Slim and comfortable fit: De Bethune’s new DB28XP Steel Wheels

Since its debut in 2018, the De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels watch has revealed the unique architecture of the movement with a sense of transparency and lightness. Using De Bethune’s characteristic triangular arrow-shaped bridge, with the spherical moon phase at 6 o’clock, plus various special-shaped parts, it injects a modern architectural flavor into the watch and becomes one of the most representative designs of the brand. And this year’s brand new DB28XP Steel Wheels has passed on this spirit to the world again.

The new DB28XP Steel Wheels watch has a multi-layered case made of titanium metal, which is mirror-polished to create a reflection of light and shadow, making the entire watch look like a building that integrates time, space and light.

De Bethune’s Slim Aesthetics
De Bethune has been investing in the research and development of ultra-thin watches since 2020, and launched the DB28XP as a masterpiece to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the DB28 series. It also presents the research results of the brand’s continuous exploration of mechanical structure and aesthetics.

In the process of challenging ultra-thin watches, brand founder Denis Dlageollet not only innovated the mechanical process, but also continued to insist on the original design beauty and style. He knows that the key is to maintain a consistent design style and to find a balance between aesthetics and craftsmanship. The results are self-evident. Today, the elegant lines and modern style of DB28XP are definitely a concrete manifestation of the brand’s beauty.

Create the perfect balance
The all-new DB28XP Steel Wheels relive De Bethune’s future vision for the art of watchmaking. The connection of thin case, components, movement and surface decoration is revealing the simple future style that the brand is trying to create.

The multi-layered case made of titanium and the lines formed by polishing create reflections of light and shadow, making the entire watch like a building that integrates time, space and light. Atypical parts such as spheres and semi-circles, with microwave decoration, satin, polishing and other surface treatments, allow the watch to form a unique light and shadow and surface depth under different light angles, and show the modern style design of the watch. bring you a great gaming experience.

The distinctive modern design comes from the beauty brought by the unique structure of the Calibre 2115v11 self-winding movement. The hollowed-out barrel and ratchet on the dial are clearly visible, and the triangular arrow-shaped bridge with brand characteristics in the center, which is treated with microwave decoration, brings a sense of light suspension to the vision. best replica watches

In addition, 12 polished blue titanium spheres inspired by the exclusive balance wheel design are surrounded on the outside, in addition to being used as hour markers, they also subtly echo the De Bethune logo. The blue-tempered titanium central hour and minute hands are also a representative feature of the brand.

The Craftsmanship of De Bethune Timepieces
The open window at 6 o’clock shows the De Bethune balance wheel mounted on the hand-wound movement. This is a brand new watch reform launched by the brand after careful research in physics and mathematics. Small size, titanium, with small platinum weights on the outer ring for excellent inertia, reliability and isochronism.

In addition to the uniquely shaped balance wheel, De Bethune also pays special attention to the most delicate soul element in the mechanical watch – the hairspring. The center of gravity of the operation is maintained by the flat curve at the end fixed on the outside, so that the perfect concentric circle structure can be maintained during operation, which brings better stability. In addition, the advantages of a lower center of gravity, better adjustment, more precise speed adjustment, and no-clamp hairspring design can also act as shock absorbers when subjected to shocks. After numerous tests and adjustments, a perfect, balanced, high-precision structure has been achieved. With its self-developed self-adjusting kinetic energy double barrels, De Bethune successfully increased the power reserve by 20%, giving the fake watches for sale a 6-day power reserve.

In addition, in order to maintain the safety of wearing and use, De Bethune has added an exclusive triple shock absorber system to the balance wheel bridge to protect the entire assembly. This is a set of bridges that are symmetrical on both sides to ensure that the balance wheel is kept in the most appropriate position. A set of shock absorbers is added to each end of the structure, using springs instead of fixed bearings, making it a shock absorber system that can effectively absorb shock and strengthen the structure. Together with the shock absorber of the central balance wheel, there are three groups in total, hence the name triple shock absorber.

