Bell and Ross BR 03-92 diver full light

The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver Full Lum watch uses a 42 mm matte black ceramic case with a unidirectional rotating bezel and an automatic movement. But, most notably, the watch has an amazing dial with a lot of Super-LumiNova coating. The resulting appearance, especially in dim light, proved to be extraordinary.

Bell & Ross was established in 1992 and has focused on manufacturing professional watches from the beginning. Its products are designed to meet the requirements of astronauts, bomb disposal experts, divers and pilots.

Some of the company’s models are highly innovative. For example, Space 3 is equipped with a “T-shaped crown system”, which is a retractable retractable spiral crown. Integrating the crown into the case does not cause harm and prevents accidental adjustments or potential effects.

Another clever model is Hydromax 11 100M. The diver’s watch is equipped with a quartz movement and a case filled with transparent fluorinated oil. The presence of oil improves the readability of the dial under water.

Blue sky thinking has always been a key part of the brand’s paradigm. The BR 01 model has always looked different from other models on the market. Inspired by cockpit instruments in aviation, BR 01 is comparable in readability. In addition, the square outline of BR 01 and the four protruding screws located on the side of the dial quickly attracted people’s attention with its unique appearance.

In the past few years, Bell & Ross cheap took advantage of the success of BR 01 and its brother BR 03 to release a variety of different color schemes. In 2017, the brand released BR03-92 Diver, which is undoubtedly a tribute to its origin. Recently, Bell & Ross has spent a lot of time exploring the potential of Super-LumiNova to make its models incredibly readable at night. Its latest product, Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver Full Lum, has the usual luminous hands and hour markers. However, its dial is also eye-catching and is coated with Super-LumiNova for a wide range of applications. The resulting appearance, especially in dim light, proved to be extraordinary.

For Bell & Ross, the ultimate reference company for luxury watch companies and professional timepieces, each watch is designed according to its specific environment. For divers, Bell & Ross has developed tools that are very suitable for underwater exploration.

They can effectively assist divers in the deepest and deepest waters.

Bell&Ross (Bell&Ross) expertise in the field of navigation is the crystallization of its collective experience and the knowledge of its designers, master watchmakers and professional divers. These watches are clear, practical, accurate, robust and reliable, and can meet the specific needs of professionals in their tasks.

Bell & Ross (Bell & Ross) has a long history in the manufacture of marine watches. When Bell & Ross released the first square diving Popular cheap watch in 2017, the brand confirmed its ability to produce professional underwater instruments.

Following the design of HYDROMAX in 1997 and the waterproof function reaching 11,100 meters, and the launch of the BR02 series in 2007, BR03-92 DIVER has left a deep impression in the diving industry with its iconic square case. This is the starting point for the entire series, and is being continuously expanded to include the innovative BR03-92 DIVER FULL LUM.

Only watches that conform to the international standard ISO 6425 can be marked as diving watches. These official regulations list very specific standards and list many basic technical characteristics. These include a waterproof function with a minimum depth of 100 meters; the presence of a unidirectional rotating bezel with graduated minute scales, operation indicators and luminous markings; readability in the dark; shock and magnetic protection.

Optimal legibility when diving is the key and can even save lives. This is also one of the main concepts and guiding principles of Bell&Ross. To this extent, BR 03-92 DIVER FULL LUM can fully meet this basic requirement.

Bell & Ross used an inverted contrast to combine the Lum concept with the diving series, and subverted the traditional principle of clear day and night. With BR03-92 DIVER FULL LUM, the Review fake watch brand can also use different luminous shades.

Its metal dial is completely coated with paint made of green Superluminova® C5 pigment, while the metal decals hollow index and bezel numbers are filled with green Superluminova® C3. This ultra-phosphorescent green light has a long durability in the dark, and can provide continuous optimal time readings even in complete darkness.

Thanks to this most durable, intense and innovative change, the time indicator (which must be read at 25 cm in the dark) creates a contrast between green and green on the dial.

The idea is to change the contrast. In daylight, its modern lines highlight the necessities. The display of this timepiece is equipped with a graphic dial and a large scale. The 42mm case is cut from dark frosted black ceramic and emphasizes the almond green of the dial.

If you dive at night or reach the abyss, its subtle shadow will turn into a light explosion. The luminous dial illuminates like a beam of light.