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Today, with the flood of social media, superficial design language is popular, only to compete for public attention and commercial traffic. A good design that is truly high-quality and can stand the test of time needs to maintain a calm mind, not be moved by short-term interests, stick to the original intention, endure loneliness, and wait for the flowers to bloom. There are many swiss watch men brands that boast good designs, but everyone knows that there are very few excellent designs between square inches, and the ones that can truly be called classic works are even rarer. Most of the time, “design” only exists as a propaganda vehicle, allowing mediocre products to sell at higher prices.

At the moment when the commercial value of “design” is prominent, in addition to the master Gerald Genta, who is known for designing Patek Philippe Nautilus and Audemas Piguet Royal Oak, rare watch designers have a higher public Reputation. No matter how many new models are released every year or how hot a certain product is sold, designers are often just ordinary employees in the brand design department that are not well-known.

In other words, watch design is relatively simple, only need to uphold tradition and a little innovation; unlike the fashion industry, the watch industry only has star products, and does not need star designers.

For the high-end watch field with relatively traditional and conservative design, it can indeed be regarded as a certain innovation and breakthrough.

Time travels back to more than 20 years ago (in my vague memory, probably in 1998), the Rado Cerex series used a similar design language (asymmetry and deformation), but it is obviously better than the above. A few crooked handles are more profound.

RADO Cyrex,

Ceramics with different shades of color represent day and night, which symbolizes the cycle of time, simple and timeless.

Cyrex is an epoch-making watch work, a representative of the earlier integration of industrial design and time art into the high-end watchmaking industry. Rado has once again demonstrated its pioneering spirit of innovation and self-breakthrough to the world. However, this product has not achieved real commercial success on a global scale, except for its acceptable sales in the Japanese market. When I joined Rado China in 2006, there was still a small amount of stock waiting to be processed in the market. At the listing event that year, Kwan Zhilin, who was wearing Cyrex watches from the spiral staircase of Jin Mao Tower, walked down the stairs, and the charming Guan Zhilin was no longer active in the public eye. The beauty is not old, but the good times can never go back.

Cyrex’s sales are not ideal, obviously related to the design. Radar ranked first in the Chinese market that year, with absolute advantages in brand awareness and sales channels. The reason for the poor sales may be that the design of this watch is too advanced, or the public still can’t appreciate this kind of watch with a strong design style.

In the case of conflicts between design styles and popular tastes, how to make trade-offs and trade-offs is a huge challenge for brand management. Because even a seemingly flat and wide road may hide many unpredictable unknowns ahead. In fact, most brand managers, just like our ordinary people, lack the strong will to walk to the end. What’s more, good design takes time to convince the audience, and you can’t create a classic in a flash.

Whether it is the Cyrex of cheap Rado or the special-shaped new models of the above brands, they all have a strong design style, and the internal motivation for design can be seen. As a daily accessory, I feel a little too hard. Just like on a lazy beach, you have to wear a solemn and formal dark evening dress. Although it reflects the high-level and elegant style, there is always a kind of out of place.

Overall ceramic series (Ceramica)

The overall ceramics can be called a work of God, and it is the best testimony of the golden age of the bursting of innovative capabilities of radar watches in the early 1990s.

The Ceramica monolithic ceramic series launched in 1990 follows the minimalist style that best Rado has always upheld, and this style has also become an important part of the design concept of Rado. The watch is characterized by its minimalist design: the case and the strap of the same width are seamlessly connected, and they are natural, just like a bracelet; they are made of the same material and shimmer with the same black light.

The overall ceramic series has also achieved great commercial success. It has been popular in the market for nearly 20 years and has influenced the product design styles of other consumer categories, such as Apple iPod and later iPhone.

Jaspe Morrison X monolithic ceramics

The cooperation between Jasper and Rado started in 2007. The first watch of the cooperation was launched the following year. The design style of ceramics is also a soft spot.

Before the official launch of r5.5, I was looking forward to the products Jasper would design for Radar, but when I first saw the product samples, I was a little disappointed. I didn’t have the bold and unimaginable design, but it was calm and ordinary in appearance. Of ordinary products. Compared with the overall ceramics, it only narrows the width of the strap, and changes the four right angles of the case to a rounded arc. But only a few weeks later, my attitude changed completely, and the r5.5 became my most frequently worn radar watch.

The Rado r5.5 series launched in 2009 was designed and created by the famous British designer Jasper Morrison. The design reveals Jasper’s typical design style: the perfect fusion of minimalist aesthetics and oriental Zen.

The name r5.5 is derived from the 5.5 mm rounded radius of the case. This watch follows the style of the early RADO watch models. The cleverly integrated ceramic case and tapered strap are reinterpreted in the r5.5 model. The minimalist style and the appearance design without losing the sense of the industrial era, the contrasting and exquisite details are reminiscent of the early monochrome models of RADO. The design of the watch combines the inherent hardness and warmth of high-tech ceramics, abandoning the sharp and cold straight lines, and using soft corners to set off the delicate and comfortable ceramics.

