Launch of Hublot BIG BANG E

Hublot’s Big Bang is a household name, but now we also have Big Bang e: an equivalent smartwatch inspired by the Big Bang referee Hublot created for the World Cup in Russia two years ago. Hublot added such an iconic name to the connected watch, highlighting how critical they think the model will be, and that it will not only be sold online first, but also through the WeChat network in China (WhatsApp Chinese version) for sale. ) Equally show that they see the location of the early target audience. In fact, this is the first time Hublot sells watches online through its website (although it can also be purchased from retailers later), so this is a truly breakthrough moment in many ways.

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The art of fusion
Hublot talks a lot about “the art of fusion”: integrating the technical functions of smart watches into Big Bang’s traditional design language, and integrating the tradition of famous Swiss watchmakers. From the beginning, it was obvious that this is a smart watch that is as high-quality as you would expect: the case is made of black ceramic or titanium alloy and uses all the technologies that Hublot pioneered in its other watches.

Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal can double as a touch screen. In another fusion of tradition and modernity, the rotating crown with integrated buttons activates electronic controls, and of course it can also replicate classic buying replica watch complex functions (such as a perpetual calendar with precise moon phases or GMT function, which can be displayed Earth). There are also real numbers under the touch screen crystal, which means it can double as… ordinary watches.

However, buyers of this watch will obviously be most interested in its connectivity. Essentially, this is an Android smart watch supported by Google, so it can do all the work you expect from the most advanced smart watch, from the application through Google Play to the payment through Google Pay. There are usual notifications as well as email and other digital functions, but of course it can also be used as a fitness tracker. There is no real surprise in this regard, so the range and functionality of its functions may be impressive.

Buy Hublot Big Bang e Black Ceramic 440.CI.1100.RX Replica watch price

Hublot’s attempt to integrate it into high-end smart watches is highly personalized and personalized. As part of the Hublot Loves Art program, the dial changes color every three hours, which means you can see eight color-themed artworks within 24 hours. An animation is also marked every hour for five seconds. The watch has a rubber strap, but these strap designs are easily interchangeable. Hublot’s ambassadors and brand friends will also make some specific dials, which will appear over time.

Case: 42mm, titanium or ceramic

Strap: rubber, with Hublot’s foldable buckle and one-touch system, easily interchangeable

This watch raises many questions, most of which are philosophical. The answer to them will depend on how everyone views the watch. What everyone may agree on is the importance of this release and has an impact on the entire industry and its future. Not only because of the best fake watches itself, but also because of its sales and sales methods. We will focus on development.

Hublot made a leap and created an all-black watch

Hublot made a leap and created an all-black cheap watch. This means that all marks, including the dial and hands, are black.

The watch allows you to show your own personal style, Jean-Claude Biver designed all black to convey his personality. Inspired by Monaco jeweler Carlo Cerlatti, he created these elegant yet sporty watches.

All black models of Hublot for many years

Big bang all black
The first work released as All Black was the iconic Hublot Big Bang. This work was released in limited edition in 2006. The surface of this watch is difficult to recognize, so it caused an uproar in the watchmaking world. The 44.5mm black ceramic case is equipped with black hands, black dial, black hour markers and blackened date window.

Big bang all black
After its release in 2006, it was released in 2007 by “All Black” Bigger Bang. This is the world’s first column wheel chronograph with tourbillon. The black ceramic case surrounds the black skeleton dial with black markings.

Big Bang Aviation Explosion
Similar to the skeleton dial on Bigger Bang, Aero Bang has a skeleton dial to reveal the black movement of the chronograph. The watch is powered by Hub 4200 movement.

Big Bang All Black II
After reviewing the original version of the first batch of Big Bang All Black in 2006, Hublot launched the 2009 version of Big Bang All Black II. This watch has a fully ceramic bracelet and black PVD coated bezel screws.

