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Review Cheap Urwerk UR-105 The Hour Glass men watch

When brands figure out their route, it is wise to stay in it. In the watchmaking industry, this is an era full of challenges. With a niche market, there is nothing to ask for. Urwerk has been known for many years as a brand that likes to mess things up. Imagine Urwerk swiss with one hand. Can you do it? It just doesn’t follow, does it? Urwerk ripped open the rules book, and was born with a novel timeline method. This is a badass move. You might expect the kind of person who wears a black watch to pull that bad guy.

Perhaps this is why the all-black appearance of Urwerk watches is so good. Of course, the brightly colored models are fun – if you can buy a ticking cartoon movie for more than $ 50,000, it will be a great starter of the conversation, but Urwerk ’s true charm lies in that calm mind There is no other way but the black case.

Whenever I see Urwerk’s new work, I feel that designers are valued by the world (no pun intended). As if they had broken the axe into the established order of things. It seems that they want to destroy the concept of comfort and make you question how things are done every time you look at your wrist.

Urwerk UR-105 is an absolute beast. Watch lovers may want everything from the brand. The satellite time display, luminous elements (after different colors of luminous treatment), the hour-display spider-like bridge and the structured industrial black case constitute this watch, whether men or women, send messages from their wrists.

Zenith Defy Classic Black Ceramic

The Defy series was dormant in the Zenith archive for decades, until it was reborn in 2017. For brands that need to inject vitality, its revival is definitely a boon. You will never hear what I said badly about El Primero, but because of the identity of the brand, this series of products is obviously under pressure. When the design of the classic sports chronograph is executed conservatively and patiently on the drawing board, it is sublime. When it is forced to wave, it will stagger. The Defy series has brought great enthusiasm to Zenith, and the brand feels comfortable, thus the first to launch its ultra-high frequency concept movement Defy Lab.

In the years since the exciting experiment, we have seen that Defy Classic has been promoted in various ways, and it is great to see how it meets the challenge. Regarding the very “basic” shape of the case (which is of course a complement to the designer, they will undoubtedly spare no effort in perfecting their streamlined lines) means it can carry incredible internal complexity without feeling Uncomfortable.

As I can think of, the power of black ceramic Defy Classic is a perfect example, it is a satisfying contemporary daily wear Fake watches. Excellent brand, respected heritage, dynamic design, modern materials and affordable prices.

Urwerk launches UR-100 gold medal to counter the Covid-19 pandemic

The new gold replica watch inspired by the UR-100 limited edition Star Wars will help raise funds.

Independent brand Urwerk is making every effort to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Avant-garde watchmakers will auction a watch in its new limited-edition UR-100 gold edition series to help organizations fight the pandemic.

Remember the time and space of UR-100? This time it debuted in 2019 and was Urwerk’s initial hat technique (reference number before the first batch of Urwerks UR-101 / 102). However, although the timepiece refers to some design elements of the early Urwerks, the UR-100 is a brand-new timepiece, and there are two astronomical complications for the first time.

Last year, the replica aaa watch was made of titanium and steel. The latest UR-100 octagonal case is carved from a solid block made of 2N gold. The surface is satin-treated, and the dome-shaped sapphire crystal dome is reminiscent of the shape of the earlier Urwerk model and is placed on a gold case. Urwerk’s PR spikes indicate that the watch’s gold color scheme was inspired by the “Star Wars” robot D3 C3PO. The case is 41 mm wide; 49.7 mm long, 14 mm thick, and waterproof to 30 meters.

The UR-100 has an orbiting hour satellite display that replica Urwerk can recognize. This heavy case cover usually hides the watch’s relay display system. The central axis of the watch maintains a three-arm rotation system made of lightweight aluminum. Each of the three arms has its own pyramid pyramid structure (made of beryllium bronze), which carries a four-hour mark, and given the rotation frequency shown, every three Once every hour. When the turntable is partially open, the aluminum bridge prevents unused numbers.

