2020 Richard Mille RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal

Nice RICHARD MILLE NEW Replica Watch RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) introduced the latest ultra-light RAFA timepiece, its visual system and function are similar to the strings of a tennis racket, using a steel cable system.

Launch of the RM 27-04 tourbillon Rafael Nadal, which is designed to withstand an acceleration of 12,000 Gs, which is the highest record for a Richard Mille timepiece.

In general, the weight of the RM 27-04 is 30 grams-the weight is not as good as the original Rafael Nadal RM 027 watches of 19 grams, and a ten-year partnership has begun-but compared to the average mechanical watch In other words, its weight is still incredible and the average weight is close to 100 grams.

In order to achieve such excellent lightness and strength, the case is composed of 38.40 mm wide and 11.40 mm (47.25 mm lugs to lugs). The case is made of a new material specially made for watches. This watch combines carbon fiber and Polyamide.

This watch only provides hours, minutes and tourbillon, and the design goal of this tourbillon is to withstand the impact of 12,000 Gs, which makes the manufacturing process very complicated.

As with Nadal luxury watches in the past, the manually wound movement is crucial because the automatic rotor may be damaged by force when playing tennis, especially at a professional level.

Nice RICHARD MILLE NEW Replica Watch RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal

What’s impressive is that the movement is fully supported by a microspray screen measuring only 855 square millimeters, composed of a braided steel cable with a diameter of 0.27 mm, and fixed by two tensioners of 5N gold treated with PVD. In place. This structure is unprecedented in the watchmaking industry.

“Inspired by the same principles as tennis racket strings, the watchmaker anchored the steel cable to the tensioner at 5 o’clock and then started making the grid, tying each main string together before adding the cross strings. Braided above and below the main string, the cable is passed through a hollow baffle made of grade 5 titanium, passed 38 times, and then sorted in a tensioner at 10 o’clock. The movement is positioned diagonally through Five grade 5 polished titanium metal hooks are connected to the mesh. These titanium alloy hooks extend from the back of the base plate and have a 5N gold PVD coating. watches swiss

In addition to the cable system and composite housing, the main board and bridges are also made of grade 5 titanium (90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium) to help minimize weight.

The movement dimensions are 32.75 mm x 28.95 mm and the thickness is 5.85 mm. The free-hanging balance wheel has a diameter of 10 mm, and the tourbillon is 12.30 mm. The movement beats at a frequency of 3 Hz, uses 19 jewels, and has a fairly low power reserve of 38 hours-but in order to concentrate all the energy on making the movement extremely lightweight and durable, this is a sacrifice.

The waterproof rating is 50 meters. This will be limited to 50 pieces. “RAFAEL NADAL” and the version number XX/50 are engraved on the bottom cover. “RAFA” is engraved on the side of the case on the side of the crown.

The RM 27-04 Tourbillon watch was worn on Nadal’s wrist during the French Open (that is, now) and will be worn in all future tennis matches until another watch is created.

Nice RICHARD MILLE NEW Replica Watch RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) RM 58-01 Tourbillon World Timer Jean Todd Limited Edition

RICHARD MILLE RM 58-01 Tourbillon World Timer JEAN TODT Ref.:RM 58-01 watch

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) RM 58-01 Tourbillon World Timer is an impressive watch for many reasons. The size is amazing (50mm diameter x 15.35mm height). Its function combines a tourbillon, a world timer and a 10-day power reserve indicator. High-tech materials used in production. And for the excellent manufacturing quality, you can immediately perceive it as soon as you handle it.

Recently, we had the opportunity to test and wear 35 special editions of this watch-RM 58-01 Tourbillon World Timer Jean Todt Limited Edition-now, we are happy to share our impressions with readers.

Mr. Richard Mille cheap dedicated this exquisite sports watch to his friend Jean Todt, because he is the perfect example of extreme travellers who must travel around every year Thousands of kilometers around the world.

The Swiss brand hopes to provide a timepiece that allows such demanding travelers to deal with time zones with unique simplicity. As we will see, the goal has been fully achieved.

This watch is powered by the RM58-01 movement, which has a manual winding movement with two continuous barrels and an amazing power reserve of about 10 days. The remaining autonomy is indicated by a small retrograde display at 2 o’clock.

The skeletonized bottom plate and bridge are made of grade 5 titanium with black PVD coating. This is done to ensure rigidity and surface flatness, which is essential for the perfect function of the gear train. Through rigorous and complete verification tests, they have optimized their resistance.

The detailed multi-layer dial consists of a titanium alloy and 5N rose gold four-part case. As we will see, its design requires a holistic conceptual approach to interact with the dial and individual movement components.

The brown upper flange of the sandblasted, frosted and polished rotating bezel made of titanium alloy bears the names of 24 world cities and is a symbol of 24 international time zones.

Compared with other time zone watches, RM 58-01 can switch from one time zone to another without any adjustment buttons.