King Power Allinge
In 2010, Hublot and Alinghi, who won the Copa America twice, celebrated their partnership. This large 48mm micro-jet ceramic case is equipped with a chronograph, which can be seen through the skeleton dial. The all-black watch is dotted with light red on the Alinghi logo.

Hublot Classic Fusion 42mm Red Gold 542.PX.1180.RX watch

Classic Fusion Chronograph
The Classic Fusion series is another series that offers All Black models. The classic fusion all-black chronograph came out in 2011 and is equipped with an all-black ceramic case.

Classic Fusion Chronograph 2012
Unlike the standard all-black watch, Hublot released the all-black blue classic fusion chronograph in 2012. This version shows that the all-black watch can be combined with another color, while still having a black dial. The pointer and indexing table are designed in dark blue instead of black.

Big Bang Ferrari All Black
In 2013, Ferrari was released in black. This all-black chronograph has the function of Ferrari red, and the bright date window has yellow. This model is powered by Hublot’s internal chronograph movement HUB1241.

Big Bang Unico all black
The 1242 Unico movement developed and manufactured by Hublot was completely released in black in 2014. For the 45.5mm black ceramic case.

MP05 LaFerrari all black
Unlike the typical shape and design of Hublot watches, the watch released in 2015 uses the black version of MP-05 La Ferrari. This watch has a vertical tourbillon. This tourbillon not only has a unique tourbillon function, but also is equipped with 11 barrels, which guarantees a power reserve of 50 days. This unique watch is equipped with a black PVD-coated titanium case, similar in shape to a car engine.

To create a unique all-black watch, Hublot released a limited edition Big Bang Unico all-black sapphire. This piece is made of sapphire crystal, coated with metal and enhanced with black. The unique sapphire remains faithful to the all-black design while maintaining transparency.

Sapphire all black represents the essence of a revolutionary concept. With this watch, all black becomes completely transparent while maintaining confidence on the wrist. It uses its transparency to make structure and movement fully visible and observable.

Just 10 years ago, Hublot created a watch that created essential features for the wrist, thereby inspiring new trends in the watchmaking industry. These designs pair the black dial with black markers and achieve visibility and invisibility. In the newly released Hublot All Black Sapphire, the brand is not only studying how black absorbs light, but also how to create another layer of mystery through black light.

The best Hublot watches make money for you

When it comes to Hublot watches, many people do not like them, but many people like them. Especially the model I will talk about. Hublot is very popular among athletes and car enthusiasts. The design can be crazy, but at the same time very modern and outside the box.

I own several Hublot watches, and impress me every time.

Which Hublot watches are the most popular? Many Hublot watches have high recommended retail prices, which makes it difficult for the general public to buy.

The most popular Hublot watches

Hublot Classic Fusion Fusion 42mm
This Hublot Classic Fusion is simple in design, so it is very suitable for entry-level watches. The color of the dial can vary. Black, blue, white, carbon fiber, etc.

The most popular case size is 42-45mm, because the wrist height of the watch is not high. The large size is very comfortable. The case of most Hublot Classic Fusion watches is an open back cover, where you can see the movement of the watch. Although this action is no big deal, it has been completed.

There are many different materials for the case. Where there was once gold or carbon fiber is more popular. You can get ordinary stainless steel or ceramics. The options are endless. The hardest thing is to find the watch you want.

Hublot Big Bang
Hublot Big Bang is the most popular Hublot watch you can get. They also have many variations, but 44mm is one of the most popular. All the different materials used by the chronograph on the bezel look great. From carbon fiber, white ceramic to brushed stainless steel, people like this Hublot very much.

With so many different types of straps, the case size is 44mm and it feels very comfortable. From leather straps to rubber straps, watches will feel good on the wrist.

One of the advantages of this the best replica watches in the world is the stylish design. Some people may disagree, but when you wear Hublot Big Bang, you will understand the hype of this watch.

If you choose a gold case or standard stainless steel, you will not be disappointed.

These are one of the most popular watches, but if you are looking for the best deal for Hublot watches, please continue to return to our market.

