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Robert Greubel (Robert Greubel) and Stephen Forsey (Stephen Forsey) launched a new buy watches online, the watch displayed a large, high-precision and tilted balance wheel in a 100-meter waterproof titanium case. Tailored for the most active lifestyle. The watchmakers of the two inventors accepted the challenge of fully combining movement with timekeeping. The unique oval case is ergonomically designed and has integrated lugs to provide the best protection for the movement. With this new movement “Balancier S”, Greubel Forsey (Greubel Forsey) took a sports adventure, broke the technological limits, and combined ergonomics, architecture and precision. A new flagship in aesthetics, performance, innovation and craftsmanship.

Since 2004, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have been creating innovative mechanisms. Invention and creativity are the two basic elements of Greubel Forsey’s DNA weaving. With their expertise, they will continue to explore new ways to integrate the structure of the case and the structure of the movement.

At the end of 2019, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey opened a new chapter in GMT Sport-a new case structure that combines ergonomics, robustness and comfort with carved lines. Today, Greubel Forsey continues to use this method, a new interpretation of the unique case, showing a new movement.

This 45mm titanium case is round from above, revealing a unique arched oval shape from other angles, integrated lugs and strap, and decorated with a satin bezel engraved with Greubel Forsey’s key values . The new “Balancier S” has a slim profile that enhances dynamic new power.

The rubber crown and strap with rubber inserts ensure excellent grip and clock protection. The oval arched sapphire crystal imitates the curvature of the case. The bold double cantilever arch bridge technically and visually emphasizes the perfect penetration between the case and the movement, with a tilted gear train and curved hour and minute hands. These eye-catching elements are integrated and extended on the inclined balance wheel, giving the timepiece a strong personality while ensuring its excellent timing performance.

The large tilting balance at 7 o’clock stands out. In order to improve the timing function, it makes the most of the space provided by the arched case and the sapphire crystal, closely linking the shape and function. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have challenged the chronograph in their unremitting pursuit of precision and performance, especially by using a 24-second tourbillon, a quadruple tourbillon And 30-degree double tourbillon to reshape the tourbillon mechanism. fashion copy watches

They introduced a large balance wheel in 2016, so here they chose a new approach. The balance wheel is entirely developed and manufactured in-house by Greubel Forsey Atelier, with a maximum diameter of 12.6mm and is characterized by ensuring excellent timing performance. In order to precisely adjust the moment of inertia, the balance wheel rim is equipped with six hexagonal gold adjusting screws to limit air friction. The 308-part movement has a 72-hour chronograph power reserve through two coaxial barrels installed in series, indicated by an open red pointer on the fan shape at 2 o’clock. The central hour and minute dials are made of hollow-finished polished steel hands, which are completed by a small second on the inclined plane of the escapement at 8 o’clock to highlight the depth and convexity of this new movement.

The excellent timing function of this Greubel Forsey chronograph complements the sports watch case. Made of titanium, it is water-resistant to 100 meters, and the sturdy case features a lightweight and comfortable wrist. Its robustness protects the movement, especially its large balance wheel, and has been tested in the Graubel Fauci EWT laboratory to always ensure its reliability and timekeeping performance. The soft and durable rubber strap enhances the sporty feel and has all the comfort of a titanium folding clasp. Greubel Forsey Balancier S is limited edition.

GREUBEL FORSEY dual gyroscope 30° ceramic craft

The double tourbillon 30° is the first fundamental invention of Glauber Fauci, which was exhibited at the Baselworld in 2004. This proved the success of the independent studio. Seven years later, the double tourbillon 30° technology won the first place on Concours. International timekeeping. Throughout the competition, the total score of this timer reached 915 points (maximum 1000 points), and the average timing speed was 0.3 to 0.8 seconds per day.

Now, Greubel Forsey will introduce ceramic double tourbillon 30° technology, which is an extremely accurate, delicate and robust timepiece.

The double tourbillon 30° in the center of the timepiece contributes to its extraordinary accuracy. Inside the four-minute cage, a smaller cage equipped with a balance wheel and spring assembly is tilted at an angle of 30° relative to the first cage, and the rotation is completed within 60 seconds. Combining the 30° inclination with the different speeds of the two tourbillons can average out the position errors caused by gravity in all common watch positions (especially stable positions), thereby improving the timing performance.

In the Double Tourbillon 30° double tourbillon technology, four coaxial barrels are connected to a spherical power reserve differential, which can provide 120 hours of chronograph power reserve.

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Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey, inspired by the phenomena of transparency and lightness, are pushing the boundaries of watch architecture to draw onlookers to the symbolic replica Glauber Forsey ( Greubel Forsey) timepiece. This limited edition of 11 timepieces is made of ceramic for the first time, a very rigid material sold in the US market.

The shadow of the impressive blue ceramic case and the light flooding from the sapphire crystal movement. The clock has been redesigned to include these elements, requiring very special expertise and knowledge. Now, it reveals the fascinating sight of two complete suspensions of the dual tourbillon 30° movement.

