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Don’t you know these hidden functions of replica Cartier?

In the design of the watch, there are many “hidden functions” you don’t know, which bring convenience to the wearer. Even the common “lugs” of modern watches were creatively designed at the beginning of their birth. When creating a brand new watch, how to think from the perspective of the wearer and give the watch truly practical functions has become a common proposition for major brand designers. Today we will talk about the unknown designs and functions of Cartier watches. If you are ready to start with Cartier, or already own a Cartier watch, then come and unlock Cartier’s new gameplay with me. Right!

Cartier freed his hands

Even though we all know that the first modern wristwatch in the true sense came from Cartier, but why it was born may not be known. The cause was a flight. In order to let the pilot flying the plane see the exact time, he didn’t have to take the pocket watch out of his pocket, but he raised his wrist to get the specific time information. Cartier innovatively welded two components on both ends of the pocket watch, and passed the strap through, so that the pocket watch can become a real “watch”.

The first modern watch comes from Cartier’s Santos series
This innovation can be said to be a big step in the history of watchmaking. The two common “components” at that time promoted the birth of modern watches.

Today, Cartier is still committed to bringing convenience to the wearer to a greater extent. In Cartier’s current watch design, there is also a design that can be called “free hands”-the quick release function of the strap.

Give the Swiss Watch Online more details

Speaking of the quick release function of the strap, in fact many brands claim to have launched the quick release function. In recent years, quick release systems that can replace watchbands with bare hands have gradually increased and are also valued by wearers. More and more brands have incorporated the strap quick release system into their watch design. Among the many choices, why is Cartier’s strap quick release feature particularly outstanding?

Many brands still use the design of spring bolt structure in watch design. Its advantage is that there are few simple parts, but the spring structure is prone to fatigue. After the wearer disassembles the strap for many times, the spring bolt structure in the watch may gradually fail due to the repeated use of the spring assembly.

But Cartier’s quick release system is the brand’s patented QuickSwitch system as early as a few years ago. The biggest difference from other brands is that it can still maintain good performance during multiple disassembly processes, not because of spring components. The fatigue gradually becomes invalid. In addition, the structure can be completely hidden on the edge of the case and strap, that is to say, while ensuring the quick release function, the appearance details can still be guaranteed.

One of Cartier’s unique features also includes that the chain links of the chain belt can be disassembled by themselves. This system, called SmartLink, can remove the fixing bolt by pressing the chain link, and easily remove the bracelet link to change the length of the chain. In addition to the similar structure of the Apple Watch, such a design is quite rare. The real convenience is to consider every detail for you.

Redefine fashion style

Cartier’s much-watched Pasha series watches also use the QuickSwitch quick release system. In addition to the previously launched Pasha three-pin models, this system is also reflected in the Pasha series 41 mm chronograph models launched this year. Not only has the strap quick release been updated, the Pasha series watches have also redefined the fashion style in design.

The brand new Cartier Pasha series chronograph, the case diameter is 41 mm, the table thickness is 11.97 mm, and the style is more robust. It is worth mentioning that the case has a square design in the circle. Visually, it is distinguished from other watches, so that people can recognize it at a glance-it is Pasha from Cartier. In addition, the dial design of the watch is also unique: using the craftsmanship of the lines on the dial to make the dial richer, but not too complicated.

In addition, in the Pasha series of watches, the bold lock-in chain crown cover design and the short chain fixed design have a clear purpose, which is to prevent water from entering the crown. This is also a rare innovation in all watch design. The watch is also equipped with 1847 MC automatic winding movement, equipped with a power reserve of more than 42 hours.

Now, owning a Cartier has become a fashion trend for young men and women, and the Pasha series has captured a group of loyal fans by virtue of its uniqueness. And Cartier also provides consumers with more considerate services: including extending the international warranty up to 8 years, waterproof testing and so on.

For watch lovers, best Cartier has always been a “treasure” in general. Some people say it is a jeweler, but it is not the case. Regardless of whether it marks the “first modern watch” in the history of watchmaking, or the continuous research on the road of watchmaking, Cartier has brought us countless classics, but it is also redefining classics.

IWC pilot series IW389104

Tough military style tasting IWC Top Gun Naval Air Start Taste Watch “SFTI” Special Edition

Shaffhausen IWC Top Gun Series Watch, the series of expressions highlight the brands in the field of innovative cases and the trailer roles, like the above-launched Ceramics is the series of watch representatives One of the works. In October last year, the brand has now launched a small red aircraft needle, TOP Gun Navy Air Battle Forces Timing Watch “SFTI” special edition, add unique new work for TOP Gun Navy Air Battle Forces, Today, I will introduce this. Watch, Watch Model: IW389104.

