What is the best watch to wear with a suit?

Put on your best suit? Think about the watch you wear on your wrist. There is nothing like having the perfect watches to complete the look more subtly.

While many of us are still working from home during the pandemic, some of us still have to go to the office, while others attend or host board meetings via Zoom. Eventually, we too will return to the new normal. That means putting on your best suit and putting your best feet — or wrists — forward. Fortunately, no matter what price category your budget can afford, there are plenty of great watches that will perfectly complement your suit.

Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Time
For a watch that exudes masculinity and taste, this 18-karat rose gold Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Time is the perfect watch. The rectangular geometry within the circular dial gives the watch an artistic flair, and it also provides the time and date in two zones. Powered by the UN-24 in-house self-winding movement, this 42mm watch features a sapphire caseback for viewing the exquisite movement. It’s an insider’s watch, which means that only someone who really knows the watch can tell at a glance that you’re wearing a leading brand.

Audemars Piguet Automatic Chronograph Audemars Piguet Code 11.59
Considered one of the best brands in the serious watch collection, Audemars Piguet is known for its Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore watches. However, its Code 11:59, designed by Audemars Piguet, quickly attracted attention due to its very large dial and non-existent bezel. This self-winding chronograph is powered by an automatic movement with a power reserve of 70 hours. Even though it has a chrono function (for timing events), it’s still king on the wrist under any suit. It is crafted in 18-karat white and rose gold and has a black alligator leather strap.

Patek Philippe Nautilus
A true holy grail brand, Patek Philippe is the epitome of what watch collectors desire. At first glance, this much-loved Nautilus watch (especially in 18-karat solid rose gold) looks sporty, but makes a statement even under a suit. This 40.5mm watch is powered by an in-house automatic movement with a 45-hour power reserve, date and chronograph functions. It’s a win-win watch, but be aware that there’s a waiting list for anything from Patek Philippe, especially the Nautilus.

Ferdinand Berthoud FB 2RS.2
Let’s face it, once you’re in the category where you can afford a timepiece for $100,000 or more, you can afford something over $200,000. Why not make it a truly unique watch like this Ferdinand Berthoud FB 2RS.2 watch. As a master of creating constant-force mechanisms through a fusée-and-chain transmission, Ferdinand Berthoud ensures that the entire power reserve of the watch remains precise at all times. This watch is also equipped with a tourbillon escapement to ensure greater precision. It is a COSC certified chronometer.

oriental contemporary
A fine Milanese mesh bracelet with stainless steel and gold-tone hands and markers makes this Orient Contemporary watch a great contender for those just starting their careers. It has a modern yet classic feel, and the white dial lets you quickly read the time (and date) on your wrist, so your boss doesn’t think you want to quit meetings. This 40mm watch even features an automatic movement with a 40-hour power reserve.

Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Automatic
This Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Automatic watch is exactly what its name suggests: with a touch of true American classics and modern urban chic. The striking gradient grey dial starts out in the center and then extends in a sunburst pattern, darkening at the edges of the dial. With the 6:00 date aperture, you’re sure to never miss a meeting. The 42mm stainless steel case is powered by a Swiss-made ETA self-winding movement with a power reserve of 42 hours.

Tutima Flieger Classic Automatic
An unlikely candidate as it is a Flieger pilot inspired watch, this Tutima Flieger Classic Automatic is a great choice. While 43mm might be a bit large, the striking blue dial and the watch’s knurled bezel are definitely a headache. It offers day and date indication to help you stay on track, and is powered by the Tutima 330 automatic movement with a 38-hour power reserve. A steel bracelet instead of a watch strap takes it up a notch in the “dressing” department. fake watches for sale

Frédérique Constant Classic Hybrid Manufacture
Working for a tech-oriented company, but not someone like a smartwatch? Consider this excellent hybrid watch from Frédérique Constant. The Classic Hybrid Manufacture timepiece features an automatically connected movement (Calibre FC-750), manufactured in-house in the brand’s Swiss Manufacture. The blue dial features a meticulous Parisian guilloché pattern that complements the rose gold-plated stainless steel case (pardon the pun). The watch offers many functions due to its connectivity. Plus, it won’t break the bank.

Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M
This is where you start thinking about a more serious watch, and there’s nothing quite like the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial Master Chronometer. Crafted in stainless steel, it features a rose gold bezel and a textured one-piece black rubber strap for a sporty chic look. But the 41mm watch isn’t too big to fit under a shirt cuff, and it’s an eye stopper when looking out. It is powered by the Omega 8900 self-winding movement. It has observatory certification and is magnetically shielded.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Geographic
You can’t go wrong with a classic Jaeger-LeCoultre watch on your wrist, this Master Control Geographic watch will catch your eye, especially when you need every penny to know what time it is elsewhere . It provides a second time zone indicator and time in all 24 major time zones around the world. It also provides hours, minutes, date and central seconds. Crafted from stainless steel, this 40mm quality replica watches features a harmoniously balanced white sunray dial that provides all the information you need at a glance. It is powered by an automatic movement.

Flying higher: Chanel presents the J12 diamond tourbillon at Watches & Wonders 2022

At Watches & Wonders 2022, Chanel unveiled a striking diamond-set Haute Horlogerie J12, equipped with the brand’s first in-house flying tourbillon, the Calibre 5. The brand also announced a new COSC-certified J12 33mm self-winding movement.

