Hands-on: Richard Mille RM 35-03 Rafael Nadal Watch with New Self-Winding System

Richard Mille’s latest collection of luxury sports watches in honor of brand ambassador Rafael Nadal is the beautiful new Richard Mille RM 35-03 Rafael Nadal Automatic, which is available in two colours. Today I got my hands on it with an interesting pale blue White case version with colored rubber strap. These watches are not limited editions, but like all Richard Mille watches, they were produced in limited quantities and are hard to come by these days due to popular demand (for events at these ultra-luxury prices). As well as featuring some interesting new dial design elements, the RM 35-03 is the first Richard Mille watch to include the new RMAL2 automatic movement, which boasts a system for adjusting the geometry at the push of a button. That is how the matter?

Adjustable rotor geometry is nothing new at Richard Mille, but it is a more advanced form. For a while, many of Richard Mille’s automatic watches had an automatic rotor with adjustable “blades” that affected the rotor’s center of gravity. The idea is that in order to prevent too much stress on exercise, people with inactive lifestyles will make the self-winding system more efficient (and therefore require less effort to wind) and people with more active lifestyles will swing Their wrists going around a lot would benefit more from a less efficient winding system that absorbs more torque from gravity.

All of this can be done by adjusting the weight distribution of the automatic rotor itself. In previous replica Richard Mille automatic watches, this feature required watchmaker supervision. The watch needs to be opened and the automatic rotor adjusted manually. no longer. Richard Mille’s RMAL2 movement features a “sport mode” pusher that adjusts the shape of the two-position automatic rotor (Richard Mille calls it a butterfly rotor system). One position is a more normal half-disk shape that provides the highest winding efficiency and is therefore ideal for most wearing situations. The “Sport Mode” position separates the rotors and creates a butterfly shape that distributes weight more evenly. This puts the rotor into a state where it’s less likely to spin and, therefore, put pressure on the movement…if the wearer’s wrist does something like swing a golf club. The butterfly rotor system works elegantly as promised, and it’s a lot of fun to play with.

The Richard Mille RMAL2 automatic movement operates at 4Hz and has a power reserve of approximately 55 hours. It only offers the time with a central seconds hand and has an extra pusher as a function selector. Pressing it cycles the crown between adjusting time, intermediate position and winding barrel. The movement also features a sports mode position indicator above the 6 o’clock position on the skeleton dial. It’s not my favorite Richard Mille dial, but the RM 35-03 does have a new look and maintains good legibility. Each of the two RM 35-03 case colors has slightly different dial color elements.

These cases are made from various combinations of quartz TPT or carbon TPT materials that have been layered and then carefully ground. An RM 35-03 has a white and black case that I wear in this article. It also has a predominantly blue case version, which you can check out in our press article on the replica Richard Mille RM 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal linked above. The tonneau case is comfortable to wear and also uses titanium parts such as screws, buttons and parts of the case back. The case is 43.15mm wide at its widest point, and while it’s not a small watch, it’s certainly very comfortable to wear (like most Richard Mille timepieces) – though, being a sports watch, its 50-meter water resistance means that With the RM 35-03 not ready for too many wet races.

This special white crust with black accents, and a layer of carbon and minerals, looks especially cool in my opinion. It reminds me of the Japanese Gundam toy models I made when I was a kid. When properly painted, the body armor of the robot suit has black grooves that contrast with the other white surfaces. As far as I know, only a lot of this effect has been captured in this unique case material provided by Richard Mille.

I really admire the color management and choice that Richard Mille has chosen for its many watches, these days. In the past, I felt that the use of color could be a bit arbitrary. Recently, Richard Mille has done a great job of making its most daring color watches harmonious (or at least interesting) from a color combination perspective. In this watch we have a black and white case and dial with a mix of red and yellow. The light blue strap complements the color of the rubber ring around the crown and the gasket where the sapphire crystal sits.

Speaking of straps, I found this high-quality rubber strap to be very neat, with “racing vents” and a nice design. The strap integrates nicely into the design of the case and incorporates a spring-loaded butterfly deployant clasp. Overall, the RM 35-03 will be yet another commercial success for Richard Mille, which is also hard to find in the market. The RMAL2 automatic movement does do something new, at least in some cases it has arguable utility. Where practicality is lacking, it provides fun, as this timepiece is another very luxurious fidget instrument.

Zenith luxury for sale

Swiss Open Gstaad and essential equipment for watching tennis

Tennis is one of the rare sports that is not timed, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear a watch

Since 2016, Zenith cheap for sale has been a partner of the Swiss Open Gstaad. It has a pop-up boutique stadium where visitors can see all the latest timepieces, try them on, and have a one-on-one display with the brand. This may not be surprising. This is the first time we arrived at the championship. Ports of call.

Zenith Chronomaster Sport
The first watch that caught my attention was the super sporty Chronomaster Sport, powered by the brand’s El Primero automatic chronograph movement. This 44 mm stainless steel sports watch is equipped with Zenith’s iconic gray, anthracite and blue counters, which contrast with the matte white dial. With a black ceramic bezel and a one-piece metal bracelet with a double folding clasp, it is an attractive sports watch.

In terms of function, it has hours and minutes in the center, small seconds at 9 o’clock, a 60-minute chronograph at 6 o’clock, a 60-second chronograph at 3 o’clock, and a charming central chronograph record. The 1/10 second hand will make your head rotate when it rotates the dial within 10 seconds.

Swiss Open Gstaad – ATP 250
Then, we went to the stadium to participate in the first game of the semi-final between Hugo Gaston of France and Laszlo Géré of Serbia. The ATP 250 tournament is part of the main ATP Tour, which includes four Grand Slam tournaments, the ATP Finals, the ATP Tour Masters 1000 and the ATP 500 tournament. best replica watch

The beauty of the Swiss Open Gstaad is that it is a good place to see young stars in the future. This fits perfectly with Zenith’s philosophy of “time to reach your goal”, and is compatible with those who dare to challenge themselves and break The people on the barriers resonate, just like the young people on the ATP 250 track.

