The actual civilian ” Coke circle” Tudor Black Bay GREENWICH MEAN TIME (GMT)

The Tudor Black Bay GMT ” Coke Circle” was first revealed at the Basel Watch Reasonable in 2018. When it comes to this particular watch, many people will evaluate it with the ” large brother” Rolex. Indeed, you can see many familiar shadows within this watch. Compared with the high tariff of Rolex, can the Green These types of GMT, known as the ” civilian Coke circle”, lead us a different surprise?

The design of the two-color group can be traced back to the actual 1950s. Rolex’s original GMT (GREENWICH MEAN TIME) watch uses red as well as blue to represent the different timezones of day and night. This style not only directly shows the particular change of day and night, but additionally the strong contrast of colours brings people. The memorable visual effect is a classic.

Tudor Black Bay M79830RB

Since the saying goes, ” Slim back against the big woods to enjoy the cool”, underneath the aura of Rolex, Tudor has had many beneficial sources since its birth. In terms of look design, while it shares numerous similarities with the ” huge brother” Rolex, it also keeps its own unique side. Additionally it is a two-color circle along with red and blue colours. In the choice of fonts, Tudor uses relatively slender and also round Arabic numerals. The appearance and feel is more basic elegant. The shape of the external ring is very similar to that the early Rolex Ref. 1675. It satisfies some gamers who pursue retro design and style, and at the same time achieves brand difference.

It should be noted that Tudor Black Bay GMT utilizes anodized aluminum ring rather than the popular ceramic ring. Even though aluminum ring is not because bright and wear-resistant since the ceramic ring, its feature is that it will form with time. A unique trace, this is also the restoration of the classics somewhat.

After reading through the similarities, let’s check out the difference between it and also the Rolex GMT. This is also the area to show the ” accuracy knife”. First of all, Tudor GREENWICH MEAN TIME does not use a ” little window convex lens”. This particular magnifying glass calendar window is really a patented technology patented through Rolex in the 1950s. It is far from only functional and useful, but also brings a high level of recognition to Rolex. As well as Tudor uses a slightly bent sapphire glass watch reflection. This shape is commonly observed in acrylic watch mirrors within the last few century. The original intention from the design was to make the zoom lens better fit into the case. Gradually it also became the period of that era. Pop design. Nowadays, this style is utilized more for aesthetics and also to create a retro effect. replica watches on sale

The particular snowflake hand is a type of Tudor in 1969. The size of this hand is sq ., and the tips of the hours and second hands tend to be presented in a rhombus form. It is named because it appears like snowflake petals. The significance in the Snow Needle at the time had been that it brought its own distinctive elements to Tudor as well as marked the true separation through Rolex. At present, the Snowfall Needle is widely used within Tudor’s Black Bay along with Submersible series, and it has turn out to be one of the symbols of Tudor.

As Tudor’s first self-produced movement, MT5652 has extraordinary significance for your brand. In the past, Tudor utilized ETA or Sellita actions as the basic movement, as well as the self-produced movement undoubtedly created the brand go further on the highway of autonomy. MT5652 is actually a GMT movement. The surface of the particle board is sandblasted and the sides are chamfered. The addition of si balance spring makes the motion better anti-magnetic performance. Very low power reserve of 70 hrs and is certified by the observatory.

Although it continues to be nearly 3 years since the item was released, the Black Gulf GMT Coke Circle tends to hold a high degree of attention and it has long been at the forefront on the brand’s hot list of estimates. Its popularity is apparent. replica men watches

Is Black Bay 58 really good?

Tudor BLACK BAY FIFTY-EIGHT M79030B-0001 Replica Watch

Brand :Tudor

Model :M79030B-0001


Case material :Stainless steel

Movement :Self winding

Gender :Men

Case size :39 mm

Crystal :Sapphire

Dial colour :Blue

FUNCTIONS :Hours,Minutes,Seconds

The case shape :Round

Bracelet material :Stainless steel

Water resistance :200 m

Year :2020

Power Reserve :70 hours

Tudor Black Bay 58 model 79030N debuted in 2018. It was released at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show along with Tudor Heritage Black Bay GMT Ref M79830RB. GMT generated more buzzing for several reasons. Rolex partner is particularly important. But not long after, Tudor fans began to sing the 58s. In a short time, it has become a very popular watch. Some people even say that this is the best Black Bay model to date. But is it really that good? I can save you some time and say “yes”. Yes. Instead, I will let you continue reading and decide for yourself.

