Review Urwerk UR-100 Gold Edition

Urwerk is amazed with other worlds and stories. Even if the watch is a variety of reasseces, the independent brand is also kept sci-fi by using new ideas or materials. This is the case where the Urwerk UR-100 Gold Edition is. This pure variety Urwerk Alien is a very interesting but excellent 2N gold box that keeps its celestial physical satellite in miniature cosmic ballet showing time and minutes.

My first encounter (numbers) and the brand in my university years. A group of people trying to discover the world’s world is searching for the most interesting watches on the Internet. In 2003, we found a brand that uses very unusual satellite systems, which reveals the time of the disk above the disk – UR103. Because we / me, the watch is directly exposed from the parallel world, which is like a beautiful dream, just like an outstanding sci-fi book. We never want to see such a view. So I am very grateful to this year, this magical world hugs me, I can with your own personal experience with your latest Urwerk watch, your UR-100 Gold Edition.

Tradition is a word that has another meaning in the world of Urwerk. A very specific and very personal URWERK meaning. In any case, if you think it is similar to the kinene Ium hug with the speaker as the front and crown as exhaust, or like a more classic star ship, with the crown as a front porthole (or if you want the block The wind glass and the horn are double ribs, and the case of UR-100 is a classic URWERK case.

This is a very good 2N mm length and 41 mm width of a very good 2n gold. Due to its intelligent lug system, the Urwerk UR-100 Golden Edition provides a very comfortable location on your wrist. Its building makes it look good in various wrist sizes. The housing uses a matte, top circular and horizontal circles.

Crown made in case materials undertake the sign of the brand. The crown has a relatively large size, but it looks good and balanced with the remaining situation. It provides excellent grip. The settings and windings provide a lot of fun. We can also notice the left side of the box with a limited edition number.

Catedback is secured with the Urwerk proprietary screw. Sapphire crystal display diameter 12.01 back. The watch is fitted with a strap with a 2N pin with a brush and a surface of sand. Independent name burning.

Urwerk planet time indication and some original addition
Urwerk UR-100 Gold Edition shows the brand of planet system under a towering sapphire crystal. The complex system reveals three indications. At 10 o’clock, the watch reveals the distance of my planet, which is traced back to its axis.

Double indication is achieved by the top and hands through the satellite satellite. 1/4 circles noticed complications. To easily identify. At 2 o’clock, the UR-100 shows the distance manufactured in space in space, with a sun.

It is pointed out with ⊕⊕ carnival. , Engraved means that the earth 〖is surrounded by the sun symbol. The indication pattern is the same, only the same ratio, each indicating a burning with a KM number for reference.

Time indication is a URWERK traditional style (as described above, in the case of a personal article of Urwerk) – a planetary rotation system, which can display hours and curved tracks on a rotating disk. The system is quite easy to use, even from the number of people displayed from the digital time, not used to the classic 12-hour round schedule. It should be noted that all indications have been highlighted in the dark in the dark, and the real unknown flyer is made in the night.

Release, but hidden – caliber UR 12.01
Urwerk UR-100 Gold Edition is supported by Calibre UR 12.01. Although most technical in the form of aluminum satellite time is shown in the form of an aluminum satellite time on titanium curves and aluminum rotation wood, it will cause the flow to hide the weight of the charming rotor – the planetary turbine automatic system. exact replica watches

The watch defeated 48 hours at 4 Hz. Round cereals, blasting, micro-blast, bundle, bundle, bundling, bag is very good, although most of the ornaments are “hidden” rotor weights. The functionality of the movement can be observed in the following video, provided by Urwerk.

UR-100 Gold Edition is an easy-worn URWERK watch (especially compared to other larger fragments from this independent). As all URWERK hours, the UR-100 is a bold invitation to spatial adventures.

Watches are comfortable on the wrist. This is a sustained sources because it is very interesting, you feel that you are always learning. Of course, it is a watch that will be in wave, the appreciators or 亵 appreciation is purely curious. UR-1oo represents another successful ATEMPT (not a good word, because Urwerk is undergoing test and error) to open the SCI-Fi watch to the heart of space.

URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition Technical Specifications

Calibre UR 12.01 with automatic winding system regulated by URWERK’s proprietary Windfänger system with helical and planetary gearing
Jewels: 39
Frequency 4 Hz / 28,800 vph
Power reserve: 48 hours
Materials: Aluminum satellite hours on titanium Geneva crosses
Aluminium carousel
Triple bridges in ARCAP
Finishes: Circular grain, sandblasting, micro-blasting, strapping
Chamfered screw heads
Hour and minute index painted with Super-LumiNova

Satin-finished 18k 2N yellow gold
Dimensions Width 41 mm; length: 49.7 mm; thickness: 14 mm
Glass transparent sapphire crystal
Water-resistance 30 meters (3 ATM/3 Bar)

Urwerk UR-1001 Zeit Equipment Pocket Watch – Pure Artistry

UR-1001 Zeit Device is a complicated watch, similar to the era of more than 1,000 years.

Zeit equipment consists of a series of constellations, including rifles in flight and orbiting satellites. Urwerk designs springs, dials and carousels internally.

UR-1001 includes 10 indicators and functions. Basically, it does not include Urwerk’s satellite hours, back minutes, day/night indicator, rotating satellite calendar showing month and date, and total oil change indicator.

The Urwerk brand continues to define the impossible with its unique creativity.

Review Cheap Urwerk UR-1001 Zeit Device Marcus AlTiN-Coated Platinum men watch

URWERK UR-210-latest version

Urwerk UR-210 entered the field of watchmaking in 2012, and its fascinating display of hovering hours immediately attracted attention. However, the talent of this watch surpasses its amazing style, its display is intuitive to use, the wearer’s comfort is extremely high, and its finishing is comparable to the watches of veterans of haute horology. The brand has just released the final version of the model and for me, I will be sad to wave goodbye.

Swiss high-end watch brand Urwerk has always viewed the world differently from its competitors. Felix Baumgarter and Martin Frei, the founders of Urwerk, seem to dream of being unfettered. This creative duo has a wealth of knowledge and has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to overcome difficulties.

Since its establishment in 1997, Urwerk has avoided the usual pointers, and usually prefers the hovering time, slowly walking a minute away to save time. Every creation is high-tech and seems to be conceived for a lifetime on another planet. However, surprisingly, the duo was inspired by the Campani brothers and their wandering clocks produced as early as the 16th century.

A few years ago, I wore Urwerk UR-210 for several weeks and found that it gave the wearer unparalleled comfort. In addition, the display is very easy to read. Before co-founding Urwerk, the outstanding watchmaker Felix Baumgarter (Felix Baumgarter) worked for some traditional haute watchmakers. Therefore, each Urwerk model is infused with high-quality traditional decoration, and the brand is regarded as a model of high-end timepieces, which is not surprising despite its modern style.

Now, Urwerk is clearly familiar with the expression “all beautiful things must come to an end” and revealed the latest version of the final version of the watch, UR-210. The model looks good because it is always made from the beginning, like many horophiles, I will be sad to see it disappear. However, under the leadership of Baumgartner and Frei, I suspect that another fascinating work will emerge soon.

Press release of the brand (June 2020)

URWERK will release the latest version of its iconic UR-210 on June 17, so now is the ideal time to highlight the seven features that make UR-210 so special:

  1. Inspiration from the Nautical Observatory

“In order to develop the UR-210 and ensure its accuracy and long-term performance, I drew inspiration from the watchmaking culture my father instilled,” explains Felix Baumgarter. My first teacher was my father, Gerhard Baumgartner (Gerhard Baumgartner), who was known for his wealth of knowledge and watchmaking skills. Since I was five years old, I can enter his workshop to discover and even touch the antique mechanical masterpieces he is restoring. My superheroes are Thomas Tompion, Antide Janvier, Abraham Louis Breguet and Ferdinand Berthoud. Thanks to the knowledge I learned from my father when I was a child, URWERK is at the forefront of innovation today. “

  1. Retrograde system

UR-210 has one of the largest retrograde systems available. “We want to expand its size to the maximum possible. The UR-210 retrograde pointer is a complex mechanism that interfaces with the hour satellite and indicates the minutes. The initial test was epic. The system is excellent and the power released is very powerful. , So as to overwhelm the machinery. We must perfect the system to find the appropriate compromise between power and speed to complete the design. To fully appreciate the complexity of this movement, you must not only observe the process of the minute hand jumping from 60 back to 0 , You must also listen to its voice. It is the sharp “relaxation” signal it sends out that marks the beginning of each new hour.” Felix Baumgartner (Felix Baumgartner).

