Hands-on: Richard Mille RM 35-03 Rafael Nadal Watch with New Self-Winding System

Richard Mille’s latest collection of luxury sports watches in honor of brand ambassador Rafael Nadal is the beautiful new Richard Mille RM 35-03 Rafael Nadal Automatic, which is available in two colours. Today I got my hands on it with an interesting pale blue White case version with colored rubber strap. These watches are not limited editions, but like all Richard Mille watches, they were produced in limited quantities and are hard to come by these days due to popular demand (for events at these ultra-luxury prices). As well as featuring some interesting new dial design elements, the RM 35-03 is the first Richard Mille watch to include the new RMAL2 automatic movement, which boasts a system for adjusting the geometry at the push of a button. That is how the matter?

Adjustable rotor geometry is nothing new at Richard Mille, but it is a more advanced form. For a while, many of Richard Mille’s automatic watches had an automatic rotor with adjustable “blades” that affected the rotor’s center of gravity. The idea is that in order to prevent too much stress on exercise, people with inactive lifestyles will make the self-winding system more efficient (and therefore require less effort to wind) and people with more active lifestyles will swing Their wrists going around a lot would benefit more from a less efficient winding system that absorbs more torque from gravity.

All of this can be done by adjusting the weight distribution of the automatic rotor itself. In previous replica Richard Mille automatic watches, this feature required watchmaker supervision. The watch needs to be opened and the automatic rotor adjusted manually. no longer. Richard Mille’s RMAL2 movement features a “sport mode” pusher that adjusts the shape of the two-position automatic rotor (Richard Mille calls it a butterfly rotor system). One position is a more normal half-disk shape that provides the highest winding efficiency and is therefore ideal for most wearing situations. The “Sport Mode” position separates the rotors and creates a butterfly shape that distributes weight more evenly. This puts the rotor into a state where it’s less likely to spin and, therefore, put pressure on the movement…if the wearer’s wrist does something like swing a golf club. The butterfly rotor system works elegantly as promised, and it’s a lot of fun to play with.

The Richard Mille RMAL2 automatic movement operates at 4Hz and has a power reserve of approximately 55 hours. It only offers the time with a central seconds hand and has an extra pusher as a function selector. Pressing it cycles the crown between adjusting time, intermediate position and winding barrel. The movement also features a sports mode position indicator above the 6 o’clock position on the skeleton dial. It’s not my favorite Richard Mille dial, but the RM 35-03 does have a new look and maintains good legibility. Each of the two RM 35-03 case colors has slightly different dial color elements.

These cases are made from various combinations of quartz TPT or carbon TPT materials that have been layered and then carefully ground. An RM 35-03 has a white and black case that I wear in this article. It also has a predominantly blue case version, which you can check out in our press article on the replica Richard Mille RM 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal linked above. The tonneau case is comfortable to wear and also uses titanium parts such as screws, buttons and parts of the case back. The case is 43.15mm wide at its widest point, and while it’s not a small watch, it’s certainly very comfortable to wear (like most Richard Mille timepieces) – though, being a sports watch, its 50-meter water resistance means that With the RM 35-03 not ready for too many wet races.

This special white crust with black accents, and a layer of carbon and minerals, looks especially cool in my opinion. It reminds me of the Japanese Gundam toy models I made when I was a kid. When properly painted, the body armor of the robot suit has black grooves that contrast with the other white surfaces. As far as I know, only a lot of this effect has been captured in this unique case material provided by Richard Mille.

I really admire the color management and choice that Richard Mille has chosen for its many watches, these days. In the past, I felt that the use of color could be a bit arbitrary. Recently, Richard Mille has done a great job of making its most daring color watches harmonious (or at least interesting) from a color combination perspective. In this watch we have a black and white case and dial with a mix of red and yellow. The light blue strap complements the color of the rubber ring around the crown and the gasket where the sapphire crystal sits.

Speaking of straps, I found this high-quality rubber strap to be very neat, with “racing vents” and a nice design. The strap integrates nicely into the design of the case and incorporates a spring-loaded butterfly deployant clasp. Overall, the RM 35-03 will be yet another commercial success for Richard Mille, which is also hard to find in the market. The RMAL2 automatic movement does do something new, at least in some cases it has arguable utility. Where practicality is lacking, it provides fun, as this timepiece is another very luxurious fidget instrument.

Richard Mille Automatic Flyback Chronograph-Roberto Mancini RM 11-01

Richard Mille men’s watch RM 11-01. The case is made of titanium. The case size is 50×42.7 mm. The thickness of the case is 16.5 mm. Automatic watch with mechanical movement. The watch is water-resistant to 50 m. Transparent bottom cover. The rubber strap is paired with a simple titanium buckle.

