Bell & Ross Launches Limited Edition BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze Watch

Bronze case diving watches are one of the hottest trends in the luxury watch market right now. The warmth, patina and nautical underpinnings of bronze make it a popular choice for enthusiasts, but for the most part bronze divers are limited to highly traditional designs. On paper, the trend makes sense, with the brand aiming to connect bronze’s maritime heritage with an equally heritage-driven silhouette, but it leaves plenty of unexplored venues for red metal. Bell & Ross aims to break away from this traditional association with its latest edition, pairing a warm bronze case and earthy complementary colours with its contemporary fighter jet-inspired BR 03-92 platform. The new limited edition Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze offers a bold alternative to the safe and classic realm of the current bronze diver without sacrificing the brand’s unique spirit, presented in a rich and luxurious new colourway.

The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze‘s bronze case is 42mm wide and 12.05mm thick, featuring the brand’s signature aircraft-style rounded square. While this square shape should have a considerable presence on the wrist, Bell & Ross in the image moderates this slightly with its short, sharply drooping lugs. The CuSn8 bronze alloy Bell & Ross used for this case has a brighter rose gold tint in the image than many of the redder, more commonly used bronze alloys, and the brand showcases this lustre through a variety of finishes. Radial and vertical brushing defines the top and sides of the case in the image, while uninterrupted polished chamfers wrap around the top edge of the case and add sparkle. The horizontally brushed wedge-shaped crown guard includes oversized screws and black-filled engravings, maintaining the functionally avant-garde, instrument-inspired spirit of the collection despite the more ornate new case materials. While many current bronze watch products are designed to prevent the growth of patina on the case surface through special coatings or proprietary alloys, Bell & Ross hopes to adapt this model to the changing nature of bronze and does not offer a specific coating for patina. Special protective measures. However, this lack of protection could be divisive among enthusiasts. The brand has added a rich coffee-brown anodized aluminum bezel to this striking case, which complements the bronze diving scale in the initial image. Coming back around, the brand outfitted the BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze with a finely sculpted stainless steel caseback with a diving helmet graphic. While this rounded, square shape may not follow a traditional diver’s watch pattern, its performance is undeniable, with a sturdy 300-meter water resistance rating that meets the ISO 6425 international standard for diver’s watches.

Bell & Ross replica continues this captivating colorway into the dial of the BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze, a subtle interpretation of the classic diver’s watch layout. Unique trapezoidal baton pointer and circular applied diver’s index add a unique twist to the typical diver look that doesn’t feel forced or over-engineered in the image, polished and matte sandblasted rose gold plating should provide an attractive finish on the wrist An eye-catching highlight. The matte coffee-brown tone of the main dial surface perfectly complements the red undertones of the bronze and rose gold elements in the image, creating a warm, muted vintage tone that brings upscale masculinity to the familiar layout. However, the round date window at 4:30 for the BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze could also be divided,

The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze internally beats the BR-CAL.302 automatic movement based on the Sellita SW300-1. The BR-CAL.302 is a long-time loyalist to the brand’s lineup and is starting to show its age with performance figures like a sub-par 38-hour power reserve at a 28,800 bph beat rate. To complete the packaging, Bell & Ross outfitted the watch with a pair of straps. First up is the textured black rubber strap with a modernist sculpted look. When out of the water, however, the more attractive option of the pair is the heavily tapered distressed leather strap in dark cocoa brown. With a dramatic mottled sheen that echoes the dial tone in the image, this should prove to be a versatile and enticing pairing.

The new limited-edition Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver Brown Bronze introduces bronze into a more modern and exclusive diver’s watch formula and infuses it with stylish new colors, bringing one of the most daring and unique creations to diver’s watches. one. Current bronze diver trends.

Expanding new features Bell & Ross launches the first BR 05 GMT watch

In September 2021, Bell & Ross replica launched the new BR 05 GMT watch. Following the big three hands of the calendar and the chronograph, this new dual time zone product marks the BR 05 series with new functions. (Watch model: BR 05 GMT) (All the pictures in this article were taken by the watch house, all pictures are not allowed to be used without permission, offenders must be investigated)

BR 05 GMT adopts Bell & Ross’s iconic “square in circle” design. The square case is matched with a round dial, and the four corners of the bezel are fixed by screws. The watch case has a diameter of 41 mm, a thickness of frosted and polished steel, and a water resistance of 100 meters.

Black, white and red are the representative three colors of Bell & Ross. The black dial is matched with white Super-LumiNova® luminous large numbers, large hour markers and hollow hands. The dial and hands apply the design principles of airport indicator facilities, black to avoid reflections, and white to be clear and easy to read. Discount replica watch

The white pointer shows the local time, and the red arrow pointer matches the 24-hour scale on the inner bezel to indicate the time of the original residence.

The inner bezel of the bevel uses two colors to display day and night, black indicates night time, and gray indicates day time.

The calendar is displayed at 3 o’clock. The screw-locking crown and the crown shoulder design can reduce the chance of accidentally hitting the crown during sports. Bell & Ross BR05

Through the back cover of the sapphire glass watch, you can see the BR-CAL.325 self-winding mechanical movement, the 360° oscillating weight design is very interesting, and it provides a 42-hour power reserve.

The frosted and polished stainless steel bracelet is integrated with the case. The arc of the link structure can fit on the wrist, and the bracelet is flexible and supple. Bracelet with stainless steel folding clasp.

