Dear Santa: Christmas Wish List for 2022

In the blink of an eye, we are almost at the end of 2022. But before we wrap up another fantastic year, there’s still time to send our timepiece wish lists to Santa. Maybe this year our wishes will be heard?

Christmas wish list for 2022

MB&F LM101 Cream
The first watch on the list is the stunning MB&F LM101 Frost. Owning an MB&F timepiece has always been the author’s dream, and the Legacy Machine series has also been sought after by him in recent years. There’s something about the collection, especially with less complicated but equally compelling timepieces. The LM101 is without a doubt the best work encapsulating this.

Although the LM101 is a pure chronograph with a power reserve indicator, it offers more than just complications. Here we have a very well designed watch with an attractive balance wheel and highly exaggerated domed sapphire crystal on the dial side. The finishing and attention to detail is also outstanding, not least the superb movement produced in collaboration with the legendary Kari Voutilainen.

The Frost, with its warm red gold case and gorgeous brushed gold dial, is my favorite version of the LM101. Extremely elegant, it adds a different style to the watch. Then again, honestly, any other version of the LM101 would have been good enough.

Urwerk UR-102
Apart from MB&F, Urwerk is another brand that largely influenced and shaped the independent watchmaking scene of the late 90s and early 20s. The UR-102 (above courtesy of Urwerk) was one of the early watches that started it all.

There’s something quirky and conversational about the UR-102. The watch has hardly any indices or details; it’s just a half-circle with some markers and an aperture showing the hours. The hour display hole also acts as a minute hand. Referring to the picture above, the time is about 8:42.

Minimalism is certainly fun. It’s definitely polarizing – some people understand the concept and some don’t. There’s no right or wrong answer here, at the end of the day it’s really about how these watches feel. The UR-102 certainly struck a chord with the author.

A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph
Last on the list is the superb A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph. Interestingly, this piece also entered the author’s wish list in 2020.

Many will question why the 1815 Chronograph was chosen over the slightly more advanced Datograph. Again, there are no right or wrong answers. I personally prefer the clean look of the 1815 Chronograph, as this watch does not have a large date window (and now also has a power reserve indicator).

In addition to the dial, the movement is another highlight of the watch. Much has been said about the finishing of A. Lange & Söhne watches, and the Caliber L951.5 certainly does not disappoint. The movement is luxuriously finished with all the different high-end finishing techniques expected from a haute horlogerie brand. Its origins can be traced back to the legendary Caliber L951.1, which also makes it quite special.

The 1815 Chronograph, especially in the configuration pictured above, is simply to die for. If the author could only buy one more watch for the rest of his life, this Lange might be that watch.

The author’s choice today may be considered “esoteric” by many. These three replica men watches are different, covering different aspects of the watch field. But they certainly have very powerful advantages.

With that, we hope readers will enjoy the other writers’ (and, of course, the editor’s) picks. We thank you all for your support over the years and wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Ulysse Nardin El Toro

A powerful timepiece for everyday use.

Ulysse Nardin copy introduced its first perpetual calendar in 1996, allowing all calendar functions to be adjusted back and forth on one crown. Combining technological innovation and user comfort, this extraordinary invention set a milestone in the history of watchmaking.

The breakthrough technology of the past decade has led to a more refined incarnation by introducing El Toro, the latest direct descendant of the original perpetual calendar.

El Toro Perpetual Calendar features this iconic manufacture movement with an exclusive time zone quick setting system. In addition, the hour hand can be instantly adjusted to the new local time by means of the pusher (+/-). The adjustment of the oversized date (day, month and year) is synchronized with the movement of the hour hand.

El Toro offers a masculine 18 ct rose gold case and silver plated/blue dial. The bezel and buttons made of ceramic also accentuate the complementary colors of rose gold and blue. Engraved hands provide easy access to all calendar functions. The sapphire caseback constitutes the COSC-certified self-winding manufacture movement. Available on a leather or rubber strap with a folding ceramic deployment clasp.

Technical data

refer to. 326-00-3

UN-32 movement, 34 jewels

Power reserve about 45 hours
On-chain Automatically on-chain, with COSC certificate.