As we all know, the brand’s series has many similar and more expressive models that have been shown before. However, in this product, the developers did not seek to create an overly bright and fanciful accessory, they just used their skills to the fullest. Xtreme provides fresher and proven designs, and they undoubtedly did it. The changes affecting watch design and mechanics reflect the natural development of the brand. The brand has been committed to finding innovative solutions to elevate its products to a new and higher level. Roberto Mancini

The creative design created with high-tech language not only has rich and thoughtful textures and contrasts, but also has practicality. The main secret of accessories is hidden in the case. The innovative structure of the automatic movement can withstand the strongest vibration and high acceleration. The chronograph is very suitable for men who value their unique style and like exclusive products. No one will be indifferent when seeing the series of chronographs by Richard Mille, the world’s watchmaker, whose every detail is known for its excellent quality. The size of the titanium case is 50×42.7 mm. The case is 16.5 mm thick. The self-winding movement operates according to the amplitude of the hand movement. This 50m waterproof watch allows you to swim in the pool or shower. The dial is covered with transparent anti-reflective glass made of high-strength sapphire crystal, which can prevent chipping and mechanical damage to the greatest extent. Discount watch fake

Richard Mille RM 61-01 Ultimate Edition Yohan Blake

RM 61-01 made its debut in 2014 and was worn by Jamaican sprinter John Blake, the younger brother of the tourbillon RM 59-01. Since 2012, this “ultimate edition” heralds the last question who has always been the Richard Mille family A member of this model with a very unique shape.

For the RM 61-01 Ultimate Edition, the TZP ceramics previously used on the bezel and back cover will be replaced by new materials such as quartz TPT and carbon TPT-the latter is also on the case. Multi-layer silica-based quartz TPT, no more than 45 microns thick, is interwoven with carbon TPT layers because they are stacked by an automatic compilation system, and the fiber direction between each layer changes 45 degrees. Heated to 120 degrees at a pressure of 6 bar in an autoclave, the 600-layer composite is ready for processing at the Richard Mille factory. Milling and turning generate random and unique patterns of quartz TPT and carbon TPT for each product. The carbon fiber TPT crown protector can avoid rubbing the wrist during sports activities. quality replica watch

The skeletonized movement RMUL2 is made of PVD-treated grade 5 titanium, black galvanized and hand-painted grade 5 titanium crosses the balance bridge, and a free-spring balance with variable inertia that oscillates at a frequency of 4 Hz. The dual-spring system distributes the stored energy to the two mainspring barrels to reduce pressure and friction on the gear teeth, bearings and pivots, thereby improving long-term performance.

The hand-wound movement provides a 55-hour power reserve and high impact resistance with an impact test of more than 5.000 grams. Richard Mille swiss

Richard Mille RM 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal

Richard Mille today launched the RM 35-03 self-winding Rafael Nadal watch, which is the fourth watch in the RM 035 series designed specifically for this famous Spanish tennis player.

Even if Rafa is used to wearing the RM 027 series tourbillon watch (such as RM 27-04) on the tennis court, the RM 035 series of timepieces are technically condensed.

In fact, the new model introduces a patented innovation, which is the result of our three-year development, namely the butterfly rotor that we will explain later in the article.

The new RM 35-03 self-winding Rafael Nadal measures 43.15 mm x 49.95 mm and has a thickness of 13.15 mm. There are two styles: white quartz TPT and carbon fiber TPT strap with carbon fiber TPT or blue quartz TPT strap with white quartz TPT .

Carbon fiber TPT and quartz TPT are composed of multiple layers of parallel filaments, which are obtained by separating carbon fibers or silica threads. Their surfaces show always different stripes, making the appearance of each model truly unique.

Although the RM 35-02 model already has a variable geometry rotor-the iconic component of the Richard Mille automatic movement-the new butterfly rotor of the RM 35-03 allows the wearer to directly interact with the geometry of the rotor. The winding speed is controlled at the lifestyle and activity level, which is equally interesting and practical for complications.

The butterfly-shaped oscillating weight of the skeletonized self-winding RMAL2 movement consists of two grade 5 titanium and metal counterweights. In the initial position, the counterweight causes a radial displacement of the center of gravity, which generates the necessary torque to wind the barrel.

By applying a simple pressure on the button at 7 o’clock, the gear train dedicated to the rotor unfolds the two counterweights to 180°. Then the center of gravity returns to the center to balance the rotor, stop the winding process, and over-wind the chain during sports activities.

By applying pressure to the pusher again, the rotor will work and wind the movement. replica Richard Mille RM 35-03

Beating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations (4 Hz) per hour, the free-spring balance wheel with variable inertia ensures greater reliability in the event of shocks and during assembly and disassembly of the movement, thereby providing more change over time Good timing result. Due to the 4 small adjustable weights directly on the balance, no regulator indicator is required, allowing more accurate and repeatable adjustments.

The dual barrel system guarantees a 55-hour power reserve, helping to maintain torque stability for a longer period of time. This is achieved by distributing stored energy to the two barrels, equalizing torque, and reducing friction on bearings and pivots, thereby improving long-term performance.

The button at 2 o’clock allows you to select the winding (W), neutral (N) and time setting (H) functions with one touch. The hand at 2 o’clock shows the selected function. The crown is made of grade 5 titanium and carbon TPT with a rubber O-ring seal. fashion watches

Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT Carbon Watch Review

Frankly speaking, in the past few weeks, while reviewing it, I shamelessly used every opportunity of every day to wear the Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT Carbon watch-like how people drive it at the last minute The same (imagined so far)) If you finally have a chance, the convertible supercar parked in front of the house…The irresistible power of pure curiosity and excitement will not let you do anything else, you can only use it Such a charming environment. But what’s all the fuss about?

Because Richard Mille watches are notoriously expensive, quite complex, and often use some new high-tech materials, they become a difficult subject of review. There are many factors we need to consider-including those that can help us answer why Richard Mille watches require them to be so expensive, and why they can continue to produce more than 4,000 watches each year.

