Zenith Chronomaster Revival A3817

Buy Replica Zenith El Primero A3817 Revival Ladder Men Watch 03.A384.400/3817.M3817

The only three-color dial available in the tonneau-shaped case

If the name of El Primero refers to the legendary automatic chronograph launched in 1969, it has actually been used in various watches, including the iconic first trilogy, namely A384, A385 and A386. In recent years, Zenith fake has reissued all these products in the hot “Revival” series. But in 1971, a watch A3817 appeared, which broke the difference between A384 and A386 in some way, mixing the case of the former with the dial of the latter. Today, this style is back with the new Zenith Chronomaster Revival A3817.

In the 1969 trilogy, the A384 was regarded as a sporty model, with its tonneau-shaped case, panda dial and only made of stainless steel. From the side, the A386 is a more classic choice for a round steel or gold case. Of course, the iconic three-color dial is still one of the most well-known elements in Zenith’s DNA. In 1971, there was a watch that combined the two fields, the A3817. It uses the sporty steel tonneau-shaped case of the earliest El Primero steel case, with a striking A386 three-color dial, which has a unique and attractive beauty-even with one or two cool design elements. It is still one of the most popular models in the early El Primero watches.

Following the Chronomaster Revival A385 and A385, and using the same technical foundation, Zenith released a new version in the Revival series, paying deep respect to A3817. Therefore, it retains the barrel cases of the other two models with compact (historical-related) dimensions of 37 mm in diameter, 12.6 mm in height, and 47 mm from lug to lug. The case also uses a beautiful combination of radial brushed surface, polished surface and sides. All products are made using historical blueprints and reverse engineering techniques, so this table is basically a one-to-one copy of the original model.

The important thing about the Zenith Chronomaster Revival A3817 is the dial, which looks exactly the same as the A386… but it is not. Of course, it uses the classic white background and three-color counters (grey and blue), but some elements here are different, just like the 1971 model. For example, a second counter running at 9 o’clock is completed with a blue marker, indicated by a blue pointer on the dial. The external tachymeter scale can also be used as a pulse meter (from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock) and other track speedometers. Finally, the second hand movement is completed with a pyramid pattern affectionately nicknamed the “shark tooth” scale, which enhances readability through the obvious retro feel. The hands and markers are rhodium-plated and faceted, and then painted with beige Super-LumiNova.

As A385 and A384, the new Zenith Chronomaster Revival A3817 is powered by the El Primero 400 movement, which is a direct descendant of the 1969 movement. Visible under the sapphire caseback (which is a concession to modernity), this internal engine runs at 5Hz and has a power reserve of 50 hours. It retains the integrated automatic timing structure with row wheels and horizontal clutch.

In order to complete the retro look of the Chronomaster Revival A3817, two strap options are proposed: the first is a steel “staircase” strap, which refurbishes the modern GayFrères strap and becomes a symbol of the early El Primero watches, and a small light brown. Cowhide straps, with steel pin buckles, patina will gradually form over time.


Case: 37mm diameter – 12.6mm height – 19mm lug width – 47mm lug-to-lug – Stainless steel case, radial-brushed, straight-brushed and polished – box sapphire crystal – steel pushers – screwed sapphire caseback – 50m water-resistant

Dial: White-lacquered dial with tri-colour sub-counters, specific seconds track – Rhodium-plated, faceted hands and applied indexes, coated with beige Super-LumiNova

Movement: El Primero calibre 400 – in-house – automatic integrated chronograph with column wheel and horizontal clutch – 278 components incl. 31 jewels – 30mm – 36,000 vibrations/hour – 50h power reserve – hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph with 30min and 12h counters, date

Bracelet: Stainless steel “ladder” bracelet and double folding clasp
Or Light brown calfskin leather strap with protective rubber lining. Stainless steel pin buckle

References: 03.A384.400/3817.M3817 on steel bracelet
03.A384.400/3817.C855 on leather strap

Zenith Defy 21 Ultrablue

Zenith fake continues to use color technology and now launches a bold blue version of the sports chronograph.

