Hublot is a lot of watches I wear, and many friends think that I am a fan of Hublot. There is a reason for this.

In the early years of work, I was running around the front line. At that time, there were often occasions where I had to wear a suit, and sometimes I had to wear a suit on business trips. Later, he retreated behind the scenes, and his suits, shirts and shoes were all pressed against the bottom of the box to eat ashes. It is no exaggeration to say that I haven’t worn a shirt for many, many years. In my bones, I like fashion and cool, and it can be said that I have returned to my true colors.

Dress wholesale watches, I used to wear them often, but now I play with them, but I rarely wear them. It’s not that there is anything wrong with the dress watch, it’s just that it doesn’t match my current outfit. Instead, RICHARD MILLE, Roger Dubuis, and Hublot, such cool watches, are more suitable for the current situation.

RICHARD MILLE million level, I can’t afford it; Roger Dubuis calf level, the public price starts at 350,000, the price is not low; the public price of Hublot’s big explosion is more than 100,000, which is relatively easy to accept, for a long time Here, Hublot has become the first choice. Some players may say, for the price of 10, 200,000, is it not fragrant for you to wear Rolex or Vacheron Constantin? It’s not bad, it’s just a personal preference.

Hublot Big Bang Integral Ceramic, the official name is Big Bang Integral, that is, the Hublot Big Bang with a ceramic case and a ceramic bracelet. Prior to the Hublot Big Bang, it was mainly equipped with tape. This is the first time that it is equipped with a ceramic bracelet, and uses the integrated design of the watch head and the bracelet. It is an all-ceramic watch.

There are many ceramic watches on the market now. Among the mainstream watches, the Chanel J12, Omega Seamaster/Speedmaster, IWC Pilot, Blancpain 50 Fathoms, etc. are all popular. The hardness of ceramics is high, and the processing is more time-consuming than 18K gold and steel shells. For ceramic watches with lower public prices, the case handling is relatively simple. When it comes to a ceramic watch with a level of hundreds of thousands, the complexity of the ceramic shell and the ceramic chain will increase.

The Hublot Big Bang itself has a complicated case structure, with multiple layers on the top, middle and bottom, and many corners of the case. The bezel and the wide bevel of the case are all polished, giving the watch a lot of reflective surfaces. The watch bezel, the front and sides of the case are all brushed, and the polished surface forms a light and dark effect. Before Hublot’s big bang, round chronograph buttons were used, and on this one-piece ceramic, they were replaced by square buttons.

Bracelet of big bang one-piece ceramic, complex structure. Each ceramic link has multiple facets, the upper plane is brushed, the bevels are polished all around, and each corner is decorated. For many ceramic watches, only the head is ceramic, and the strap is a belt or tape, because a ceramic bracelet is composed of many ceramic blocks, and it is time-consuming to fine-tune it.

The big bang integrated ceramic is an integrated design of the watch head and the bracelet. The connection between the ceramic shell and the ceramic chain forms a large inclination angle, so that the watch head and the bracelet are integrated. The tape version has small protruding screws at the four corners (the screws for the quick release strap function) at the connection, which is not as smooth as the one-piece ceramic.

Hublot Big Bang, there are two main sizes, 44/45 and 42. The big bang one-piece ceramic is 42 mm, which is a moderate size in a sports watch. Moreover, the big bang one-piece ceramic further controls the thickness of the case. Due to the thinning of the movement, the thickness of the watch has also decreased, remaining at 13.45mm. In the automatic chronograph, the thickness of more than 13 mm is already OK. After getting started, it is also very comfortable. I personally feel that the ceramic chain feels slippery, which is more comfortable than tape. Tape can be boring sometimes.

Among the mainstream Swiss watches, Hublot’s ceramic technology is currently in a leading position. Someone interviewed the former president of Patek Philippe (the current president, Tereston’s father), and asked if Patek Philippe would make ceramic watches. He said no, the reason is that brands like Hublot are very advanced in ceramics, and there is no need for Patek Philippe to dabble. Hublot has mastered a variety of colored ceramics, red, yellow, blue, green, gray, Tiffany blue, beige, ceramic technology than other famous watch brands.

The disk surface of the Hublot Big Bang has always been hollowed out in a large area. The Hublot logo is printed on the sapphire mirror surface. You can see the various parts of the movement below, and the movement is directly used as the dial. Because the UNICO automatic chronograph movement used by Hublot Big Bang is a modular chronograph movement, the column wheel and horizontal clutch of the timing module are all on the dial side, including the calendar ring, which can be seen from the dial. Above the time scale at 6 o’clock, the petal-shaped wheel is a columnar wheel; the radiating texture on the disc surface at 8 o’clock is the timing clutch gear. When the chronograph is started, the operation of the column wheel and the clutch gear can be seen from the dial.

Hublot big bang one-piece ceramic, using the latest UNICO 2 generation movement. Compared with the UNICO 1st generation, the biggest improvement of the 2nd generation movement is that the thickness of the movement is reduced by 1.3 mm, thus reducing the thickness of the entire watch. At the same time, technically, the second-generation UNICO movement was replaced with a new clutch gear with elastic teeth, manufactured by photolithography. The new elastic clutch gear can reduce the shock jitter of the horizontal clutch mechanism when the clutch gear and the central chronograph gear mesh, ensuring that the central chronograph second hand does not vibrate or jump forward when starting. Other data has not changed, the swing frequency is 28800 times/hour, the power is 72 hours, and there is a flyback function. 9 o’clock is the small seconds, 3 o’clock is the 60-minute counter.

In terms of details, the movement column wheel and the speed hand are engraved with the Hublot “H” logo as a decoration. Hublot’s big bang focuses on modern hollow style, so the movement does not have traditional watchmaking Geneva stripes, pearl patterns and other decorations, but uses hollow, brushed, sandblasted, PVD color plating as decoration. The overall effect is very cool.