RICHARD MILLE RM 058 montre tourbillon rm 58-01 heure universelle watch

The time can be set by simply rotating the bezel counterclockwise, allowing faster adjustments. All the traveler needs to do is locate the name of the city he or she has just landed in at 12 o’clock. This will automatically set the local time and the time of the other 23 world cities, thanks to the 24 hours engraved on the map Scale. Flange. Black and white discs will automatically distinguish between day and night for users.

Behind the obvious simplicity lies a very complex technical mechanism. The smart solution is the result of collaboration between Richard Mille movement and case engineers. They completed the feat of connecting the bezel and movement through a special gear train, while ensuring that the entire timepiece is at 30 The height of meters/100 feet is waterproof, thanks to two Nitril O-ring seals. Shopping cheap watch

The fixed bezel and case back cover are made of satin-brushed 5N red gold with polished bevels. The back of the transparent sapphire crystal glass mirror, like the front, is coated with anti-glare coating on both sides, so that the movement can enjoy the excellent surface effect. All English (chamfering) is done by hand. The circular texture of the bridge deck is sandblasted and hand polished. The stones are inlaid in platinum.

The center of the case is made of grade 5 titanium with a vertical satin finish, like a guard protecting the torque limiting crown. It is equipped with an additional safety system to prevent accidental winding, which may damage the barrel or exert extreme pressure on the barrel.

The large tourbillon with a diameter of 11.90 mm beats at a frequency of 3 Hz (21,600 vibrations per hour) and is highlighted at 9 o’clock.

Multiple sports optimization measures help to achieve better timing performance.

The free-spring balance wheel with variable inertia and the terminal curve spring (originally designed for pocket watches) ensure higher reliability during impact and movement assembly and disassembly.

The barrel pawl with progressive recoil can provide considerable winding gain (approximately 20%), especially at the beginning of the winding. It also helps to evenly distribute the internal tension of the mainspring.

Without a doubt, Richard Mille RM 58-01 Tourbillon World Timer Jean Todt is one of the most unique world chronograph fashion replica watches on the market.

Richard Mille Tourbillon G-Sensor RM-036 Jean Todt Limited Edition

Cheap Richard Mille RM 036 replica Watch RM 036 Tourbillon G-Sensor Jean Todt Black PVD Steel for sale

Richard Mille copy itself is a brand that does not allow small pushing to promote famous envelopes. Always innovate, always innovate, and frankly, always exciting. Even for those who might not find the design attractive, craftsmanship is certainly valuable.

The amazing idea that the watchmaker dreamed up and developed into a fully functional timepiece really inspired me. For example, the Oculus mechanism in Valbray V.01 or the liquid time scale in HYT H1 are perfect examples of this out-of-the-box creativity.

Richard Mille embarked on a journey to safety for their latest work. RM is no stranger to (motorsports) sports and has released many timepieces involving key ambassadors such as racing drivers Felipe Massa and Jules Bianchi. Both of them represent what the RM stands for. The most advanced high-tech timepiece, designed to meet the most extreme needs of the wearer. Their decision to take the risk of using “safety” when supporting high-risk sports like Formula One seems a bit contradictory, but please bear with them, it makes sense.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) recently showed the public tourbillon G-Sensor RM-036 Jean Todt limited edition, the brand and Richard Mille (Richard Mille) close friend, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) ) Cooperation with President Jean Todt. This may seem strange, but there is a very logical reason to ally with the rude French. Many people may think that he is “just” the former boss of Scuderia Ferrari, an F1 racing team featuring the prancing horses that dominated the sport during the Schumacher era, but there are too many to list.

Of course, Jean Todt is one of the most successful Formula One team managers in history. He has won the constructors’ championship seven times and the drivers’ championship six times (Michael Schumacher has won five times, Kimi Raïkkonen won first place. In addition to these achievements, he also won two world championships, including two victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, four Paris-Dakar victories and one Parker Peak climb champion (both as team leader/director). So far, an impressive career may be said.

Today, one of Mr. Toth’s main focuses is the FIA’s road safety operations. Jean Todt played a leading role in this movement, focusing on improving road safety around the world. A noble reason, but how to integrate it into the watch?

Cheap Richard Mille RM 036 replica Watch RM 036 Tourbillon G-Sensor Jean Todt Gold for sale

Well, by creating consciousness around what people will feel every time they travel, and they never know what it really means; gravity. We stepped on the accelerator pedal and brakes from time to time because the light jumped to red or turned the wheel quickly, so that we misjudged the sharp turn.

This is almost inevitable, especially on the track. The human body clearly feels acceleration, deceleration and direction changes, but cannot accurately determine whether the deceleration is acceptable or even harmful.

To work out a solution, Jean Todt’s team teamed up with Richard Mille to make eggshell fake luxury watches and proposed the G sensor. This complexity indicates whether the G force received by the wearer is safe. There is a small mechanical device mounted directly on the base plate, composed of more than 50 parts, but the size is only 17 mm (in this case, I think it is very wide). The G sensor can record decelerations of tens of G. Complications were designed by Renaud Papi for Richard Mille. The indicator (pointer and scale) is located at 12 o’clock and shows the g-force level experienced. The scale is divided into a green zone (safe), an orange zone (tolerable but potentially harmful) and a red zone (harmful), which can be reset using the button at 9 o’clock.

