Richard Mille RM 50-03 – F1 technology meets watchmaking

We all know fake Richard Mille is a great watch maker – the unique case shape is probably one of the most recognizable in the entire watch industry.

When we talk about collectible and rare watches at The Collectors Circle, we definitely have to talk about Richard Mille’s RM 50-03 McLaren F1, as the luxury brand brings the perfection of watchmaking to life with this masterpiece.

Technological innovation and the constant quest for perfection and progress are the common denominators that connect McLaren and Richard Mille, which is why the two companies have teamed up to create the lightest mechanical chronograph ever built.

Created in collaboration with Formula 1 designers and engineers, the Richard Mille movement is a technological masterpiece with extraordinary mechanical power. The movement weighs only 7 grams and combines a tourbillon with a split-seconds chronograph. Including the wristband, the entire watch weighs less than 40 grams – no kidding! This is all thanks to F1 technology and the use of materials such as grade 5 titanium, carbon TPT and Graph TPT. With the infusion of these materials, Richard Mille entered a new level in watchmaking and was a pioneer in the use of raw materials other than gold, steel or platinum.

For example, Graph TPT is 6 times lighter than steel but 200 times more durable.

With RM 50-30, the brand elevates timekeeping to the highest technical art form. Well done Richard Miller! Collectors Circle expresses its gratitude for being a pioneer in the watch industry.

Hands On: Richard Mille RM50-03 McLaren F1

As the name suggests, this is a fairly complicated watch and it won’t be quick to explain.

What’s the deal with McLaren? What about F1? What does a second chronograph mean? What about the tourbillon?

We’ll take a quick look at the brand, then dive into the 50-03 to see what it’s like to wear a 38-gram watch (yes, you read that right: not pounds, not ounces, grams! Includes strap, lessons).

It’s easy to spot Richard Mille timepieces, and the tonneau case has always been a favorite of the brand and an exotic material. The first model was launched in 2001.

The brand’s goal is clear: to bring aero and F1 car performance in a watch. So, we understand why Mr. Miller decided to work with McLaren and the automotive world.

The first feeling of wearing it is “wow”.

The tonneau case gives a sturdy and heavy look, and we expected it to be heavy and annoying on the wrist. This watch is just the opposite: in addition to being incredibly comfortable, it’s like not wearing it at all.

You will be amazed when you wear such a lightweight Richard Mille for the first time.

Collectors around the world are debating the “weight factor”. Some people like to wear a fake watches for sale on their wrist and will be annoyed by such a light watch.

The first element that grabs our attention is the orange strap. It might seem trivial to start with the details of the strap, but we are ItalianWatchSpotter.

Not only the color, but also the ultra-light nylon without the buckle. Yes, the strap is elastic and doesn’t need to be opened, you just stretch it a bit and let it slide from your hand to your wrist.

There you have it, you’re wearing the world’s lightest split chronograph.

Now let’s move to the case

This material can only be innovative, Graph TPT®, an evolution of the classic Carbon TPT® infused with graphene. This nanomaterial has amazing properties: 6 times lighter than steel, but 200 times harder. The housing is made from 30 micron (0.03 mm) sheets that are glued and crossed together, then cut to final shape.

It measures 44.50mm x 49.65mm and measures 16.10mm thick. 1.5cm certainly doesn’t make this watch slim, but it’s not annoying.

The side pushrods are hollow, reminiscent of McLaren’s air intake design and aerodynamics.

The RM50-03 features a hand-wound tourbillon split-seconds chronograph with hour and 30-minute recorders, as well as power reserve, torque and function indicators.

This is a world record movement: weighing only 7 grams, it can handle up to 5000 grams.

Skeleton watches have always been attractive, but legibility isn’t always easy and quick. The red tones of the hour and minute hands are easy to distinguish. The minute hand of the chronograph is thinner and the hands are yellow and red.

At the 12 o’clock position, we can see two indicators, which may look the same at first glance. These functions are all related to movement operation: power reserve and torque indicator. On the left we find a small coloured arch from 70 to 10 showing how much power is left, while on the right we have the torque indicator showing the tension of the spring in the barrel. This is Richard Mille’s remarkable complication since its first release in 2001: the RM001.

