Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange SAPPHIRE

Transparent, black, yellow, blue, red – Hublot masters sapphire production and processing technology and is equipped with a unique tone for its hous. With a new Big Bang Tourbillon, the brand has a new color by adding a new color in its fully colored sapphire palette, and again has achieved the world. This unprecedented technology and aesthetic achievement combined with the new Taxi wheel, not only with automatic upper chain (rare “, and also used a redesigned architecture, micro rotor and three sapphires on the dial side. bridge. Limited, bold and transparent brand new fusion.

“Adhering to the spirit of winning, the Yubiki launched the world’s first orange sapphire case, thus carried out a new extraordinary innovation. Our manufacturer also demonstrates new automatic titaine turbine designed and manufactured by internal self The core reaffirmed its expertise, its spectacular visible dial side structure highlights the innovative design of the watch. According to Hublot, “integration art” has all glory. “- Hublot CEO Dirkado Guadu Ricardo Guadalupe

Orange sapphire, the world’s first
If in a certain field, the “integration art” of the Yubiki is expressed in the form of a bold and radiant, which is definitely a tip material, especially a sapphire. Over the years, the brand (with its own metallurgy and material laboratory) has released many very well-watches, where sapphire cases and dials are provided in novel colors, including transparent settings for complex mechanists, such as Big Bang Unico Sapphire (transparent), full black blue gem, Big Bang Unico red sapphire and blue sapphire, and the nearest Big Bang Spirit yellow sapphire.

Today, Hublot continues to innovate through this extraordinary material, re-interpreting Big Bang sapphire darthend with new orange, which is the world’s first color sapphire. This is due to the combination of titanium and chromium in a smart manufacturing process. This surprising dynamic color is injecting fresh air into the senior tab industry and is perfectly integrated with the excellent cultural culture of Hubei. The technical tones of six H-shaped titanium metal screws enhances the charm of translucent laps and housings in fine polished orange sapphires, which is the characteristics of the iconic Big Bang design.

Brand new automatic new gyro

Revolutionary case with innovative movements. Hublot accommodates a new gyllonial movement in the center of orange sapphire, showing its unparalleled tabular professional technology and the continuous development of Tuplexing technology since 2007, which is fully designed and produced by the brand. Unlike the traditional tether core equipped with manual string, this excellent movement ensures at least three days (72 hours) power storage with its automatic string system, so the four seas, this is very good for the wearer. Obvious improvement. It is equipped with ceramic ball bearings and has adopted the latest technological advances in Hubei in its winding system.

The manufacturer reaffirmed its uniqueness by re-creating the overall structure of the movement, thereby visible the microplate from the dial side. This innovative layout not only brings additional technical challenges to designers, but also brings new vitality to the aesthetics through the magnificent appearance and very modern design of the reinforcement dial. The universal movement of the micro-galvanic flying wheel at 12 o’clock position is echoed by the rotation of the gyro. Gray 22 carat golden miniature tetling wheel through exquisite decoration (oblique, sun brush and sandblasting) and precious metal iconic Hublot hollow compelling.

Hublot replica watches uses more sapphires in the movement itself, which continues to pursue transparency. Big Bang Touring Automatic Orange Blue Gems The manufacturing movement is equipped with three sapphire bridges – barrel bridges, automatic bridges and gyro hairpins. The hollow-grinding platinum highlights the lightweight effect of the skeleton works. The 5-point position of the gyro cage is rotated once a minute to compensate for the tension in the direction of the movement, and its pure geometry is different, so that you can peek the mechanical heart of the model. The pointer and a tick disk with a light-emitting coating enhances the sharpness of the open dial.

For those who wish to have technical and courageous people in other future materials, the Yubiki uses a limited edition of 100 Big Bang Tycling automatic watch, the case and the lap using Texalium® material, Texalium® is a proprietary Lightweight, ergonomic materials, combined with carbon fiber and aluminum. The brand also once again affirmed its unique master of high-tech ceramics in black ceramics. Such a much feat is within the limits of possibilities.

Sapphire expert hublot

In order to seek the perfect harmony between the movement and the case, Hublo T’s engineers and chemists seek a transparent material to make the heart of the watch admire, and it is firm to effectively protect the mechanical structure and resist active life. . That’s why the brand will establish itself as a synthetic sapphire expert. Synthetic sapphire is a high-tech material that has provided innovative color (black, blue, red, yellow), and provides unique in the watch process. Aesthetic Effects – Transforms each watch into art.

Hublot has completely mastered the sapphire industrialization, which makes it possible to produce hundreds of watches, not just some special parts. The main challenge involves uniform color, no impurities, no bubbles, non-crackless materials, which can be repeated in quality and aesthetics in the same manner. A complex and expensive process. The high hardness of sapphire also requires a specific processing method.

Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange SAPPHIRE Technical Specifications and Price


MHUB6035 automatic manufacturing
Tyeling wheel movement
Transparent sapphire bridge
Plate anthracite
Microphone 22K Platinum
Shantou “Hublot” logo
Swiss leverage escape
Number of parts: 243
Jewelry: 26
Frequency: 3 Hz (21’600 a / h)
Power Reserve: 72 hours

Polished orange sapphire crystal
45 mm diameter
15.30 mm thickness
Waterproof 30 m

Sapphire crystal
Shooting and buckle

Transparent orange structure
Lining rubber strip
Titanium metal buckle table buckle