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Richard Mille welcomes exciting new brand of brand: Arno Gerard carries RM 032 watch to sneak into the deep sea Richard Mille is proud to announce will join hands with new brands – 25-year-old free diving champion Arnaud Jerald, explore the depths of the ocean.

· Wear RM 032 automatic upper chain flyback time diving watch
· The youngest two free diving world record athletes

“In the school, I have been cold. From a small little confidence, worse, I am extremely sensitive to noise. 7 years old, my parents took me to the small river diving in the suburbs of Marseille. I put on the diving mask and breathing tube, then I first opened my eyes in the water. I feel fear, not afraid that there is no air, but fear you can so freedom! Suddenly, I have become extremely strong. I am like Peter Pan in the water. , Completely get rid of gravity bondage … At that moment, I decided to be a professional free diver! “

This decision did harvest. 25-year-old Arno Gerard is already the holder of world free diving records, but more than once, but two success; 2020, he successfully dive in Greece to 112 meters. After the human body is dive than 100 meters, the skin per square centimeter will withstand 11 kg of pressure, so the body’s tolerance is key. In order to fully exercise the air capacity of each portion of the lung, Arno conducts an incredible (this is only part of training. “You must challenge the body’s limit, but in fact, 80% of free diving is conducted in the brain.” This statement seems to be paradox in other people, but it is just the opposite of Arno Gerard. . In the best place underwater, the perfect control is actually intended to complete it completely, and completely emptied, no secretion of adrenaline. “Fear makes us understand modest and self-held when we face nature. In the face of risk, you must accept it and master it.” Richard Mille swiss watches

Ano Gerard creates two world records in a career in the case of ensuring safety, he is very proud. His achievements are not only awe of physical performance, but also the same is equally scratched; any people who have seen his shocking photography or movies will agree to this. “I want to resort to the image in the depths of the ocean. When I look up, bow, 360 degrees around, everything is a changing blue scenery; there is the only thing that can feel on the earth To the vast place. “

There is such a wonderful back story to share, there are many brands that are very interested in him. However, Arno took the initiative to contact Richard Mille. “When I saw the RM 032 watch, I knew that it was my first choice, so I took the initiative to contact the brand.” This is not just to take a look at the watch after the surface of the surface – this is not Ao’s style. “I have a very different way; in the water is one minute, it is like going all day long. I need my watch like the works, you must accompany me all the way.” RM 50-02 ACJ TOURBILLON

The RM 032 diving table is an automatic upper chain timecutical table, which has a running indicator at 3 o’clock, designed for deep sea. Under the large shell protection of the RMAC2 movement, the waterproof performance can be deep up to 300 meters (30 atmospheric pressure), and the single-way rotary lap is compliant with the ISO 6425 standard to prevent the calculation of the dive time. .

Attracting Arno has become a brand-friendly friend than just a technical adventure; it is in touch with the family spirit and enthusiasm of Richard Mille, and also drives him in the southern part of France. “Richard Mille never compromises, I am no exception. I have little equipment for free diving, only nose clips and my ankles; but from now, my watch will also accompany me to adventure. Single will see, The depth of dive is very important; but in the case of personal safety, my watch is critical. This is why RM 032 is an essential tool. As a free diver, my skeleton watches is not ambigumeric And exists. I wear it because I believe it. “

URWERK UR-220 Falcon Project Watch

Since 1997, Urwerk has been the creator of futuristic replica watches price, ready to show its latest products to the world of “Haute Horlogerie”. The UR-220 Falcon Project has a smooth tip shell consisting of 81 “thin-than-thin” CTP carbon layers, which are compressed to form a lightweight and strong shell of hard resin.

A few months ago, URWERK announced the final version of its most iconic watch UR-210. UR-210 is a real time indicating flying saucer, it is a summary of everything Urwerk represents. However, there is no reason to feel sorry for this, because the brand has already identified its successor. Today, it was presented. With its hand-wound movement and control board, it uses URWERK’s early technology and uses iconic satellite complications in a more stylish, ergonomic and historically stunning situation. Another surprise appeared on the back. Meet the new URWERK UR-220 Falcon project.

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The case can protect the brand’s internal movement UR-7.20 manual winding movement, and has a 48-hour power reserve. UR-220 also uses its predecessor’s patented satellite indicator function, hovering on the rotating cube for several hours, while the minute hand sweeps 120 degrees, 60 minutes scale.Urwerk UR-220 Falcon Project

The Swiss watchmaker also brought back the oil change indicator on the case, which showed the cumulative engine running time of the watch. In order to make the appearance more perfect, the new timepiece is equipped with the company’s first rubber strap, which has been processed, molded and textured to give it a velvety touch and ultimate comfort.

Fans of URWERK will find other novelties of the UR-220 Falcon project. UR-210 has a power reserve and winding efficiency indicator, and its successor no longer uses the latter (the reason will be explained later), but is equipped with a pair of power reserve indicators for the watch. The power reserve is displayed on two up/down pressure gauges, each for 24 hours. After the movement is wound, the pressure gauge on the right responds first. Once the 24-hour power reserve is displayed, the left instrument will take over. Splitting the power reserve indicator result is a complex task that requires 83 mechanical parts.Richard Mille RM 67-02 Automatic Alexander Zverev

This change in the display reflects an important factor: the UR-220 is equipped with a new manual winding movement, which illustrates the elimination of a thinner case and winding efficiency indicator. The UR-7.20 movement developed by URWERK has 59 jewels and can store a power reserve of 48 hours at a frequency of 4 Hz.

