Bolt – 68 iconic collections from the Swiss Bomberg watch brand

The models in the collection are varied, distinguished by black PVD cases, rose-coloured 4N or metal cases, leather or metal straps, sporty or pleated bezels reminiscent of timepieces. Bomberg Bolt – 68 has 03 small collections representing 03 different personalities: Bomberg Bolt – 68 Heritage, Racing and Special Edition.

The Bomberg Bolt – 68 Heritage watch stands out for its “anti-conventional” tattoo-inspired design. A harmonious combination of colour and vibrant finishes, the Bomberg Bolt-68 Heritage Men’s Watch provides a unique timepiece for men who are individual, independent and confident.

The luxurious Bolt-68 Heritage Gold & Black editions make up the Swiss Bomberg watch brand.

The Bomberg Bolt – 68 Racing – is, as the name suggests, one of the must-have racing watch collections. The Bomberg Bolt – 68 Racing is a sleek and luxurious chronograph with the Bomberg logo: from the crown at Bullhead at 12 o’clock to the matching trigger at 11 o’clock. Below the center are the chronograph counters, numerals, bezel and hands, crafted in vibrant color harmony.

Bomberg Bolt – 68 Racing inspired by the legendary Porsche 917 race car

Finally, the Bolt – 68 Special Edition – a collection of special editions from the Bomberg series. Only 3 designs were made for the special edition, but each has a different cultural and artistic significance. From Mayan civilization to Aztec art. This particular collection is sure to be a hit for free-spirited artists.

Bomberg BB-01 Automatic Skull Blue Watch

A collection that is reminiscent of American action movies – Soul of Speed. The BB-01 is an automatic watch with a mechanical movement and a wheel dial that is immediately reminiscent of the racing world on the streets of Los Angeles. The BB-01 is for speed kings and road enthusiasts.

Tired of regular materials? Want to play with some innovative materials? What do you think of these three watches?

The research and application of new special materials can be said to be the main theme of development for various watch brands at present. With more and more research and development, material technology also develops rapidly. The original rare origins from aerospace, F1 racing cars and other high Carbon fiber, ceramics, titanium and other materials in the sophisticated industrial field have been widely used in watches for a long time, so today I will introduce three representative watches with special materials.

Ulysse Nardin BLAST series SkeletonX 3715-260/CARB

Product Model: 3715-260/CARB
Watch Diameter: 43mm
Movement model: UN-371
Case Material: Carbon Gold Matte
Waterproof depth: 50 meters

First, let’s look at a different carbon fiber watch. Conventional carbon fiber watches are basically pure black, but for Athens, they are not satisfied with ordinary carbon fiber. Instead, they add different materials to carbon fiber to directly change its appearance. The appearance effect is like the Athens Skeleton X watch shown in the picture. The diameter of the watch is 43 mm, the shell material, the official name of the carbon fiber technology in Athens is called Carbonium carbon ion material, it is not only a light material, but also has toughness and sturdiness, and is integrated into the case production. Into the gold material, the gold wire and the carbon block are interlaced, which has a flowing effect. The dial of the watch is also black and gold. The first sight of this hollowed-out movement will give people a feeling that there are few parts. The design of Athens removes the excess of the dial and the movement without affecting the performance of the watch. part, presenting the entire movement more intuitively to the wearer. Watchers who are familiar with Athens can find that the shape follows the original manager’s hollowed-out tourbillon, which has been newly optimized, and replaced the tourbillon with a hollowed-out silicon balance wheel. The beating beauty of the silicon balance wheel at 6 o’clock is also very special. It is light and strong that other watches do not have. The watch is equipped with a hand-wound UN-371 movement made by Ulysse Nardin, which can provide 96 hours of power reserve when the chain is full. Athens provides the watch with a black rubber strap, or a black grained calfskin strap.

Hublot BIG BANG 451.EX.5120.EX

Product model: 451.EX.5120.EX
Watch Diameter: 42mm
Case Thickness: 13.45mm
Movement model: HUB1280
Case material: ceramic case, composite lugs
Waterproof depth: 100 meters

At this year’s watch exhibition, Hublot launched four Big Bang Integral one-piece ceramic watches. It turned out that the big bang was basically tape-based. The year before last, Hublot began to add a one-piece design to the new watch. For ceramic models, the texture and integrity are improved. In the color of the four ceramics this time, I think the sky blue in the picture is the most beautiful. The new watch is made of ceramic material independently developed by Hublot, with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 13.45 mm.

The case is polished at the angular edges, with a reflective surface that contrasts with the brushed finish on the front of the watch. The inspiration of the new color matching design comes from the South Pacific Ocean. This light blue is very comfortable to the eye. Combined with the lightness of the ceramic watch, it can give a very comfortable experience in terms of wearing feeling and vision. Hublot’s hollowed-out dial uses the movement as the dial. The sky blue element is also used on the outer edge of the dial and the two sub-dial. The small second hand is set at 9 o’clock, the 3 o’clock position is the 60-minute chronograph, and the right side also has a dial. There is a date window, and the column wheel and clutch gear can be clearly seen when the chronograph function is activated. The watch is equipped with a second-generation UNICO factory-made chronograph movement. The movement has a flyback function, which is thinner than the first-generation movement, and uses a new clutch gear. The power reserve is still 72 hours.

Chopard ALPINE EAGLE 298600-3005

Product Model: 298600-3005
Watch Diameter: 41mm
Case Thickness: 9.75mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Chopard 01.12-C
Case Material: Titanium
Waterproof depth: 100 meters

The Chopard Snow Mountain Aoyi series, with its luxurious sports watch style and excellent performance, is very popular among watch lovers, but our impression of it may still be in Chopard’s own A223 steel alloy style, or rare precious metals. In the past two years, Chopard has begun to enrich its product lines, such as tourbillons, rubber straps, and leather straps. Although it is an only watch, it even has a stone plate, so naturally new materials cannot be dropped. This Cadence 8HF watch was launched in September last year. The casing is made of grade 5 titanium, with a size of 41 mm and a thickness of 9.75 mm. It may look similar to the A223 stainless steel model, but A closer look at the shades is deeper. In terms of shell decoration, even the titanium metal, which is more difficult to process, has not pulled off either of the brushed and polished bracelets derived from the brand ring design. The dial is a major symbol of this series of watches. Inspired by the eagle iris, a radial pattern is made on the brass dial. To match the titanium color, Chopard has hand-aged the dial to present a new dark gray tone. . There is only a calendar window of the same color at 4:30 on the dial. In addition, it is a simple big three needles with stick-shaped and Roman numeral hour markers, but the entire appearance design of this watch is used to attract your attention, and the real highlight, It is also equipped with the Chopard 01.12-C high-frequency self-winding movement. This movement evolved from the movements on the L.U.C and Superfast, with a frequency of 57,600 vibrations per hour, which is 8 Hz, and is equipped with silicon plate pins, pallet forks and escape wheels, with low friction characteristics, full chain still It can provide 60 hours of dynamic storage, which is very good for such a high frequency. cheapest replica watches

The three innovative material models all have one thing in common, that is, lightness, and each has its own characteristics in appearance. First, the combination of the Athens material effect and the hollow disk surface is dazzling and cool. SkeletonX, this carbon fiber and gold, is also very imaginative. It solves the special material of carbon fiber, which has some single problems in appearance. The black and gold color matching makes the watch very versatile. Hublot’s sky blue ceramics, some watch friends will question whether it looks high-end. I think it may be because of the problem of just looking at the pictures. For the actual ceramic watch I saw him before, no matter the color tone or detail decoration, including the kind of mechanical The full-bodied movement disk surface is very textured.