Leandro Riedi became a friend of the brand
In keeping with this motto, Zenith announced the arrival of a new friend of the brand, the young professional tennis player Leandro Riedi. Riedi was born and raised in Switzerland. He has gained international fame and is currently ranked 700th in the ATP rankings. His achievements include entering the French Open men’s singles final, the Australian Open men’s doubles title, the sixth highest overall ranking of young players, and defeating the top 100 players in the ATP.

Unfortunately, he had already left when we arrived in Gstaad, but we saw some other outstanding players fighting hard on the court. After the game, he sat down with the men’s singles champion Caspar Rud. He is now also a guide. Proud owner of the Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Open and the magnificent Swiss Open Gstaad trophy. If the stars of tomorrow need extra motivation to win, Zenith Chronomaster is likely to be it!

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Art Phoenix

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Art Phoenix has a shocking natural gas. Over the years, the founders of Jacob & Co shaped a company in the watch industry, with truly unique vision. His brand has created a spectacular time rate in technology and visual. These statements have become a brand signature of the brand … Talk about statement, astronomical art phoenix combines impressive tips and meticulous decorative art.

The number of art Phoenix is ​​the spectacular concept of the initial presentation in 2013. It combines three-dimensional displays, unique complications and artwork. The following versions, such as the imperial dragon or extravagant octopus, the latest astronomy is characterized by the highlighter complexity of its miniature sculpture. This unique work shows a golden phoenix rising in sports and spread his wings around its different elements.

Jacob & Co. Astronomy is a fascinating 3D machinery microscopic. The display consists of the end of the center-mounted wheel with each satellite arm of the four satellite arms, which is constant. 1 grams of alone Jacob cut diamonds rotate themselves within 60 seconds; rotating magnesium handmade spheres within 60 seconds; an hour and minute sub-dial; the last two-axis gourmet regulates this charming ballet. The main cage rotates in 60 seconds, while due to the vertical axis, it can also rotate within 5 minutes.

Developed such hand-wound sports, Jacob & Co. Works with Studio 7H38 (owned by Luca Soprana), which is a sports manufacturer specializing in high complications, close to Neuchatel Vaumarcus. Due to less than 368 pieces, the power reserve is completely entangled for 60 hours.

During the seven-month process, an artist wrapped around this sporty sculpture. It is carved and completed by hand. The craftsman cast a solid 18K rose gold Phoenix from several parts. These are well-polished and completed, and then seamlessly assembled. The entire attention details are obvious. Because there are many negative space, sculptures must create specific tools to enter almost unreachable areas.

This charming ballet and sculpture are in a 47 mm white gold box. It is impressive highly huge sapphire crystal invitation to enjoy the details of changes from different angles. The lugs are empty, just like the side of the box. You may have noticed that there is no crown of the watch. Turn the watch, two symmetrical flip keys are full of buckets. One is used for wind blowing and the other for setting time. The watch is wearing white gold folding buckle on crocodile belt.

Bold Jacob & Co. Astronomical Art Phoenix Nature has no things that don’t see … But it highlights its technical and attention to the details involved in its production. Every time there are three-dimensional and different, it provides a dynamic and real hypnosis experience. replica nice watches

RADO Replica watches

Today, with the flood of social media, superficial design language is popular, only to compete for public attention and commercial traffic. A good design that is truly high-quality and can stand the test of time needs to maintain a calm mind, not be moved by short-term interests, stick to the original intention, endure loneliness, and wait for the flowers to bloom. There are many swiss watch men brands that boast good designs, but everyone knows that there are very few excellent designs between square inches, and the ones that can truly be called classic works are even rarer. Most of the time, “design” only exists as a propaganda vehicle, allowing mediocre products to sell at higher prices.

At the moment when the commercial value of “design” is prominent, in addition to the master Gerald Genta, who is known for designing Patek Philippe Nautilus and Audemas Piguet Royal Oak, rare watch designers have a higher public Reputation. No matter how many new models are released every year or how hot a certain product is sold, designers are often just ordinary employees in the brand design department that are not well-known.

In other words, watch design is relatively simple, only need to uphold tradition and a little innovation; unlike the fashion industry, the watch industry only has star products, and does not need star designers.

For the high-end watch field with relatively traditional and conservative design, it can indeed be regarded as a certain innovation and breakthrough.

Time travels back to more than 20 years ago (in my vague memory, probably in 1998), the Rado Cerex series used a similar design language (asymmetry and deformation), but it is obviously better than the above. A few crooked handles are more profound.

RADO Cyrex,

Ceramics with different shades of color represent day and night, which symbolizes the cycle of time, simple and timeless.

Cyrex is an epoch-making watch work, a representative of the earlier integration of industrial design and time art into the high-end watchmaking industry. Rado has once again demonstrated its pioneering spirit of innovation and self-breakthrough to the world. However, this product has not achieved real commercial success on a global scale, except for its acceptable sales in the Japanese market. When I joined Rado China in 2006, there was still a small amount of stock waiting to be processed in the market. At the listing event that year, Kwan Zhilin, who was wearing Cyrex watches from the spiral staircase of Jin Mao Tower, walked down the stairs, and the charming Guan Zhilin was no longer active in the public eye. The beauty is not old, but the good times can never go back.

Cyrex’s sales are not ideal, obviously related to the design. Radar ranked first in the Chinese market that year, with absolute advantages in brand awareness and sales channels. The reason for the poor sales may be that the design of this watch is too advanced, or the public still can’t appreciate this kind of watch with a strong design style.