In the past few years, Zenith has been exploring texture and color, mainly in the modern and bold chronographs of its Defy series. When you think of the military green, black and white or even the super professional Pantone version, you can hardly accuse the brand as a conservative brand. After last year’s UV version, Zenith brought another spectral color: dark blue. This is Zenith Defy 21 Ultrablue.

Like the Ultraviolet version, the new Ultrablue also focuses on this color, which appears on the movement, dial and bracelet. The rest of the watch is deliberately as neutral as possible so as not to interfere with the appeal of the bright metallic blue. The silent case retains its outline and shape and relatively large proportions, with a diameter of 44 mm and a height of 14.50 mm. However, it is made of micro-sprayed titanium, so it produces a darker gray tone and a rough matte surface. As a complement to the blue theme, the integrated rubber strap has a blue Cordura-effect rubber lining and matching stitching.

Zenith Defy 21 Ultrablue is slightly more traditional than the violet version, but not a lot. Zenith Defy 21 Ultrablue uses only blue for its technical components. Indeed, the rest of the luggage, that is, the components used on the dial, all use a matte gray closed chronograph, so it has been streamlined depending on the situation. The markers and hands are rhodium-plated, faceted and coated with Super-LumiNova. The strong blue will only show up under these elements on the bridge of the movement. This contrast between bold colors and soft surfaces and textures is pleasing and gives Zenith an all-in-one luxury sports watch a vision of its own personality.

Although different from other versions of Defy 21, this movement is well known and still impressive. This is the result of extensive work on the iconic El Primero movement, which has undergone major improvements to meet the requirements of the 21st century. The timing part of this automatic chronograph movement is still regulated by the iconic 5Hz (36,000 vibrations per hour) escapement. However, the brand has added a second escapement specifically for the chronograph-when the chronograph button is pressed, the cam lever mechanism meshes with the secondary gear train. The escapement beats at an amazing 50Hz frequency (360,000 vibrations/hour). This movement has a power reserve of 50 hours (when the chronograph is not in use) and has passed the Time Lab certified chronograph. The blue-coated star rotor and tooth bridge are exposed on the back. swiss watch men


Case: 44mm diameter x 14.50mm height – microblasted titanium case – sapphire crystals front and caseback – 100m water-resistant

Dial: special blue openworked dial with matte grey closed chronograph registers – markers and hands rhodium-plated, faceted and coated with Super-LumiNova

Movement: calibre El Primero 9004, in-house – chronometer-certified by TIME LAB – automatic – 32.80mm – 53 jewels – 50h power reserve – dual regulating organ, one for timekeeping (36,000vph or 5Hz), one for the chronograph (360,000vph or 50Hz) – hours, minutes, small seconds, linear power reserve, chronograph with 1-second central hand (measuring the 1/100th of a second), 60-second and 30-minute counters

Strap: blue fabric effect and rubber strap – microblasted titanium double-folding clasp

Reference: 97.9001.9004/81.R946



Zenith will launch two new El Primero chronographs, returning to the replica Chronomaster Sport series, setting a new tone for the brand. It’s been 5 years since we saw the new Chronomaster Sport. The new execution method uses a traditional method, which is clearly aimed at some of the flagship products in this category. As Zenith El Primero, it has the advantage of a built-in strong heritage. It also has an easy-to-understand design language, and Zenith has taken a good line while moving El Primero into a new field.

Chronomaster Sport has always been one of El Primero’s more advanced execution methods, can quickly adapt to new trends (for better or worse), and can attract new customers who value the modernity of timepieces. The product released in 2015 has a diameter of 45 mm, a thickness of 14 mm or more, and is equipped with an oversized hour hand and pointer, and is matched with a squat watch. The dial in the sub-dial is somewhat lumpy and numerical. The three-color color scheme was canceled to choose a uniform appearance color that matches the dial. Although handsome in some respects, he fell into an uncomfortable situation in the context of the El Primero name.