Traditionally seen as a luxury fashion house, Chanel has been taking its watchmaking seriously for some time, especially since the launch of the impressive Monsieur Chanel in 2016. The brand further enhanced its haute horlogerie credentials at Watches & Wonders in 2022 with the launch of the new J12 Diamond Tourbillon this week.

The striking new version of Chanel’s iconic timepiece features the brand’s first in-house produced flying tourbillon movement, the Calibre 5, while also showcasing the brand’s renowned expertise in gem setting and ceramic production.

The Calibre 5 was designed in Paris by Arnaud Chastaingt, director of the Chanel Watchmaking Creation Studio, and then developed and assembled by Châtelain, the company’s Swiss movement manufacturing division in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

sparkling spectacle
The tourbillon steals the show on the face of the 38mm watch, emerging through a circular cutout on the black dial. While the outside of the tourbillon cage is set with 26 brilliant-cut diamonds, a large solitaire diamond is set in the center. Together with the surrounding gems, the complication’s design creates a mesmerizing, sparkling spectacle as the tourbillon turns. The upper hour and minute hands are also set with 22 brilliant-cut diamonds.

The Calibre 5 is equipped with a 48-hour power reserve, which is partially displayed on the dial side, but more details can be appreciated through the display caseback. There, we see that the movement has the same circular bridge construction and clever finishes found in Chanel Haute Horlogerie creations.

To start using the Calibre 5 in its J12 collection, Chanel has launched two limited editions of the J12 Diamond Tourbillon of 55 pieces: priced at €160,000, the first has a black glossy ceramic case with an 18K white gold bezel set with 34 diamonds Baguette-cut diamonds and white gold crown, also set with a brilliant-cut diamond. Its one-piece black ceramic bracelet features a white gold three-fold clasp.

This time in matte black ceramic, the black steel bezel is paired with a matte black baguette-cut ceramic ring and a black steel crown, again set with a brilliant-cut diamond. Its ceramic bracelet features a stainless steel three-fold clasp in matte black.

J12 33mm – now with COSC certified 12.2 automatic movement
Chanel has been busy working on not just the Calibre 5, but the new Calibre 12.2. This newly developed automatic movement now offers a mechanical option for those attracted by the J12 33mm’s sporty appeal, previously only available with quartz movements.

Turning the watch over, we can see the brand new mechanism – certified by the COSC Observatory and equipped with a 50-hour power reserve – showing its full glory through the back of the display.

Again, the circles come into play here, the main plate has circular steps and the rotor has a ring cutout. Polished and matte finishes as well as vertical and circular textures ensure that the mechanism has a strong visual impact.

The Calibre 12.2 was designed and developed exclusively for luxury Chanel by Le Locle-based Kenissi, which acquired a 20% stake in the company in 2019. Breitling and Tudor have also invested in the Swiss manufacturer, which has a reputation for making top-of-the-line movements.

Why is the “ghost king” with good looks and skills not as popular as his brothers?

At the beginning, I can’t help but sigh, the recent market of Rolex replica is too magical. Throughout the current popular products, they all show a strong sports style, and among these products, diving watches are the most popular. But only the deep diving type (DEE SEA), which is commonly known as the “ghost king” by players, seems to have a weak market performance, and its popularity is even inferior to the entry-level Oyster Perpetual. This “King” watch with strong sports style, tough appearance and high technical content should also be a popular choice, but it is not as “received” as its own brother, let us take a look, “Ghost King” deep dive Why is the shape so happy and worrying.

In the recent heat, the prices of many Rolex sports models have been pushed to high levels. The same as the submersible type (water ghost) as a diving watch, whether it is the basic no calendar model or the precious metal model, there are different degrees of premium. Only the price of Ghost King seems to be a little “weak”, not only the actual purchase price is not much different from the public price, but it can even be obtained at a more advantageous price in the secondary market. However, the “softness” mentioned here does not refer to how low the actual selling price is, but the degree of premium relative to similar products.

In terms of the elements required as a popular model, it has scarcity, recognition, and sports style, but why is the market performance not as good as expected? Obviously, wearing comfort is the reason why many people abandoned the ghost king in the first place. After all, the huge diameter of 44mm, the thickness of 17.7mm, and the weight of more than 200 grams, if it is not for a burly body, I am afraid it is difficult to control. For watch lovers whose wrist circumference is less than 170 mm, unless they can accept the “contrast cuteness” formed by a small wrist and a large watch diameter, the wearing effect is really funny. Considering the average figure of Asians, the ghost king is destined to be only suitable for some people, and it is not as universal as the water ghost. fake watches for sale

However, being a “king” must have its excellence. We know that Rolex’s diving watches are positioned according to the level of waterproofing. The most basic series of submersible type (water ghost) has a waterproof rating of 300 meters; the sea-dweller type has a waterproof level of 1220 meters; as for the “ghost king” deep diving type, it has an ultra-high waterproof level of 3900 meters, which is a water ghost. More than ten times. It should be noted that the deep diving type is not an independent product series, it belongs to the sea-dwelling type, which can be understood as the top version and special model of the sea-dwelling type.

