JACOB & CO. Astronomical Sky, Sidereal Time

Jacob & Co. draws inspiration from historic astronomical clocks, which are technical marvels. Known for its captivating complications, the brand is back once again with the Astronomia Sky. It combines unprecedented complications: a 3D star display combined with an oval sky indicator and a 24-hour day/night display.

Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co, said: “Like a sailor at sea, led by the sky, I found my star: the sky of astronomy.” In 2014, he launched the wristwatch The watch took the watch industry by surprise. Astro-gravitational three-axis tourbillon.

The celestial dial covers the inner surface of the astronomical case and completes one full revolution in a sidereal year, which is the actual time it takes Earth to orbit the sun relative to a fixed star. The blue grade 5 titanium dial features 18K gold stars and hand-engraved zodiac signs.

Above the celestial sphere is the elliptical sky indicator, which shows the portion of the star visible from the northern hemisphere. The indicator completes a full rotation within a sidereal day. A sidereal day is the time it takes for the Earth to rotate once around its axis: 23.5640916 hours.

At the center of the satellite axis, a hand-engraved lacquered titanium sphere rotates within a half-dome of tinted sapphire, symbolizing day and night. The blue barrel rotates around the dial every 20 minutes. As a result, when one looks at the clock, it will never be exactly the same. Fake watches

On the first satellite is the three-axis gravitational tourbillon, which rotates around one axis in 60 seconds, the second axis every 5 minutes, and the dial every 20 minutes. On the second satellite is the time subdial (hours and minutes). Thanks to a clever differential gear system, the time display is always in the correct position as it rotates around the dial. Mark “12” always faces up.

The third satellite is the orbital seconds hand, a skeletonized titanium wheel that rotates once in 60 seconds with the seconds hand and revolves around the dial every 20 minutes. On the fourth and final moon is the patented “Jacob Cut” spherical gemstone, a Jacob cut with 288 facets. The gem rotates around its axis every 60 seconds and around the dial every 20 minutes.

The Astronomia Sky has two bows and two wheels on the back, allowing users to easily set the time. One bow is used to set the time and day/night indicator (both based on 24-hour solar time), while the other bow is used to wind the mechanical movement gears. One of the wheels is used to set the star hour and the other is used to set the oval sky indicator. Jacob & Co. replica

Manual movement, calibre JCAM11, 395 components, 42 jewels, 60-hour march
Oval Sky Indication, Day/Night, Month, Triaxial Gravity Tourbillon, Second Orbit Indication, Hours and Minutes, Patented Differential System Case
47 mm alligator

Jacob & Co.: The Astronomia Tourbillon will shine at Baselworld!

Jacob & Co., don’t you know? The name of this luxury watch and fine jewelry brand will likely remain in your memory for a long time, thanks to its latest creation, which will be unveiled at Baselworld 2014 in a few days!

The watchmaker has indeed gone out of his way to lure the tens of thousands of visitors expected during Basel Week! The latest creation from the watchmaking workshop is called the Astronomical Tourbillon! This tourbillon watch has a bewilderingly extraordinary mechanism and is likely to achieve success similar to the poetic complication Midnight Planetarium presented by Van Cleef & Arpels at SIHH 2014.

Nicknamed the “Kink of Bling” by the community (brand founder Jacob Arabbo) has had its cult following in the American show business world, but not only… you can find it famous in Jacob & Co’s commercials Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo…

Without further ado, back to “Astonomia Tourbillon”? Little information has been leaked so far, but a demo video of the timepiece leads us to discover a tourbillon, an hour display, a diamond representing the moon, and a continuous globe that revolves around the dial. We’ll know more for sure in a few days, but this buy replicas watch is quite possibly one of the most impressive watches of Baselworld 2014! ?The price of the astronomical tourbillon? So far unknown, but the latter can also rub shoulders with the stars…

Jacob & Co.’s New Yellow Sapphire Bugatti Chiron Watch

The Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron comes in a new yellow design.