Lift Top Gun, many people’s first reactive in addition to the famous Form series, the movie starring Tom Cruz. In fact, Top Gun is also a US Navy Fighter Weapon School United States Navy Fighter Weapons School, in the US Navy soldiers. In 2018 IWC , the instructor in the United States, California Limore Naval Air Station, collaborated a pilot series “Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor” chronograph, which uses a black ceramic case, and the dial has a marker. Sex Topgun graduate embroidered chapter, specializing in the US Navy fighter weapon school graduates, and this special version of the version is the design inspiration source of this new “SFTI” special edition, so it can also be called the civilian version .

The watch also continued in the same 18-year version, and the material of this series of watches also used the material to use the high-hardness material zirconia ceramic production case, the surface of 44.5 mm, the thickness of 15.7 mm, the ceramic material can be said to be the most One of the hard substances, with super scratch-resistant characteristics, and the country is designed to be matte black in the cabin with a good anti-reflection effect.

On the other side of the table, the top of the table is engraved with the IWC brand pattern. The upper and lower timing buttons include the table, which uses the latest Material Ceratanium® porcelain-based titanium metal with IWC. Based on these components, after processed, these components are processed, they also pass through the kiln step, which give material surface similar to ceramic properties, this Ceratanium® porcelain titanium material has the characteristics of titanium and ceramic materials. It is also particularly resistant to rack and sturdy, and there is red dressing in the end of the timing button. IWC pilot replica watches

The black dial is used to use a wide arabic digital timecode and strip time to timely division indication time, including a landmark triangle indicate for 12 o’clock position, which is for a better reading time when the pilot is operated in operation, these The logo is coated with a luminous coating. There are three sub-plates on the dial, which are all decorated with a recorded effect. At a 30-minute position of the 12-point clock, the 9-point position is 12 hours, and there is also a weekly calendar display window in 3 o’clock. The disk is followed by the series of instrumentation, and also presents a highly harmonious tactical style.

Let’s take a look at the mute lens, and the black disk of the dumb drive has a fine particle feel. The end of the end of the second-hour second-hour red hollowed red jet fighter shape is also a highlight of the watch, and the red finger clutch with the small stophold dish.

Ceratanium® porcelain titanium metal table is engraved with Top Gun pattern and watch information, the bottom cover is equipped with a homemade 69380 automatic upper chain machine, from 231 parts and 33 gemstones. to make. This durable and reliable timer core is designed with a classic guide column wheel to ensure the accuracy of walking, 28,800 times per hour, and the soft iron inner casing also protects the core from the magnetic field effect. The movement is a two-way pawl upper chain system, which provides 46 hours of power storage when chain, with an overall waterproof performance of 60 meters to meet daily needs.

The table is equipped with a green NATO fabric strap, the inner liner is brown cortex, combined with ceramic material and ceramic titanium, so that the wearing texture is further improved, and its overall style is also very suitable for watching the tough military style of the watch. There is also a word name in the top of the needle buckle.

This TOP Gun Navy Air Starting Force Time Wrist State “SFTI” special edition discount watches, the military version of the watch is specially used for the special background attributes, and the unique small airplane should certainly attract many friends, but also It should be noted that the 44.5 of the lane and the large size housing of the thickness of 15.7 are actually quite a person. It is not very friendly for the wrist circumference, so the watch still needs to go to the store to do the entity to wear it. See if it is suitable for yourself. If you like this unique military style pilot chronograph, you can easily control this large size.

IWC’s next explosion model?

Refer to IWC, the most recommended purchase is nothing more than the proportion IW371446, Portugue 7 IW500107, Bai Taofino IW356501, Pilot IW377714, Mark 18 IW327001.

In 2020, Wan Guo launched a new work of the Portuguese series. Recently we got the real thing, observed some, I feel that it has the opportunity to become the next IWC explosion!

It is IW358304.

IWC Portuguese Forms can be traced back to 1939, and it is a series of series in 1993 for more than half a century. Imitation of the new generation of antique portuguese, all the country has been producing, but they have more or less shortcomings.

The first deficiencies is that the size is large. Of course, the Portuguese series is based on a binometer, and “big” is also a historical gene, which is basically 42 mm +, and even have a version of 44 mm.

The second shortcomings, in order to cater to the mass market, increase the calendar display. The characteristic of the Portuguese basic model is simple and clean. If you open a window at 3 o’clock, you will undoubtedly destroy your dial symmetry. Later IWC, I learned to be smart, moved to 6 o’clock in some limited editions, and the window made a small size round, and the calendar disc of the same color is customized, and the suddenness is minimized.