In order to achieve this exaggerated waterproof level, Rolex has carried out a lot of stacking. On the outer layer of the dial, we can clearly see the words “RING LOCK SYSTEM”, which literally translates to “Ring Lock System”. This patented technology is only used in ghost kings. In simple terms, the system consists of three parts: the first is the BioDur 108 alloy ring, which is located inside the case and has 3 times the tensile strength of 904 steel; the second is the titanium caseback, which is used for Absorb pressure deformation; the third is a 5.5 mm thick sapphire crystal, which can effectively resist high water pressure shocks. At the same time, there is a helium escape valve on the side of the case of the ghost king, which can quickly discharge the helium gas accumulated in the case to the outside of the case to ensure the stability of the fake watches for sale.

For the sake of waterproofing, Ghost King did not use a convex lens type calendar window. The reason is that Rolex’s convex lens-type date window is not formed in one piece, but is bonded together by two pieces of sapphire glass through a special process. After all, in a high-pressure environment, it is difficult to ensure the stability of the adhesive. Therefore, for the sake of functionality, the brand abandoned this highly recognizable design.

As the saying goes, “If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight.” If the diameter, thickness and weight of the high quality replica watches are not a problem for you, then the Ghost King, which integrates many technical stacks, is a sincere product. After all, it is a Rolex. All the popular elements are there. Compared with the high premium of the entire water ghost series, the ghost king whose actual purchase price is not much different from the public price may also be worth considering.

Omega Introduces Moonlight Gold Speedmaster Moonwatch

A captivating combination of today’s colors.

For 2021, Omega has revamped its ubiquitous Moonwatch with a complete overhaul that includes an upgraded movement in the form of a Master Co-Axial cal. 3861. This year, Omega followed up with the Speedmaster Moonwatch 42mm Moonshine Gold.

Omega’s proprietary pale yellow gold alloy Moonshine Gold was developed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, so it’s no surprise that this alloy has made its way to the latest generation Speedmaster via cal. 3861.

Speedmaster Moonshine Gold Speedmasters are probably the most eye-catching version of the latest Moonwatch (though Canopus Gold is a close second). Both versions of the Speedmaster Moonshine Gold come in a pop color; green is hot right now, and while Omega may not score creatively, the brand is currently delivering what the market wants.

That said, the execution of the new Speedmasters is well done. The limited use of modern materials such as ceramics for the bezel inserts gives the watch a polished and traditional look, allowing it to retain the essence of its best-selling model. In short, it still looks like a Speedmaster Moonwatch, which is important.

Moonshine Gold’s distinctive yellowish hue gives the new Speedmaster a slightly retro look, although the elements are distinctly modern. At the same time, despite the abundance of gold, the color of the metal is still subtle in appearance, especially in bracelet models.

Strong execution
Interestingly, despite its name, Moonshine Gold is rarely used as a case material for the Speedmaster Moonwatch. Debuted at the Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary in 2019, the alloy is slightly lighter in color compared to traditional 18k yellow gold, in part due to its 14.5% silver content. Discount watch

For those who prefer uniformity of colour and material, the “Panda” dial will be the variant of choice. The dial is a solid moonlit gold disc with black hands and hour markers for the perfect contrast. This combination isn’t too harsh, as it might be a traditional black and white “panda” dial.

For those who want to be more stylish, there is the all-green model, which has a green bezel and dial. While the colors are new, the full color of the bezel and dial means it resembles a traditional moon watch.

The fashion watch is powered by cal. 3861 launched in 2019. Essentially an upgraded version of the Lemania cal. 1861 (or 1863) found in the lunar table since the late 1960s, cal. The 3861 has several technical improvements.

These include a coaxial escapement made of a diamagnetic alloy that gives it a high level of diamagnetic resistance. Like all high-end Omega movements, the cal. The 3861 is certified by the Swiss federal measuring agency METAS, making the Speedmaster a master chronometer.

A notable omission, at least aesthetically, is the rhodium finish on the movement. Unlike other limited edition Moonlight Gold Speedmaster Apollo XIs, this new pair does not feature a movement to match the case.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph 42 mm Moonshine Gold
Ref. 310. (green, bracelet)
Ref. 310. (green, strap)
refer to. 310. (gold, bracelet)
refer to. 310. (gold, strap)

Diameter: 42 mm
Height: 13.12 mm
Material: 18k Moonlight Gold
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 50 m

Movement: Carl. 3861
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds and chronograph
Frequency: 25,200 windings/hour (3.5 Hz)
: Manual winding
Power reserve: 60 hours

Strap: Leather, rubber or matching moonlight gold bracelet

New for Omega 2022: New Speedmaster ’57, Moonshine Gold Moonwatch

The Speedmaster ’57 gets an updated movement and slimmer proportions, while the new Moonwatch and Aqua Terras are all about color, tone and texture.

Omega’s Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep collection may have been in the spotlight yesterday, but there are other new arrivals that are just as exciting, including a stripped-down Speedmaster ’57, two Moonshine Gold Moonwatches and his “n” her Aqua Terras with a playful twist color dial.

Speedmaster 1957 slimming version
To celebrate the 65th anniversary of the 1957 Speedmaster, Omega has released an ode to its original trilogy, featuring a new movement and slimmer proportions.