In the case of conflicts between design styles and popular tastes, how to make trade-offs and trade-offs is a huge challenge for brand management. Because even a seemingly flat and wide road may hide many unpredictable unknowns ahead. In fact, most brand managers, just like our ordinary people, lack the strong will to walk to the end. What’s more, good design takes time to convince the audience, and you can’t create a classic in a flash.

Whether it is the Cyrex of cheap Rado or the special-shaped new models of the above brands, they all have a strong design style, and the internal motivation for design can be seen. As a daily accessory, I feel a little too hard. Just like on a lazy beach, you have to wear a solemn and formal dark evening dress. Although it reflects the high-level and elegant style, there is always a kind of out of place.

Overall ceramic series (Ceramica)

The overall ceramics can be called a work of God, and it is the best testimony of the golden age of the bursting of innovative capabilities of radar watches in the early 1990s.

The Ceramica monolithic ceramic series launched in 1990 follows the minimalist style that best Rado has always upheld, and this style has also become an important part of the design concept of Rado. The watch is characterized by its minimalist design: the case and the strap of the same width are seamlessly connected, and they are natural, just like a bracelet; they are made of the same material and shimmer with the same black light.

The overall ceramic series has also achieved great commercial success. It has been popular in the market for nearly 20 years and has influenced the product design styles of other consumer categories, such as Apple iPod and later iPhone.

Jaspe Morrison X monolithic ceramics

The cooperation between Jasper and Rado started in 2007. The first watch of the cooperation was launched the following year. The design style of ceramics is also a soft spot.

Before the official launch of r5.5, I was looking forward to the products Jasper would design for Radar, but when I first saw the product samples, I was a little disappointed. I didn’t have the bold and unimaginable design, but it was calm and ordinary in appearance. Of ordinary products. Compared with the overall ceramics, it only narrows the width of the strap, and changes the four right angles of the case to a rounded arc. But only a few weeks later, my attitude changed completely, and the r5.5 became my most frequently worn radar watch.

The Rado r5.5 series launched in 2009 was designed and created by the famous British designer Jasper Morrison. The design reveals Jasper’s typical design style: the perfect fusion of minimalist aesthetics and oriental Zen.

The name r5.5 is derived from the 5.5 mm rounded radius of the case. This watch follows the style of the early RADO watch models. The cleverly integrated ceramic case and tapered strap are reinterpreted in the r5.5 model. The minimalist style and the appearance design without losing the sense of the industrial era, the contrasting and exquisite details are reminiscent of the early monochrome models of RADO. The design of the watch combines the inherent hardness and warmth of high-tech ceramics, abandoning the sharp and cold straight lines, and using soft corners to set off the delicate and comfortable ceramics.

Jasper respects the silent design aesthetics, so that you will not always have a sense of “design” when you wear it, and everyone who has worn ceramic watches has a common experience. The biggest advantage of ceramics is not hard and wear-resistant, but Comfort that other materials can’t match. Therefore, r5.5 is a commuter watch that can be used with formal wear for work or weekend trips. It is unique, but its personality is not public, and the comfortable and calm beauty of wearing it is unforgettable. In Jasper’s other works, you can often see this highly recognizable 5.5mm radius arc corner.

Good design can stand the test of time. Similarly, good design also needs time to be recognized and accepted by the market. Like many other designs of Jasper, r5.5 is not the kind of work that makes people fall in love at first sight. The charming temperament and unique charm of “Super Normal” needs time to digest and identify. Once the love starts slowly, you will love more and more, and love for a long time. However, the radar at that time was facing the adjustment of brand strategy and the transformation to the young consumer market. As r5.5 did not bring huge performance in the short term, the Swiss management lacked enough patience and courage to continue to support this series.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak designed by Zunda did not immediately succeed; although it is difficult to find a list at the moment, who would have thought that the Chinese general agent would clear the goods at the price of the property 10 years ago. The price increase of Patek Philippe Nautilus is only a matter of recent years, but in today’s information overload, where do all the people remember these old events? We only focus on the immediate results, and selectively ignore the process by which a good design is discovered. In recent years, countless brands have almost blatantly copied the highly recognizable “Zunda Design”, and the truly original and good designs are either rare or submerged in a sea of ​​explosions.

Whether it’s a square in a circle or a square in a circle, the integration of tough square lines into the overall appearance of the circle, or the Royal Oak plus a few screws, can make traditional and elegant watches show youthful and sporty modernity. style.

New Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT

A brand that specializes in aviation instruments has updated its GMT watches

As a brand specializing in aviation instruments and pilot watches, replica Bell & Ross needs to add GMT models to its collection to some extent, which may be the most useful complication for aircraft pilots and frequent travelers. And, not surprisingly, this complexity has been found in the BR instrument series as well as the Vintage series. Today, the Paris-based brand is updating its square travel watch with a new version of BR 03-93 GMT. Redesigned, more modern, more practical, more readable… let’s take a look at this new version.

Therefore, what you see above is the BR 03-93 GMT version that is available until now, and this model has been replaced by the watch we will find below. What we have is a 42mm x 42mm stainless steel watch with a matte black dial, orange decoration on the central hand of GMT, and a fixed 24h stainless steel scale.

However, Bell & Ross GMT watches have recently evolved to provide more functions and better readability. For example, the BR V2-93 GMT of the Vintage series is equipped with the same central GMT pointer, but also benefits from a third time zone display with a rotating bidirectional bezel. This is the content of the updated BR 03-93 GMT.