With a presence in the automotive industry and luxury watches, Bugatti continues to diversify its portfolio with exclusive products that perfectly complement its fleet of performance-focused supercars. Bugatti is proud to partner with the luxury experts at Jacob & Co. to develop a commemorative Chiron Tourbillon, which has been refreshed with an all-sapphire case. The Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron is a large 44mm complication made entirely of yellow sapphire with 18k rose gold highlights. The buttons that operate the various functions are also made of sapphire, and each button is proudly emblazoned with the Bugatti logo in the center.

Inside the transparent sapphire crystal wall is an intricate skeleton dial design that mimics the engine compartment of the Bugatti Chiron supercar. The Jacob & Co. JCAM37 hand-wound movement represents the iconic W16 motor that powers Bugatti, which operates precisely as a cylinder pump to power the watch. Jacob & Co. adds a luxurious look and feel to the new Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon, complete with a comfortable white rubber strap and matching 18k rose gold deployant clasp.

Brand: Jacob & Co
Model: BU210.80.AE.UA.B
Movement: Manual Winding
Case material: Anti-Reflective Orange Sapphire Crystal and 18K Rose Gold
Case size: 55×44 mm
Glass: Sapphire
Bracelet: Rubber
Glass: Sapphire
Year: 2022

Jacobs & Co.

Jacob & Co. is the first luxury watch and jewelry brand to accept cryptocurrency

The luxury brand is partnering with cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO to support payments using Bitcoin, Ethereum and other verifiable digital currencies. Jacob & Co. ASTRONOMIA SOLAR BITCOIN AS310.21.AB.AA.A

Jacob & Co. is the first luxury watch and jewelry brand to accept cryptocurrency payments. It has partnered with cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO for Jacob & Co.’s bold and innovative products such as Astronomia and Twin Turbo Furious timepieces and fine jewelry featuring extraordinary gems and craftsmanship.

Benjamin Arabov, CEO of Jacob & Co., said that being the first in the field is nothing new for Jacob & Co. For 35 years, the luxury brand has been a disruptive force in the jewelry and watch industry, creating ground-breaking watches and having a significant impact on style and fashion on a global scale.

“Jacob & Co is known to be adept at harnessing new technology to create unprecedented timepieces and jewelry. Crypto adoption is inevitable, and the technology behind it cannot be ignored. We believe now is the right time to support innovative technologies that will soon be available in It’s being used in many different fields around the world,” Arabov said. discount fake watches

CEX.IO – with offices in the UK, US, Gibraltar, Cyprus and Ukraine – works with several brands to enable cryptocurrency payments, including media platforms and consumer goods companies. Arabov said he chose CEX.IO because of its reputation in this new currency market. “CEX.IO is a trusted, internationally renowned cryptocurrency exchange on track to process over $14 billion in crypto transactions in 2021. We chose CEX.IO because of their strong reputation and credibility in the field.”

According to Konstantin Anissimov, Executive Director of CEX.IO, Jacob & Co. is the perfect brand to enter this new world of finance.

“Jacob & Co. is undoubtedly a premium brand with a passion for creativity and finding solutions previously thought impossible. It combines superb craftsmanship, constant innovation and bold design choices. This approach is evident at CEX. IO is very close to our hearts. We work in technology that leaves little room for error. At the same time, we innovate in the very exciting world of finance, which requires out-of-the-box thinking,”

In the 11 years since the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, began trading, the value of cryptocurrencies has soared. The cryptocurrency market cap surpassed $2 trillion in April, doubling since February. Anissimov said the new currency is not only here to stay, but is expanding into consumer retail. “There is a large and growing community who use cryptocurrencies and even earn their primary income in cryptocurrencies. This provides a huge audience for e-commerce companies. Crypto is and will expand more into consumer retail. It’s logical. Accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method will help expand retailers’ market share and facilitate the transformation of e-commerce as a whole.”

In fact, Anisimov said, it has similarities to credit cards in terms of public acceptance.

For Arabov, he sees this new financial frontier as another way to connect closely with fake Jacob & Co.‘s clients, many of whom are cryptocurrency users.