Equipped with the hand-wound Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 9906, the updated ’57 not only has a thinner case (just 12.99mm in height), but also a finer bezel and caseback.

In addition to making the watch look more streamlined, these improvements really help to open up the dial on the front, while also giving plenty of pride to the cleverly decorated movement on the back.

In homage to the Speedmaster of 1957, the 40.5mm stainless steel case features faceted lugs.

The new Speedmaster ’57 collection includes 8 new models with 4 dials: a “sandwich” black dial with inlaid vintage Super-LumiNova luminous coating, blue PVD, green PVD ​​and burgundy lacquered hour-markers. Each watch can be paired with a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet that matches the colour of the dial.

Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann commented: “With the new Speedmaster ’57, we are trying to honor and celebrate the essence of the Speedmaster, rather than turning it into a vintage-looking piece.”

Moonwatch Moonlight Gold
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Speedmaster Moonwatch, Omega has launched two Moonlight Gold Moonwatches, an Omega-exclusive 18K yellow gold alloy inspired by the moonlight shining in the night sky.

Whiter than traditional 18K yellow gold due to the inclusion of silver, copper and palladium, this alloy is a compelling material choice not only for the case of these Moonwatches, but also for the dial of one of the models.

In fact, one features a dark green PVD dial with a green ceramic bezel, while the other features an 18K moonlight gold “panda” dial, black sub-dial and hour markers, and a black ceramic bezel. It looks fantastic.

Powering the pair is the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 3861. Additionally, the new Speedmaster Moonwatches are available with strap options: a polished and brushed Moonshine Gold bracelet or a one-piece black rubber strap with a moon-surface texture on the back.

Gorgeous Seahorse Aqua Terra 150Ms
In terms of colour and size, there is something for everyone in the new Seamaster Aqua Terra 150ms, all featuring a beautiful sun-brushed brass dial thanks to Omega’s clever use of PVD and CDD technology.

Atlantic blue, bay green, sandstone, saffron and terracotta dials are available for the 38mm version and feature rhodium-plated hands and indexes.

Meanwhile, the 34mm model is available in navy blue, lagoon green, sandstone, shell powder or lavender dials with 18K white gold hands and indexes.

Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8800, whatever size you want, the polished stainless steel case comes with an integrated bracelet with redesigned round links.

Best 2022 luxury watches

Seiko SBGM221
Specifications: Case Size: 39.5mm, Thickness: 13.7mm, Lug to Lug: 46.3mm, Lug Width: 19mm, Water Resistance: 30M, Movement: Automatic Internal GS 9S66 GMT, Power Reserve: 72 Hours , Crystal: Sapphire. A luxury watch for the smart, laid-back traveler, the SBGM221 could be your everyday GMT option, whether you’re on a business trip or vacation. The SBGM221 differentiates itself from many GMTs on the market today with a more subtle GMT integration with a smaller second time zone hand and a restricted 24-hour ring within the hour markers. Combined with a zaratsu finish, Grand Seiko’s proprietary polishing method, eggshell white dial and a fully in-house GS 9S66 GMT movement, the SBGM221 from the Elegance collection doesn’t disappoint as it packs a practical complication.

Seiko SBGA285
Specifications: Case Size: 39mm, Thickness: 12.3mm, Lug to Lug: 46mm, Lug Width: 19mm, Water Resistance: 100m, Movement: Automatic Spring Drive 9R65, Power Reserve: 72 Hours, Crystal: Sapphire.

Again looking to Grand Seiko for a great value luxury watch, this entry level Spring Drive powered Grand Seiko is a better choice for an everyday watch with an interesting movement. The big brother to the popular and much less expensive SARB033, the SBGA285 gives you more in terms of high-end case treatment, beautiful dials and a useful power reserve indicator with an excellent Spring Drive movement inside. According to Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive specification, this movement uses a unique combination of quartz and mechanical technology capable of keeping time to within ±1 second per day (many with greater precision).

Bell & Ross BR05
Specifications: Case Size: 40mm, Thickness: 10.33mm, Lug to Lug: 47.5mm, Lug Width: One Piece, Water Resistance: 100m, Movement: Auto Sellita Based BR-CAL.321, Power Storage: 38 hours, Crystal: Sapphire.

Launched in 2019, the Bell & Ross BR05 is the brand’s answer to the all-in-one bracelet sports watch designs from industry giants such as the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus. Granted, Bell & Ross was heavily influenced by the above designs, taking full advantage of B&R’s signature square case shape to give the BR05 its own look and feel. Building on the one-piece bracelet trend pioneered by the late Gerald Genta decades ago, the BR05, with its signature square case and large aeronautical digital dial, showed the market what Bell & Ross could offer the market, making it the ideal An everyday sports watch that won’t break the bank with today’s growing sports watch market and prices.

Rado Golden Horse
Specifications: Case Size: 37mm, Thickness: 10.8mm, Lug to Lug: 40.9mm, Lug Width: 19mm, Water Resistance: 50m, Movement: Auto ETA C07.111, Power Reserve: 80 Hours, Crystal: Sapphire.

