Richard Mille RM 07-01 self-winding watch adds two new works

The Richard Mille RM07-01 series self-winding watch, which is born for women, adds two new bracelet models, including: RM 07-01 Starry Night self-winding watch that showcases the beauty of the stars in the night through the diamond setting process , And the RM 07-01 self-winding watch chain with outstanding wearing effect.

These two new works are made of Carbon TPT® carbon fiber as the main material. The surface has a unique Damascus steel texture and corrugated luster, and shows the lightness and comfort of the RM07-01 series as always, combining rigidity and flexibility.

RM 07-01 Starry Night automatic watch

Table diameter 45.66 x 31.4mm, Carbon TPT® carbon fiber, 5N red gold material. Equipped with CRMA2 automatic movement, hour and minute display. The power reserve is 50 hours.

Starry Night is the name of this watch. The diamond inlays scattered on the Carbon TPT® carbon fiber bezel and dial are like a sea of ​​stars when looking at the night sky, shining in the dark. Richard Mille used the starry night inlay process to embellish diamond inlay on Carbon TPT® carbon fiber, a high-hardness and high-strength high-tech material, which is much more difficult than ordinary precious metal inlay. The craftsman needs to use a CNC machine equipped with a diamond drill to drill the setting hole for inlay; the 5N red gold hand-polished prongs need to be made separately, and then many gemstones of different diameters are embedded, and 181 beautiful diamonds are fixed to the watch one by one On the top, it presents the elegance and willfulness as if sprinkled casually.

Richard Mille used the starry night inlay process to decorate the surface of Carbon TPT® carbon fiber with diamond inlay, which is much more difficult than ordinary precious metal diamond inlay.

The strap is made of Carbon TPT® carbon fiber and weighs only 29 grams. Equipped with a variable geometry automatic plate, made of 5N red gold.

RM 07-01 self-winding watch chain link

Table diameter 45.66 x 31.4mm, Carbon TPT® carbon fiber, 5N red gold material. Equipped with CRMA2 automatic movement, hour and minute display. Water resistant to 50 meters.

The red gold and Carbon TPT® carbon fiber interlocking two-tone chain link is the most eye-catching feature of this new work. The case also uses the same material combination-Carbon TPT® carbon fiber bezel and back cover combined with 5N red gold middle case, continuing The matte texture and mirror polishing overlap each other and contrast with each other’s dazzling beauty. The personality is calm and luxurious and shines, fully releasing the structural charm of Richard Mille’s good performance.

The red gold and Carbon TPT® carbon fiber interlocking two-color chain links are eye-catching and comfortable to wear.

The interlocking chain strap design has a strong contrast between light and dark. It is unexpectedly light and comfortable to wear, while possessing extremely high strength. With a barrel-shaped buckle, the shape perfectly echoes the line of the case. Coupled with RM 07-01‘s consistent existing feature-the curved line of the barrel-shaped case, the overall decorative effect and wearability are excellent, and it is a highly friendly model regardless of aesthetic performance or ergonomics. Pay attention to design.

Red gold and Carbon TPT® are laid out throughout the watch to create a distinctly structured and refined beauty. Equipped with a variable geometry automatic plate, made of 5N red gold. The overall presentation is exquisite for beauty inside and outside.

Review of Richard Mille RM67-01 Medium Edition

On a recent trip, I was fortunate enough to meet a young lady wearing a medium RM67-01 suit. I find this watch is very suitable for her wrist, because it also exudes many elegance and characteristics. We tend to forget it, but Richard Mille has been engaged in ladies watches for many years. The long history started at RM007 in 2005 and is still very active now. For example, at the time I was writing this article, the last piece that Richard Mille showed was the ladies watch RM71-01 automatic tourbillon amulet.

I have written on PuristSPro several times, but I want to say it again: I like RM67-01. For me, this watch is the most attractive watch among Richard Mille’s entry-level products, because its design is effective and it subtly updates the brand’s traditional tonneau-shaped case. This watch is characterized by a slim case, which is magnified by the exquisiteness of the case: the thickness is less than 8 mm. But it also provides a technical dial, giving it a very modern style. This dial provides transparency, allowing you to observe the movement and its structure. But it also draws patterns that connect the numbers between them. Sometimes I feel like I am in front of some kind of printed circuit board. The result is amazing because I found it very modern, and I tend to think that this rendering will remain timeless.

