Greubel Forsey BALANCIER S (Titanium)

In 2019, Greubel Forsey introduced the GMT Sport, which features a new case architecture that combines sculptural lines for ergonomics, robustness and comfort. Continuing their passion for exploring new paths, creative watchmakers Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey present their new sports watch, the BALANCIER S in titanium.

The BALANCIER S timepiece reinterprets a unique case that showcases a new movement. The case is round, with a distinctive domed oval shape from other angles, with integrated lugs and strap, and a satin bezel engraved with Greubel Forsey’s key values. The new “Balancier S” achieves a slim profile that enhances its dynamic new dynamics.

The rubber crown and strap with rubber inserts ensure excellent grip and protection of the timepiece. The oval domed sapphire crystal follows the curvature of the case. The bold double-suspended arched bridges carry the sloping gear train and the curved central hour and minute hands, technically and visually emphasizing the perfect penetration between the case and the movement. These striking elements are integrated and extended to the inclined balance wheel, giving the watch a strong identity while ensuring its outstanding timekeeping performance.

The large inclined balance wheel at 7 o’clock stands out. The overarching goal is to improve the chronograph function, which maximises the space provided by the domed case and sapphire crystal, linking form and function. In their relentless pursuit of precision and performance, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have challenged timekeeping, notably with the 24-second tourbillon, quadruple tourbillon and 30° double tourbillon Tourbillon reinvents the tourbillon mechanism. They opted for a new approach here, based on the large balance wheel introduced in 2016.

Completely developed and manufactured in the replica Greubel Forsey studio, this balance wheel, with its extra large diameter of 12.6 mm, ensures excellent timekeeping performance. For fine chronometric adjustment of the moment of inertia, the balance rim is fitted with six gold adjusting screws, embedded to limit air friction. For the first time in this new hand-wound movement, for which multiple patents have been filed, the imposing Greubel Forsey balance is inclined for the first time.

This 30° angle relative to the horizontal plane of the movement proved to be an excellent solution for limiting timing errors due to the effect of gravity on the regulating mechanisms (balance, spring and escapement) that stabilize the position. Combined with a large-diameter balance wheel and a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, it provides this timepiece with exceptional timekeeping performance – which is also conspicuous in operation thanks to the unique movement architecture.

Mounted in tandem with two coaxial barrels, the 308-part movement has a 72-hour chronograph power reserve, displayed on a sector at 2 o’clock using a skeletonized red-tipped hand. Central hours and minutes display with contoured and skeletonised hands in polished stainless steel, with small seconds on the escapement bevel at 8 o’clock, emphasising the depth and relief of this new movement. copy watch

In keeping with the innovative spirit of Greubel Forsey, technical and architectural innovations are accomplished through unconditional care and craftsmanship for all components of the movement. Greubel Forsey Atelier has mastered this traditional and irreplaceable craftsmanship – frosted, polished beveled and countersunk, rounded and ruled grained to accentuate even the smallest surfaces.

The hand-finishing of titanium for mainplates and bridges has proven to be much more difficult than steel or even nickel-silver, and further adds to the technical and aesthetic challenges this timepiece represents.

Made of titanium, the Balancier S is water-resistant to 100 meters, and its sporty and powerful case shape is distinguished by its lightness and comfort on the wrist. Its robustness protects the movement, especially its large balance wheel, which has been tested in the Greubel Forsey EWT laboratory to ensure its reliability and timekeeping performance at all times. A flexible and durable rubber strap enhances the sporty feel, and a titanium folding clasp provides all the comfort.

technical details
Model: Balancier S (Titanium)
Manual winding movement • Patent pending
Four-hand chronograph • Hours and minutes • Small seconds power reserve • 30° inclined GREUBEL FORSEY balance wheel system

• Hours and minutes, on suspended arch bridges
• Small seconds
• 72-hour sector power reserve