The perpetual calendar is adjustable on a single crown. The second time zone on the main dial features a patented quick-set mechanism. Permanent home time indicated by 3 hands. Big date in double window.

8 ct rose gold case with blue ceramic bezel

Size 43mm
Water Resistant 100M Dial Silver Plated/Blue

Crystal Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Caseback Sapphire Crystal Watch
Crown screw-in

Rubber strap with titanium/ceramic deployment clasp or leather strap with folding clasp.

JACOB & CO. Astronomical Sky, Sidereal Time

Jacob & Co. draws inspiration from historic astronomical clocks, which are technical marvels. Known for its captivating complications, the brand is back once again with the Astronomia Sky. It combines unprecedented complications: a 3D star display combined with an oval sky indicator and a 24-hour day/night display.

Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co, said: “Like a sailor at sea, led by the sky, I found my star: the sky of astronomy.” In 2014, he launched the wristwatch The watch took the watch industry by surprise. Astro-gravitational three-axis tourbillon.

The celestial dial covers the inner surface of the astronomical case and completes one full revolution in a sidereal year, which is the actual time it takes Earth to orbit the sun relative to a fixed star. The blue grade 5 titanium dial features 18K gold stars and hand-engraved zodiac signs.

Above the celestial sphere is the elliptical sky indicator, which shows the portion of the star visible from the northern hemisphere. The indicator completes a full rotation within a sidereal day. A sidereal day is the time it takes for the Earth to rotate once around its axis: 23.5640916 hours.

At the center of the satellite axis, a hand-engraved lacquered titanium sphere rotates within a half-dome of tinted sapphire, symbolizing day and night. The blue barrel rotates around the dial every 20 minutes. As a result, when one looks at the clock, it will never be exactly the same. Fake watches

On the first satellite is the three-axis gravitational tourbillon, which rotates around one axis in 60 seconds, the second axis every 5 minutes, and the dial every 20 minutes. On the second satellite is the time subdial (hours and minutes). Thanks to a clever differential gear system, the time display is always in the correct position as it rotates around the dial. Mark “12” always faces up.

The third satellite is the orbital seconds hand, a skeletonized titanium wheel that rotates once in 60 seconds with the seconds hand and revolves around the dial every 20 minutes. On the fourth and final moon is the patented “Jacob Cut” spherical gemstone, a Jacob cut with 288 facets. The gem rotates around its axis every 60 seconds and around the dial every 20 minutes.

The Astronomia Sky has two bows and two wheels on the back, allowing users to easily set the time. One bow is used to set the time and day/night indicator (both based on 24-hour solar time), while the other bow is used to wind the mechanical movement gears. One of the wheels is used to set the star hour and the other is used to set the oval sky indicator. Jacob & Co. replica

Manual movement, calibre JCAM11, 395 components, 42 jewels, 60-hour march
Oval Sky Indication, Day/Night, Month, Triaxial Gravity Tourbillon, Second Orbit Indication, Hours and Minutes, Patented Differential System Case
47 mm alligator


Meet MB&F’s first chronograph. Despite having been on the scene for over 15 years, creating 20 different movements to date, the brand has only now introduced a chronograph. Of course, it has to be different. Behind this watch is Stephen McDonnell, head of LM Perpetual, who redefined the mechanism for the perpetual calendar. Using the same approach as a chronograph, McDonnell’s first task was to imagine what such a timekeeping device could do. The result is this Legacy Sequential EVO: one movement, two chronographs and multiple timing modes, including split-seconds and lap timer. With no less than five pushers, it can be used in a variety of ways. Independent mode to measure the duration of multiple events with different start and end points. Simultaneous mode, which measures the separate durations of two events that begin at the same time but have different endpoints. Cumulative mode, which measures a single cumulative duration of two discrete events (eg, a chess game). Sequential mode, measuring individual sub-durations of a single consecutive multi-phase event.

Behind this complexity is the magic provided by the fifth putter at 9 o’clock and the Twinverter mechanism. Powering this watch is an in-house co-developed movement, again stunningly designed and decorated. To make this watch even more versatile, it features the brand’s EVO zirconium case with 80-meter water resistance, an integrated rubber strap, and a shock-resistant mechanism.