So, first, let us put this concept in context-you know, a six-digit number-pricing-annual calendar-calendar-chronograph-in-a-non-precious metal-case The incredible idea.

Since the beginning of the millennium, Richard Mille has been, I mean, the ultra-expensive and extremely successful avant-garde watch brand in the watch industry-this is the truth. However, for those who do not have oligarchs or have direct contact with the annual turnover of the refinery, understanding the demand price of copy Richard Mille watches may prove extremely difficult.

For comparison, the following are the basic elements of a normal luxury brand’s normal pricing procedure: Usually, a company first determines its specific market segment, target audience, and the corresponding price points required by these factors. Only after considering all of this, it will begin to develop and finalize the product itself. Needless to say, this approach imposes restrictions on the product itself, because it ultimately must comply with these pre-determined requirements related to cost and pricing.

As Richard Mille himself explained, the process of pricing his watches (and his brand) is different from most other pricing strategies, because what they do first is to come up with an idea for the product, and then they develop the idea so that in the end The product is as close as possible to the dream of him and his team. They will set the final price only when all of this has been achieved and the cost of all these efforts has been taken into account.

It sounds extravagant, but what brands say and what they actually provide are often two different things-so let’s see how (or if any) this becomes a reality.

Of course, when you browse the price tag, the Richard Mille watch does not have this cost-related restriction will immediately become apparent. In contrast, this might make some supercars suddenly look like low-budget alternatives. However, when you take a closer look at the products themselves and where and how they are manufactured, things will align with this approach. So let’s focus on the latter thing first, the origin first-very brief, because since my visit to the manufacturer of Richard Mille in Switzerland, we have already had a more in-depth article on this topic.

Like most modern, extremely complex and super expensive watch brands (there are actually more than a few these days), no single factory can perform all manufacturing processes at the same time. The reason is that there is no place where you can make copy watch cases with unknown materials at the same time under the same roof, process hundreds of different precision movement parts, make complex mobile phones and dials, and then assemble all these parts into a watch. After all, a watch like the RM50-02 worth US$1,050,000 will not fall from the sky—on the contrary, there are many specialized suppliers and facilities that need to be involved.

Richard Mille cooperated with Vaucher Manufacture to develop relatively simple movements, such as ultra-thin movements, annual calendar chronographs, etc.; and together with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi to study complex movements with novel and complicated functions. For the watch case and some other components, they mainly rely on their own, only a few years old, the most advanced case manufacturing facility called ProArt in Les Breuleux, and the final assembly of the watch is mainly completed within a few minutes’ drive. From ProArt, at Richard Mille headquarters.

One of my key messages for visiting these places is their immediate and universally obvious “anything is possible” method. Anywhere I have seen, I have seen energetic (usually very young) engineers programming brand new machines and working on the development of new materials and high-tech composite materials (such as NTPT carbon, the subject of this review) The materials used, but more about this content) under). In other departments, they are working on reassembling super-complex movements with movements that seem to be perfectly calculated. All of this makes things so simple that I have to remind myself how they don’t mill simple steel cases or repair basic ETA movements. They make it look simple,

In order to find the missing puzzle, I will ask you to briefly endure mediocrity, because I am trying to illustrate my point: There are many people in the world who can and are willing to pay almost any amount of money they like and can appreciate. The real question is not whether there are enough of these people—because there are—but how do modern brands connect with them and convince them that their specific products are so valuable?

What these people really worry about is not to waste X or 100 times the money on something, but to be humiliated among their peers by paying for something that does not meet their expectations. Compared with the products of other competing brands, it proved to be inferior in a short period of time. Their cars, boats, helicopters, etc. must be the fastest. If they pay only for not delivering as expected, then the failed brand will soon close the shop. Some brands have failed to continue to promote their design and engineering design-today they are nowhere to be found. Therefore, the real challenge for best Richard Mille is to constantly push his limits through the use of new materials and continuously improve their designs. In short, never stop amazed by their customers.

In the parallel world of high-priced, well-designed supercars, the car manufacturer McLaren has perfectly achieved this hybrid-and, given their extremely similar positions and technologies, for some time, I have always thought that Richard Miller is the McLaren of watch brands. McLaren actually only recently started to build its own road car series, and had to beat the auto industry giants like Richard Mille did in the watch industry—their secrets of success are the same.

The two companies are able to cater to these customers so effectively because the number of designs they can immediately recognize is extremely limited, and they continue to use the latest technology to improve and upgrade them. This allows them to offer bold new options to those super rich, who are totally tired of getting another boring thing from the big names at this point, but are looking for the ultimate toy. They want it to be the lightest, fastest, and yes, also the most expensive-and they want it to be recognized immediately, at least in their own circles.

This is the secret they must follow: there are not dozens of different Richard Mille or McLaren designs, but only one trademark appearance, and these appearances will be tirelessly updated and improved with the latest technology.

Considering a brief introduction to its origins (not so), let’s see how all this translates into the subject of this review: Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT watch. The RM 011 is without a doubt the most well-known and most successful model produced by Richard Mille to date. Its tonneau-shaped case uses an earless design, with 12 5-node screws on the bezel, plus curved sides and a clearly arched case outline… This bag is the appearance of Richard Mille.

