Patek Philippe has just designed the most complicated watch ever

Over the past eight years, superb watchmaking and 18k rose gold Grandmaster Chime were born to celebrate Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary. This romantic and charming piece houses 20 complex functions in a beautifully carved rotating case. A historic piece published in Geneva a few days ago, contains a Spiromax hairspring inside a beating heart. Made to the end of time-even after that, Master Chime can buy your watch for $2.5 million. Patek Philippe produced seven pieces, and Patek Philippe will keep one for the company museum, making Patek Philippe’s works the most popular timepiece of our time.

Collection from contemporary watches to antique watches

Dear friends,

A client of mine recently contacted me when he was considering the possibility of recovering an antique watch. He already owns a beautiful set of contemporary watches, most of which come from the complex timepieces of Patek Philippe and A. Lange & Söhne. However, he felt it was time to delve into antique clocks and watches, allowing him to enjoy the other side of collecting watches-a world completely different from the past. It is conceivable that there is a big difference between buying a new watch in a boutique and buying an antique watch from the second-hand market.

First, we discussed the brand, period, style and materials he was looking for. The important thing is to understand the customer’s needs and why he should do so. This is just the beginning of a long journey to collect antique clocks. He expressed his desire for a white gold Patek Philippe chronograph with a calendar. As you know, Patek Philippe offers an incredible selection of calendar chronographs, including reference numbers 1518, 2499, 3970, 5020, 5004, 5970, and 5270. 2499 and reference 3970

Patek Philippe ref. 2499 may be one of the most iconic timepieces in history, but its low output means it is very precious and collectible. In fact, there are only 349 references. 2499 was once manufactured, and my customers think it is not the right time to invest more than $500,000 in watches. Therefore, the next step is to consider Patek Philippe ref. 3970, the dial is very similar to ref. 2499, but the output is higher. It is estimated that Patek Philippe produced 2400 to 3600 references. 3970. In addition, most experts agree that the value of this particular model is currently underestimated, making it a worthwhile investment object.

Although my client mentioned white gold, I suggest that he consider using rose gold because rose gold is an attractive color for chronographs. He agreed with the material and made some strict requirements. His future Patek Philippe is not only a reference. The original bracelet and buckle of the 3970 must be in an unpolished state, but must also be equipped with a complete set of kits, including the original packaging box, certificate of origin, archival documents, brochures and agenda.

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Once the expectations are set, it is time to start the research. Patek Philippe ref. The production of 3970 was from 1986 to 2004, following ref. 2499. If the discount replica watches has a service life of more than 35 years, it is usually considered antique. 3970 will fall into the year label in a few years. Patek Philippe 3970 runs on the Lemania 2310 movement (the same movement as the Omega Speedmaster 321 movement) and runs on the CH27-70 movement. The 2499 is equipped with a movement based on Valjoux.

Patek Philippe 3970 is equipped with a 36 mm case, in addition to platinum, gold, white gold and rose gold. There are three different series in 3970. The first two most valuable collections have “Feuille” (leaf-shaped) hands and baton hour markers. The third series has baton center pointers. It is also worth mentioning that some cases are equipped with 18k gold screws to fix the case, while others use sapphire crystal. Because the bottom case made of pure gold has only been manufactured for three years, it is considered more valuable.

With this information, I determined that I had to search the first or second set of Patek Philippe reference books. 3970 rose gold with “Feuille” hands, baton hour markers and screw-in caseback in all gold.

Finally, we chose the perfect Patek Philippe ref. 3970 replica watches wholesale from private collectors. It is in a mint state and meets all the requirements previously set by my client. After receiving the watch, I personally checked the movement and the case number, along with a certificate of origin and archived documents. I went to Patek Philippe America in New York and asked them to check it out. Not only did they confirm that it was the original 3970 mint, but they also speculated that it might never be used-as we said in the business, it is a real gem.

