Streamlined rainbow circle, 14-day power, trendy and luxurious high-performance work: Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Rainbow 3D Carbon Fiber Watch

Another new Rainbow Circle work by Hublot! The Big Bang MP-11 Rainbow 3D Carbon Fiber Watch has a new appearance. The case is made of 3D three-dimensional carbon fiber, and the bezel is decorated with rainbow gemstones. The in-line drum time display is mounted in the black carbon fiber case, and the power indicator can be clearly read through the sapphire mirror covered by the curvature of the drum, a new interpretation of the trendy timepiece with a sense of futuristic technology.

Big Bang MP-11 Rainbow 3D Carbon Fiber Watch Diameter 45mm, Carbon Fiber Case / HUB9011 Manual Winding Movement / Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve Display / 14-Day Power Reserve / Sapphire Crystal Glass Mirror, Transparent Bottom Cover / Water Resistance 30 Meters .

The expertise of the Big Bang MP-11 comes from the MP-05 La Ferrari watch, deconstructed and injected into the DNA of the Big Bang series, showing technical aesthetics and powerful performance. Hublot uses patented 3D three-dimensional carbon fiber technology to create an extremely light and high-strength case, and is set with 48 rectangular-cut pink, blue, orange and yellow colored gemstones on the bezel, as well as amethyst, aqua blue topaz, Tsavorite, etc., follow the undulating three-dimensional shape, surround the streamlined dial, and match the gradient color crocodile leather strap.

The power reserve indicator is located on the cylinder to the left of the tandem barrel, which corresponds to the blue or gold “DAY POWER RESERVE” inscription on the anti-glare sapphire crystal.

The worm wheel spiral pattern on the crown echoes the spiral gear, which can be wound manually or by electric Torx stylus. fake men watches

The Big Bang MP-11 is powered by Hublot’s in-house calibre HUB9011, with a patented index device, black platinum bridges and a silicon escapement that combines traditional and innovative elements. 7 horizontal in-line series springs provide up to two weeks of power storage, and through the linear power display, you can keep track of the status of the spring’s energy storage. The power reserve indicator is located on the cylinder on the left side of the tandem barrel, corresponding to the location of the words “DAY POWER RESERVE” in blue or gold on the anti-glare sapphire crystal. Through the use of sapphire mirror material and curved design, the display effect of power reserve is more clear and eye-catching. The power transmission adopts a vertical 90-degree spiral gear transmission mechanism, which is extremely rare in the watchmaking industry, so that the power of the mainspring can be smoothly transmitted to the gear system that displays the hours and minutes. In addition, the balance wheel is placed on the dial at 2 o’clock, creating a harmonious and symmetrical aesthetic with the spiral gear visible at 10 o’clock.

The Big Bang MP-11 is powered by Hublot’s in-house calibre HUB9011, with a patented index device, black platinum bridges and a silicon escapement that combines traditional and innovative elements. cheap replica watches

Reviews on Ulysse Nardin Freak Watches

Over the years, Ulysse Nardin has been known for producing high-precision marine watches. Over time, in addition to their iconic products, they also released the Freak collection, an exotic timepiece with many bold innovations. In today’s review, we’ll take a closer look at one of the Freak’s most popular timepieces.

Born at the beginning of the 21st century, the Freak collection embodies the unique and creative essence that Ulysse Nardin pours into each design. Every watch is very different, and the escapement of its movement forms the minute hand. The operating mechanism is optimized, especially the mechanical parts inside the silicon escapement. 2005 marked the launch of the diamond escapement with the Dual Ulysse system.

Since then, Freak has been seen as a real new wind, bringing a lot of interesting things not only to watch lovers around the world, but also to Ulysse Nardin itself, as a brand about creativity and innovative new concepts.

Considered to be one of the designs that marked the beginning of the Ulysse Nardin Freak, the watch featured a special tourbillon movement on the dial, as well as a special operating system.

  1. Overall Design

Overall, the fake Ulysse Nardin Freak has a very distinctive look, but retains some of the details of a classic watch. The entire dial case is made of 18K rose gold, and the special engraved bezel connects the two micro-curved lugs, creating a soft feeling that hugs the wrist of the watch.

The bezel on the front is designed with the function of adjusting the time, so it has been carefully carved to form a pattern commonly used in ancient Greek architecture. Later, the bezel was further improved to reduce the lines, but still retain the style.

The back of the watch is a back cover made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, which supports the water resistance of the watch. However, we can only see part of the watch’s mainspring.

A special feature of the watch is that the entire caseback on the back winds the movement by turning the entire case clockwise. Combined with 18K rose gold is still the familiar crocodile leather material of the strap. With a new innovative lock, this special time machine is optimally protected and retains its inherent elegance. online fake watches

  1. Dial design

The dial is divided into two separate parts, the upper part contains details such as hands, tourbillon, hour markers and brand logo; the entire lower part is the operating machine that controls the operation of the watch. The two independent parts are separated by a layer of transparent glass, with silver Arabic numerals on the border around the glass, which are very eye-catching and clear at a glance.

In the center of the dial, a special tourbillon movement serves as the watch’s minute hand. In fact, the tourbillon is the escapement of the movement, with beautifully arranged metal gear shafts. The tourbillon set is attached to the dial by means of gold screws, which form the axis of rotation for this special hand, and secure it and the sapphire crystal to the face of the watch.

In addition to the minute hand, the hour hand of Ulysse Nardin Freak is also quite fancy, with a triangular piece of metal.

Another equally interesting detail is the “fake Ulysse Nardin” brand logo on the dial. The symbol will move around the dial, completing a full circle at the end of the hour.