The Rado Golden Horse is probably the most affordable everyday watch on this list. With a staggering 37mm width and lug-to-lug of just 40.9mm, the Golden Horse is seriously underrated by much of the watch world, considering what you get for the price. It’s a bit against the rules that I mention the limited edition watch here, but the fact is that this watch is very beautiful, often overlooked, and not so limited, the 1957 model comes in 4 different dial colors, it should be easy for you to secure one everyday wearer. Plus, the Golden Horse’s rare 80-hour power reserve lets you take the watch off after get off work on Friday and keep it running on Monday morning, a cool ability even if you plan to wear it every day.

Nomos Tangomat GMT
Specifications: Case Size: 40mm, Thickness: 10.9mm, Lug to Lug: 50mm, Lug Width: 20mm, Water Resistance: 30m, Movement: Automatic Internal DUW 5201, Power Reserve: 42 Hours, Crystal: Sapphire.

Tangomat GMT is essentially a simpler version of Nomos Zurich. It has a clean watch face and the information you need to keep time in multiple time zones. With an interesting in-house GMT movement called the DUW5201, you can instantly switch back and forth between your second time zone and home time at the push of a button at the two o’clock position. The award-winning Tangomat GMT is definitely a great choice for world travelers who appreciate the Bauhaus design language, German watchmaking craftsmanship, and a clean look that still provides plenty of information.

Zenith Elite Classic
Specifications: Case Size: 40mm, Thickness: 9.1mm, Lug to Lug: 48mm, Lug Width: 22mm, Water Resistance: 50m, Movement: Auto in-house Elite 670K, Power Reserve: 50 Hours, Crystal: Sapphire.

The Zenith Elite Classic is a dress watch, but still very attractive, thanks to its excellent in-house movement, longer than average power reserve, and classic, highly wear-resistant case size, making it a A great dress watch to wear all the time.

Tag Heuer Monaco
Specifications: Case Size: 39mm, Thickness: 15mm, Lug to Lug: 47.3mm, Lug Width: 22mm, Water Resistance: 100m, Movement: Calibre 11 Based on Auto Sellita, Power Reserve: 40 Hours, Crystal: Sapphire.

The original Monaco, made famous by the king of cool Steve McQueen, was featured in the movie Le Mans and has been the go-to for racing enthusiasts ever since. The Hyundai Monaco still features the iconic sharp square case that makes this model iconic, coupled with a movement based on the Hyundai Sellita.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Hesalite
Specifications: Case size: 42mm, Thickness: 14mm, Lug-to-lug: 48mm, Lug width: 20mm, Water resistance: 50m, Movement: Manual winding Omega 1861, Power reserve: 48 hours , Crystal: chernosite.

The Omega Speedmaster is one of the best chronographs ever worn on the damn moon. With one of the most efficient dial layouts, hesalite crystals for a vintage vibe and comfortable size, the Speedmaster should be on the radar of any otherworldly lover of watch design.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual
Specifications: Case Size: 41mm, Thickness: 11mm, Lug to Lug: 47.6mm, Lug Width: 20mm, Water Resistance: 100m, Movement: Rolex Automatic 3230, Power Reserve: 70 Hours, Crystal :sapphire.

The newest addition to the Rolex family, this watch has been the victim of some mixed emotions on the market, mainly due to the funky colours on offer and the doubled three, six and nine o’clock indexes. Nonetheless, the new Oyster Perpetual remains a Rolex classic with a timeless feel and undisputed quality.

Seiko Prospex 1970 Divers Get the Touch of Black Series with SLA061J1

A bold black and orange color scheme for a Seiko 1970 high-end diver.

Following the three watches cheap Seiko unveiled this morning, the Japanese manufacturer actually has more to show in its Black Series lineup. While the other models are relatively easy-to-use and modern versions, the fourth watch functions in a different field and falls into the SLA category – watches with higher-end mechanics and more refined construction. Inspired by the 1970 “Naomi Uemura” reference 6105, this new watch takes a bolder look with an all-black coated case and bold orange accents. Meet the Seiko Prospex Black Series 1970 Divers SLA061J1.

The story of this watch is a rather modern interpretation of one of Seiko’s most famous dive watches. Following the 62MAS, Seiko showed several evolutions of its diver’s watch concept in the late 1960s. One of them is reference 6105, followed by 6309. In production since 1968, the Seiko 6105 is a rugged diver’s watch that is water resistant to 150 meters. What catches everyone’s eye is the crown at 4 o’clock (in fact, this was first used in the 1961 Seiko Silver Wave) and the large, low crown protector. It will be replaced by the 6309 series in 1976. While very similar to the 6105, the 6309 has a more asymmetrical case design, also adding a day function and a dial with a circular luminescent figure instead of a rectangle.

This watch is known for two things. First off, most of us will remember it from the 1979 film Apocalypse Now, worn by Captain Willard, one of the film’s protagonists, played by Martin Sheen. Second, and most importantly, it was tested in real life by explorer Naomi Uemura, a hugely popular Japanese adventurer revered for his solo feats. For example, he carried the watch on his wrist on a one-man dog sled run from Greenland to Alaska, covering 12,000 kilometers in 18 months.