The Hublot Big Bang integrated ceramic has surpassed the price of many 18K gold watches in mainstream watches. But among the main cool watches, compared to RICHARD MILLE and Roger Dubuis, the Hublot Big Bang is the easiest to get started with.

When I first came into contact with famous watches, I also started playing with traditional watchmaking and antique watches (the kind of antique Omega). Not only was there no cool style at that time, but even Roger Dubuis was still the old traditional watchmaking style, which was different from now. A few years ago, cool styles became popular. RM, Roger Dubuis, and Hublot were all bursting with hands and highly recognizable. They were completely different from traditional watchmaking. I fell in love with them all at once.

Streamlined rainbow circle, 14-day power, trendy and luxurious high-performance work: Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Rainbow 3D Carbon Fiber Watch

Another new Rainbow Circle work by Hublot! The Big Bang MP-11 Rainbow 3D Carbon Fiber Watch has a new appearance. The case is made of 3D three-dimensional carbon fiber, and the bezel is decorated with rainbow gemstones. The in-line drum time display is mounted in the black carbon fiber case, and the power indicator can be clearly read through the sapphire mirror covered by the curvature of the drum, a new interpretation of the trendy timepiece with a sense of futuristic technology.

Big Bang MP-11 Rainbow 3D Carbon Fiber Watch Diameter 45mm, Carbon Fiber Case / HUB9011 Manual Winding Movement / Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve Display / 14-Day Power Reserve / Sapphire Crystal Glass Mirror, Transparent Bottom Cover / Water Resistance 30 Meters .

The expertise of the Big Bang MP-11 comes from the MP-05 La Ferrari watch, deconstructed and injected into the DNA of the Big Bang series, showing technical aesthetics and powerful performance. Hublot uses patented 3D three-dimensional carbon fiber technology to create an extremely light and high-strength case, and is set with 48 rectangular-cut pink, blue, orange and yellow colored gemstones on the bezel, as well as amethyst, aqua blue topaz, Tsavorite, etc., follow the undulating three-dimensional shape, surround the streamlined dial, and match the gradient color crocodile leather strap.

The power reserve indicator is located on the cylinder to the left of the tandem barrel, which corresponds to the blue or gold “DAY POWER RESERVE” inscription on the anti-glare sapphire crystal.

The worm wheel spiral pattern on the crown echoes the spiral gear, which can be wound manually or by electric Torx stylus. fake men watches

The Big Bang MP-11 is powered by Hublot’s in-house calibre HUB9011, with a patented index device, black platinum bridges and a silicon escapement that combines traditional and innovative elements. 7 horizontal in-line series springs provide up to two weeks of power storage, and through the linear power display, you can keep track of the status of the spring’s energy storage. The power reserve indicator is located on the cylinder on the left side of the tandem barrel, corresponding to the location of the words “DAY POWER RESERVE” in blue or gold on the anti-glare sapphire crystal. Through the use of sapphire mirror material and curved design, the display effect of power reserve is more clear and eye-catching. The power transmission adopts a vertical 90-degree spiral gear transmission mechanism, which is extremely rare in the watchmaking industry, so that the power of the mainspring can be smoothly transmitted to the gear system that displays the hours and minutes. In addition, the balance wheel is placed on the dial at 2 o’clock, creating a harmonious and symmetrical aesthetic with the spiral gear visible at 10 o’clock.

The Big Bang MP-11 is powered by Hublot’s in-house calibre HUB9011, with a patented index device, black platinum bridges and a silicon escapement that combines traditional and innovative elements. cheap replica watches

The first all-ceramic minute repeater in history! HUBLOT Big Bang Integral Cathedral Minute Repeater Tourbillon Ceramic Watch

The 2022 Horological Miracle Exhibition has just ended. Hublot launched the Big Bang Integral Cathedral Minute Repeater Tourbillon Ceramic Watch. With two black and white ceramic bracelets, it is equipped with the self-made HUB8001 movement that won the GPHG Best Timekeeping Award. The acclaimed cathedral gongs deliver an ultra-clear tone that transcends the limitations of ceramic materials for precise delivery. At the same time, combined with the tourbillon device, it shows Hublot’s excellent watchmaking technology in the field of advanced watchmaking with double complications.

The Big Bang Integral Cathedral Minute Repeater Tourbillon ceramic watch comes in black and white, with an 80-hour power reserve and a water-resistance depth of 30 meters. It is available in limited quantities worldwide.

Big Bang Integral Cathedral Minute Repeater Tourbillon Ceramic Watch Diameter 43mm, Ceramic Case / MHUB8001.H1.RH Cathedral Minute Repeater Tourbillon Manual Winding Movement / Time Indication, Minute Repeater, Tourbillon / 80-hour power reserve /Waterproof to 30 meters.

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, said: “The Big Bang Integral Cathedral Minute Repeater Tourbillon Ceramic is the first all-ceramic minute repeater in the history of watchmaking and is equipped with a tourbillon mechanism. The minute repeater tourbillon device is launched for the first time in the bracelet watch, symbolizing a new milestone for Hublot in high-end watchmaking, and more creative works that break through the field of watchmaking will be launched in the future.”

Due to its own physical properties, ceramic materials are extremely difficult to process finely and have not been fully used in minute repeaters. Traditional watchmaking used to be able to use only a few sporadic components such as crowns or bezels, at most push rods. At the same time, ceramic coloring must be done with extremely high precision during the firing process in order to obtain a perfectly uniform and full color. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the waterproof performance of the movable sliding rod of the minute repeater, and to accurately transmit the clear and powerful sound quality through the ceramic case, which are also many challenges in the manufacturing process.