Patek Philippe watches for his and her annual calendar

Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe replica) is famous for its exquisite and complicated watch series, from the perpetual calendar to the minute repeater to the world timer, there are many in between. In addition to manufacturing complexity and complexity, Patek Philippe is also responsible for inventing complexity, such as the annual calendar. In the field of watchmaking, the complexity of the annual calendar is relatively young, and Patek Philippe first applied for a patent in 1996. Unlike cousins, the perpetual calendar does not require any adjustments when it is set correctly and keeps the winding. As the name implies, the annual calendar needs to be adjusted on March 1 every year.

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5146J
Part of Patek Philippe’s current catalogue, reference to the almanac. 5146 is the second generation of this model. It was first released in 2005 to replace the first Ref. 5035, and by adding the moon phase display and power reserve indicator and loosening the 24-hour sub-dial, some major changes have been made to the dial.

Patek Philippe 5146 watches cheap uses a 39 mm round case, available in gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. referee. 5146J is the gold version, “J” stands for “Jaune”, and French stands for yellow. The case adopts a genuine Patek Philippe classic style, including elegant round arch bezel, elegant lugs and unprotected winding crown. Both sides of the case are equipped with sapphire crystal glass, the front is used to protect the dial, and the back is used to view the internal movement.

The dial of the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5146J is the home’s date window 6, a day dial on the left, a month dial on the right, the moon phase shows the time above, and 12 this specific next power storage indicator model includes the board The slate gray sunburst dial is in sharp contrast with the gold hour and hour hands. Speaking of hour markers, Patek Philippe chose to use Arabic numerals to make sticks at 3, 9 and 12.

Flip the reference. 5146J, you will get the view of the 324 S IRM QA LU self-winding movement, which provides power for the calendar and provides 35 to 45 hours of power. There are familiar brand logos, such as the Calatrava cross engraved on the gold tourbillon, the Patek Philippe quality seal, and, of course, the exquisite finish of the movement. The annual calendar movement can be distinguished from 30 to 31 days, but if February is 28/29 days, it cannot be distinguished, which explains why the wearer must reset the watch on March 1.

The appearance of the annual calendar 5146J is a brown crocodile leather strap with a gold Patek Philippe folding clasp of the iconic brand Calatrava Cross.

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Patek Philippe designed her annual calendar 4936R
Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) will never forget the ladies, and also make annual calendar watches for ladies, such as this stunning ref. 4936. The 4936 calendar for ladies’ watches was also released in 2005, first in white gold and yellow gold, followed by rose gold.

This Patek Philippe 4936R annual calendar luxury watches men is a rose gold version with a 37 mm case, double bezel diamonds on the bezel, and diamonds on the winding crown. Except for the smaller size, the shape of the women’s almanac and the men’s almanac watches are very similar, with the same inclined lugs and sapphire crystals on both sides of the timepiece.

However, the dial layout of the female annual calendar is slightly different. The left and right sides have the same date and month subscale. The date window is at 6. The moon phase indicator is the same as the men’s watch, but there is no power reserve indicator. This version of 4936R includes a mother-of-pearl dial and is equipped with rose gold Roman indexes and hands.

The back of the watch has a 324 S QA LU self-winding movement, using the same Calatrava Cross etched gold rotor and decoration technology, which can reserve 35 to 45 hours of power in the watch. However, because this particular model was manufactured before the company converted to its own Patek Philippe quality seal, the movement bears the famous Geneva mark.

Perfectly matched with the rose gold Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Ref. 4936 is a brown alligator leather strap with a rose gold Calatrava Cross buckle.

Patek Philippe’s Annual Calendar watch is the leader of the Swiss watch industry. This is a complex problem of the modern watch industry and can be called a model of contemporary watch industry. Regardless of him or her, the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar watch blends elegant design with superb mechanical movements.