I particularly like the other two other details: the date window is very discreet, and the other complications-the function indicators of the crown (winding, date, hand setting) literally fade into the decorative structure of the dial. This indicator also proves the use of the internal movement CRMA6. This movement is exactly the same as the appearance of the dial. It provides a very modern architecture, impeccable surface treatment, and contains many important details from a technical point of view, such as a rapidly rotating barrel, in order to obtain more stable performance in the entire power reserve. The winding quality adopts platinum to improve the efficiency of automatic winding. The power reserve is approximately fifty hours.

The strength of the RM67-01 medium kit (the same is true for the full version) is that the stone can be drawn with various patterns, which can serve and enhance the design. By creating these patterns, the diamond-shaped setting highlights the curves of the watch and accompanies the geometry of the dial while retaining a certain visual brightness. From an aesthetic point of view, I rarely see such a perfect setting. RM67-01 maintains its fluidity, and the precious side is very delicate. I never felt that I was facing a dazzling replica Lady watch.

Despite its large size (38.7 x 47.5mm), the RM67-01 set is an ideal choice for women’s wrists. To be honest, this watch also works well on men’s wrists. Because this is the strength of RM67-01, please set it or not. If the wrist is small, these sizes can be frightening. However, due to its slightly curved shape, the watch follows the curve of the wrist and does not look bulky. The exquisite appearance is like the reasonable width of a belt.

I really fell in love with this watch. When her master finished the look with her bracelet (to be honest, I’m not sure about the safety and sustainability of the recommended rose gold case!), her wrist became very stylish…irresistible!

Through this meeting, I learned about the power of replica Richard Mille design. Often copied, imitated but rarely copied. This watch proves that Richard Mille is not only synonymous with power, strength and extreme technology. The RM67-01 medium kit maintains dynamic dimensions, but is expressed in a simpler and refined style. From my own point of view, I think this is an ideal ladies watch!

Richard Mille RM 35-01 Rafael Nadal NTPT Carbon Watch Hands-On

Luxury Richard Mille RM 35-02 RAFAEL NADAL AUTOMATIC QUARTZ-TPT RED Watch Replica Online

Richard Mille in 2014 released another model of Rafael Nadal new series of timepieces, the RM 35-01. As early as 2010, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) put the tourbillon timepiece on the wrist of the Spanish tennis champion, which shocked not only the watchmaking industry, but also the world. Not only did Nadal wear a limited edition RM027 watch worth US$500,000 to win the trophy, but he also lost a bit on the way.

What makes the original RM027 watch so special is its weight. I forgot the precise records it set (many records come and go), but I am pretty sure it is the lightest mechanical watch or tourbillon mechanical watch ever, because it uses a peculiar lithium alloy case material. The idea at the time was that it was light enough not to hinder Nadal’s game, and it was durable enough to withstand the game. From a marketing perspective, this is genius. A few years later, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) decided to continue to release the Nadal Legend, launching a follow-up model of the RM 27-01 series of watches, and available in several colors. The RM 27-01 is larger and more interesting than the original product, but it is actually 1 gram lighter, only 19 grams. It also uses a unique tension cable system to fix the tourbillon movement in place, making it more shock-resistant. The RM 27-01 is limited to 50 pieces, which makes the original RM027 sound cheap. Now, this trend will change in 2014.

What surprised me about Richard Mille’s latest product was the price. Of course, Richard Mille watches will always be at the “exclusive forefront.” Therefore, the biggest mechanical difference between the 2014 RM 35-01 Rafael Nadal and the previous series is the lack of a tourbillon. Can a watch really be made into a “Nadal” watch without a tourbillon? In fact, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) clearly pointed out that most sports watches should have a tourbillon movement. Although the brand’s tourbillon is indeed the most “Mille”, I think some of the brand’s non-tourbillon movements are the best.

Although the Calibre RMUL3 movement inside the RM 35-01 is very satisfying visually, it is relatively simple and only provides hours, minutes, and seconds. It is manually wound and has a power reserve of approximately 55 hours. Most of the movement is made of titanium bridges, and its operating frequency is 4 Hz (28,800 bph). Again, this is a more basic exercise by Richard Mille, but still has many of the visual technical styles that people expect from the brand.