Transparency has always been an indispensable part of Greubel Forsey’s work. This is particularly evident in the construction of the various versions of the Double Tourbillon 30°Technique-all presenting a panoramic view of the movement architecture. This dual ceramic tourbillon 30° technology further breaks the boundaries of transparency by reconsidering the structure of the entire timepiece to adapt to the special constraints of the sapphire crystal.

The eyes can tell every detail. The small seconds and power reserve indicator in gold are made of blue, which contrasts sharply with the matte main board, reminiscent of sparkling blue ceramics.

The hour and minute hands and the 4-minute tourbillon rotation indicator at 6 o’clock are all immersive structures made of sapphire, allowing light to enter all levels of the mechanism. The hands are hollowed out to further enhance light and transparency. In the mysterious dance that seemed to hang in the air, Double Tourbillon 30° immediately attracted the attention of the audience.

After rebuilding the movement, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey met the challenge of accommodating the sapphire crystal element, especially the machining and finishing in three dimensions in order to achieve Grobel ·The unique geometric shape of Fauci perfect copy watches and strict standard sapphire crystal elements.

The watchmakers of the two creators took the movement to the extreme of architecture and created a three-dimensional sapphire bridge. It turns out that it is particularly difficult to achieve this challenge. It is processed from a single piece of sapphire, and its side is polished with different crystal grains. It requires highly professional tools, excellent precision and professional knowledge. The beveled corners reveal a matte finish that contrasts sharply with the polished transparent surface of the sapphire.

Because of this transparency, the entire wheel and pinion that make up the timepiece are exposed to reveal an unprecedented visual experience of the movement structure.

On the dial side, the tourbillon bridge, barrel bridge, differential bridge and power reserve bridge have been removed and remade in sapphire to show the internal mechanism of the timepiece. In order to incorporate these new elements, sports must be reconsidered. In this creative spirit, even the restrictions imposed by screws are considered: the bridge is specially installed to absorb the impact that the sapphire may suffer. Therefore, the board, bridge and mechanical structure are completely new.

On the side of the bottom cover, the three-dimensional gear chain bridge can clearly see the magnificent building below. This unusually large bridge has a multi-layered design with counter holes that allow the wheels to accurately overlap the sapphire. The whole mechanism emits light, rewarding the beholder with a fascinating sight. The lower tourbillon bridge (also made of sapphire) accurately reproduces the steel bridge that originally adopted Double Tourbillon 30° technology, marking a major achievement in sapphire craftsmanship.

This is the first time Greubel Forsey has shown the movement inside a ceramic case, which requires extremely high precision. The material is compacted by pressing and shaped before firing. During the heat treatment, it shrinks by about 25%.

In the end, the diameter of the case is 48.40 mm and the height is 17.77 mm. Once the element is sintered at a very high temperature, the ceramic solidifies, making the case very hard and therefore more difficult to use. The material becomes very resistant to scratches and corrosion, which means that surface treatment requires excellent expertise.

From polishing to linear or circular satin finishes, these finishes refine the outline of the timepiece, perfecting it in the true Greubel Forsey spirit. The dark blue ceramic brings subtle sparkle to the Double Tourbillon 30° technology, while its physical properties make it extremely resistant. The blue ceramic case and sapphire movement exude countless colors, surface treatments and textures. reviews aaa watches

It is equipped with a blue rubber strap, and is equipped with a titanium folding clasp, and decorated with hand-engraved Greubel Forsey logo. The crown-also ceramic-has the Greubel Forsey logo engraved on the tone.

Buy Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon Blue watch

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Due to the laws of physics, a perfect black surface is almost impossible, but this does not mean that scientists have not done their best to make the darkest surface ever made a reality. Review replica watches

I briefly discussed this before in “Design Discussion on Contrast and Texture: How Vantablack and Other Technologies Break Watch Specifications”: Over the past few decades, multiple methods have been used to create the darkest surfaces.

In the early 1980s, the use of chemically etched nickel-phosphorus alloys began to be studied, and around 2002, researchers at the British National Physical Laboratory finally created a surface that only reflected 0.35% of light. They call it super black.

The record lasted for seven years, until the nanotube-based Vantablack coating developed by Surrey NanoSystems reflected only 0.035% of the light, ten times that of Super Black. Then, a few years later, Surrey Nanosystems defeated its own material with a modified Vantablack that reflected so little light that the sensor could not even pick it up. This material is almost as “black” as possible, but at a price-both visually and literally.

To create the darkest surface in human history, special equipment is required beyond what most laboratories can provide. By using an improved form of chemical vapor deposition (CVD), carbon nanotubes are “grown” in a special reactor at 450°C that uses a plasma arc to help create vertically aligned and very close samples.

There are 1 billion carbon nanotubes in 1 square centimeter of Vantablack. The cost of buying a sample that is only 40 mm (about 1.5 inches) square is 350 Euros. Although the sample is very impact-resistant and heat-resistant, it can be easily damaged if only touched with fingers.

But there are bigger problems.