Hublot launched a blackened Big Bang GMT for designer Yohji Yamamoto

Just like Hublot replica, which we saw in January, celebrated the opening of a new boutique by celebrating a special edition, the brand also opened a new flagship retail store in the famous Ginza retail area in Tokyo. The murder of Big Bang came true. GMT was designed for the legendary Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. Big Bang GMT is one of the brand’s most popular collections because the Hubot watch in cooperation tends to favor the Big Bang spirit or many chronograph products, but because Yamamoto allocates time between his Tokyo and Paris offices, the watch The all-black aesthetic that can show that both time zones insist on being more or less his signature at the same time does have a lot of meaning.

Big Bang GMT is already made of titanium, carbon fiber and precious metals, so this is the first time it is made of ceramics-sandblasted, and the same is true, resulting in an ultra-matte, skeletonized appearance, just like in the cockpit It is better to be at home than on the wrist of an internationally renowned fashion designer. In addition to functional beauty, Big Bang GMT is one of Hublot ’s more unique watches. Its HUB1251 movement can display two time zones at the same time, allowing the wearer to jump the hour hand forward or backward for an hour. Engage the two buttons on the side of the case at three o’clock.

Brand: Hublot
Model: Big Bang GMT All Black for Yohji Yamamoto
Dimensions: 45mm x 15.8mm
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Case material: micro-sprayed black ceramic
Crystal / Lens: Smoked Sapphire
Movement: HUBLOT HUB1251 (automatically adjust the hour hand)
Frequency 4Hz
Power reserve: 72 hours
Strap / Bracelet: Button-type interchangeable rubber strap with titanium deployment buckle

What is special about this movement is that it is essentially the internal HUB1242 Unico movement widely used by fake Hublot, in which the column wheel and chronograph functions have been removed and replaced with a proprietary GMT module to produce a quick adjustment function. Keep in mind that even if the quick adjustment utility is added, this is not “real” GMT, because neither time zone is displayed in a 24-hour format, which is why AM / PM has a framed reason indicator that occupies the hand heap The center of the dial to help keep things straight.

In general, Hublot tends to produce some very interesting collaboration models-Sang Bleu designed by Maxime Plescia-Buchi has always been a personal favorite, and the latest Classic Fusion of the late artist Carlos Cruz-Diez is definitely a knockout, so it is difficult to not Disappointed another all-black watch. Don’t get me wrong-micro-blasting (or any treatment other than polishing, in fact) ceramics are actually very complicated and are not in the steering rooms of many brands that make ceramic cases.

In addition, Yamamoto ’s widely acclaimed work in the fashion industry earned him more or less the title of design royal in Japan, and won international recognition for his work in designing products such as the team ’s invisible New Zealand all-black shirt. Because the team participated in the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Moreover, black is Yamamoto ’s main design language, so it ’s no surprise that collaborative price replica watches will also become popular – it ’s nice to see his style printed more on this particular reference book than just Is a signature. dial.

Hublot masterpiece MP-04 Antikythera Titanium

“Masterpiece MP-04 Antikythera Titanium” (model 904.nx.4101.rx) is from Hublot’s “Masterpiece” watch series. This watch has a skeleton dial and a titanium case. This is a men’s watch. The atypical case has a width of 49.9 mm, a length of 49.0 mm, a height of 20.8 mm, and a water resistance of up to 3 bar (water depth of about 30 m).

The watch is based on the manually wound Hublot Antikythera 2033-CH01 mechanical movement with a 120-hour power reserve and displays hours, minutes and seconds (off-center). The movement serves as an adjustment mechanism, and uses a flying tourbillon to make the tourbillon and escapement rotate slowly. In the era of pocket watches, the tourbillon prevents miniature parts from working in the same direction for a long time, thereby improving the accuracy of the fake watches. Today, the tourbillon is mainly for aesthetic and emotional purposes, proving the watchmaking capabilities of manufacturers. Other functions of the movement: the astronomical function of the winding device.