The RM 35-01 is not focused on movement innovation, but part of the new 2014 watches that showcase Richard Mille’s new material for the case. They call it NTPT Carbon, and we made our debut here at the end of 2013. “NTPT” stands for the company that produced it; this is North Thin Ply Technology, which is actually located in Switzerland. The material is a specially layered carbon composite material, which is technically a high-tech laminate. It is used in multiple layers and has been used in a series of industrial and sports applications, such as in the America’s Cup. If produced in the right way, it happens to have a unique quality that looks like Damascus steel.

Damascus steel is a layered metal. After acid treatment (especially), it shows various layers. It is said to have a “wood grain” style texture. Damascus steel is used in certain watches, such as Gustafsson & Sjogren (Gosafsson & Sjogren (Gos) watches), and is often cherished by collectors for its visual style. Now, Richard Mille has his own “Damascus” material with an interesting look of NTPT carbon fiber, in this case black. I feel that this material can be almost any color, although I cannot confirm this.

So what does NTPT Carbon look like on the case? It’s really cool. I don’t know if I personally would think of using it for watches related to tennis players, but the texture of this material blends perfectly with the overall appearance of the watch and strap. Although the background color is black, the case has a series of slightly shiny grays that almost look like futuristic camouflage. It doesn’t look fancy, and unlike some of the exotic polymers used by Richard Mille in other timepieces, NTPT carbon does have a very high-quality material.

By the way, the case material should be very strong and durable. There is no doubt that this kind of situation can well resist various forms of abuse under the condition of extreme vibration, and the internal mechanical movement will become a variety of damaged spare parts. So how bright is the whole watch? For a series of very lightweight series, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) did not provide the overall weight of the case. Although they have stated that the total weight of the RMUL3 movement is very low, only 4 grams.

Like last year’s RM 27-01 watch, the RM 35-01 will use Velrco’s fabric strap. Such a strap is difficult to pull off in a high-end way, but I think a fashionable sports watch like this will work. To be honest, compared to other watches with tourbillons, I have more confidence in the durability of this watch. Logically speaking, a simple three-hand manual winding movement requires more effort than a fussy tourbillon. If you are someone who likes to refer to Richard Mille timepieces as everyday wearers, then RM 35-01 Rafael Nadal is definitely not a bad choice. Its comfortable design, easy-to-bridge red rubber crown, clear and easy-to-read dial and durable features .

Although replica Richard Mille is technically a limited edition, it has not yet indicated how many RM 35-01 watches will be made.

Richard Mille RM 11-05 automatic winding flyback

Richard Mille used hard diamond titanium for the RM 11-05 automatic winding flyback chronograph table Linnage standard time Richard Mille (Richard Mille) used an alloy called gray cermet, which claims to combine the lightness of titanium with the hardness of diamonds to make a new RM 11-05 automatic reverse Exciting chronograph GMT.

The properties of cermet have been used in bullet-proof, external aerospace fuselage components and brakes for racing vehicles.

The RM 11-05 automatic flyback chronograph GMT is housed in a 50 x 42.70 x 16.15mm case.

Its RMAC3 movement has a bottom plate and a bridge made of grade 5 titanium alloy, thus maintaining the integrity of the lightweight movement.

The skeletonized self-winding movement can drive 3 o’clock hours, minutes, seconds, oversized date, month, 9 o’clock flyback chronograph and 9 o’clock, countdown timer, 6 o’clock hour counter, UTC Functional and variable geometry rotor.

“The King of Sports Watch” RICHARD MILLE

Today, I want to talk about swiss RICHARD MILLE.

In the past, what I have talked about most is the watches I have bought and played. The price is mostly famous watches with a public price of tens of thousands to more than 200,000 yuan. Although there are occasional watches with higher prices, I can’t afford the RICHARD MILLE level (set a goal for myself, I hope I can Buy it).

Watches that have not been bought or played, and are outside the scope of their capabilities, are inevitably suspected of “talking on paper”. The reason I want to talk about RICHARD MILLE is because I had the opportunity to meet RICHARD MILLE’s RM 61-01 and RM 39-01 a while ago. Among them, 61-01 left a deep impression on me. Many of RICHARD MILLE’s introductions on the Internet list various technical data. I don’t think it means much, so I want to talk about my personal feelings.


I have two feelings.

  1. After many years of buying watches, going in and out, and jumping back and forth between a formal watch and a sports watch, I found that my favorite is a sports watch.
  2. When a certain price is reached, the choice of sports watches decreases.