Through the sapphire mirror, the tourbillon escapement and minute repeater of the HUB8001 hand-wound mechanical movement are clearly visible. Time setting function and classic tourbillon mechanism (with 13.6mm diameter cage, one rotation per minute). In addition, the bridge design on the side of the movement dial ensures the structural stability of the tourbillon operation. Cleats, ratchet cams and springs, racks and hammers, gongs and snails, frames, gears, jeweled bearings, screws, etc., the precise assembly of 319 parts is the decorative element that constitutes a unique aesthetic. discount replica watches

Hublot Big Bang Unico Sang Bleu II

The partnership between Hublot and Sang Bleu, a creative and design studio owned and operated by Swiss tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Büchi, is now in its seventh year. To commemorate the occasion, the partners have created three highly scratch-resistant Hublot Unico Big Bang Sang Bleu II watches in a Plescia-Büchi design. The geometric pattern of the tattoo is transferred to the watch design.

The first watch is presented in Magic Gold. Gold is a well-known malleable and scratch-prone precious metal, but Hublot has mixed it with ceramic to create Magic Gold, a proprietary 18k gold alloy. The second is green pottery (painted pottery is another feature of Hublot), and the third is black pottery. Each is a Hublot Unico chronograph movement and is available in limited editions: Magic Gold , Black Magic Ceramic and Green Ceramic.

The Hublot collaboration is fascinating. The 42-year-old company approaches the artists it collaborates with differently. It is hard to imagine that a top watchmaker with 18th century ancestry could easily replicate this experience.

Maxime Plescia-Buchi is involved in the production of watches and is also an artist and designer. A graduate of the prestigious Cantonal School of Art in Lausanne, he brought an instantly recognizable style to his tattoos and is probably best known for Kanye West tattoos. The tattoo artist’s drawings are transferred to the watch – to the 3D shape of the dial and the case itself.

The indelibility of a tattoo is one of its main qualities, so there is some connection between the tattoo design and the material of the watch, as invariable as ceramics or magic gold. These watches are designed to look the way they are for years to come.

Specifications Hublot Big Bang Unico Sang Bleu II

Reference Magic Gold: 418.MX.1103.RX.MXM22 ; Black Magic : 418.MX.1103.RX.MXM22; Green Goblin: 418.GX.5207.RX. MXM22
Frame 45 x 16.5 mm, gold, ceramic. Water resistant to 100 meters.
Clock face Gold, black, green.
Strap Rubber Sang Bleu Foldover Clasp
Mechanism Automatic, Caliber HUB 1240 Unico Chronograph. Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph. 72 hours of power reserve. Frequency: 28,800 times/hour

The new generation of blues mix and match style, the most stylish one on the wrist|HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Chronograph

If you pay more attention to the watch accessories on the wrists of football stars and entertainers, have you noticed that replica HUBLOT has appeared frequently in recent years? In fact, HUBLOT has been popular among the new generation of young collectors for a long time. Every watch has an eye-catching appearance like a limited edition. Collecting a HUBLOT is like collecting limited running shoes or even sports cars. Advanced fashion taste and fashionable attitude.

Of course, top watches with traditional craftsmanship and classical formal wear have a high symbolic status, but just as the representative colors and market trends of watches are different every year, the preferences of collectors also change with the times. The rising and growing new generation of collectors pay attention to the watch, which not only needs to have excellent watchmaking technology, but also pursues a trendy and eye-catching appearance; it not only pursues the recognition of the mass market, but more importantly, it can be really liked when worn on the hand. , to please yourself, and HUBLOT is the choice of the Wish List of young collectors.

HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue Ceramic Chronograph Model Information Titanium, ceramic material / HUB 1280 Unico automatic movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / flyback chronograph function / water resistance 100 meters / The diameter of the watch is 42 mm.

Looks great, of course
Sports bold and meticulous, is a master

When you see HUBLOT’s watch, you can understand why it has emerged from many brands and has become a brand sought after and eager to own by the new generation of collectors. Because regardless of appearance or technology, HUBLOT is definitely not a gentle, respectful and thrifty role. It is good at showing, highlighting, and creating a strong stage where it should be high-profile and worthy of attention; on the other hand, as a professional watchmaking level , HUBLOT also has a very high level of development technology, which is not only the focus of dazzling topics, but also has solid technology in precision machinery.

In terms of case material, our most common stainless steel is actually the least used metal for HUBLOT men’s watches. Instead, King Gold, grade 5 titanium, ceramics and sapphire crystal are more rare and more expensive. special material. Taking this Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue Ceramic Chronograph as an example, a sandwich case composed of 72 parts, combined with a grade 5 titanium case and a blue ceramic bezel, constructs an avant-garde and novel appearance layer by layer. , and the texture is tough and light to the touch; the titanium metal itself has a slightly gray-silver tone and HUBLOT’s special tone blue, with a cool tech-industrial style.

The case of a general watch is mostly a three-piece structure with a bezel, a middle case and a bottom cover, while the main structure of the HUBLOT sandwich case can be as many as five layers and a total of 72 parts. The assembly and polishing processes are naturally It is more complex, but it also creates a rich visual layer, creating a very futuristic and avant-garde appearance, and it is very suitable for the free matching of different materials. From top to bottom, it includes the ceramic bezel, the upper, middle and lower parts of the middle case, and the bottom cover of the bottom case. If the inserts below the bezel and the side of the middle case are added, the structure is compact and full of strength. Like a sci-fi product from a future world.

HUBLOT’s brand theme “Fusion”: Fusion is not only realized in the flexible matching of materials, but also in the processing level of surface polishing. From the front of the watch, most of the surface textures are matte, including the large area of ​​satin brushed lugs, and the matte luster of the ceramic bezel; but as long as you turn slightly to the side of the watch, the bright surface of the edges of the contours of each component The treatment is like the frame of a handicraft, adding a layer to the already very three-dimensional case. The bezel and the exclusive H-shaped screws on the watch side also cooperate with different parts to make different grinding effects. Details such as these show the meticulous nature of HUBLOT’s avant-garde styling that belongs to high-end watchmaking.

HUBLOT does not waste the open-worked dial of this watch. The highly hollowed-out structure, including the hour-marking ring, the small second dial and the central area of ​​the dial, has been hollowed out to the greatest extent, so you can see the rare front. The column wheel, the central timing wheel and other gear trains, especially when operating the timing function, have many gear parts coupled with each other, which must be very healing for Wholesale watch cheap fans who like to appreciate mechanical movements.