Rose gold
Case diameter: 39 mm
Mechanical self-winding movement
Caliber 324 S IRM QA LU
Annual Calendar
Day and month by hands, date in an aperture
Moon phases
Power reserve indicator
Sweep seconds hand
Cream dial, gold applied hour markers and numerals
Fold-over clasp
Sapphire-crystal case back
Water resistant to 30 m

Patek Philippe Watches-Benchmark Standard

We have been asked a question: “Why is Patek Philippe considered by many to be the best watch brand in the world?” There are several key reasons why this ancient Swiss watch brand is regarded as the industry’s benchmark. Here, we take a closer look at the brand.

Patek Philippe is easily one of the most respected watch brands in the world. This is largely because the company has never stopped innovating, has always controlled production and distribution, and maintained an independent watch brand status. For these reasons, the brand is one of the most sought after brands for its new watches and antiques.

History and Archives
Patek Philippe was founded in 1839, formerly known as Patek Philippe Czapek & Cie, and now has a long and substantial history. In 1851, when Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean Adrien Philippe joined forces, the company was renamed Patek Philippe. In the 180 years since its inception, the brand has regularly launched watches that have won global awards for innovation in watchmaking and design. The long history has given the brand a wealth of inspiration, as well as a wealth of archives. In fact, the company established one of the world’s most extensive watch museums in the center of Geneva, where it fully demonstrated its history and creativity.

Watchmaking expertise and innovation
Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) has always created the best watches. Guided by the desire for innovation in watch complexity and function, the brand has produced some of the world’s most complex watches. And continue to do so. In fact, Patek Philippe has very high standards in the surface treatment and assembly of parts and watches, so the Patek Philippe seal has been established. The brand standard set by the seal is even higher than the Geneva Seal that most brands desire. All Patek Philippe watches are hand-made (once the CNC machine cuts the materials and components with extremely high precision), hand-finished and hand-assembled. The brand employs the best watchmakers, many of whom are multi-generation watchmakers. It even hired its own artisans internally to participate in carving, enamel, carving and exquisite hand painting. In short, everything the brand creates, from simple watches to complex watches, from pocket watches to rare handmade watches, are of the highest quality.

Exploration of double signature watches

Provenance is an important part of collecting antique watches for sale. In addition to all the bumps, scratches, and patina that appear during this process, tracking the life of the watch is critical for many people. In particular, a function may be to instantly display the life of the watch. Double signature. The name of the retailer engraved on the dial immediately provides you with a starting point for understanding the watch. Not only that, but the history behind the brand has rapidly doubled due to the historical connection between the brand and the retailer.

Before building familiar brands, and before there are boutiques and important online businesses around the world, they rely heavily on the retailer network. This allows them to enter markets that were otherwise difficult to penetrate from Swiss manufacturers. Beyer and Gübelin played an important role in strengthening respect for Patek Philippe and Rolex in German-speaking countries. As for Serpico Y Laino, they allow both brands to take advantage of the surge in wealth that occurred in Venezuela in the 1930s and 1940s. Part of Patek Philippe’s reputation and respect in the United States is based on Tiffany & Co’s more than 100 years of efforts to promote the development of the brand. From exotic places like Caracas to Liverpool,

Since there are no physical stores like Rolex or Patek Philippe in these regions, retailers have accumulated real power to control which watches are sold in their cities or countries. This power has brought respect and recognition from customers. When people began to trust and recognize the names of their local stores on the watches in the window, this triggered a quiet revolution in branding and marketing, which would enable the giants of the luxury industry to share a precious dial.

Evolving market
This partnership is rarely seen in any other sector of the luxury industry. Initially starting with practical considerations to help manufacturers expand their global reach, it has now evolved into a detail that collectors are after. In fact, the name of the retailer on the dial greatly increases the value of some of the most valuable watches.

Although these items can now demand a premium at the auction, not long ago, people were not very optimistic about them. Virginie Liatard-Roessli, the head of the watch division of Phillips, and the sales chief of its Double Signed theme sales in 2019 said, “Only five or six years ago, their market was good, but people were not double-signed. Attracted by the watch.”