One of them is that Vantablack is a controlled export material, and it is not easy to obtain samples only by obtaining a license (there is a formal “public personal export license” letter for record). cheap watches Price

Another problem is that if you have an actual application to use Vantablack, it needs to make the material that will not melt or deform at the temperature of the application fit the actual machine, and the application must be a certain kind of Moving. once

Therefore, even experimenting with the darkest black is not a scientific feat, and it is more difficult to find applications (whether practical or not) in our daily lives.

Moreover, watchmakers and other talented craftsmen have tried for hundreds of years to create a deep black: polished.

Fake Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30° watch Invention Piece 1 Vision White gold black dial Online

Black polished
Okay, not just polishing. In fact, this is a special polishing technique called many names: mirror polishing, block polishing, cross stitch polishing and flat polishing.

But the most commonly used name is black polish. The name is so named because when the polished component is at an angle to the light, it will show a perfect black reflection, because no light is reflected on the viewer’s eyes. Tiny scratches or blemishes are found because it will “glow”.

Many watchmakers and brands use this type of polishing on parts such as screws, studs, or swan neck adjusters, but some brands put more effort into larger and more difficult parts.

Based on the timepieces seen at Baselworld 2018, I can safely say that the best in the black polishing industry is Greubel Forsey (no real surprises), and the quad tourbillon blue is all the evidence you need .

Black polished to a new level
The Four-Body Tourbillon Blue in Gaupe Fortunes is a four-part tourbillon in two 2018 editions, a very sophisticated and popular watch from the brand that has illustrated Gaupe Fortunes’ incredible skills and expertise. The design direction of the latest version is slightly different, and the blue dial is the real achievement.

Koppelfors is well known for its exquisite finishing and is widely praised for achieving some-if not-the best in the industry. Every component is perfect, and no dust or tiny scratches are found in the Greubel Forsey timepiece.

Greubel Forsey (fake Greubel Forsey) even used a very difficult black polishing process on many parts, some of which are quite large, such as the tourbillon bridge on the invention 1 or the balance bridge on the signature 1.

However, compared to the new quadruple tourbillon blue, these components are baby, because its entire dial is black polished. The flawless perfect surface is absolutely spotless, which is absolutely unbelievable, not to mention that the dial is also composed of six separate parts, all of which are also perfectly black polished.

If that’s not enough, the dial is actually made of gold (rather than the more common metal polished in black: steel) and then chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating to create an amazing blue.

You may know something about component polishing and then say “Wow, that’s impressive.” But if you really know how complicated and difficult black polishing can be, then the vast land will suddenly become the Sistine Chapel.

With the development of technology, black polishing is very simple. You need to use finer and finer abrasives and perfectly flat surfaces, and carefully polish the parts until you get a mirror effect. However, this simple explanation conceals the very delicate and experienced touch required to achieve such a surface treatment, as well as the difficulty of polishing such a large surface.

Achieving perfect black finish on components is not only a question of patience (patience is important, but it is not the only problem), but to a large extent it is a matter of contact. As I heard multiple watchmakers repeat it: either it can be done or it cannot be done.

After some polishing, you can slowly grind all the abrasives and finally get a good polished surface. But when using black polishing, you must maintain a perfectly flat surface and polish it smoothly at the same time, so that you can’t see any blemishes or tiny scratches.

Excessive force, too slow or too fast, the abrasive mixture is too wet or too dry, there is only a small piece of abrasive of different sizes in the mixture, all of which may be introduced and damage the small scratches or uneven surfaces.

Larger means more room for defects
But why should it be ruined? Why can’t you just start over with a more aggressive abrasive and then start again?

This is usually not an option, because the components have strict tolerances on thickness, flatness, and right angle, so too much polishing can cause the components to be unusable due to dimensional errors. The parts are no longer suitable, so only a moderate amount of polishing is difficult enough, let alone an absolutely perfect polishing of a piece of the entire watch size.

The blue dial on the quadruple tourbillon blue is a superb technique, a model of superb technique in practice. The tiny screw head hidden at the back of the movement is very small or too small, you need to use a magnifying glass to see it is completely different from the entire front of the watch, so you will see it every day when you wear it.

There is a perfect black polished surface of nearly 40 mm for everyone to watch. No matter how small, the scratches here will be obvious flaws on a “blank” blue ocean.

In this way, the execution on Greubel Forsey’s arena is eye-catching and worth mentioning. Thanks to the CVD coated gold, the blue glows at right angles, but disappears as a pure black reflection in the other direction. If the ambient light is bright enough, you can see a faint blue hue, but the strong black polishing will try to hide it from a certain angle.

This is what makes this work stand out, showing that Greubel Forsey is not afraid of challenges. Most people think that even creating an incredible four tourbillon is a major achievement, but no one knows that this brand can win the crown.

Of course, looking at the entire watch, there are many things to impress you. The design of the tourbillon enables multi-axis rotation. The design of the numbers and instructions is more concise and modern; the barrel-shaped polished tourbillon bridge; the expected perfect finish of the entire movement (front and back). All these details make an amazing timepiece.

But the black polished gold dial (provided by titanium oxide CVD) painted in a stunning blue is the champion of this watch. The dial is made of three layers and six pieces, a breathtaking victory, and interestingly, if the observer does not know that it is black polished gold, it is still underestimated.

