Jacob & Co. Astronomia Art Phoenix

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Art Phoenix has a shocking natural gas. Over the years, the founders of Jacob & Co shaped a company in the watch industry, with truly unique vision. His brand has created a spectacular time rate in technology and visual. These statements have become a brand signature of the brand … Talk about statement, astronomical art phoenix combines impressive tips and meticulous decorative art.

The number of art Phoenix is ​​the spectacular concept of the initial presentation in 2013. It combines three-dimensional displays, unique complications and artwork. The following versions, such as the imperial dragon or extravagant octopus, the latest astronomy is characterized by the highlighter complexity of its miniature sculpture. This unique work shows a golden phoenix rising in sports and spread his wings around its different elements.

Jacob & Co. Astronomy is a fascinating 3D machinery microscopic. The display consists of the end of the center-mounted wheel with each satellite arm of the four satellite arms, which is constant. 1 grams of alone Jacob cut diamonds rotate themselves within 60 seconds; rotating magnesium handmade spheres within 60 seconds; an hour and minute sub-dial; the last two-axis gourmet regulates this charming ballet. The main cage rotates in 60 seconds, while due to the vertical axis, it can also rotate within 5 minutes.

Developed such hand-wound sports, Jacob & Co. Works with Studio 7H38 (owned by Luca Soprana), which is a sports manufacturer specializing in high complications, close to Neuchatel Vaumarcus. Due to less than 368 pieces, the power reserve is completely entangled for 60 hours.

During the seven-month process, an artist wrapped around this sporty sculpture. It is carved and completed by hand. The craftsman cast a solid 18K rose gold Phoenix from several parts. These are well-polished and completed, and then seamlessly assembled. The entire attention details are obvious. Because there are many negative space, sculptures must create specific tools to enter almost unreachable areas.

This charming ballet and sculpture are in a 47 mm white gold box. It is impressive highly huge sapphire crystal invitation to enjoy the details of changes from different angles. The lugs are empty, just like the side of the box. You may have noticed that there is no crown of the watch. Turn the watch, two symmetrical flip keys are full of buckets. One is used for wind blowing and the other for setting time. The watch is wearing white gold folding buckle on crocodile belt.

Bold Jacob & Co. Astronomical Art Phoenix Nature has no things that don’t see … But it highlights its technical and attention to the details involved in its production. Every time there are three-dimensional and different, it provides a dynamic and real hypnosis experience. replica nice watches

Crazy Hours and Franck Muller await the Mayan Rally 2020

The new Rally Maya Mexico 2020 series is the result of combining the Vanguard Racing racing box with the unique and interesting Crazy Hours complication.

This 2020 Franck Muller (Franck Muller) will exclusively present 60 watches commemorating the Rally Maya for the Mexican market. Its unique and interesting complexity sets the watchmaker apart: Crazy Time, 25 of them are installed in In the stainless steel case, 25 pieces of brushed titanium and 10 pieces of stainless steel ladies’ watches are contained in a box.

The Rally Maya Mexico 2020 series will be the first watch that incorporates the best box in the 44mm Tonneau box of the Vanguard Racing series, and incorporates the complexity of jumping time. This is Franck Muller’s iconic work.

This series uses the FM 2800 CH movement, with a 48-hour power reserve inside and a 3 ATM seal. On the cover, you can see hand-scrambled numbers, as well as the protagonist 8, located in the protagonist 12, with the logo of the Maya Rally printed on it, representing the mysterious journey of the feathered snake Kukulkan.

In the center, a countdown counter, inspired by antique car tachometers and bezel details (Mayan numbers), combines the best watchmaking craftsmanship in Switzerland and Mayan culture.

Franck Muller and Altruism
The Rally Maya is an old-fashioned racing car that will celebrate its seventh race from May 16th to 24th this year. The race is known for enhancing its sense of responsibility to society.

“Franck Muller Mexico is honored to be able to cooperate for the fourth consecutive year to support those who need it most in a selfless manner, so this year will again receive a portion of the Rally Maya limited edition from the sale of 60 watches. He pointed out In 2017 and 2018, it has provided support to the Mexican Diabetes Association (the foundation that fights type 1 childhood diabetes) in the southeast, and in 2019 it has provided support to the Association for Children with Down Syndrome. Michelle Space provided support. Brand statement.

Franck Muller
Franck Muller (Franck Muller) Mexico team will once again drive a 6-cylinder 1966 Jaguar XKE to participate in the race, the Latin González Soto (Ramón González Soto) wheel won the championship, he won the fifth in the fifth elegant competition One. Mexico Maya Rally 2018 Edition.

About crazy moments
Crazy Hours Complication swiss replica watches was launched in 2003 and consists of a jumping hour module and an automatic movement. When the hour hand jumps to the correct hour hand digits, the minute hand rotates around the dial in a traditional 60-minute cycle. Although the hour numbers seem to be arranged randomly, “Crazy Time” follows an order: each subsequent number is placed in an arc about 120 degrees from the previous number.