As part of the musical instrument series, you will find that the brand’s iconic square case is still 42 mm wide, which is not surprising. If there is not much change in the overall shape after the update, the case will look slightly better during execution. The top of the case is round brushed, and 4 functional screws are aligned and polished. The side of the case has a large polished bevel to increase power. The central case is drawn vertically. The new BR 03-93 GMT has the same proportions as the previous iteration and the same specifications. It has a 100m water resistance, a strong steel back and a screw-in crown. swiss watches prices

As you might have guessed, the most important difference in this update is the presence of a two-way rotating bezel. The third time zone can be displayed. It is made of stainless steel with 24 clicks. The insert is anodized aluminum with red and black tones. Therefore, this means that in addition to the central hand showing the second time zone, the bezel can also read the third time zone. Rotating clockwise will decrease the hours, rotating counterclockwise will increase the hours.

The dial has also been refreshed. It now has a sun frosted pattern. Arabic numerals are applied and brushed vertically, and the hour markers are now filled with Super-LumiNova. The classic B&R (B&R) luminous hands are still used for hours (local time) and minutes, and the extra hour hand (local time) is now painted red to match the bezel. The date is displayed in a circular tint window at 4h30.

In the case of this updated Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT, there is no change, because it is still powered by the famous and robust BR-CAL.303 (based on Sellita SW-330). This automatic movement has a frequency of 4Hz and a power reserve of 42h, and is often referred to as a table GMT because the crown independently sets the GMT hands in units of one hour, rather than the local hour hand (as in Rolex GMT).

Bell&Ross BR 03-93 GMT is equipped with a matte black calfskin belt and a steel pin buckle. It also includes an extra extra tough black synthetic fiber strap.


Case: 42mm x 42mm square case – stainless steel, brushed and polished – bi-directional rotating bezel in steel, 24h black and red scale on anodised aluminium ring – sapphire crystal – screw-down crown – 100m water-resistant

Dial: Black sunray dial – brushed applied Arabic numeral and hour markers filled with SLN – faceted hour and minute hands, filled with SLN – red GMT hand – minute scale on the silver inner flange
Movement: Calibre BR-CAL.303 (base Sellita SW-330) – automatic – 25 jewels – 28,800 vibrations/hour – 42h power reserve – hours, minutes, seconds, central GMT hand, date

Strap: black calfskin leather with brushed and polished pin buckle
Addition ultra-resilient black synthetic fabric strap also included

Reference: BR0393-BL-ST/SCA


Replica Jacob & Co. ASTRONOMIA CLARITY WHITE GOLD watch AT120.30.AD.SD.A

The Jacobs Company’s astronomical clarity tour. The palm of the hand with an impressive tour At WCL, we are fortunate to regularly review such impressive timepieces as the Jacob & Co. Astronomia series. Jacob & Co. was founded by Uzbek immigrant Jacob Jacobo and is known for selling high-priced jewelry, watches and diamonds to celebrities and hip-hop and rap artists. As his company flourished in the 1990s, Arabo became the nickname of “Jacob the Jeweler” (first appeared in several rap songs by Jay-Z and other hip-hop recording artists Middle), until 2005, he opened his own boutique on 57th Street, right next to the old Audemars Piguet boutique-AP boutique is now across the street, just a few steps away from Park Avenue.

However, with the booming business and after becoming a celebrity jeweler, “Jacob the Jeweler” (Jacob the Jeweler) was in a difficult situation in 2006. He was arrested for money laundering and IRS issues and was arrested in 2008. jail. He was released in 2010 after a one-year sentence. As expected, the cruel watches with five time zones he once sold are now long gone, and Mr. Arabi is making a comeback with an impressive “Haute Horlogerie” timepiece. From the perspective of clocks and watches, its flickering effect is smaller, but there are many amazing factors. The Astronomia series is a good example, and the Astronomia Clarity tourbillon watch is the Jacob & Co. watches we reviewed for the first time on WCL.

Astronomia Clarity Tourbillon is a truly unique breakthrough timepiece, which combines the highest level of Swiss timepiece craftsmanship and watch decoration art to enhance the art of watchmaking and create a watch that is a visual representation of the celestial poetry. Every element is consistent, visible movement, all of which are carried out under the control of the oscillator of the three-axis tourbillon heart, with hour and minute track display.

Things you need to know
No matter which way you watch, the clarity of Jacob & Co. astronomy is not a traditional watch. This timepiece is equipped with an 18K white gold case, which looks more like a cage, with six sapphire crystals mounted on the top, bottom, strap and lugs. The diameter is 50 mm and the thickness is 25 mm (for reference, the thickness of the Royal Oak Offshore is 15 mm). Due to the transparency of its structure, the chronometer watch does not look so large, so the clarity of astronomy has not reached the required level. Some sizes.

However, the best replica watches for men is large but not bulky. Now, for those who want to know whether this watch is waterproof, the answer is yes. According to the ISO 2281 standard, the astronomical resolution is 30 meters.

In terms of time display, the watch has a patented differential gear system, and the hours and minutes are indicated by a rotating dial with Roman numerals and blue hands. The dial rotates around the dial every 20 minutes.

Four different elements are concentrated in the center through a patented differential gear system, an hour and minute dial, faceted spherical diamonds, magnesite globe and gravity tourbillon cage can all be found. In the center, a globe engraved with longitude and latitude lines shows the limitations of the part, in this case, the clarity of astronomy is limited to 9 pieces.

The blue and silver magnesium paint globes rotate every 60 seconds on two axes.

The total weight of the faceted spherical diamond is one carat and it has 288 sides. This is an exclusive patented Jacob & Co. diamond cut. Just like a globe, this diamond rotates on two axes every 60 seconds.

But what makes Jacob & Co.’s astronomical clarity tourbillon even more special is that the gravity tourbillon cage rotates on three axes. The first axis rotates every sixty seconds, the second axis rotates every five minutes, and the third axis rotates every 20 minutes. In addition, the shape of the tourbillon cage bears the iconic “J&Co”. Jacob & Co. logo

This watch is equipped with a gorgeous large square scale alligator leather strap and 18K white gold double folding unfolding clasp.