Meet the Astronomica Metaverso: The World’s First Metaverse Watch

Jeweler and luxury watch retailer Jacob & Co. has entered the virtual world with the launch of its latest collection of watches. In collaboration with UNXD, they released “Astronomica Metaverso“.

Astronomica Metaverso is a collection that depicts the universe in different forms
Jacob & Co. built the collection based on the story of their Astronomia series, showing multiple accounts of the universe. In addition, they unveiled the first three of the eight watches in the collection on Wednesday. They say that all cheap watches are inspired by the planets of the solar system, with the exception of Pluto. They released the first three watches, Venus and Mars: unique physical timepieces with NFTs.

This isn’t the company’s first venture into the NFT space. Last April 2021, Jacob & Co. launched the NFT timepiece. Its SF24 tourbillon watch sold for $100,000 at auction.

Jacob & Co. CEO Benjamin Arabov said they used custom comics and cinematic films to showcase the story and creation of the series. He calls it crypto comic culture. He said they want watch and crypto enthusiasts to indulge their imaginations. At the same time, they can unlock new experiences with this latest collection.

Additionally, car owners can use the NFT watch as a membership pass. It offers owners digital, physical and experiential privileges of the future. Additionally, it allows owners to participate in future Jacob & Co. digital events.

UNXD co-founders Shashi Menon and Nick Gonzalez said they were impressed that physical luxury watches were a major part of the launch.

“These physical watches show that fake Jacob & Co. is committed to doing something truly innovative in this space,” Menon said. “We’re excited about this deeper investment in the field, and we think collectors will respond.”

Metaverse was the inspiration for Jacob & Co. Creation of Astronomia Metaverso . Watch Collection

Brand Jacob & Co. has decided to go back to the digital realm with the launch of the Astronomia Metaverso, a line of watches available in both physical and NFT form. With the initial idea, Jacob & Co. partnered with UNXD to distribute the new series. As we all know, UNXD is the main NFT exchange for luxury goods and works of art.

Astronomia Metaverso is based on the Jacob & Co brand’s Astronomia collection. The transparent dome-shaped sapphire caseback surrounds the Astronomia’s rotating inner pillars, inspiring the look of the Astronomia Metaverso models. But Astronomia Metaverso still revolves around a universe full of mysteries that people still ignore to explore, according to Jacob & Co’s founders. The difference here is that not only does Astronomia Metaverso have a clock in physical form, Jacob & Co. UNXD also hopes to work towards a future where digital and cryptocurrencies will be more common than they are today.

Specifically, on March 23, 2022, on UNXD’s website, the theme of 8 watches from the Astronomia Metaverso collection was published. The name and inspiration of the founder and president of Jacob & Co. Astronomia Metaverso is all the planets in the solar system. The 5 closest planets to the sun, including (Mercury, Jupiter, Earth, Mars and Venus) will be available in 2 forms: real version and NFT version, the 3 farthest versions (stars Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) will be available only in Different versions are available with digital decoration.

To date, Jacob & Co. has released images of the first 4 Astronomia Metaverso models, including Venus and Mars, Saturn and, most recently, Earth. Among them, the versions of Venus and Mars are planned to be launched, and the only real version is accompanied by a similar NFT version. Saturn versions also have unique physical versions, but up to 30 different NFT versions.

This is Jacob & Co.’s second. Step into the digital and cryptocurrency space. Before that, in April 2021, the same watch brand launched an NFT version of the Epic SF24.

Watch Jacob & Co.’s Gorgeous Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow at Rose Villa – Saigon’s Private Party

There’s no better place than Rose Villa – Saigon to showcase one of luxury watch and jewelry brand Jacob & Co’s most proud creations: the Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow watch.

On April 27, 2022, the Jacob & Co Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow watch was unveiled at a poetic, loving evening organized by Mekong-Garbo. Located in a private luxury courtyard garden, this stunning timepiece is a limited production by Jacob & Co. It is the focus of attention of guests, players, collectors, and mechanical engineering enthusiasts.

As a representative of the Jacob & Co brand. In Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hiep said that Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow is a gift from the brand to Vietnam, a word of encouragement, a rainbow that often appears after storms, and hope for continuous development after suffering.