The third shortcomings are the movement.

IWC fake Portugal’s simple movements mainly have two, one is the old Jones Jones manual upper chain mechanical movement, one is the new 8-day long motivation.

The old track line structure is beautiful, and the power storage time is short, only 46 hours, is eliminated. However, the country is actually replaced producing an unparalleled 8-day long motivation, MINI small swing + super-large-haired design, so that the beauty of the movement is unfair, and there is a common known as “big cake”. And the manual long power movement is a very embarrassing existence, because in the absence of a constant force structure, there is a significant fluctuation, and the practicality is not strong.

The emergence of IW358304 is resolved in three deficiencies.

First, the case has a diameter of 40.4 mm, not very small, and it is very suitable for Asian everyday wear. Dressing occasions can also be half-shirts in the box.

Second, the dial is simple and practiced, continues the Portuguese classic Arabic Digital Baked blue-made pointers + small seconds of three-dimensional records showed the details process.

Finally, it is also a focus on IWC new self-produced automatic upper chain mechanical movement CAL.82200.

It is very convenient to use the watch that is very easy to use to use the watch.

Many of the IWC movements are ETA, SW, which gradually began to replace it in the basic model. Although it is not a self-producing movement, it is undoubtedly more appropriate and advanced for the positioning of IWC’s brand.

And this CAL.82200 is still very good. online men watches

There is no cardime weight balance, in order to avoid severe vibration, the swing box when impact, the balance sheet also specially designed two small wings.

With IWC’s most iconic “Woodpecker” automatic upper chain structure, whether the automatic gratia rotation rotates, it can be converted into capabilities. Woodpecker components are made of special ceramics, low friction + high hardness, unlike old metal copper, long-term use will produce debris.

A single hairpin can store energy for up to 60 hours, although not a double-bob cartridge design, but 60-hour single box is also a very balanced configuration. Together with the automatic upper chain design, you can guarantee the convenience of precision + use.

And, it is very important to this CAL.82200 is a moving movement with complete production of 10,000 countries.

High value, medium, self-produced, automatic upper chain mechanical movement, vectral bottom cover, folding buckle, configuration practical. And except for the IW358304 of the white surface of the blue needle, there is a white bread metal needle IW358303, the blue-sided silver needle IW358305 is optional.

Now IWC has launched IW358304, which is undoubtedly a great choice, there is a chance to become the next explosion of the brand!

IWC New 2021 watches

IWC replica cooperates with Mercedes -Amg to launch new timecutical tables

More than 17 years, IWC and Mercedes -Amg have a very effective partnership. One of the reasons why they work together is because the DNA of the two companies is so aligned. Uniquely, cooperation includes not only road cars, but also formula 1 of Mercedes -Amg. With IWC in Reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton, a natural ambassador is also found, wearing their watches, with the same style and passion as he drive. Continue this legacy, IWC is launching a pilot watch chronograph “AMG”.

This watches cheap is a respect for both materials, which play a very important part of the open road in the track in the automotive engineering. This also makes the pilot’s watch time code table “AMG” is first made of 5-stage titanium. This material is not only light and scratch resistant. The same light is a dial for the same woven carbon fiber Mercedes -Amg for its aviation components. Although the overall contribution to the weight of the watch is small, its texture makes it a role. As IWC’s pilot watch readability is always very important, the chronograph “AMG” has a contrast sub-project, combined with bold hands and Arabic numbers.

The pilot watch chronograph “AMG” titanium case has matte facing to enlarge its high-tech appearance. The spiral crown provides additional moisture, into the housing, and sapphire crystals have a special displacement caused by air pressure caused by displacement. In the back, the caliber 69385 is visible by using the sapphire case guard in the AMG logo. This automatic machine has a technical forming surface with a power supply of 46 hours, and controls the function of the timer through the column wheel.

NEW Panerai Replica watches

Take a high-tech technology tribute to the PANERAI Musnuo series Guillaume Néry special edition watch

Panerai is a brand that is closely linked to the ocean. Since the creation of the brand, the professional diving tool has been well known to the importance of ocean exploration. Last year 2020 patented patented night-optic materials, with a ruthenium-based self-optic product LUMINOR, 70 On the occasion of the anniversary, Panerai specially launched a series of very memorable pauses, like the red blues watch. On the occasion of the New Year in January 21, Panerai launched a new high-performance watch, the Mikino series watch, the special edition watch, which uses the brand ambassador, the free diving champion The creation is inspired to pay tribute to the 70th anniversary of the LUMINOR, the model PAM01122, and the watch home also captured this special edition watch.