Back to Richard Mille (Richard Mille), because there are more discoveries. The housing of the G sensor is made of grade 5 titanium, just like the parts of Christophe Claret soprano. When Richard Mille was selected for his outstanding resonance with sopranos, he showed clear rigidity. The famous tonneau-shaped case is the true trademark of RM and is equipped with the RM036 movement. The movement has a skeletonized bottom plate made of carbon nanofibers, combined with a grade 5 titanium bridge, ARCAP reinforced central bridge and even a tourbillon (also made of grade 5 titanium).

The tourbillon has a freely suspended variable inertia balance, which makes it more resistant to shock and shunting, thereby maintaining accuracy. The barrel of the tourbillon spins quickly and has a progressive recoil, allowing it to transmit force in a more constant manner, although there is no constant force escapement like Gilard Peregault designed.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) Tourbillon G sensor RM036 Jean Toth limited edition (what is the name) case is a typical RM, the case width is about 40 mm, the distance between the lugs is 48 mm, the thickness is slightly over 16 mm. A cool feature is that the pusher located on the crown can set the movement from winding to neutral to manual setting. The small display at 4 o’clock lets you know which mode is selected.

Nothing new, but I have always liked a cheap swiss watches, it is constantly getting the job done, no doubt, as everyone has learned from my previous articles. In addition, the time setting module is located behind the rest of the movement. This can be easily accessed during repairs or maintenance.

This outstanding RM timepiece was once again unveiled at the FIA awards ceremony in Istanbul on December 7. The RM G sensor (isn’t it more obvious?) is limited. The price is still inconclusive, but all profits will be donated to Mr. Toth’s two most important major initiatives. Global Road Safety Campaign and ICM Brain and Spine Institute.

Richard Mille launches the RM 72-01 flyback chronograph

Replica Richard Mille RM 72-01 Lifestyle In-House Chronograph Red Gold Men watch

When discussing Richard Mille, using words like “entry-level” or “mid-range” always feels a bit dismissive, because even the simplest products of the brand are technologically advanced and affordable. When one of Richard Mille’s mid-range staples needs to be replaced, expectations are high. After the recent discontinuation of the Cornerstone RM 11 flyback chronograph, fans of the brand have been thinking about how to replace it in the lineup.

Now, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) showed the world its next-generation flyback chronograph: RM 72-01. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) RM 72-01 lifestyle indoor chronograph is released without exaggeration, but also includes the famous composer Thomas Roussel, choreographer Benjamin Milleppe The outspoken cabaret performances of Benjamin Millepied and the London Symphony Orchestra made their debut while maintaining the brand’s iconic appearance. A truly breakthrough watch innovation.

RM 72-01 maintains the brand’s iconic tonneau-shaped case shape and is fastened together by 20 spline screws, measuring 38.4 mm x 47.3 mm. Available in grade 5 titanium alloy, 5N rose gold, black ceramic and white ceramic variants, this familiar form is full of details, such as a rubber-coated crown with detailed rose gold and black ceramic logos, and The radical pentagonal buttons made of a mixture of red gold and black ceramic create a more eye-catching visual effect. Like all Richard Mille models, the RM 72-01 has a wide sapphire display back, which allows you to see the new internal movement inside at a glance, while maintaining a slightly insignificant 30-meter water resistance.

Richard Mille RM 72-01 case design makes the brand’s logo look very familiar, while the dial design innovates the hollowed out Richard Mille style into a new one ways of expression. RM 72-01 abandoned the 3-6-9 o’clock three register layout of the traditional RM 11 series chronograph, but placed the sub-dial on the small seconds at 1 o’clock, 5 o’clock and 9 seconds respectively.

The result echoes the curved curve of the titanium skeleton dial bridge, which looks a bit strange and almost biological in design. In this case, the futuristic rose gold hands are almost like thorns, supported by an arrow-pointed chronograph and small seconds. These seconds hands are color-coded for easy visual viewing and clear at a glance. Three bold Arabic numerals were used at 11 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 8 o’clock to consolidate this unconventional organic symmetry, and a skeleton date window was erected at 5 o’clock.

The true gem of Richard Mille RM 72-01 is the movement. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) developed a new movement for this series, namely the Calibre CRMC1 automatic return chronograph movement. The titanium caliber CRMC1 is a test bed that has made several advancements in horology, the most famous being Richard Mille’s patented new swing pinion chronograph coupling system. By connecting a traditional spur gear meshing mechanism to a series of two swing pinions connected to the rocker, all three chronograph hands receive torque directly from the barrel instead of transmitting energy through the basic movement.