As if the front is not impressive enough, turning Astronomia Clarity around, you can find the complicated and clever winding and time setting mechanism, so that the watch has no crown in the traditional position. The movement is powered by the internal Jacob & Co. manual winding movement JCAM10. The back cover of the movement is equipped with two flat crowns, so the wearer can wind the watch through the left crown and pass the watch. The crown on the crown sets the time. correct. The movement has a “premium watch” finish on the small main board and bridge, and has a flat balance spring. The power reserve when fully wound is 60 hours.

On the wrist, the wearing size of the Jacob & Co. Astronomy Clear Tourbillon is slightly smaller than its actual size, but the impression on the wrist is the most impressive. This is a timepiece, you need to watch it in person to fully appreciate the brilliance and micro-movement watch feat it represents.


These GMT watches make their debut this year

GMT fake swiss watches are an international leader in the field of chronographs because they can display two time zones at the same time. In the era of global communication, jets, business travelers, and globetrotters truly appreciate this useful additional feature, allowing them to stay up to date while still knowing the rest of the world. The following are selected tracks from this year’s premiere.

Buy Patek Philippe Grand Complications Ref. 5520P Alarm Travel Time Fake Watch 5520P-001

Patek Philippe-Calatrava pilot siren reference. 5520P

In reference. 5520P, Patek Philippe launched a new Grand Complication in the style of Calatrava Pilot Travel Time, equipped with a platinum case. Its unique time zone mechanism plus 24-hour alarm is supplemented by the traditional sound of hammers. The “travel time zone” time zone mechanism consists of two hour hands protruding from the center-one for the solid local time and the other for the local time frame.

During the journey, with the help of one of the two pushers, a firm hand can be adjusted by simply adjusting the step length of one hour forward or backward. The two time zones also have day/night display, and the date is synchronized with the local time hand. The crown at four o’clock sets the alarm interval to 15 minutes. It has a dual aperture display, which similarly includes a day/night display. The new self-winding AL 30-660 S C FUS movement provides this unique feature and includes 574 individual parts.

Best Porsche Design 1919 SPORT CHRONO BLACK & LEATHER 4046901927981 Replica Watch

Porsche Design – 1919 Globetimer UTC

In the Globetimer UTC in 1919, Porsche Design introduced a shopping replica watch with a second time zone, which is particularly easy to operate and precise. Just press a button to switch the 12-hour display to local time. The day/night dial serves as the morning/afternoon indicator to help select the correct local time of the day. The date is linked to the local time and automatically switches back and forward. The 24-hour hand shows local time.

This ingenious mechanism provides an innovative self-winding movement for the three-part 42mm titanium case. The new Porsche design caliber Werk 04.110 is based on Sellita SW-200, with a bidirectional winding ball bearing rotor, and has been improved by the Dubois Dépraz chronograph module. The automatic movement comes with a COSC certificate of tested accuracy.

Best Porsche Design 1919 SPORT CHRONO BLACK & LEATHER 4046901927981 Replica Watch

Item Type: Replica 1919 COLLECTION Watches
Case Material: titanium,round
Model Number: 4046901927981
Brand Name: Porsche Design
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 42 mm
Gender: men
Glass: Sapphire
Thickness: 14.90 mm
Dial: black
Clasp Type: Folding clasp
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Boxes: common box package without paper
Band Material Type: leather
Functions: Minute, hour, small second
Year: 2020

Seiko – Prospex LX Black Edition SNR035

At Baselworld 2019 (Baselworld 2019), Seiko launched a series of sports watches designed in collaboration with the famous Japanese industrial designer Ken Okuyama. Okuyama was the chief designer of General Motors, senior designer of Porsche AG, and design director of Pininfarina, responsible for Ferrari Enzo, Maserati Quattroporte and many other cars.

Seiko’s absolute sporty and bold series are equipped with the latest Spring Drive movement. One of these new watches is the LX Black Edition SNR035, which exudes absolute technical charm. Its titanium case is waterproof to 100 meters, has a diameter of 44.8 mm, and is protected by a super hard coating. Inside the case, the Spring Drive GMT 5R66 movement with a second time zone and a 72-hour power reserve keeps time high.

Franck Dubarry – Crazy Wheel 2 Gravitational GMT

The latest design of the avant-garde Crazy Wheel combines athletic talent with an innovative display of the second time zone. In the internally developed complex function, the home time is displayed on the hour hand and indexed in twelve-hour units. There are six versions of Crazy Wheel 2 Gravitational GMT. They all have an amazingly sized titanium case measuring 44 x 52 mm and the sides are made of carbon fiber. Connected to this is a particularly elastic fabric strap made of Nomex, an innovative material that is also used in space and racing applications.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches GMT-Master II 126710BLNR Oystersteel - Black and Blue Cerachrom Bezel

Rolex – Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II

At the 2019 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, Rolex showed a new version of the Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II, which has a bidirectional rotatable bezel and two-color blue and black ceramic 24-hour scale Cerachrom plug-ins. This watch made of Oystersteel and equipped with a silver jubilee bracelet echoes the GMT-Master II launched in 2018. The watch features a Cerachrom frame with red and blue ceramics.

The reflection of light from the sides and lugs of the case highlights the outline of the 40 mm Oyster case. This new version is equipped with calibre 3285 and is at the forefront of watchmaking technology. It was first launched on the Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II in 2018. Like all Rolex watches, the new GMT-Master II also has the most advanced chronometer certification to ensure excellent performance. On the wrist.

Bulgari – Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT Automatic

The legend of Octo Finissimo reached a new peak, setting the fifth world record at the Baselworld. This year, Bulgari introduced the thinnest mechanical chronograph in the history of watchmaking. But this is not all. The lower case made of titanium and ceramic contains the movement BVL 318, which is only 3.3 mm high, but still has GMT function and has a 55-hour power reserve. The 42mm case surrounds the sandblasted titanium dial and has a transparent back cover. The shell height is only 6.9 mm, which is also ultra-thin.