The creation of this watch is inseparable from Guillaumen Néry, born in Nice in 1982, he is a professional free diver, and his achievements in the diving areas, it has become 20 years old. The youngest world record creator in the history of free diving, and then a total of four world records were settled in total, and they were two-to-end world free diving champion. In 2015, he tried to challenge the world record, dive to 129 meters, but due to the mistake of the host unit, the wrong record made him unexpectedly the amazing 139 meters deep, but unfortunately, the record failed to obtain the organizer official Confirm, but this depth is still recognized as the deepest dive distance in the history of free diving competition. In the 18th of the year, I invited the Panerai brand ambassador, and the Panerai officially concluded with the relationship. The brand also launched two special edition watch for him, which has the limited edition of 15 blue disks Submersible Chrono. Sneak series flying rebounded watch, the other brand ambassador Sun Yang often worn this watch in the official event, which is also the best thing I personally feel in the Submersible series. Then let’s take a new and double commemorative special edition watch.

This Panerai brand new work can be said to condense contemporary technology, fully reflecting the Panerai Creative Workshop Laboratorio Di Idee, how to use high-tech materials and advanced techniques. The watch case is used as a direct metal laser sinter (DMLS) technology, i.e., by 3D printing technique, the titanium powder is directly plasticized into a brand iconic pillow case, and the case size is 44 mm in diameter, 16.2 mm thick. The overall effect diffuses the unique gray metal gloss of titanium metal, and also exhibits fine sand blasting effect.

On the other side of the cheap men watch, there is a table crown bridge, which has a very high identification, which is born with the Luminor table in 1950, so naturally, the symbol of the Panerai. The bridge is surrounded around the crown, it can effectively allow the crown to abundance, so that it avoids the normal operation of the time. At the top special movement protector lock design, when the protective lock rod is in a closed position, protect the lock rod to form a table, so that good air tightness can be formed, preventing the water flow into the movement, and ensuring excellent waterproof performance. When the lock rod is opened, the crown can be used directly to adjust, and the crown is also available in a non-slip pothxia to better grasp. The overall waterproof performance of the watch is 300 meters.

The lap and the championship and the lock rod are coated with black rubber coating, black and titanium gray color matching, and the overall visual effect is quite excellent. Skiroscopes with stereo convex design.

The main color of the sandwatch also uses black and gray, presented from the outermost gradient to the black gradient, and the light and shadow when the sun is pouring into the deep sea. At the 3 o’clock position of the dial, there is a black bottom white version of the display window, and the 9 o’clock position is a small second.

The Arabic digital time standard and the scale and pointer are coated with white super-luminovatm luminous coatings, and the night light shows green, the above picture shows the watch night light real shot. 2021 new replica watches

The watch is designed with a cue, on the 12-sided screw-in DLC coated sandblasting titanium metal table back, engraved 70 years of quality policy, and Jiraim dive pattern and signature. The bottom cover is equipped with a P.9010 automatic upper chain mechanical movement under the bottom cover. The movement is only 6 mm, which is completely designed, developed by the Panerai Nar Tail Plant. The hourly vibration frequency is 28,800, assembled with two hair boxes, GluCydurTM balance balances and IncablocTM shockproof devices, and can provide 3 days of power storage at 3 days when chain.

There are two straps with a table, and a real shot is a black regenerative PET resin fabric strap, which is decorated with a white suture with a trapezoidal buckle, and the buckle is engraved with a PANERAI brand name. The other is a white rubber technology strap, and the night lightine panerai logo is printed first on the strap. In addition, the watch is also equipped with a screwdriver for disassembling the tape, and a table box made of regenerative plastic.

This Minsino series wristband is like a special version, as in the beginning, it is a very commemorative special edition watch, and the biggest bright spot design is the innovative technology system. Table skills, the appearance of the shell made, this 3D printing technology case design and self-production movement performance performance is very bright. Panerai Replica tribute to the 70th anniversary of Luminor in the world of brand ambassadors, this watch should also be a 70th anniversary. The same is the special edition watch of Jiraim, although I personally think that the gradient blue disk is more beautiful, but I also think that this watch is more highly highlighted by innovative technology. The textual texture, a bright and bright and complex feature, one seems to be simple but passed more attention to wrist watch color through technology technology.


With its full vibrant design, the SAQRA series is a bold step from the stereotypes and standards. A pulp that is considered to be the human energy center is the continuous enlightenment of Drakor’s creative team to give this exquisite line. Review fake watches

The excellent features of SAQRA are found in the perfect balance between the cord’s cord and the rectangular orientation. This watch has a strong nature and convincing personality.