The launch of the new BR 05 GMT watch has once again enriched the BR 05 series product line, with the iconic “square in the circle” case shape, the new 41mm watch diameter, 100-meter water resistance, 42-hour power reserve, and one-piece Chain belt design.

Bell & Ross launches limited edition BR 03-92 red radar ceramic watch

Buy Bell & Ross BR 03-92 RED RADAR CERAMIC BR0392-RRDR-CE/SRB Replica watch

Since its establishment in 1994, the toughness and practical aesthetics of aircraft instruments have always been the core of the fake Bell & Ross brand identity. Over the years, this style of inspiration has given birth to watches based on altimeters, airspeed indicators and even fighter head-up displays, but the most striking of these aviation concepts is the 2011 BR 01-92 red radar. Red Radar replaced mobile phones with crimson crystals and discs, capturing the feeling of air traffic control radar screens, and pushing the Bell & Ross design team in a new avant-garde direction. In 2021, the brand returned to the Red Radar concept, aiming to reshape this landmark design through new materials, new proportions, and more detailed and clearer layouts. The new limited edition Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic is a playful and eye-catching sublimation of the exaggerated fighter spirit at the heart of the French brand.

The 42mm flat square case of Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic is the cornerstone of the brand’s iconic appearance, with rounded corners, abbreviated lugs and four accent screws. As the name suggests, Bell & Ross uses modern matte black ceramics for this case, which reduces weight and greatly improves scratch resistance compared to stainless steel. However, by far the most striking element of this case is the deep red anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass. Most of the contents of the red radar ceramic dial are actually printed on the bottom surface of the crystal, including the hour and minute scales and the center and symbols. This gives the dial design an amazing visual depth in the image, adding drama to the already unconventional layout. These printed scales are also significantly different from the scales on the original 2011 red radar. In addition to the shared crosshair dial pattern and the concise, musical-inspired fonts used for Arabic numerals, the new red radar ceramic provides stronger and more detailed scales for the hour and minute tracks, which will greatly improve the original version The legibility. Bell & Ross rated this aerospace-inspired sports case with a solid water resistance of 100 meters.

Many of the obvious dial designs of Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic are located on the crystal, and the actual dial of the watch is very simple. The stick second hand is the only traditional hand here, and it should provide an interesting replica of the scanning radar display. Like its 2011 predecessor, the hours and minutes are tracked here using disks, but unlike the simulated radar scan pattern of the original model, this new model uses the aircraft outline as an indicator. Bell & Ross uses the compact outline of a fighter jet to represent the minute display, and the overall outline seems to imply the F-16 Fighting Falcon. In order to create a sharp contrast, the hour display was changed to a passenger plane. However, the arrangement of these elements may cause some confusion for first-time viewers. Although almost all existing analog timepieces use shorter hour hands and longer minute hands, the natural layout here is the opposite, with the minutes displayed on the smaller inner dial. Although this may not cause any trouble after a period of cheering, the potential impact on legibility at a glance can be severe. fake watches for sale

The core of Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic is the BR-CAL.302 automatic movement based on Sellita SW300-1. BR-CAL.302 is very common in Bell & Ross products, except for the date deleted here, the movement is more or less the same as other models of the brand. The performance of BR-CAL.302 is slightly mediocre, providing a power reserve of 38 hours at a beat rate of 28,800 bph. Bell & Ross offers BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic with a pair of straps. The first in the series is a black rubber strap engraved and signed by the brand. The black PVD steel pin buckle has a distinct taper. Bell & Ross also includes a black synthetic fabric strap with a layered structure and hook-and-loop closure for a stronger, military-style look.

Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic Limited Edition is one of the most eye-catching and interesting products of the brand in recent years, and one of the clearest and boldest visions in the spirit of the brand’s jet-powered style.

Bell & Ross BR 05

When replica Bell & Ross announced BR 05, those of us who had participated in BaselWorld 2019 were eagerly waiting for the public’s response. I remember that when I saw the trailer for the conference for the first time, I had to take the oath of office (not true), and we will not discuss it anymore. I thought “Wow, they really like it.” “It” is a clear, unapologetic design, inspired by Genta and his iconic luxury sports watch. The status of the icon is so lofty, to approach its form with your own design is to dance with destiny. Icarus came to mind. Therefore, at the press conference, I would like to know whether they succeeded or failed.

The reaction is-both. The diehards and snobberies who oppose the Royal Oak and Nautilus condemned the move only out of respect. Those with rich pockets or people who have no AD connection cannot obtain the said watch, but still see it as an opportunity to enjoy the aesthetics they dream of, and this still comes from the brand they know, trust and respect. Many more people just don’t care about either way at all. Final Results? Well, there is nothing. Things are out of hand. Now, best Bell & Ross is the proud manufacturer of a series of luxury sports watches in stainless steel with integrated bracelets, which can be purchased in large local watch shops. Frankly speaking, a series of watches seems to fit their existing watch series and their position in the market very well. To be fair, although Bell & Ross is a new model, it is not in the 70s, but they still imitate the format of the “Marine Corps” watches of the 90s, although their functions are much more obvious. Tactically, the Germans resonated with them.

So why should I write this on Wear and Wounds? Bell & Ross (Bell&Ross) is a brand, and its design, especially the round box design, I find very attractive. Seeing them with their own eyes, they will always complete their work to an extraordinary degree, which gives them the luxury of “X-factor”. Perhaps my favorite example is BR V1, which is equivalent to the Swiss luxury version of Sinn 556 (not just because of the early relationship between the two brands). It is small, dexterous, very good on the wrist, and has reached the ninety percent unchanged, but also low-key the value of the tool watch. This is also a perfect comparison, which can illustrate the biggest problem of Bell & Ross. In fact, many of their watches are just value for money.