At the end of each arm, three identical red-tipped hands traverse the entire dial in three full hours of rotation of the turntable, indicating different complexity every hour. The lower part of the dial is equipped with a minute display, and the hour is directly displayed above a specific hand through a specific hour. After 60 minutes, the time indicator disappeared (immediately replaced by the indicator at the rear) and passed under and between the sub dials, again showing one of the two astronomical complications.

The first astronomical complication lies between the traditional 9 o’clock and 11 o’clock positions, showing the distance (in kilometers) the wearer travels on the earth at any given moment. On average, the earth rotates at a speed of 555 kilometers every 20 minutes, and this display highlights this fact. On the other side of the dial, near the traditional 2 o’clock position, the last pointer indicates the distance of the earth’s revolution around the sun-spanning about 35,740 kilometers every 20 minutes.

The watch is powered by Urwerk’s Calibre 12.01 movement, which is the basic movement of the Zenith Elite, and Felix Baumgartner and his team completely renovated it. The three base plates that make up the multilayer structure with a diameter of 12.01 are made of ARCAP, an alloy that Urwerk has used in its timepieces for many years. It has a power reserve of 48 hours.

The movement can be seen through the case back winding system. Although the self-winding rotor may not like the difference, it is actually a flat / planetary turbine system that minimizes overwinding and wear. Urwerk describes the system as “Windfäng”, which is a Swiss German word, effectively translated as “air trap”. In addition to the turbine system that prevents excessive rotation, a large number of holes are provided around the rotor to reduce the overall quality of the rotor.

The watch will be released in a limited edition, and the first watch in the series will be marked with “Fight C-19”. The auction will be held on May 8, 2020 at 4pm (CET) for a period of two days. According to copy Urwerk, the brand and the successful bidder will jointly choose the beneficiary organization.

Urwerk launches UR-100 space-time

Equipped with a pair of astronomical indicators.

Urwerk ’s latest work is known for its innovative, avant-garde complexity and chassis inspired by science fiction, and has attracted much attention. The UR-100 SpaceTime is equipped with two quirky celestial indicators, further increasing the price of the astronomical theme-it is also priced as an entry-level model.

UR-100 adopts the brand’s iconic hovering hour satellite display, in which the traditional hand is replaced by a semi-circular minute dial, on which three discs mounted on the turntable are swept in sequence. It was first invented for the clock of the Vatican City in the 17th century, and then was promoted by Audemars Piguet and “Star Wheel” for watches in the early 1990s.

However, it was Urwerk who lingered for a few hours when he entered the 21st century as UR-103 in 2003. Although not the first Urwerk fake watch, UR-103 is the brand’s landmark (and the most recent UR-105 is a tribute to the original).

Review Cheap Urwerk UR-105 The Hour Glass men watch

On the UR-100 time and space, the number of hours drifts further: after 60 minutes (or an hour) of the red minute hand, it disappears under the bridge and reappears at the 10 o’clock incision to indicate the distance to the earth measured on the equator The obtained rotation axis is 555 kilometers every 20 minutes. Another red pointer at two o’clock is used to measure the distance the earth orbits the sun, which is 35,740 kilometers every 20 minutes. www.fanreviewwatch.com

However, both astronomical distance displays are a philosophical exercise, not a mechanical development. In theory, both of these displays rely on the same hour satellite display, and only the scale on the bridge can indicate the distance. The scale length on the bridge is 20 minutes, which is why both measurements are zoomed for 20 minutes.

The turntable of UR-100 SpaceTime is made of aluminum and is hollowed out to display hourly satellites, each with four digits. Beneath the satellite is a beryllium bronze Maltese cross, which causes the nonlinear rotation of the satellite.

The case is made of stainless steel or PVD-coated titanium metal. It is an elongated octagon with vertical grooves on the sides and a domed sapphire crystal on top. It is 41 mm long x 49.7 mm and 14 mm high. It looks chunky but wearable.

It is worth noting that the UR-100 space-time case is indeed more angular than the watch defined by Urwerk. In fact, the shape of the case is a bit like a ring from the 1970s, especially when the upper surface has a concentric brushed surface.

The most unusual thing for Urwerk is that the calibration table is displayed on the back of the UR-100’s display. Internal 12.01. The perforated rotor covers most of the movement, but below is the Zenith Elite self-winding movement, which is the basic movement of most Urwerk watches.