Jasper respects the silent design aesthetics, so that you will not always have a sense of “design” when you wear it, and everyone who has worn ceramic watches has a common experience. The biggest advantage of ceramics is not hard and wear-resistant, but Comfort that other materials can’t match. Therefore, r5.5 is a commuter watch that can be used with formal wear for work or weekend trips. It is unique, but its personality is not public, and the comfortable and calm beauty of wearing it is unforgettable. In Jasper’s other works, you can often see this highly recognizable 5.5mm radius arc corner.

Good design can stand the test of time. Similarly, good design also needs time to be recognized and accepted by the market. Like many other designs of Jasper, r5.5 is not the kind of work that makes people fall in love at first sight. The charming temperament and unique charm of “Super Normal” needs time to digest and identify. Once the love starts slowly, you will love more and more, and love for a long time. However, the radar at that time was facing the adjustment of brand strategy and the transformation to the young consumer market. As r5.5 did not bring huge performance in the short term, the Swiss management lacked enough patience and courage to continue to support this series.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak designed by Zunda did not immediately succeed; although it is difficult to find a list at the moment, who would have thought that the Chinese general agent would clear the goods at the price of the property 10 years ago. The price increase of Patek Philippe Nautilus is only a matter of recent years, but in today’s information overload, where do all the people remember these old events? We only focus on the immediate results, and selectively ignore the process by which a good design is discovered. In recent years, countless brands have almost blatantly copied the highly recognizable “Zunda Design”, and the truly original and good designs are either rare or submerged in a sea of ​​explosions.

Whether it’s a square in a circle or a square in a circle, the integration of tough square lines into the overall appearance of the circle, or the Royal Oak plus a few screws, can make traditional and elegant watches show youthful and sporty modernity. style.

Reasons to buy Rado watches


Rado is a luxury watch brand with many outstanding qualities. They are widely known in the watch industry for their innovative material uses. With more than a century of experience accumulated, Rado took the lead in using ceramics in the watchmaking industry, thus winning the top throne. If you still need more persuasiveness, please choose the following 5 reasons to buy a Rado watch.

The production of highly durable watches is at the core of the brand’s beliefs. As mentioned above, Rado has always been one of the leading brands that introduced high-tech ceramics to the watch industry. Ceramic is a highly durable, high-strength material used in medicine, engineering and NASA. It is lightweight and scratch resistant. It does not contain any metal, so it is very safe and gentle.

This material has the highest level of comfort and is the core of the Rado concept. RADO true automatic high-tech ceramics This True Automatic watch is sturdy and durable, and its lightweight design makes it an ideal timepiece for everyday life. The whole case and bracelet are made of black high-tech ceramics. The black dial contrasts with the rose gold hands and hands. Both hands and hour markers are illuminated. There is a subtle date hole at 3 o’clock. The sapphire crystal improves the scratch resistance of the watch. This watch is water resistant up to 5 bar or 50 meters and has an automatic movement. The power reserve is up to 80 hours.

The case has a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 10.4 mm. This year, Rado won the prestigious iF Design Award for its True Thinline Les Couleurs Le Corbusier series. The design of the limited edition works is inspired by Le Corbusier’s architectural multicolor color theory. Le Corbusier or Charles-Édouard Jeanneret was one of the most acclaimed and controversial architects of the 20th century. Over the years, Rado’s Thinline series products have won many awards. Continuing the tradition of innovation, the True Thinline series is the first luxury watches for men with an injection-type overall high-tech ceramic case.

Replica Rado THE ORIGINAL AUTOMATIC R12403633 watch

RADO True Thinline Les Couleurs English Green Limited Edition Limited to 999 pieces, minimalist and modern. The bracelet and overall case are made of high-tech ceramics. Special engraving function on the back of the watch. The entire watch, from the case to the hands and the index plate, has a soft, light mint green color. Its dial is very simple, with subtle indexes and a pair of batons. The diameter of the case is 39 mm and the thickness is 5 mm. Do you like retro design… The Captain Cook series has a distinctive appearance from the 1960s.

For this series, the brand strives to keep the design of the model as close to the original design as possible. The technology of the watch itself is still the latest. RADO XL “Captain Cook” Automatic Bronze This Captain Cook model has a 42mm bronze case. The baffle has blue high-tech ceramic inserts. Over time, the bronze case will begin to age, and the watch will have a truly unique appearance. The strap is made of blue leather. The pins under the lugs add to the retro style of the watch. Its dial matches the blue bezel. The dense luminous index of gold and large hands highlights the retro charm of this model. The date hole can be seen at 3 o’clock. The movement on the model is automatic and has a power reserve of up to 80 hours.

Or you like futuristic design

On the other hand, if you are looking for a watch with a futuristic design, Rado will provide you with the perfect model. Combined with its pioneering use of materials, the brand has demonstrated an outstanding modern appearance. The clean lines, stylish design and ultra-thin case make Rado unique.

RADO one-piece diamond high-tech ceramic black square dial watch

The case and bracelet of the watch are made of black and silver high-tech ceramics. There are two silver wires on both sides of the rectangular housing. The buckle on the back cover and strap is stainless steel. The angular case and monochrome style give the desired futuristic look. The black dial is set with 4 diamonds and is equipped with silver hands. The discreet date hole is located at 6 o’clock. The dial is wrapped in sapphire crystal.