Geometric and perfect symbols, this watch is neither a circle nor a rectangle, but the two forms of excellence. SAQRA’s powerful identity set new reference code in the male watch industry. This special situation has its perfect line, expressing the character of this watch and unlavable power. In the middle, tightening baffles and case back components require complex manufacturing processes. These three elements are affected by many and continuous operations to achieve the final result, which will lead to the conference. replica DeLaCour Bichrono Watches

The paint plate is printed / transferred to the Roman number to contribute to the elegance and sober of the watch. The sapphire crystal glass provides a view of the cardiac mechanism that enters the timepiece. Hand-sewn crocodile belt finished with a watch. All hands-like raw cookies, all SAQRAS can waterproof up to 3 ATMs.

In addition to the models in the 2015 directory, Saqra Monotourbillon is also launched. The clock is characterized by the Roman figure display on its flange, its open center, and reveals the glory and beauty of manual winding gyroscope.

The date corrector indicator with retrograde function is 1 to 2 in similar Arch-like display. A semi-circular flange is located between 4 and 6 points, tracking the status of the 115-hour power supply. The gyro frame is located in 9 o’clock.

DELACOUR replica WATCH MAKERS continues to further push all traditional code by providing an atypical model for superior watches. SAQRA is absolutely part of this method, thereby sublimation of complications.

In its current range, three models can be available:

SAQRA Classic: Shows time, minute, and second. The date window is located in 3 o’clock. Automatic exercise.

SAQRA Bitime: The date indicator located at 12 o’clock is displayed in the dual window. The second time zone is located at 6 o’clock. SAQRA filaments are not equipped with second hand to ensure perfect readability of two time zones. Saqra Bitime fully expressed DELACOUR’s binary. Automatic movement.

SAQRA Granderéserve: The date indicator at 12 o’clock is displayed in the dual window. A large indicator of the power reserve is 7 o’clock. Automatic exercise. buy luxury replica watches


Call: DC 261
Winding: Automatic
Power reserve: 42 hours

Hours, minutes, seconds and days

Size: 46, 5 x 48, 5 x 12 mm
Material: Iron
Size: 46,5 x 50, 5 x11 mm
Material: Titanium and Pink
Waterproof: 3 ATMs (except for some jewels)
Glass: sapphire
Back: sapphire
Crown: Ø7 mm

Black dial with printing Roman numbers
Hand: Light-emitting coating shape

Black hand sewing crocodile


Cleaner: DC 262
Winding: Automatic
Power reserve: 42 hours

Dual time zone and one day

Size: 46, 5 x 48, 5 x 13 mm
Material: Iron
Size: 46, 5 × 50, 5 × 12 mm
Material: Titanium and Pink
Waterproof: 3 ATMs (except for some jewels)
Glass: sapphire
Back: sapphire
Crown: Ø7 mm

Black dial with printing Roman numbers
GMT indicator and date window with yellow frame
Hand: Light-emitting coating shape

Black hand sewing crocodile

Delacour Saqra Granderéserve

Cleaner: DC 267
Winding: Automatic
Power reserve: 42 hours

Hours, minutes, seconds, days and power storage

Size: 46, 5 x 48, 5 x 13 mm
Material: Iron
Size: 46, 5 x 50, 5 x12 mm
Material: Titanium and Pink
Waterproof: 3 ATMs (except for some jewels)
Glass: sapphire
Back: sapphire
Crown: Ø7 mm

Black dial with printing Rome numbers, power reserves and date windows make up in yellow.
Hand: Light-emitting coating shape

Black hand sewing crocodile

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Master Sheng

Replica Maurice Lacroix Aikon Master Grand Date 45mm watch AI6118-SS00E-430-C Price

Replica Maurice Lacroix Aikon Master Grand Date 45mm watch AI6118-SS00E-430-C Price

Case:stainless steel
Cuts:45 mm
Gender: men
Glass: Sapphire
Dial: Blue
Thickness: 15 mm
Band Material Type: stainless steel,leather strap
Water-resistance : 100 m
FUNCTIONS : Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date
Year : 2021

Aikon integrates masterpieces collection spirit and internal mechanic.

The AIKON series is the game replacement of Maurice Lacroix. This successful line is a brand of popular luxury sports watches with a comprehensive bracelet. Since the price is relatively reasonable, it stands out in this category, in line with the brand’s motto: accessible luxury and highly perceived quality. As the watch and miracle 2021 beat, Maureice Lacroix demonstrates a new model suitable for internal sports and integrates the spirit of its masterpiece collection. Welcome new Aikon Master grand dates, the new flagship model in this collection.