However, things have changed and this trend has now spread to modern works. Demand is so high that the 5711/1A purchased from Tiffany and stamped with Tiffany’s stamps in July 2018 was sold at the Phillips Auction House at five times its original value. Just four months later. As collectors continue to develop and improve their collection priorities, it seems that many people are aiming at the dual-signature dial. Romanticism, intrigue and rarity combine to form a powerful combination.

“The Tiffany signatures on Patek Philippe watches are almost always added in the United States, which is interesting, and few people realize this.”

In the past, and even in recent times, the subdivision of the dial stamping process has led to various interesting quirks and changes. For example, Ben Clymer recently publicly shared his Patek Philippe 5170P, which was stamped by Tiffany at 12 o’clock instead of 6 o’clock. For Clymer, this unique placement was a mistake in the stamping process and was part of the motivation to buy this work. These interesting little details continue to help attract many antique and modern collectors.

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As early as the early days of Patek Philippe, Antoni Patek, the marketing and business unit of the new watch brand, regularly traveled to the United States to promote its watches. In 1847, after completing one of its trips to the United States, Patek met Tiffany at the last stop in New York. It is said that they immediately liked each other. When Patek Philippe returned to Switzerland, he found that Tiffany had already placed orders for 150 watches, which was quite impressive at the time. A few years later, in 1876, Tiffany formalized this arrangement and announced that the jeweler would participate in Patek Philippe’s affairs in the United States as if they were their own. Although this relationship has developed over the years, it is still as strong today as ever.

The combination of these two brands is respected for their durability, exclusivity, and a different but complementary understanding of luxury in Switzerland and the United States, which means that their double signature dial appeal is second to none. To date, Tiffany & Co. is the only retailer that can still print its name alongside Patek Philippe, which illustrates the strength of their partnership.

Although the modern sports watch market around Tiffany’s stamp has aroused heated discussions, the classic vintage timepiece has stood the test of time and attracted collectors. Like @vntgbug, it’s what Tiffany’s collectors of antique and modern printed Patek Philippe works (including 2499) said: “This marks the solidity between two powerful countries with more than 170 years of history The bond. Coupled with the rarity and the lesser number of works on the market, collectors can start buying.”

However, this New York jeweler also played an important role in expanding the influence of other watch brands. In particular, it has established a strong cooperative relationship with Rolex. Beginning in the mid-1950s, Tiffany will sell Rolex dials on their stamps from the 5th Avenue Store. Interestingly, they will change the position of their signature according to the type of watch, so as not to create a design balance with the added text. The Tiffany stamp of a wearable watch should be under Rolex, but above the hands. As for their movement model, it will be placed under the hand, but just above the other lines of text.

It is believed that all this was done on site by Tiffany until Rolex began to instruct the dial manufacturer to stamp all watches cheap issued to the jeweler before leaving the factory. This may be to ease Tiffany’s burden, or it may be another example of Rolex wishing to incorporate all of its processes internally. After all, manufacturers are known for their strict control of production. Nevertheless, Tiffany continued to stamp himself after receiving the Rolex dial, which is why the stamping time of these watches is different.

Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) is closer to the manufacturer in addition. Retailers and watchmakers have many things in common. They are all family businesses that have been passed down through generations, each developing individually and focusing on tradition.

As Herold can tell us, this relationship stems from Patek Philippe’s expansionist spirit. Patek Philippe is not a watchmaker, but a businessman. He is very passionate about business prosperity. Therefore, he not only expanded to London, New York and other places, but also sold more and more pocket watches inside Switzerland. “

Although this relationship exists for a long time, this connection can be illustrated by a special reference story: Perpetual Calendar 3940. Patek Philippe’s Philippe Stern launched the reference in 1985, when the industry was in a turbulent period and was recovering from this situation. Quartz crisis. At a time when the manufacturer gradually got rid of the tradition instead of embracing it, he launched the bold 3940, with the help of his close friend Theodore Beyer.