Downtown Jurgensen – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

This independent wholesale copy watch brand showcases an ingeniously manufactured timepiece with sports function and a second time zone. The artistically designed guilloche dial at six o’clock elegantly displays the local time. You can easily adjust the second time zone back and forth using the two buttons on the left side of the case. The Super-Luminova coating of the hands and hour markers ensures optimal readability in the dark. The 41mm surgical steel case is waterproof to 120 meters.

Oris-Aquis GMT Date

For diving enthusiasts, this debut is the ultimate timepiece. It is eager to travel, because with the new bezel with a 24-hour scale, it can now provide information in three time zones. The second time zone is clearly indicated by the yellow signal hand, which stands out from the dark blue dial with super Luminova numbers. Another noteworthy feature is the 30 bar pressure resistance, which shows that the Oris Aquis GMT Date is indeed robust. The rhythm of this 43.5 mm stainless steel watch is consistent with the rhythm of the Oris 798 automatic movement based on SW 330-1.

Ulysse Nardin (Ulysse Nardin) New Blast watch with invisible jet design

Replica Ulysse Nardin BLAST Blue T-1723-400/03 watch Perfect

Ulysse Nardin launched the Blast model as the latest introduction to its lineup. This new watch is inspired by natural forces such as glaciers and magma bursts, and is based on stealth fighter jets.

The first thing you will notice about this watch is the transparency of the offer. With the new automatic silicon tourbillon and the UN-172 movement with a three-day power reserve, the hollow body becomes possible. This movement is housed in an X-shaped case, similar to the “X” design in Diver X, Freak X and Skeleton X. Above the X case is a rectangular frame, which is a design hint found in many other Ulysse Nardin watches. You can see the barrel at 12 o’clock, and the tourbillon in flight at 6 o’clock.

The Blast model is designed based on the sharp lines on the stealth jet. Ulysse Nardin (Ulysse Nardin) actually redesigned their iconic triangular belt fixture to have a geometric design similar to that of a stealth aircraft wing.

Ulysse Nardin launched three different models of Blast wholesale watches replica: Blue Blast, Black Blast, White Blast and Rose Gold Blast. Each has the same diameter of 45 mm, but each has a different color, inspired by these elements.

Replica Ulysse Nardin BLAST White T-1723-400/00 watch Perfect

Item Type: Replica BLAST White Watches
Case Material: Ceramic,Round
Model Number: T-1723-400/00
Brand Name: Ulysse Nardin
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 45 mm
Gender: men
Glass: Sapphire
Dial: Skeleton
Clasp Type: pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Band Material Type: Grey Rubber strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Skeleton,Tourbillon
Year: 2020

Ulysse Nardin’s high-tech high-explosive watches debut

Ulysse Nardin (Ulysse Nardin) is absolutely unconventional, this is the love and respect of the brand from global watch collectors. The history of this Swiss watch company can be traced back to 1846 and has long been a pioneer and leader in the field of watchmaking. For the past six years, under the leadership of the Kering Group, the brand has gone to great lengths to continue to go against the convention-issuing jaw-dropping watches and trapping watch fans in the snare. The latest fashion series: Ulysse Nardin Blast. Blast is a revolutionary timepiece with a new movement, a new case, a patented buckle and more.

The movement has been produced for 3 years, the case has been produced for 18 months, and the wild and advanced butterfly buckle has been produced for a few months. The name Blast is aptly named: fresh air and innovation.

Based on its most popular (and best-selling) Executive Skeleton watch, Ulysse Nardin endows the Blast series with a 3D multi-layer skeleton movement. The concept of its inner shape has become the iconic appearance of Executive watches.

Nowadays, a round case with a rectangular pattern also has two large X shapes on the entire movement-shielding each other, adding depth and drama to the movement’s structure. These Xs are not only decorative, but also have a certain purpose: double X clamps connect complex movement boards together in a sandwich form.

Ulysse Nardin Blast is equipped with an automatic winding device, with a micro-rotor, you can fundamentally observe the mechanical principle; tourbillon cage with X-shaped pattern, etc. The journey around architectural masterpieces is eye-opening and highlights Ulysse Nardin’s commitment to terms such as X citation, X Trem, X detonation.

“Ulysse Nardin uses the concept of X, because X is such an important part of life. X is the representative of chromosomes, it is the subject of reproduction, it defines unknown things, different things and exciting things. “We use X Represents what we represent, extraordinary, experience, limit, exploration, etc. “

Therefore, it makes sense for the brand to make watches with X as an important visual symbol, which highlights its commitment to pioneering appearance and watchmaking skills. The 45mm blast furnace with double X pattern is both avant-garde and advanced.

As mentioned earlier, the case is under consideration for 18 months. This is a four-part case with bold angles and ergonomic comfort. It has a mixture of polished and lined surfaces, which can only be achieved by laser etching. In fact, it took only a whole year to develop the method to create unique satin lines and form perfect edges between satin and polished finishes.

For the 18-carat 5N rose gold version, the case starts with a 5mm thick gold bar, then engraved into the angles and parts that make up it. The middle of the case is made of sandblasted titanium with a black DLC coating, which highlights the fantastic angles. Other versions of Blast are titanium and blue models, as well as red-black or white ceramic colors.

As mentioned earlier, the movement is also brand new, marking the first time the brand has introduced a hollow tourbillon with an automatic winding system. Usually, automatic rotors conceal the beauty of skeletonized work. In order to avoid this situation, the brand turned to a micro-micro rotor at 12:00 on the dial. The unidirectional micro-rotor is made of platinum and is engraved with silicon technology. The freely spinning tourbillon is located opposite the rotor and on the dial at 6:00.