RM038 Tourbillon

In the market, there are not many high-end sports watches that can support high prices and are widely recognized and circulated. There are mainly the following brands:

Patek Philippe/Nautilus, grenades, Vacheron Constantin/Audemars Piguet/Royal Oak, Roger Dubuis/King Hollow, Big Bull, Hublot/Big Bang, Crystal, Rafa, Rolex/Some popular sports are mainly based on labor. These high-end sports watches have high actual prices and a certain amount of circulation on the market.

With the “average price exceeding one million” level, RICHARD MILLE is aloof, and has opened a huge gap with other high-end sports watches. RICHARD MILLE has become the “peak” of sports watches, and there is no similar product.

RM52-01 Skeleton

Compared with mainstream watches on the market, RICHARD MILLE is extremely rare in life because of its high value. There are very few opportunities to touch and play with real RICHARD MILLE watches. There are situations where most people have seen RICHARD MILLE on the Internet, but haven’t actually contacted them. So some people will ask, is such a high price of RICHARD MILLE a “gimmick”? Is it really that awesome? It is normal to have this kind of doubt.


The new RICHARD MILLE RM 61-01 I saw this time left a deep impression on me and made me feel why RICHARD MILLE has such a high value. Comparing the Nautilus I bought, and a few Hublots, I really feel the overwhelming strength of RICHARD MILLE.

Pick up RM 61-01, it is really light and super light. If I want to say “light as nothing”, it must be an exaggeration. If I insist on describing it, I feel like picking up a few pieces of paper. This super light feeling is something I didn’t have on any steel case, titanium case, ceramic case, etc. watches before. Players who are familiar with RICHARD MILLE know the term NTPT. The reason why RM 61-01 is so light is that it uses NTPT technology, including Carbon TPT and Quartz TPT (NTPT is the name of a company, and RICHARD MILLE develops a table Shell material, it developed Carbon TPT and Quartz TPT materials, which means).

RM 61-01 YOHAN BLAKE Ultimate Edition

Carbon TPT is a carbon fiber, and Quartz TPT is a quartz fiber. The bottom of the RM 61-01 white bezel is Quartz TPT quartz fiber, and the body of the black case is Carbon TPT carbon fiber. The reason why two materials are used for a watch is because Quartz TPT quartz fiber can be made into different colors (including this white and various colors) while being light in weight, while Carbon TPT carbon fiber is light in weight and high in strength (but black ). Used together, it is very powerful, taking into account both performance and color.

RM 61-01 YOHAN BLAKE Ultimate Edition

I have seen some players say, “Other famous watch brands also make innovative materials, not worse than RICHARD MILLE.” Just for all the famous watches that I have personally bought and played, whether it is a titanium case, a ceramic case, or even a Hublot crystal case, they have not reached the level of RICHARD MILLE’s ultra-light and color.

RM 61-01 YOHAN BLAKE ultimate edition, you can see the movement is suspended in the center of the case.

RM 61-01 includes RICHARD MILLE’s other men’s watches. Regarding the size, they are all large watches. But what’s very good is that after getting started, they are very fit and comfortable. Coupled with the super light weight, it can be said to be the ultimate sports watch. The tonneau-shaped case of RM 61-01, if you look closely, you will find that it is asymmetrical, with small left and large right. This is the ergonomic design of RICHARD MILLE. In terms of movement, players familiar with RICHARD MILLE know that the RM61 is commonly known as the “runway” in China because the watch movement is suspended on two obvious “runways” (of course, there are other supports). The watch has no dial, and the movement is hollowed out in a large area, which is very cool.

RM61 ceramic shell, green color, commonly known as “green track” in China.

From RM 61-01, I feel that RICHARD MILLE has reached the “peak” of sports watches. Reached the highest combination of performance and high recognition. In my personal feelings, the Nautilus 5711A takes into account sports and thin thickness, and is also very easy to wear, but the 5711A is not a high-profile watch, not as eye-catching as RICHARD MILLE in terms of recognition and coolness; and Hublot is indeed also It’s cool. Whether it’s colored ceramics or colored crystals, the recognition is very high, but it is not as good as RICHARD MILLE in terms of weight and wearing experience.

I hope that in the future, I and you all will be able to join RICHARD MILLE.