DB28XP Steel Wheels
Titanium case, diameter 43 mm, hours, minutes, power reserve display on the case back, DB2115v11 manual winding movement, power reserve 6 days, sapphire crystal glass mirror and bottom cover, water-resistant to 30 meters, alligator leather strap.

unparalleled comfort
As a watch for daily use, wearing comfort is also very important. Like all DB28 series, the DB28XP Steel Wheels are the most impressive to the wearer. In addition to the light and skin-friendly titanium case, the patented floating lug design can be adjusted according to the size of the wrist. Wearing close to the hand, the comfort is also greatly increased. In addition, the same titanium clasp and crocodile leather strap as the case have a finishing touch for practicality, comfort and beauty in daily wear. De Bethune fake

De Bethune DB25 Starry Varius

Humans have long looked to the sky for inspiration. The stars provide a way to tell a story, a way to navigate the world, and a reason for humans to dream and think about our place in the universe. Watchmakers and astronomers often work together to advance the scientific discovery process, resulting in new discoveries in the fields of astronomy and watchmaking.

It’s this history of innovation that has inspired De Bethune co-founder and master watchmaker Denis Flageollet to push the boundaries of innovation and materials, looking to the stars for inspiration in his avant-garde sci-fi-themed watches. De Bethune DB25 Starry Varius is less of a sci-fi adventure and more of a hit from Denis Flageollet. This watch should be synonymous with his name and the De Bethune brand.

Starry Varius perfectly leverages Denis Flageollet’s design aesthetic and iconic queue. On the case, Flageollet includes his signature skeletonized lugs, which curve gracefully along the wrist. The lugs feature torpedo points, a subtle nod to his earliest watch, the De Bethune DB1 chronograph, with its retro French inspiration.

The dial showcases De Bethune’s material innovations, with a flame-blue titanium central disc with a display of the Milky Way. Finished with hand-set and polished 24k leaf gold cabochons and laser micro-milling, the pattern depicts the Milky Way. Breguet rose gold hands complete the watch and complement the handcrafted dial.

The entire movement is finished in the Bethune curve, an in-house finishing technique that interacts with light in a beautiful and captivating way, the stripes are evident in natural light, and adjusting the angle of the watch and letting the light dance on it is a pleasure. The double-barrel system features a hand-snailed, compact spiral finish and offers an incredible six-day power reserve via the hand-wound DB2005 movement.

The movement incorporates many of Flageollet’s inventions, including a triple-chute anti-shock system, self-regulating double barrels, a titanium balance with platinum inserts, a fake De Bethune hairspring with a flat-end curve, and a silicon escape wheel. See His titanium balance wheel and balance spring work incredible with its flat end curve, a truly mesmerizing sight.

Starry Varius takes De Bethune’s signature sci-fi feel, but captures De Bethune’s innovations and patents and expresses them in beautifully handcrafted watches. Notably, De Bethune will create a custom Starry Varius with a dial depicting the sky anywhere at any time, allowing you to mark special occasions and places in your life with the celestial dial of your choice.

Model: DB25 Starry Varius

Reference number: DB25VRS3

Case Size + Material: 42mm, 18k Rose Gold

Bottom cover: Exhibition bottom cover

Movement: Manual winding movement DB2005

Complications/functions: hours, minutes

Strap/Bracelet: Double-sided alligator leather strap, rose gold Tang buckle

De Bethune DB25 perpetual calendar green

New color scheme and materials for De Bethune QP watches

When it comes to describing any De Bethune fake watch, people usually use several superlative descriptive words. For example, the level of detail can only be matched by a few people, if any. This innovative independent watchmaker is very capable of creating a fusion of traditional watchmaking expertise and forward-looking technological advancements. It does this in a very unique style, and it can be divided into two “faces” if you want. The more classic and traditional side of the brand is the DB25 series, which now launched the new De Bethune DB25 Perpetual Calendar Green during Dubai Watch Week.

The green new DB25 Perpetual Calendar is built on De Bethune’s existing structure. They have done DB25 QP before, with silver, anthracite or salmon pink dials and white or rose gold and platinum cases. This new version has not only changed in color, but also in material, because the case is now made of titanium. It has a diameter of 44 mm, a height of 11.1 mm, and has a hollow integrated lug that can be seen on all DB25 models. Sapphire crystals on the front and back cover the dial and movement.