You must operate the timing with a stable feel
Hard-core technology can convince you

The HUB 1280 Unico self-winding movement on the watch is the second-generation model of HUBLOT’s self-made Unico movement. The thickness has been reduced, so it can be suitable for models with a more moderate watch diameter, such as this 42mm Big Bang The Unico Monarch Blue Chronograph is not only more suitable for the wrists of most Asian men, but also suitable for women who like large watch diameters and are good at matching the trendy and avant-garde style.

The Big Bang Unico Monarch Blue Chronograph has a diameter of 42 mm, which not only fits the wrists of most Asian men, but also fits well with women who like large watch diameters and are good at matching trendy and avant-garde styles. The HUB 1280 Unico is the second-generation self-made chronograph movement of HUBLOT, which is thinner and has many optimizations in the design of parts.

In general, if you want to appreciate the pure mechanical rhythm of the movement, most of the watches need to be turned over to the back of the watch, while the Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue Ceramic Chronograph with an open-worked dial can see the special components of the movement. very clear. To this end, HUBLOT specially designed a timing module placed on the side of the dial. At 6 o’clock, you can see a column wheel with a very special tooth profile. The upper cover of the wheel has an H-shaped logo; the intermediary wheel below the hour mark 8 A highly hollowed-out tooth shape is also made, which looks lighter.

The HUBLOT has an open-worked faceplate, a highly hollow structure, and you can see the front column wheel, the central chronograph wheel and other gear trains. Specially shaped teeth are displayed through the large hollow dial, such as the column wheel and the chronograph intermediate wheel.

The balance wheel system uses a silicon escapement, which is more resistant to wear and is not affected by magnetic force; in particular, the screws on the balance wheel bridge are fine-tuned. The improved speed needle is an exclusive design of HUBLOT. All kinds of optimizations and improvements are fed back to the operating feel and stability of the timing function. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you must operate the timing function of the Unico movement yourself. It is laborious, and there is no sense of stuttering; with the timing button, it has a very technological appearance, and the operation is very similar to starting the ignition switch of a sports car, or operating some high-tech instruments; and after one-button start, The chronograph second hand is neat and clean when it starts or stops, as well as when it jumps back and forth.

There are indeed reasons why the younger generation of watch collectors love HUBLOT replica so much, because his avant-garde appearance shows his enthusiasm for life, a high degree of self-affirmation, and the movement and workmanship details reveal a professional adherence to watchmaking craftsmanship . The HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue Ceramic Chronograph represents the attitude of a new generation, full of creative ideas, and the courage to express. If you are also a fellow, you must understand his extraordinary.

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II ceramic

Why would I choose Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph instead of traditional luxury watches Trigger warning: Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph is my favorite 2021 luxury watch release. More importantly, I would rather buy this watch than any other traditional luxury watches released recently. But wait! There is a reason behind the madness. Although the core aesthetics of all Hublot Sang Bleu watch series are the same, the designs of tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Büchi still have the power of shock/repulsion/impression. Although we will see that it is imperfect, it is not just a value watch, it should have a trigger warning.

I don’t know you, but if I buy a luxury watch, I want a serious experience. I want fun without all headaches, especially without all BS. If you are totally tired of luxury watch BS-in the industry, especially outside the industry-then I am by your side.

What I want is to be able to walk into a boutique in a good place in town, ask for the watch I like, and buy it because I like it. End of the story.

Now, I understand that so far, it is impossible to imagine how the experience of “no headache” stems from having enough lines to make up 18 Patek Philippe watches-but believe me, it will prevent it.

Contrast traditional luxury watch purchases
In my opinion, the biggest advantage of the Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph may be that it is its own thing. Whether you like it or not, what I want to say may resonate with you. I like this watch because no one on this planet wants me to know, recite, and revel in the recent font type updates, or understand how the watch I choose fits (to be honest, ordinary) with the same “watchmaking icon” Iteration. At the dining table, I would not support my choice of the 40.7mm version instead of the 38.5mm version, or explain why I chose the highly controversial rose gold instead of the traditional 18k gold-or test whether I knew whether it was used half a century ago Pen or pencil draw the original design on the napkin. I can enjoy my luxury watch because I like how it is made and how it looks. These are a bunch of clichés I have encountered and heard in the past ten years. Remove them from the equation, and what remains is one of the purest forms of tabulation-again, whether people like its appearance or not.

Of course, I admit that you can buy and enjoy traditional watches on a selfish basis, completely out of touch with all the theaters mentioned above. I have no intention to imply anything else. However, the process that causes people to buy the “icon” is usually a tiring process. It’s covered with a history of excessive hype that you don’t actually care about (but are paying for it), a lot of operations are done between incremental design updates, making one iteration more “desirable” (sometimes down) than another Other completely arbitrary things to the color of the dial). Yes, sometimes even some low-price transactions are made with sales people to convince them that you are worth buying. Just typing this gave me the wrong chill. This is a pile of fluff, either tied to the high-profile purchase and ownership experience of traditional luxury watches, or at least something unpleasant has always been there.

8 What does the gear reverse offer contrast with this? A fake watch is because of the existence of a random person I don’t even know-completely forgetting the tattoo scene-it is guaranteed by a clean sheet of paper and proper 21st century watchmaking techniques, no matter what sketch he outlines Realize. At least to some extent, isn’t this what watchmaking in the 21st century should be, even if we don’t like a particular result?

In terms of drive design, how can this multi-billion-dollar industry have eight reverse gears and one forward gear?

I think this is possible because of the 13,775,470 watches that Switzerland claims to be exported to the world in 2020, most of their customers just want a decent, traditional, and likable watch that can display the time and have Help spread their good taste. All this is fine.

