Bolt – 68 iconic collections from the Swiss Bomberg watch brand

The models in the collection are varied, distinguished by black PVD cases, rose-coloured 4N or metal cases, leather or metal straps, sporty or pleated bezels reminiscent of timepieces. Bomberg Bolt – 68 has 03 small collections representing 03 different personalities: Bomberg Bolt – 68 Heritage, Racing and Special Edition.

The Bomberg Bolt – 68 Heritage watch stands out for its “anti-conventional” tattoo-inspired design. A harmonious combination of colour and vibrant finishes, the Bomberg Bolt-68 Heritage Men’s Watch provides a unique timepiece for men who are individual, independent and confident.

The luxurious Bolt-68 Heritage Gold & Black editions make up the Swiss Bomberg watch brand.

The Bomberg Bolt – 68 Racing – is, as the name suggests, one of the must-have racing watch collections. The Bomberg Bolt – 68 Racing is a sleek and luxurious chronograph with the Bomberg logo: from the crown at Bullhead at 12 o’clock to the matching trigger at 11 o’clock. Below the center are the chronograph counters, numerals, bezel and hands, crafted in vibrant color harmony.

Bomberg Bolt – 68 Racing inspired by the legendary Porsche 917 race car

Finally, the Bolt – 68 Special Edition – a collection of special editions from the Bomberg series. Only 3 designs were made for the special edition, but each has a different cultural and artistic significance. From Mayan civilization to Aztec art. This particular collection is sure to be a hit for free-spirited artists.

Bomberg BB-01 Automatic Skull Blue Watch

A collection that is reminiscent of American action movies – Soul of Speed. The BB-01 is an automatic watch with a mechanical movement and a wheel dial that is immediately reminiscent of the racing world on the streets of Los Angeles. The BB-01 is for speed kings and road enthusiasts.