The dial of the new De Bethune DB25 Perpetual Calendar uses a very beautiful green hue, similar to the color we recently saw on the DB27 Titan Hawk. It uses a handmade guilloche pattern in the middle part of the dial, which is divided into 12 parts. The outer edge of the dial is a second guilloché pattern, which is connected by curved hour and minute hands. All scales, including embossed Roman numerals, are made of silver. The polished steel curved hands only indicate hours and minutes, not seconds.

De Bethune DB25 Perpetual Calendar displays the week and month through two windows at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively. Two date and moon phase subdials with integrated leap year indication are arranged vertically. The moon phases are decorated with stars in a typical De Bethune manner. The 3D spherical moon used for display is accurate to one lunar day every 122 years. men watches cheap

It is equipped with the brand’s internal caliber DB2324, which is composed of no less than 425 components, including 47 gems. The movement uses De Bethune’s iconic titanium and platinum rotors, which can be seen from the back. It is also equipped with several innovations that De Bethune is famous for, such as titanium and platinum balance wheels, De Bethune hairsprings with flat end curves, and silicon escape wheels. Running at a frequency of 28,800vph, it can provide 120 hours of power reserve when the barrel is fully wound. The time and date are adjusted through the crown, and the remaining QP indications are adjusted through the corrector in the strap. The finishing effect is exactly what you would expect from De Bethune; spectacular!

De Bethune DB25 Perpetual Calendar Green is paired with an olive green textile strap or a cognac brown leather strap, both with a polished titanium pin buckle.

Case: 44 mm diameter x 11.1 mm height-Grade 5 titanium case, polished-one-piece, hollow lugs-sapphire crystal mirror, double anti-reflective coating-sapphire crystal glass case back-30 meters water resistance
Dial: Green dial with handmade guilloche pattern-raised/curved hour and minute hands-curved and mirror-polished steel hands-date display at 6 o’clock-day and month indicator hole-accurate spherical moon phase display One lunar day every 122 years-integrated leap year indication
Movement: Caliber DB2324, self-produced – automatic winding – 425 components – 47 jewels – 35 mm diameter – titanium and platinum balance wheel – De Bethune balance spring, flat end curve – silicon escape wheel – titanium and platinum pendulum Tuo – 28,800 vph – 120 hours power reserve – hours, minutes, date, day of the week, month, leap year and spherical moon phase
Strap: Green textile strap-Cognac brown leather strap-Polished titanium pin buckle
Reference: DB25QPATUIS4

Hands-on De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels Sapphire Tourbillon

Last year, De Bethune celebrated the 10th anniversary of its flagship DB28 model and the 2nd anniversary of the hollow DB28 Steel Wheels. The idea behind the first DB28 Steel Wheels in 2018 was to open the dial to show the modern architecture of the movement. With the appearance of this DB28 Steel Wheels Sapphire Tourbillon during Geneva Watch Day in August 2020, De Bethune has created a more attractive dial view and combined it with a higher technical complexity due to the presence of the tourbillon. The translucent blue sapphire on the bridge not only enhances the visual effect, but also adds a sense of elegance to this already otherworldly watch.

Blue is the color we all associate with De Bethune, especially the intense electric blue of hot blue titanium that Denis Flageollet accidentally found in the workshop. Now made of blue sapphire crystal, the iconic triangular bridge in the center of the dial rises to cater to your gaze. The blue sapphire is opaque, but translucent, adding a charming element. As with the first DB28 steel wheel in 2018, the central area of ​​the triangular bridge has been removed to show part of the movement. Below the sapphire bridge, you can see two barrels with drum covers, also protected by a thin layer of blue sapphire.

All blue sapphire glass parts are designed by Denis Flageollet, the founder and master watchmaker of De Bethune. The sapphire is then laser cut and trimmed with polished titanium, which is a modern interpretation of the art of stained glass windows. Just to give you an idea of ​​the work involved, the thickness of each sapphire crystal component is different: for example, the bridge is 1 mm thick with a polished titanium frame, while the barrel cover is only 0.3 mm thick, surrounded by Exquisite frame in blue titanium.

The hour and minute hands are also hollow, hand-made in De Bethune’s studio in l’Auberson. The hour hand is a work of art that combines sandblasted steel, titanium and blue titanium to match the blue color palette of the watch.