Brazilian Formula One driver Felipe Massa has been a friend of the brand for more than a decade, and his name has become part of every RM 011 model. He even wore a Richard Mille watch on his wrist during the race-look at the picture above. He crawled out of the wreckage after an unfortunate racing accident at the Canadian Grand Prix a few years ago. Here, we want to say that from the beginning of the 2016 season and lasting for at least 10 years, Richard Mille has established a formal partnership with the McLaren Formula One team.

Now, although as a fan of Formula One, I admire Massa’s famous sportsmanship and driving skills, I am happy to find that this special version of RM 011 does not spell out his name completely on the dial. Just salute him in a special way. In an almost unobtrusive way, by placing his initials in the model number, it is displayed directly below the 8 o’clock index. Although certainly not everyone will have this opinion, but I personally prefer to only see the name of the watchmaker/brand on the dial, and no one else.

However, the more attractive part of the name is the “NTPT” bit, because it refers to the special material of the Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT case. While visiting RM’s so-called ProArt watch case maker, I could see with my own eyes how this unusual material ended up being one of Richard Mille’s barrel-shaped watch cases. The base material was developed by the company of the same name, NTPT, for the masts of racing sailboats-so it is not surprising that the material is very strong and very light.

This is largely due to its layered structure consisting of hundreds of layers of carbon fibers, which are fixed in a solid, thanks to some epoxy resin and a few laps in the oven that expose the substrate to some hell Normal temperature. But would you use your Richard Mille to repair the mast on your sailboat? Probably not, so we will look at how this material actually feels when it is used not for boat parts but for ultra-expensive timepieces.

Even for the untrained eye, the first thing that is noticeable is the very unusual surface. When the milling machine cuts hundreds of almost invisible layers of the case, due to the angle at which the machine cuts it, the material shows some charming and unique patterns in all cases, strongly reminiscent of seeing on the surface of wood Of those. When touched, NTPT feels warm, and under strong magnification, you can see its carbon-based fine fibers. It is always very smooth.

Although the rectangular cutouts on the upper part of the strap look cool, they have proved to be very practical as they do allow quite a bit of ventilation and prevent my wrist from sweating under the rubber strap fit. There is no doubt that Richard Mille offers this type of strap in a variety of colors-this may make buyers want a quick strap release system that allows them to easily switch between straps without having to use Special screwdriver.

So, what can Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT provide for those who seek the ultimate experience in modern brands that have been pursuing the limits of design and technology? This NTPT iteration is an unexpected-in other words, novel-development of the established RM 011 series. It uses a fascinating new material that is very light, has some unique aesthetic properties, and should prove to be very durable in the long run. It is matched with the common attributes of Richard Mille watches: complex movement, excellent wearing comfort, limited edition.

Richard Mille

RM 07-01 colorful ceramics

Graphics and color capsule series with tradition as the core

Richard Mille’s undisputed female idol, the RM 07-01 series, will continue to cause a sensation in every iteration. The three new limited edition watches are made of technologically advanced ceramic materials, with shiny multi-material guilloche dials, reflecting the RM 07-01 series’ uncompromising attitude towards aesthetics and performance, combining the highest level of mechanical system Watches, movement engineering and decorative finishes.

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The three watches of the new RM 07-01 Colored Ceramics series are distinguished by new case colors and graphic dial elements, and are limited to 50 pieces. RM 07-01 Pastel Blue, RM 07-01 Pastel Pink and RM 07-01 Pastel Lavender are lenses of pure summer delight, housed in a ceramic case and driven by an automatic CRMA2 internal movement. The segmented central dial is assembled from ceramic inserts and rubber with geometric patterns-this is the first guillochage handmade by Richard Mille.

Guillochage is a decorative craft that originated in the 16th century. The dial guillochage, in its most authentic form, consists of independent repeating lines cut by a manual lathe, which intersect and overlap to form a graphic pattern. Practitioners of this art, known as guillocheurs, can train for decades before they are considered masters of their craftsmanship.

Seen in classic style watches today, creation and development director Cécile Guenat considers integrating it into Richard Mille watches, but it has a unique freshness. Therefore, in a typical Richard Mille fashion, the RM 07-01 colored ceramic watch adopts this centuries-old technology and applies it in a creative way, demonstrating the brand’s ability to subvert established concepts.

The rhodium-plated red gold dial element in the center of each RM 07-01 is part of a larger pattern. This pattern is partly plant-based, has six protrusions, part is sunburst, part is Art Deco style, all are Richard Mille. Their lines are neatly aligned with the floating hour markers on the micro-blasted titanium flange. Surrounding the guilloché dial part and strengthening the theme of fusion of modernity and tradition, geometrical ceramic and rubber elements are perfectly matched with the ceramic case and the two-tone rubber strap.

The RM 07-01 colored ceramic series has three color variations-TZP pink ceramic with sky blue lilac rubber strap, TZP lavender ceramic with coral orange rubber strap, and TZP blue ceramic with olive rubber strap. When deciding on the colors and textures of these new models, Cécile Guenat and her team studied multiple versions before reaching these final configurations. “My inspiration comes from the Art Deco style buildings you see in Miami. These soft colors and bold patterns are so unique and convey such an amazing atmosphere and attitude.”