The bottom plate of the movement is made of non-metallic nickel-copper alloy ARCAP. It is equipped with a flat turbine-a small propeller-shaped wheel at the bottom of the rotor-to regulate the speed of the rotor. According to fake Urwerk, a flat turbine or windfänger (Swiss German for “air trap”) makes every six revolutions of the rotor, and in the process slows the rotor rotation.

Brand-URWERK Luxury watches

For the first time in the world, URWERK replica put the “air brake system” into the watch!

Today we talk about an independent watchmaking brand-URWERK.

URWERK was born in 1995: the brothers Felix Baumgartner and Thomas Baumgartner are talented watchmakers. Their friend Martin Frei is a talented artist and designer. The meeting of three people contributed to the brand’s appearance. The three of them were full of enthusiasm for the study of timepiece technology. After a long discussion and sharing of their philosophy and dreams, they finally decided to launch their own timepiece brand.

Urwerk Watch Replica 200 collection UR-203 Plat

Although URWERK has not been established for a long time, the persistent innovation of the three founders has enabled the brand to refresh people’s views three times. In 2012, URWERK launched the UR-210, the first cheap swiss watch that can display and monitor the interaction between the watch owner and the mechanical timepiece.

Display and monitor the interaction between the replica men watch owner and the mechanical timepiece?

What concept is this?

That is, the UR-210 can display the interactive relationship between people and watches. There is a display with a dynamic storage display at 11 o’clock on the dial, but it is different from the dynamic storage display at 1 o’clock. This is the world’s first timepiece technology that can display The efficiency of the movement in the past 2 hours.

Martin Frei, one of the founders, said: “The UR-210 is more eye-catching than any watch in the domain. The winding efficiency display is the most attractive link, which makes it not only a watch but also a living mechanical body , Attracts everyone ’s attention like a magnet. “

If the wearer sits quietly on the sofa, the pointer will point to the red area, which means that the winding rotor has not tightened the mainspring, and the movement temporarily operates on reserve power; but if the wearer is actually in motion, the pointer will move towards The green area indicates that the oscillating weight is turning, storing more new power for the movement.

The UR-210 was upgraded after the efficiency display was launched, and the Amadeus UR-210 replica was launched.

One of the founders, Felix Baumgartner explained to the new version: Amadeus refers to the classical music prodigy Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), Mozart is the punk (punk) pioneer of the classical music world, read his biography to know his rebellion, this This trait coincides with URWERK’s personality.

In the field of watch modification, the two companies MadeWorn and Bamford (which has already cooperated with Zenith) are more famous. They provide transformation services for luxury brands such as Rolex and PP, and often have a sensational effect when their works are born.

For this kind of self-reform, most brands do not recognize it, and will therefore refuse to perform their after-sales obligations. If you want to change the style of your watch, it is nothing more than changing the bracelet or strap. But anyone who wants to mention a word or engrave a flower must be careful.

After all, this method is very dangerous for those fine and precious fake watches, and more importantly, after a major transformation, it means that this best replica watch and the brand’s after-sales wave goodbye!

However, the carving of Amadeus UR-210 is completely the brand’s independent play, and it is more than the modification company6. Not only the case, but also the inside and outside of the bracelet, are the hand-carved people dream of.

The hand-carved flowers come from the sculptor Florian Güllert. The exquisite Baroque-style carvings make the UR-210 a masterpiece compatible with ancient and modern watches. Florian Güllert said: The sculpture has a Renaissance style after the 17th century, but the pattern decoration layout is full of sense of the times. The spiral shape of the raspberry leaves matches this copy swiss watch very well, in sharp contrast to the watch’s tough appearance; the case, crown protector and bracelet become a complete sculpture.

The carving of steel is very difficult. The time cost of carving one piece is almost 260 hours. And a very important point is: this is an official product, there is no need to worry about after-sales problems!

Viewed from the front of the dial, the minute retrograde dial spanning 120 ° is full of modernity, that is, when the minute hand reaches 60 minutes, the “click” rebounds to the starting point in 0.1 seconds to start another hour of journey.