Dealing with this piece is really the key to making a deal: the moment you turn the watch correctly and change the dial from such a shiny blue to dark black is the moment you realize that you are holding something special.

This watch is excellent and helps remind high-end watch lovers that Greubel Forsey will pursue perfection.

Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon Blue is a groundbreaking work whose composition almost eclipses the entire watch (almost impossible in Greubel Forsey). I can say with certainty that it takes a lot of effort to create such a perfectly sized black polished dial, which means that you won’t find it in every model next year, so it will be worthwhile to spend some time searching for this dial.

Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon Blue
Case: 43.5 x 16.11 mm, platinum or 5N red gold
Movement: Manually wound GF Quadruple Tourbillon with Quadruple Tourbillon
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds; power reserve


Following the royal blue predecessor, Greubel Forsey introduced a new interpretation of the tourbillon 24 Seconds Contemporain, this time using a natural titanium movement. The timepiece is still housed in a 5N red or white gold case with a diameter of 44.5 mm and a thickness of 15.2 mm. The simplicity of its appearance resonates harmoniously with the internal structure. The multiple layers of the movement subtly highlight its three-dimensional characteristics. Looking at the clock, first draw your eyes deeply into the large oval cut, and then you will be moved by the hands, which seem to surge from the metal fountain suspended on the sapphire crystal minute track. The latter hides the tourbillon bridge, also made of sapphire crystal. The previous version exudes a brilliant blue.

The outstanding 5N red gold Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 seconds contemporary watch is another outstanding invention of this product. This timepiece with a diameter of 44.5 mm is full of intricate details and is a perfect example of super “premium timepiece”. Worth a detailed hands-on review, this is a watch whose eyes are drawn from one place to another, and each individual element on it can be carefully observed. The gray oval openwork dial shows the outstanding work quality of Greubel Forsey. The dial is equipped with a 24-second tourbillon, and its rotation indicator is located between 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock. Due to the use of sapphire crystal bridges and olive-shaped gemstones inlaid in the golden chat, it is suspended and inclined at an angle of 25 degrees.

In order to provide unparalleled readability, the dial has a sapphire crystal disc around the case, which is affixed with markers and 12 o’clock numerals. The three-dimensional depth of the mechanism and dial is a real pleasure for the eyes. The dial also has a 72-hour power reserve fan indicator at 4 o’clock, a small seconds at 9 o’clock, and a hollow hand and Superluminova tip. Every component on the front has been carefully crafted, with great care and attention to detail. The black and red elements on the dial create an unparalleled symphony of replica watches

Just as the dial and movement were not enough to attract the eye, Greubel Forsey made further efforts to engrave two intricately engraved plates on both sides of the case strap. These screws are engraved on the 44.5 mm case on the case. It is engraved with the words that are common today. Describes the value and attributes of this masterpiece in French. The board on the side of the crown reads: “Savoie Phil”, “Inventor Clock”, “Créativité”, “Technicité”, “Univers Original”, “Bienfacture d’Exception”, “Oeuvre Unique”, “Noblesse Esthétique” “, “Inventors Horlogers”, “Créativité” and “Technicité”. The right-sized crown is engraved with the Greubel Forsey logo in black lacquer. To be honest, when it comes to details, there is really nothing more complicated than this.

Copy Greubel Forsey Signature 1 Limited Edition Steel Blue For USA & Red Gold 2017 NEW watch Online

The nameplate on the left strap is also printed with the following French words, that is, a pure horological poem: “Nus, inventor watchmaker, Avon Donald Viez Garde-temps d’exception, subtle Alki Mi Entel créativitéte and techinicité. The complex reproduction and the dual rights of realization realize the intention of voting.” The book translated into English reads: “Our inventors in the watch industry gave this extraordinary timepiece. With life, this is a subtle alchemy between technology and creativity. Our unique expertise and exquisite craftsmanship are reflected in the complexity of this creation for you.” This watch is waterproof to 30 Mi, we just want to know who would dare to enter the swimming pool or shower with this clock on the wrist.

To give this horological masterpiece an amazing appearance, the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Second Contemporain watch is equipped with a very elegant and hand-stitched black alligator leather strap. The strap is equipped with a comfortable and easy-to-use double folding folding clasp, matched with 5N rose gold, the front of the clasp bears the Greubel Forsey logo, and the sides are sprayed with beads.

The beating heart inside Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain can be fully seen through the back of the case. The manual winding movement Greubel Forsey GF01c has a patented tourbillon that powers this watch. The movement consists of 365 parts, 1 tourbillon cage and 88 parts (weight 0.38g), two coaxial series of fast-rotating barrels, 40 gems made of olive pits with olive pits, frosted titanium The main board and the frosted and polished nickel-silver bridge constitute chamfering and nickel-palladium treatment. When fully wound, the movement can provide a 72-hour (3 days) power reserve while beating at a frequency of 21,600 vph.

If you want to buy one of the most glamorous timepieces there, and few people own this watch, then this Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain is your best choice. If you are used to the best habit, that is your rule of thumb, then when you think about it for a long time, this Greubel Forsey will definitely put a smile on your face.