Instead of the traditional spherical moon of the DB28, a fast-rotating, ultra-light 30-second tourbillon is fixed by a hollow bridge. Denis Flageollet is an ardent admirer of traditional watchmaking, and pays tribute to Breguet’s tourbillon with a modern cyclone device. In order to compensate for the dynamics of movement, the cage must be as light as possible and run at maximum frequency and rotation speed, while keeping weight and inertia to a minimum. The tourbillon is made of titanium and silicon, composed of 63 parts, vibrates 36,000 times per hour, and the lightweight frame rotates once every 30 seconds. The frame weighs only 0.18 grams, making it the lightest tourbillon frame ever.

Another distinguishing feature of DB28 is the fascinating sense of depth created on the dial. Tilted titanium hour rings with minute dents are located on the flange, and spherical polished titanium hour markers are located on the blue titanium ring. By keeping the hour markers on the periphery, the remaining space on the dial can be used for performances. The dial has different heights, shapes, finishes and volumes, creating a vibrant stage. The elevated central bridge hovering above the movement, the hollow bridge that holds the tourbillon in its deep well, the area that actually falls into the gap, the exquisite finish and clear teeth of the gear train and barrel, and the contrasting materials Extraordinary interest in the dial.

The DB28 model of DE BETHUNE, launched in 2010, is the backbone of the brand. It is characterized by its floating articulated lugs, a triangular bridge on the dial, a crown at 12 o’clock and its futuristic style. DB28 won the coveted gold award just one year after the birth of the 2011 version of GPHG. Over the years, it has adopted various appearances, from the blue tourbillon version with the cosmic blue suit in 2018 to the steel wheel with skeleton movement in 2018; from the 2015 black matte version to the sporty DB28GS; from The all-black shadow will be a somewhat outdated digital version in 2014, the DB28 digital version. In 2019, we met Blond BOMBSHELL MELLOW YELLOW and produced three ultra-thin models called DB28XP in 2020 to celebrate its tenth anniversary, followed by an open-hole steel application Program and application table.

The shape of things in the future
The DB28 case is a triumph of futuristic design, but it also pays homage to certain classic watchmaking traditions that Denis Flageollet cherishes. The crown at 12 o’clock is a tribute to traditional pocket watches, and the perfect finish related to traditional art or craftsmanship runs through.

The structure of the case is unique and defines the personality of DB28. From the inflatable part to the hollow area of ​​the lugs, everything implies lightness and fluidity. Made of grade 5 titanium, the highest level of mirror polishing gives it a shiny reflective surface that is more vivid and brighter than stainless steel. In order to achieve fascinating reflections and light and shadow effects, titanium is mirror-polished by hand for several days with boxwood grindstone and diamond paste. The case is wide and 43 mm in diameter, but the height is relatively thin, 9.80 mm. Thanks to the use of titanium, this watch is very lightweight on the wrist. Although it is wide, the movable lugs (with variable geometry) mean that the watch fits the wrist perfectly. Sharp-eyed fans of the DB28, which was completely redesigned last year, will notice that the tip of the spring bar that holds the strap in place is bullet-shaped, reminiscent of De Bethune’s first collection. The finishing touch is the elegant super soft black alligator leather strap with a polished titanium buckle.

The back of the men watches brands provides a very different panorama. The bridge is impeccably decorated with a circular texture, which obscures most of the landscape. You will also find a blue hand, which corresponds to the blue steel linear power reserve indicator around the movement. The double barrel is powered by De Bethune’s manual winding movement DB2019V5, ensuring a strong 5-day power reserve. As mentioned earlier, the tourbillon is equipped with a silicon escape wheel with a frequency of 36,000vph.

De Bethune – DB28XP Meteorite

One of the most identified creations of the DB28 Swiss brand, DB28 has been rendered in a new interpretation, combining the black zirconium cassette with the meteorite dial.

10 pieces of single-numbered limited edition, DB28XP meteorite is decorated with new meteorites, Munionalusta meteorites. This may be the oldest meteorite in the world attacks our planet. In 1906, the first fragment found in Sweden in Sweden. It is mainly composed of iron and nickel, and is separated by the perfect geometry of its 60 ° angle, its 60 ° angle cross shadow “Widmanstätten” mode.