However, I suspect that a significant portion of the customers who spend US$25,000 or more on new high-end watches are not buying their first watch of US$25,000 or more. They are buying a second, third or more. And you, my lucky watch lover, should be (and should be required) to be entertained, not to be constrained by a lone ranger experience that is usually part of the more traditional watch ownership experience. This is why I think Sang Bleu II is so cute: because its unique and obvious purpose is to amaze potential customers and make them happy afterwards through pure design and excellent execution quality.

Good design is worthless if it is not executed well. One of the main components of the Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph so special in real life is that it feels completely uncompromising when it transforms the sketch into substance. And this is extremely rare. In fact, I would gently urge you to take some time to appreciate its special features by trying to find other luxury watches launched in the past few decades. Everything about these watches is very complicated, bizarre, but so accurate in Sang Bleu II In the realization.

Wearing a Sang Bleu II chronograph makes me feel the worst.

It turned me into a person walking up and down the street staring at his big, ostentatious watch. In a civilized society, there really is no excuse for this. However, I was and now: When everyone is staring at their mobile phones on the subway, I stare at this incredible object, which happens to be a watch. After wearing it for a week, the freshness has not disappeared (I agree that it should last for years, if not more, but if you put your hands on your heart and look back at your recently purchased watch, you might agree that this feat is easy to look forward to But things that are hard to experience permanently). In fact, I have to adjust myself and not spend too much time looking at it, otherwise I will walk into the lamppost again.

About legibility
There is an important point: if you think of the Hublot Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph as a watch, you think its main function is to tell the time, you mean that people should be able to easily read the watch mainly based on how to buy a luxury watch. You have to tease me for a while and let me say this: This is the podium finisher among the most snob and dazzling things that watch lovers can say. I am not saying that this is intentional, but I am saying that it doesn’t make any sense. This means that just because a luxury watch is clear and easy to read, its main function, therefore, the main reason people buy it is to tell the time.

We all know this is not true. It’s all status, it’s all vanity purchases, all this (hope) is just for fun.

So who cares if you can quickly or hardly (sometimes not at all!) read the 30-minute chronograph subdial that you don’t actually care about? Or if it takes 1 second or 5 seconds to tell the hour and minute? Frankly speaking, if you have $27,300 to spend on items on your wrist, you will be surrounded by technology products (and possibly people), and they will be happy to remind you of important moments of the day. You won’t miss a board meeting or real estate presentation because your Hublot can’t recognize it immediately (just like your poseur pilot watch), so please save yourself the effort to convince me that there’s no room for a more or less completely illegible heinous watch world. Yes, Sang Bleu II requires hard reading time, I like it better.

Amazing wearing experience, that’s it. This is indeed a watch that you must see in a completely ordinary and everyday environment in the real world. I even dared to wear it for a day or two for even the most vicious traditionalists, watch lovers who hate the watch the most (some of you seem to be), and never laugh at its absolute shamelessness. An ordinary big bang (the antichrist for the watch design not long ago) looks docile—in fact, it’s boring next to this thing. Of course, one might argue that this watch is easy to do: Compared with ordinary luxury watches, the sensory overload of Sang Bleu II is like comparing weapon-grade cocaine with Coca-Cola. A person will have easier work occupying your mind.

Without the addition of geometric main hands and sub-dial hands, and without an engraved rubber strap, the case would not be what it is now. The absolute icing on the cake is a truly outstanding component: the faceted sapphire crystal. Add all of these together and you will understand what I mean, and there seems to be no limit when I say that this design becomes a reality. Even among experienced watch designers, it is a rare achievement to make such a complicated thing so unique and coherent among so many materials and functions. Most of them either have never been exposed to such a complicated design, or their employers don’t even allow them to start. I understand: to achieve the jaw-dropping perfection exuded by the 38.5mm Lange 1 is an act of sacred edges, and busy designs can often well hide the incompetence of their designers. Nonetheless, there is nothing to hide from the SBII chronograph-everything is for display.

When the watchmaking industry needs to upgrade
In contrast, Sang Bleu II has all the leisurely and calmness of the sketches drawn by the genius on the back of the notebook (this is not exactly a popular concept in the field of luxury watchmaking, but this is the point). The sketch is supported by a well-designed calculation balance, in this case, if the whole thing is not changed, nothing can be changed. Then, Hublot’s unparalleled expertise in the use of man-made materials merged all these into a tangible object. For example: the flat edge of the one-piece ceramic bezel is brushed, while the concave (it took a few days to find out, but they are concave) the inner triangle is polished, as is the vertical outer edge of the bezel. Each exposed H-shaped screw has a polished frame, which reflects under the slightest flick of the wrist, while the center is matte—obviously sandblasted. cheap hublot

The dial, if we may call it that, has a convenient 12-hour scale that allows you to read the time easily, especially after you learn how to spot the luminous triangular ends of your two hands. Under all this, the Hublot HUB1240 Unico movement, designed and manufactured in-house, shines with its polished components-some of them are very clean and shiny, and they clearly reflect the geometry of the hands passing them. Speaking of shiny things: the long, centrally mounted chronograph second hand reflected so brightly under direct sunlight that it almost burned my eyes. A strange achievement, especially for vertically brushed surfaces.

Back to Unico for a moment: the winding feel and button feedback are silky smooth and precise, as well as the best and latest luxury chronograph movement. An important (to me) point is that the automatic winding system is almost silent, just like it is on a watch with an open back. If I put the watch next to the laptop on the desk, I can hear the 4Hz working frequency ticking in complete silence, but even this sounds very delicate. The power reserve is 72 hours. Unlike Hublot’s full-face and pantsless products equipped with Sellita, the Sang Bleu II chronograph has the best of its kind.