A brief history of Tudor Black Bay Collection
The Black Bay series was launched in 2012. Since then, the series has become Tudor’s best-selling series, and is likely to continue. The style of the watch can best be described as “modern vintage”. Of course, this sounds like a contradiction. How can new and old things appear at the same time? Well, Tudor has managed to do it. Create a modern diving watch with a modern atmosphere.

To this end, Tudor turned to the archives. In the early 1950s, mechanical diving watches began to take off. Blancpain launched the Fifty Fat series in 1953. Shortly thereafter, the Rolex Submariner watch came out. In 1954, the first Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner was launched. Number 7922. It establishes the dial layout and basic bezel design, which will define the Tudor Submariner series.

Many of these key functions can now be found on Black Bay. It includes a black dial, selected for clarity and legibility under water. The arrangement of luminous index marks. It means there is an extra large triangle at 12 o’clock, and the round hour markers are scattered with rectangles at 3, 6 and 9 positions. The minute trajectory around the periphery is represented by a complete circle. And a rotating bezel with a 60-minute counter.

The next source of influence is the “Big Crown” (large crown), number 7924. This watch came out in 1958. As the name suggests, this crown is known for its oversized, unprotected crown. A key feature used by all modern Black Bays. This is also the first Tudor Submariner waterproof to 200m.

In order to achieve this, the 37mm Submariner case is made thicker. And of course equipped with a larger screw-in crown. It also uses a new tropical plexiglass crystal. It is thicker and domed. This means better water pressure resistance. Nowadays, domed sapphire crystal has become the standard configuration of all Black Bay. (Except Tudor Black Bay 32/36/41 series).

Number 7924 is also the main source of inspiration for Black Bay 58. But there will be more in a minute.

Replica Tudor Black Bay M79230N-0005 Watch

The remaining characteristics of Black Bay come from 1969 references 7016 and 7021. The most famous is the square pointer called “snowflake” by collectors. The shield logo replaced Tudor Rose.

Combining many different references is always risky. However, with its keen insight into design and careful use of restraints, Black Bay has become one of the most popular modern diving watches on the market. For some people, it is too big. That is the fifty-eighth place to come in.

Black Bay Fifty-eight
Nostalgic watches are currently a big deal. Although not all models are successful. Some people are more real than others. As a result, they tend to resonate strongly with the audience. Tudor Black Bay 58 is definitely the latter. It is so real that it almost hurts.

As mentioned earlier, “58” is inspired by “Big Crown”, number 7924. The name refers to the original production year. Like other models in the Black Bay series, this is an amalgam. It is not possible to directly reproduce a single model. It’s like Seiko Prospex SLA033. This means that it draws on design cues from several different references.

The steel case is 39 mm long, which is larger than the original 37 mm. But smaller than the standard 41mm Black Bay. It is also thinner and slimmer at 11.9mm. To keep everything in proportion, the lug width has been reduced to 20mm. All this work creates a very wearable and very attractive diving luxury watch brands.

The black dial is the same as the standard Black Bay model and has a gold-plated surface. The gold-plated dial was very popular in the 1950s. The term usually means that all markings on the dial are coated with gold. Although sometimes a single line may be left blank.

ref 7924 has a gold-plated dial. Therefore, “58” has rose gold-plated hands, indexes and inscriptions. Tudor also extended the touch of Midas to the subtleties of the black and stainless steel bezel. It will of course spin in one direction and have a red triangle at 12 o’clock. A trademark of Tudor retro diving watches.

Another key difference is the hands. The original factory uses Mercedes-style hour hands, similar to Rolex watches. Although “fifty-eight” uses the snowflake pointer. This makes sense because it is consistent with other products in the Black Bay series.

The crown is too large (obviously) and is accompanied by vintage roses. Unlike other models, the tube next to the crown is uncoated. This makes no difference in function. It just added 58 appearances of utilitarianism.