But at this time, replica DE BethUne is further further, with a starry sky, with its galaxy on a pre-occurring meteorometer, further further. This blue shades are produced by heat released by the chemical reaction of the heated meteorite.

Because it is easy to imagine, each sky is different, so that every one is unique. But in order to make this claim more, customers can choose a given constellation at a specific date, time and location according to the exact sky map.

In the ultra-light 43 mm x 7.2 mm case, the polished black zirconium housing is strongly characterized in the crown of 12 o’clock, and the patented floating ear is obtained. replica automatic watches

The dial adopts a smokeless coal time ring, where the pink Arabic label is surrounded by a ribbon brushed titanium. Polished pink gold, one hour and tiny hands clearly stand out.

The hand-wound movement is equipped with a DE BETHUNE balance, visible by dialing aperture with 6 o’clock. It is equipped with the latest technological advances, including adjustment of diameter, titanium, and small platinum weight around the edge, and imparts significant inertia, reliability, and regulating properties.

DB2115V7 Caliber is 28,800 vibration hits per hour, providing 6 days of significant power reserves, which are ensured by self-regulating twins.

De Bethune DB25GMT Starry Varius

It’s time to take replica De Bethune‘s fantastic Greenwich Mean Time again.

With a unique watchmaking method that combines classic watchmaking specifications and complications, avant-garde case, innovative technology and beautiful cosmic scenery, it can be said with certainty that no one does this like De Bethune. The latest watch to join the DB25 series is the DB25GMT Starry Varius, a practical GMT model that joins the ranks of its more complex sibling, the DB25 World Traveler in 2016. Denis Flageollet marks the brand’s 29th in-house movement and adds a second time zone complication in the fantastic DB25 Starry Varius watch. Fascinatingly, the “mysterious” Greenwich Mean Time display signals the time by a rotating sphere, which can also be used as a day/night indicator.

The Starry Varius sub-series of DB25 includes Starry Varius, which can customize the night sky, and Starry Varius Chronomètre Tourbillon, which won the GPHG 2018 Chronometry Award. Like the two Starry Varius models in the series, the 42mm case is made of polished grade 5 titanium, the lugs are made of one-piece hollowwork, the sapphire case back reveals the movement, and the dial is decorated with stars and a hazy Milky Way belt Although the movement below is more complicated, the case height of 11.8 mm is relatively slim, only 3 mm thicker than the simpler limited-time Starry Varius.

drama show
Obviously different from most dual-time dial layouts, DB25GMT Starry Varius relies on three concentric rings to convey the local time, home time and date. However, it is worth noting that De Bethune has achieved an impressive depth on the dial due to the different height, decoration and theatrical stage.

The local time is depicted on the raised and round silver flange on the periphery (almost like a donut), hovering over the deep well. Flame blue steel hands with curved tips follow the arc of the ring to read the black Arabic numerals of the hours; the minutes represented by the blue dots are located on the outermost rose gold ring. The crown in both directions sets the local time.

The bottom layer of the dial is a 24-hour silver track, used to display home time or reference time, which can be set in both directions through the crown. The numbers in the daytime are in gold, and the numbers in the night are in black (except at 6 am and 6 pm, which are white and outlined in black). However, what is interesting is the function of the small spheres made of rose gold and blue titanium. The time and day/night functions are indicated by rotating spheres instead of regular GMT hands. In the photo, the sphere is hovering over the 6 am mark and shows the same part of gold and blue titanium. During the day, over time, the microspheres showed more rose gold; after the 6pm mark, the spheres showed more blue. In fact, the technology behind the 3D rotating moon was developed and patented by De Bethune for earlier models, such as the DB28 with a spherical rotating moon phase and the impressive DB25QP perpetual calendar.

A raised platform in the center of the dial indicates the date on an arc-shaped ring with a flame blue jumper. The center of the platform is decorated with De Bethune’s iconic electric blue night sky, which represents the poetic sky of day and night. Made of blue and polished titanium, and dotted with gold pins-hand-inlaid one by one to depict the stars-the Milky Way pattern and its characteristic mist are laser milled and plated with 24k gold foil. The upper part of the central dial represents the day, and the polished rose gold sun shines on a silver shimmering background. Low-light engraving is an updated interpretation of traditional guilloche decoration techniques, cleverly using light and shadow effects. To correct the date, there is a corrector at 6 o’clock in the case.