The Ulysse Nardin movement 172 is made entirely in-house. Although very complex, it is also very simple-only 137 components and 25 jewels. It provides a 72-hour power reserve and has an efficient winding system. Since Ulysse Nardin’s escape wheel, anchor and hairspring are made of silicon technology, the online copy watch is antimagnetic.

Blast has the Ulysse Nardin certification, which is even more stringent than the COSC chronometer certification. In contrast to COSC’s method of testing only the movement, it is tested as a fully assembled watch (with manual and dial). Tested for 7 days instead of 5 days, and tested six positions instead of five. It has been tested at three temperatures. Compared with COSC -4 to +6, it must meet the stricter exact code of -2 to +6 seconds every day.

Hotier said: “Because we are a manufacturer and do everything at home, we can make a very reasonable price strategy.” “When you are a manufacturer, you will build all the components in-house. We are not buying from other companies. Products are manufactured parts, so we decide fair prices and bring great value to customers. This is a way to show respect to our customers.”

Each Blast watch comes with a variety of straps, including rubber with an X pattern, rubber with a micro-woven black pattern, crocodile leather and even rubber with black velvet to create a stunning Black Tie charm.

Franck Muller Vanguard™ Revolution 3 Frame

The Revolution series tourbillon launched by Franck Muller represents some of the most ambitious, radical and amazing achievements in the history of contemporary watchmaking. Today, Franck Muller (Franck Muller) launched the Vanguard™ Revolution 3 skull, which has extraordinary technical wonders and emotions that only Frank Muller can discover.

This watch has a stunning skeleton movement, showing the skeletonized black bridge and red aluminum indicator in a stylish way, allowing you to observe one of the most exquisite mechanisms of all timepieces.

This three-axis tourbillon can correct gravity in all positions, while the classic tourbillon only compensates when the watch is in a vertical position. This complex frame system is a technological marvel and the result of one of the most complicated works in haute horology.

The extraordinary three-axis tourbillon that dominates the lower half of the movement slowly rotates the three movements in cycles of 1 hour, 8 minutes and 60 seconds. This highly complex mechanism makes the Vanguard™ Revolution 3 skeleton a miracle of accuracy, and above all a masterpiece of micromechanics.

Power flows from the gear train through all three carriages to activate the balance wheel five times per second. Since Revolution 3 has three carriages, the gear train has a lot of resistance to overcome. In order to provide enough energy to drive the three-axis tourbillon, the movement has a huge power reserve of 10 days. In addition, during the progress of the 8-minute carriage and the 60-second carriage, there are two retrograde instructions at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock.

This timepiece is placed in a pioneer case for the first time, with a unique sapphire dome on the front and back of the watch, which further highlights the magnificent three-axis tourbillon. The Vanguard case is made of grade 2 titanium and is treated with a black PVD coating. The strap made of red Alcantara® effortlessly adopts the shape of the wrist, perfectly matching the red decoration on the movement and the Vanguard case.

The future design of Vanguard™ Revolution 3 Skeleton is completely designed and manufactured in-house by the company. It is a treasure trove of machinery, demonstrating the exquisite manufacturing technology of Franck Muller.

The brand new Vanguard™ Revolution 3 frame has Franck Muller’s 5-year tourbillon warranty and comes in a very special box with an automatic opening system.Cheap watches

About Cintrée Curvex Revolution 1: Enhancing the art of tourbillon

From the very beginning, Franck Muller understood the emotion that the tourbillon brings to the watch owner. Emotion is the reason that Franck Muller mainly produces flying tourbillons, because without the bridge, you will have a clearer understanding of the tourbillon mechanism. But even so, Frank still noticed that the owner of the tourbillon always put the watch in front of his eyes so that he could peer into the mechanical world. He wondered if it was possible to make a tourbillon that rises from the dial so that the owner could better understand the mechanics of the frame. He began to experiment with this idea and proposed an extraordinary mechanism, Revolution1. Press the button on the left side of the lower case, and the tourbillon carriage rises until it is only a few microns from the bottom surface of the upper sapphire crystal. From the side, you will find that the balance wheel has been fully raised above the height of the dial. The result is an unprecedented timepiece complication.

Frank (Franck) faced a major challenge during the watch concept. If you happen to place the pointer of the tourbillon over the hole when you press the button (for example, at 6 o’clock), the pointer of the tourbillon may be damaged. Therefore, he decided to create a system where no matter where the hands are on the dial, the hands will jump to 12 o’clock to ensure that they will not block the rising tourbillon holder. But more importantly, when the button is released, the pointer will jump back to the correct time position without losing one second of accuracy. Although this sounds simple, the potential technical challenges are extreme. Getting the hands to jump back to the correct time is much more difficult than just raising the tourbillon. Franck’s solution was to design a system similar to the return function in a split-second chronograph. Essentially, he had to make two tricky things-one in each hand-which is why Revolution 1 is so difficult to develop.

Therefore, for Franck Muller, the success of the subsequent Revolution 1 demonstrated the untapped potential of redeveloping the tourbillon for contemporary consumers. The acclaim of Revolution 1 quickly paved the way for one of the major breakthroughs in the new millennium watch: the first multi-axis tourbillon watch.

About Cintrée Curvex Revolution 2: Two-axis tourbillon
The tourbillon-or “Whirlwind”, as the name suggests is translated from French-is the most in-depth, acclaimed and highly respected complication in the world of fine watchmaking. It consists of a bracket in which all the adjustment mechanisms of the mechanical watch, including the balance wheel, hairspring and escapement are placed. Then, it rotates around its own axis every 60 seconds to compensate for errors caused by gravity in these components when the watch is in a vertical position.

Since it is designed for pocket watches, the classic tourbillon can only compensate for the negative effects of gravity in the vertical position. Therefore, after months of research and development, Franck Muller (Franck Muller) launched the Tourbillon version of Revolution 2. Revolution 2 rotates around two axes, so it can not only compensate for the effects of gravity when it is vertical or horizontal. This innovation brings a new connection to the tourbillon in the form of a Review replica watch.