  1. Winding efficiency

UR-210 has a new automatic winding efficiency indicator function, and has been patented. It indicates whether the user has generated enough power in the last two hours of use to keep the mainspring of the UR-210 fully wound. This is a very personal instruction, which varies with the wearer’s behavior. The more you move, the better the watch can show appreciation by displaying green. This is an emotional indication between the wearer and his watch. “I like the idea of ​​fusion and interaction between the owner and the watch. The UR-210 can display the time, provide visual effects, and help the wearer understand more about themselves: this is a pedometer on the wrist.” Martin Frey

  1. Turbine

Thanks to UR-210, URWERK can perfect and perfect our turbine adjustment automatic winding system. The goal is to provide as much user control as possible by being able to select and perfect the winding mode. “My career started with the after-sales service of major watch brands. I had to deal with recurring problems caused by premature wear parts, so we developed a system that minimizes the problems. The UR-210 turbine is inspired by The regulator used in the large sonata movement.” Felix Baumgartner

  1. Aesthetics 1

“The protective band frames the UR210 sapphire crystal glass with complex shapes. There is a certain amount of G-Shock in this design element. I like the three-dimensional appearance of this situation because it encourages the eyes and hands to interact with it. Unique form Gives the iconic characteristics of the case.” Martin Frey

  1. Aesthetics 2

UR-210 is one of the most symmetrical parts designed by URWERK. “Nevertheless, all our works have organic characteristics, irregularities and divergence points. UR-210 is architectural or sculpture, which reflects my interest and connection with the construction company that shares the office with me. The extremely high three-dimensional volume and crystal dome cover are purely URWERK, while providing clear and easy-to-read graphics and instructions.” Martin Frey

  1. Recognition

“At the 2012 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, I had an early prototype of UR-210 in my pocket. I haven’t shown it to anyone. This part is superstition, but mainly because we want to complete it before submitting it for review. Finalized. Philippe Dufour visited our booth. As a true watch enthusiast, he never missed the opportunity to visit colleagues and was happy to provide suggestions. Therefore, Mr. Dufour was the first to see The person who worked on the prototype of UR-210, even though URWERK’s avant-garde style was completely opposite to him, he still liked it! Mr. Dufour’s approval comforted our approach. Since then, we have been lucky to see UR-210 Appeared on the wrists of celebrities including Ralph Lauren and Michael Jordan, but the emotion of Mr. Dufoff wearing “UFO” on his wrist is still one of my best memories One.” Felix Baumgartner

Urwerk launches limited edition UR-100V iron watch

Cheap Urwerk UR-100V IRON men watch Review

In the current watch copy market, stainless steel sports watches are at a fascinating crossroads. Auction prices, provenance, and social media hype have jointly promoted the prices of several high-end stainless steel models, even far higher than their precious metal counterparts. At this strange moment, steel deserves a place in gold in a way.

As the brand wanted to reinterpret the stainless steel model, this caused a certain madness in the industry. This trend has even entered the weird and wild world of Haute Horlogerie. The futuristic boutique brand Urwerk has transformed one of its cornerstone models into a tribute to the advanced concept of utilitarian metal. The limited edition Urwerk UR-100V Iron has a variety of finishes to highlight the luster of bare metal, while introducing an updated movement in one of its most famous designs.

Urwerk UR-100V iron asymmetric 41mm x 49.7mm case uses the same sci-fi style claw case as the previous version of the UR-100 series, but the material and surface treatment immediately mark it as something different. The case is a mixture of stainless steel and titanium, with countless flat surfaces, sharp chamfered edges and jagged ridges, with alternating fusion of polished and rough, industrial brushing.