BR 05 brings unique aesthetic characteristics to nature and can be used in more accessible terrain. Although it cannot be compared with value, I do believe that accessibility is at least a partner of value and is also very important to our work at Worn & Wound. In addition, cheap BR 05 is a very beautiful watch. It mixes Genta DNA and Bell & Ross’ unique form and typography vocabulary. Although I have never thought of 15202s or 5711s (the latter is more than the former, tbh) or a truly integrated bracelet watch, I do appreciate the finishing, if nothing else, this style of watch is for the brand Show off your abilities.

Therefore, let us put aside the controversy for a while and let Bell & Ross face to face and bracelet-like value this semi-radical. I can say from the beginning that, regardless of the price, BR 05 surprised me and perhaps made me an integrated sports watch guy.

Where to start? The case of BR 05 is actually BR05. As with all integrated bracelet watches, things starting from the wrist flow to the entire surface of the watch, forming a clean and tidy stainless steel case, which happens to tell the watch the time. You cannot really talk about the case without discussing the bracelet, and vice versa. So let’s start with the overall shape.

Bell & Ross is famous for its square instrument table. Although they have made many other watches and cases, they will never escape the square. Therefore, they embraced it. The Associated Press has a round octagon, Patek Philippe’s porthole, and B&R has a square. After placing it in place, they adopted a platonic geometry, rounded the corners into a soft Nauti-cal shape, cut a hole in the center, and obtained the foundation of BR 05. This shape acts as a border and is located slightly offset from the 40mm middle shell at the top. Combined with the rotatable display back, you can see the main body of the watch, which has a thickness of 10.7 mm, which is very slim.

Let’s stop there for a while. Part of what makes the fake BR 05 more attractive is that you can see some very simple shapes at the same time, while others are extremely complex, and they are all finished with a high degree of processing. The simplest fact is that the rounded square is at the top, which determines the overall tone of the design. This makes it easy to access (unlike the hollow dial in the faceted case, for example), and it’s almost nothing, at least to me, it makes it more palatable.

Back to the mid-end – not only copied the shape of the bezel, it adopted this shape, but then turned steep downhill, and then seamlessly transitioned into the bracelet. This is one of the more RO style details. It looks as if the medium-sized case has been cut off on a grinder, forming very eye-catching details in shape and surface, but it is also very functional and provides a perfect angle for the growth of the bracelet. Then, the bracelet continued to maintain this shape, gradually reduced to 17 mm at the buckle, and re-wound on the other side.

Connecting each link is a wide rectangular block with rounded corners to make the shape work again. Between the flat surface and the larger connecting chain, the design mixes RO and Nautilus, while also talking to other series of B&R tool watch H chain bracelets. The buckle is butterfly-shaped, with a striking B&R and number logo at the seam where the buckle is closed. More information about what to wear later.

On the right side of the middle case is a small screw-in crown between the two screw-in crown guards. The design is very basic, with grooves and ampersands for gripping on its outer surface. The size is set to be no larger than 5mm x 3.5mm of the middle shell. I can’t help but feel that it is a bit small. Although its masculinity is not so exaggerated compared to many B&R timepieces, the BR 05 is still masculine in many ways, and this crown feels too light or too delicate. It is also painful to hold it when fully tightened. Maybe touching a larger diameter or a more confident grip can solve the problem.

The completion of an integrated sports watch is indeed a matter of life and death. As mentioned in the introduction, B&R has always been impressed by the watches I have seen. The lines of the case are always clear and obvious, brushing the teeth always has an attractive texture, and because of the lack of better words, they never feel mushy when polished. Therefore, I am happy to say that BR 05 has not disappointed me. Considering every surface, most surfaces are coated with rough particles.

Starting from the top, the bezel is polished vertically, with chamfered and polished edges, and has an attractive “black polished” appearance. There is a polished screw at each corner-I will continue the introduction. The screws of the middle shell are the same, without screws, providing a cool step effect. The side of the case is drawn vertically. Compared with the horizontal drawing, I usually find it less attractive, but considering that it is actually a hard kink before the lugs, they have no choice. At least it is a relatively thin surface, which is also shattered by the crown and crown guard on the right side, so I rarely find myself looking at it frustrated.

The bracelet then consists of larger H-shaped links with a flat brushed top surface and fully brushed sides, including the area between the links. The surface is also slightly rounded, which allows the links to move better although there will be a larger gap between the links. Then the connected square links are completely polished and their edges are rounded. Although these links are small, they add up to create many outward-facing polished surfaces. In other words, they provide a bling effect. Enough for me to have dinner with my girlfriend, she complained that the reflected light kept shining into her eyes. In addition to the blind influence that these links may cause, another disadvantage is that they are only required to be scratched, because the highly used samples I received have already passed (you can clearly see in the photos).

Back to those screws. Since the first BR 01, the corners of B&R’s instrument series have been screwed on. In the context of these timepieces, because they have added a meter-based format, they will not feel the derivation of RO design. However, by screwing four screws to the BR 05 case, B&R undoubtedly stepped into the dangerous AP area. If you take a step in this direction, it will be a difficult decision. On the one hand, it has affected their history, and without them, there may be too much blank space in the corner, and on the other hand, it has nothing to do with this concept, except for history. RO’s iconic details are also very obvious and hard to ignore (at least they are round). To be honest, I am a bit contradictory here because I think the area needs some details, but it feels too primitive to ignore it.