The new Chronomaster Sport series is clear at a glance. This new watch has two changes, which can be immediately recognized as the Zenith El Primero Chronograph, and has more similarities compared with the current Rolex Daytona (ref. 116500), thanks to the eye-catching The black ceramic bezel is matched with the white or black dial of your choice. Of course, a version of the El Primero movement has been present inside Daytona for 12 years (reference number 16520), so you can say that it is similar to the one obtained. Fortunately, Daytona is a very beautiful watch.

As Zenith replica, this is not exactly your standard chronograph, it differs from watches like Daytona in some important ways. The most striking thing is the chronograph itself, which in the Chronomaster Sport only takes 10 seconds to make a complete trip around the dial and track it every tenth of a second during the entire process. You will notice that the unusual layout of the bezel allows for this measurement, and it replaces the more traditional speedometers that are usually found to occupy the area. It is not as strong as the Land Rover 21 we show you here, but it can be said that it is more useful in measuring the types of things that normal people need to measure.

The dial itself is controlled by three super-sized registers, which have acquired the three-tone processing that Zenith understands and loves. Here, they are presented in blue, anthracite and light gray. The rest of the dial is a restraint exercise, with only minutes and a second hash value appearing between the applied hour bars, which themselves have been chamfered and polished. The date aperture appears at 4:30 and matches the color of the dial. The simple dial with eye-catching, clear hands and hour markers recalls the rare De Luca in the late 80s and early 90s, which is a very good thing. That watch is another day’s story, but what is exciting is that Zenith has cited this field in its history to achieve such an effect.

The steel case has a diameter of 41 mm and is worn on the wrist due to the protruding bezel. The lugs bend and evenly toward the wrist, and the curved, polished chamfer extends along the edge. From top to bottom, this makes the lugs significantly smaller and forms a watch around the wrist, effectively hiding a thickness of about 14mm. Overall, it looks good to wear. If you think Daytona is too small, it should be the perfect choice for you. Also, you may actually be able to get one of them.

Inside the Chronomaster Sport, El Primero 3600 beats at a speed of 5 Hz and provides 60 hours of backup time. This is the same movement we saw in the Chronomaster 2 limited edition in 2019, which is very similar to the movement we see here, but is more conceptual in execution. Chronomaster Sport is a regular production model, this is the first such appearance of the 3600. The movement can be seen through the back cover of the exhibition. Although it is not beautiful, it is definitely interesting. As mentioned earlier, the chronograph is read every tenth of a second and is read via a pinion connected to the escapement itself (rather than borrowed from the gear train). There are 3,600 seconds per hour, and this action beats at 36,000 VpH, so it becomes easy to perform math calculations from there.

The new Chronomaster Sport will use an Oyster-style stainless steel bracelet with a polished center link. The edge of the brushed link has a polished bevel, which brings a certain visual depth to the bracelet as a whole. The fit and finish of the bracelet is not as good as the level that can be achieved on Daytona, but it is available daily. Depending on the color of the dial, a blue or black fabric strap can also be provided, which looks more suitable for the overall aesthetic. Yes, it also looks great on a nylon strap. Swiss Watch Online

ZENITH Replica watches

ZENITH replica and FELIPE PANTONE team up to create the first watch in a watch factory designed by a contemporary artist Launched Defy 21 Felipe Pantone, a highly colorful and eye-catching visual timepiece that brought different artistic concepts to the watchmaking industry.

The Argentine-Hispanic artist Felipe Pantone has caused a global sensation in the contemporary art world and has become one of the most outstanding talents in the contemporary art world. Felipe Pantone’s work is immediate, polarized, and has never left the observer indifferent. It is coveted by art lovers and those who pursue radical design. Zenith and Felipe Pantone began working together in 2020, when the watch factory provided contemporary artists with the facade of its main building as a canvas. Now, Felipe Pantone has reinvented Zenith’s most advanced chronograph to date, creating an object that can create extraordinary watchmaking skills and wearable kinetic art .