Greubel Forsey QP Équation

Greubel Forsey reinvented the perpetual calendar QP in the new QPàquation. This watch uses a 43.5 mm 5N red gold case with a “chocolate brown” dial, and is equipped with a complete perpetual calendar, tourbillon and “time equation”, which can be operated through the bidirectional crown. The clock is presented with a hand-stitched alligator leather strap.

The dial is equipped with a gold index, as well as hour and minute hands, all equipped with Super-LumiNova, which can be clearly displayed around the clock. There is a small seconds dial between 7 and 8 o’clock. The perpetual calendar is displayed at 5 o’clock, showing the date, date and month. The dial also displays the leap year, power reserve and a 24-hour indicator.

The “Tourbillon 24 Seconds” at 10 o’clock in the clock house is tilted at an angle of 25 degrees, and it takes 24 seconds to complete a complete rotation. It has a counterweight gold and a titanium cage bridge. The mechanism can be observed from the front and back during work.

On the back of the watch, the complexity of the “time equation” can be observed through the glass back cover, showing the difference between current solar time and civil time. The season, solstice and vernal equinox are marked on the circle around the complications. The current year is displayed on the back using a four-digit aperture.

The Koppelforth QP a has a 72-hour power reserve and is waterproof to 30 meters. Shopping replica watches

Hands on: Greubel Forsey GMT Sport

Visually and mechanically great.

Even in the scarce field of high-end watches, Greubel Forsey replica has brought the watchmaking industry to a level of craftsmanship unmatched by others-not only in finishing, but also in continuous innovation in chronographs, while establishing its own unique three-dimensional aesthetics.

Now, the brand combines all of these into its first sports watch, GMT Sport. The GMT Sport is almost identical in function to the existing GMT, combining world time with a tilted tourbillon, but it is no different from other Greubel Forsey. Its movement is mainly made of titanium and has been reconstructed to fit the new oval case.

Despite its uniqueness, the watch is impressive in many ways, especially in terms of finishing and construction.

New look
With a depth of 100m, GMT Sport is a large organically shaped watch with no right angles, only a few edges, and only a few flat surfaces. But it has a mechanical appearance. The lugs are fixed on the case by visible screws and protruding pushers.

The structure is complex and delicate, and the most unusual function is the crystal and bezel curved on multiple planes. When viewed from the top, the case looks round, but it is actually barrel-shaped, with an oval bezel, and is bent vertically from 12 to 6 o’clock. In order to adapt to the curvature of the case, the crystal is also oval and curved, further highlighting the architectural depth of the movement.

The circumference of the baffle extends slightly outward from the housing to the integrated belt. Therefore, the watch looks much larger than what it wears. The border is 45 mm wide and the table bandwidth is only 42 mm.

The height of the entire watch is 15.7 mm, which is still large by any standard, but the titanium case and movement mean that its weight is much smaller than its appearance. This is contrary to the touch of a large and bulky conventional Greubel Forsey watch, large and light.

In fact, the entire watch, including the strap and clasp, weighs only 115 grams (about 4 ounces), which is half the weight of a typical Greubel Forsey in a precious metal case.

Although it is entirely titanium, the case is actually in two shades: the case, back and lugs are made of natural titanium, and the middle of the case is black coated titanium. The result is somewhat reminiscent of the cases of Richard Mille and Hublot, which relied on a similar two-color sandwich structure.

Two buttons are engraved to indicate its function: the “GMT” button selects the second time zone, and the second button synchronizes the local time with the globe.Where can I buy luxury replica watches?

Every element of the case has been carefully designed and completed. The surface of the lug is, for example, a brushed upper surface with a chamfered edge, which surrounds the frosted groove.

The individual baffles are impressively decorated with a variety of different finishing techniques. Its external bevel is engraved with a embossed micro-engraving of the brand concept. This element is often used on Greubel Forsey watches, and it is often used on the side of the case. Impressively, the micro-engraving makes all the text on the border unnecessary and slightly beyond the top.

Copy Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 watch Double Tourbillon 30 Technique Red Gold Online

New GMT movement
Although this movement has basically the same function as the first GMT watch, it has been modified from scratch to adapt to the new oval curved case.

The watch is a world timer because the globe works with the city disc on the back and the second time zone indicator at 10 o’clock. But the core of the dial is a three-dimensional globe at eight o’clock, which rotates counterclockwise every 24 hours and moves in the direction of the earth’s rotation. A globe fixed on the base alone can visually see the time around the world through the 24-hour sapphire ring on its edge.

Although geography knowledge is required, with the loop, time around the world can be estimated. In addition, it can also double as a day and night indicator, dividing the 24-hour ring into two halves, the darker part indicates nighttime and the brighter part indicates daytime.

Familiar tourbillon
The 24-hour globe is combined with another major invention of Greubel Forsey – the 25° tilt tourbillon moves quickly, rotates every 24 seconds, and uses a lightweight cage. Although mechanically the same as the tilting tourbillon of the earlier model, the style execution here has been adjusted to match the design of the watch. Therefore, the tourbillon is fixed in place by a black polished steel bridge, forming a soft “V” shape, but its center is concave and the surface is coated with a matte black coating.