Still there? Thank you for your participation. Unlike the case and bracelet, the dial is very simple, maybe too much. The dial is available in black, blue or silver (plus a slightly separated skeleton model). The dial uses elements from its iconic scheme and has been overhauled from sports replica watches china in the 70s. In this way, you will find a sunny surface with a glossy fill mark applied. The numbers are twelve, six and nine, with small batons, while the other alarm bells are marked with larger batons, but three hours have been replaced by the date window. The batons and numbers are reminiscent of other B&R (B&R) models, but look fatter and rounded, which is similar to the rounded square elements of the case. The design successfully stored enough light to make the watch glow well.

New Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT

A brand that specializes in aviation instruments has updated its GMT watches

As a brand specializing in aviation instruments and pilot watches, replica Bell & Ross needs to add GMT models to its collection to some extent, which may be the most useful complication for aircraft pilots and frequent travelers. And, not surprisingly, this complexity has been found in the BR instrument series as well as the Vintage series. Today, the Paris-based brand is updating its square travel watch with a new version of BR 03-93 GMT. Redesigned, more modern, more practical, more readable… let’s take a look at this new version.

Therefore, what you see above is the BR 03-93 GMT version that is available until now, and this model has been replaced by the watch we will find below. What we have is a 42mm x 42mm stainless steel watch with a matte black dial, orange decoration on the central hand of GMT, and a fixed 24h stainless steel scale.

However, Bell & Ross GMT watches have recently evolved to provide more functions and better readability. For example, the BR V2-93 GMT of the Vintage series is equipped with the same central GMT pointer, but also benefits from a third time zone display with a rotating bidirectional bezel. This is the content of the updated BR 03-93 GMT.

As part of the musical instrument series, you will find that the brand’s iconic square case is still 42 mm wide, which is not surprising. If there is not much change in the overall shape after the update, the case will look slightly better during execution. The top of the case is round brushed, and 4 functional screws are aligned and polished. The side of the case has a large polished bevel to increase power. The central case is drawn vertically. The new BR 03-93 GMT has the same proportions as the previous iteration and the same specifications. It has a 100m water resistance, a strong steel back and a screw-in crown. swiss watches prices

As you might have guessed, the most important difference in this update is the presence of a two-way rotating bezel. The third time zone can be displayed. It is made of stainless steel with 24 clicks. The insert is anodized aluminum with red and black tones. Therefore, this means that in addition to the central hand showing the second time zone, the bezel can also read the third time zone. Rotating clockwise will decrease the hours, rotating counterclockwise will increase the hours.

The dial has also been refreshed. It now has a sun frosted pattern. Arabic numerals are applied and brushed vertically, and the hour markers are now filled with Super-LumiNova. The classic B&R (B&R) luminous hands are still used for hours (local time) and minutes, and the extra hour hand (local time) is now painted red to match the bezel. The date is displayed in a circular tint window at 4h30.

In the case of this updated Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT, there is no change, because it is still powered by the famous and robust BR-CAL.303 (based on Sellita SW-330). This automatic movement has a frequency of 4Hz and a power reserve of 42h, and is often referred to as a table GMT because the crown independently sets the GMT hands in units of one hour, rather than the local hour hand (as in Rolex GMT).

Bell&Ross BR 03-93 GMT is equipped with a matte black calfskin belt and a steel pin buckle. It also includes an extra extra tough black synthetic fiber strap.


Case: 42mm x 42mm square case – stainless steel, brushed and polished – bi-directional rotating bezel in steel, 24h black and red scale on anodised aluminium ring – sapphire crystal – screw-down crown – 100m water-resistant

Dial: Black sunray dial – brushed applied Arabic numeral and hour markers filled with SLN – faceted hour and minute hands, filled with SLN – red GMT hand – minute scale on the silver inner flange
Movement: Calibre BR-CAL.303 (base Sellita SW-330) – automatic – 25 jewels – 28,800 vibrations/hour – 42h power reserve – hours, minutes, seconds, central GMT hand, date

Strap: black calfskin leather with brushed and polished pin buckle
Addition ultra-resilient black synthetic fabric strap also included

Reference: BR0393-BL-ST/SCA

Bell & Ross launches BR 01 Cyber ​​Skull luxury watch

Best Bell & Ross BR 01 CYBER SKULL Replica watch

Bell & Ross‘ iconic BR watch is essentially a square aviation instrument that explains the repetitive process in camouflage or fighter “head-up displays”. The skull is a recurring theme in the BR series and has been continuously improved over the past decade.

The BR skull watch has undergone a visual and mechanical redesign. The most famous is the proprietary automatic movement skull movement two years ago. With the new BR 01 Cyber ​​Skull, the brand has adopted an extremely modern case and dial, moving in a new aesthetic direction.

The predecessor style of Cyber ​​Skull features organic skulls and exquisite case patterns, and is essentially a digital version of the original BR Skull watch.

The case and skull are made of black ceramic, and the movement of the movement is the same as that in the “Laughing Skull“, with its lower jaw opening and closing when you wind up.