Just like its predecessor, it really presents this shape from the side, because the crystal and the sapphire bubble dome of the back cover are combined to form a round UFO style, which is distinct from the corners of the case itself. It is a fascinating combination of organic and industrial forms. Although these domes are strong with a tall shell profile, they avoid the 14 mm thick non-abrasion resistance.

The unique hollow dial of UR-100V Iron continues to work on bare metal and surface treatment. The trademark satellite hour display of the UR-100 series is fully displayed here, although the mix of materials is more extensive. The Geneva cross that supports the rotating hour disk of each satellite is made of beryllium bronze alloy, and the carousel that rotates each disk is made of shot-blasted aluminum. The circular brush plate itself and the bottom plate are made of advanced antimagnetic ARCAP alloy. The display at 6 o’clock has been slightly adjusted from the previous version to improve readability, while retaining the vivid astronomical 20-minute scale, which plots the Earth’s rotation and orbital distance in space.

Undoubtedly, the focus is on the luster and luster of the bare metal alloy that plays a role, and UR-100V Iron uses the blue Super-LumiNova spray paint engraved on the hour and minute marks to inject a splash of color while creating a contrasting flame engine Red minute indicator.

The internal UR 12.02 automatic movement inside Urwerk UR-100V Iron is a subtle improvement on the UR 12.01 movement used in the previous UR-100 generation. In addition to the turntable used for the rearrangement of the satellite hour dial, the dial is also designed to bring the current hour display closer to the minute indicator for clear reading. Its movement is more or less the same as its predecessor. The unique Windfänger wound rotor adopts a miniaturized propeller to minimize the stress on the rotor bearing, thereby improving efficiency and extending bearing life. Performance also remains unchanged, with a pulsation rate of 28,800 bph, which retains 48 hours of power.

For non-traditional or asymmetrical lugs, such as those on the Urwerk UR-100V Iron, the factory strap design is crucial to the entire package, as there are few third-party alternatives. Urwerk chose the UR-100V Iron strap to emphasize the robustness of the stainless steel and titanium case. The strap is made of unsaturated royal blue filled Alcantara. The deep and rough texture of this material works well under heavy brushing, and the color echoes the dial text in the initial image.

Although the limited edition Urwerk UR-100V iron is not the most revolutionary version of the brand this year, one of its cornerstone series has a radical industrial atmosphere, which not only highlights the current status of stainless steel in the market, but also simplifies the readability of the series Sex.

URWERK UR-220 Falcon Project Watch

Since 1997, Urwerk has been the creator of futuristic replica watches price, ready to show its latest products to the world of “Haute Horlogerie”. The UR-220 Falcon Project has a smooth tip shell consisting of 81 “thin-than-thin” CTP carbon layers, which are compressed to form a lightweight and strong shell of hard resin.

A few months ago, URWERK announced the final version of its most iconic watch UR-210. UR-210 is a real time indicating flying saucer, it is a summary of everything Urwerk represents. However, there is no reason to feel sorry for this, because the brand has already identified its successor. Today, it was presented. With its hand-wound movement and control board, it uses URWERK’s early technology and uses iconic satellite complications in a more stylish, ergonomic and historically stunning situation. Another surprise appeared on the back. Meet the new URWERK UR-220 Falcon project.

Review Cheap Urwerk UR-202S The Hammerhead Steel Men watch

The case can protect the brand’s internal movement UR-7.20 manual winding movement, and has a 48-hour power reserve. UR-220 also uses its predecessor’s patented satellite indicator function, hovering on the rotating cube for several hours, while the minute hand sweeps 120 degrees, 60 minutes scale.Urwerk UR-220 Falcon Project

The Swiss watchmaker also brought back the oil change indicator on the case, which showed the cumulative engine running time of the watch. In order to make the appearance more perfect, the new timepiece is equipped with the company’s first rubber strap, which has been processed, molded and textured to give it a velvety touch and ultimate comfort.