As a result, the timing of the basic movement is completely unaffected by the chronograph. Regardless of how the chronograph is used, the movement’s 50-hour power reserve at a tempo of 28,800 bph remains stable. In addition, Caliber CRMC1 has a shock-resistant free spring balance wheel, a compact bidirectional platinum blonde bar rotor and a faster rotating barrel, which completes a cycle every five hours to achieve a more stable power output and reduce the adhesion of the internal spring . Of course, hollow bridges and plates with micro-blasted surfaces and hand-polished chamfers have the same visual effect as machinery. Like most models of the brand, Richard Mille pairs the RM 72-01 with an integrated tapered rubber strap (black or white).

Although the aggressive bio-futuristic appearance may not be suitable for everyone, the sheer mechanical strength of Richard Mille RM 72-01 is undoubtedly impressive as the brand enters a new decade.

Say hello to the all-female lineup of the new Richard Mille Racing Team

Meet the women who are determined to guide independent watchmakers to win in the “24 Hours of Le Mans” and the wider 2020 European Le Mans Series.

Earlier this year, in response to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the organizers behind Le Mans, the oldest and most prestigious endurance race in the international racing world, broke the tradition and conducted a fully virtual 24-hour race in a simulator. And support made possible by some of the big names in Formula One.

It is usually held every year in the French town of the same name in Sarthe. This year’s race was broadcast on Eurovision for a few hours, allowing family drivers like Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso to simulate real race conditions. The races collided with each other on the track, and Le Mans pitted racers and driver conversion enthusiasts expected it.

A total of more than 100 professional drivers participated in the race: 30 Le Mans Prototype (LMP) and Endurance Tour (GTE) vehicles were scattered. In particular, the Richard Mille racing team left the most decisive impression on the race: its debut in the all-female lineup.fake luxury watches

Interestingly, the brand’s new Le Mans roster (consisting of Katherine Legge, Tatiana Calderón, and Sophia Flörsch) is composed of Richard M. Le’s own brainchild. In addition to fulfilling the responsibilities of the chairman of the independent watchmaker of the same name, Mille has always been a long-term supporter of international endurance motorsport. He officially became the chairman of the FIA ​​Endurance Committee in 2018 and his contribution to the sport It was officially recognized.

According to Mille, since 2019, the idea of ​​three talented female drivers representing the brand has been brewing. It also received strong support from FIA officials (including Michel Mouton, head of the FIA ​​”Women in Motorsports” Committee). “Because of this team, we want to showcase the talents and expertise of many female racers,” Miller said. “Due to the lack of sponsorship and opportunities, it is still difficult for them to find opportunities to sit behind the wheel.” Traditionally male-dominated sports in. Miller said that these days, “all sports are mixed together, so why not participate in motorsports?”

As the important Le Mans road race will still take place next month (September 19), it is time to re-examine the lady who will go out-to guide Richard Mille’s cutting-edge LMP car to victory .

After a rigorous selection process with the assistance of the “Women in Motorsports” Committee of the FIA, British national Catherine Legge was appointed as the captain of the Richard Mille Racing Team. In general, Legge has worked in the top echelon of motorsports for more than 20 years, having participated in NASCAR, DTM, Formula E and a series of other competitive events. In particular, she has won the reputation of being a strong American endurance racer in the American Daytona 24-hour endurance race every year since 2014.

Legge realized the importance of this moment when he was chosen to lead Richard Mille in the Le Mans (Les Mans) driver. Legg said: “This project is bigger than each of us.” “This may be the first time this has happened at this level.”

At present, Calderon’s ultimate goal is to gain a competitive position in Formula One. It’s no secret that this is currently the highest ranked female driver in the single-seater category. This Colombian national has a long history through his experience as a test driver for Richard Mille. F1 Alfa Romeo Racing Team. In the pursuit of many racing fans, she is known for being the first woman to compete in the Formula 2 Championship series.

Calderón (Calderón) is known for his powerful and highly controlled driving style, he is happy to put his Richard Mille (Richard Mille) LMP platform in the pace-advanced ORECA 07 chassis equipped with 600hp engine and Signatech technical support elements. She said: “It is great to finally have the tools we have been working on for years.”

Flörsch perfected the Richard Mille racing trio, which is famous for driving in Formula 3 by racing enthusiasts and won the Laureus World Sports Award. The 19-year-old German national won a surprising comeback after participating in the 2019 Macau Grand Prix. The latter was involved in a fatal collision and subsequently suffered a spinal fracture. cheapest replica watches

Richard Mille RM 11-03 Automatic Ultimate Edition

Buy Replica Richard Mille RM 011 watch RM 11-03 Flyback Chronograph LMC Titanium For Sale

Swan songs in the famous Richard Mille chronograph series are limited.

To celebrate the 13th anniversary of the establishment of the RM 011 chronograph, Richard Mille launched the latest RM 11-03 Automatic Ultimate Edition of the series.