This unexpected but coherent collaboration produced DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone, a colorful work designed to be played with frequency through visual and mechanical means. With the El Primero 21 chronograph movement of 1 millionth of a second per second beating at a very high frequency of 360,000 vibrations per hour, it has reached unparalleled accuracy. DEFY 21 is the expression of Felipe Pantone. The logical choice of canvas for the concept of “visible spectrum”, all detectable light frequencies and their refraction colors work together with the highest frequency chronograph in production. DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone is limited to 100 pieces, which is Zenith and the entire A new type of cooperation in the watchmaking industry.

Felipe Pantone said in the first collaboration with the watch: “I am very happy and very humble. For the first time I can give my watch a personal style, especially for my innovation and courage. Manufacturer. From the very beginning, the concept was to transform this spectacular watchmaking process into a wearable work of kinetic energy that merges time and light into one object. I am very excited about the result.”

Just as Felipe Pantone continues to explore novel techniques and tools to create his bold artworks, Zenith also broke through the limitations of innovation when executing Felipe Pantone’s DEFY 21 version, to the extent that new technologies that had not been heard before must be developed. tabulation. One of its most eye-catching features is the color bridge, which is an iconic feature in Pantone’s work. Using the principle of interference color, the coating on the bridge reflects the gradient of metallic rainbow tones. DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone requires months of experimentation and seeks experts’ appropriate solutions to achieve this rainbow effect. It is the first watch that uses this innovative three-dimensional PVD with silicon particles with silicon surface treatment to produce Movement. The color range for perfect transition. Although the craftsmanship has been standardized, each work will use a slightly different color, essentially becoming a unique artwork.

The central hour and minute hands are equally outstanding, presenting a deliberately distorted appearance, similar to the lightning in most of Pantone’s works, with rainbow-colored gradients applied through the same latest technology as the movement bridge. The unusual shape and proportion of the pointer and the precise application of the gradient PVD make the color transition perfectly between the different parts of the pointer. It turns out that creating colors is much more difficult than anyone imagined. However, Zenith engineers refused to compromise, even in the smallest details. In the process, the development of this collaborative version allowed Zenith to use it out of the box and achieved several world firsts in the watchmaking industry.

The Moiré optical effect produced by alternating white and black ribbons, which is repeated in Felipe Pantone’s paintings and sculptures, has been laser-engraved on the top bridge and dial of DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone. Miniaturized and replicated. And the painting techniques are so precise that they provide an optical illusion of fluid movement under the contrast of the stripes. The open dial is full of movement, with a mixture of gradient and square colors on the markers and counters.

Felipe Pantone even re-examined the inanimate external parts of the DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone case for dynamic overhaul. The black ceramic DEFY 21 has a grid pattern engraved on the bezel, and “FP#1” is engraved on the four corners of the case, which means “Felipe Pantone El Primero”. In order to make the various details of the colorful dial and movement stand out, the artist chose a black textured rubber strap with a twisted grid pattern.

For those who like a bolder look that matches the eye-catching tones of the dial and movement, a second rubber strap is also provided, with a central insert ranging from dark gray to flashes of all colors in the spectrum, depending on the angle Light. The color is not actually embedded in the strap, but the result of iridescence due to the surface of the material and the way it reflects light.

DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone is very suitable for works of art, with a presentation imitating a hardcover book in the box. On the cover is a miniature painting specially created by Felipe Pantone for this special series, accompanied by a signed certificate.

Through the DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone 100 limited edition, Zenith has cleverly integrated contemporary art and watchmaking to produce both a precision instrument and a dynamic, wear-resistant artwork. replica watches usa

Zenith Defy Extreme Watch Series 1/100 Chronograph 2021

Little boy, I was very excited when I saw that this folder was actually in one of the thousands of Watches & Wonders online file sharing systems. In all capital letters, its title is DEFY EXTREME. Although replica Zenith Defy watches originated in the 1960s, in my mind, Defy Extreme reminds me of Zenith’s infamous works of ultra-weird monsters from the Nataf era. The Zenith Defy extreme watch series will come out in 2021. Not only is it revengeful, it is also the “all-terrain” 1/100 of the stopwatch.