There are rainbows too, but not after the rain, the rainbows at Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow are made of fine-cut colored sapphires. Producers Jacob & Co. decorate the Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow watch with the most dazzling gems. So that every time it appears, the Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow super watch always attracts everyone’s attention.

Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow is Jacob & Co.’s most feminine watch. ever made. In addition to natural gemstones, the machine is built with an exclusive mechanical movement called JCAM31, which has 444 components inside. The movement features 3 sturdy brackets that rotate on a solid white mother-of-pearl base plate below. Each stand in turn houses a gold chronograph dial, a blooming rotating flower and a tourbillon cage shaped like a truly lively, vibrant butterfly. exact replica watches

Jacobs & Co. Astronomia Casino

try your luck

Astronomia may just be Jacob & Co.’s richest collection. It allows for infinite interpretation and additional complexity. One of the most interesting is Astro Casino. It starts with the Astronomia core design, a perfectly balanced rotating platform with four arms. As this whole rotates on its axis in ten minutes, so do the hour and minute dials, and therefore remain upright. There are also 288 Jacobs-cut diamonds representing the moon. Magnesium and blue paint balls act as our earth. Finally, the double-axis tourbillon creates its own rotational pattern. Between this carousel and the bottom part of the movement, Astronomia Casino features a roulette wheel with all 37 pockets. Its ceramic ball gets stuck between the red and black numbers and the sapphire panel, preventing it from acting as a wrecking ball. When the putter at 8 o’clock is activated, the roulette wheel spins away from the ball. The gorgeous nature of this game’s animation fits perfectly with the diamond setting. The front and sides of the four lugs, the bezel, the ring around the roulette and its central section are adorned with a generous amount of baguette-cut pure diamonds, as is the rose gold clasp.

Astronomia Casino Double Axis Tourbillon Baguette

Case: 18k rose gold set with 136 baguette-cut diamonds, domed sapphire crystal and side panels
Size: 47mm
Movement: Manual winding, in-house JCAM36 movement, 60-hour power reserve
Functions: 10-minute rotating platform, dual-axis tourbillon, hours and minutes, rotating globe and rotating Jacob cut diamonds, roulette animation
Dial: rose gold roulette with white ceramic balls, central medallion set with 64 baguette-cut diamonds, ring set with 48 baguette-cut diamonds
Strap: Black alligator leather with rose gold buckle set with 18 baguette-cut diamonds
Waterproof: 30m

Drake’s new Jacob & Co. watch includes a full-featured roulette wheel

Jacob & Co. Astronomia watches are designed with a very specific type of client in mind: someone who is not afraid to take risks, who is not afraid to show off, and who appreciates the sophistication of extremely complicated mechanisms.

Rapper Drake happens to be one of those people.

Drake loves custom fashion, expensive and fast cars, and luxury private jets that he can customize as he sees fit — even if he occasionally gets caught lying about buying them. He also likes watches, preferably limited editions. You’re not a fashion millionaire without such an item on your wrist.

That said, the Canadian rapper recently added a pretty impressive item to his already impressive collection of watches. This is Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia Casino Tourbillon, also known as the Astronomia Gambler.

The luxury jeweler launched the Astronomia collection in 2014 as a white canvas for novel and unexpected concepts. The idea behind it is to create small, self-contained universes that can be worn on the wrist and wow the world — and at a price to match. We’ve already discussed the Clarity Spider Tourbillon, which features a life-size tarantula made of feathers and black vapor deposition in the center of the dial.

Astro Casino may be more visually stunning than Spider, simply because it’s more complex. Truth be told, all Astronomia timepieces are overly complicated, but this one takes its place in the cake, with its over-engineering approaching ridiculous territory. However, this is not without its advantages.

As you can see in the video at the bottom of the page and the attached gallery, the Astro Casino is huge. At 47mm in diameter, it might be fooled to think it’s fairly average when viewed from above, but quite different when viewed from the side. The Casino has a thickness of 27.9mm, which is necessary to accommodate the vertically multi-layered JCAM29A movement, which has multiple complications, each more striking than the other.