Although such exotic tourbillons have more visual purposes, the principle behind the tilted tourbillon and all the tourbillons of the brand stems from its strong interest in improving accuracy. In fact, compared to static pocket watches or clocks, improving the tourbillon used on the wrist is one of the basic motivations of the brand.

In contrast to a vertical or dual-axis tourbillon, a tilted tourbillon allows the use of a fairly large balance wheel without requiring an unreasonably thick watch case.

According to Greubel Forsey, tilting it from the horizontal plane avoids the most extreme gravity error in the balance wheel, while still averaging the error on the second plane of the balance wheel. The result is actually close to a two-axis tourbillon, while making the movement’s height easy to control. Where can I buy beautiful replica watches for women?


GREUBEL FORSEY BALANCIER CONTEMPORAIN offers three styles, two gem-set styles and a white gold unadorned version. Every face of the timepiece shines with the brilliance of the clock. In short, the fascinating aesthetic is combined with perfect surface treatment and excellent mechanical properties.

In the rare world of fine watches, the watchmaking industry has continued centuries of purist traditions. Some companies have been operating for two or three hundred years. History often gives legitimacy and implies a certain degree of expertise. However, sometimes some practitioners of advanced watchmaking abandon this recognized wisdom.

Greubel Forsey was founded in 2004 by Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey. Based in the suburbs of La Chaux-de-Fonds, the watchmaking capital of Switzerland, this relatively young Maison has earned a reputation for meeting the needs of the most discerning drinkers.

This respected company is famous for its tourbillon. However, Greubel Forsey not only copied the 1801 invention of Breguet (Breguet), but also conceived a clever adaptation of the “whirlwind” that dreams demand. For example, the double tourbillon 30° includes two cages that rotate at different speeds and are positioned at different angles. This “invention” provides excellent accuracy and averages position errors due to gravity. This proprietary technology has been used in models of multiple brands.

Double tourbillon 30°

Despite the originality of the 30°Double Tourbillon, Greubel Forsey has never wavered and is constantly seeking innovation. As the name suggests, four tourbillons use four tourbillons connected to a spherical differential. The system gives “accurate and reliable timing rates, especially in stable positions”. The quadruple tourbillon is Maison’s second invention.

Fake Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30° watch Double Tourbillon Technique Red Gold Online

Quadruple Tourbillon

Innovation is at the core of the Greubel Forsey paradigm. This aggressive company has planned a total of seven inventions. It has provided solutions to problems that almost nobody wants to ask. However, the answers provided have been recognized by industry insiders. This brand’s relentless pursuit of perfection is extraordinary.


I often write articles about high-end watches and am amazed. I especially like hand-beveled bridges. The purpose of chamfering or polishing is to form a 45° angle between the bridge deck and its sides. The best example of this technique shows that the bevel width does not fluctuate or change. In addition, the chamfered edges present a bright sheen, which is in sharp contrast to the adjacent surface.

The most challenging type of surface treatment to be achieved by finisseur is black polishing (sometimes called “mirror polishing” or “mirror polishing”). This mirror-like finish can almost become black at some angles, and white at other angles. Black polishing can capture light and provide excellent contrast. Generally, this type of surface treatment is achieved using tinplate and fine diamond paste. The final finish should be perfectly smooth and flawless.

Although Greubel Forsey may not be the oldest brand, its youth has nothing to do with its expertise. I can say clearly that I think Greubel Forsey is the best representative of the financial industry.

My favorite Greubel Forsey model so far

Over the years, I checked various Greubel Forsey discount watches and temporarily placed them on my wrist, keeping in mind the coveted cost. Some examples I like, completely follow the original aesthetics, technical virtues and unparalleled decoration. On the contrary, the appearance of some watches is not what I like. However, regardless of the style of the model, there is always mechanical accuracy and completeness. Quite simply, watchmaking is no better than this.

At the 2019 Geneva International Watch and Jewellery Show (SIHH), the Swiss company launched a new watch, Greubel Forsey Balancier Contemporain. The model is housed in a medium-sized gold case and offers three variants, one is the unmodified version and the other is two models with gemstones. Normally, I avoid a gem-set watch, but when the platinum version is attached to my wrist, I immediately succumb to its charm.


Although many dials are flat, in addition to prominent time scales, Greubel Forsey Balancier Contemporain also uses a three-dimensional structure. The countless levels of clocks and watches have given people great interest.

The hours and minutes are displayed on the eccentric dial at 3 o’clock. This multi-layer gold dial is set with mother-of-pearl and decorated with small polished beveled circles. An opening between 6 o’clock and 8 o’clock allows you to see the balance more clearly.

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The power reserve indicator is located on the frosted surface directly below the hours and minutes display. A soft hand moves along the curved track above the neat scale. When both barrels have been wound, the movement can run automatically for 72 hours (chronograph power reserve – see below). The mirror-polished scale of the power reserve reflects the beautiful light of the engraved spring barrel nearby.