The piece is equipped with a black rubber strap.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang cheap watches

Hands on: Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon carbon black and blue watch

While Jean-Claude Biver was still running Hublot, the brand released an interesting new model in 2011, which was the result of various challenges. Jean-Claude Biver said that someone challenged him to make the Hublot version of Richard Mille, a more advanced watch brand. Richard Mille and Jean-Claude Biver are not complete competitors because most of their products compete at different prices. Moreover, these two brands have more in common than most other luxury watch brands, simply because Hublot and Richard Mille focus on more modern design and mutual respect for interactive and innovative marketing strategies and consumption.

I think back to the time when Jean-Claude Biver debuted in Geneva in 2011 when the name was Hublot Masterpiece (here is a hands-on tool for aBlogtoWatch). hublot later introduced a series of new high-end watches in the Masterpiece series, including this barrel-type case and others. The model with this case design was later called Hublot MP-6, and later, the Big Bang case of this wine barrel was further clarified and named Hublot “Spirit Of Big Bang”-this is all Hublot models with There is a case style of this case name today.

For many years, Hublot has been dealing with case sizes, and has provided a variety of movement options in Spirit Of Big Bang, ranging from various internal movements to Zenith El Primero chronograph movements (both Zenith and Hublot belong to the LVMH luxury group). Today, I take a look at the modern Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang watch, which is as modern and luxurious as the original Hublot Masterpiece. Today’s hands-on operation on aBlogtoWatch is Hublot Spirit Of Bang Tourbillon Carbon 42mm carbon blue and carbon black. Reference number 645.QN.1117.RX is the spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon 42mm carbon black, and the reference standard is 645.QL.7117.RX. Both are limited to 100 pieces.

The width of the wine barrel case is actually 42 mm, which is quite large. I want to say that it is about the size of the case I want. In other words, the maximum width of the Spirit Of Big Bang series is 45 mm, and the maximum for women is 39 mm. The images in this article are from the Hublot replica watch on David Bredan’s wrist-not me, but in fact he and I share more or less the same wrist size (yes, we can exchange watches) , So you can get a good idea of ​​how to wear the 42mm wide Spirit of Big Bang case.

For the case material, Hublot mixed titanium and special style carbon fiber, the color of carbon fiber is black and gray, and the color of carbon fiber model is black and blue. One of the reasons why I spend a lot of time talking about the history of Richard Mille and Spirit Of Big Bang is that hublot once again provided carbon fiber as a case material to higher-end luxury brands pay tribute. This is Richard Mille’s famous field of expertise in the past few years. By the way, the case is water resistant to 30 meters (so please do n’t swim with it).

Carbon is a peculiar luxury case material, but this material itself is not high-end. It is the specific formula and processing technology that makes carbon more or less luxurious. The material is valued for its durability and relatively light weight. In the field of luxury goods, carbon is the most popular, because it can achieve interesting and usually colorful organic surface textures. This is true of timepieces and overall fashion. My theory is that in a world of synthetic materials and artificial computer designs that do not always look like perfect appearances, organic textures can help many of today ’s products to be closer to humans. In any case, in today’s fashion world, otherwise organic textures and patterns on the surface of pragmatism are very popular things-I think there are good reasons for this.

It has been a while since I saw a new Spirit Of Big Bang watch with a built-in tourbillon movement. I remember the last time I used Big Bang moon phases, chronograph and Mecha-10 models. The return to the tourbillon movement, the appearance of the skeleton dial and the mechanical device is a welcome to us that we found more high-end mechanical fake watches released before 2012.

The Spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon 42mm carbon fiber movement is a HUB6020 Hublot movement made in-house. The manual winding has a 115-hour power reserve (running at 3 Hz), and the movement includes time, 60-second tourbillon and power reserve indication on the dial. The movement itself is not revolutionary in performance or machinery, but mainly artistic. Hengbao designs its own internal tourbillon for aesthetics, combined with how to design and complete bridges and gears to achieve excellent visual effects. A timepiece like this cannot fully satisfy everyone’s taste, but when looking at the complexity of the movement, it cannot be denied that Hublot’s movement design did not spend a lot of time and energy on the HUB6020 movement project.