Fans of URWERK will find other novelties of the UR-220 Falcon project. UR-210 has a power reserve and winding efficiency indicator, and its successor no longer uses the latter (the reason will be explained later), but is equipped with a pair of power reserve indicators for the watch. The power reserve is displayed on two up/down pressure gauges, each for 24 hours. After the movement is wound, the pressure gauge on the right responds first. Once the 24-hour power reserve is displayed, the left instrument will take over. Splitting the power reserve indicator result is a complex task that requires 83 mechanical parts.Richard Mille RM 67-02 Automatic Alexander Zverev

This change in the display reflects an important factor: the UR-220 is equipped with a new manual winding movement, which illustrates the elimination of a thinner case and winding efficiency indicator. The UR-7.20 movement developed by URWERK has 59 jewels and can store a power reserve of 48 hours at a frequency of 4 Hz.

And even if the rear wheels no longer have turbines, the iconic thing will make a comeback. This is the complication that was found on the UR-110 and UR-203: the signature oil change indicator. In UR-220, the oil change indicator adopts the shape of a digital counter calibrated in units of months and is displayed on two adjacent rollers. The owner of the movement starts to record the running time of the movement. The owner removes the safety pin and presses the button on the back of the UR-220.Jacob & Co Epic X Chrono Bugatti EC333.29.AA.AA.A

Since then, the counter displays the cumulative running time of the watch in months. When it reaches 39 months, it is time to send the watch for repair and change the oil. The URWERK watchmaker will reset the counter to zero and replace the pin at the end of the service.

Technical specifications-URWERK UR-220 FALCON project

Case: width 43.8 mm x length 53.6 mm x height 14.8 mm-carbon fiber CTP carbon thin layer, 81 layers-sapphire crystal-black DLC coated titanium back cover-waterproof 30m

Display: the hovering hours on the satellite complication and 3D counterclockwise-dual power reserve indicator-the oil change indicator on the two rollers on the back shows the cumulative operating time of the movement (in months)

Movement: UR-7.20 movement, developed by URURRK-manual winding-59 jewels-48 hours power reserve-28,800 vibrations per hour-Swiss lever escapement

Strap: Vulcarboné vulcanized rubber, reference number “Kiska”, with black DLC buckle

URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition

The new Gold Edition is the fourth episode of URWERK UR-100, an exclusive collection of atypical timing tools inspired by the navigation of the Milky Way. The UR-100 watch is developed and produced by the Geneva watch studio URWERK. It breaks the boundaries of technology, design, instruction and function.

The UR-100 has an elongated octagonal case with three notched sides. This UR 100 is cut from a solid block made of 2N gold, and its surface is tinned, with the same light luster as the “Star Wars” robot. The top of the shell is sapphire crystal bubbles, reminiscent of the shape of the first URWERK model, and the dome houses this control center for interstellar visitors.

The UR-100’s rotating satellite displays hours and minutes. The isochronous rotation produced a miniature cosmic ballet. When hour satellites crossed 120 degrees on a bright green scale, they also displayed minutes. The bold red arrow indicates the intersection of hours and minutes, providing a unique, clear and easy-to-read intuitive time display. replica mens watches

Even when operating at low speeds, the automatic winding system will not be overloaded due to Windfänger’s adjustment of the oscillation quality: the planetary gear limits the rotor’s rotational speed, minimizes excessive winding and wear, and maximizes Reliability and service life.

Careful space-time indications on both sides of the top of the outer periphery of the dome are essential for interstellar navigation and are unique on Earth. After each of the three red minute arrows passed the number 60, they disappeared, and then reappeared on two separate kilometers scales.

The first display at 9 o’clock marks 555 kilometers of the earth traveling along the equator for 20 minutes of rotation, and the second display at 3 o’clock indicates the distance of the earth’s revolution around the sun – 35,740 kilometers for more than 20 minutes.

