Metaverse was the inspiration for Jacob & Co. Creation of Astronomia Metaverso . Watch Collection

Brand Jacob & Co. has decided to go back to the digital realm with the launch of the Astronomia Metaverso, a line of watches available in both physical and NFT form. With the initial idea, Jacob & Co. partnered with UNXD to distribute the new series. As we all know, UNXD is the main NFT exchange for luxury goods and works of art.

Astronomia Metaverso is based on the Jacob & Co brand’s Astronomia collection. The transparent dome-shaped sapphire caseback surrounds the Astronomia’s rotating inner pillars, inspiring the look of the Astronomia Metaverso models. But Astronomia Metaverso still revolves around a universe full of mysteries that people still ignore to explore, according to Jacob & Co’s founders. The difference here is that not only does Astronomia Metaverso have a clock in physical form, Jacob & Co. UNXD also hopes to work towards a future where digital and cryptocurrencies will be more common than they are today.

Specifically, on March 23, 2022, on UNXD’s website, the theme of 8 watches from the Astronomia Metaverso collection was published. The name and inspiration of the founder and president of Jacob & Co. Astronomia Metaverso is all the planets in the solar system. The 5 closest planets to the sun, including (Mercury, Jupiter, Earth, Mars and Venus) will be available in 2 forms: real version and NFT version, the 3 farthest versions (stars Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) will be available only in Different versions are available with digital decoration.

To date, Jacob & Co. has released images of the first 4 Astronomia Metaverso models, including Venus and Mars, Saturn and, most recently, Earth. Among them, the versions of Venus and Mars are planned to be launched, and the only real version is accompanied by a similar NFT version. Saturn versions also have unique physical versions, but up to 30 different NFT versions.

This is Jacob & Co.’s second. Step into the digital and cryptocurrency space. Before that, in April 2021, the same watch brand launched an NFT version of the Epic SF24.

Watch Jacob & Co.’s Gorgeous Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow at Rose Villa – Saigon’s Private Party

There’s no better place than Rose Villa – Saigon to showcase one of luxury watch and jewelry brand Jacob & Co’s most proud creations: the Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow watch.

On April 27, 2022, the Jacob & Co Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow watch was unveiled at a poetic, loving evening organized by Mekong-Garbo. Located in a private luxury courtyard garden, this stunning timepiece is a limited production by Jacob & Co. It is the focus of attention of guests, players, collectors, and mechanical engineering enthusiasts.

As a representative of the Jacob & Co brand. In Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hiep said that Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow is a gift from the brand to Vietnam, a word of encouragement, a rainbow that often appears after storms, and hope for continuous development after suffering.

There are rainbows too, but not after the rain, the rainbows at Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow are made of fine-cut colored sapphires. Producers Jacob & Co. decorate the Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow watch with the most dazzling gems. So that every time it appears, the Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow super watch always attracts everyone’s attention.

Fleurs De Jardin Rainbow is Jacob & Co.’s most feminine watch. ever made. In addition to natural gemstones, the machine is built with an exclusive mechanical movement called JCAM31, which has 444 components inside. The movement features 3 sturdy brackets that rotate on a solid white mother-of-pearl base plate below. Each stand in turn houses a gold chronograph dial, a blooming rotating flower and a tourbillon cage shaped like a truly lively, vibrant butterfly. exact replica watches