You value accuracy
In addition to durability and innovation, Rado also designs timepieces with excellent accuracy. Brands understand the importance of every second. Their clocks ensure that you never miss a moment and you are always on time.

RADO Centrix Chronograph Black Ceramic Bracelet Watch

Durability, design and precision all combine to create this beautiful timepiece. The case and bracelet of the watch are made of high-tech ceramics with silver details. The diameter of the case is 44 mm. The black dial contrasts sharply with the silver hour markers and luminous sapphire hands. The functions of the quartz watch include an chronometer and a date hole at 4 o’clock.

The best 5 Rado watches for men and women in 2020

Replica Rado CAPTAIN COOK AUTOMATIC BRONZE R32504205 watch

Rado replica is a popular name in luxury watchmaking. To say the least, the brand is elegant, reliable and luxurious. The watchmaker has always been proud of his design ability and made it clear to the world that it must not be taken lightly. Although it was founded in the 20th century, it is at a distinct disadvantage in terms of experience. The Swiss watchmaker never let anything become glory. Today, Rado is recognized as one of the earliest pioneers of avant-garde sports and innovation drivers, and we see it in many other brands today.

2020 Rado top five watches for men and women

Without further rado, let’s dive in and check out some of the most exquisite Rado watches that watch lovers often overlook.

Radar Captain Cook Automatic Bronze Watch R32504315

Captain Cook is essentially an ode to the past. This series is a tribute to the device that helps sailors catch the ship in time. Rado finally thought it was the right time to restore this aesthetic from the original design in 1962. Of course, there are some minor improvements to make it more suitable for the current spirit of the times. The reference involved is a 42mm automatic timer with a 30-meter water resistance. The movement has a power reserve of approximately 80 hours and has a screwed crown on the right side of three o’clock. The green dial adds charm to the watch, while the leather strap gives it a vintage aesthetic.

Replica Rado Centrix Automatic Diamonds R30035712 watch

Rado Hyperchrome Ref. R32108102

The launch of Hyperchrome is the prayer of everyone. They hope that their favorite watchmakers will finally provide an iconic dress style. The brand is so popular, but it also provides the sportiness that other timepieces of the brand usually lack. The series is the home of sleek, dynamic and outstanding watches. By design, these clocks look as good as a three-piece suit and as good as a pair of slim jeans and a polo shirt. The watch discussed here is a 45mm behemoth with an automatic movement. The watch offers a chronograph, 10 meters water resistance and a bracelet made of patented Ceramos technology.

Rado Centrix automatic heartbeat self-winding watch. R30179105

Remember the old saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, things have become easier, because now you can even try to view internal content. Centrix Open Heart has a hollow dial that literally allows you to peek into the soul of the watch. The timepiece discussed here is a 38mm self-winding device that can provide up to 80 hours of power reserve. Apart from the fact that it has a completely unorthodox dial, the timepiece is very basic.

Rado True Thinline Toge reference. R27009192

The True Thinline series has been around for a while, and to be honest, it has done nothing but the appreciation of watch connoisseurs around the world. The series aims to bring back the class and technique that ultra-thin watches are known for. From the outside, the brand has achieved significant success in its efforts. The watch mentioned here is Thinline Toge, which is a joint effort between Rado and the famous Japanese designer Ayako Suwa. The clock here is a 39mm quartz-powered device and is limited to 1,001 pieces. Of course, the strap is made of high-tech ceramics and the dial exudes a “tricky” appearance, which is exactly what the artist intended.

Rado Golden Horse Ref. R33930313

The Golden Horse Award is one of the first watches launched by Rado. It was first released to the public in 1957 and relaunched in 2019. The 37mm watch is a limited edition, with a curved dial on the top, a sleek appearance and the iconic Rado anchor symbol. The high-precision ETA C07 movement can provide up to 80 hours of power reserve, and the watch is water-resistant to 50 meters.

Rado Bronze Captain Cook, now with a Burgundy dial

The bold original colors of Rado’s cool bronze diver.

Since 2017, Rado has found a market in fashionable vintage watches with its successful Captain Cook model. Rado is largely related to the use of high-tech ceramics. It also benefits from its long history and has reintroduced several historically significant watches. Inspired by the unique case/bezel design of the work in 1962, Captain Cook released several iterations, such as the compact 37mm limited edition, and recently released some enlarged but very attractive bronze versions. In addition to the green, gray/brown and blue models, Rado today also released a new eye-catching version: Captain Cook Bronze Captain Burgundy.

As this article explained on the previous Captain Cook bronze watch, the watch was inspired by a glorious and remarkable watch produced by the brand during the golden age of diving watches. The watch was released in 1962 with a 37 mm case and was named after the British explorer Captain Cook. Technically classic (automatic movement, 220m water resistance, date and time display, 60-minute diving bezel), this design really makes this model unique. It has an original combination of curved shapes with a bowl-shaped, concave inwardly inclined bezel, a dome-shaped crystal and a dome-shaped dial. The dial stands out for its brushed gray surface, large lacquered hour markers and arrow-shaped minute hands. Finally, there is an important little detail, at 12 o’clock there is a rotating anchor logo-a pendulum used to animate the dial.