The first thing to chase your eyes with the new Maurice Lacroix Aikon Master is its original display. Although cases and overall design are unstable as the Aikon series, its dial is immediately letting the brand’s masterpiece integrates to think of the inventive instructions and visible moving parts – including balance wheel and escapement, just like masterpiece gravity. Unlike most AIKON watches with outsourcing automatic changes, Aikon Master Grand Date is powered by the new internal caliber ML331, with a distance centered hour, minute and small second indication, and a large date of the 10 windows.

One of the 8 o’clock dials showed the heart of a watch consisting of a balance wheel held by the skeleton arch bridge and the silicon escapement. Blue dial feature embossed and rough surfaces, all indications are defined by metal depressions to improve contrast and readability. Automatic caliber ML331 can hit 18,000 vibration / hour, and 50 hours of power reserves can be stored.

Aikon Master Grand Date has a large 45mm stainless steel box. Compliance with the rest of the Aikon series, it shows a wheelbase with six unique claws. Turn the watch, the exhibition cabinet reveals the movement of its revel, brushing and snails. Its waterproof rated is 100 meters.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Master Grand Date The date is a five-row stainless steel bracelet and a deep blue lighting textile belt with steel folded buckle. Cordura strap combines with the brand M flag. Like all Aikon watches, shoulder straps and bracelets can be exchanged within a few seconds without tools. exact replica watches

Cheap Versace watches

Best Versace V-RACE BLACK METAL UNIVERS Fake watch PVEBK006-P0018

Versace replica is a world-renowned brand. This Italian brand blends modern and classic styles in its products, and its Character Automatic watches are no exception. The hallmark of Versace timepieces is the combination of Italian style and Swiss technology. All watches are produced in Switzerland and designed in Italy. There are many models of Versace Character Automatic on the market today. There are various styles of men’s and women’s watches.

Women’s Versace S009 Character Automatic is a watch in this model. This ladies watch has exquisite design and functions. It uses a 42mm stainless steel case, which is very large. The dial has a white texture with a date window at three o’clock and is framed by a brushed and polished stainless steel bezel. Sapphire crystal glass dial cover. Inside the case is a Swiss automatic movement that powers the watch. The timepiece is water-resistant to 99 feet. The black protective case comes from the case with a crocodile pattern and an unfolding clasp.

Versace S009 Character Automatic can also be used for men. The men’s model comes with a stainless steel rose gold case. The case is slightly larger than the female case and is 43 mm longer. Inside the case is a Swiss automatic movement that powers the watch. The dial has a white texture, but unlike the women’s dial, the women’s dial has silver hour markers, hour and minute hands, while the men’s watch has rose gold shiny hands and hour markers. The watch is equipped with a black leather strap, which matches perfectly with the rose gold case.

Best Versace CHAMPAGNE METAL UNIVERS Fake watch PVEBK005-P0018

At the 2012 Basel Watch and Jewelry Show, Versace also launched another Character automatic watch, which is one of the three men’s watches launched when the fashion house launches an exciting new timepiece collection. Limited edition production auto-character signature. The watch has a 42.5 mm stainless steel case. This exquisite chronograph showcases the high-quality craftsmanship and beauty of Versace watches. The dial is beautifully textured white, with rose gold hour markers, hour and minute hands, and the Versace logo below the 12 o’clock mark, which fits perfectly. A date window can be seen between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock.

Versace’s Character Automatic series is full of classic and modern timepieces, which should appeal to all tastes. The prices of these watches vary and depend on the model.

Oris Replica watches

Wholesale Cheap Oris TT3 WILLIAMS F1 TEAM CHRONOGRAPH LIMITED EDITION 01-673-7587-7084-Set watch

Hands-on Copper replica Oris Carl Brashear Caliber 401 Limited Edition Another bronze edition pays homage to the most famous American military heroes.

The connection between Oris and the Carl Brashear Foundation is not new. It all started in 2016, when the brand launched its first bronze watch, which also marked the beginning of a long-term partnership between the Swiss brand and the American foundation. This watch is based on the handsome Divers 65 nostalgic style model, which will draw design inspiration and will be found in two subsequent watches. The recently launched Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph 401 Limited Edition, the 2018 Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph and the watch we are going to discuss today.

Tribute to a man who never gives up
The story of Carl Brashear is about people who face adversity and overcome challenges despite shortcomings, racial prejudice, and disability. Indeed, he never gave up! Carl Brashear is most praised by the younger generation, thanks to the 2000 film “Honorary Man”, an American drama starring Robert De Niro and Cuban Gooding Jr. The film depicts the life of Blashal.