Richard MILLE Bonbon RM 07-03 Marshmallow

Item Type: Replica Bonbon RM 007 Watches
Model Number: RM 07-03 Marshmallow
Case Material: Ceramic,Tonneau
Movement: Self-winding
Dial Diameter: 45.3 mm
Gender: women
Thickness: 11.90 mm
Dial: White / Rose
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Water Resistance Depth: 50 m
Band Material Type: Rubber strap
Functions: Hours / Minutes

Richard Mille’s success

Avant garde Maison’s new dessert brings a candy journey

Licorice, lollipops and marshmallows-who would think of candy, let alone cupcakes, would glazed the glazed dial of a mechanical watch?

The Bonbon series surprises fake Richard Mille, who likes to eat sweets. Richard Mille usually draws inspiration from the aviation and automotive industries.

The avant-garde brand has released 10 candy-inspired models-4 of which are classified in the Sweets collection that showcases exquisite craftsmanship.

Extremely high firing temperature (approximately 800 degrees Celsius) is required to have the mouth-watering patterns on the dials of RM07-03 cupcakes, RM 07-03 marshmallows and RM 37-01 Sucette.

Just like making rock candy or tempered chocolate, this is a harsh process that determines the strength and luster of the decorative parts.

Art director Cécile Guenat explained that the technique of firing and glazing is different from the traditional method in order to reproduce the dessert made of grade 5 titanium, red gold or titanium combined with red or white gold on the dial. .

Guenat said: “Our enamel enamel is produced without an enamel lining. This allows us to reduce the thickness, but it also increases the complexity of the production process.”

The enamel surface is usually flattened by leveling and sanding so that the final surface does not exceed the specified height. However, this polishing will wipe away the texture and flatten the surface.

“In order to maintain the volume and appearance of the material itself, we chose to polish the grand feu enamel on the RM 07-03 marshmallow instead of slack. This is to achieve the fluffy quality of the marshmallow on the dial, for example,” she said.

The dial of the RM 07-03 model shares an assembly of multiple plates to produce a spiral pattern. The modular structure enhances the realism of the volume and highlights the texture.

Guanat said: “The 6 large feu enamel plates of Marshmallow are made separately before assembly and assembly. We decided not to add a border to the dial, but to retain any outline.” “The grand enamel coating rises to the flange. And the height of the graduation line. This also proved to be a technical challenge.”

The dial of the RM 37-01 Sucette has a swirl of green and garnet, the date is displayed below 12 o’clock, and the function selector is at 4 o’clock.

The fourth model, the RM 16-01 Réglisse, is centered on a licorice roll, stamped from a solid titanium block and coated with black chrome, reminiscent of a waxy coating of candy. The date and time are at 7 o’clock, and two square and round licorice candies are used as hour and quarter markers respectively.

The limited editions of the Sweets series are housed in two-tone ceramic cases. The frame and bottom cover are made of TZP ceramic, which is a highly scratch-resistant material and comes in a variety of colors.

For example, the bezel and back cover of the Réglisse and Sucette models use a combination of pink and yellow blush, and a combination of green and gray green hunter.

The cupcake case is shaded blue, and the white gold strap is reminiscent of the fluted lining and the crown shape of the crown, “baking” the details of this exquisite timepiece. buy watches online

Richard Mille RM 035 Rafael Nadal Watch

Luxury Richard Mille RM 35-02 AUTOMATIC RAFAEL NADAL ALL Red Watch Replica Online

Since 1999, Richard Mille (fake Richard Mille) has now become one of the many suppliers of impressive timepieces, combining exceptionally complex engineering and motorsports. On top of the world. Richard MilleRM 035 Rafael Nadal watch originated from this thorough concept and a new generation of technological innovation, officially unveiled in 2011.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) RM 035 series is specially designed for the clay king Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal). There are several versions of this model with different chassis, but they all have one thing in common: ultralight.

The original RM 035 watch used an alloy case made of 90% magnesium, 8.9% aluminum and other elements. The entire watch weighs only 20 grams, which is extremely incredible in the field of watchmaking. The reason for being so lightweight is that the RM 035 was designed by Richard Mille, so athlete Rafael Nadal can wear it during the game. Usually, athletes rarely wear watches when participating in competitions, because they become hand obstacles when they swing. Watches competing with athletes must ensure that they are compact, lightweight and particularly durable, and have excellent squirrel resistance.Replica discount swiss watches

In terms of design, Richard Mille 035 (Richard Mille 035) has a sporty appearance, because the tonneau-shaped case and the hollow dial reveal the details under the body in a solid way. The dial is equipped with a large central hour and minute hands, and is coated with white luminescent material to avoid mixing with other details. Since the skeleton design only remains on the main bridge, the RMUL1 automatic movement must be carefully observed. The RMUL1 movement has 24 jewels, operates at 4 Hz, weighs only 4.3 grams, and has a power reserve of approximately 55 hours.