All these elements were reinvigorated in 2017 with the first redefinition of Captain Rado Cook and all the watches in the subsequent series. Earlier this year, Rado introduced its retro-style diver into an attractive and trendy sub-series, which consists of three bronze models, colored dials and bezels. Of course, the latter is made of ceramic . At the end of this year, the series added a striking golden bronze case, burgundy dial and bezel.

The three existing models (blue, green or gray/brown) are quite subtle in terms of color. Although the previous models mainly played in cool dark colors, the new Burgundy version is undoubtedly the most eye-catching of the four, bringing brightness and warmth to the work. In addition, the combination of Burgundy red wine with the golden tone of the bronze case and dial is cool and novel. Please note that with the passage of time, the case will inevitably appear bronze and the color will darken, so make this watch more cautious.

To add the final touch to this eye-catching color scheme, Rado equipped its Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy team with a matching NATO textile strap with a golden central stripe in burgundy. The buckle and buckle are made of brushed bronze.

In addition to the new brushed dial and red ceramic bezel, Captain Cook’s bronze burgundy glass still maintains the same specifications. The shell is made of CuAl bronze alloy (more stable than traditional bronze alloy), with a diameter of 42mm and a height of 12.5mm. Its surface is mostly coated with sharp edges, which contrasts sharply with the curved shape of the dial and bezel. It is equipped with a sturdy titanium back cover, and the watch is waterproof to 300m.

Except for the color, the dial is the same as all Captain Cook watches. The dial is frosted with daylight and the hemispherical outline adds depth. The hands and applied index are gold, and the date wheel now has red numbers. The iconic rotating “pendulum” anchor symbol with a rotating ruby ​​backplate moves in accordance with the movement of the wearer’s wrist.

The powerful power of this fashion watch is the ETA C07 movement, also known as Powermatic in other Swatch Group brands. This development of ETA 2824-2 will become the group’s new standard engine and provide a strong competitive advantage in this highly competitive price range. After a redesigned power chain and a lower 3Hz frequency, the power reserve can be increased to 80 hours-equivalent to more than 3 days, while most watches in this range have a power reserve of less than 40 hours.


Case: 42mm diameter x 12.5mm height – 48.6mm lug-to-lug – bronze (CuAl alloy) case, brushed – bronze (CuAl) bezel, unidirectional burgundy red polished ceramic insert with laser engraved/metallised numbers and markers – box sapphire crystal – screwed caseback in titanium – screw-down crown – 300m water-resistant

Dial: domed and sunray-brushed dial in burgundy red – applied gold-coloured indexes and hands with vintage coloured Super-LumiNova
gold-coloured moving anchor symbol with synthetic ruby backplate

Movement: ETA C07 (Powermatic) – automatic – 25 jewels – 21,600 vibrations/hour – 80h power reserve – hours, minutes, seconds, date

Strap: burgundy textile NATO style strap with a central golden stripe – brushed bronze (CuAl) pin buckle and loops

Reference: 01.763.0504.3.340

Hands-on radar Rado Golden Horse 1957 Limited Edition

Replica Rado GOLDEN HORSE AUTOMATIC R33930355 watch

The simple design clues of the 1957 model faithfully redefined Rado’s Golden Horse.

Most of us associate Rado replica with design-oriented watches and innovative materials (especially high-tech ceramics). Since the 1990s, minimalist lines, sleek silhouettes, and silky smooth ceramic cases and bracelets have become most of the brand’s product portfolio. Then, at the 2017 Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show, Rado made a very convincing reinterpretation of the 1962 Captain Cook model (with a 300m diving certificate), which surprised us. Captain Cook is not only a retro-style watch, but also a dive watch. These are two types of radar watches that not many of us would think of. Dating back to the brand’s slightly sketchy past, another golden old song was realized by the revival of a pocket watch called Golden Horse launched in 1957. 2019 was resurfaced with accurate vintage details, but with a modern automatic movement. Now there are four models in the Golden Horse 1957 limited edition series, and we have tried three of them.

The Rado brand as we know it today began in 1917 when the Schlup & Co. watchmaking workshop in Lengnau was run by the three brothers. Schlup & Co. has grown from an inconspicuous company to an important supplier of watch movements during World War II, and began selling watches under the Rado brand in the late 1950s. In 1957, 40 years after its founding, the Golden Horse series made its debut. It was both elegant and water-resistant, and had a variety of functions, with a strikingly colored dial and a stainless steel or gold-plated case.

The original “Golden Horse Award” was 37 mm in diameter. This was a surprisingly large case at the time. It was made of steel. This was a bold decision when gold had become the standard for men’s watches. Hakim El Kadiri, vice president of Rado, said that the existence of “novel” animals (the seahorse) and the gold-plated case of the Golden Horse may have targeted the Chinese market. In any case, from the case size to the smoked dial, from the golden seahorse on the dial to the date window with red numbers, the 2019 limited edition “Golden Horse” will be “original.” Correct details for other periods.

The diameter of the case of these three models is 37 mm (accurate to 36.5 mm), and the height is 10.8 mm. According to today’s standards, its case is small, but it echoes the retro style of the “Golden Horse Award”. The height is very slim, enough to be used as a dress watch, especially when the red dial is paired with a vintage black artificial alligator strap. Although it may be small for some people, the 44mm lug-to-lug size makes the watch larger than its display size. For people with larger wrists, steel bracelets have more wrist presence than black straps. With a vintage rice chain, this bracelet is strong and sturdy, and is a representative of the exquisite craftsmanship in its making.