The 29th in-house movement
The manual winding Calibre DB2507 is the 29th movement of De Bethune, which can be appreciated through the sapphire crystal caseback with a double anti-reflective coating. De Bethune’s iconic triangular main bridge has an extensive mirror-polished surface, with smaller areas decorated with Côtes de Bethune (Côtes de Bethune) enhanced by low-light engraving. The ruby’s polished bevels and polished grooves, and the handmade snail decorations on the two barrels, highlight the high-level horology of this watch.

The two self-regulating main barrels use De Bethune patented technology and innovation to ensure 5 days power supply (DB Innovation 2004). The titanium alloy balance wheel with platinum weights (DB patent 2016) interacts with a balance wheel with a flat end curve (DB patent 2006) to counteract the effects of temperature changes. The escape wheel is made of silicon, and the triple chute damping system fixes the adjuster through a titanium bridge (DB Innovation 2005). Last but not least, the movement is also equipped with a rotating spherical day/night indicator (DB Patent 2004).

De Bethune DB25GMT Starry Varius uses a soft black alligator leather strap with an alligator leather lining and a titanium pin buckle.

Technical Specifications-Bethune DB25GMT STARRY VARIUS

Case: 42 mm diameter x 11.8 mm high-titanium, polished-skeletonized lugs-sapphire crystal glass with double anti-reflective coating on the dial and case back-30 meters water resistance-for setting local and reference time Crown, date corrector at 6 o’clock, clock on the case

Dial: Local time outer ring with hours and minutes-24-hour GMT reference time track, indicated by a rotating day/night ball-Date, jumping hands centered-Flame blue hands-Iconic De Bethune night sky and day, low light Carved rose gold sun in the center

Movement: Caliber DB2507-the 29th self-made movement-manual winding-368 parts-40 jewels-30 mm-28,800vph-5 days (120 hours) power reserve-titanium alloy balance wheel with gold inserts- Hairspring flat-end curve-silicon escape wheel-rotating day/night sphere-parachute damping system-hours, minutes, GMT, day/night indicator, jump date

Strap: black crocodile leather, crocodile leather lining-titanium pin buckle

Reference: DB25VGT1S3

De Bethune DB28 Digitale

Ask your average millionaire independent watch collector who is making some of the most interesting and annoying watches, and they are likely to mention fake De Bethune. We visited Geneva on the first day and showed you their artwork Dream Watch5. Now, we return to their bread and butter-DB28, this time the jump is called “Digitale”. “

DB28 Digitale has three different types of time display: digital display for jumping hours, analog display for minutes and spherical moon phase display. Although the 3d moon phase is undoubtedly De Bethune’s business card, the technical aspects of the minute display with retrograde function or the hour display with the patented time-jumping system cannot be ignored.

From 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock, the night sky driven by the impressive micro ball bearing mechanism is vividly depicted and drives the digital hours. The moon phase consists of two hemispheres, one in palladium and the other in flame blue steel. The moon phase of the DB28 Digitale will remain accurate for 1,112 years in a day.

At the rear of this new DB28, you will have the crazy and gorgeous movement DB2144, which has flame-blue steel parts and the exquisite Cotes de Geneve shape on the bridge.

At 6 o’clock, you can see De Bethune’s exclusive round silcon and platinum balance wheel. Behind the crown, you will see not the Geneva seal, but the De Bethune seal.

The case is made of ultra-light polished titanium alloy, coupled with the patented articulated lug system, making this 40mm best luxury watches very easy to use on the wrist.

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheel Saphir Tourbillon

DE BETHUNE DB28 Steel Wheels Sapphire Tourbillon DB28SWTTIS1 Replica watch

Combination of polished titanium and sapphire, plus tourbillon.