First, the bottom is a fully functional mechanical roulette made of 18k rose gold with 37 pockets marked with black and red enamel. When you press the two buttons on the side of the case and the wheel starts to move, a white ceramic ball spins. replica watches uk

To prevent the balls from bouncing to the upper layers of the movement, the roulette wheel is covered by a sapphire crystal plate. The entire case is actually made of sapphire crystal, and the spinning roulette wheel is visible every time the release button is pressed.

Then comes the really outrageous part of this watch: the upper part of the movement is made of a rotating platform that includes four rotating arms. Yes, every element here is constantly moving independently, which is what makes this timepiece so complex and interesting.

The four arms carry a three-axis tourbillon, an asteroid made of blue magnesium, a sub-dial for timekeeping, and Jacob & Co.’s trademark rotating diamonds. That would be a 1-carat Jacobean-cut diamond with no fewer than 288 facets, revolving around its own axis every 30 seconds, so you can fully appreciate its brilliance from every angle.

In addition to the individual movements of the complication, the four arms perform a full rotation on the face of the watch in 10 minutes. Each pair of opposing arms is perfectly balanced, reducing the weight of the complication. The power reserve is 60 hours.

To top it off is a more domed sapphire crystal, while the strap is luxurious alligator leather with a gold clasp.

Astronomia Casino sounds appealing – and it is. With so much going on inside, one can barely remember actually checking the time, which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a timekeeping device on the wrist. But it’s beautiful, over-engineered, and truly a sight to behold.

Everything is complicated Messi Messi with his Jacob & Co. Jackpot watch

“Everything is complicated” – this is Messi’s recent interpretation of the format in the 2020 Champions League. Naturally, the strong talk, the outcome is never known. Interestingly, though, we can absolutely apply Messi’s words to the Jacob & Co copy watch he often wears.

Do you know Jacob & Co? This is a watch brand that focuses on top-level complications, and like the king of plum balls, Jacob & Co is a kind of extreme representative in its own field, with its celestial tourbillon and opera houses and many other series. All are considered to be the symbol of complex craftsmanship and luxury. But what is even more interesting to many fans and watch lovers is that since last year, the well-known watch and diamond jewelry company has reached an important partnership with the legendary star Leo Messi and launched their first limited edition. Series watch: EPIC X CHRONO series Messi version.

What we are most looking forward to must be how the watch and the football will be co-branded? How to give the characteristics of plum ball king to the watch? Let’s interpret it further:

Messi is widely sought after for his attacking speed, mobile efficiency and astonishing creativity. So paying homage to such a great player requires a truly extraordinary watch – the “EPIC X CHRONO Messi Edition” with a shiny grade 5 titanium case, anti-reflective sapphire glass, white ceramic chronograph bezel and Buttons, titanium and blue rubber lugs and red rubber crown. This dazzling wonder watch is also water-resistant to a depth of 200 meters, shock-resistant, and available in limited quantities. The light blue and white that you can tell at a glance on the watch are taken from the flag of Messi’s home country, Argentina.

Of course, Messi wanted to be able to customize his watch, so he rendered his signature number 10 in red on the flange ring and his stylish “M” logo on the dial at six o’clock. His signature is placed on the blue sapphire glass caseback, which perfectly showcases the Gemini Dial Automatic Skeleton Chronograph Movement (JCAA05).

Running at 4 Hz, this unique chronograph from Jake & Bao showcases superb watchmaking craftsmanship with its column wheel and 48-hour power reserve.

JACOB & CO. EPIC X CHRONO series Messi version, using an exclusively developed semi-hollow column wheel double disc timing, JCAA05 automatic winding movement, case diameter 40 mm.

Up close: Jacob & Co. Opera Godfather Minute Repeater

Tops in style and sophistication.

Known for its jewelry clocks and planetariums, Jacob & Co. specializes in top-of-the-line watches. One of its latest products is the Opera Godfather Minute Repeater. Inspired by the film of the same name, this large watch features the brand’s typical sapphire cake dome style and houses a 758-component movement. While the Godfather branding on the dial is flashy, the mechanics of the watch are surprisingly unusual and impressive.