In order to participate in the fight against Covid-19, URWERK will auction the first gold UR-100 “Fight C-19” on the URWERK website and distribute all the funds raised to the organization that fights the COVID-19 pandemic.

technical details
Model: UR-100 Gold Edition

Satellite time; minutes; the distance to the equator of the earth in 20 minutes; the distance of the earth orbiting the sun in 20 minutes

Caliber UR 12.01 and the spiral and planetary gear transmission of the automatic winding system adjusted by URWERK’s proprietary Windfänger system
Gems: 39
Frequency: 4 Hz / 28800 VPH
48 hours power reserve
Material: Titanium Geneva aluminum satellite hour span
Aluminum turntable
Triple bridge in ARCAP

Surface treatment
Round texture, sandblasted, microblasted, strapped
Chamfer screw head
The hour and minute hands are coated with Super-LumiNova

Shell pass
Satin-finished 18k 2N yellow gold
Dimensions: width 41 mm; length: 49.7 mm thickness: 14 mm
Glass: transparent sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30 meters (3 ATM / 3 Bar)


Urwerk creates a unique UR-103 Phoenix for watches

Review Cheap Urwerk UR-103 White Gold men watch

Top watchmaker and Urwerk co-founder Felix Baumgartner is proud to announce that Urwerk is attending Only Watch2011. To express its commitment to the Only Watch business, Urwerk will auction UR-103 Phoenix, a unique timepiece made of white gold and hand-decorated by the master engraver Jean-Vincent Huguenin , He is one of the most talented artists in the field.

On September 22, under the auspices of Prince HSH Albert II, Only Watch is a charity auction to help study Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in Monaco. Jean-Vincent was fascinated by legends around the world, and soon decided on the theme of this work. UR-103 is recognized by all people involved in saving children from muscular dystrophy, with a typical symbol of resistance and resilience: Phoenix rises from the flames.

Martin Frei, a watch artist and co-founder of Urwerk, said: “In our daily lives, we all have a few amulets.” “We like to let them stand beside us, far away. We Instead of giving them mysterious value, they were assigned a virtue, the “halo”. With this in mind, we designed this UR-103 as a veritable amulet-providing energy for future owners.”

Technical characteristics of UR-103 Phoenix

Dial face
When the orbiting hour satellite crosses the minute arc, it indicates the time on 103. The tilted hour satellite ensures that it does not turn your wrist even when driving, regardless of time, and the bold SuperLumiNova provides excellent visibility during the day and night. The rotating satellite complication is the soul of the 103 series. The orbital cross carries four hours of satellites, and the internal Geneva cross controls each satellite. The friction performance of these Geneva crosses is extremely low, but must be manufactured to very precise tolerances. Each satellite has a number of three hours. When the satellite approaches the crown, its Geneva cross engages with a pin that rotates the disk 120°, thereby positioning the new timing. High-tech grade 2 titanium alloys are widely used throughout satellite complications, including when building orbital crosses and Geneva crosses. The strength and portability provided by titanium reduces inertia and improves the synchronicity of the movement. The hour satellite is made of aluminum. The integrated lugs support the belt, ensuring that the sleek case fits comfortably in all wrist shapes and sizes. quality replica watch

Control board
The control panel on the back of 103 has the following instructions and functions: a chronograph with dual 15-minute and second dials can obtain maximum accuracy when setting the time. 36-hour power reserve indicator. A fine adjustment screw allows the user to adjust the timing of the watch every day by +/- 30 seconds.

Caliber: UR 3.03 manual winding balance wheel
: Single metal
Frequency: 21,600v/h, 3Hz
Power reserve: 36 hours, single barrel
Surface treatment: round and rhodium-plated substrate
Chamfered and polished screw heads

Wandering hour indication on the four-arm turntable
Rear: Titanium alloy control panel with power reserve indicator
15-minute and 60-second dials for precise time setting

The surface of the turntable is sandblasted and satin-finished; round grains
Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Illuminated hour and minute scales

Two-position winding crown
Back: fine adjustment screw (fast/slow)

Form case
Material: white gold, titanium on the back
Dimensions: 50mm x 36mm x 13.5mm
Glasses: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: pressure tested by 3ATM
Surface treatment: polished case
Hand carved
Backside PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition) treatment

perfect replica watches

Urwerk UR-105

Review Cheap Urwerk UR-105 The Hour Glass men watch

When brands figure out their route, it is wise to stay in it. In the watchmaking industry, this is an era full of challenges. With a niche market, there is nothing to ask for. Urwerk has been known for many years as a brand that likes to mess things up. Imagine Urwerk swiss with one hand. Can you do it? It just doesn’t follow, does it? Urwerk ripped open the rules book, and was born with a novel timeline method. This is a badass move. You might expect the kind of person who wears a black watch to pull that bad guy.