Brashear (1931-2006) was born in a farmer’s family in rural Kentucky. Poverty, without too many educational opportunities, he always wanted to live a different life for himself. Despite his limited formal education, he joined the U.S. Navy on February 25, 1948, and graduated from the U.S. Navy Diving and Salvage School in 1954. He became the first African-American to participate and graduate. An African-American diver studying here. The history of the U.S. Navy. Nevertheless, Brashear must face hostility and racism. But his career will result in him being assigned to escort Presidential Yacht Barbara Anne to Rhode Island. He met with President Eisenhower and received a pocket knife that read: “To Karl M. Blashal. Excerpt from Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1957. Thank you very much.” After he became chief in 1959, he Stayed in Guam for three years, mainly engaged in demolition diving work. Shopping replica watches

In January 1966, in an accident now known as the Palomares Incident, a B28 nuclear bomb was lost near the coast of Palomares, Spain. Brashear, who served on a U.S. Navy lifter, was sent to find and recover the missing bomb for the Air Force. During the bomb recovery operation on March 23, 1966, a wire used for towing was loosened, causing a tube to hit Brashear’s left leg below the knee, eventually amputation of his left calf.

“The Navy wanted to retire him because of his disability, but he stayed on active duty and became the first amputee diver to continue serving, an unprecedented feat at the time. He retired in 1979,” explained his son Phillip M. Brashear Say. Despite the “five obstacles” of his life, he never gave up. He overcame racism, poverty, illiteracy, and physical disability. Before retiring, he devoted himself to participating in naval alcoholism courses to help alcoholism. Today, he is one of America’s most famous military heroes. “

Oris Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph Bucherer Blue Editions 01 771 7744 4095-SET LS Cheap watch

Since 2015, Oris has partnered with the American non-profit organization Carl Brashear Foundation to expose the incredible life of Carl Brashear and continue his extraordinary legacy for future generations. “We have donated thousands of dollars to the Veterans Hospital in order to restore the lives of injured service personnel across the country,” said Blashal’s son, the chairman of the foundation. After the first watch was proposed twice in 2016 and 2018, this year Oris launched a third model dedicated to Karl Brashir and based on funding, a watch “will once again expose the hope and resilience of my father News, according to Philip M. Brashir”.

The new ORIS CARL BRASHEAR movement 401
Look at the third watch inspired by Brashear, there is no doubt its fusion. Of course, we are looking for a model that draws inspiration from the first two versions. Still based on Divers 65, still inspired by vintage diver watches, still made of bronze (a material that makes sense in this case), and still has a dark blue dial. However, there are many new things in the third Oris Carl Brashear, which are related to mechanics and proportions. And all this is the best.

First of all, there is no doubt that the case of this new Oris Carl Brashear is made of bronze, just like the two previous versions. As early as 2016, Oris chose this material for a simple reason. At that time, the trend of bronze watches had not really appeared on the market. Its connection with the world of divers reminds us of the materials used in the diving helmets Carl wore during his career as a US Navy diver. The reason why bronze was chosen is that it is a lively material, a natural material, when it reacts with external elements (such as oxygen, salt water, moisture, etc.), it will form a bronze color. Over time, it will show a unique surface effect, which will tell its story. Wearer. In this new version, the middle case is made of brushed bronze, the crown, bezel and its inserts are also made of the case, and has a 60-minute pitch scale. Bottom cover,

Compared with the other two versions, the size of the watch has changed. The first model is based on a larger version of the Divers 65 with a diameter of 42mm, the chronograph model is 43mm (a fairly high height to say the least), and the latest Oris Carl Brashear draws more on the retro style. A reasonable 40mm case is now available-initially debuted in the 65 series. This watch is protected by a super-dome sapphire crystal, which enhances the retro look, not only brings cool distortion, but also reflects a lot of light. Although the case and crown are tightened, the water resistance is still very low for diving watches, only 100 meters… This is still sufficient for most daily wear activities.

The dial of the Oris Carl Brashear 401 movement is once again a typical representative of this sub-series, and has an ocean-inspired blue. The dial surface is smooth, again bringing animation and reflection effects. The dial is dotted with golden hour markers-shaped like dots, rectangles and triangles, allowing you to quickly check the time in low light conditions. The hands are also golden and equipped with a lot of Super-LumiNova, whose cream color emphasizes the retro look. In order to bring us the greatest pleasure, Oris chose a dateless display and replaced it with a small second hand at 6 o’clock, with an arched depth rate word on it and a white hand. It is very easy to read the time in the dark due to its unique luminous characteristics.