At noon, a gold watch nail sits in a polished sink, adhering to superb watchmaking craftsmanship. The smaller taper shank is located nearby, almost hidden by the hour and minute display above.

The small second hand is displayed at a position lower than the power reserve indicator. The dial of the small second hand is mother-of-pearl, blending pure black brushstrokes. Similar to the main hours and minutes display, the small seconds display shows polished beveled small circles.

Note the hollow dial and mirror finish below the balance wheel.

The last stage acts as the host for the large balance wheel and its supporting bridge. The bridge has hand polished bevels and holes, light black polished and straight grained sides. On the undecorated model, the balance bridge and escapement are located on the vast mirror-polished sea surface, making the scene of the balance wheel swinging back and forth clear and bright. The frosted effect of the gem-set version is lower than the balance and no black polishing is required.

The decision to create a multi-level dial inherited the noble design language of Greubel Forsey. It abandons the flat appearance of many dials, but adopts a sculptural appearance, and is filled with many layers, textures and surface treatments. This method does increase the depth of the head, but its final thickness of 12.25mm is not puzzling.


After adding gems, the diameter of Greubel Forsey Balancier Contemporain has increased by 2 mm (the diameter of the gem-set version is 41.6 mm). The difference is that the Swiss brand chose to use a larger case to set gems, thus leaving more space on the bezel to accommodate diamonds. In some companies, the so-called “bean counter” will say “economy of scale” and insist that “one size fits all methods.” Fortunately, Greubel Forsey does not approve of this cynical watch production method.

This model represents a new chapter in the history of the brand. To date, all models are larger and may alienate some potential buyers. I suggest that the undecorated version with a diameter of 39.6mm actually fits all wrists.

What makes this watch so good is that despite its moderate size, the design still uses the three-dimensional dial structure that the Swiss company is famous for, and it shows the adjustment mechanism in all the bare brilliance.

Greubel Forsey swiss offers white gold Balancier Contemporain for unmodified and gem-set variants. In addition, this gem-set watch also offers 18 carats of 5N rose gold. The gem-set case is decorated with 232 baguette-cut diamonds (a total of 9.58 carats). Everything exudes effervescent beauty.

Some gem-set watches may look ostentatious, but for Greubel Forsey Balancier Contemporain, there is no such criticism. Indeed, the model of superb watchmaking is impeccable and the model of taste.

The back of the case is domed sapphire crystal glass. The bottom cover under the dome is engraved with engraved lettering, which is presented in relief. These words are called “Greubel Forsey Key Values” and are embellished with black polish. The center of the bottom cover is a red and gold plate with the Maison logo. Three gold cases are inlaid with rugby-shaped jewelry. The highly polished countersink highlights the color of ruby.


The manual winding movement is composed of 255 parts, 33 of which are jewelry. The diameter of the movement is 32.4mm and the thickness is 9.2mm.

Two “fast rotating barrels (1 turn in 3.2 hours)” connected in series have a 72-hour timekeeping function. The watch will continue to run after the above 72 hours, although its accuracy will be reduced. I chatted with Stephen Fawsey and asked if he had considered a shutdown, which caused the watch to stall after 72 hours of operation. Stephen explained to me that the space inside the case is too small to accommodate this function, and inevitably, the addition of a stop device will result in a higher selling price. I feel unable to refute these compelling arguments.

One of the barrels is equipped with “sliding springs to avoid excessive tension”.

A balance equipped with a simple index adjuster (racket) will clamp the balance spring. Moving the index adjuster can increase/decrease the effective length of the hairspring, thereby changing the swing amplitude accordingly. However, the problem with this method is that the hairspring cannot breathe concentrically, thereby reducing accuracy.

Greubel Forsey has equipped Balancier Contemporain with a variable inertial balance wheel. Adjust the speed by tightening or loosening the screws on the rim of the balance. These heavier screws affect the moment of inertia and the speed by default. In this case, the balance wheel is equipped with six golden usual screws on the inside. By fixing the screws on the board, air turbulence can be reduced and accuracy can be improved. The frequency of the balance is 21,600 VpH (3 Hz).

The hairspring is secured by shiny bolts in Geneva style. The hairspring has a Phillips end curve. By increasing the final coil of the hairspring, the concentricity of the spring is enhanced, thereby contributing to accuracy.

The internal balance is paired with the brand’s own balance spring. This is amazing because the company only produces 100 timepieces per year, so the cost of each spring must be many times higher than using the fixed pin option. However, although Greubel Forsey could have obtained a cheap helix from Nivarox and others, it was still very independent and apparently wanted complete control of the balance wheel and hairspring. This is just one of several examples of the correctness of the brand’s watches.

Greubel Forsey has equipped Balancier Contemporain Balancier Contemporain with a “stop balance” system, which allows the wearer to easily time and synchronize with the reference clock.

Behind the sturdy bottom cover is an impeccable cornucopia. The list of finishing techniques is long, including matte, specks, chamfers, polished countersinks, straight lines and the brand’s favorite fetish, black polish. The bridge and plate are treated with nickel-palladium. Despite not seeing many craftsmanship, it still has an unwavering technical beauty.