Replica Rado GOLDEN HORSE AUTOMATIC R33930203 watch

The entire case and bracelet have been polished (keep the brushed strap, the center of the case back and the reverse side of the bracelet), so that the case and bracelet have bright reflections. This fake watch is water-resistant to 50 meters, enough to cope with daily wear and tear.

Another surprising detail that many of us have associated with top brands such as Moser is that the original 1957 “Golden Horse” model showed a smoky or gradient dial. The center of the dial is available in green, blue, red and black (not photographed). When it reaches the periphery, the center of the dial becomes lighter and gradually darkens (almost black). Although the dial is not like the flat dial on some earlier models, it is curved and protected by a thick box-shaped sapphire crystal to reproduce the feel of the original acrylic glass.

Replica Rado GOLDEN HORSE AUTOMATIC R33930313 watch

Unlike the original version, the same index, pointer and framed date window are used at 3 o’clock. The facets are clear, the sensitive hands and dauphine hands are polished and protruded for miles without the slightest luster. Two pairs of golden seahorses placed face to face and the words “Golden Horse” and the original font are located directly above 6 o’clock. The iconic anchor of the brand first appeared in 1962 and has now appeared in all automatic replica watches. The anchor point is placed directly below 12 o’clock, swinging back and forth around the central pivot that makes the watch move.

Although the date window is controversial, I must admit that I like the date window here. The date window is located at 3 o’clock and has a proper frame, so it doesn’t appear shy, and it can even copy the original red numbers. It will not hide or lurking in a stealth position, it is a fully functional date window, and its usefulness is not limited.

The case, bracelet and dial follow the “Golden Horse Award” design details originally designed in 1957, while the movement is the contemporary ETA C07.611 self-winding movement, with a strong 80-hour power reserve, essentially ETA 2824- Upgraded version of 2. The trade-offs for power reserve increase include reducing the traditional 28,800 vph frequency to 21,600 vph, thereby reducing the watch’s scale frequency. The closed bottom cover echoes the original skin and is decorated with three seahorses and three stars.

In the voluminous retro reenactment, the Golden Horse Award is the real deal. Modern adjustment features such as sapphire crystal and ETA self-winding movement have an 80-hour power reserve, making it an ideal everyday watch. Although the red dial model with a black leather strap may be a dress for many styles, the stainless steel bracelet is fun to wear.

Technical Specifications-RADO Traditional Golden Horse Limited Edition

Case: diameter 37mm x height 10.8mm-stainless steel-closed bottom case printed with 3 seahorses-50m waterproof
Dial: blue, green, red or black gradient dial-applied index-applied golden seahorse-12 o’clock position moving anchor-3 o’clock position with a framed date window with red numbers
Movement: ETA C07.611 automatic -21,600vph-80 hours power reserve-hours, minutes, seconds and date
Strap: Red dial model with black artificial alligator leather strap and steel pin buckle-green, blue and black models with integrated rice steel ball bracelet and triple folding clasp
Reference: 763.3930.4.135 red dial, black strap
763.3930.4.020 blue dial, stainless steel bracelet
763.3930.4.031 green dial, stainless steel bracelet

How about RADO watches? How about the ranking of RADO watches


Speaking of Swiss watches, people’s first impression of them is that they are exquisitely crafted, precise and durable. It can be said that no one does not love Swiss watches in the world. RADO is one of the famous Swiss watches, the brand has this long history. Known for its excellent quality, its slogan: Rado, never wear! It is well known by watch lovers all over the world. So what is the ranking of Rado watches? I believe this question is very much wanted by many Rado fans. The following watch house will introduce to you.

The RADO watch is a product of the Swiss Swatch Group and was born in 1917. In 1957, Swiss Rado produced the first batch of watches named after “Swiss Rado”. In 1962, Rado produced the world’s first non-wearable watches-the oval “Diamond Star” watches, which laid the foundation for future development. The design of the Swiss Rado has a distinctive personality, smooth lines, and a strong sense of modernity and innovation.

RADO copy watches belong to the second-class and second-class watches. They use the core strength of ETA’s middle and low-level cores. They are not changed much, are generally polished and have strong toolability.

Because most of the RADO watches use ETA movement, the transformation and polishing process is partial to the upper-middle class. It is a mid-range Swiss watch, and there are brands such as Longines, Montblanc, Baume & Mercier in the same class. However, compared with the top three rankings, the Rado list ranks lower in the same grade and is in the middle position.

The RADO watch is a household name for never-wearing, and it has unique materials. Each Swiss Rado watch has smooth lines, elegant design, and comfortable materials that make it extremely comfortable to wear. It is relatively affordable and cost-effective, suitable for ordinary people to buy.


Model Number: R27086162 / 01.734.6086.3.016
Case Material: ceramic
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter:38 mm
Brand Name: Rado
Gender: men
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Thickness: —
Dial: black
Glass: Sapphire
Boxes: common box package without paper
Band Material Type: ceramic strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Seconds

Value Proposition Rado DiaStar Original’s unbreakable charm

Replica Rado NEW ORIGINAL AUTOMATIC R12995103 watch

One of the interesting things about the cheap replica watches collection is that once you branch out of the field of better travel, you will find small islands of various designs and mechanical innovations. For me, for various reasons (more on this in a minute), it is also one of the most interesting watches of the late 20th century. It not only illustrates the change of taste, but also involves the development of technology and How it affects our expectations for watches until today.