For us, the best are details that are imperceptible to the untrained eye. They are our mission.
A function indicator might be of little use, but it comes in handy in such a complicated watch.

It’s easy to explain: there are three letters, WNH. A small arrow shows one of them, telling us where the crown is.

“W” for winding, “N” for neutral (when wearing the watch), and “H” for hand setting.

After the details, our favorite is the possibility of customizing the watch, and Richard Mille has us (partially) satisfied. The 50-03 was born with the red crown and details, but this is only a prototype. To connect more with McLaren, the final version is orange.

The only remaining customization is the strap, which is available in nylon (black or orange) or rubber (black only).

Porsche Design launches new products for 2018

In 1972, after Ferdinand Alexander Porsche retired from Porsche’s operations, he decided to establish a watch (and other product) design company. Since he became a designer, he not only developed the 911, but was also responsible for all design aspects of the Porsche car concept. His goal is to continue the concept of low-key, simple but efficient design, functionality and purism, and apply it to the cheap Porsche Design product line. Clear readability and reliable functions are the core values-combined with beauty. You can always find elements inspired by Porsche sports cars and racing cars. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche has used titanium for the watch case from the beginning, a material derived from the lightweight structure of racing cars.

The Porsche Design 1919 series welcomes new members. This is the 1919 Chronotimer FlybackBrown & Leather. Since most Porsche Design watches are in black or natural titanium colors (they are all titanium, but sometimes coated), this time brown adds more formal watch touch to the sporty collection. The case design is kept slim to maintain a clear dial design. This feature can even be supported by ignoring the tachymeter scale. The new movement Werk 01.200 with flyback function is a basic movement specially built for Porsche Design. It was first launched in an exclusive series in 2017.

The next novelty we checked was added to the Chronotimer series. This is the new Chronotimer Flyback special edition. That is similar to the novelty of 1919 mentioned above, but completely different in the case design. The Chronotimer series uses a tachymeter scale and a matte black titanium case-inspired by the cockpit instruments, which is more sporty. In order to strengthen the connection with the racing car and its lightweight structure, the dial is made of black carbon fiber, and the strap is made of the same leather used inside the car-even the red stitching is the same. It is also equipped with the new Werk 01.200 with flyback function. The Chronotimer Flyback Special Edition is available in mid-June.

For more excitement, Porsche Design has added two new versions to its Monobloc Actuator series. Here, we are talking about sports-watches have nothing to do with formal watches, but they are full of power. Looking at this timepiece, you can almost smell burning tires and oil dripping from the track. The Monobloc Actuator Chronotimer Flyback Limited Edition is not without reason. It is inspired by the Porsche 911 RSR racing car. The carbon fiber dial is again based on the chassis of the Porsche 911 RSR. The black details of the white and red hands on a light background are inspired by the colors of the Porsche GT team working closely with Porsche Design. It is limited to 251 pieces. Why is it such an odd number? Because the wheelbase of the 911 RSR is exactly 251 cm, this is essential for improving the weight distribution between the axles.

The second new product in the Monobloc Actuator series is the 24H Chronotimer All Black. It is basically the same as the above model, except that there is no new Werk 01.200, but a 24-hour scale and a black titanium bracelet are added. The difference between these two watches and other series is that instead of using the two standard buttons on the side of the case to trigger the stopwatch function like traditional chronographs, the chronograph function of Monobloc Actuator activates the rocker switch by a single pressure operation. Integrated in the shell. Similar to the mechanism used in the Porsche 911 RSR engine.

The new Monobloc Actuator Chronotimer Flyback Limited Edition comes with a rubber strap with Alcantara leather inlays, while the Monobloc Actuator24H Chronotimer All Black comes with a titanium strap with a black titanium carbide coating. As you know, these two watches are designed for speed lovers.