The use of the new colored ceramics in the larger RM 07-01 watch series is above all playful and vibrant, but based on its superior performance as a watch case material. Due to its zirconia composition and sintering manufacturing process, TZP ceramics are lightweight, hypoallergenic, durable and almost scratch-resistant. This level of performance is perfectly matched with the internal self-winding movement CRMA2, which is made of micro-sprayed and plasma-treated titanium and draws power from a 5N red gold variable geometry rotor to keep the watch always on the best winding. state. Coupled with the bright energy of the two-tone rubber strap and the handmade luster of the gold guilloche dial, the ceramic case of the new RM 07-01 constitutes the three most delightful Richard Mille watches.

Every watch sold by Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone’s fake watches uk collection is no different from his image on the screen: it is bold and big, and it looks like a blow will knock you down. We all know that Stallone is Rocky and Rambo; an all-around action man who throws a gun. What you may not know is that Stallone is also one of the most influential watch collectors in the past few decades. He has the ability to change the taste of the public and make lesser-known brands stand out. Stallone played an important role in placing Panerai and Richard Mille in the public eye in the 2000s, elevating these two brands to the highest status they enjoy today. In fact, Stallone also attributed Arnold Schwarzenegger to the world of Panerai to himself.

The Panerai Luminor 5218-201/A “Logo” worn by Sylvester Stallone in the 1996 film “Daylight”

“This is the watch that turned it on for me,” Stallone said. “I made a movie called “Daylight”, which will be the hardest movie ever. I want to wear a watch that no one has ever seen.”

When he opened the Panerai box in the dealer’s shop, it almost shone. “This watch is a star,” Stallone said in the video. Stallone finally strapped the watch to his wrist that day and didn’t take it off until the end of the filming. This watch is provided in exactly the same way as seen on the screen, with a shark leather strap. The lot also includes utensils related to the movie and Stallone’s handwritten notes. The watch comes with the original box and two extra Panerai Pre-Vendome buckle straps and original brass screwdriver.

“I wore it in movies and it immediately became popular. After that, Arnold Schwarzenegger started wearing it and I said, ‘oh my god, can I have anything that belongs to me?” Stallone said with a smile. “It has become very popular, and people are beginning to see its extraordinary shape and its functions. My God, this watch is already underwater and in hell, and it is still beautiful. Look at this movie, you just Will understand what I mean. This is a difficult shooting.”

Richard Mille Ref. RM 032-TI Sylvester Stallone dressed in The Expendables 3

For this work, Stallone hopes “The Expendables 3” is different. Stallone was already Richard Mille’s long-term collector. He personally called Richard Miller and asked him to design a watch and asked the question-“What watch will John Rambo wear?”

Richard Mille’s initial reaction was, “For mercenaries, this is a very high-end watch”, but in the end he created it. Stallone wears the RM 032 with a red rubber strap in the movie.

“It’s very obvious and extraordinary that people keep mentioning watches in movies. I think it gets more attention than I get in movies. It’s a star,” Stallone said. “This is very helpful for me and I have gone through hell. All those battle scenes, all those extraordinary stunts. This is what I wear.”

Richard Mille Ref. RM 052-01 “Skull Watch”

Sylvester Stallone must contact Richard Mille in person to get RM 052-01 because it is very popular and the quantity is small. With the help of Miller, Stallone found the last one.

“I am wearing this thing proudly. I still have a mixed feeling about giving up on it,” Stallone admitted. “But you know, well, I have a lot of fun with it, now it’s time for others to wear it proudly.”

Richard Mille Ref. RM 059-01 John Black

“This watch was designed by Richard Miller based on speed. It is named after a world-class sprinter. I have to say that this watch may be the only watch that looks like it is moving when it is stationary. “Stallone said.

The lines on the dial are inspired by the sprinter Yohan Blake’s own hands and the fingers he stretched out when he was exercising. Stallone recalled that when he walked into a restaurant, he didn’t wear Yohan Blake on his wrist, which disappointed him. Stallone said: “This one has star quality, this one has.”

Richard Mille Ref. RM025-01
The last auction of Sylvester Stallone’s collection was RM 025-01, which was designed by Richard Mille for explorers and actors, inspired by all of Stallone’s action films. Watches are more like gadgets than clocks. They have two lids and a compartment for quinine pills and other functions (such as a compass).

“You must be a true amateur to get lost in the jungle with this watch. If you can’t find a way out, don’t go to the jungle,” Stallone said with a smile. “This is the Rambo of the watch.”

Richard Mille’s equestrian partner Carlos Hank Guerreiro wearing RM 35-01 Carbon TPT

Carlos Hank Guerreiro is the fourth equestrian obstacle partner of the Richard Mille fake family. He clearly remembered how his love of horse riding began. As a young child, he accompanied his parents to participate in their amateur equestrian competitions in Mexico. Carlos quickly turned from a bystander to a rider, and soon his family pastime became his own hobby.

“When I won my first international competition on the Cannes Global Champions Tour, I realized for the first time that I wanted to give everything I had for the sport. I was only 13 years old at the time, but it made me aware I have the opportunity to do great things in this sport,” recalls Carlos, now 20.

Carlos grew up in Mexico City and moved to California at the age of 10 to continue to improve his skills. In 2016, he won the gold medal at the North American Junior Riders Championship and won the Under-25 Grand Prix in Palm Beach two years later. In 2019, Carlos won the top 10 in both the Brussels Masters 5-star Grand Prix and the Queen Elizabeth II 5-star Grand Prix held in Calgary. Obviously, this young athlete has already done a great job in this sport, as he had expected in Cannes many years ago.