44mm zirconium case – sapphire crystal – 80m water resistance – in-house movement designed by Stephen MacDonald for replica MB&F, manual winding, 3Hz frequency, 72 hours power reserve, integrated dual chronograph with two column wheels and Twinverter Switch Mode for Multiple Timekeeping – Integrated Rubber Strap.

Patek Philippe 5470P 1/10 Second Monopusher Chronograph
Chronographs are a Patek Philippe heritage, especially when combined with a perpetual calendar or split-seconds function (or both). The brand has been active in this field for decades, but it wasn’t until the late 2000s that it launched its in-house integrated chronograph movement. Since then, the brand has displayed impressive technical mastery in a rather discreet fashion. For example, the new 5470P 1/10th of a second monopusher chronograph. At first, it seems simple. But it holds no fewer than 31 patents, seven of which are unique to this watch… Although the architecture of this movement is traditional – manual winding, column wheel control, horizontal wheel clutch – it is It has been extensively reworked to increase the frequency by 5Hz and uses two independent timing mechanisms: one for the seconds and instantaneous 30-minute counters, and another dedicated to measuring and displaying the tenth of a second stopped. A silver hand that makes one revolution per minute shows the stopped second hand. The other hand, painted in red, makes one revolution every 12 seconds, five times faster than a normal chronograph hand, sweeping across 12 sectors subdivided into tenths.

Then there’s the look of this fake men watch, which is decidedly modern compared to what we’ve seen at Patek Philippe in the past. The platinum case is based on the split-seconds 5370P, and the matte blue dial combines Breguet numerals, luminous hands and red accents.

41mm Platinum Case – Sapphire Crystal – 30M Water Resistance – Manufacture Caliber CH 29-535 PS 1/10, Manual Winding, 5 Hz Frequency, 48 Hours Power Reserve, Single Push Button Integrated Chronograph with Column Wheel Control , horizontal double – clutch and module for tenths of a second measurement – calfskin strap with embossed fabric pattern.

The Complete Guide to the Code 11.59 Audemars Piguet Series

Launched in 2019, the Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 collection made waves in the watch industry. The collection is AP’s latest collection since the launch of Offshore and Offshore Diver, which is a fresh take on the brand compared to the popularity of its flagship Royal Oak octagonal design. The model takes its name from the minute before midnight and the anticipation of a new day and future.

The evolution of the Code 11.59 round case
In 2019, Audemars Piguet launched a new series Code 11.59. The collection is AP’s response to creating a watch with an entirely in-house manufactured and integrated movement, while expanding on the iconic Royal Oak collection. The watch received mixed reviews when it first launched, but just a few years later, it has grown in popularity among collectors.

Audemars Piguet is known for producing octagonal bezel Royal Oaks, cushion boxes and one-piece bezels, the brand also has the Millenary collection with oval designs and Jules Audemars with slim profiles and round cases. The Code 11.59 combines the Royal Oak with classic circular watchmaking. The case is technically round, but has an internal octagon in the middle of the case shape. The lugs are also skeletonized, adding another layer of complexity to the design.

The Code 11.59 series has been in development for over 5 years before the model series was launched. CEO François-Henry Bennahmias wanted to launch a collection that looked at the future of the brand and what the next pillar of the brand might be.

The design feature of the Code 11.59 cheap watch is not only in the unique case design. The crystal is a hyperboloid sapphire, which enhances the dial details and makes it easier to read. A very thin bezel surrounds the crystal for maximum dial legibility.

Looking at the dial itself, there is a raised AP logo made of a thin layer of gold. Many models also feature lacquered dials, adding depth and complexity to the dial.

The Code 11.59 models all feature the same 41mm case, but vary in white or rose gold material and matte or sunburst lacquered dials, unless you’re looking at the diamond variant.

Code 11.59 Model
When the collection was first launched in 2019, there were 13 references covering six different models. Today’s current collection features eight different models and 37 different references. Even with a brief production run since launch, there are some models that have been retired, although usually these are just designs that have evolved into different materials rather than discontinuing the model type as a whole.