  1. Operate the machine

The movement is considered the heart of every watch. And Ulysse Nardin has a strong and passionate heart, the Calibre UN-200. This is a very special movement with an automatic winding mechanism and a full bezel setup. The minute hand of the watch will be connected to the bezel by a gear, which facilitates easy winding and time adjustment.

In addition, the Calibre UN-200 is equipped with an innovative escapement made of silicon material, which helps the watch run with exceptional precision and minimizes restrictions and dangers during operation.

Made exclusively in-house, the movement UN-200 has 47 jewels, a frequency of 28,800 vph and a power reserve of up to 7 days. The running movement also supports optimum shock resistance, helping the watch measure time accurately with negligible error.

Today, Ulysse Nardin Freak remains a well-known name in the field of high-end Ulysse Nardin timepieces. With numerous new innovations, gorgeous looks and outstanding performance, this is considered a rare “mechanical masterpiece” of all time, not just a Discount watches or an elegant accessory.

Bremont Supermarine S302 GMT Diver

If you’ve ever met Nick or Giles English, you know the brothers are always smiling. why not? After all, the founding couple behind British watchmaker Bremont have finally moved into their brand’s sprawling new factory, which is already starting to produce the fruits of its massive workforce, after a year of delay due to the global pandemic. These include the 40mm Supermarine S302 GMT diver’s watch – one of the first Bremont references to be born in this ambitious new space.

Before we dive into the specific impressions of the watch itself, it’s worth taking a moment to acknowledge that Wing – Bremont’s new factory in Thames Henley and a central figure in the brand’s long-term goal of bringing Britain back to the forefront of watchmaking . It’s a pretty big win, though — after five years in development (not including the pandemic delay), Wing’s sweeping vision does seem to imply that Bremont has no plans to follow in the footsteps of any of its contemporaries. Designed for watchmaking, its eco-friendly design (excess heat from machining on one side of the building is intended to heat the rest of the building, just as an example) lays the foundation for a completely carbon neutral brand ambition, and a It also aims to trace many elements of its watch back to its origins under Wing’s own big roof.

At present, sturdy Norwegian steel bars are machined into the case here, bright red jewels are set into the movements, which are then decorated in Bremont’s own style, including traditional perlage, custom skeletonized rotors and patented shock resistance Technology. Final assembly and quality control are also taking place at the Wing, although the brothers have hinted that there will be more to come in the near future. For Bremont, this is a welcome step towards the next phase of manufacturing integration and a very welcome step to better inform and serve end consumers, especially at a time when component provenance and assembly are often shrouded in mystery. industry. wholesale watches replica

Taking all of these factors into consideration is probably why the new S302 has such an impressive value proposition. You have a tried and tested Swiss GMT ebauche (in this case a bespoke and chronometer-certified ETA 2893 base) powering a tool watch entirely machined and manufactured in the UK. Now, are there cheaper GMT watches with the same movement? Of course – it’s a familiar refrain whenever Bremont’s name is mentioned in the conversation. But we don’t buy a watch solely for its movement – we buy it for the sum of its parts. And with Bremont, you buy it because of the quality and sophistication of the case design, the ease of wearing the watch itself, and the simple fact that for the better part of a decade the brand has brought ingenuity, debate ,

Externally, the new S302 GMT looks a lot like the standard Supermerine S301, with its stocky 40mm profile and signature ribbed DLC-coated barrel protecting the middle of the hardened steel case. Although it’s a GMT watch with a card, Bremont cheap has wisely kept the traditional 60-minute scale on the unidirectional ceramic bezel, fully maintaining its ability as a diver’s watch, rather than just happen to have excess water resistance. It may not seem like much, but if you pull out references to similar gear from Monta, Oris, Bell & Ross, Tudor, or even Breitling or Omega (if we stretch our budget a bit), you’ll find a surprising amount The bidirectional 24-hour bezels, some of which even feature the all-important independently adjustable hour hand – a combination that easily switches back and forth between multiple time zones. But at the end of the day, if you’re just planning to settle for a long diving vacation in some remote turquoise framed area, a quick GMT setting will do the trick, you really only need the time zone: home time and local time to make sure you don’t miss out on the dive boat daily appointments.

Brand: Bremont
Model: Supermarine S302 GMT
Dimensions: 40mm (12.5mm thick,​​49mm lug to lug)
Water resistance: 300 meters
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Crystal/Lens: Sapphire
Movement: BE-93-2AV (ETA 2893 GMT base), chronometer-certified automatic movement with date and adjustable 24-hour hand
Frequency: 4 Hz
Power reserve: 40 hours
Strap/Bracelet: Leather

Measuring 40mm, the new S302 is a bit different from Bremont’s tradition of previous GMT-equipped divers, such as the recent Project Possible and the now-sold Endurance, both of which measure 43mm. The stance on the wrist hasn’t changed much (the 40mm Supermarine is 2mm thinner and the lug-to-lug measurement is only a millimeter shorter), but the dial opening has shrunk and so has the lug width, which is now 20mm, The result is a watch that is still very modern to wear, but should be visually small enough to appeal to anyone who prefers the classic size of a typical mid-century tool watch.

Personally, I prefer the applied dial elements, the unique 2 o’clock crown position and crown guard, and the slightly more aggressive styling of the larger 43mm GMT version, but what the S302 lacks in the above , it more than makes up for the charm of the orange ring crown and the cream-painted hour-markers. It also makes me think it’s the perfect understated adventure watch – I wouldn’t think twice about taking it to Baja for a little free dive or land landing, the watch’s matte dial, brushed lugs and On the side, the apparent absence of the ubiquitous Switzerland whose “Luxury” designation at 12 o’clock is actually an advantage.