nardin Blast Kapstriker and 30 meters of water resistance. The 5n rose gold backpack has a magute Ulysse Nardin X mark, and a number of special versions. Ulysse Nardin continues to have three materials available, including crocodile leather, velvet or rubber.

Porsche Design 1919

Porsche Design 1919 GLOBETIMER UTC TITANIUM & BLACK Replica Watch 4046901979133

Porsche Design In 1919, the reporter fought in the blue and leather Porsche Design In 1919, Chronotimer Anti-Straight Blue and Leather were placed in a titanium box and provided a flyback hopper and a cork certified. In addition, the watch is a style of style, conceived the brand’s Austrian design studio.

Deluxe Mosaic, Porsche, has been determined by the decision of the model, performance and improvement of the company’s car. In 1972, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and established Porsche design. Herr Porsche resigned, Stuttgart car brand resigned in Stuttgart’s car brand, applied his considerable design capabilities to other product categories.

Two years later, Ferdinand returned to Zell, I saw a place for the child to spend time as the child in Austria. At the same time, the company also moved to the town of Austrian, now it operates from the state of the art design studio.

Over the years, Porsche design has conceived a series of luxurious products, and each product gives unparalleled styles. Fashion, glasses, bags and luggage are just captured some of the aesthetic temptation of iconic 911, reflecting the field of view of FerDinand Alexander Porsche.

One of the early product categories attracts FerDinand’s attention is a watch. Over the years, the company has been known for its timer, each is known, and everyone is satisfactory is a delicate detail. The watch is designed in the company’s Zell Am See Studios, but manufactured in the home of Swiss mechanical tab.

Now, Austrian company has launched a new model, you can raise Higno, Oh, Gurto, and Design AfICIDOS, Porsche Design 1919 Chronotimer anti-styled blue and leather.

Brand Press Release (April 2020)

Two years ago, Porsche design launched the 1919 timer anti-stretch brown and leather, which is a genuine manufacturer chronograph, which sets new standards in the luxury watches. Equipped with check functions, with timer authentication accuracy, Porsche Design Sports WERK 01.200 represents the most advanced. In addition to innovative internal work, the watch, like its legendary example, Porsche 911, unit completely designed, comprehensive design, with expressive exercise appearance. Now, Porsche design initiated this chronological table in the new version, with a combination of bold. The dials and straps are made of Porsche internal leather, which exudes subtle blue tones.

Charming shape

Porsche 911 is a trollege icon for decades. Since the launch of 1963, the sports car has always been synonymous with the perfect combination of design and performance. The success of the sports car icon is surprising. Its designer, Ferdinan and Alexander Porsche, always focus on the form and function, so that the legendary minimalism is a natural consequence. “Design must be honest,” emphasizes the founder of Porsche Design Company. This motion is also suitable for Porsche design, transforming the DNA code of the sports car into a watch design. 1919 Chronotimer anti-transistive blue and leather continued the company’s first timepiece, which is the first timer from Professor Fa Porsche in 1972. Large-scale, high-to-miscuts are readily read, so the attention is automatically oriented as the point, namely time display and measurement. Clean arabic figures and bold tags combined with super Luminova strongly use the readability and nighttime under difficult lighting conditions. Seven times and hard coatings, sapphire crystals prevent all light reflections, thereby ensuring always optimal readability.

Lightweight and powerful

The 1919 series of all time meters – including 1919 Time Anti-excitement – completely made of titanium. Despite the low weight, this high-tech material is very elastic and resistant to high-tech materials from motorcycle world. Has the same volume, it is more than 46% more stainless steel, but also significantly, also has obvious and non-magnetic, anti-allergic, and brine and heat resistance. Therefore, Titan offers unparalleled comfort and comfort on your wrist. In maintaining the principle of light construction, the case is technically designed to be thin. The signature of the 1919 series is the feature opening on the lug and its shape transition in the bracelet. These features not only eliminate the designs related to classic corners – through the connection of the spring bar – but also provides a unique brightness for the collection of pure beauty. These owners can truly feel the connection of sports cars on his wrist: The strap is made of original Porsche interior calf.

Maximum performance

1919 Chronotimer anti-stool blue and leather provide power by WERK 01.200. The chronological code table Caliber provides a flyback mechanism that allows continuous intervals on the track, such as the number of turns on the track. It uses a single process to start, stop and reset. The automatic movement is declining at 4 Hz, which represents the climax of engineering and tabulation and its vehicle manufacturing expertise. The bridge is load / stress optimization. The special architecture allows the charming mechanism of the anti-exchanging function to be returned by the sapphire crystal box and further proves the implementation of lightweight principles. Like the representative of Porsche, the movement is black. Its energy optimized rotor with a signature carved PD-ICON is a PVD coating and partially made of tungsten. It is very difficult to handle, which provides the necessary weight to ensure high powerful windings. WERK 01.200 also assumed the certificate of Switzerland c.os.c. The agency verifies the accuracy of its performance.

Swiss Breitling Endurance Pro

Breitling Endurance Pro revives the coolness of the 1970s with modern style Breitling’s new Endurance Pro is a semi-professional tool watch and a semi-fashionable fashion watch, aimed at a young audience with high technical standards. This watch occupies the brand’s entry-level category, confirming Breitling’s position as the first choice manufacturer of professional sports watches with reasonable prices. The color makes it surpass the category of pure technical tool watches and enter the field of fashion watches. Breitling Ambassador and triathlete Daniela Ryf and CEO Georges Kern participated in today’s new series of Zoom demonstrations. He said: “This is a great Color, so you won’t throw it in your swimming bag.” She wore a bright orange version. Other colors include red, yellow, blue, and white, and the strap matches the color of the details on the black dial.

Endurance Pro is inspired by a model called Sprint in the 1970s, which has a pulse meter so athletes can measure their heart rate. Endurance Pro also has a pulsimeter scale, as well as compass and timing functions.

Like Sprint, Endurance has a case made of resin, in this case a modern proprietary material called Breitlight, introduced by Breitling in 2016. It is a resin that is 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than steel. Make it an ideal sports watch. It also has thermal stability and complete scratch resistance. “I almost forgot that I was wearing it,” said Jan Frodeno, a triathlete and Breitling ambassador, who also attended the conference with triathlete Chris McCormack.

The movement is a quartz movement, with a typical 70s style, but it is a modern movement, launched in 2014, called SuperQuartz, Breitling claims that its accuracy is 10 times that of traditional quartz. It has passed the COSC certification, which means it guarantees accuracy. This watch is equipped with a colored strap made of rubber or Econyl, made of recycled materials. It is waterproof up to 100 meters. fashion cheap watches

In addition to launching this product, Breitling also sponsored the Endurance Pro Strava Challenge. Strava is a leading application for runners and cyclists that allows athletes to track and analyze their activities. Participants in the Strava Challenge that begins today will compete for prizes, including Breitling Colnago C64 bikes, Breitling Endurance Pro watches and Breitling sweatshirt kits.

In order to be eligible for the prize, contestants must complete 500 minutes-approximately the time it takes for a world-class triathlete to complete a complete triathlon event-among the activities of their choice, including swimming, running, cycling or hiking . Participants of the Breitling Endurance Pro Strava Challenge will have two weeks to accumulate 500 minutes. The winner will be randomly selected from the participants who have completed the Strava Challenge.