This year, independent watchmaker De Bethune celebrated the 10th anniversary of its most famous DB28 watch. The Jubilee began with the DB28XP series (XP for printing plates) launched earlier this year, and three stunning new models were introduced. Now, as part of the new models launched during the Geneva Watch Fair, the brand has adopted a modern, hollowed out “steel wheel” concept and increased the transparency and complexity of sapphire in the form of a tourbillon. Meet the impressive new De Bethune DB28 steel wheel Saphir Tourbillon.

Like the previous DB28 steel wheels without a tourbillon, the idea is to reveal as much as possible the technology and decoration of the movement-we can blame De Bethune for this, the movement is indeed worth seeing. Now, with the brand’s iconic elements-triangular bridges, the use of polished titanium and blue elements (typical case)-a new and rather complex model has been introduced, the DB28 Steel Wheels Saphir Tourbillon.

The box retains the specific structure of the collectibles, and has a circular central container on which hinged lugs are fixed. Thanks to the articulated lugs, despite the 43 mm diameter, the watch still brings a pleasant feel to the wrist and is more compact than you would expect. The case is made of highly polished titanium and has a bright, reflective surface that is far stronger than stainless steel. As usual, the crown is located at 12 o’clock-which is an ode to an old pocket watch-and the watch is worn on an alligator leather strap.

Transfer to the dial, a lot of work is going on, but De Bethune’s unique appearance has been fully respected. First you can see the triangular bridge, which is made of sapphire. Below are two lens barrels, the drum cover is also made of blue sapphire, providing an unobstructed view of the internal mechanical operation. One thing to note is that all sapphire elements are framed by thin titanium stripes, which is an ode to ancient stained glass windows. The frame of the dial is an hour chronograph ring, blue titanium with hour polished pearls. The hands are another impressive element of the replica watches for sale. They are made by hand and consist of many elements-especially the hour hand, its central steel case and polished matte titanium elements.

The tourbillon is positioned at 6 o’clock, but it is replica De Bethune, so the tourbillon is not your classic adjuster. First, it is a fast stirrer because we are talking about 30 seconds of rotation and 36,000 vibrations per hour (or 5 Hz). However, it is ultra-lightweight. Despite its 63 components, it weighs only 0.18 grams, making it the lightest tourbillon cage ever. The lightest ingredient is only 0.0001 grams. The rear of the movement is much more discreet than the front, but the decoration is still top-notch.

Traditional advanced system is completed in unconventional form

Although Starfleet’s chic De Bethune residence style and alluring charm have everything it should, the traditional double-sided decoration is still active in L’Auberson, Switzerland.

Steel dials are everywhere, and black polishing is the highest surface treatment standard. The most impressive execution effect can be seen on the continuously rounded balance bridge.

There is too much black (or flat) polish on the dial base and can even double as a signal mirror. There is more black polish in the boundary of Bethune Mountain below the hand. The screw head includes poli noir (black polished) and chamfered screw grooves.

Titanium-both emissive and blue-occupies the main body of the dial. The framed titanium alloy barrel bridge in the center shows a world-class luster on its periphery.

De Bethune’s design team went all out on the dial, but the appearance of the back cover also attracted a lot of attention. The blue titanium alloy flange includes the scale of the DB28 six-day power reserve indicator, and the visible mechanism includes a beautiful straight-grained satin coating.

Visible engine rotation range is wide, full of bridges between the entire motherboard and power reserve system.

No details can escape consideration. The slender and comfortable crocodile leather belt is equipped with high-grade crocodile skin scales on both sides, which is more durable than the more common hybrid crocodile leather calfskin belt used by almost all other brands.

The small proportions on the underside of the strap contrast with the large rectangular pattern on the top. The highly stylized De Bethune titanium pin buckle echoes the sculptural form of the lugs in a carefully designed parallel replica watches

DE BETHUNE DB28 Steel Wheels Sapphire Tourbillon DB28SWTTIS1 Replica watch

Item Type: Replica DB28 Watches
Case Material: Titanium,Round
Brand Name: De Bethune
Model Number: DB28SWTTIS1
Movement: Manual Winding
Dial Diameter: 43 mm
Gender: men
Thickness: 9 mm
Dial: Blue,white
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Boxes: common box package without paper
Band Material Type: Alligator strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Power Reserve,Tourbillon
Year: 2020