About Cintrée Curvex Revolution 3: Beyond 3D
As conceived by pocket watches, the tourbillon is designed to work in a vertical position. However, for a watch, the “normal” position may vary greatly depending on the wearer’s movement, which in turn can cause major changes in operation.

Therefore, after years of development, Franck Muller produced the world’s first three-axis tourbillon in 2004, which completely changed the watchmaking industry. Franck Muller’s engineers surpassed Revolution 2 and created a true masterpiece. Revolution 3 provides extraordinary technological wonders and emotions that only Franck Muller can discover. This three-axis tourbillon can correct gravity in all positions, while the classic tourbillon only compensates when the watch is in the vertical position. This amazing complexity is the result of one of the most complex pieces in Haute Horlogerie.

About Franck Muller (Franck Muller) manufacturing
Franck Muller was founded in 1991 by master watchmaker Franck Muller and watch case expert Vartan Sirmakes. It is one of the most acclaimed independent watch companies in contemporary watchmaking. Franck Muller is an award-winning brand known for its highly proprietary technical complexity (proprietary technological innovation), which is produced in-house at Genthod’s plant in Geneva. From the first three-axis tourbillon Revolution 3 to the most complex watch in the world, Frank Muller (Aknitler) Mega 4, Frank Muller (Franck Muller) created an outstanding timepiece, always in the history of Swiss watchmaking Left his mark.

Franck Muller has more than 50 world premieres and patents. His creativity is warmly welcomed by watch connoisseurs and celebrities all over the world, and represents a major technological advancement in the history of Haute Horlogerie.

Franck Muller Vanguard™Revolution 3 skeleton technical specifications and prices
The three-axis tourbillon of the Vanguard™ Revolution 3 skeleton can correct gravity in all positions, while the classic tourbillon compensates for it only when the watch is in the vertical position. This complex frame system is a technological marvel and the result of one of the most complicated works in haute horology.

Reference V 50 REV 3 SQT NR BR (ER)


Pioneer case
Grade 2 titanium alloy with PVD treatment on the back
Hand brush
Red inserts on both sides of the housing
Width: 46mm x Length: 55.9mm x Thickness: 13.7mm
Sapphire crystal glass with two domes on the front and back
Water-resistant to 30 meters

Hours, minutes,
Three-axis tourbillon,
12 o’clock power reserve,
4 o’clock and 8 o’clock transportation progress indicator
Instructions for use

The reel has 2 positions: 1. Rewind. 2. Time setting

Manual winding movement
10 days power reserve
359 components
36 rubies
Width: 34.30 mm Length: 40.30 mm Thickness: 9.65 mm
The balance wheel frequency is set to 18,000 times per hour
Rotate the first cage in 1 minute
The second cage rotates in 8 minutes
Rotate the third cage for 1 hour
Bone movement
The movement is decorated with micro notes and chamfers on the main board and tourbillon cage
Circular texture on wheels
Red anodized tourbillon cage and indicator
Strap and buckle

Hand-stitched red Alcantara® strap
Grade 2 titanium folding buckle
Hand brush

Crazy Hours and Franck Muller await the Mayan Rally 2020

The new Rally Maya Mexico 2020 series is the result of combining the Vanguard Racing racing box with the unique and interesting Crazy Hours complication.

This 2020 Franck Muller (Franck Muller) will exclusively present 60 watches commemorating the Rally Maya for the Mexican market. Its unique and interesting complexity sets the watchmaker apart: Crazy Time, 25 of them are installed in In the stainless steel case, 25 pieces of brushed titanium and 10 pieces of stainless steel ladies’ watches are contained in a box.

The Rally Maya Mexico 2020 series will be the first watch that incorporates the best box in the 44mm Tonneau box of the Vanguard Racing series, and incorporates the complexity of jumping time. This is Franck Muller’s iconic work.

This series uses the FM 2800 CH movement, with a 48-hour power reserve inside and a 3 ATM seal. On the cover, you can see hand-scrambled numbers, as well as the protagonist 8, located in the protagonist 12, with the logo of the Maya Rally printed on it, representing the mysterious journey of the feathered snake Kukulkan.

In the center, a countdown counter, inspired by antique car tachometers and bezel details (Mayan numbers), combines the best watchmaking craftsmanship in Switzerland and Mayan culture.

Franck Muller and Altruism
The Rally Maya is an old-fashioned racing car that will celebrate its seventh race from May 16th to 24th this year. The race is known for enhancing its sense of responsibility to society.

“Franck Muller Mexico is honored to be able to cooperate for the fourth consecutive year to support those who need it most in a selfless manner, so this year will again receive a portion of the Rally Maya limited edition from the sale of 60 watches. He pointed out In 2017 and 2018, it has provided support to the Mexican Diabetes Association (the foundation that fights type 1 childhood diabetes) in the southeast, and in 2019 it has provided support to the Association for Children with Down Syndrome. Michelle Space provided support. Brand statement.

Franck Muller
Franck Muller (Franck Muller) Mexico team will once again drive a 6-cylinder 1966 Jaguar XKE to participate in the race, the Latin González Soto (Ramón González Soto) wheel won the championship, he won the fifth in the fifth elegant competition One. Mexico Maya Rally 2018 Edition.

About crazy moments
Crazy Hours Complication swiss replica watches was launched in 2003 and consists of a jumping hour module and an automatic movement. When the hour hand jumps to the correct hour hand digits, the minute hand rotates around the dial in a traditional 60-minute cycle. Although the hour numbers seem to be arranged randomly, “Crazy Time” follows an order: each subsequent number is placed in an arc about 120 degrees from the previous number.