Since then, we have made more or less faithful reproductions of this famous watch, such as the Re-Creation SLA033 or SLA049 and the SLA051 Tribute to Naomi Uemura – these two watches are more of the 6105 concept Reinterpret and add some freedom to these designs in a way. The new watch we see today is basically the same as the Uemura-inspired model, save for the color and texture. Yes, it’s bolder and more striking than the original watch…

In a nutshell, we find the same round case with an integrated crown guard on the side, with the crown’s signature position (screwed, of course) at 4 o’clock. Overall, the design is reminiscent of watches from the late 1960s, but the proportions and shapes have evolved over the years. Part of the Black Collection, the real change for this watch is the “hard coat” black finish on the case. With a brushed or polished finish, the watch exudes a certain (in a cool way) meanness. The rest is familiar, topped by a curved sapphire crystal framed by a unidirectional bezel and a black aluminum insert with the classic 60-minute mark. The bottom cover is made of solid steel and guarantees water resistance to 200m.

The dial of the SLA061J1, if once again relying on the same base as the Uemura-inspired models, opts for new colors and unprecedented textures – something we see so often in the Seiko and GS collections. Here, the black reflects the mysterious world of the sea at night, the orange highlights the lights that illuminate it, and the texture evokes the sand ripples you’d find on the seabed – I reference the brand for that…away from marketing, This produces a fairly pleasing fine texture that adds some depth to the dial without compromising legibility and contrast. The applied markers and hands are filled with a cream luminous glow that matches the orange seconds hand perfectly. This color can also be found on the depth scale. best online watch store

Inside the case is the 8L35 movement, a 4Hz self-winding movement with a 50-hour power reserve. The movement was specially designed for diving watches by watchmakers at Shizukuishi Watch Studio in northern Japan. It has an accuracy of +15 to -10 seconds per day.

The Black Series 1970 Divers SLA061J1 is worn on a black-coated stainless steel bracelet with a folding clasp and dive extension. Also included in the presentation box is a black silicone strap with black coated hardware.

Case: 44mm diameter x 13mm height – 49.3mm lug to lug – stainless steel, brushed and polished, black hardcoat – unidirectional bezel, black 60 minute insertion – screw-down crown and case back – with AR Coated Curved Sapphire Crystal Interior – 185g – 200m Water Resistance
Dial: Black dial with sand ripple pattern – Orange seconds hand – Application markers and hands filled with cream LumiBrite
Movement: Calibre 8L35 – Manufacture – Self-winding – 26 jewels – 28,800 vibrations per hour – 50 hour power reserve – +15 to -10 seconds per day – hours, minutes, seconds (stop seconds) and date
Bracelet: Stainless Steel Bracelet with Black Hard Coating, Folding Clasp with Safety Lock, Push Button Release with Extender Included
Additional Black Silicone Strap
Reference: SLA061J1

Panerai Luminor Chrono Monopulsante GMT Blu Notte PAM01135 Monopulsante chronograph, black and blue version.

With its Monopusher chronograph, Panerai replica integrates the chronograph function into its powerful Luminor design in a very elegant way. This unique Panerai chronograph performance has been issued in a limited edition, combined with a black ceramic case and a dark blue sandwich dial. Meet Panerai Luminor Chrono Monopulsante GMT Blu Notte PAM01135.

This new limited edition chronograph features a matte black sandblasted ceramic Luminor case. The single button used to start, stop and reset the chronograph is located at 8 o’clock, in contrast to the iconic crown protector. The majestic 44 mm x 19.55 mm case has a dark blue dial with a sunburst finish. It uses a sandwich structure, equipped with white Super-LumiNova Arabic numerals and hour markers, with green fluorescence. The waterproof rating of the watch is 100m.

Turn the best copy watch over, and the screw-in exhibition watch back cover uncovers the manual winding P.2004 movement. P.2004 was launched in 2007 and is the brand’s first self-produced chronograph movement. It has a diameter of 13 inches 3/4 and a thickness of 8.2 mm. It has a column wheel and a vertical clutch. It runs at 4 Hz and provides a healthy 8-day power reserve on three barrels. It also has a Greenwich Mean Time function and a linear power reserve indicator.

PAM01135 is matched with a dark blue calfskin strap that matches the color of the dial and is equipped with a black DLC titanium pin buckle. The watch comes with a spare blue rubber strap.

Case: 44 mm x 19.55 mm-Matte black ceramic-Safety lock crown protector-Sapphire crystal-Sapphire crystal screw-in case back-Water resistance 10 ATM / 100M
Dial: Blu Notte, satin Soleil finish, sandwich structure, Arabic numerals and white Super-LumiNova hour markers, green luminous
Movement: Manually wound Calibre P.2004 (internal), 13¾ lignes, 8.2 mm thick, 321 components, 29 jewels, 28,800 vibrations/hour, three barrels of 8 days power reserve, hours , Minutes, small seconds, Greenwich Mean Time, 24-hour counter with AM/PM indicator, linear power reserve indicator, single-button chronograph, second hand reset
Strap: Dark blue calfskin strap, beige stitching, black DLC titanium pin buckle-extra dark blue rubber strap

The best watches from IWC Schaffhausen in 2021

In a year dedicated to pilot watches, it’s no surprise that they make up IWC’s full “Best of 2021” list

In the year that IWC Schaffhausen has put the (large) pilot watch collection in the huge spotlight, we have seen many interesting new releases. This can be a color combination, material or type of movement. While we’ve seen novelties outside of the (big) pilot’s watch collection, IWC’s quintessential Flieger Uhr is all the rage. With that in mind, we went through all the new models and picked the five that impressed us the most. Here are the best watches from IWC 2021.