  1. Self-winding model
    A classic time and date-only model,cheap Audemars Piguet offers the self-winding Code 11.59, which features three hands and a date window hidden between the 4 and 5 index markers. This is probably the most extensive watch collection with 13 current production variants. Ranging from rose gold with a white lacquered dial to white gold with a sunburst blue lacquered dial. You can’t miss this stunning collection, available in white or rose gold with chronograph pavé diamond dial versions.
  2. Self-winding chronograph
    The next model series with the most options is the self-winding chronograph. In current production, as of April 2022, there are 11 different models in white or rose gold. These models come in more classic dial colours like blue, grey and black, though with a stunning purple lacquer finish paired with a rose gold case, it’s sure to stand out. These chronographs feature a triple-record sub-dial configuration with a constant seconds hand at 6 o’clock.
  3. Perpetual Calendar
    The Code 11.59 Perpetual Calendar is currently available in white or rose gold with a blue dial and matching blue rubber strap. Aside from the sporty blue rubber-coated strap, what makes these watches unique is the use of aventurine on the dial. The stone has a star-like appearance that makes the moon phases seem to float in the night sky.
  4. Self-winding flying tourbillon
    Taking complexity to another level, Audemars Piguet released Code 11.59 as a flying tourbillon. Just like the other models, this can be found in white or rose gold. The white gold model features a blue lacquered dial or blue aventurine enamel with a smoky effect. The rose gold model is also available, but with a black dial. At 6 o’clock is the open tourbillon.
  5. Skeleton Tourbillon
    Removing the fully lacquered dial with the tourbillon brings the skeleton tourbillon, which has an open dial with a lacquered inner bezel. The white gold model features a grey skeleton dial and grey rubber-coated strap. The rose gold model features a contrasting black construction with a black alligator leather strap. The skeletonized movements on these models are all hand-finished, with depth between the front and back of the watch, and a full exhibition caseback. Audemars Piguet also released an “Only Watch” version of the model, which features white lacquer and rose gold trim.
  6. Self-winding flying tourbillon flyback chronograph
    The self-winding flying tourbillon chronograph combines some complications and comes with a white gold case. The blue dial version features white gold trim and a matching blue alligator leather strap, while the black dial features rose gold trim and a black strap. This is a skeletonized dial that is not fully see-through due to the mechanics required for the chronograph movement and recorder. The chronograph also features a flyback feature, allowing easy timekeeping without first stopping the chronograph.
  7. Grand Sonnerie Carillon Supersonnerie
    A unique piece of Audemars Piguet is the Grand Sonnerie Carillon Supersonnerie. While a tourbillon or skeletonized dial can be a work of art, these are true masterpieces and produced in limited quantities. This model features a blue-green enamel dial with a matching strap and white gold case. What makes this watch stand out is its unique dial, custom-made by world-renowned enamel artist and designer Anita Porchet. The teal dial features a concentric pattern that radiates out from the center of the dial and features golden circular decorations of varying sizes and thicknesses. Every dial is unique, so no two are alike.

In addition to the unique look of this Code 11.59 replica men watches, it is also a Grand Sonnerie Supersonnerie, Petite Sonnerie minute repeater with 498 different parts in its movement. The crown at 3 o’clock controls the hours and minutes. The auxiliary crown at 2 o’clock controls the ring selector, while the bell pusher is at 10 o’clock.

Audemars Piguet also released the Grand Sonnerie Supersonnerie with a concentric guilloche dial, designed by engine-turning artist Yann Von Kaenel and enamelist Anita Porchet.

  1. Three Questions Super Self-Sound
    The Minute Repeater Supersonnerie is perhaps one of the simpler-looking watches in the Code 11.59 collection. Audemars Piguet uses their patented Minute Repeater Supersonnerie technology, which was introduced in 2016. This technology increases the acoustic performance of the timekeeping. The white gold case is brushed and polished, while the enamel dial is smoked blue. Along the rehaut and inner bezel, it has a graduated scale from navy blue to black. Although enamel, it looks matte and gives an undercover look. Rounding out the watch is a matching blue alligator leather strap.

Patented in 2015, the Supersonnerie technology uses a special shell structure that amplifies sound and limits sound absorption for optimal sound. The gongs are attached to a device that mimics a soundboard to transmit vibrations, unlike traditional minute repeaters, which are attached to the movement plate.