By the age of 18, his age group ranked first in the world, and riders under the age of 25 ranked 13th in the world. Today, Carlos is running between Belgium and Florida, participating in the most prestigious equestrian events on two continents, and winning first place in the five-star Grand Prix is ​​one of Carlos’ unwavering goals.

His life goal-to participate in the Olympics-is also imminent. Although the members of the Mexican team have not yet been confirmed, Carlos dreams of having the opportunity to represent his home country in the Olympics.

“I am very fortunate to be able to represent my country, Mexico, globally, to be a member of the Mexican team and participate in five-star competitions in Europe and the United States. For me, as a part of an individual sport, the biggest feeling is as a team Unite together and represent your country at the highest level,” Carlos said.

His training program usually includes riding six horses a day, 7 days a week, one hour per horse, and regular strength training and mental training are also very important. In all his efforts, he wears his RM 35-01 carbon fiber TPT.

“It has become my lucky charm because it is very light and very suitable for this sport,” the new Richard Mille partner confided.

Just as his parents ignited his passion for equestrian competition, Carlos can thank another family member for inspiring his admiration for Richard Mille watches.

“I got the enthusiasm for them from my grandfather. Not only are these fake watches for sale very beautiful, but the best part is that you can always wear them no matter what sport or activity you are engaged in,” he proved.

Richard Mille RM25-01

Bringing Richard Mille RM25-01 deeply into remote areas of Colorado During World War II, the U.S. Army saw the wisdom of soldiers who were proficient in mountaineering and skiing. The rugged peaks of France, Italy, and Germany may be the key battlefields, where skilled alpine combat troops can occupy and occupy the real commanding heights. Thus was born the 10th Mountain Division, a team of elite soldiers who had received rope work, abseiling, rock climbing and backcountry ski training. The personnel selected into the division are recruited by the National Ski Patrol and selected from a group of experienced skiers. This novel process is considered easier than training the mountain skills of existing soldiers. The department’s training center is Camp Hale, located in the remote center of the Colorado Rockies, which is the perfect environment to hone unique skills. After the war, some of the soldiers returned to Colorado,

A tribute to the Colorado history of the 10th Mountain Division and Camp Hale is a series of remote mountain lodges scattered in the highlands. The 10th Mountain Division and Alfred A. Braun’s cabin system can only be accessed by skis or snowshoes in winter. The cabin itself is a rustic wooden shelter heated by a wood stove, with beds for sleeping and Propane stove for cooking. In severe winters, hiking to one of these remote cabins at an altitude of 11,000 feet seems to be a suitable way to review the most “remote area” of Richard Mille watches: RM25-01 Tourbillon Adventure, an inspired watch orchid Bo himself, Sylvester Stallone.

RM 25-01 is big and shameless in every aspect of the word. It is 51 mm wide and nearly 24 mm thick, which is very large. The 100-meter water-resistant case is made of Richard Mille’s TPT carbon composite material and is fixed together with spline grade 5 titanium screws. This watch is equipped with a manual-winding chronograph movement, equipped with a 24-hour display, tourbillon, power reserve, and torque and function indicators. These functions alone are jaw-dropping, but compared with the external functions of this watch, they gradually fade the background.

The RM 25–01 is a manual-winding chronograph with a 24-hour display, tourbillon, power reserve, and torque and function indicators. The bezel can be used for navigation.

RM 25-01 is equipped with a rotating bezel made of Damascus TPT carbon, and has a compass mark and an hour scale, which are used to display the compass direction of the northern and southern hemispheres with the hands (more on this later). The bezel can be removed and replaced with a liquid compass module with a hinged cover (also TPT carbon fiber), which has a mirror and aiming hole, and can be accurately navigated with a bubble level on the side of the case.

But perhaps the most interesting feature of this watch is undoubtedly the world’s first in any type of watch: a small bottle mounted on the right contains three water purification tablets, which can be used to make the dirtiest water into drinking water in about half a year. .

There is no doubt that Sly already has the first place on his wrist. What is the price of this chronograph and compass and water purifier? 985,000 USD. That’s right, $1 million will allow you to buy this high-end preparation watch, and some change to buy a box of MRE, a KA-BAR, and a sweaty headscarf.

Now, I know what you are thinking: this watch is big, fancy, unnecessary, and expensive. I can already expect the comments. “My Apple Watch and a bottle of iodine pills can do all this!” So let’s put it aside for now. After all, I guess very few of us are the target market for this extraordinary timepiece, so it saves us from having to perform a critical cost-benefit analysis, but just celebrating its sheer outrageousness.

When I strapped the RM 25-01 to my snowshoes and Ortovox avalanche transceiver and ascended to the Markley Hut a few miles away in Aspen at a vertical distance of 3 miles and 1,100 feet, I felt very dizzy. The public relations staff at fake Richard Mille North America must obtain special permission from the headquarters to allow me to test this watch. Fortunately, a few years ago, I participated in their RM 032 dive in the Caribbean for a week without any adverse effects. Obviously, they think I can be trusted. Nevertheless, one million dollars is still one million dollars. With such a watch, I might navigate the Continental Divide and then disappear, DB Cooper style, and become a legend of watch bloggers.