The shape of the sapphire crystal is exactly the same as the case, the thickness is 2.5 mm, with beveled edges

It looks like a sinister digital sea city rage building, and the skull seems to float in the box. This is due to the unconventional movement structure: the movement is shaped like a skull and hides most of the mechanical devices under the front ceramic skull. The case and skull are made of sandblasted black ceramic, and the crossbones located on the bridge also ensure the safety of the movement in every corner.

The movement is the highlight of the watch. Unlike most B&R watches that rely on ETA or Sellita movements, the Cyber ​​Skull is driven by the BR-CAL.206 developed by Concepto. This movement is mainly for independent brands and the movement is located at six. At the o’clock position, the movement is located on the edge of the gear train tracking the skull until it reaches the balance assembly at twelve o’clock.

Best Bell & Ross BR 01 CYBER SKULL Replica watch

Item Type: Replica BR01 Watches
Model Number: BR 01 CYBER SKULL
Case Material: black ceramic
Brand Name: Bell & Ross
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 45 x 46.5 mm
Case Shape: Square
Dial: Skull
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: men
Band Material Type: rubber
Functions: hours and minutes
Year: 2020

Bell and Ross BR 03-92 diver full light

The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver Full Lum watch uses a 42 mm matte black ceramic case with a unidirectional rotating bezel and an automatic movement. But, most notably, the watch has an amazing dial with a lot of Super-LumiNova coating. The resulting appearance, especially in dim light, proved to be extraordinary.

Bell & Ross was established in 1992 and has focused on manufacturing professional watches from the beginning. Its products are designed to meet the requirements of astronauts, bomb disposal experts, divers and pilots.

Some of the company’s models are highly innovative. For example, Space 3 is equipped with a “T-shaped crown system”, which is a retractable retractable spiral crown. Integrating the crown into the case does not cause harm and prevents accidental adjustments or potential effects.

Another clever model is Hydromax 11 100M. The diver’s watch is equipped with a quartz movement and a case filled with transparent fluorinated oil. The presence of oil improves the readability of the dial under water.

Blue sky thinking has always been a key part of the brand’s paradigm. The BR 01 model has always looked different from other models on the market. Inspired by cockpit instruments in aviation, BR 01 is comparable in readability. In addition, the square outline of BR 01 and the four protruding screws located on the side of the dial quickly attracted people’s attention with its unique appearance.

In the past few years, Bell & Ross cheap took advantage of the success of BR 01 and its brother BR 03 to release a variety of different color schemes. In 2017, the brand released BR03-92 Diver, which is undoubtedly a tribute to its origin. Recently, Bell & Ross has spent a lot of time exploring the potential of Super-LumiNova to make its models incredibly readable at night. Its latest product, Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver Full Lum, has the usual luminous hands and hour markers. However, its dial is also eye-catching and is coated with Super-LumiNova for a wide range of applications. The resulting appearance, especially in dim light, proved to be extraordinary.

For Bell & Ross, the ultimate reference company for luxury watch companies and professional timepieces, each watch is designed according to its specific environment. For divers, Bell & Ross has developed tools that are very suitable for underwater exploration.

They can effectively assist divers in the deepest and deepest waters.

Bell&Ross (Bell&Ross) expertise in the field of navigation is the crystallization of its collective experience and the knowledge of its designers, master watchmakers and professional divers. These watches are clear, practical, accurate, robust and reliable, and can meet the specific needs of professionals in their tasks.

Bell & Ross (Bell & Ross) has a long history in the manufacture of marine watches. When Bell & Ross released the first square diving Popular cheap watch in 2017, the brand confirmed its ability to produce professional underwater instruments.

Following the design of HYDROMAX in 1997 and the waterproof function reaching 11,100 meters, and the launch of the BR02 series in 2007, BR03-92 DIVER has left a deep impression in the diving industry with its iconic square case. This is the starting point for the entire series, and is being continuously expanded to include the innovative BR03-92 DIVER FULL LUM.

Only watches that conform to the international standard ISO 6425 can be marked as diving watches. These official regulations list very specific standards and list many basic technical characteristics. These include a waterproof function with a minimum depth of 100 meters; the presence of a unidirectional rotating bezel with graduated minute scales, operation indicators and luminous markings; readability in the dark; shock and magnetic protection.

Optimal legibility when diving is the key and can even save lives. This is also one of the main concepts and guiding principles of Bell&Ross. To this extent, BR 03-92 DIVER FULL LUM can fully meet this basic requirement.

Bell & Ross used an inverted contrast to combine the Lum concept with the diving series, and subverted the traditional principle of clear day and night. With BR03-92 DIVER FULL LUM, the Review fake watch brand can also use different luminous shades.

Its metal dial is completely coated with paint made of green Superluminova® C5 pigment, while the metal decals hollow index and bezel numbers are filled with green Superluminova® C3. This ultra-phosphorescent green light has a long durability in the dark, and can provide continuous optimal time readings even in complete darkness.

Thanks to this most durable, intense and innovative change, the time indicator (which must be read at 25 cm in the dark) creates a contrast between green and green on the dial.

The idea is to change the contrast. In daylight, its modern lines highlight the necessities. The display of this timepiece is equipped with a graphic dial and a large scale. The 42mm case is cut from dark frosted black ceramic and emphasizes the almond green of the dial.

If you dive at night or reach the abyss, its subtle shadow will turn into a light explosion. The luminous dial illuminates like a beam of light.

Bell and Ross R.S.19 Chronograph Limited Edition

Buy Bell & Ross BR-X1 R.S.19 Replica watch

The Bell & Ross and Renault F1® team entered the 2019 season with an unprecedented strong relationship and maintained timekeeping through four exciting new chronographs of the R.S.19 series.