The unique combination of TPT® carbon and turquoise TPT® quartz is novelty. The case is equipped with a self-winding RMAC1 with a flyback chronograph function, a large date window near 12 o’clock and a month display at 4 o’clock. The details of the movement are made of titanium, equipped with a double barrel and a 55-hour power reserve.

Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren Flyback Chronograph

McLaren Motor Company and Richard Mille unveiled their first timepiece at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show

When I received a call from Richard Mille to participate in this year’s Geneva Motor Show, I was pretty sure of one thing-the launched watch would not fly under the radar. Although guaranteed to be full of material innovation, it is almost inevitable that not everyone has a cup of tea. The brand new RM 11-03 does not disappoint.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) and McLaren Automotive (McLaren Automotive) cooperated last year, this is their first watch produced as a team. This watch is the shared vision of McLaren Design Director Rob Melville and Richard Mille engineer Fabrice Namura.

If you buy a car, you will get the first discount on the same buy replicas watch (unfortunately, at least you can’t buy a watch now, not a car). The RMAC3 self-winding movement was first launched in 2016 and has a flyback chronograph and 55-hour power reserve.

Why this watch is important
Except that this is the first of the partners, the watch itself is still very angry. When two performance-oriented organizations come together, the results are extreme and correct. From a design point of view, the RM 11-03 is inspired by McLaren’s past racing cars. For example, the titanium putter looks like a McLaren 720S headlight. The shape of the titanium insert is similar to the intake pipe of the McLaren F1. The intricate grade 5 titanium crown is shaped like a McLaren wheel (with the McLaren logo on the bezel at 6 o’clock). fake watches uk

The case is interwoven with carbon fiber TPT and orange quartz TPT; TPT stands for Thin Ply Technology, which is a carbon fiber layering method first proposed by Richard Mille in 2013. The dark layer is carbon fiber, and the magma orange layer is silica fiber (orange is iconic for McLaren).

From an aesthetic point of view, this does not suit me, but I think the use of high-tech materials should be praised. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) actually made the new base plate and bridge frame for McLaren (RM 11-03 McLaren) grade 5 titanium alloy treated with PVD (all of which are to improve the function of the gear train). so cool.

Those familiar with RM11-02 ceramic and RM11-02 NPTP will recognize additional buttons at 9 o’clock (for setting the second time zone) and at 2 and 5 o’clock for the stop/start and reset functions of the chronograph . Like all Richard Mille movements, the RMAC3 movement is carefully chamfered and polished by hand. The dial has an annual calendar and oversized date, as well as a 12-hour chronograph and countdown counter, with yellow accents on the hour scale. If this is the beginning, it is difficult to imagine where these two next steps will go.

Brand: Richard Miller
Model: RM 11-03

Dimensions: 49.94 x 44.50 x 16.23 mm
Case material: Carbon TPT®
Strap/Bracelet: Rubber

Movement: RMAC3 movement
Function: Annual calendar and flyback chronograph
Power reserve: 55 hours

Other functions: 5 grade titanium alloy base plate and bridge; variable geometry rotor with 18 platinum segments; super large, semi-real time date display; free bounce, variable inertia balance.

RM 57-03 Sapphire Dragon

RICHARD MILLE RM 57-03 Tourbillon Sapphire Dragon Replica Watch

RICHARD MILLE RM 57-03 Tourbillon Sapphire Dragon Replica Watch

Item Type: Replica RM 57 Watches
Model Number: RM 57-03 Tourbillon Sapphire Dragon
Movement: Manual Winding
Case Material: carbon or sapphire,Tonneau
Gender: men
Dial Diameter: 42.7 mm
Glass: Sapphire
Thickness: —
Dial: Skeletonized
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Band Material Type: Rubber strap
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Functions: Hours, minutes
Year: 2020

The artistic creation of sapphire and gold is incorporated into the tourbillon movement. This is an unprecedented feat that requires the combination of complex sapphire processing procedures and exquisite and poetic carving art. The brand excels in bold ways to bring together seemingly unrelated worlds.

Dragon is a mythical animal that originated in a fictional world. It is inseparable from Eastern culture and has multiple meanings. Here, it is a symbol of perseverance and success, and a symbol of the power and strength that make it an essential element.

This sturdy and reassuring concept of robustness can be seen in the bearings of the dragon that firmly surrounds the hand-wound tourbillon movement, which determines the creative craftsmanship, followed by the engraver of Olivier Vaucher (the main name of the Geneva engraving), and Of cooperation. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) movement and external engineers in this complex work. discounted cheap men watches

RICHARD MILLE RM 57-03 Tourbillon Sapphire Dragon Replica Watch

As a fantasy creature flowing in the water, the dragon harmoniously wraps the yin of sapphire and the golden yang associated with the liquid element, the latter carrying the opposite heat and the positive connotation of the sun.