To celebrate the 225th anniversary of Chronometrie Beyer, the first 25 models were numbered and the Beyer mark was placed on the dial. The first is a gift for Bayer himself. Beyer has played an important role in publishing Patek Philippe’s important reference documents. This fact should tell you all about the close connection between retailers and manufacturers.

You can also get limited editions from manufacturers to help retailers celebrate various occasions and anniversaries, just like Patek Philippe Fake did for Wempe. The watch brand is still like Breitling and Bremont, uniting with military units, adding a military logo to the dial, and providing it exclusively to the unit or squadron. As collectors seek exclusivity and uniqueness, this practice seems unlikely to disappear. As Wind said, “Given that modern watch buyers increasingly want something special, unlike what others have, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the return of more double-signed new watches. Customization is future.”

Patek Philippe Nautilus and persistent desire

Nautilus can be worn with a wetsuit or tuxedo. It is the most sporty and versatile series of replica Patek Philippe. The original Nautilus Ref. The 3700 / 1A is specifically designed to be durable and made of steel during periods when thin metal and gold are standard. It subtly reflects the optimistic years after the war. The newly discovered leisure time paves the way for innovation. The passionate sailor Philippe Stern collaborated with the famous clock designer Gerald Genta to draw the iconic octagonal bezel of Nautilus for the first time. Ship inspired.

In fact, looking down at the dial, you can see how the extension of the case at 9 and 3 o’clock is similar to the locking mechanism of the classic ocean liner porthole, which is a reference to the innovative progress of the watch in terms of waterproofness. Therefore, in the works of Jules Verne (Jules Verne) found a suitable nickname 20,000 submarine alliances.

After more than 40 years, Nautilus is still of great significance in popular culture. Collectors and audiophiles search for past and current references worldwide. At the auction, vintage models became king. Since its birth, there has never been a time when people generally expected Nautilus.

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This year, Patek Philippe launched a new classic Ref. 7118 / 1A, a steel ladies model, while continuing the new feel of 5711 / 1A (Nautilus).

“One of the most expensive watches in the world is made of steel.” This is a bold assertion and may never fly today, but Patek Philippe advertised it when it launched Nautilus in 1976. Today, it seems more appropriate to simply confirm that this timepiece is worth investing in. The Ladies Automatic Nautilus Stainless Steel Watch is a combination of elegance and perseverance. It provides the iconic horizontal relief face, which is silver opaque and smoky gray. The gold-coated time scales, numbers and hands are luminous. The bottom cover is sapphire crystal. Inside, the central rotor is refined in 21k gold and marked with the Patek Philippe seal. Thanks to the self-winding movement 324 SC, its accuracy far exceeds the industry standard. It lacks nothing in fashion or function.

There is no better tribute to the original reference. 3700 / 1A can find today’s 5711 / 1A. It has the same timeless beauty as the previous generation, but with some improvements. The large “giant” case gives it excellent water resistance. Higher grade steel is resistant to scratches and deterioration. The gold-coated hour markers circle around the holes for fixed dates. From the classic black and blue faces to 2012, both the modern silver and white are breathtaking.

The reason behind Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 / 1A X factor is revealed

If you want to ask us which replica watches luxury is our best choice, then we are proud to say Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 / 1A. It was born in 2006 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the birth of Nautilus, and it caused a sensation among watch collectors and investors. You may want to know the reason behind its charm. Well, we believe that the masterpiece of this Swiss brand is different from that of its competitors.

Each model is a by-product of careful attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. In addition, Patek Philippe has 175 years of successful experience in manufacturing time-tested luxury watches, so we always hope that they can provide the best masterpieces.

In addition to this, there are many other reasons behind the charm of Nautilus 5711 / 1A and the X factor. Let’s explore them below.

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Steel steal show
Other watches are beautifully decorated with platinum, white gold and even diamonds. The question now is, why would anyone choose a steel watch?

Thierry Stern, president of Patek Philippe, said that of the 140 models, basic steel is only one of them. He also added that the brand has several delicate or intricate timepieces to choose from.