The forward-looking spiritual passion that has led Bell and Ross to grow since 1994-consolidating all aspects of the partnership between the Ferry watchmaker and the Renault F1® team-has entered their fourth year of racing together.

It’s all about conquering extremes, working with the most driven talent available, and embodied in exciting high-performance mechanical engineering.

The people dedicated to this mission sublimate this common passion. The drivers of Bell and Ross and Renault F1 team are expected to take the race to the next level this year, thanks to a strong pairing in the driver’s seat: Nico Helkenberg (GER) and the newly signed Daniel · Ricardo (AUS).

Man on mission
Whether it’s in pole position or reducing the hot lap time to milliseconds, people behind cars and watches are rare to see.

At the respective headquarters of the Bell & Ross and Renault F1® teams, two passionate teams are using their precision-designed machines to conquer time. The personal and professional stories behind these action figures embody the same values: performance, dedication, technical expertise and courage.

Anyone who follows the F1® movement knows that the secret of success is always teamwork. After all, it takes hundreds of people to get two people beyond the nish line, and so does the excellent watchmaking industry. Since 1977, like a century of Swiss tradition, the engineers and designers of the Renault F1® team have been seeking speed through mechanical precision and collaborative innovation. They firmly believe that every millisecond is important.

Teamwork is not limited to individual teams, as Bell & Ross’s R.S.19 discount replica watches proves, their respective enthusiasm can indeed promote each other, creating more than just the sum of each other.

To celebrate the perseverance, talent and training required to achieve the highest performance, the new series will be accompanied by a team-inspired publicity campaign. Daniel, Nico and other extraordinary people will lead the public through the life, rituals and preparations of the Renault F1® team and the Bell & Ross team.

With the smooth progress of the 2019 Formula1® season, the Renault F1® team faces the most exciting opportunity in years. The talent behind the steering wheel and the technology used are unparalleled. The same is true for Bell & Ross’s R.S.19 series of new products, they are easier to track than ever.

One fine-tuned engine, two power chassis

BR V3-94 R.S.19 and BR 03-94 R.S.19

The Bell & Ross R.S.19 series uses a pair of carbon fiber chronographs for competition, which are consistent with the steering wheels of Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hülkenberg.

Since the 1960s, wrist-worn stopwatches or “chronographs” have been synonymous with motorsports. The combination of elegant aesthetics and precise timing functions means that every gas station hero wears one.

Shaped by Bell&Ross’ expertise in making ultra-practical tool watches for professionals, this year’s Renault F1® team “RS19” watch series is built on two limited edition chronographs to suit the perfection of the modern F1® cockpit surroundings. BR V3-94 R.S.19 and BR 03-94 R.S.19 share the same “engine” and style language, but are installed on two different, equally iconic “chasses”. The BR V3-94 RS19 has a classic round case from the Bell & Ross Vintage series-now adjusted to 43 mm “XL” ratio-BR 03-94 RS19 is equipped with a 42 mm utility on the square case of its Instrument watch Sex.

The similarity begins with the highly clear, illuminated dial: derived from the Renault F1® Team steering wheel color coding introduced in the R.S.17 series. But this time, the dial is made of the necessary high-tech material of F1®: carbon fiber. It provides a smooth background for the iconic Renault F1® Team yellow and black and the green, red and orange on the cockpit buttons.

Each model comes from a two-way chronograph bezel to achieve “instant” timing, and knurled to improve grip when wearing gloves. When things get difficult, their timer mechanism has a high-precision stopwatch function that can record events with an accuracy of one-eighth of a second in the course of 30 minutes.

BR V3-94 R.S.19 and BR 03-94 R.S.19 are limited editions.

Strong and durable, excellent performance

The ergonomic design and super functionality of Bell&Ross BR-X1 have received R.S.19 treatment, which is reflected in every second. For each BR-X1 chronograph, Bell & Ross pushes the limit of extreme micro-engineering forward, stripping the movement, dial, case and buttons to the purest function: original performance with its most uncompromising and streamlined The form is reminiscent of Formula 1®.

BR-X1 RS19 is designed as a wrist high-octane racing car, designed for full functional operation on the steering wheel: ergonomic “rocker” button, suitable for use with gloves, the dial details are clear and easy to distinguish The cockpit controls and ultra-lightweight of Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hülkenberg are attributed to grade 5 titanium alloys, ceramics and rubber.

The square shell of the BR-X1 is surrounded by a bumper made of micro-sprayed ceramic and rubber, which serves as an outer protective shell. Rubber grip elements have also been integrated into the case to ensure better handling even when wearing gloves when the chronograph’s “rocker” button is activated.

The new feature of BR-X1 this year is the addition of a “time marker” on the circumferential bezel of the dial. After a warm-up lap, the team returning to the timing zone can immediately record the yellow running seconds hand of the chronograph by rotating and aligning its yellow triangle. After the second lap, the various times can be compared immediately.


Bell and Ross and the Renault F1® Team’s R.S.19 series received pole position, a miniature F1® engine for the wrist, turbocharged by a tourbillon.

The tourbillon means “cyclone” in French and is the ultimate adjustment of the haute horology industry in the high-octane world. Moreover, there is no doubt that the Renault F1®Team RS19 series of Bell & Ross fake luxury quartz watches originated from an example of special sports.