Just a few months ago, I commented on my excellent “Type 20 Blueprint”: “During Thierry Nataf (Thierry Nataf), Zenith produced a buzz “Classic” watches and absolutely undisturbed monsters (undisturbed idiots like me seem to have developed. There is a strange feeling.” Well, Defy Extreme is back, which looks more like right The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph’s full frontal attack, without a weird attempt, that is, the same watch is filled with a surprising number of completely redundant design elements.

Zenith refers to the new Defy Extreme as an “all-terrain” chronograph-perhaps AP’s Offshore subconscious spy, but in fact, this subtle effect is in Offshores. These highly sophisticated mechanical chronographs have a water resistance of 20 bar (equivalent to 200 meters) and are not the queen of safety. For a while, I found it strange that these watches are called “all-terrain” watches, when they are actually only 50 meters of WR, or worse-in my opinion, this is good for any four-figure watch. All of them are unacceptable, let alone five. But the 200-meter rating indicates a suitable housing and gasket. Most current marine chronographs are water resistant to 100 meters.

The case of each new Zenith Defy Extreme watch is 45 mm wide and 15.40 mm thick. The case is made of titanium, with a more traditional brushed and polished appearance, and a futuristic micro-sandblast design. One of the models, the reference number 87.9100.9004, adds 18kt polished rose gold around the bezel and buttons-it can be said that the latter is the closest to ROO in appearance. Judging from the image alone, I hope there is more of my own around these timing buttons. Nevertheless, it is still hoped that these contents will be checked out before the final ruling is passed.

The transparent dial of the newly launched replica Zenith Defy Extreme 1/100 chronograph in 2021 follows existing trends that indicate Defy’s aesthetics (as well as designs from many other LVMH brands, but this is another discussion). Nevertheless, it is a good choice for Defy Extreme, especially when considering the large number of hour and minute hands. Their filigree center is followed by a wide solid area, which makes them a spectacular handmade design, even if the eyes are overwhelmed by everything else at first. The applied hour markers and effortless minute trajectory as well as the outer 100 laps can accurately read the time-the “function” is still ignored or sacrificed in many luxury watches.

Shown on the dial is the epic Zenith El Primero 9004 movement, which includes a speeding balance wheel beating at 5 Hz (36,000 vph) and a speeding translation flywheel running at 50 Hz (360,000 vph). The latter is responsible for the 1/100 timing of the second hand chronograph. Its lightning-like chronograph second hand does not sweep the entire dial within one minute like a regular chronograph, but within one second. Many people choose chronographs to increase visual appeal and fascinating operation-so, the centrally mounted second hand rotates 60 times faster than other stopwatches, and the second hand is the most spectacular mechanical chronograph ever. LVMH sister brand TAG Heuer has at least mastered some proprietary technologies to achieve this feat. However, if this is the case, I think that the two major chronograph manufacturers working hand in hand is worth mentioning, rather than sniffing.

The power reserve is quoted as “minimum 50 hours”, and since the damn should be placed on the El Primero, it is supplemented by an automatic winding system. There is a power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock, which is another rare but really useful feature in modern mechanical movements. The uniqueness of the motherboard is that their colors match the palette of the watch: the movement is black, blue or gold, and it looks so natural with the case components that people may use this extremely rare Surface treatment of the movement. indeed. If anything, it shows that Zenith did not photograph these watches together, but designed them into a complete package-from the case, the bezel, the hands to the movement. Even if this effort is reflected in the price, it should be emphasized. http://www.chronosale.co

The new Zenith Defy Extreme offers three main styles, each with a micro-sprayed titanium bracelet, and is equipped with a rubber strap and a Velcro® strap to give it a new look. It must be said that these monolithic case designs are not always the most comfortable, but the entire case and bracelet are made of lightweight titanium, which may make these beastly watches both fun and comfortable to wear. This formula can indeed be used with Breitling B55 Exospace.