Perhaps this is why the all-black appearance of Urwerk watches is so good. Of course, the brightly colored models are fun – if you can buy a ticking cartoon movie for more than $ 50,000, it will be a great starter of the conversation, but Urwerk ’s true charm lies in that calm mind There is no other way but the black case.

Whenever I see Urwerk’s new work, I feel that designers are valued by the world (no pun intended). As if they had broken the axe into the established order of things. It seems that they want to destroy the concept of comfort and make you question how things are done every time you look at your wrist.

Urwerk UR-105 is an absolute beast. Watch lovers may want everything from the brand. The satellite time display, luminous elements (after different colors of luminous treatment), the hour-display spider-like bridge and the structured industrial black case constitute this watch, whether men or women, send messages from their wrists.

Zenith Defy Classic Black Ceramic

The Defy series was dormant in the Zenith archive for decades, until it was reborn in 2017. For brands that need to inject vitality, its revival is definitely a boon. You will never hear what I said badly about El Primero, but because of the identity of the brand, this series of products is obviously under pressure. When the design of the classic sports chronograph is executed conservatively and patiently on the drawing board, it is sublime. When it is forced to wave, it will stagger. The Defy series has brought great enthusiasm to Zenith, and the brand feels comfortable, thus the first to launch its ultra-high frequency concept movement Defy Lab.

In the years since the exciting experiment, we have seen that Defy Classic has been promoted in various ways, and it is great to see how it meets the challenge. Regarding the very “basic” shape of the case (which is of course a complement to the designer, they will undoubtedly spare no effort in perfecting their streamlined lines) means it can carry incredible internal complexity without feeling Uncomfortable.

As I can think of, the power of black ceramic Defy Classic is a perfect example, it is a satisfying contemporary daily wear Fake watches. Excellent brand, respected heritage, dynamic design, modern materials and affordable prices.

Urwerk launches UR-100 gold medal to counter the Covid-19 pandemic

The new gold replica watch inspired by the UR-100 limited edition Star Wars will help raise funds.

Independent brand Urwerk is making every effort to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Avant-garde watchmakers will auction a watch in its new limited-edition UR-100 gold edition series to help organizations fight the pandemic.

Remember the time and space of UR-100? This time it debuted in 2019 and was Urwerk’s initial hat technique (reference number before the first batch of Urwerks UR-101 / 102). However, although the timepiece refers to some design elements of the early Urwerks, the UR-100 is a brand-new timepiece, and there are two astronomical complications for the first time.

Last year, the replica aaa watch was made of titanium and steel. The latest UR-100 octagonal case is carved from a solid block made of 2N gold. The surface is satin-treated, and the dome-shaped sapphire crystal dome is reminiscent of the shape of the earlier Urwerk model and is placed on a gold case. Urwerk’s PR spikes indicate that the watch’s gold color scheme was inspired by the “Star Wars” robot D3 C3PO. The case is 41 mm wide; 49.7 mm long, 14 mm thick, and waterproof to 30 meters.

The UR-100 has an orbiting hour satellite display that replica Urwerk can recognize. This heavy case cover usually hides the watch’s relay display system. The central axis of the watch maintains a three-arm rotation system made of lightweight aluminum. Each of the three arms has its own pyramid pyramid structure (made of beryllium bronze), which carries a four-hour mark, and given the rotation frequency shown, every three Once every hour. When the turntable is partially open, the aluminum bridge prevents unused numbers.

At the end of each arm, three identical red-tipped hands traverse the entire dial in three full hours of rotation of the turntable, indicating different complexity every hour. The lower part of the dial is equipped with a minute display, and the hour is directly displayed above a specific hand through a specific hour. After 60 minutes, the time indicator disappeared (immediately replaced by the indicator at the rear) and passed under and between the sub dials, again showing one of the two astronomical complications.