That watch is Rado DiaStar. The DiaStar is probably one of the most memorable old-fashioned Rado watches-the company brought out the first in 1962, in (among other things) the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which debuted at the first glance at the first doctorate, and is a very watch Time-There are (and there are) many different models, but ur-DiaStar has an immediately recognizable shape. The case is opaque and the frame is a round dial with shield-like metal around the dial.

A shield-like appearance is appropriate, because the original DiaStar is the world’s first scratch-resistant watch. Before DiaStar, there were basically two types of watch cases: a gold case and a stainless steel case. There was a strict separation between a more formal case (sometimes a gold case or a platinum case) and a stainless steel sports watch. Experiments with other materials are sometimes conducted-some manufacturers sometimes make watches with aluminum cases-but usually, your choice is steel or precious metals, mainly gold.

The reason why DiaStar appeared is because the idea of ​​the entire sports watch has really risen (Blancpain and Rolex’s first dedicated diving watch has been around for ten years), and their basis is to make an affordable fake luxury watches that you can throw to it. thing. The case is made of a material that has never been used for watchmaking: tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide is a mixture of tungsten and carbon. The former is also called “wolfram” by tin miners, and the latter finds annoying additional presence in the tin ore veins. “Tungsten” means “heavy stone” (it is named because it is a dense heavy metal), and the first tungsten-containing steel was patented in 1858. Tungsten-containing superhard tool steel revolutionized the machinery industry, and in 1962, Rado used this material for the first time in the watch industry to use a strong case.

The manufacturing process involves taking out powdered tungsten carbide and pressing it in a vacuum furnace at a pressure of about 1000 atmospheres. This process is called sintering and fuse the particles together. The result is a very hard, very durable material with extremely high abrasion resistance in daily use, so that Rado can promote it as “the world’s first scratch-resistant watch” and stand behind it . The most well-known DiaStar has a gold finish and usually has a lively, very three-dimensional dial – you can generally recognize them at antique watch sellers, not only because it has an unmistakable appearance, but also because even after passing After four or five years, they are generally still completely new.

The great thing about DiaStar is that – contrary to what you might expect from a time-specific design at first glance – the company still manufactures “The Original” under that name and uses more than 20 iterations of quartz and mechanical watches. Now, we all know that design is not for everyone, but I find this watch to have irresistible significance-in an era when true material and design innovations are still very scarce, this is a remarkable innovation. DiaStar is one of the earliest watches I can think of, it really got rid of the tyranny of round case and lug idiom, and in some way and material has achieved unprecedented attempts.

In the version we have seen, the price of the original version is $1250, and there is no doubt that this price is definitely good value for money. Of course, this is a polarized light design, but look at it this way: Swiss Rado watches have been continuously involved in material innovation since 1962 and continue to lead the industry in high-tech ceramics like, then, its “high-tech ceramics”, This is a sintered ceramic-metal composite material that can be found in many of its modern timepieces, such as the DStar automatic chronograph. This is a very special niche market in the history of watchmaking, but DiaStar originally represented fifty years of continuity in design and materials, coupled with true innovation, which is extremely rare. That’s why we chose it – DiaStar Original, which is the original value of this form in this form.

Rado DiaStar Original, 35 mm automatic stainless steel/PVD coated hard metal/titanium metal; sapphire crystal; Super LumiNova; water resistant 30 m;

Rado DStar automatic chronograph, 44 mm automatic chronograph plasma high-tech ceramic/titanium; sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating; transparent sapphire bottom cover; water resistant 100 m;

Rado Women’s Watch

Rado has always been one of the famous watch brands, and it stands out among other Swiss watches and is world-renowned. They have always belonged to the category of luxury ladies watches. There are many Swiss watches on the market to choose from, but for many years, Rado has been the eternal companion of many watches.

If you must have such excellent brand loyalty, then there is no doubt that Rado serves consumers with integrity and sincerity. If you paid a few cents for Rado, then this is the best decision for you.

Rado always keeps the same with other Swiss watch brands every time it releases a new watch. Rado watches have gained wider recognition than other Swiss watch competitors.

Rado’s long history can be traced back to 1917, and it was the first watch equipped with the only anti-scratch watch. It does not stop there, their innovation, class and style have always been unique in their own way. As a result, Rado has won more than 30 international design awards.

Subsequently, Rado expanded to several other parts, such as Rado men’s watches, Rado women’s watches and Rado neutral watches. All these watch series are widely appreciated by people all over the world. Now let us pay more attention to the Rado watches that are most suitable for women on the market.

We assure you that it can help you learn more about Rado women’s watches and their outstanding performance. Also, let’s first look at why women prefer Rado watches?

Top 5 Rado ladies watch

Rado Lady Centro Jubile Watch R30928713

If it is a Rado watch, then it is definitely a scratch-resistant watch because they have always been pioneers in the field. Are you wondering how to protect your Rado watch from scratches? Then your answer is to make these Rado watches durable sapphire crystal. The use of this special crystal is one of the reasons why Rado watches are considered expensive.