On the bright side, the eccentric method of reading time on a busy dial is actually very clear, and the asymmetric layout of the dial components is still visually balanced. Although I still prefer the round Big Bang case, the Spirit Of Big Bang case is a real wine barrel (barrel-shaped case) replacement, and is equipped with Big Bang wings, crown style, bezel structure and The button of the strap system is released. Attached to the case is Hublot’s industry-leading stylized rubber strap and comfortable folding deployant clasp.

The Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Tourbillon Carbon Blue or Black watch is positioned as the exoticism of the world’s modern elite and is an ode to a better time in the modern history of the swiss watch industry.

SIHH 2019 luxury watches

From January 14th to January 17th, in Geneva, the heart of the replica watch industry, we received our first batch of watches for this year at the SIHH, Baselworld, the most prestigious watchmaker. SIHH is one of the most advanced watch exhibitions founded by Richemont Group in 1991. Richemont Group is owned by luxury brands such as Cartier, Panerai and Jaeger LeCoultre. By. In this invitation-only event, the latest innovations in the watch industry were showcased, showing the development trends of the next twelve months.

At the International High-level Watch Salon this year, the common themes we observed include an increase in the use of perpetual calendars and many watch brands launched new works with a blue theme. There are other wholesale replica watches brands, including Hublot, and they are still launching more new products in different colors. Another significant trend in 2019 is the use of skeletal dials.


Hublot is one of the younger Swiss watch brands on the market, but this has not made them popular. In the past few years, Hublot has been one of the two most popular watch brands for men and women. . Hublot watches were established in 1980. As an innovative and modern watch brand, they were unique at the time and broke the tradition by making the first natural rubber strap gold watch. Since its inception, the motto of “Fusion Art” has been a hallmark of the Hublot brand image-a philosophy that helps them bring many new materials to life through watchmaking.

The Classic Fusion chronograph replica, designed by Richard Orlinski, debuted at SIHH 2019 and was first combined with Hublot’s patented red ceramic. Orlinski is a world-renowned contemporary artist known for his keen 3D sculpted lines, which brings a brilliant touch to the design of this cheapest watches. This partnership between Orlinski and Hublot has led to limited production of watches of this model and color. Red means a lot to Orlinski, who associates color with life and passion, and he used this color to create his first wild crocodile sculpture.

Hublot brought some exquisite watches to this year’s exhibition, such as Yellow Bang’s Yellow Sapphire Spirit. This unique 42mm watch is a limited edition with a bezel and case made of polished yellow sapphire crystal. This is one of the two variants of the men watch, which is also released in sapphire, and this trend has been widely reflected in this year’s Expo brand. There will be only 100 watches per watch, making it the perfect choice for collectors. It has 278 components and has a battery backup of 50 hours.

TAG HEUER cheap watches
 TAG Heuer unveiled its latest, exciting innovations at this year’s exhibition in Geneva. TAG Heuer is a completely new development. It was the first company to manufacture a hairspring made of carbon composites. This new innovative technology has been used in their new Carrera movement Heuer 02T tourbillon nanometer, which has been adjusted for the best watch. The hexagonal design on the dial of the new Carrera movement Heuer 02T refers to the composition of the carbon molecular structure. The most significant feature of this new Carrera chronograph-certified chronograph is its multi-layer dial and movement combination. The hexagon on the movement plate can be seen through the open working dial.

TAG Heuer manufactures these new hairsprings exclusively because they are designed and produced in-house at La Chaux de Fonds. The advantage of this newly developed hairspring is that the hairspring is very light and hardly affected by gravity or vibration, and other copy watches with metal hairsprings have found that the hairsprings will bend after a 1m drop test.