The first astronomical complication lies between the traditional 9 o’clock and 11 o’clock positions, showing the distance (in kilometers) the wearer travels on the earth at any given moment. On average, the earth rotates at a speed of 555 kilometers every 20 minutes, and this display highlights this fact. On the other side of the dial, near the traditional 2 o’clock position, the last pointer indicates the distance of the earth’s revolution around the sun-spanning about 35,740 kilometers every 20 minutes.

The watch is powered by Urwerk’s Calibre 12.01 movement, which is the basic movement of the Zenith Elite, and Felix Baumgartner and his team completely renovated it. The three base plates that make up the multilayer structure with a diameter of 12.01 are made of ARCAP, an alloy that Urwerk has used in its timepieces for many years. It has a power reserve of 48 hours.

The movement can be seen through the case back winding system. Although the self-winding rotor may not like the difference, it is actually a flat / planetary turbine system that minimizes overwinding and wear. Urwerk describes the system as “Windfäng”, which is a Swiss German word, effectively translated as “air trap”. In addition to the turbine system that prevents excessive rotation, a large number of holes are provided around the rotor to reduce the overall quality of the rotor.

The watch will be released in a limited edition, and the first watch in the series will be marked with “Fight C-19”. The auction will be held on May 8, 2020 at 4pm (CET) for a period of two days. According to copy Urwerk, the brand and the successful bidder will jointly choose the beneficiary organization.

Urwerk launches UR-100 space-time

Equipped with a pair of astronomical indicators.

Urwerk ’s latest work is known for its innovative, avant-garde complexity and chassis inspired by science fiction, and has attracted much attention. The UR-100 SpaceTime is equipped with two quirky celestial indicators, further increasing the price of the astronomical theme-it is also priced as an entry-level model.

UR-100 adopts the brand’s iconic hovering hour satellite display, in which the traditional hand is replaced by a semi-circular minute dial, on which three discs mounted on the turntable are swept in sequence. It was first invented for the clock of the Vatican City in the 17th century, and then was promoted by Audemars Piguet and “Star Wheel” for watches in the early 1990s.

However, it was Urwerk who lingered for a few hours when he entered the 21st century as UR-103 in 2003. Although not the first Urwerk fake watch, UR-103 is the brand’s landmark (and the most recent UR-105 is a tribute to the original).

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On the UR-100 time and space, the number of hours drifts further: after 60 minutes (or an hour) of the red minute hand, it disappears under the bridge and reappears at the 10 o’clock incision to indicate the distance to the earth measured on the equator The obtained rotation axis is 555 kilometers every 20 minutes. Another red pointer at two o’clock is used to measure the distance the earth orbits the sun, which is 35,740 kilometers every 20 minutes.

However, both astronomical distance displays are a philosophical exercise, not a mechanical development. In theory, both of these displays rely on the same hour satellite display, and only the scale on the bridge can indicate the distance. The scale length on the bridge is 20 minutes, which is why both measurements are zoomed for 20 minutes.

The turntable of UR-100 SpaceTime is made of aluminum and is hollowed out to display hourly satellites, each with four digits. Beneath the satellite is a beryllium bronze Maltese cross, which causes the nonlinear rotation of the satellite.

The case is made of stainless steel or PVD-coated titanium metal. It is an elongated octagon with vertical grooves on the sides and a domed sapphire crystal on top. It is 41 mm long x 49.7 mm and 14 mm high. It looks chunky but wearable.

It is worth noting that the UR-100 space-time case is indeed more angular than the watch defined by Urwerk. In fact, the shape of the case is a bit like a ring from the 1970s, especially when the upper surface has a concentric brushed surface.

The most unusual thing for Urwerk is that the calibration table is displayed on the back of the UR-100’s display. Internal 12.01. The perforated rotor covers most of the movement, but below is the Zenith Elite self-winding movement, which is the basic movement of most Urwerk watches.

The bottom plate of the movement is made of non-metallic nickel-copper alloy ARCAP. It is equipped with a flat turbine-a small propeller-shaped wheel at the bottom of the rotor-to regulate the speed of the rotor. According to fake Urwerk, a flat turbine or windfänger (Swiss German for “air trap”) makes every six revolutions of the rotor, and in the process slows the rotor rotation.