BREMONT JAGUAR Timepiece Cooperation (Introduction to JAGUAR MKI, MKII and MKIII)


Since announcing a partnership with British automaker Jaguar, British luxury watch brand Bremont has released Bremont Jaguar MKI and Bremont Jaguar MKII watches, which is the first of its unlimited timepieces.

At the time of its initial release, the brand released a limited edition of six time-limited watches, inspired by the famous Jaguar E-Type race car. They are so unique that they were designed to be sold to future owners of the six reproduction E-Types that Jaguar made last year. Interestingly, the dial of the watch mimics the tachometer of an E-type vehicle because the timepiece reflects similar fonts and a unique “red zone”. The six original watches are made of platinum, while the recently released MKI & MKII models are only a fraction of the price.

MKI replaced platinum and aluminum in a polished 43mm stainless steel case, becoming a thinner version. The contrasting black metal dial, hemispherical anti-reflection sapphire crystal and treated stainless steel hands, combined with the date window and unique “red line” quadrant details, make the 1:1 Quality Replica wathes streamlined, sporty and luxurious, suitable for any gentleman’s wrist. , Whether it is work or entertainment.

On the other hand, MKII maintains the classic chronograph layout, with two small dials at three o’clock and nine o’clock, and a subtle “red line” on the 60-minute counter, reflecting the E-Type’s tachometer . 43mm stainless steel case with double domed crystals, with obvious retro beauty Seven times. Ordinary street watch

With the automatic “steering wheel” spring weight in the same style as MKI, these timepieces pay tribute to E-Type. A keen eye will find more images of the car in the form of a “tire tread” winding crown, and a Jaguar traditional logo will be affixed to the crown.

The Bremont Jaguar series combines impeccable craftsmanship, love for high-octane lifestyles and meticulous details, and is an iconic contemporary classic. This stylish, novel and versatile timepiece will easily switch between work and occasion wear, add a touch of style to a well-tailored suit, or add a non-working feel with jeans. Whether you are a fan of Bremont Fake Luxury Quartz Watches or a love of Jaguar, you can be guaranteed to be charmed by the brand’s latest cooperative timepieces.

Bremont has just launched the latest model in its Bremont / Jaguar timepiece series MKIII. Although the design of the new model coincides with the design of its predecessor model, there are subtle differences in its visual aesthetics – a thinner 43mm stainless steel case and a car image in the form of a closed case, inspired by the details of the wheel center of E .

Bremont continues the E-type legend with its new JAGUAR MKII white

Bremont JAGUAR MKI BJ-I/BK/R Replica Watch

In 1963, a legend was born. Lightweight E-type cars are always different. Only 18 cars are planned to be produced. That year, two light E-type cars led the GT4 category, but ranked 23rd in British English white, with bold red and blue stripes, this was the first place to cross the finish line.

54 years later, the replica Bremont MKII chronograph turned the car ’s now iconic features into reality. This is a true respect for the history of racing. The MKII has a novice and red stitched “racing” leather strap, similar to the brand details of the red racing stripes and vintage embroidery that decorate the car.

Nearly ten years from the start of BREEMONT / JAGUAR, BREMONT has launched the D type

Jaguar D won the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race three times between 1955 and 1957, and designed a mechanical chronograph to celebrate the British racing icon Bremont, bringing the wearer back to motorsport Golden age. The design of the blue dial is inspired by the Pantone of the Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar racing team, limited to 300 pieces (the D type is classified as a 300 hp car). The large-scale exhibition sapphire bottom cover displays a beautiful mechanical movement and an intricate Jaguar steering wheel heuristic rotor. The crown of the watch is engraved with the original Dunlop tire tread, and the end enamel of the inherited Jaguar logo is exquisite.

Ian Callum, Jaguar ’s design director at the time, said: “The Bremont D-Type chronograph is inspired by one of the most striking and beautiful sports cars in history … As exciting as the 1950s, today its story continues Telling, the iconic car is worth matching. The limited edition replica AAA watch perfectly captures the mechanical beauty of the D-type and cleverly embellishes the performance of the car-the real driver’s companion.

2020 Bremont Project Limited Edition

Brand: Bremont
Model: Project May

Diameter: 43mm
Thickness: 16mm
Case material: Titanium (Ti 6-4, aviation grade) and bronze
Dial color: blue
Index: applied
Lightfastness: Yes
Water resistance: 500 meters
Strap / Bracelet: 22mm khaki leather strap (Nimes-style striped NATO is optional)

Movement: Bremont BE-93-2AV (basic ETA 2893-2)
Functions: hour, minute, second, date, independent 24-hour hand for second time zone
Diameter: 25.60mm
Power reserve: ~ 42 hours
: Automatic winding
Frequency: 28,800 vph
Jewels: 21
Chronograph certification: COSC according to ISO 3159

A limited-edition GMT dive best fake watch in honor of the incredible and devastating climb of the world’s highest peak by Nims Purja.

Those who work with Bremont replica, the mountaineering community, or some small podcast already know Nirmal “Nims” Purja. Nimes is the ambassador of Bremont, a former Gurkha soldier and a British Special Forces operator, and the record holder for climbing all fourteen eight-kilometer peaks in the world in the shortest time. Before Nims completed the “Bremont Project Possibility”, it was widely regarded as the crown of mountaineering, with a current record of more than 8 years. Nims did this in less than 7 months (and set another 6 world records in the process; you can read more here).

To commemorate this feat and their participation as the main sponsor of the “possible plan”, Bremont has just announced a new limited-edition GMT version of the S500 dive watch, using a special combination of titanium and bronze.

Although Nims broke the regular record, he wore a blue and white Bremont S300 dive wholesale replica watch, but this new LE is based on the brand’s 43mm S500 dive watch and uses a format similar to the previous S500 GMT limited edition, such as Terra Nova and Endurance (the latter was created after the polar explorer Ambassador Bremont and the all-round badass Ben Saunders completed the “Scott Adventure”, during which he and the tower Tarka L’Herpiniere traces Scott’s 1,795-mile route from the South Pole to the South Pole-and then back).

For possible LE projects, Bremont chose an aviation-grade Ti 4-6 titanium case with a bronze bezel (Braymont’s first use of bronze) and blue ceramic inserts. With a matching blue dial, bronze hands, yellow dubbing, and a subtle application of the “possible item” logo, “possible item LE” is yet another interesting and handsome expression of the unique design of the S500.

The S500 is the first Bremont I’ve encountered and the first I’ve reviewed (almost a decade ago). In the past nine years, although my taste is biased against many watches of Bremont’s 43mm core series, I still think that the S500 is indeed an impressive and beautifully executed diving watch. Yes, it is thick and wider in width, but it is also very hard and looks elegant, unlike other products on the market. For this LE, although I usually don’t like two-tone watches, the combination of blue dial, bronze bezel and titanium case works well. From a direct perspective, the bronze color is very subtle.

Although the model I took for these photos was a pre-production prototype with a non-production bottom cover, the final retail version will have a titanium display bottom cover with a view of the rotor that lists Nims for every 14 mountains The height is scaled according to the recording time. Limited, this is certainly not Bremont’s entry-level product, but it does adopt a sturdy design and continues to adopt a special GMT format to celebrate its feat of exploration and adventure-equipped with the