Although I want to say that wearing the RM 25-01 has brought me some special, Rambo-style field strength, I hardly noticed it under my gloves. In fact, this huge case is so light and curved that it is very comfortable not to see it on my wrist. So much so that every once in a while, I will stop and check to make sure it is there, because digging for three miles in deep snow will make me spend this remote adventure in a rather panic and unpleasant way. Remaining time.

Testing the dive watch in the expected environment is relatively simple. Is it waterproof? Check. Easy to read? Check. Track elapsed time? Check. But RM 25-01 needs more effort to be properly reviewed. First, use the standard compass baffle for pathfinding. With a standard analog dial, there is a well-known clever way to tell the direction: point the hour hand at the sun, and true south will be at the middle mark of the arc between the hand and 12:00. It is even easier to use a GMT watch or a watch with a 24-hour display. Point the 24-hour hand to the sun and 12:00 to the north. Note that this applies to the northern hemisphere. The opposite is true south of the equator. With RM 25-01, the baffle makes the operation easier. Align the hour markers of the bezel in the desired hemisphere with the hour counter, point it to the sun, and all compass directions will be displayed automatically. Check.

Raise your hand: How many of you know how to use a compass to measure orientation and navigation? We become weak in the world of Google Maps. Rambo would disagree, and this watch aptly encourages old-school wayfinding. The provided liquid compass module can be used in two ways. After the standard bezel is removed, it can be stuck on the case or used alone, with the attached rubber lanyard clipped into the titanium map scale and worn on the neck. On the watch, the TPT compass module can be closed for protection, or opened for use. The green bubble level on the side of the case ensures that you can hold the compass perfectly horizontally, making it easiest to remove the watch from your wrist. The rearview mirror inside the car helps to keep the compass at sight level for optimal aiming. Using the aperture and line of sight, you can accurately determine the heading. If you fail in navigation and the SAR chopper is looking for you, the mirror can also act as a signal device. fake watches form china

One thing to note here: In extreme cold or high altitude areas, any small bubbles in the liquid compass will become larger. At 11,000 feet and 15 degrees Fahrenheit, the compass on the RM 25-01 has a fairly large bubble, which may cause its accuracy to be unreliable. When I mentioned this to the representative of Richard Mille in Aspen, she said they knew this and attributed it to the fact that the watch was a prototype.

I don’t actually use too many chronographs on hiking trips, but it is definitely worth mentioning. Taking into account the bulbous protrusion on the right side of the RM 25-01, the timing button is repositioned to the left and turned upside down. This means that the lower button starts and stops the chronograph, and the upper button resets. When worn on the left wrist, this requires the thumb to activate it, which is optimal because the thumb is actually faster to use than the index finger (see earlier bomb timers).

Of course, the last feature that needs to be tested is the water purifier. In fact, in remote huts, these are not really necessary because there is enough snow to boil and melt for drinking. High-altitude snow is generally safe to drink because it will not be contaminated by the urine and feces of animals that enter streams and lakes. Nevertheless, for thoroughness, we found a creek below the valley and scooped a bottle of water from it. The tablets provided by best Richard Mille and RM 25-01 are standard micro-pure iodine tablets, made by Katadyn. Facts have proved that they can effectively remove Cryptosporidium, Giardia, bacteria and viruses in water in just 30 minutes. Just put the tablet in a liter and wait. This is where the chronograph is useful. The resulting water has a slight orange hue and bitter taste, but I am happy to report that I have not suffered any adverse effects. You’re welcome.

RICHARD MILLE swiss for sale

The RICHARD MILLE with the “average price of one million” finally has a “self-produced movement” Everyone knows that RICHARD MILLE is the most expensive watch on the market, with an average price of more than one million. But what many people may not know is that RICHARD MILLE, which has an average price of more than one million, uses a movement that is not a self-produced movement.

RICHARD MILLE is the first watch to use a self-produced chronograph movement, the RM72-01 chronograph, available in rose gold and titanium cases.

The vast majority of RICHARD MILLE watches use movements from the Vaucher movement factory (in the early days, some came from APRP, the movement factory under Audemars Piguet). The Vaucher movement factory and Parmigiani Fleurier are the same, both belong to the Santos Family Foundation. Therefore, the movements of many RICHARD MILLE watches are the same as the movements of Parmigiani Fleurier watches, because they are all provided by the Vaucher movement factory. The difference is that RICHARD MILLE will further modify and hollow out the movement.

We can see a four-pointed star pattern like a “dart” in the relatively hidden position of the RICHARD MILLE movement splint, which is the logo of the Vaucher movement factory.

RICHARD MILLE RM11, the four-pointed star in the yellow circle, is the logo of the Vaucher movement factory, indicating that this movement comes from the Vaucher movement factory.

Last year (2020), RICHARD MILLE launched the first self-produced chronograph movement, the CRMC1 chronograph movement, which is a self-winding, integrated, cylindrical wheel, flyback chronograph movement. Used on RICHARD MILLE’s new RM72-01 chronograph.

RICHARD MILLE is the first watch to use the self-produced chronograph movement, the RM72-01 chronograph rose gold model.