The IWC Pilot’s Chronograph pays homage to the 3705
We start with a tribute piece dedicated to an important watch in the history of the IWC Pilot’s Watch. The IWC Pilot’s Chronograph Tribute to 3705 inherits the spirit of the 1994 IWC Fliegerchronograph Keramik, better known as the 3705. The new interpretation features a 41mm-wide matte black Ceratanium case with the same material for the bezel, pushers, crown, caseback and clasp. The rest of the architecture is very close to the original 3705. The black dial is slightly updated with white contrasting markers, with straight-cut hour and sharp minute hands. The Tribute to 3705 uses the manufacture chronograph 69380 to replace the outsourced Valjoux 7750, displaying the same information as the old model, but with the small seconds at 6 o’clock instead of 9 o’clock.

41mm x 15.3mm – Matte black Ceratanium case – Crown, pushrod and caseback in Ceratanium – Sapphire crystal, protected against displacement by drops in air pressure – Soft iron inner case protected against magnetic fields – 60m water resistance – Grain finish Matte black dial – Super-LumiNova rhodium-plated hands – Luminous indexes at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock – Chronograph with 3 subdials and date display – Manufacture calibre 69380 – Automatic winding with pawls System – Monolithic Chronograph with Column Wheel – 33 Jewels – 28,800vph – 46 Hours Power Reserve – Black Pilot Calfskin Strap with Ceratanium Buckle.

IWC Pilot’s Watch 43
The launch of the IWC Big Pilot’s Watch 43 split enthusiasts into two camps as soon as it launched. On the one hand, we see people welcoming the smaller size with open arms, and on the other hand, it feels like it’s no longer a “true” big pilot. No matter which side you’re on, the IWC Big Pilot’s Watch 43 retains most of the hallmarks that make up IWC’s iconic pilot’s watch. The smaller case has the same construction, with an oversized crown and thin bezel. The dial is still very legible and comes in matte black or sunburst brushed blue. The sapphire crystal caseback showcases the in-house calibre 82100, which uses the brand’s Pellaton winding system. The power reserve is a very admirable 60 hours. The IWC Big Pilot’s Watch 43 also features a new strap and bracelet quick release system.

43mm x 13.6mm – Stainless steel case, brushed and polished – On both sides, protected against displacement by drops in air pressure Sapphire crystal – 100m water resistance – Matte black or SUNRAY brushed blue dial – White Arabic numerals and Markers with Super Luminous – Sword Hands with Super Luminous – IWC Caliber 82100, Internal – Automatic with Pellaton Winding System – 22 Jewels – 28,800vph – 60H Power Reserve – Bracelet or Leather Strap with Quick Release System.

The IWC Big Pilot shock absorber XPL is the most technologically advanced “BP” to date. The Shock Absorber XPL retains the external DNA of the Big Pilot series, using a special system to suspend its movement and dial inside a 44mm wide Ceratanium case. This patented SPRIN-g PROTECT system protects the movement from shocks in excess of 30,000G. The system can be seen around a central “container” with the crown connected by a flexible clutch coupling. The Calibre 32111 uses an aluminum base plate inside to save weight. It displays hours, minutes and seconds, and offers a power reserve of 120 hours. We had the pleasure of seeing this watch firsthand. We interviewed Rafale Pilot Commander Etienne Bauer, who tested the shock absorber XPL for IWC.

44mm x 12mm – Matte Black Ceratanium Case – Sapphire Crystal Protected Against Displacement by Drops in Air Pressure – 100m Water Resistance – SPRIN-G PROTECT System Protects Movements From Concussion Over 30,000G – Matte Black Dial Luminous Index – Sword Shaped Hands – Calibre 32111, Internal – 4hHz Frequency – 120 Hours Power Reserve – Hours, Minutes, Seconds – Black rubber strap on pin buckle.

IWC Pilot’s Watch TOP GUN Mojave
The Mojave-themed TOP GUN version of the IWC Big Pilot’s Watch dates back to 2019, when we first saw the sand-colored watch. Destined to be used as a proper tool, we got a scratch-resistant ceramic case measuring 46mm in diameter, with a soft-iron inner case, screw-down crown, and a crystal that prevents displacement caused by drops in air pressure. This ensures that Big Pilot’s Watch TOP GUN Mojave Desert can withstand harsh environments, extreme temperatures and magnetic fields. The bold case features a matte brown dial with sand-coloured numerals, indexes and hands. Internally marked Auto Calibre 52110, similar to other BP models. It belongs to the latest generation of the in-house 7-day automatic movement and features an upgraded bidirectional Pellaton winding system.