The Godfather repeater can tell the time through the minute repeater function and can also play the Godfather theme on the miniature binocular music box inside the case (see video below). This makes it essentially a double-chain complication: one barrel and running chain drive the three-axis tourbillon and time display – which is linked to the repeating mechanism – while the second barrel and chain drive the music box .

Jacob & Co. fake specializes in loud watches, so everything has to be judged by that benchmark. For example, the Twin Turbo Furious is one of the more modest complications offered by the brand.

The Godfather Repeater is just right for that track. It’s very large – nearly 50mm wide and over 20mm high – so it scores poorly on abrasion resistance. But it scores highly on the state of the wrist, both aesthetically and functionally, which is certainly the focus of the entire exercise.

That said, the large size is more than just vanity. This makes perfect sense mechanically, as the case is filled with the movement. The movement developed by Le Cercle des Horlogers, a frequent partner of Jacob & Co., is very interesting. The construction of the movement can be deduced from what is visible, which is of course novel – the layout has to be twisted to accommodate the music box, time display and tourbillon on the front.

Its complex combination – repeater, music box and tourbillon – is not common. A few brands do make music box watches, notably Breguet, Christophe Claret, and Ulysse Nardin, but neither a minute repeater nor a tourbillon, making Jacob & Co. the only brand to offer one.

These acoustic complexities make sense when put together, but the nature of the music box inevitably requires a massive movement, which results in a massive top quality watches. Even the Breguet La Musicale 7800, possibly the most elegant music box watch ever made, is only 48mm in diameter.

The sophistication of the Godfather repeater is impressive. And it does a decent job with sound. Both the repeater and the music box are clear and pleasant, despite the inevitable buzz of the Doge. The repeater, in particular, is particularly loud, thanks in part to the wide and ventilated interior of the case.

As an otherworldly, highly complex watch, the Godfather Minute Repeater has been an admirable success with a bold statement. Its size and complexity are gorgeous enough on their own, which makes the branding on the dial excessive and unnecessary.

The godfather emblem and portrait of Marlon Brando on the miniature grand—not forgetting the violin-shaped crown lever—reminiscent of cheap movie memorabilia. They’re tacky and unnecessary – take it all and it’s still the godfather repeater.

And on the subject of The Godfather, best Jacob & Co. has acquired the film rights to a series of watches. The basic Godfather is a three-axis tourbillon with a music box and track display, but no minute repeater. There are six variants of this model, plus several versions of the Godfather repeater, including one with an (and tacky) bullet-marked hour. Jacob & Co. also makes some Scarface watches. There are too many watches based on gangster movies in the brand’s catalog, though that might just be the result its customers want.

The Godfather Repeater is good at what it wants to be. To do so, it requires a retail price of $600,000, which makes it expensive relative to comparable watches. For example, the Louis Vuitton Carpe Diem Minute Repeater retails for just under $500,000. Still, nothing else compares to it – repeaters, music boxes and multi-axis tourbillons (don’t forget the retro organised crime theme) – so it can’t compare to anything else.

under the cake dome
The case of the Godfather repeater is more like a gold frame for multiple sapphire windows on all sides. I counted the seven sapphire windows on the front, sides and back, which offer panoramic views of the movement.

All those windows and its tall profile also give it the cake-dome look that has become Jacob & Co.’s signature watch aesthetic thanks to the brand’s best-selling complication, the Astronomia.

The case is tall, making the skeletonized lugs appear exaggerated. But they’re cleverly kept short and sloped down, and the strap is attached to the bottom of the case, so despite the watch’s large diameter, it’s in a decent position.

Despite everything on the dial, legibility is surprisingly good. This is thanks to the elevated skeleton sub-dial in rose gold at the time, which contrasts sharply with the movement.

Raised with additional gearing, the raised time display is necessary to make room for everything below – the music box’s two cylinders, a spherical three-axis tourbillon and striking mechanism. Surrounding all of this is the repeater’s raised gong.

