Tudor watches

Tudor replica watches-born to dare to do Tudor is famous for its adventurous spirit, technical prowess and keen sense of fashion. Explore the rich history of Tudor, from the ambitions of Hans Wildorf to the pioneering power of the brand today.

The birth of the brand
“For several years, I have been thinking about making a watch so that our dealers can sell it at a more moderate price than our Rolex watches, but still meet the reliability standards that Rolex is famous for. I decided to set up an independent company, To produce and market this new watch. It is called the Tudor Company.”-H. Wilsdorf.

In February, the trademark “TUDOR” was registered on behalf of Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex. After eight years of registration, TUDOR made its first trip to Australia. Since 1858, Tudor watches have been exclusively delivered to Willis, which has been wholesale jewelry since 1858. Since then, some rare Tudor watches with the Rolex logo can be found, because the brand effectively guarantees the technical and aesthetic qualities of the watch. In 1936, Hans Wilsdorf took over the full control of Tudor watches, and Tudor House Roses began to appear on the dial of every watch. The sign engraved with a shield symbolizes the invincible combination of power-the robustness of the watch and the elegance of its lines.

The evolution of Tudor
Over time, the shield gradually disappeared from the logo, leaving only the company name and roses; it was carefully drawn to emphasize the elegance and style of the brand. Since then, Tudor has flourished in its field, producing some of the most iconic watches, from Black Bay to Clair de Rose. The fearless Rolex brothers and sisters have left their mark on the watchmaking world with innovative timepieces suitable for various conditions.

Tudor philosophy

Tudor embodies fearlessness, which fits perfectly with the slogan “Born to Dare”. Every ambassador of the brand is an adventurer, an adventurer, and is not afraid to push boundaries. David Beckham’s technical level, drive and determination embodies the TUDOR philosophy, which makes him one of the most acclaimed players in football. Another suitable ambassador with a different talent than Beckham but with similar strengths and accomplishments is Lady Gaga. She perfectly represents the brand in reshaping popular culture and pushing the boundaries of performing arts. Price cheap watch