• Titanium with curved synthetic sapphire crystal
• Solid, variable geometry bezel with engraved text
• Shaped lugs, screwed
• Rubber strap
• Transparent case back, high-dome synthetic sapphire crystal
• Titanium safety screws
• Embossed “Balancier” and “Greuber Forsey”

case size
• Strap diameter: 43.00 mm
• Bezel Diameter: 45.00 mm
• Case height: 13.75 mm
• Synthetic sapphire crystal height: 15.60 mm
• Waterproof: 10 atm – 100 m – 328 ft (Standard NIHS 92-20/SN ISO 22810:2010)

• Titanium and with GF logo
of rubber • Colored rubber caps, interchangeable

dial side
• Three-dimensional variable geometric hour ring with lacquered hours and minutes
Graduations • Power reserve indicator, engraved and lacquered
• Gold small seconds, rhodium colour, polished bevel

• Hours and minutes, curved profile, polished steel
• Small seconds, red finish
• Polished stainless steel power reserve, black polished flat head

Strap and Buckle
• Rubber with embossed text
• Titanium folding clasp with engraved GF logo

Movement Specifications
Movement size
• Diameter: 37.00 mm
• Thickness: 10.62 mm

number of parts
• Movement: 308 parts
• Escapement: 68 parts

number of jewels
• 42
• Olive Dome Jewelry in a Gold Sink

Chrono Power Reserve
• 72 hours

• Two coaxial tandem fast-turning barrels (one revolution in 3.2 hours), one of which is equipped with a sliding spring to avoid excessive tension
• Embossed text, round grain, black finish, polished bevel

balance wheel
• Internal variable inertia with 6 gold averaging time screws (12.60mm diameter)

• 21,600 vibrations/hour

• Phillips end curve
• Geneva Studs

Bridge and main plate
• titanium
• Matte, polished bevels and countersinks
• Multi-layer cantilevered bridge, black embossed, polished bevel and countersink polished
• Movement sides, frosted bridges, polished edges and bevels
• Engraved Gold Plate Limit Number, Round Grain, Polished Bevels and Countersinks, Straight Grain Sides

escapement platform
• Tilt 30°
• Titanium, matte, polished countersink, large straight bevel, black finish
• Multi-layer titanium balance bridge, black embossed polished finish, polished bevel and countersunk

gear drive
• Involute profile
• Special-shaped teeth and small seconds on the helical gear and the intermediate wheel of the fixed-hand mechanism

Zenith Defy Zero-G and Defy 21 Double Tourbillon Sapphire Edition

If Zenith focuses on the chronograph and Chronomaster series this year, it must be remembered that the brand also has certain expertise in high-end movements and has been involved in timekeeping for a long time. Indeed, Zenith can produce fuse links or double tourbillons, and even ultra-innovative adjustment mechanisms. Today, the brand released two new versions of the most advanced movements, using modern design and material methods. The new Zenith Defy Zero-G and Defy 21 double tourbillons use a sapphire case, inspired by the stars and the endless universe.

Zenith is known as one of the masters of chronograph complications, and this must be obvious when looking at the brand’s current collections. Both Chronomaster and Defy are equipped with watches based on the brand’s iconic architecture El Primero movement. However, for Zenith, there is much more than this expertise. The brand has been involved in timekeeping for a long time and is still at the forefront of innovation in developing cutting-edge technology to improve accuracy. And, despite being fairly secretive, the brand also knows how to make impressive and complex movements, two of the best Examples are the chronograph double tourbillon and the concept of zero gravity. Today, these two watches are reinterpreted with the bold and futuristic Defy case made of sapphire, combined with visual themes played around the starry sky… Remember, Zenith is named after the tallest star in the night sky…

Both watches use the same overall design and method, both use the same overall case of 46 mm in diameter, and are made of transparent sapphire crystal. In addition, if the movement and the display are different, the decoration used here-fully visible due to the transparent case-is the same. First of all, all parts of the movement are treated with blue PVD.​​ Decorative elements such as inscriptions and miniature stars are then engraved on the plywood. Afterwards, the chamfered edges of the plywood are refined with rhodium-plated PVD ​​to create a sharp contrast.