Inside is the manufacturing movement MT5402. This is a modification of the internal MT5602 movement in the conventional Black Bay model. Therefore, it has all the same specifications of the larger 41mm version. This means that it has obtained COSC certification as an astronomical clock. Equipped with silicon hairspring. And provide a useful 70h power reserve. However, it is now smaller, with a diameter of 26mm and a height of 4.99mm. Consistent with the old-fashioned theme, no date is displayed. Someone likes this. There are not so many others. Personally, I prefer clean dials.

At the age of fifty-eight, a lot of boxes were played for diving skeleton watches lovers. Waterproof 200m. The 39mm case is very large and not bulky on the wrist. It has a subtle retro atmosphere, but not too conspicuous. And it has manufacturing movement. Not to mention that it is part of one of the most popular modern diving watch series. No restrictions.

Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue Watch review

Replica Tudor HERITAGE CHRONO BLUE M70330B-0003 Watch

The Tudor dynasty’s return to the American watch market excites the American people.At least for watch enthusiasts, the reason is that Tudor represents two very good things. First, there is the tradition of beautiful workmanship, but the conservative watch makes many people wear it happily on the wrist. Second, the Tudor dynasty came from a very respected and trusted house. Tudor cheap watches are produced together with Rolex watches. If you are the last person to understand this fact, Rolex is Tudor ’s sister company, and everyone is technically part of the Willsdorf Foundation (named after Hans Wilsdorf who started Rolex) . For decades, Tudor has been a commendable sub-brand of the world’s most famous luxury watch manufacturer. We would like to comment on the Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue in your collection here.

But, as we mentioned before, Rolex kept Tudor out of the door for a long time. In fact, I’m not even sure that the Tudor watch was officially released in the US last time. Why did Tudor make a comeback? I think part of the reason is related to the positioning of the Tudor watch itself, not as a Rolex competitor, but as a brand that is more expensive and easier to distinguish from Rolex, but people of the same type will like to wear it. Today’s Tudor watches are sporty, usually focused on heritage, and are reasonably priced (all factors considered).

Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue ref is one of the star watches of 2013. 70330B. It is wrong to call it a new watch because it is actually another color change of the recently released grey-toned Tudor tradition. In fact, each of these modern timepieces was directly inspired by antique Tudor watches. Apart from the size and some small details, the new version of these watches is very similar to the old version. Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue is a completely modern watch in material and structure, and the retro design of the 1970s has greatly helped. The original style on which this watch is based is the Tudor “Montecarlo” ref. 7169.

We personally experienced Heritage Chrono Blue at the 2013 Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show, providing you with a detailed preliminary look. In the previous article, you can see the appearance of the watch on the wrist through the blue and orange NATO straps provided. Yes, each Heritage Chrono Blue of Tudor is equipped with a steel metal bracelet and strap. Tudor is a company that pays attention to details (just like Rolex). If there is any positive evaluation of Heritage Chrono Blue, it is that Tudor truly ensures that all angles of the watch look and feel good. The details are handled very carefully, and people familiar with the watch will immediately notice the excellent use of the material.

One of the reasons for this is that Rolex / Tudor watches produce so many parts internally. When you make your own case, dial, bracelet, etc., you can strictly control the quality and produce the exact products you need. Whether you like Rolex or Tudor watches, you have to admit that their quality control and level of detail make the luxury watches highly praised.

For money, the 42 mm wide steel case of Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue is perfectly finished. Everything feels firm, there is no swing, and the parts are well combined. The processing of stainless steel feels good (because of this), and you will feel confident when wearing your watch. The case design is actually very similar to the Tudor Pelagos (42 mm wide) we introduced here (although fundamentally different). It is a good thing that both watches Review are worn on the wrist in the same way. For a 42mm wide watch, Heritage Chrono Blue is worn large-I like it-because the spacing between the lugs is large and long. Because the bezel is thinner, it also looks larger.

The steel bracelet is both sporty and conservative, but very good. Sometimes, I think it is not suitable for this version of Heritage Chrono and strap. I am a bracelet expert, but you own this tool-style watch and a bright dial, and the visual effect on the NATO strap is even better. This strap is actually a beautiful thing, because Tudor does everything in his power to make your standard cheap nylon NATO strap look beautiful. This means that they have customized buckles and loops on them, and they are of a higher grade compared to most straps of this style.