This Rado ladies watch is always made of a glossy stainless steel case and bracelet. The black used in the dial provides a contrasting look to this Rado ladies watch. The dial is also embedded with four diamond hour markers and silver hands.

If you have this watch, you can even rely on it to know the date, because its date display is at 3 o’clock.

In addition to being scratch resistant, this Rado watch is also popular because of its water resistance. Therefore, you do not have to worry about whether the expensive Rado watch will be exposed to rain. The case diameter is 28mm, and there is a double snap on the clasp for easy use.

Dimensions: Case diameter – 28mm casting thickness – 8mm bandwidth – 20mm weight – 12.32oz

Rado centrix ceramic ladies watch R30935712
If you are not a loyal supporter of silver stainless steel bracelets, and feel that these girls are not mature enough, then you can buy this Rado beauty product, which will be your perfect match. Never forget this chic style watch, let you be different anytime, anywhere!

However, this watch is made of stainless steel, and the black dial and black ceramic touch on the stainless steel bracelet give you an elegant blend of black and white.

The Rado watch is the most durable watch ever. This particular model is known for its durability. If this Rado watch is exposed to water, there is no need to worry at all, because it is waterproof.

The small date window makes it easier to find the date. Sapphire crystal prevents scratches on the Rado watch, and there are two buttons to help you remove the watch from your wrist without too much pressure.

Dimensions: Case height – 28mm case width – 28mm case depth – 7mm strap width – 16mm strap circumference/length – 7 1⁄2 weight – 2.3oz

Rado centrix open heart diamond self-winding ladies watch r30248712

Due to its sleek design, this one is definitely well deserved. Over the years, such Rado watches have often been manufactured and in constant demand. What makes the Rado watch more distinctive is that it has an attractive rose gold PVD stainless steel and brown ceramic bracelet. The dial also features rose gold hands and diamond hour markers.

The Rado Centrix heart-shaped diamond collection comes in different colors, such as brown, gold and pink. However, rose gold has always been in demand. In addition, it goes without saying that crystal sapphire makes it scratch-resistant. The Rado watch has a buckle that can be worn on the wrist. It remains locked and tightly attached to the wrist, so there is no need to worry about the watch falling from the wrist.

This Rado watch has always been one of the most durable Rado watches, so it has always been popular.

Dimensions Case Diameter – 33mm Bandwidth – 20mm Product Size –″ Weight-1 lb

Rado Esenza ladies quartz watch R53743155
If you are looking for Ms. Rado to wear a watch everyday, then this is it. It may not be a flashy Rado watch, but definitely, when you put on your wrist, it will attract everyone’s attention.

This Swiss female watch made by Rado is definitely your best choice. It is one of Rado’s most durable watches. The black black leather strap and black stainless steel dial will not be messed up by your daily chores in the office.

As usual, the Rado Esenza ladies watch has a sapphire crystal that can withstand any scratches. Needless to say, if it is considered to be worn daily, it can also be waterproof. Hands are silver. Unlike other luxury Rado watches, this particular Rado ladies watch has no date display and diamond hour markers.

Measuring width – 24 mm case length – 29 mm thickness – 8 mm strap length – 6.5 inches

Rado centrix self-winding silver ladies watch R30954123
This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, mainly because it does not have a stylish design. This is definitely the first choice for mature ladies, because this watch looks very elegant.

It uses a rose gold stainless steel case with two colors of rose gold and silver. This Rado ladies watch has a striking white dial, rose gold hands and date display. If you have always wanted to send classic watches to your loved ones, Rado cannot give you a better choice. Although they have many other watches for the elderly, they are different and look very elegant on the wrists of the elderly.

Those frowning young people, please don’t sin. If you can’t take your eyes off these Rado womens watch, you can grab it without much thought.

Measuring shell size – 28mm shell thickness – 9mm shell material – stainless steel

Rado Press Release: Real Thinline Colors Le Corbusier

Replica Rado Centrix Automatic Diamonds R30942702 watch

RADO cheap launched one of the most outstanding product lines in 2019, Rado True Thinline Colors Le Corbusier.

This is a collection of 9 true thin-line quartz, completely in the manufacturing of high-tech ceramic technology, offering 9 different colors full of vitality and life, this is a famous color palette developed by legendary architects and designers Busier between 1931 and 1959. Today, architects and designers around the world often use these palettes and are considered to be one of the pillars of color theory.

As an exclusive company associated with Les Couleurs Le Corbusier, Rado can only print these exact colors, he is proud to be able to use his own unique materials (high-tech ceramics).

Rado is a “master of materials” and aims to combine innovation with classic Swiss watchmaking. Since the brand was founded in 1917, Rado has been turning its vision into reality. From high-tech ceramics to high-tech diamonds, Rado has evolved from one breakthrough to another, all of which are used to produce the best timepieces. The brand is proud of its tradition of innovation and design, as they continue to introduce unexpected things into the Swiss watch industry.