Although Richard Mille’s sapphire case is usually ground, in this case, the technology was put on hold to facilitate the use of laser micro-cutting technology, which was used in the project On specific machines. This is done to obtain extremely precise details and curves of the workpiece, while avoiding undesirable physical and chemical reactions. perfect replica watch

Thanks to countless hours of research and development and computer-aided design (CAD) programming, the building became reliable and the weak links were eliminated. To carve the dragon, Olivier Vaucher and his team developed new hand polishing and finishing techniques to enhance the natural transparency of sapphires.

The head and feet carved in red gold can also highlight the crystal texture of the sapphire and the volume of the object. The tiny details of the scales are the result of a long and exquisite gold powder painting process, while applying them to the tongue and eyes of the dragon (giving it a firm appearance), adding the ultimate artistic meaning to the work.

The extreme hollow structure of the RM57-03 movement in grade 5 titanium clearly reveals the minimalist floor, providing a new perspective on the movement and its gears.

The RM 57-03 Tourbillon Sapphire Dragon watch is a natural complement to the series, combining proven traditional technology and technological innovation.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) Le Mans Classic Race Chronograph

Richard Mille RM 011-RM 011 Le Mans Classic Rose Gold watch

Richard Mille cheap and the famous Le Mans vintage racing partner have launched 2 new limited edition watches inspired by this legendary annual classic racing car held in France every July . The new Le Mans classic chronographs are called RM008 and RM011, and their design is inspired by racing engines, and has a green Le Mans logo at 12 o’clock, with yellow and blue decorations to match the Le Mans race Rumble bars on the road.

This watch celebrates the competition in the purest Le Mans classic style: the minutes and seconds of the chronograph indicated by the tourbillon, as well as the torque and function display echo the blue and yellow of the 24-hour tour rumbling belt. Another reminder of this historic game is the Le Mans Classic logo at 12 o’clock. The grade 5 titanium case is micro-sandblasted and equipped with a DLC-treated strap. The double-stripe “Le Mans” bezel is also micro-blasted.

The limited edition copy watches are all made with automatic movements and have a 50-hour backup battery. It has a flyback chronograph, a large date display at 12 o’clock and a 24-hour counter at 6 o’clock.

The 24-hour counter is the signature of the 24-hour nonstop race at Le Mans. The casing is made of titanium barrel with dimensions of 50mm x 40mm x 16.15mm. More than 200 separate machine operations are required to create this database.

The Le Mans Classic Limited Edition is equipped with a tourbillon, a seconds chronograph, and displays torque and functions. The watch case is made of micro-sprayed grade 5 titanium alloy and DLC coated strap. It has a wound power reserve of 70 hours and measures 48mm x 39.7mm x 14.95mm.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) Yohan Blake Tourbillon

The newest member of Richard Mille’s sports series is Yohan Blake Tourbillon RM59-01. Committed to the 2012 London Olympic silver medalist Blake (Blake), paying special attention to right-handed wearers like him.

This piece is designed for runners, and its built-in aerodynamics allows it to withstand all shocks and forces, and adapt to 100-meter sprints at extremely high speeds. This is due to the manual winding tourbillon movement in the watch, which includes four bridges made of corrosion-resistant alloys of aluminum, magnesium, silicon and titanium, and is designed in Jamaican yellow and green. This also represents Blake’s patented “beast pose” gesture, which is known to be displayed by athletes before each competition.

The watch itself is actually very thick between 2 o’clock and 5 o’clock. It is said that this extra thickness prevents the torque limiting crown from rubbing against Blake’s wrist, making him more comfortable when wearing the replica men watch.

The 50mm case adopts a reptile style and is composed of injected carbon nanotubes, which are protected by sapphire crystal glass and an anti-glare coating.

Richard Mille Felipe Massa sapphire crystal watch

Nice RICHARD MILLE Replica Watch RM 56-02 SAPPHIRE

Richard Mille was a very young luxury fake watch brand in 2005, but given the fiercely competitive atmosphere, it showed great promise to a large extent. Richard Mille pursued ultra-complexity and worked closely with the world of high-performance racing machines, quickly becoming the leader of ultra-luxury sports watches in terms of design and price. Also released in 2005 the iconic replica Richard Mille RM011 and the larger Felipe Massa (Felipe Massa) watch series.

10 years later, Richard Mille RM011 and other Richard Mille Felipe Massa (Richard Mille Felipe Massa) watches have become an indispensable part of the brand and the luxury sports watch field. As part of the tenth anniversary of the relationship between Richard Mille and racing driver Felipe Massa, the brand will release two limited edition timepieces, including this super sturdy Richard ·Miller (Richard Mille) RM056, its full sapphire crystal transparent case.

This is not the first time Richard Mille has produced a sapphire crystal case watch, nor is it the first time they have produced a sapphire crystal case Richard Mille RM056 Felipe Massa watch. In fact, the first Richard Mille watch launched in 2012 is a case made entirely of carefully ground synthetic sapphire crystal, which is the RM056 version.

Three years later, in terms of consumer cost (and exclusivity), the sapphire crystal case watch has become one of Richard Mille’s top products, each with a price much higher than $1 million . To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Richard Mille and Felipe Massa, another limited edition Richard Mille RM056 chronograph tourbillon watch will be launched.

