Slim and comfortable fit: De Bethune’s new DB28XP Steel Wheels

Since its debut in 2018, the De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels watch has revealed the unique architecture of the movement with a sense of transparency and lightness. Using De Bethune’s characteristic triangular arrow-shaped bridge, with the spherical moon phase at 6 o’clock, plus various special-shaped parts, it injects a modern architectural flavor into the watch and becomes one of the most representative designs of the brand. And this year’s brand new DB28XP Steel Wheels has passed on this spirit to the world again.

The new DB28XP Steel Wheels watch has a multi-layered case made of titanium metal, which is mirror-polished to create a reflection of light and shadow, making the entire watch look like a building that integrates time, space and light.

De Bethune’s Slim Aesthetics
De Bethune has been investing in the research and development of ultra-thin watches since 2020, and launched the DB28XP as a masterpiece to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the DB28 series. It also presents the research results of the brand’s continuous exploration of mechanical structure and aesthetics.

In the process of challenging ultra-thin watches, brand founder Denis Dlageollet not only innovated the mechanical process, but also continued to insist on the original design beauty and style. He knows that the key is to maintain a consistent design style and to find a balance between aesthetics and craftsmanship. The results are self-evident. Today, the elegant lines and modern style of DB28XP are definitely a concrete manifestation of the brand’s beauty.

Create the perfect balance
The all-new DB28XP Steel Wheels relive De Bethune’s future vision for the art of watchmaking. The connection of thin case, components, movement and surface decoration is revealing the simple future style that the brand is trying to create.

The multi-layered case made of titanium and the lines formed by polishing create reflections of light and shadow, making the entire watch like a building that integrates time, space and light. Atypical parts such as spheres and semi-circles, with microwave decoration, satin, polishing and other surface treatments, allow the watch to form a unique light and shadow and surface depth under different light angles, and show the modern style design of the watch. bring you a great gaming experience.

The distinctive modern design comes from the beauty brought by the unique structure of the Calibre 2115v11 self-winding movement. The hollowed-out barrel and ratchet on the dial are clearly visible, and the triangular arrow-shaped bridge with brand characteristics in the center, which is treated with microwave decoration, brings a sense of light suspension to the vision. best replica watches

In addition, 12 polished blue titanium spheres inspired by the exclusive balance wheel design are surrounded on the outside, in addition to being used as hour markers, they also subtly echo the De Bethune logo. The blue-tempered titanium central hour and minute hands are also a representative feature of the brand.

The Craftsmanship of De Bethune Timepieces
The open window at 6 o’clock shows the De Bethune balance wheel mounted on the hand-wound movement. This is a brand new watch reform launched by the brand after careful research in physics and mathematics. Small size, titanium, with small platinum weights on the outer ring for excellent inertia, reliability and isochronism.

In addition to the uniquely shaped balance wheel, De Bethune also pays special attention to the most delicate soul element in the mechanical watch – the hairspring. The center of gravity of the operation is maintained by the flat curve at the end fixed on the outside, so that the perfect concentric circle structure can be maintained during operation, which brings better stability. In addition, the advantages of a lower center of gravity, better adjustment, more precise speed adjustment, and no-clamp hairspring design can also act as shock absorbers when subjected to shocks. After numerous tests and adjustments, a perfect, balanced, high-precision structure has been achieved. With its self-developed self-adjusting kinetic energy double barrels, De Bethune successfully increased the power reserve by 20%, giving the fake watches for sale a 6-day power reserve.

In addition, in order to maintain the safety of wearing and use, De Bethune has added an exclusive triple shock absorber system to the balance wheel bridge to protect the entire assembly. This is a set of bridges that are symmetrical on both sides to ensure that the balance wheel is kept in the most appropriate position. A set of shock absorbers is added to each end of the structure, using springs instead of fixed bearings, making it a shock absorber system that can effectively absorb shock and strengthen the structure. Together with the shock absorber of the central balance wheel, there are three groups in total, hence the name triple shock absorber.

DB28XP Steel Wheels
Titanium case, diameter 43 mm, hours, minutes, power reserve display on the case back, DB2115v11 manual winding movement, power reserve 6 days, sapphire crystal glass mirror and bottom cover, water-resistant to 30 meters, alligator leather strap.

unparalleled comfort
As a watch for daily use, wearing comfort is also very important. Like all DB28 series, the DB28XP Steel Wheels are the most impressive to the wearer. In addition to the light and skin-friendly titanium case, the patented floating lug design can be adjusted according to the size of the wrist. Wearing close to the hand, the comfort is also greatly increased. In addition, the same titanium clasp and crocodile leather strap as the case have a finishing touch for practicality, comfort and beauty in daily wear. De Bethune fake