Defy Xtreme (the spelling in naughty spelling) was never meant to be a universally attractive swiss watches prices, and it is true for the 2021 Zenith Defy Extreme. These are big and brisk, for some people it is a mature taste (for others it is not wearable at all), but the technical prowess and the overall attention to detail embodied by these double escapements are absolutely absolute Can not be ignored.

Zenith Chronomaster A385 Revival

The last part of El Primero Revivals in 1969 completed the original steel trilogy.

Today, we bring you something new. But I bet it looks familiar. This is the Zenith A385 Revival, this watch is constantly being launched to pay tribute to the first generation of Zenith El Primeros.

These revival works are almost identical to the watches Zenith used to launch its iconic movement, which has been its most famous asset for 52 years. However, if looking at these Revival watches impressed me, it is that even though Zenith is known for a very special automatic chronograph movement, when El Primero was launched, the company was still working on some very good watch designs.

With A385, we have the same angular wine box shape as A384 Revival, you may remember from 2019. The turning point of the A385 is the smoky dial-the silver of the A384 is more sober, with a small black dial. . Fumé dials like this will continue to gain widespread attention in the Swiss replica watch industry and become the business card of the watch in the 1970s.

The new Chronomaster A385 Revival also marks the return of the beautiful trapezoidal bracelet we saw on the A384 Revival two years ago. “Ladder” because there is a gap between the central links of the bracelet. Of course, the original trapezoidal bracelet of ’69 was made by Gay Frères for Zenith, and it was so popular during this period that famous bracelet suppliers were sought after. If the bracelet is not what you need, you can save some dough and buy the A385 Revival on an expanded calfskin strap. All is well, but if you want to buy this watch, why not buy a killer bracelet?

In the past two years, Zenith replica has restored watches related to El Primero launched in 1969. Don’t forget, when El Primero first dropped, it took several case shapes – a regular round case made in the form of the famous A386 and a tilted wine barrel like the one you see here – and a few Dial design. More options followed, including clumsy “television-style” squares and A781, A782 and A783. In my opinion, this is the El Primeros of the 1970s. They wore huge “lobster style” bracelets.

However, the angular barrels of the original A384 and A385 heralded Defy and the coming decade. The A385 also has the aforementioned smoked dial, which represents the Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship in the 1970s. In my opinion, the original A385 was a watch from the late 1960s, and its eyes were trained in the next decade. Seiko’s quartz Astron was another development in 1969 that triggered a series of activities that would make the 1970s an extremely difficult decade for the Swiss mechanical watchmaking industry, but from a design point of view, there are many more great Things are going on.

A385 Revival is a work of the era that brings me back to the time of watchmaking before I was born, but it must be incredible to witness this. El Primero is one of three automatic chronographs introduced in 1969. 11 and Seiko’s 6139, although they only have an integrated timing device and a high beat frequency of 36,000 vph. Today, it is still the only new product that can still be purchased, and the appearance of this new Revival watch is similar to what was originally imagined.

this is correct. The watch we have here is basically the same as the watch it gave away. Of course, the movement has been technically improved, and is equipped with an open back and sapphire crystal, as well as a modern non-radioactive case. But with your eyes, you will see the original photos from the late 1960s reinvent you.

The Basics
Brand: Zenith
Model: Chronomaster A385 Revival
Reference Number: Refs 03.A384.400/385.C855, strap; and 03.A384.400/385.M385, bracelet

Diameter: 37mm
Thickness: 12.6mm
Case Material: Stainless steel
Dial Color: Fumé dial in tan
Indexes: Applied, luminous
Lume: Super-LumiNova
Water Resistance: 50 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Ladder bracelet or calfskin leather strap with rubber lining

The Movement
Caliber: El Primero 400 Automatic
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, date
Diameter: 30mm
Power Reserve: 50 hours
Winding: Automatic
Frequency: 36,000 vph
Jewels: 31