After seeing the unveiling of such a huge and impressive collection of men’s and women’s replica watches at SIHH 2019, this will only increase our interest in the next Swiss style. As the Basel International copy Watch for sale Fair is coming, we will wait and see what companies such as Hublot, Patek Philippe and others will provide us this year.

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Hublot MP 2014 NEW Mp 05 LAFERRARI Limited Editions Complications Gold 905.VX.0001.RX Watch replica
hublot mp-05

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Maybe you are thinking why you want to copy it? The answer is simple; the price of the original dial is so high that no one can get the passion for Hublot replica. You usually don’t even think about them, because it’s impractical to think of such expensive things often. This may just be a problem, as each new model is elegant and irresistible, and you also want to personalize many watches of your own brand. Hublot watches are the solution to this problem. You can enjoy the best things in the world and have fun at a reasonable price. What could be better than this!

Hublot replica is a great brand. Not only does it have the charm of Swiss manufacturing, it also has all the technical talent. There is no doubt that Swiss watches are completely without amazing design and accuracy. If you are a Swiss fake watch enthusiast, you should check the brand name, and if you can find quality reproductions, this is the best choice. With Hublot replica watches, you don’t have to spend millions of dollars to show off the wonders and photos of the manufacturer! So if the manufacturer does a good job, the replica will be a great blessing!

Hublot Masterpiece MP-02 Key of Time 902.ND.1190.RX watch
Hublot MP-02 Key of Time

New watch – Hublot Classic Fusion Special Edition London

Hublot celebrates a special relationship with one of the most exciting cities in the world with the classic fusion special edition “London”

Hublot is pleased to announce the launch of a limited edition watch, the Hublot Classic Fusion Special Edition London, to celebrate the love relationship between the Swiss watchmaking company and the vibrant and colourful city of London.

The watch was launched last night at a star-studded event at The Gherkin. The evening was hosted by Omar Choudhary, director of the Hublot brand in the UK, and Chris Froggatt, a friend of the Hublot brand, attended the event. Hublot also welcomes football coach and former professional football player Patrice Evra. Guests enjoy DJ Matt’s performance and a fusion of snacks and cocktails.

Hublot Classic Fusion Special Edition “London” is a classic piece designed to capture the fast pace of London and achieve the spirit of excellence. Its polished and satin-finished black ceramic bezel and micro-blasted, sun-lit gray dial on the racing car are engraved with the British flag pattern, full of patriotism, exuding a classic British understatement and cold confidence in the capital. The watch’s 10 iconic “H” screws on the bezel and case are cast from contrast-polished titanium.

The 45mm black ceramic case is equipped with Hublot’s MHUB1112 self-winding movement, which provides the watch with time and date functions and a 42-hour power reserve. The tip of the central second hand flashes red, making the watch’s monochrome palette more sporty. The sapphire crystal caseback is decorated with “Hublot Loves London”. The finishing touch is a black rubber strap with a velvet touch, which represents the playful London City tartan theme (listed in the Scottish Tartan Scottish Chronicle) and is water-resistant to 50 meters.

Mr. Choudhary said: “The Hublot Classic Fusion Special Edition ‘London’ is the product of Hublot’s passion for this growing world city.” Values ​​of excellence and fashion. Our loyal local customers have been seeking a watch that brings the invention and creativity of Hublot’s fusion of watchmaking philosophy to the London theme, and we know that they and the international tourists who love to come here will love the spirit behind it , Too. Hublot loves London! ‘

Technical specifications


Satin-finished black ceramic
Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 10.95 mm
Water resistance: 5 ATM (50m)

Polished black ceramic
Engraved “Special Edition”
XX / 50

Satin Black Ceramic
Engraved with “UN flag”

Sunray Racing Grey Dial
Engraved with “UN flag”
Micro spray silver decal

Self-winding movement
Frequency: 4Hz (28’800 A / h)
Power reserve: 42 hours
Number of parts: 63
Gems: 21

Strap and buckle
Black rubber and black tartan
Black plated stainless steel unfolding buckle