And even if the rear wheels no longer have turbines, the iconic thing will make a comeback. This is the complication that was found on the UR-110 and UR-203: the signature oil change indicator. In UR-220, the oil change indicator adopts the shape of a digital counter calibrated in units of months and is displayed on two adjacent rollers. The owner of the movement starts to record the running time of the movement. The owner removes the safety pin and presses the button on the back of the UR-220.Jacob & Co Epic X Chrono Bugatti EC333.29.AA.AA.A

Since then, the counter displays the cumulative running time of the watch in months. When it reaches 39 months, it is time to send the watch for repair and change the oil. The URWERK watchmaker will reset the counter to zero and replace the pin at the end of the service.

Technical specifications-URWERK UR-220 FALCON project

Case: width 43.8 mm x length 53.6 mm x height 14.8 mm-carbon fiber CTP carbon thin layer, 81 layers-sapphire crystal-black DLC coated titanium back cover-waterproof 30m

Display: the hovering hours on the satellite complication and 3D counterclockwise-dual power reserve indicator-the oil change indicator on the two rollers on the back shows the cumulative operating time of the movement (in months)

Movement: UR-7.20 movement, developed by URURRK-manual winding-59 jewels-48 hours power reserve-28,800 vibrations per hour-Swiss lever escapement

Strap: Vulcarboné vulcanized rubber, reference number “Kiska”, with black DLC buckle

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Harry Winston (Harry Winston) Midnight series hands-on practice

When you think of replica Harry Winston’s watches, your head usually moves towards the rich man of the year in the Opus series, but what about the rest of the series? Today, we took hands on two of Winston’s more “daily” works, which are part of their growing Midnight collection, and found two watches that offer a lot of things to like (though not without defect). Read on to learn about this two new rising stars of young watchmakers.

Harry Winston (Harry Winston) has been working hard to develop their watch products. Of course, they have always produced some truly eye-catching high-end watches with the Opus series and a series of giant tourbillons, but the watches they wear daily have long been on the cusp of the second wave. Although, it must be remembered that although competitors, AP, VC, PP and other companies have been producing watches, but for a long, long time, Winston has only been engaged in watch competitions for about 20 years. With this in mind, their achievements are impressive.

Consider the two luxury replica watches we are showing you here. Both parts of the elegant Midnight series are executed very well, and the interesting timepiece itself is very eye-catching. Above, you will see the midnight large calendar in rose gold. The Big Date has a diameter of 42 mm. The dial is decorated with a huge circular guilloché pattern and a porthole big date at 6 o’clock.

There is a small white diamond just above the big date at 6 o’clock, which is obviously the pedigree of the brand in this field. This is definitely a controversial design feature, and I think that no matter how small the dial is, most American male buyers will actually be turned away for including this diamond on the dial. A fine watch will not help if it does not extend your personal style and masculinity, while a diamond is nothing but masculinity or a sleek appearance (for men). For the record, I also disagree that Patek Philippe uses small diamonds between the platinum lugs to distinguish it from the platinum brothers. Just like the diamond on such a large date dial, it is completely redundant and will produce an emotion that can only be found in the wrong watch buyer.

Nevertheless, the rose gold Midnight Big Date is undoubtedly a handsome watch. Its curved lugs fit a 42mm case and can really hold the wrist well. Sports? This is a million dollar question for brands like Winston, isn’t it? Well, here you can complete a very beautiful self-winding movement and retain 70 hours of power according to the F. Piguet movement. For those who don’t know F. Piguet, they are true manufacturers of high-end movements, and their chronographs are the basis of countless high-end watches, including AP’s Royal Oak chronograph and Vacheron’s Overseas chronograph table. So no, this is not a real manufacturing movement, but neither are the two best watches we just mentioned, and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone.

Then, we got a more sophisticated watch from the same series. The rose gold Midnight automatic winding is an extremely elegant watch. It is much thinner and more refined than the “big date” shown above. Here, you have a beautiful sunrise satin dial with only hour and minute hands (there is no second hand-a story telling sign, this is designed as a real dress watch). Although, the midnight automatic does have a small date window at 6 o’clock.

Similarly, the 42mm curved lugs bring great comfort to this Winston. Frankly speaking, this watch looks great on the wrist. The hands and hour hands of the Midnight Automatic are long and thin. This time, no diamonds can be found anywhere on the dial.

How about the movement of this thin watch? Well, one of the benefits of not making your own movement is that you can choose the movement that best suits your needs. In this Winston case, they chose Girard-Perregaux’s excellent internal movement Core 3300. Found the 3300 in the majority of the 1966 GP lineup, including the beautiful annual calendar and time equation we show you here. It is also the basis of some well-respected watches, such as MB&F’s HM2 and HM3 (no lie-people with the same movement). Of course, the surface treatment of this GP 3300 is entirely made by Harry Winston in Geneva, and it can be done.

Harry Winston (Harry Winston) Midnight Automatic is another good-looking single product and a true competitor in the dress watch category, full of such intimate design features.

Therefore, after using Winston’s two latest watches, we have to say that we are impressed. Of course, we will change some things, but the same thing can be said for every watch on the planet. Again, considering that the Winston watch department is still young, I can say with certainty that we will see some great things soon. Does their own movement contribute to the credibility of their watch lovers in the field? Of course, but the movements used in these two watches are indeed world-class movements and do not affect the overall finished product in any way.