Some players here might say that the very popular RM11 is also a chronograph, isn’t that a self-produced movement? Yes, RM11 is not self-produced, it is a movement provided by the Vaucher movement factory. RICHARD MILLE’s first self-produced movement, CRMC1, is an automatic chronograph movement with a very different design. Although the official price of RM72-01 is more than 1.87 million, which is relatively remote for most players, I still want to focus on it today as a popular science.

RICHARD MILLE swiss is the first watch to use the self-produced chronograph movement, the RM72-01 chronograph titanium case version.

The chronograph movement used in famous watches generally uses the following two movement structures:

  1. Horizontal clutch chronograph movement. Advantages: The movement structure is classical and beautiful. Like Patek Philippe 5170/5172, Vacheron Constantin’s horn chronograph, Zenith EL PRIMERO chronograph, the movement uses a horizontal clutch structure.
  2. Vertical clutch chronograph movement. Advantages: Outstanding performance, solves the problem of the jitter of the second hand at the start of the timer. Like Rolex Daytona, Omega Speedmaster 9300/9900, Blancpain 50 Fathom chronographs, the movements all use a vertical clutch structure.

It is amazing that RICHARD MILLE RM72-01 neither uses a horizontal clutch nor a vertical clutch. Instead, it uses the “swing gear” clutch that is not very common in the self-produced chronograph movement.

What is a swing gear?

The swing gear is this “little thing”, a small column with teeth on top and bottom. The densely toothed end is connected to the timing part, and the sparsely toothed end is connected to the time travel part. Through engagement/disengagement, the start and stop of the timing are controlled. The swing gear clutch was invented by TAG Heuer in 1887. Among modern chronograph movements, the ETA7750 is the representative of the large-scale use of swing gear clutch.

As mentioned earlier, the outstanding advantage of the horizontal clutch is beautiful, and the outstanding advantage of the vertical clutch is performance. The swing gear is more modest and has no outstanding advantages. Therefore, it is rarely used in the self-produced chronograph movements of major famous watches. But RICHARD MILLE found that the swing gear is just the most suitable for him.

Why did RICHARD MILLE choose the swing gear?

When the RM72-01 chronograph was first released, I saw that the CRMC1 chronograph movement of the RM72-01 used a swing gear clutch. I was very surprised. I didn’t understand why RICHARD MILLE chose this rare structure. RICHARD MILLE specifically explained why the oscillating gear clutch was selected.

RICHARD MILLE believes that the horizontal clutch structure, due to the need to drive a large clutch gear, will cause a large loss of power to the mainspring and reduce the torque of the mainspring. After the chronograph is started, it will have a greater impact on the time of the watch, so it is not suitable for RICHARD MILLE; the vertical clutch structure, due to the structure of the upper and lower friction plates, although the performance is outstanding, the structure of the vertical clutch is not beautiful enough and has a certain shade to the movement. Not in line with RICHARD MILLE’s pursuit of coolness (The chronograph movement provided by the Vaucher movement factory to RICHARD MILLE is actually a vertical clutch, but because it is self-produced this time, RICHARD MILLE’s requirements for itself have increased, and it can’t be “combined.” ).

The reason why cheap RICHARD MILLE chooses the swing gear is:

  1. The structure of the oscillating gear is simple, the efficiency of power transmission is relatively high, the torque loss of the clockwork is small, and the impact on the time of the watch is relatively small.
  2. The simple structure of the oscillating gear takes up less space, which is beneficial to RICHARD MILLE to control the size of the movement, preventing the watch from being made too large and thick, and at the same time, it can expose more mechanical structure of the movement without obstructing the movement, which is conducive to beautiful appearance.

From the structure diagram of the CRMC1 chronograph movement of RM72-01, we can see that the CRMC1 chronograph movement uses two swing gears. One is responsible for the clutching and disengagement of the time-lapse seconds wheel and the chronograph second wheel, and the other is responsible for the clutching and disengagement of the chronograph second wheel and the chronograph minute wheel. This design is very rare in chronograph movements, because a general chronograph movement only uses one swing gear (the minute wheel does not have a general movement).

At the same time, in order to lower the CRMC1 chronograph movement, the clockwork second wheel → the chronograph second wheel → the chronograph minute wheel → the chronograph hour wheel. In this set of power transmission, the torque of the mainspring is reduced to keep the running time stable, and the clockwork of the CRMC1 chronograph movement is also Through gears, it is connected to the chronograph minute wheel and the chronograph hour wheel to provide power for them (in other words, a barrel has three transmission gear trains). Therefore, even if the timing is started, it will not affect the normal time of the watch. This is where the CRMC1 chronograph movement surpasses other general chronograph movements.

The final application of these technologies is this best RICHARD MILLE RM72-01. The layout of the RM72-01 is very unique, with a small second at 9 o’clock, a minute counter at 1 o’clock, and an hour counter at 5 o’clock, which are different from ordinary chronographs. The watch movement has a transparent back, making it very complicated and cool. At the same time, the thickness of the watch has dropped drastically to only 11.68 mm (the Rolex Water Ghost is 13 mm thick). The thickness of the RM11-03 that uses the movement purchased from the Vaucher movement factory is 16.15 mm. RM72-01 perfectly combines technology, coolness and thickness to achieve a balance.

RM72-01 not only represents the highest technical level of RICHARD MILLE chronographs, but also one of the highest levels of chronographs in today’s famous watches.