The tourbillon escapement rotates the escapement and the balance wheel that escapes at a speed of 360o per minute. At 6 o’clock, the force of gravity on the movement adjustment parts is evened, thereby improving the timing function and reducing certain Friction on these pinch points: This is an original invention dating back two centuries.

Just like the F1® engine itself, the manufacture and manual assembly of the tourbillon cage is a very difficult task. When rotating in its narrow space, the balance wheel is much smaller for fine-tuning. However, the vision is fascinating-a brand new exhibition of mechanical watchmaking. Combining the BR-X1’s peel-off case and high-tech case design, and adopting Bell & Ross’s new lap time marker and stopwatch timing function around the bezel, RS19 Tourbillion is a turbocharged triumphant precision engineering and passion.

These extraordinary timepieces bring the pursuit of excellence and precision to the climax.

BR V3-94 R.S.19

REF. br0394-RS19/srb

Movement: calibre BR-CAL.301. Automatic mechanical.

Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds at 3 o’clock. Date. Chronograph: 30-minute counter at 9 o’clock, central chronograph seconds. Tachymeter scale on the ange.

Case: 42 mm in diameter. Satin- nished polished steel. Bi-directional rotating bezel with anodised aluminium insert.

Dial: carbon bre. Metal applique Super-LumiNova®- lled numerals. Metal skeleton Super-LumiNova®- lled hour and minute hands.

Crystal: sapphire with anti-re ective coating.

Water-resistance: 100 metres.

Straps: perforated black rubber and ultra-resilient black synthetic fabric.

Buckle: pin. Satin-polished steel.

BR-X1 R.S.19

REF. brX1-RS19/srb

Movement: calibre BR-CAL.313. Automatic mechanical. ‘X’-shaped upper bridge. 56 jewels, 28,800 vph. Skeleton chronograph.

Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds at 3 o’clock. Skeletonised date at 6 o’clock. Chronograph: 30-minute counter at 9 o’clock, central seconds. Tachymeter scale on the ange.

Case: 45 mm in diameter. Titanium and ceramic with rubber inserts. Rocker push-buttons. Case-back with opening in tinted sapphire crystal, centred on the balance.

Dial: skeleton. Metal applique Super-LumiNova®- lled numerals. Metal skeleton Super-LumiNova®- lled hour and minute hands.

Crystal: sapphire with anti-re ective coating.

Water-resistance: 100 metres.

Strap: perforated black rubber.

Buckle: pin. Steel with black rubber overmoulding.


REF. brX1-CHTB-RS19/srb

Movement: calibre BR-CAL.283. Hand-wound ying tourbillon. Mono-pusher column wheel chronograph. 282 components, 35 jewels, 21,600 vph. 4-day power reserve.

Functions: hours and minutes. Chronograph: 30-minute counter at 11 o’clock, 60-second counter at 1 o’clock. Power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock. Flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock.

Case: 45 mm in diameter. Satin-polished titanium and matt ceramic with rubber inserts. Rocker mono-pusher. Sapphire case back with anti-re ective coating.

Dial: skeleton. Metal applique Super-LumiNova®- lled indices. Metal skeleton Super-LumiNova®- lled hour and minute hands.

Crystal: sapphire with anti-re ective coating.

Water-resistance: 100 metres.

Strap: perforated black rubber.

Buckle: pin. Steel with black rubber overmoulding.

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BR V3-94 RS20

B&R instruments are round. Its big box is made of steel. It is equipped with a two-way rotating bezel with a 60-minute scale, allowing you to measure short time.

On the dial
The 12-digit number on the dial of a sports watch. The font used Renault DP World F1 Team font. The minute track is divided into small black and white squares, like a chess board, which symbolizes the finish line of the car. The yellow hands show the various functions of the timer.

The bottom of the model is engraved: “Formula 1 Renault DP World RS20”.

Movement: BR-CAL.301 movement. Automatic machinery.
Crystal: curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment.
Functions: hours, minutes, three o’clock and date. Chronograph: Timed at 9:30, central chronograph stopwatch. The enhancement on the tachymeter scale.
Water resistance: 100 meters.
Case: 43 mm in diameter. Polished and satin-finished steel.
Two-way rotating steel bezel with black anodized aluminum ring and countdown timer. Screw-in crown. Sapphire back cover.
Strap: black/yellow calfskin, carbon effect or polished and satin-finished steel.
Dial: matte black. The application numbers are stuffed with Superluminova. Metal hour and minute hands are hollowed out and filled with Superluminova.
Buckle: foldable. Polished and satin-finished steel.

BR 03-94 RS20

This is the iconic square watch of the brand. This chronograph is limited to 999 pieces and comes with an ultra-abrasive sand black ceramic case.

All information about the timer function is shown in yellow. The enhanced function is used as a speedometer, divided into two different colored areas. The chronograph minute hand is located around the rhodium-plated brass ring, all of which helps to maximize readability.

Movement: BR-CAL.301 movement. Automatic machinery. Crystal: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment.
Functions: hours, minutes, three o’clock and date. Chronograph: 30-minute timer at 9 o’clock, central chronograph stopwatch. The enhancement on the tachymeter scale.
Water resistance: 100 meters.
Case: 42mm wide. Matte black ceramic. Strap: Perforated black rubber and black super synthetic fabric.
Dial: matte black. The application numbers are stuffed with Superluminova. Metal hour and minute hands are hollowed out and filled with Superluminova.
Buckle: ardillon. Microporous black steel.