ZENITH DEFY Zero Gravity Sapphire
The first of these two new models is based on a movement that is not new, but now rarely seen in this series, namely the rather unusual and unique Zero-G. The concept of the movement is the same as that of the tourbillon, aiming to counteract the influence of gravity on the adjustment mechanism. However, it does not work like a tourbillon…

The adjustment mechanism is not fixed in a rotating frame, but on a gimbal that always maintains a flat position-no matter how the watch rotates. Zero-G has been used in the Defy series in the past, but Zenith has completely redesigned the movement with a new architecture to achieve a more open display. This gyroscope module, which ensures the horizontal positioning of the adjustment mechanism, is also equipped with a 5Hz escapement, both of which are said to guarantee impressive timing results. This manually-wound El Primero 8812 S movement is equipped with a large barrel, which can store a power reserve of approximately 50 hours when fully wound.

This Zenith Defy Zero-G sapphire also showcases the traditional craftsmanship of the dial, but is executed in a modern way. The off-center dial at 12 o’clock is inlaid with hand-set meteorite, aventurine glass and gold Grand Feu enamel. It depicts the red planet Mars on the small seconds dial, partially overshadowed by the hour and minute dials. The special touch that can only be seen when the watch is overhead is the back of the gyroscope module, which is designed with a circular texture that imitates the moon. The power reserve indicator on the right completes the display.

The back of the Zenith Defy Zero-G Sapphire uses a hollow movement, and the star logo is used as the basis for the bridge. All are very beautiful, either blue PVD with contrasting gray rhodium chamfers, dotted with white stars of various sizes, or straight brushed with polished angles.

The Zenith Defy Zero-G Sapphire watch has a black rubber strap with blue “Cordura effect” rubber and gray stitching, and is closed by a titanium folding clasp.

Zenith DEFY 21 Double Tourbillon Sapphire
The second watch launched by Zenith in this new context is based on the Defy 21 Double Tourbillon. This watch combines a chronograph with two adjustment mechanisms, one to control the timing and the other (UHF) to control the timing. The basic concept is the same as that of the classic Defy 21 model, but the tourbillon is updated instead of the traditional adjustment mechanism. First, the main tourbillon responsible for timekeeping rotates once a minute and runs at a frequency of 5 Hz or 36,000 vibrations per hour. The second tourbillon is only activated when the chronograph is started. It rotates every 5 seconds and runs at a frequency of 50 Hz or 360,000 vibrations per hour. Thanks to this,

Like the previous model, the movement of this Zenith Defy 21 double tourbillon sapphire is completely coated with blue PVD ​​and decorated with contrasting silver stars and polished chamfers. All technical elements of the movement are also made in silver, creating a technical and cold appearance. This watch uses the same 46mm sapphire case and black rubber strap with blue “Cordura effect” rubber and gray stitching. A hollow star-shaped blue oscillating weight is exposed on the back, with the same starry decoration on the front.

The Calibre 9020 movement is a deep evolution of the El Primero architecture. It is built around two escapements. When the chronograph is disengaged, only one escapement runs. Therefore, the power reserve under normal conditions is 50 hours, but of course, due to the ultra-high frequency of the chronograph adjusted by the tourbillon, it will be significantly reduced when using the chronograph function. Best quality swiss and japanese replica watches

A. Lange&Söhne luxury watches


Availability: Ref. 310.028 white gold
Ref. 310.037 pink gold

Case: 38.5mm diameter x 10.2mm height – 18k white or rose gold, polished and brushed – sapphire crystal on both sides – straight-grained mid-case – recessed pusher on caseband to adjust calendar functions simultaneously – individual pushers to set functions separately

Dial: solid silver, blue – embossed around the perimeter – applied rhodium-plated white gold or pink gold Roman numerals – sub-dials for month, leap year, small seconds, moon phase, day of the week, 24-hours – large date window at 12 o’clock – gold hands with luminescent material on hour, minute, month and day of the week hands

Movement: calibre L922.1 – self-winding – decorated and assembled by hand – precision-adjusted in five positions – three-quarter plate made of untreated German silver with three-quarter rotor in 21k gold and centrifugal mass in platinum – reversing and reduction gear with four ball bearings – balance cock engraved by hand – 21,600 vph – 46 hours of power reserve – 478 parts – patented zero-reset function – perpetual calendar with date, day of the week, month, leap year, day/night indicator and moon phases

Strap: hand-stitched dark blue leather – Lange prong buckle in rose or white gold

A. Lange & Söhne Langematik Sheepskin 100 Years Limited Anniversary Edition with blue dial

Langematik eternal turn 20, sharp new blue suit wearing white or pink golden case.