Some thoughts on sapphire crystal as a case material. Sapphire crystal is mainly used in luxury watches as the “crystal” material on the dial. Synthetic sapphire is used because it can grow, can be transparent, can be milled (cut), and is very hard. In fact, apart from diamonds, almost nothing is harder than sapphire crystal. Hardness is important because sapphire crystals need to be scratch resistant. Because the sapphire crystal is so hard, it is also difficult to process. Processing sapphire crystal requires special cutting tools, and most sapphire crystals in watches are round.

The process used to produce sapphire crystals that fit the dial surface is different from the process used to precisely cut other shapes of sapphire (such as watch cases). A special type of CNC milling machine is used to cut sapphire crystals. My understanding is that because the material is very hard, it is necessary to change the cutting tool as metal more frequently than when using a CNC machine to cut more traditional case materials. In addition, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) claims that grinding each sapphire crystal case requires 430 hours of work, while polishing the main parts requires 350 hours of work.

A common complaint among collectors about sapphire crystal cases is that they don’t look very valuable. People often marvel at the fact that Richard Mille’s sapphire crystal case seems to be made of plastic. Indeed, Richard Mille’s sapphire crystal watches, unlike more common luxury materials (such as gold), do not convey the same direct sense of “wealth”. That being said, the touch of these watches is not cheap and provides a very smooth, refined touch (completely different from plastic).

For anyone other than Richard Mille or one of their customers, even using a rare sapphire crystal case watch is actually a rare experience. I think I am lucky to be able to handle one of these exotic watch styles. Although the price of more than one million dollars continues to surprise me, I understand very well why Richard Mille’s special sapphire crystal case watches are in the market.

2015 Richard Mille RM056 retains some fresh colors and Felipe Massa’s personal logo on the dial of the previous version. In addition to the transparent wine barrel case and hollow dial and movement, this RM056 watch is also available in blue, yellow and red. However, its core is the pinnacle of the Felipe Massa Popular fake watch series: Richard Mille (Richard Mille) caliber RM 056 tourbillon chronograph mechanical movement.

With zoom in, one can begin to understand why Richard Mille’s “wrist high-performance machine” is so priced. Although the concept behind Richard Mille watches is absolutely modern, there is a deep respect for the long-standing watchmaking tradition-some brands are keen on details, as can be seen. Although Richard Mille’s watches may not suit your taste, you can’t deny that few brands (none of them have a modern design sense) match their finishing and details.

The RM 056 movement is a unique mechanism composed of more than 500 parts. The movement is extremely complex, with a 30-minute seconds chronograph, torque indicator, power reserve indicator and tourbillon for the balance wheel and adjustment system. Watching the movement is always spectacular, it in many ways fully reflects the fascination of many people for mechanical clocks. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) limited edition RM056 10th Anniversary Felipe Massa Best quality swiss and japanese replica watches.

Richard Mille launches the new RM 11-04 ROBERTO MANCINI self-winding flyback chronograph

Replica Richard Mille RM 11-04 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Roberto Mancini Men watch

After coaching Zenit St Petersburg Football Club for two years, Roberto Mancini returned to his hometown as the head coach of the Italian national football team (Squadra Azzurra). He faced a new challenge: To become a leading football power in Europe and the world. He will complete this task with the new RM 11-04 Roberto Mancini self-winding flyback chronograph, making the dream of countless Italian fanatics come true.

• Roberto Mancini became Richard Mille’s best friend in 2013
• Current Italian national coach
• Brand new style elements decorate classic styles

The RM 11-01 Roberto Mancini watch was launched in 2013. It is the culmination of the discussion between the Italian football coach and Mr. Richard Mille; it solves a major problem faced by the football coach on the field: there is still a game left How much time? Time is a precious strategic resource that becomes quantifiable in the arena and brings tremendous pressure to players and coaches on the court. Once the scoreboard stops showing time, especially during overtime, the field will be enveloped by a more tense atmosphere, and the players will also mess up their positions for this, which will inevitably affect the game strategy.

RM 11-04 ROBERTO MANCINI self-winding flyback chronograph

Therefore, it is necessary to design a mechanical watch that can track halftime, overtime and overtime through a dedicated dial. And this work combines complex display functions with flyback timing, enabling Mancini to become the master of time on the court: “As a coach, our responsibility is to best guide the players. For that reason In this way, time must be tracked and managed more effectively. This is one of the important factors that determine success or failure. Every minute and every second at the final juncture is extremely precious, carrying the possibility of reversing the result of the game.”

The RM 11-04 Roberto Mancini self-winding flyback chronograph retains the iconic technical features of the RM 11-01 series, and incorporates the brand’s latest design elements, such as the novel lines on the crown and the variable geometry oscillating weight , And the Carbon TPT® carbon fiber case with embossed details and sporty style. top luxury replica watches

The RM 11-04 Roberto Mancini watch is not only embellished with the three colors of the Italian flag (Il Tricolore), but also decorated with the unique blue hue of the Italian national football team (Squadra Azzurra), which is a tribute to Roberto Mancini.