If the original RM 035 version uses black, white and gray as the main color dial, the Richard Mille brand also offers a variety of variations of different materials. For people who like RM 035 Rafael Nadal watches but use different materials.

RICHARD MILLE RM35-02 Rafael Nadal Diamond Red Quartz TPT Replica Watch

The first edition is limited to 50 pieces of black TZP ceramics and covered with fine sand. The back of the watch is made of NTPT carbon fiber. This is an inherent high-tech material used to make supercars or ultralight projects in space. NTPT carbon is a material composed of stacked carbon fibers. If in the original model, RM 035 is equipped with a closed lid, then for this RM 035 NTPT version Richard Mille (Richard Mille) uses a sapphire crystal lid, so that the wearer can see its internal RMUL1 movement Seamless movement.High Quality Replica watches

In addition to the material, this dial also has hour markers, the brand name is painted in neon yellow, more eye-catching, similar to the crown, and the internal three needles are colored. Radiant red. On the name tag, RM 035-AMERICAS was also added. The dimensions are 48 x 39.70 x 12.25 mm.

Inspired by Rafael Nadal’s logo, Richard Mille continued to introduce two watches, RM 035 Black Toro and RM 035 Gold Toro (Toro in Spanish means “bull “).

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) RM 035 black Toro version case is made of magnesium compound, the case is pure black, the bezel is made of black TZP ceramic, appearing on the above models. The crown material is NTPT carbon fiber with a rubber protective cover. The unity of the black design of the chassis is the black rubber strap and titanium ring with black DLC coating. The dial has undergone some changes, such as rose gold hands and minute hands, but the RMUL1 movement is still completely retained. Richard Mille RM 035 Black Toro Edition.

The next version is for those who love rose gold. The RM 035 gold Toro barrel case is refined in 18k rose gold and has a fine sandy surface. The crown, buckle or center pin are also made of rose gold. But the inside of the watch is still the RMUL1 movement, which can retain 55 hours of power. Richard Mille RM 035 Gold Toro Edition.

How do Western watchmakers embody the symbol of the Asian dragon?

In Western and Eastern legends, the image of the dragon always has a peculiar attraction. However, in each culture, the dragon represents different things. In Western culture, the dragon symbolizes the power of destruction and cruelty. On the contrary, in Eastern culture, the dragon is one of the holy beasts and a symbol of the emperor.

In this article, Gia Bao Luxury will introduce you to the model of the watch that uses the dragon pattern on the dial. Due to the above cultural differences, most designs will use Asian dragon images with unique characteristics. The body of an Asian dragon is as long as a snake, with scales like a carp, deer horns and eagle claws.

Through the hands of skilled craftsmen, the image of the dragon god is expressed in many different ways on the dial.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5720/1 “Dragon”
With the Nautilus 5720/1 “Dragon”, the Patek Philippe brand has pushed the value and finishing methods to new heights. This is a special edition specially designed for the brand’s authentic store in Shanghai. This location is the largest agent of the brand in the Asian market.

It is still the familiar Nautilus case, but the entire dial is studded with diamonds. This means that the case, dial and strap even have a sparkling appearance that has caught everyone’s attention. Patek Philippe is not known for making jewellery replica watches, but this does not mean that they cannot make beautiful diamond replica watches. The highlight above the diamond background is the image of the dragon god made by hand enamel. Workers must sweep each layer of fermentation to the dial, and then heat it at the right temperature. This process will be repeated dozens of times until the desired hue is obtained.

A small defect in the heating process is enough to damage the dial. Therefore, the enamel method requires very high precision. Not only the dial, but the bezel of this Nautilus is also painted with many details, such as the dragon’s tail and the dragon’s hand holding jewelry. These two details are directly connected with the body of the dragon on the dial, forming a complete microcosm.

Arnold & Son True Beat Golden Dragon
At first glance, Arnold & Son’s True Beat Gold Dragon has many similarities with Vacheron Constantin’s design. However, this time, the hour and minute dials are set on one side, and the large second hand is located in the center of the dial.

The second hand of this watch has a very special function and is related to the True Beat name. Under normal circumstances, the second hand of a mechanical watch rotates many small beats, depending on the oscillation frequency of the balance wheel. However, when using True Beat, the second hand will move one beat per second, just like a battery meter.