Locking and folding expandable buckle brings security to the bracelet. I like that it has some fine-tuning holes in the buckle, but overall, it is a basic bracelet, compared to Rolex and even Pelagos, it has a beautiful spring-type expansion system. However, the quality is not surprisingly high. The surface treatment effect of the steel brushed links is excellent, and the solid links of the bracelets are very suitable for the case (part of the very strong structure I call). My final thought on the bracelet is to appreciate its visual taper. Not too much, but from where it connects to the case, it narrows down the deployment staff, which is always a good look. Rolex is famous for this, which is a good thing, because not only does it often look better.

The case of Heritage Chrono Blue is water resistant to 150 meters, and has a screw-down crown and a chronograph button. The bottom cover is usually in the style of Rolex, but it does have some text (“Tudor Suisse Geneve”). The crown is decorated with the Tudor shield logo painted in blue, and the knurling texture is reflected on the buttons and the rotating bezel. The texture makes the crown easy to hold, but if it reaches deep into the wrist, it feels a little sharp and feels like sandpaper. Although, this is a small problem. We only mention it because we have high expectations for everything in Tudor or Rolex.

As a chronograph, Heritage Chrono can last up to 45 minutes. Having said that, you can still use the two-way rotating bezel (which happens to rotate in a very satisfactory manner) to measure hours. Heritage Chrono does not have a 60-minute counter like many rotating bezels, but has an hour indicator. This can be used to track the second time zone, or it can be used to measure hours. What you can do is align the time with the 12 o’clock position and measure up to 12 hours. The bezel contains blue aluminum inserts. Of course, we will love ceramics, although ceramics cannot produce suitable finishes to provide a retro look. It is worth noting that the Pelagos diving best watch model actually has a ceramic bezel.

As we mentioned, Tudor’s intention is to provide Heritage Chrono Blue with a design very similar to the original “Montecarlo”. From a design perspective, they were more or less successful. The dial is almost a precise analog, with some differences. The biggest difference may be the juxtaposition of the chronograph minute hand and the second hand, and the Cyclops magnifying glass removed from the date window. In fact, the latter function will be very good, I will tell you why. The date window is located at 6 o’clock and is also used as an hour marker. Tudor uses date discs with custom fonts, which is great. The problem (again I am very picky) is that the size of the font makes it very difficult in dozens of characters, so it is difficult to see “1” in front of the number because it is so close to the edge. Therefore, you can see that the magnifying glass on the date window will help. Again, we want to keep Tudor and Rolex focused on these things because we are more or less asking them to be perfect. They can certainly provide the perfect watch, but in rare cases, we can’t remind them how powerful people are.

Indeed, Heritage Chrono Blue’s dial is something you like or dislike. As you know, it is based on the historic design of the 1970s and is certainly a symbol of that era. Although there are not many, their hands are very large, and their gloss is very good. A polished metal hour marker is applied, but unlike traditional practice, the dial is flat. Some things on the dial make me really want Tudor to take some more modern steps and make it deeper. You have a very cool design with a lot of details, and I think if you add some more visual layers, it will look cool.

The main difference between Rolex and Tudor is the movement, and the main reason why Tudor watches are more affordable. When Rolex produces its own movement, Tudor uses the Swiss ETA movement. To be honest, there is nothing wrong with this. Tudor not only adjusted the movement well, but also modified it. For example, Tudor could have taken a more relaxed route and used the chronograph minute hand on the 2894 movement for 30 minutes. Instead, they decided to make the watch as original as possible and use ETA 2892 with a chronograph module on the dial, which has a minute counter that can measure 45 minutes.

We really like Tudor and its simple yet sporty modern products, which will definitely be very popular in the US The best Tudor watches are about 42mm wide. For most men, this is a large size, and their design is both practical and comfortable, although a little unique, so as not to appear versatile. They are also closely related to the past and people’s favorite models such as Heritage Chrono and Black Bay. We ca n’t feel too much pressure because Rolex and Tudor are sister companies and have high skills and talent in manufacturing parts, so the steel used for the case and bracelet is excellent. 2014 will be an interesting year for the US watch market, because Tudor will be available not only in some US watch retailers but also in the media. We expect Tudor to follow Rolex as a major US advertiser, which will help spread brand prestige and dig deeper into the market share of similarly competitive luxury sports watch competitors. Competition is always a good thing for consumers. We say “Take it to Tudor”. Reference Price. 70330B Heritage Chronograph Blue.