Rado has many different series, some of them are new, and some are based on the classic styles of the past. All products are very popular, and each series has its own target market. From luxurious diamond-encrusted formal watches to Swiss sophisticated craftsmanship, Rado can satisfy everyone’s needs. This watch is perfect for sports fans, watchmaking enthusiasts, and everyone in between!

Replica Rado NEW ORIGINAL AUTOMATIC R12999153 watch

In each series, there are still wonderful series of various styles, sizes and designs to ensure that you can find the timepiece that suits you best. This excellent design and the use of materials not only can produce beautiful watches, but also won many awards for Rado!

Their unique industrial design method has been recognized around the world and has so far received more than 35 international design awards! Many of these award-winning timepieces are available in the Rado series and can still be purchased now!

Rado not only stands out among many prestigious design awards, but also works closely with leading designers in designing new timepieces. Rado also organizes “Rado Star Prize” competitions for new designers and young designers worldwide, and they compete to win changes in cooperation with the brand. Design has always been the cornerstone of many of Rado ’s breakthrough timepieces and is part of the brand ’s DNA.

Continue reading to get a brief overview of the available features of Rado. Rado offers at least 10 different collections, each with many best swiss replica watches for you to choose from, so this is just a brief introduction to some of them! We will watch Rado watches for women and Rado watches for men to make sure everyone has some! You can view all of our Rado watch series here and have been adding more models!

Rado Hyperchrome automatically opens the heart R32021102
The sporty Rado HyperChrome series was inspired by Rado’s old timepieces and was launched in 2012. It starts with the brand’s time scales used around the clock in any occasion. Since its first release, the series has grown and is now available in more than 70 different styles. The versatile series can be used with any clothing in any situation. Model making is as diverse as the wearer. Provide quartz and automatic models, as well as various colors, sizes and designs.

Rado’s iconic high-tech ceramic HyperChrome watch is the highlight of the series. With its one-piece case, Rado was able to create not only beautiful but technologically advanced watches. The case is made of a smooth piece of injection-molded ceramic to replace and improve the standard stainless steel core design previously required. The result is an innovative breakthrough timepiece. It has extremely high comfort, high durability and excellent aesthetics on the wrist.

Replica Rado TRUE SECRET R27108312 watch

Rado DiaMaster Diamond R14064715

As a UK authorized retailer of Rado watches, we can use some of the best watches, including DiaMaster Diamonds! This is the fashionable and elegant interpretation of Rado’s ultra-durable DiaMaster. This watch family draws inspiration from classic and ancient watches that have provided us with simple beauty for many years. This new face of Rado has a larger open dial, is easy to read, and has space to accommodate these fantastic diamond details. The DiaMaster series benefits from a complete redesign, creating a pleasing variety of collections, including DiaMaster Diamonds, as well as more male models, chronographs and diamond-set jewellery.

This is Rado’s most popular watch series, with a wide range of dial designs and materials. The elaborate elements are combined to make a work of art, made of materials such as high-tech ceramics, leather or carbon diffusion steel. Rado DiaMaster ensures that time is always with you.

Rado true thin line R27955122

True Thinline is a “true” innovation, the thinnest ceramic watch produced by Rado. The case of only 4.9 mm is definitely an amazing feat! True Thinline is a marvel of engineering technology, first launched in 2011 and has been very popular since then. Today we still see exciting new versions of this watch! The movement is only 1mm in size, giving it an elegant simplicity! Yes, this is an elegant and sophisticated watch, but these models still have the same durability and scratch resistance you can get from other high-tech ceramic models.

This monolithic ceramic case is the result of years of research and provides amazing results. Similarly, this model does not require a stainless steel core, which is part of the case construction that Rado has never seen before.

Rado watch R30555103

Centrix is ​​one of Rado’s most popular series. It consists of watches of various styles, sizes and materials. These changes and different color combinations ensure that the Centrix watch is suitable for all tastes. Rado’s iconic sapphire crystal adds an ideal scratch-resistant gloss to each model, making it perfect for every area of ​​life.

The shape and style of Centrix make this watch unique and attractive. The lightweight tapered bracelet fits snugly on the wrist, ensuring comfort throughout the day, without compromising luxury and refinement.

Replica Rado INTEGRAL DIAMONDS R20204712 watch

Rado overall diamond high-tech ceramic R20845712

Integral was first produced in 1986 and is the first Rado watch ever made with high-tech ceramics. Over the years, this series has only gradually become popular, Rado watches now we have such a rich Integral watch series!

For the entire watchmaking industry, this is a truly revolutionary timepiece that combines the essence of high technology with pure graphic linearity. Integral seamlessly integrates the metalized sapphire crystal, case and bracelet in its parallel lines to create an iconic appearance. Recently Integral has been redesigned, and also equipped with models such as one-piece diamonds, with an extra sense of luxury!

Rado XXL HyperChrome chronograph R32259203

We initially only saw a Rado HyperChrome watch, but in order to show the excellent watch series available as a British stockist of Rado watches, we will also take a quick look at the XXL chronograph! This versatile chronograph is sporty and combines functionality and Swiss design to become one of the most popular models!

The model is available in a variety of colors, made from Rado ’s iconic high-tech ceramics, and offers another option in the HyperChrome series. The XXL HyperChrome chronograph brings a certain degree of comfort to the wearer and is very suitable for everyday wear, no matter what task is at hand!