In addition, the watch’s self-winding movement is also equipped with flyback timing and annual calendar functions. The bezel, crown and button cover are all decorated with exquisite decoration, and the rubber strap is equipped with a titanium alloy folding clasp. The new case reveals the RMAC3 five-grade titanium alloy movement in a novel way. high quality replica watches

Richard Mille RM 11-05 self-winding flyback chronograph GMT watch debut

Best Richard Mille RM 11-05 Automatique Chronographe Flyback GMT Replica Watch

Just as hard as diamonds, cermets reappeared in the appearance of the new Richard Mille RM 11-05 automatic return chronograph GMT, while Richard Miller continued to set foot in the fascinating world of non-antimony grade materials. In essence, the brand is equivalent to the 911, which means that its price is the same as the Porsche 911 (Turbo S, please remember, the price is the same), and it keeps its original, recognizable shape while constantly evolving. RM 11-05 includes GMT in a feature-rich movement that can power it for a long time. But first, let’s talk briefly about Cermet.

Richard Mille’s character is to seek to create lighter and more durable materials. Richard Mille found a variety of carbon, metals, ceramics, and even quartz in the appearance and movement of the movement, and even allowed the brand to produce record light watches so that their wealthy customers could Being beaten in a racing car or when falling. I’m on the tennis court. Richard Mille is as tiring as the car analogy, and his relentless pursuit of car design and material performance is indeed truly comparable to supercar manufacturers. After all, its customers are more willing to bear the cost, so why not?

As the main material category, cermets are not completely new to luxury watches. Cermet is an abbreviation for the following materials: I will give you a moment to make an educated guess… Yes, ceramics and metals. When I heard about Cermet, I immediately thought of those rare Jaeger-LeCoultre deep-sea chronographs, which are famous for using a Cermet type, and which are confused with the same name Rolex watches online shop.

2,360 Vickers hardness is the so-called “gray cermet” hardness. This is what materials scientists usually call “very hard.” From a perspective, the Gray Cermet in the RM 11-05 case is six times harder than hardened stainless steel. The latter usually runs at a frequency of 390 Vickers, which is about 12 times higher than the hardness of 210kicker in 18k gold at 210 Vickers. Cermet was co-developed with IMI Group (a British-based engineering company whose name is similar to that of Bond’s employer), and its gray color is attributed to the combination of a metal zirconium matrix and high-performance ceramic inserts.

It is very difficult to heat and press these different types of materials together, and a layer must be added to make it look beautiful enough to help justify the six-digit price tag. In particular, the challenge is to remove undesirable adhesives and obtain a homogeneous whole. The physical properties of cermets make it the material of choice for bulletproof protection (if you find yourself with a companion you might be a bit armed with pickles), external aerospace fuselage components (if you extend PJ over your arm) may be sent use. Windows) and of course the brakes of the car.

The Richard Mille RM 11-05 automatic anti-fly chronograph GMT watch in Cermet’s case size is fixed together by 20 spline screws processed in grade 5 titanium alloy, the lug diameter is 50.00mm, diameter It is 42.70mm and the total thickness is 16.15mm. Match it with the trademark arched back cover, smooth strap fusion, and the unmatched feel of the Richard Mille rubber strap but never match, and you will have super comfortable wearing. I think now the brand should consider providing accurate weight measurements of watches, so that prospective buyers can choose one model based on this number instead of another model, just as they buy Superleggera cars.

Richard Mille movement RMAC3 is still a punch: it is a chronograph with a flyback function, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) indication and annual calendar-probably all luxury watches One of the best secrets of medium complexity. The power reserve is 50 hours (+/- 10%), the operating frequency is 28,800 vph, the moment of inertia is 4.8 mg•cm 2 and the lifting angle is 53°. The barrel shaft is made of AP20 steel-just throw it away because I know this is a controversial aspect of watchmaking today.

I guess, in contrast to the luminescent materials that were smuggled into manufacturers frantically on Christmas Eve, the exquisite carbon fiber flanges filled with “approved luminescent materials” still made the project crazy. The dial is made of sapphire crystal with a thickness of 0.40mm and is anti-glare on both sides-probably the weakest link in Richard Mille’s replica watches, because this coating tends to be on the dial itself ( Instead of the outer crystal) produces a unique blue glare. I hope this is a neutral paint. If the edge of the case sapphire crystal is 0.84 mm thicker than the thickness of the center, or the bottom plate and bridge of the movement are made of wet sandblasted titanium alloy (as opposed to high-quality old brass), these slight differences can be definite.

The ultra-high-end chronograph series started from RM 011 in 2007 and has grown to the current development level with the development of RM 11-03. Its excessive design in machinery and materials has hardly reached the matching level, and it has surpassed competitors. Pricing.