BR-x1 RS20

It has the iconic box of the brand: the circle inside the square.

This is a particularly complex experimental version of BR 03-94.

The case is made of a variety of materials: PVD-treated titanium, ceramic and rubber. These materials can be used in sports watchmaking, aviation and Formula One.

The buttons of two materials evoke the shift paddles on the steering wheel. PVD treated steel ring around the frame. The skeletonized dial reveals a very complicated skeletonized mechanism and its gears.

Movement: BR-CAL.313 movement. Automatic machinery. X-shaped upper bridge. 56 jewels, 28,800 alt/h. Skeleton chronograph.
Crystal: Sapphire, anti-reflective treatment.
Functions: hours, minutes and small seconds at 3 o’clock. The date of the skeleton is 6 o’clock.
Chronograph: 9:30 minutes, located in the central second hand position. The enhancement on the tachymeter scale.
Water resistance: 100 meters.
Case: 45mm wide. Satin-finished titanium alloy and ceramic, rubber liner. Two-way rotating PVD frame with time stamp. Rocker buttons. The back of the bottom cover has a colored sapphire crystal opening, which is in the center position relative to the adjusting balance wheel.
Strap: black rubber perforated.
Spherical: skeletonized. The application numbers are stuffed with Superluminova. Metal hour and minute hands,
Hollow out and full of Superluminova.
Buckle: ardillon. The stainless steel crown is made of black rubber.

BR-x1 Tourbillon RS20

The high-end watches of this series are exquisite and delicate miracles.

The case is made of titanium, which is a light-resistant and lightweight material used in Formula 1. High-density rubber inserts protected by ceramic components improve operability. There is a minute hand on the fixed bezel and a “stop-start” indication on the rotating ring.

The large-diameter movement is regulated by a flying tourbillon with variable inertial balance. The manual winding barrel spring provides 100 hours of power reserve (pointer).

The clearly visible timing function on the side of the dial is controlled by a button that operates the column wheel, and the 30-minute counter is instantaneous.

Movement: BR-CAL.283 movement. Manually wind the flying tourbillon. Column wheel single button chronograph. 282 components, 35 jewels, 21,600 alt/h.
Power reserve of 4 days.
Crystal: Sapphire, anti-reflective treatment.
Functions: hours and minutes. Chronograph: The 30-minute counter at 11 o’clock and the 60-second counter at 1 o’clock pulse instantly. Indicates a power reserve of 9 o’clock.
Flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock.
Water resistance: 100 meters.
Case: 45mm wide. Satin-finished titanium alloy and matte ceramics, rubber liner. Two-way rotating PVD frame with time stamp. Tilt a single button. The sapphire caseback is treated with anti-reflective treatment.
Strap: black rubber perforated.
Spherical: skeletonized. Superluminova fill, metal and application index. Metal hour and minute hands are hollowed out and filled with Superluminova.
Buckle: ardillon. The stainless steel crown is made of black rubber.

This series has brought great improvements to the design. The simplest lines that make up its watch are crucial. In the end, these musical instrument sports watches realized an elegant basic form.

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Bell & Ross, a leading brand in the aviation timepiece market, once designed the iconic BR 03 square watch specifically for professionals in extreme environments. Later, the brand added the BR 05 series. The line of the case is “combined with square and circle.” Bright urban modern style.

The structure of the BR 05 watch transcends the square and round shapes itself, and combines the rigor of a square with the perfection of a round, forming its own unique and distinctive personality.

BR 05 adopts one-piece case design: that is, the bracelet and case are fully integrated as a whole. The first link is part of the case. This type of design dates back to the 1970s.

The black dial is decorated with delicate radial sunbursts, which can present different gradual effects under different light conditions, and it is very calm and classic with the stainless steel case. The hour markers at the 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions in the dial are Roman numerals and are coated with Super-LumiNova® luminous material. A date display window is set at 3 o’clock to facilitate commuting.

This watch has a diameter of 40 mm. The case is made of stainless steel and has been processed with edges and corners. The satin-finished surfaces are particularly flat, and the polished chamfers highlight and enhance the sense of volume. Four screws are decorated on the square bezel, which is very recognizable.

The side crown is engraved with the classic LOGO of replica Bell & Ross, and the non-slip texture design is used around it, which allows the wearer to better operate and adjust. In addition, the shoulder guard design can better protect the crown.

The extraordinarily flexible stainless steel bracelet also uses a decorative style that alternates between satin and polished surfaces. Each link is handled very carefully to ensure that the bracelet can be bent normally and to ensure that the bracelet fits comfortably on any wrist.

This watch is equipped with the BR-CAL.321 movement, and the hollow design on the back also adds to the playfulness of the watch.

One-piece design, super sturdiness and comfort, as well as exquisite and exquisite surface craft decoration, this BR 05 replica watches for sale exudes a strong aura and elegance. In addition, the watch’s confident style makes full use of the infinite vitality and liveliness of the city. Rhythm and variety, very suitable for urban modern men.

Bell & Ross BR 05 BLACK STEEL BR05A-BL-ST/SRB Replica watch

Item Type: Replica BR 05 BLACK STEEL Watches
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Model Number: BR05A-BL-ST/SRB
Brand Name: Bell & Ross
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 40 mm
Gender: men
Case Shape: Square
Dial: Black
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: folding, Satin-polished steel
Boxes: common box package without paper
Year: 2020
Band Material Type: rubber
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date