46mm x 14.6mm – Matte Sand Ceramic Case – Titanium Caseback with TOP GUN Engraving – Screw Down Crown – 60m Water Resistance – Matte Brown Dial – Sand numerals and indexes – Sword hands and sand Color-Color Super-LumiNova Luminous Insert – Date Window – Power Reserve Display – Calibre 52110, Homemade – Pellaton Automatic Winding System – 28,800vph – 168 Hours Power Reserve, Double Barrel – Soft Iron Inner Case, Resistant Magnetic Field – Sand-coloured rubber strap with textile inlay.

The oversized dial of the IWC Big Pilot’s Watch seems to fit perfectly with the vast amount of information displayed by the perpetual calendar. Despite the many additional indicators, the dial is still fairly balanced and legible. This year, we saw the most tactical “BP QP” to date, the all-matte black Ceratanium TOP GUN version. Not only is the case made of sturdy, scratch-resistant material, the bracelet and clasp are also a first for IWC. Through the partially tinted caseback, IWC’s 52615 Calibre can be seen, using a perpetual calendar display module developed by Kurt Klaus. Thanks to its double barrel setting, the movement offers a huge power reserve of 168 hours. IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar TOP GUN is not limited by quantity, but by capacity.

46.2mm x 15.4mm – Matte Black Ceratanium Case – Sapphire Crystal Front and Back, Secured against Displacement by Drop in Air Pressure – 60m Water Resistance – Matte Black Dial Black with Hands, Filled with Grey Super Luminous All Elements – Calibre 52615, Internal – Self-winding System – 54 Jewels – 28,800vph – 168 Hours Power Reserve – Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds (Hack) – 4 Digits Perpetual Calendar with Date, Day, Month, Year, Perpetual Calendar for Moon Phases For Northern and Southern Hemispheres – Power Reserve Display – Matte Black Ceratanium Bracelet, H-Links – Ceratanium Folding Clasp with Micro-adjustment System. online cheap watch

Vacheron Constantin launches Les Cabinotiers Grande Complication Bacchus

The decoration is exquisite and complicated.

Vacheron Constantin luxury starts the new year with Les Cabinotiers Grande Complication Bacchus. Bacchus is a large double-sided complication that is part of the brand’s annual collection of unique timepieces. Bacchus is one of the most complicated watches produced by Vacheron Constantin, thanks to cal. 2755 GC16 is composed of more than 800 parts.

Although the Geneva watchmaker used variants of the same caliber in its past watches, due to its case decoration, including hand engraving and gem inlays, a vine-patterned relief was formed on both sides of the case, even when It is also unusual among its siblings.

Bacchus is a grand complication that makes a statement, and belongs to the same category of watches as the Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon. It is very large and very complicated, and it is impossible to miss it on the wrist.

Although a one-off creation, Bacchus is not Vacheron Constantin’s first double-sided complication. In fact, the past few models, especially the 2018 Phoenix, contain variants of the same caliber as Bacchus. But Bacchus has a unique decoration and is in fact one of the most exquisite decorations to date.

Vacheron Constantin’s large complications are often carved, but Bacchus seems to be the first — or at least the first public display — to use gems as part of the carved pattern. Although the gorgeous style is not for everyone, it is impressive in terms of craftsmanship and execution. Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Grande Complication Bacchus

The brand will not disclose the price of this watch, but similar models in the past are priced between 2-3 million U.S. dollars, and it will not be easily affordable. In other words, this kind of watch usually sells very quickly, especially in the past few years, Vacheron Constantin has organized suitcase exhibitions in major cities around the world. Or maybe Bacchus is designed for a client who likes drinking and complex functions.

The fantasy of a winemaker
The 18k rose gold case has a diameter of 47 mm and a height of 19.1 mm, providing plenty of engraving space for almost all surfaces. The bezel, lugs and back are all engraved with repeated vine patterns, but the most delicate decoration is on the side of the case.

Case decoration requires the exquisite skills of engravers and gem setters, and it takes about 300 hours to complete. Both sides of the case are embossed, engraved with vines and rubies, of which about 113, with a total weight of 1.84 carats.

The process starts with the outline of the engraved pattern and the groove of the ruby. Then, the gem setter sets the cabochon-cut ruby, and then returns the case to the engraver for the final step to complete the engraving by adding clarity and depth. Discount cheap watch

In the big case, it is cal. 2755 is a manual winding movement, derived from the movement developed for the Tour de l’Ile. This is a super complication created for the 250th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin in 2005.

Although simpler than the Tour de l’Ile movement, cal 2755 still has a long list of complications-explaining the number of its 839 parts-including a perpetual calendar with a time equation, a minute repeater and a star chart on the back.

The front of the watch also contains a perpetual calendar, power reserve and tourbillon, while the back contains a star map and sidereal time display.

Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Grande Complication Bacchus
Ref. 9700C/000R-B755

Diameter: 47 mm
Height: 19.1 mm
Material: 18k rose gold set with 113 1.84 carat rubies
Crystal: Sapphire
Waterproof performance: not waterproof

Movement: Carl. 2755 GC16
Functions: Time, minute repeater, perpetual calendar with time equation, sunrise and sunset times, power reserve indicator and tourbillon regulator; on the back, the starry sky chart with sidereal time and zodiac calendar winds up the chain
: Hand wind
Frequency: 18,000 times per hour (2.5 Hz)
Power reserve: 58 hours

Strap: Alligator leather hand-engraved folding clasp