The Swiss luxury goods manufacturer believes that steel watches are the future of luxury watches. And they are not mistaken, because several brands continue to reflect this famous metal in the watch industry.

Celebrity choice
Ellen DeGeneres, Victoria Beckham and Brad Pitt are all fans of this striking stainless steel watch. Of course, they didn’t wait long to reach 5711 / 1A.

The latest watches are released to carefully selected customers who are at the top of the waiting list. Well, thanks to the long history with Patek Philippe.

Even today, this model is still recognized as a social media star. This is a strong proof of its famous cultural heritage.

Delicate and versatile

Patek Philippe 5711 / 1A is very simple and classic. It is also underestimated, but it spreads the class to the highest level. The best part is that you can wear it with T-shirts and jeans almost anywhere; wear a suit and tie and even swim shorts. The blue dial is waterproof to 120m, which is incredible. Although it has a large size of 40 mm, its slim size makes it too fashionable, sporty and refined.

Exquisite details
The sapphire bottom cover reveals the inside of the movement 324 SC. This self-winding movement incorporates many stunning works of Patek Philippe. The baffle also draws inspiration from the submarine’s porthole. Not to mention, it is powered by an internal automatic movement.

Ideal investment

Investing in Nautilus can never go wrong, because its value has stood the test of time. Are you one of the lucky ones with 5711 / 1A? Then, we suggest that you stick to your treasure to survive the CoVid-19 crisis.

We are honored to offer you a wide range of new Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 / 1A. In addition to this masterpiece, we also have other beautiful models in stock, such as 5712R, 5980R, 5990 / 1A-001, 5711 / 1A, and 5712 / 1A-001. In addition, we are a treasure trove of the best customized luxury watches that exude your personal style and personality.

Unique oversized one-button chronograph

Sometimes things don’t need to be too complicated to make it satisfying, but for some people they can be very valuable. Big watches are important watches that were very large in the past, which makes it a very big time in high demand. In the special auction world, high demand equals unlimited bidding. An outstanding example is the single-button chronograph 1932: a case with a diameter of 46 mm in an 18k gold case was not only considered to be an oversized watch at the time, but because of the wider watchmaking process of Patek Philippe, Conservative works of unknown dimensions.

Produced as a special order and sold to Count Carlo Felice Trossi, President of the Ferrari team, this watch is not only rare but also an important added value for outstanding owners. Not only did you have the first owner in such an early period, but there were actually very few photos with a watch. In the background of the picture above, you can see the President of Ferrari. He proudly wears a custom-made 46mm Patek Philippe single-button chronograph on the sleeve, probably when he wore the chronograph ring, the purpose is For easier access. This watch was sold by Sotheby’s in May 2008 for $ 2.24 million, which once again proves the strong interest in important and unusually large watches of the past.

Reference 159.1 million calendar
Over the years (hundreds of years), Patek Philippe has created a wonderful series of different references, and you will find most of them in our selection. Although 1591 may be a model you have never heard of before, it is clear that once you learn that it has a special purpose on the cover of the 2007 Christie’s Geneva important pocket watch and watch catalog, it is special because it is extremely The delicate aesthetics and stunningly complex internal construction make the 1591 highly desirable even in other historic watches. Seems not enough, let’s add only two, yes, we have made two works. The one sold at Christie’s is one of the only ones made of stainless steel and the other is 18k gold.

According to Christie’s records, this watch was not known to literature and the market until 1996. This is the first time it has been sold at an auction, and it has also broken the world record for stainless steel watches that were sold at auction. According to Patek Philippe’s notes, this piece was sold by its retailer in India, and as Christie’s said, this is actually “the pride of a monarch who likes to occasionally wear sturdy timepieces while playing polo. Then put the It was given as a gift to the person responsible for organizing the Grand Duke’s wedding. “After getting the amazing $ 2,240,714, what we know is that this piece can now be found at the Patek Philippe Museum … I never thought of becoming India before Wedding organizer.

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