Blancpain Tribute to Fifty Fathoms No Rad for Only Watch

Cool Blancpain pays tribute to only 2021 50 Fathoms No Rad

Blancpain’s popular vintage diving observation orange and no date

Every two years, the watch industry surrounds a great career, through donating unique watches, a unique watch during this year, can only watch. This idea is to create a special model, never do anything, and in all fair, all brands are definitely playing this game, with amazing watches. As always, there are always some models to seize our attention, for example, this year is the unique work of Blancpain, and the orange (this year’s theme) is a 50-year-old Fathoms No Rad.

The NO RAD name is certainly important for diving observation enthusiasts, specializing in collecting military models. Some of the watches have a special forces and Flock, BlancPain has always been a top choice, which is a prognostic manner in the field of diver instruments. In 1953, BLANCPAIN and the President Jean-Jacques FIECHTER showed one of the earliest submersible watches, which would be incredibly legitimate and attract the army around the world. For example, BlancPain has developed a Watch of German military-or “bundeswehr” in the mid-1960s – so-called fifty Fathoms RPG 1 model, or “Bund No Rad”. This watch is equipped with “Campwiimmer”, the Elite German Frogman Commando unit, until the early 1970s. The difference attribute of the RPG 1 model is the “non-radiation” flag found in 6 o’clock on the dial.

These “non-radiating” BLANCPAINs, their dials indicate that there is no laser dial because height can be collected. For this reason, the brand shows these “no” watches to contribute tribute to these “no” watches in 2010. 5015B pays tribute to the fifty-year-old Fathoms.

BlancPain specially observed 2021 watches based on NO RAD table in March 2021, most of which have the same specifications, but with multiple elements, making this model unique – and more bold. What is it? Well, only the situation only used to observe the 2021 RAD, means a fairly compact polished stainless steel box 40.30mm, with thread and shovel and 300 meters of water resistance. The cautious gap between the border, the side is also maintained, but the insert is different, and the dial is also the same.

For each version, only the design specific color chart and this year’s fundraising plan are based on orange theme. Although not all brands are decided to use this color in their unique watches, BlancPain is advantageously depends on this bold color to create a unique NO RAD. First, the baffle insert made by the dome and the glossy sapphire crystal, it sees its 60-minute level, the lower luminescent material below.

Then, the tribute dialing to the fifty Fathoms NO RAD is only used to observe the RAD of 2021 and slightly modified. Obviously, orange is found in the mark and hands. Both have very different than classic nonlinear curves because the combination of display points and rectangles is marked and applied on the dial. In the same vein, the hand is white painted instead of polishing metal. Other differences in this OW model are No Rad logo, and now has orange background with yellow logo. The matte black base is still the same, but if you look closely, you will see this unique work is a ban, and the version of March 2021 has a date window in the date window of 3 o’clock.

Orange is not the easiest color, sometimes causes the watch of the tits. But here, I must admit that the way BlancPain is just amazing. Orange almost makes the watch tropics, super solidification, more vivid, not traditional models. Never say, there is no date to show that there will be more than one fan. In the rest, the watch is still sized, comfortable, and tropical rubber straps.

It is also a slight different movement under the hood. The standard production model is equipped with Calibre 1151. For this Ower Edition, BlancPain is using Calibre 1154, which shares the same technical foundation, but a real no-date movement (there is no ghost position here). At 3Hz, it has a 100-hour power reserve, and is decorated, with a black coating rotor of pure gold, with special “only watch” inscription. replica RAFAEL NADAL watches

This BlancPain pays tribute to the fifty-year-old Fathoms, only the 53 batches of 53 years can be taken in 2021.


Case: 40.30mm diameter x 13.23mm height – stainless steel case, polished – unidirectional bezel with sapphire crystal, 60-minute scale in orange – screwed caseback and crown – 300m water-resistant

Dial: Matte black, orange-coloured painted markers, orange lume in hands, no-rad logo at 6 o’clock

Movement: Calibre 1154, in-house – automatic, central rotor – 27.40mm x 3.25mm – 28 jewels – 190 components – 100h power reserve, with 2 barrels – 21,600 vibrations/hour – hours, minutes, seconds

Strap: 20mm Tropic-like rubber strap with steel pin buckle

Reference: 5008E-1130-B64A