The hour hand structure will circle the dial every three hours, and there are three reversible squares in the whole structure to indicate the hour. The driving wheel train is actually the whole set of structures instead of squares. Each block has four faces, just enough to indicate 12 hours. Before the hour block is engaged with the minute hand, it will pass a convex tooth and push the block’s axis to rotate 90 degrees. Only here will the block get power and flip to the next one digital.

Because of this structure similar to a three-dimensional Maltese cross, even if the time is reversed to adjust the time, the hour number will also be reversed without any risk of being stuck.

As mentioned earlier, the UR-210 allows the wearer to know the efficiency of the winding at any time, so that they can take corresponding actions.

If the power supply is insufficient, the winding efficiency selection switch on the back of the fake men watch should be set to the “FULL” position. Even the smallest movement can also push the pendulum to store energy, because the turbine blade connected to the pendulum does not produce resistance.

Urwerk Watch Replica 200 collection UR-202 Art Deco

If you are exercising, or may cause excessive power to the rotor, and may even cause parts to be worn out, you should choose “REDUCED” to connect the upper rotor movement system, and the turbine blades installed on the jewel bearings are compressed by air. The device will start to rotate and create internal friction resistance, which is enough to reduce the upper speed of the oscillating weight.

If you select “STOP”, the winding system will be locked. The movement relies on the remaining power to run. At this time, it can only be wound manually.

The three-stage adjustable switch completes the task by adjusting the caliber of the wind pressure channel (in short, this is a group of wind-powered air brake structures), rather than simply changing the winding efficiency with the transmission ratio. This is definitely an innovative structure that deserves a big book.

The size of the watch is 43.8mm × 53.6mm × 17.8mm. It adopts UR-7.10 automatic movement, containing 51 jewels and has a power reserve of 39 hours.

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New Wave Watchmaking
In the fine watchmaking industry, Urwerk has its own advantages and disadvantages. With Urwerk, mechanical watches have gained new momentum because traditional parts have been years away from Urwerk’s expected watches, so the watchmaking industry has been reclassified.

Review Cheap Urwerk EMC TIME HUNTER X-RAY Men watch

Urwerk is a watch brand founded by Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei. The first is Felix Baumgartner, a watchmaker. The second is Martin Frei, a designer. Together they will design watches with automatic winding, high-quality watches at the cost of several years of watchmaking and mechanical research, to create watches with absolutely unique designs and movements.

In the beginning, it was all about displays-linear displays no longer have anything to do with traditional watches with a central pointer display, as traditional watchmaking techniques and mechanical models, when Felix Paulcana and Martin Frey were founded URWERK This is still running.

Urwerk watches by Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei provide mechanical movements whose display is no longer the same as that of classic watchmaking models. Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei developed an atypical house path for Urwerk, a satellite complication that displays hours and minutes linearly. Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei’s Urwerk watch series positions themselves as luxury watches, wearing black PVD-treated titanium cases, almost all of which Linear display principle with satellite complex functions.

Review Cheap Urwerk UR-210S Men watch

For some watches, the clockwork inside the titanium case is adjusted by a system suitable for the wearer, which may produce a strong clockwork, or vice versa, the clockwork will be more gradual-the ideal effect is to Establish a close connection between clockwork. Urwerk watches and their owners, so each model can see that its mechanism is individually associated with a very specific collector. As a result, the power reserve has gradually recovered under the influence of the chosen winding method-a watchmaking innovation currently only available in Urwerk. This winding effect is adjusted by using a unidirectional rotor.

Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei also went further with Urwerk, creating a watch that could show the accuracy of their movements. Therefore, this watch model EMC d’Urwerk has an optical control mechanism and can operate normally, which is a major innovation in the field of watchmaking, developed by Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei for Urwerk. This mechanism has optical characteristics, and under the control of the control movement, EMC can display the step deviation of its own traditional watch movement. Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei still manufacture a watch year after year in a black PDV-treated titanium case The principle goes beyond watchmaking traditions and brings a bright future to watches.