Bad and miscellaneous nuances
People are constantly aware of wearing the Hublot Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph. Except for obvious visual reasons, it is still a fairly heavy watch. Wrapped in a 45mm wide ceramic, the lug-to-lug size exceeds 55mm. If you consider the huge pusher (which you should probably consider), the size between 10 and 4 is actually 48mm. It is a sturdy case that matches the sturdy strap. In my case, Hublot’s rubber strap is still not in perfect shape. If they are the correct “height” (because they don’t leave a large gap on the sides of my wrist), they are still too tight for the bottom of my wrist. If the height is set correctly, although the buckle is not as bad as last time, it still leaves marks under my wrist. The mold of the strap should be rounder and not so flat. I don’t know anyone who has a wrist like a pancake like the natural shape of these straps. best luxury watch

Water resistance is 100 meters, which should be the damn thing. The Sang Bleu II Chronograph seems to be equipped with a quick release crown, Hublot did not even advertise it, which reminds me of the “compressor key” crown on Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressors-this was it before JLC lost in the black space Stop making their own history. Equally fast and easy to use is the Hublot One Click system, which is one of the few quick strap release solutions that are truly error-proof and comfortable to work with. The H-shaped folding clasp has an angular ceramic top-this is a good choice because ceramics are extremely difficult to scratch. It is black instead of blue to match the case material (minus points). Personally, I still don’t like the way Hublot desperately matches the color of the watchband to the case, creating too much wristband feel for me, but then again, it should be easy to mix things up with the One Click system. enough.

After all, my instinct tells me that the Hublot Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph makes many people look at images in the wrong way-but there is no doubt that when it comes to cermets. It’s very interesting, not only because of its off-wall design, but also because of the level of complexity and quality of its manufacturing, Hublot’s competitors don’t even try to match it, or if they do, they charge twice or Three times the cost. So yes: Today, I will put this watch on any traditional luxury watch because it is more interesting and refined.

Brand: Hublot

Model: Hublot Sang Bleu II ceramic chronograph (gray ceramic is 418.FX.8007.RX.MXM21, blue ceramic is 418.EX.5107.RX.MXM21)

Dimensions: 45 mm (more like 48 mm) wide, 17 mm thick, 55 mm lug-to-lug distance.

When will you wear it in person: When will you not wear it?

We recommend it to a friend first: design fanatics and/or exhausted luxury watch lovers. This will bring them back into the groove.

The best feature of the watch: Stunning design, executed at an affordable price. Interesting appearance, interesting dressing, interesting appreciation. Exquisite sports.

Worst feature of the watch: I want it to be lighter and the strap better fits the shape of my wrist.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Sorai Limited Edition

Buy Hublot BIG BANG E UEFA EURO 2020 42MM 440.CI.1100.RX.EUR20 Replica watch price

In the past 10 years, the two-thirds of the rhinoceros in the South Africa Kruger Park were killed by stealing hunters. The black rhinoceros in the Kruger Park disappeared sharply, and today it is estimated that there is still less than 500. In addition, in late March 2020, the South African border was closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 viruses. Previously, foreign tourists’ daily pouring into the lotion. Now, due to the serious shortage of rosen, the poemers can freely surround unrecognizable in this vast area.

Hublot cheap is using its global, and re-confirms Kevin Pietersen and Sorai -save our RHINO AFRICA India – releases a new version of Bandango Sso. In the 100-piece limited edition, part of the sales of sales will be exclusively donated to take care of the world’s largest Rhino Sanctuary, supported by SORAI. This shelter is committed to rescue, rehabilitation, and release rhinoceros.

Leave yourself, a little rhinoceros of an orphan, and his parents have almost no chance to kill. Nursing wild rescues these rhinoxers, ensuring their protection, growth, and well-being, with a safe environment, with 24-hour video surveillance, communications, tactics, monitored by dogs, and their handlers, and training stealing hunters. The nursing of wild mission also includes rehabilitation and re-manufacturing – rhinoceros released their natural habitat, which can be monitored in their development.

Although the front of Sola released a beige ceramic case, but in winter, the color of South African jungle, the new Hublot Big Bang Unico Solai REF. uses a green microcouraged ceramic shell – the natural color of the jungle in the Summer South Africa is 45 mm.

Two tones are harmonious, from green ceramic boxes to green camouflage rubber or magic strap. The frosted green skeleton form is a black rhinoceros with a black rhinoceros in a 9 o’clock.

The Hublot Big Bang Unico Sorai Limited Edition is powered by the internal automatic timer mobile caliber MHUB1242, which has flying and column wheel. It consists of 330 and 38 jewelery, and the movement is provided for 72 hours of power reserves when fully entangled, and is jumped at a rate of 28,800 VPH. This movement is protected by the display case and returns a minimally invasive green ceramics at which a watch in this 100-piece watch. Sapphire crystals having anti-reflection treatment have printed printers.

New Hublot Big Bang Unico Sorai Limited version of Ref. is equipped with two straps, one of which is in the green fabric of Texturized Camouflage Rubber -Looks, such as fabric – another in a solid olive green fabric.

The wholesale replica watches is carried in a special demonstration box, which contains the medal of Sara – our rhinoceros Africa India – identification.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic Ceramics Watch 2021

Hublot fake has become a leading innovator that has been used in colored high-tech ceramics since 2018. In this fast-propelled field, not all colors are equal, long-term, energetic and powerful colors cannot meet watch cases. Created a vibrant and durable yellow (and red and blue) ceramics proved that Hublot’s largest material challenge in the past few years.

The brand has been cracked as part of its 2021 watches and miracle lineups, and the sun is bright to its cornerstone design. New Limited Edition Hublot Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic provides a distinctive supersaturation, with brand signature architecture as a most dramatic and compelling current product.

Naturally, the 42mm multi-piece ceramic case is the visual core of the Hublot Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic. Keep an angle, a hierarchical, overall smart bracelet form of a large explosion line, title yellow magic material increases the size of purely saturated gloss in the initial image.

Hublot claimed that this new ceramic has been developed for four years, with a wide range of internal research and development, created a true yellow pigment, which does not burn during ceramic sintering. The final result not only creates a lasting and real pure yellow pigment, but the final material is more difficult than the traditional ceramic shell material, the overall hardness is 1350 HV (opposite to 1200HV of common shell ceramics).