The time display, tourbillon and mainspring form the part of the movement that is responsible for timing.

This in turn connects to the striking mechanism visible on the back, which “reads” the current time and then strikes the hammers and gongs on the front. Essentially a modular mechanism mounted on the back of the movement, the striking mechanism, along with the hammers and gongs, forms the second key part of the movement. buy watches online

The last part is the music box, which is an independent body. That is to say, even if the striking barrel is not wound and the time is not adjusted, the music box will work normally.

It can do this because the music box is powered by its own barrel, which is wound by the same crown. I believe the two barrels are stacked, with the barrel closest to the case back powering the chronograph and the other hidden barrel for the music box.

The one-piece violin-shaped lever, the crown has two winding directions, one for the timekeeping barrel winding, and the other for the music box barrel winding.

When fully wound, the chronograph movement can run for 44 hours—a respectable thing considering the size of the constantly moving tourbillon—while the music box can play three full sequences in full wind.

It’s hard to imagine that the three-axis tourbillon isn’t the most prominent element in the movement, but it has a lot of competition in the Godfather minute repeater.

The music box consists of two copper cylinders with steel needles, each of which rotates against a steel comb. The vibrations of the 30 teeth of the two combs then produce a composition of 120 notes.

Because the cylinders must rotate at a constant speed, their movement is regulated by a governor visible at two o’clock. Like the repeater’s governor (visible at six o’clock), it uses air resistance to regulate the movement of the cylinder.

Located at 1 o’clock is the three-axis tourbillon, the same as the one in the Twin Turbo Furious, which was also developed by the same movement specialist. Aside from the tourbillon, both the Godfather minute repeater and the Twin Turbo Furious share several elements of their movements, including the minute repeater mechanism.

The tourbillon rotates at high speed: the outermost cage rotates once every 180 seconds, the middle cage completes a rotation every 48 seconds, and the innermost cage completes a rotation every 24 seconds.

The tourbillon also employs a “torque separation” mechanism, essentially two superimposed wheels, connected by springs, with a limited range of relative motion. This limits the energy delivered to the tourbillon – which is large and heavy – in turn smoothing out the energy delivered to the balance wheel. Due to this mechanism, the movement of the cage can sometimes appear jerky, as if it were gradually rotating.

The separation mechanism is a solution to the problems created by tourbillons that are not necessary for simpler tourbillons, or none at all. But that would completely ignore the point of this watch, which is minimal in style and function. Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon

With the development of the multi-axis tourbillon, this one is a more elegant one. Thanks to the extensive use of skeletonized wheels made by LIGA, a lithography technique that enables extreme detail on a tiny scale, the tourbillon has many exotic shapes.

The other major kit up front is the strike mechanism. A pair of hammers and accompanying gong are visible at the front. The repeater setup is traditional, although the two gongs dove significantly upwards as they extend out of the base in order to clear the music box mechanism on the dial.

The striking is controlled by a percussion mechanism visible on the back. This is a series of racks that “read” the time and convert it into an input for the hammer and gong. In terms of decoration, the movement is exquisitely crafted – clean, capable and comprehensive, but not entirely handmade. That said, the refined finish is certainly not what attracts buyers to such a watch.

The Godfather Repeat watch, and Jacob & Co. more broadly, occupy a unique niche of luxury, over-the-top timepieces that no other brand can match. While many brands in this segment share similar styles, the Godfather Repeater and many other Jacob & Co. complications are different.

Granted, the Godfather repeater could be improved — mostly by dialing back the brand — but it excels at maintaining the status quo.

Jacob & Co. Opera Godfather Minute Repeater
refer to. OP500.40.AA.AA.ABALA

Diameter: 49 mm
Height: 23 mm
Material: 18k rose gold
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 30 m

Movement: JCFM07
Functions: Time, minute repeater, three-axis tourbillon and music box with two cylinders
Winding: Manual winding
Frequency: 21,600 beats/hour (3 Hz)
Power reserve: 44 hours

Strap: Alligator leather with folding clasp