The new Oris Carl Brashear comes with a new belt, which is a woven elastic nylon webbing produced by Erika’s Originals for moisture absorption and perspiration. Black, with a golden centerline, is extremely comfortable, strong and resistant to underwater activities. It complements the appearance of the watch and provides casual wear. The buckle and metal fittings are also made of brushed bronze.

Big news, caliber 401
A few months ago, Oris introduced the Calibre 400 movement. Although it is not the first movement conceived internally by the brand, please remember the 10-day power reserve calibre 110-this new engine is very important because it will become the brand’s new standard automatic movement. Powerful and modern, it is produced by a network of suppliers using the most advanced industrial technology according to Oris specifications. The accuracy of this automatic movement (-3 to +5 seconds per day), reliability (10-year warranty) and continuous development, because many displays or complex functions will be implemented in the next few years. It is powerful and well protected, because its dual barrel structure can provide 120h or 5 days of power reserve, and the escapement is equipped with silicon parts to counteract the magnetic force. In addition, it is also equipped with a newly developed pendulum based on a low-friction, sliding bearing system that only winds in one direction to reduce long-term wear.

The swiss Oris Carl Brashear 401 movement created a precedent for the first evolution of this movement, which replaced the central seconds and date with a small second at 6 o’clock. It is also gratifying that the brand is implementing this specialised core in small watches.

Technical specifications-ORIS CARL BRASHEAR movement 401 limited edition

Case: diameter 40 mm x height 11.9 mm-bronze case, brushed-one-way bronze bezel, bronze inserts with embossed 60-minute scale-screw-in bronze crown-steel case back-dome sapphire crystal- Waterproof 100m

Dial: Smooth dome navy blue dial

Applied hour markers and hands, gold, with cream Super-LumiNova
Movement: Oris calibre 401, manufactured movement-automatic movement with central rotor-24 jewels-28,800 vibrations per hour-120 hours of power reserve on two barrels-silicon parts-daily -3 / + 5 seconds-hours, minutes, small seconds (hacking)

Strap: Blue braided elastic nylon webbing with bronze buckle, co-produced with Erika’s Originals

Reference: 01401 7764 3185

Which watch can contemporary women choose?

Buy Zenith El Primero 36.000 VpH Watch 03.2040.400/21.C496

During January of this year, the LVMH Group held the “LVMH Watch Week-Dubai 2020” in Dubai, and took the opportunity to showcase the four major watchmakers of the group, Bulgari, TAG Heuer, Hublot and Zenith. The brand’s new masterpiece. As a Swiss pioneer watch brand, Zenith has always been known for its powerful watchmaking skills and cool and domineering design. At this exhibition, Zenith showed us a brand new concept of making women’s watches, which is different from the past, with chic and unique design, and full of futuristic aesthetics. Below, let us appreciate a Zenith DEFY series ladies watch. (Watch model: 16.9200.67001.MI001)

The ladies’ watch is the first ladies’ watch in the DEFY series: “Its design inspiration is drawn from the endless universe. The blue disc has been treated with a bright surface, and the vertical gradient effect brings a unique visual experience, just like the vast universe above the endless horizon. , The stars twinkled, eye-catching.”

The Zenith’s five-pointed star logo was set up at 12 o’clock, which means the highest and brightest star in the night sky depicted on the dial.

The hour markers are decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds, just like the twinkling stars in the night sky, and a practical date display window is set up at 3 o’clock. At the end of the second hand, there is a Zenith hollow five-pointed star logo, which slowly slides across the “starry sky” as time goes by.

Buy Replica Zenith El Primero A384 Revival Men Watch 03.A384.400/21.C815

The DEFY Midnight watch is equipped with a 36 mm stainless steel case, polished by a satin-brushed process, and the edges are polished for a more modern aesthetic.

The side crown is decorated with a non-slip texture pattern, and the Zenith logo is engraved on the top

The watch is equipped with a variety of bracelets and straps (spare straps include 3 different color straps + replaceable folding clasp), and the wearer can easily replace them without tools or professional skills to suit different shapes and occasions.

The back of the watch is designed with a transparent back, and the brand’s iconic star-shaped pendulum can be clearly observed through the sapphire glass back. It is satin-finished, exquisite and beautiful. The inside of the watch is equipped with the Elite 670 SK self-winding movement independently developed and manufactured by Zenith, which ensures reliable and high precision and can provide at least 48 hours of power reserve after full winding.

In addition to the above-mentioned gradient blue watch, the DEFY series Midnight ladies watch launched by Zenith also has gradient gray and mother-of-pearl watches. The outstanding dial style and the combination of different styles of strap designs are very suitable Wear by fashionable women with changing contemporary styles.