The golden dragon image is made of whole rose gold and is very finely carved. If you compare it, perhaps Arnold’s dragon is more delicate and authentic than Vacheron Constantin’s design. More specifically, we can see that the dragon’s eyes show an affectionate expression, and each scale is curved along the long body like a snake.

Franck Muller Vanguard V 45 SC DT D DRG CD (5N.NR)
The Franck Muller Vanguard V45 watch also uses the image of the Golden Dragon, but the processing method is different. Each layer of the dragon scales is made of high-grade diamonds, giving it a dazzling appearance. For this reason, the artist must carefully calculate and arrange the diamonds. A small mistake can also damage the balance of the design.

This limited edition watch still uses the familiar Franck Muller Cintree Curvex case. The monolithic rose gold case is also inlaid with diamonds, and only the bezel on the side of the case is exposed in the style of Vanguard.

The most important point that makes Franck Muller Vanguard V45 Dragon more attractive to players is the price. There is no need to spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to buy a limited edition watch with a pure gold case, we only need to invest nearly one billion dong for this watch.

Richard Mille RM 57-03 Sapphire Dragon
The last model we want to introduce is from the Richard Mille brand. This is a very impressive design, using advanced materials on the case and dial. The case is made of carbon fiber NTPT, which has ultra-light weight and high rigidity, and the details on the dial are more special.

The spiritual dragon image on the dial of the RM 57-03 sapphire dragon is made of sapphire crystal and rose gold. As we all know, sapphire has high hardness and is accompanied by brittleness. Therefore, carving a small-scale dragon body in sapphire requires a lot of work.

RICHARD MILLE’s first split-second automatic chronograph RM 65-01

The newly launched RM 65-01 by RICHARD MILLE is a highly complex sports-style watch. It is a masterpiece of extraordinary craftsmanship designed for daily wear and various environments. It is the latest achievement of RICHARD MILLE’s continuous exploration and innovation.

As a non-limited watch, RM 65-01 shows the ingenuity of watchmaking craftsmanship. The combination of multiple additional functions, unique structure and ultimate aesthetics on this watch fully reflects the technical strength of RICHARD MILLE. In short, only enough patience, superb skills and extraordinary perseverance can complete this difficult challenge in the mechanical watch industry.

Richard Mille RICHARD MILLE split-second split second automatic winding chronograph, model: RM 65-01 / diameter 44mm, Carbon TPT® carbon fiber case / time indicator, date window, chronograph / RMAC4 hollow automatic winding Movement, power reserve 60 hours / anti-glare sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 50 meters

This chronograph designed for the 21st century has a high-frequency variable inertia balance wheel with a high frequency of 5 Hz (36,000 vibrations per hour) to ensure more accurate time travel for a long time and time the chronograph The accuracy is increased to one tenth of a second. This watch can be called a real “racing car”, equipped with a split-second hand that can read the halfway time. It is also the first time that RICHARD MILLE has applied the split-second chronograph function to a self-winding movement.

The RICHARD MILLE RM 65-01 self-winding split-second chronograph has been carefully developed for nearly five years. It can be regarded as the most complicated timepiece produced in the RICHARD MILLE workshop so far.

This precision movement is like a commanding mechanical brain, which can be seen through the bottom cover; it is like a mechanical church, standing on the fifth titanium alloy base plate supported by the fifth titanium alloy bridge. , The movement draws power from the rapidly rotating barrel, and can maintain the ideal torque transmission power throughout the approximately 60-hour power reserve. The automatic winding device of the barrel also ensures that the watch can maintain the best torque when worn; the variable geometry oscillating weight of the movement further strengthens the torque state, which can be adjusted according to the wearer’s activity habits to change the pendulum Tuo inertia, thereby improving the efficiency of the chain.

In addition, this chronograph has undergone a series of rigorous tests to ensure normal operation under any conditions. These include from simulated shock and drop tests to 10-year accelerated aging tests for all functions, as well as various tests such as water resistance and magnetic field resistance.

The RICHARD MILLE RM 65-01 self-winding split second chronograph is an integrated movement developed in cooperation with the Vaucher movement factory. It is equipped with a six-tooth column wheel structure and a vertical coupling device to ensure its consistent and stable performance.