When a stark contrast is formed with a medium-sized matte black part, the crown, the promoter and the big explosive signature baffle screw, this yellow program provides a sports and provocative bold edge, which is already this Active design. Hublot Room Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic is at a water resistance of 100 meters.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic Dish Follow the same skeleton pattern as the previous large bombings, with a radical steel printing theme, which is carried out by applying a mix of Arabic numbers and indices and complete exposed date wheels. The 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock sideways form a visual anchor for the remainder of the floating skeleton assembly, which has almost complete sub-ground and cleaning folded outer ring.

Hublot maintains a color scheme between the housing and dial in the housing and dial as a viscosity, as well as the black finishing of the exposed skeleton. This leaf is like a date wheel, a gear train, and a column wheel, popping up from the background, highlighting some movement mechanical complexity and does not become overwhelming.

The internal HUB1280 automatic anti-excited time console is carried in the Hublot Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic, from the previous large bombings UNICO model. This intricate skeleton movement is rugged, 72-hour power reserves are 28,800 Britman’s defeat rate. Hublot completes watch, with matching round and black rubber with matching integrated ridge.

The rainbow in the expanded ceramic color seems to be very simple, uninive seems very simple, Hublot Big Bang Unico Yellow Magic demonstrates the tip of material design, with bright and aggressive look. Replica luxury watches price

Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange SAPPHIRE

Transparent, black, yellow, blue, red – Hublot masters sapphire production and processing technology and is equipped with a unique tone for its hous. With a new Big Bang Tourbillon, the brand has a new color by adding a new color in its fully colored sapphire palette, and again has achieved the world. This unprecedented technology and aesthetic achievement combined with the new Taxi wheel, not only with automatic upper chain (rare “, and also used a redesigned architecture, micro rotor and three sapphires on the dial side. bridge. Limited, bold and transparent brand new fusion.

“Adhering to the spirit of winning, the Yubiki launched the world’s first orange sapphire case, thus carried out a new extraordinary innovation. Our manufacturer also demonstrates new automatic titaine turbine designed and manufactured by internal self The core reaffirmed its expertise, its spectacular visible dial side structure highlights the innovative design of the watch. According to Hublot, “integration art” has all glory. “- Hublot CEO Dirkado Guadu Ricardo Guadalupe

Orange sapphire, the world’s first
If in a certain field, the “integration art” of the Yubiki is expressed in the form of a bold and radiant, which is definitely a tip material, especially a sapphire. Over the years, the brand (with its own metallurgy and material laboratory) has released many very well-watches, where sapphire cases and dials are provided in novel colors, including transparent settings for complex mechanists, such as Big Bang Unico Sapphire (transparent), full black blue gem, Big Bang Unico red sapphire and blue sapphire, and the nearest Big Bang Spirit yellow sapphire.

Today, Hublot continues to innovate through this extraordinary material, re-interpreting Big Bang sapphire darthend with new orange, which is the world’s first color sapphire. This is due to the combination of titanium and chromium in a smart manufacturing process. This surprising dynamic color is injecting fresh air into the senior tab industry and is perfectly integrated with the excellent cultural culture of Hubei. The technical tones of six H-shaped titanium metal screws enhances the charm of translucent laps and housings in fine polished orange sapphires, which is the characteristics of the iconic Big Bang design.

Brand new automatic new gyro

Revolutionary case with innovative movements. Hublot accommodates a new gyllonial movement in the center of orange sapphire, showing its unparalleled tabular professional technology and the continuous development of Tuplexing technology since 2007, which is fully designed and produced by the brand. Unlike the traditional tether core equipped with manual string, this excellent movement ensures at least three days (72 hours) power storage with its automatic string system, so the four seas, this is very good for the wearer. Obvious improvement. It is equipped with ceramic ball bearings and has adopted the latest technological advances in Hubei in its winding system.

The manufacturer reaffirmed its uniqueness by re-creating the overall structure of the movement, thereby visible the microplate from the dial side. This innovative layout not only brings additional technical challenges to designers, but also brings new vitality to the aesthetics through the magnificent appearance and very modern design of the reinforcement dial. The universal movement of the micro-galvanic flying wheel at 12 o’clock position is echoed by the rotation of the gyro. Gray 22 carat golden miniature tetling wheel through exquisite decoration (oblique, sun brush and sandblasting) and precious metal iconic Hublot hollow compelling.

Hublot replica watches uses more sapphires in the movement itself, which continues to pursue transparency. Big Bang Touring Automatic Orange Blue Gems The manufacturing movement is equipped with three sapphire bridges – barrel bridges, automatic bridges and gyro hairpins. The hollow-grinding platinum highlights the lightweight effect of the skeleton works. The 5-point position of the gyro cage is rotated once a minute to compensate for the tension in the direction of the movement, and its pure geometry is different, so that you can peek the mechanical heart of the model. The pointer and a tick disk with a light-emitting coating enhances the sharpness of the open dial.

For those who wish to have technical and courageous people in other future materials, the Yubiki uses a limited edition of 100 Big Bang Tycling automatic watch, the case and the lap using Texalium® material, Texalium® is a proprietary Lightweight, ergonomic materials, combined with carbon fiber and aluminum. The brand also once again affirmed its unique master of high-tech ceramics in black ceramics. Such a much feat is within the limits of possibilities.

Sapphire expert hublot

In order to seek the perfect harmony between the movement and the case, Hublo T’s engineers and chemists seek a transparent material to make the heart of the watch admire, and it is firm to effectively protect the mechanical structure and resist active life. . That’s why the brand will establish itself as a synthetic sapphire expert. Synthetic sapphire is a high-tech material that has provided innovative color (black, blue, red, yellow), and provides unique in the watch process. Aesthetic Effects – Transforms each watch into art.

Hublot has completely mastered the sapphire industrialization, which makes it possible to produce hundreds of watches, not just some special parts. The main challenge involves uniform color, no impurities, no bubbles, non-crackless materials, which can be repeated in quality and aesthetics in the same manner. A complex and expensive process. The high hardness of sapphire also requires a specific processing method.

Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange SAPPHIRE Technical Specifications and Price


MHUB6035 automatic manufacturing
Tyeling wheel movement
Transparent sapphire bridge
Plate anthracite
Microphone 22K Platinum
Shantou “Hublot” logo
Swiss leverage escape
Number of parts: 243
Jewelry: 26
Frequency: 3 Hz (21’600 a / h)
Power Reserve: 72 hours

Polished orange sapphire crystal
45 mm diameter
15.30 mm thickness
Waterproof 30 m

Sapphire crystal
Shooting and buckle

Transparent orange structure
Lining rubber strip
Titanium metal buckle table buckle

Hands on Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic

One of cheap Hublot‘s flagship timepieces has achieved surprising ceramic success.

Back in 2006, I happened to see a very unexpected watch produced by a very unexpected company. This watch is a Quenttin tourbillon from Jacob & Co., is (and is) a large timepiece with an unprecedented power reserve of 31 days and a vertical tourbillon. Quenttin started a new way of competition among watchmakers. In watches before Quenttin, the longest power reserve is usually found in pocket watches, which usually takes eight days. A longer power reserve means multiple barrels or a very large barrel, while a longer power reserve usually means that rough timing can be performed at any extreme of the running time. The company that eventually broke the record was Hublot. Its Ferrari (La Ferrari) was launched in 2013 with a 50-day power reserve; as far as I know, no one has ever tried absolute records to keep the watch’s record since then. Long-term power reserve.

Of course, there is also Vacheron Constantin Twin Beat, it has two independent oscillators, you can switch between these two oscillators, and in the case of using a lower frequency balance (1.2 Hz), the watch will run 65 day. However, this is not meant to be worn in this way, nor is it to keep the time particularly precise. Instead, this is basically the standby mode of the watch. If the watch is not worn for a long time, the universal calendar can be kept up to date. Even with modern technology, exceeding La Ferrari’s record may cause the watch to become unwearable (La Ferrari is already Ursine heft’s watch, to borrow a word), and may require innovation in escapement technology. (The theoretical power reserve of the Parmigiani Fleurier Genequand Oscillator Concept Sheet is 70 days, but Parmigiani has apparently abandoned the project, at least for now.)

Holding the brass ring tightly, Hublot seems to have stepped back a bit without any further absolute record in the pursuit of power reserve, but it is still very active in the niche market of long power reserve watches. Currently, their flagship product is the MP-11 watch, which has seven tandem barrels and a 14-day power reserve. Although the size is still large, 45mm x 14.50mm, they have much higher wear resistance compared to products like La Ferrari (or Quenttin). Since its launch as a platform for the HUB9011 movement, MP-11 has appeared in several different case materials, and was launched in January this year with Hublot’s patented Red Magic ceramic at LVMH Watch Week in Dubai.

Now, before going any further, I think it must be pointed out that the long power reserve meter certainly does not need to be a red-lighted clock-extroverted fire engine red visual device. Vacheron Constantin has created a long power reserve meter that looks as impressive as the seats on the White Shoe Bank’s board of directors (or at least as impressive as previous seats of this kind). And the more powerful scale is more or less given with a long power reserve watch, but the fact is that Hublot MP-11 Red Magic looks like this, there is no technically necessary way, but because this is how Hublot Hope it looks (by the way, people assume how Hublot thinks customers want this watch to look like this).

I say this because, although you can compare Vacheron Constantin and Hublot from the perspective of technical watchmaking, I think there is almost no place in the world. It is difficult for anyone to compare the two, now or in the future. Scratch your head when making a choice between. For Hublot customers, it is likely not only to repeat the Hublot client, but for them, the attention-seeking aspect of its design is not a burden, nor is it accidental, but an asset, in fact, the whole reason for existence Watch.

Although it is the holder of a technical record, from an aesthetic point of view, I don’t think anyone would call La Ferrari the culmination of modern watch design. Although the super long power reserve is undoubtedly impressive, its design always shocks me, followed by the technical complexity of the watch, and the bio-shaped case seems to be a rather clichéd attempt. It looks cool and futuristic.

So when I saw the first photo in Jon Bues’ introductory post in January, Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic surprised me. I had hoped that if someone had just described this watch to me, even if it was not forgotten, at least it would not be able to find it convincingly. However, it seems feasible to combine it in some way (though in its own way), but some other MP-11 watches, and of course Ferrari watches, do not. I personally face-to-face-like ceramics-I finally managed to get through the day with my firm beliefs.

I think the success of the MP-11 Red Magic is largely due to the amazing depth and richness of the red ceramic. Using different materials, the overall design may not be so successful (the Red Magic ceramic version is the only version I actually have the opportunity to see and operate), it provides the watch with a light and comfortable feeling that can be expected from the ceramic case ( Of course, in relative terms-this is still a 45mm x 14.5mm watch, nothing wrong). This material has the same fine grain and texture as the baked enamel dial, it can capture light, and the tone changes in a distracting way as the light changes-not to say that this is a watch that used to be. It will never attract people’s attention, but it is true. There are many things worth paying attention to.

I said that the MP-11 Red Magic looks like it, because that’s what Hublot wants it to look like. Of course, this is obvious on one level, but not every design attempt can successfully achieve its goals. This is also true. Making such a watch is much more risky than making a watch made of precious metals for limited time wear or making a diver’s watch (both types have accepted design vocabulary). Normally, the watchmaking industry represented by MP-11 Red Magic has not achieved its ambitious goals, but in this case, I think the case material combines unexpected depth and richness, as well as the technical aspects of the cheap watch. , Which makes me think it’s an excellent time to continue to attract people – it’s fun,

Hublot MP-11 Red Magic: Case, 45mm x 14.5mm red ceramic, with a special shaped sapphire crystal, which can hold a barrel. The movement, Hublot’s 14-day movement HUB9011, runs 39 jewels at a speed of 39,800 vph; seven barrels connected in series.