When A. Lange & Söhne launches LangeMatik permanent in 2001, it is the first mechanical watch that combines the permanent calendar with the signature assignment of the LANGE. Over the years, in different case materials, Rananick is a permanent 20th anniversary, with two models celebrate, a white gold and silver in pink gold, both have a striking blue dial, each type Blue dial, each model has a striking blue dial.

In the seventh year of Lange in 1994, Saxon Watch Manufacturers launched a best eternal calendar at the scene. Bending the muscles of the watch, LANGE’s permanent calendar stands out with other calendar watches, with patented zero reset mechanisms and corrector, can drive all calendar display simultaneously. Permanent calendar features a few months of different durations, including leap years, once a aaa replica watches is set correctly, you do not have to adjust the date until 2100.

GünterBlümlein, the CEO of the joint founder and the resurrection brand, is a key figure that develops Langematik permanent subscription in his vision, ie “our watch must be classic and low-key, fashion, useful and German”. With its symbol extension date window, the upper part of the command dial and the good calendar feature are displayed, LANGEMATIK is permanent is the core Saxon product. Still is the only Saxon model with Rome numbers, the permanent calendar model is one of the most classical and traditional models in the family.

Just like the 2014 blackboard white gold version and the 2019 luxury honey gold model celebrated its 18th birthday, the size is 38.5 mm, height is 10 mm. It can be provided in warm pink or elegant platinum, and the housing displays a mirror polishing surface on the baffle and lugs, and the side surface of the housing is placed. The 10 o’clock recessed correction allows you to collect all the calendar features. Alternatively, you can also use an embedded correction separate setting function on the housing.

This 20th anniversary version of the novelty is a handsome blue dial. Although all the layouts of all functions are respected, the crisp blue background provides a good contrast dose. The dial base is a stable silver, and the embossing ring stepped on the dial is directly processed on the silver surface. The calendar function is arranged in two recesses and snails: the number of days in the week and the double sound blue and the day / night indicator are at 9 o’clock, and the month has a small cross-year indicator for 3 o’clock. High-precision moon is complicated, only need to adjust a day at 122.6, each time the clock is shown to 6 o’clock, and double it as a small second counter. In order to match the case material, the hand and an applique of the Platinum model are gilt. The pink golden model has pink gold hands and applique, just like a platinum, it is an hour in hours, minutes, days and months, a lighthouse. A. Lange & Söhne replica watches

Cleaner L922.1 SAX-O-MAT
The new LANGEMATIK permanent model uses the same caliber (L922.1, SAX-O-MAT), which provides the first 2001 model. The patented zero reset mechanism of LANGE means that when the crown is pulled, the motion stops and the second needle jumps to zero. This allows the separation to be accurately derived from the corresponding minor markers and can simultaneously synchronize the watch. It has a diameter of 30.4 mm and a thin height of 5.7 mm, and the internal movement is distinguished by three-way windings to produce 46 hours of power reserves. It has a small rotor to make 21K gold with a platinum ring to increase centrifugal substances, which means it does not cover balance and beautiful hand-engraving balanced cock.

Like all Lange’s actions, it is stunned: the rotor is decorated with brushing and matte surface; three-thirds of plates and bridges are decorated with glashütteribbing, and the landscape is decorated, and the landscape is a touch color from the Blued screw and the rough golden colors. s color.

Platinum (Reference 310.028) and Pink Gold (Reference 310.037) The Langematik Perpetual model is equipped with dark blue handmade leather straps and gold fork to match the case.