The first self-made patented quick-winding device developed by RICHARD MILLE, press 125 times on the red button at 8 o’clock, and the barrel can be fully wound.

However, the RICHARD MILLE team did not stop there; in fact, they added several complexities to this powerful, robust and impeccable “racing engine” in the lightweight and wear-resistant Carbon TPT® carbon fiber case. Function to enhance the ergonomics of the watch. Another milestone innovation is the first self-made patented quick-winding device developed by RICHARD MILLE. Just press 125 times on the button at 8 o’clock, and the barrel can be fully wound and ready for important events. Timing. The engineers of RICHARD MILLE described this practical function as “very interesting”, because this winding method requires very high torque transmission levels, so the development process is particularly difficult. In the aging test, this function has withstood thousands of startup tests.

In order to make the dial clearer and easier to read, the RM 65-01 uses different colors to mark watch functions and buttons: yellow represents the time: hours, minutes, and small seconds at 6 o’clock; while green represents the date display; orange marks the chronograph The chronograph second hand of the watch, as well as the 30-minute and 12-hour counters; red is related to the winding function. To avoid confusion, the rattrapante is presented in blue. The overall design depends entirely on the function of the watch.

The RICHARD MILLE RM 65-01 automatic split-second split second chronograph is equipped with a crown function indicator. Press the button located in the middle of the crown to select the crown function-manual winding (W), semi-instant jump date adjustment ( D) or set time (H) to switch between.

The bezel, middle case and back cover are all made of Carbon TPT® carbon fiber, and the texture of each part is unique.

The RICHARD MILLE RM 65-01 self-winding split-second chronograph crown is made of grade 5 titanium alloy that has been micro-sandblasted, polished and satin-finished; the chronograph buttons are also made of grade 5 titanium alloy that has been polished and satin-finished Material. The middle case is embedded with a nameplate engraved with the words “RM 65-01”, which also uses the same material and processing; the quick-winding button is presented with a red Quartz TPT® quartz fiber button, which is particularly eye-catching. RM 65-01 offers Carbon TPT® carbon fiber and red gold and Carbon TPT® carbon fiber styles to choose from. It has more than 600 component parts, which fully proves the superb technical expertise of the RICHARD MILLE team.

RM 65-01 upholds the brand’s concept that has been passed down in the same vein, and at the same time it has established a unique and exclusive image, which will surely occupy a place in the palace of copy RICHARD MILLE.

Replica Richard Mille RM 65-01 Automatic Split Seconds Chronograph Men watch

Case: Carbon,Tonneau
Case diameter : 44.50 x 49.94 mm
Thickness: 16.10 mm
GLASS: Sapphire
Dial: Skeletonized
Movement: Automatic
STRAP: rubber
Year: 2020
BUCKLE: Pin Buckle
Water Resistance Depth: 3.00atm / 30.00m / 100.00ft
Boxes: common box package without paper
FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date,Flyback Chronograph

Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal

When you work with some of the most accomplished athletes in the world, you can count on them to move forward at their own pace. For Richard Mille (fake Richard Mille), this is exactly the way he likes it, because it challenges him time and time again and takes things to the next level. Rafael Nadal, who won 19 Grand Slam singles titles, also wore Richard Mille on the court. This means that the RM 35-02 not only needs to be very light but also very strong.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) achieved this goal by making CarbonTPT® and QuartzTPT® into shells. These materials combine extraordinary strength and extraordinary lightness. The maximum thickness of each layer is only 45 microns, and then impregnated with resin. Each layer is placed at an angle of 45° relative to the layer below to further expand the strength of the final material. When they are all stacked, they are pressurized to 6 bar and heated to 120°C. Then put the removed wooden block into a CNC machine and mill it into a suitable shell shape. Although these materials have various advantages, they also have an almost inlaid appearance, which is undesirable for every watch.

The automatic movement inside the RM 35-02 is also a kind of visual enjoyment, and it is technologically very advanced. The bridge and base plate are skeletonized and made of grade 5 titanium. This means they are very strong and can withstand accelerations up to 5,000 grams. Of course, this movement is also equipped with Richard Mille (Richard Mille) signature and patented variable geometry rotor. Thanks to the weight segments that can be placed in six positions, the winding effect matches the user’s activity level. The movement has a very technical appearance, which can be appreciated from the front or the back, because both are equipped with sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. It is not that Nadal spends a lot of time watching the game, but for Richard Mille’s other customers, it is undoubtedly a treat.