The dial of Greubel Forsey Balancier Contemporain is very practical. The thick lan hour and minute hands indicate the current time with a clear loudness. But despite its impressive readability, it cannot escape the deep beauty of the dial.

Frosting gives the dial a magnificent appearance. The three-dimensional layered dial composition further enhances the attractiveness of the model. Nonetheless, all these discussions reminded me of the large balance wheel at the bottom of the dial and the perfect bridge to hold it in place. Almost no other scene can rotate back and forth beyond the balance wheel, the hairspring breathing and the balance bridge sparkling.

Despite the technical complexity and the use of a three-dimensional dial structure, Greubel Forsey has meticulously produced moderately resistant watches with high wear resistance. The gem-set version is slightly larger, but it should not overwhelm most wrists. My preferred model is an 18-carat white gold gem-set version set with beautiful, invisible baguette diamonds.

The movement incorporates many watchmaking technologies and is the core of Greubel Forsey Balancier Contemporain. Its composition is the result of long-term consideration. No matter where the eyes stay, they will be perfect. For example, the noble manual retouching seen on Greubel Forsey watches takes about four months to complete. Indeed, if you look closely, you will find that some examples of “manual finishing” cannot be achieved by the “mechanical finishing” method.

In the end, Greubel Forsey Balancier Contemporain’s brilliance cannot be overstated. So far, this is my favorite Greubel Forsey. Nevertheless, with creativity and innovative spirit at the core of its culture, I hope there will be more Greubel Forsey watch luxury in the future, which will increase my heart rate and attract my soul.

Technical index

Model: Greubel Forsey Balancier Contemporain (Gemstone Inlay Model)
Case: 18-carat white gold; diameter 41.6mm; height 12.25mm; waterproof 3ATM (30 meters); sapphire crystal glass front and bottom cover
Functions: hours; minutes; small seconds and power reserve
Movement: H and winding meter ovement; Frequency 21,600 VpH (3Hz); 33 jewels; Chronograph Power reserve 72 hours; 255 components
Strap: Alligator or rubber strap with 18-carat white gold pin buckle
Also available in 18 carat rose gold
Model: Greubel Forsey Balancier Contemporain (undecorated model)
Case: 18 carats white gold; diameter 39.6mm; height 12.21mm; waterproof 3ATM (30 meters); sapphire crystal glass front and bottom cover
Functions: hours; minutes; small seconds and power reserve
Movement: H and winding meter ovement; Frequency 21,600 VpH (3Hz); 33 jewels; Chronograph Power reserve 72 hours; 255 components
Strap: Alligator leather strap with 18 carat white gold pin buckle

A week on the wrist Greubel Forsey GMT

GMT is one of the most complicated watches manufactured by luxury Greubel Forsey, which is impressive in technology and aesthetics. But what does it feel like to actually wear one?

Before Grand Sonnerie came out, one of the most complex watches owned by Greubel Forsey was GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which is an ingenious name, in sharp contrast with the size of the watch itself, the overall visual impact and complexity . There are very few opportunities to actually see Greubel Forsey watches made of metal, although for many years I have been lucky enough to see more than I deserve. In 2006, one year after the launch of the double tourbillon at 30°, I sat next to Stephen Forsey at a dinner in New York and discussed the overall situation of the tourbillon. The theoretical background and technical aspects of the tourbillon are Forsey. And his partner Robert Greubel brought inspiration.

It was a very memorable night because I gained a better understanding of the overall pros and cons of the tourbillon and it was compelling. Almost late, we are talking about how to take a fraction of a second of better performance from increasingly complex mechanisms to meet the challenge. I asked Stephen Forsey if he thought the game was really worth it. He smiled and said, “Well, the gains are always greater than the lost gains.”

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For Grobel Fossi, this is usually a motto because his entire work may be seen as a response to the notion of “good enough” performance or surface treatment. The designs produced by Greubel Forsey may cause polarization, but in general, regardless of whether they ultimately suit your taste, they will eventually make people less interested in it than each watch successfully achieved to the extent expected.

Greubel Forsey GMT luxury is one of Greubel Forsey’s most complicated watches (the only two are Quantième Perpétuelà quétion and the new Grande Sonnerie). Although its name is concise, it actually underestimates the actual complexity of the watch to some extent. Visually, this is the best-selling product, just like most Greubel Forsey watches. At the front, you have a tourbillon tilted 24 seconds, tilted 25°. The hours and minutes are displayed in the larger subdial, and the second time zone is displayed on the left. The largest pyrotechnics come from a titanium globe, which rotates once every 24 hours and looks toward the earth from above the North Pole. The earth shows about 3/4 of the surface of the earth, with the pivot at the south pole. The white background side of the 24-hour ring shows the part of the earth under sunlight,

When you turn the watch over, the watch is automatically sold technically (at least in terms of its name). There is a complete world time disk of 24 cities on the back, which rotates once a day like the earth and displays the correct time in 24 different time zones. Observe that the city in the time zone of daylight saving time/daylight saving time is displayed in white, and you can read the correct local time in the year of the year when you know that daylight saving time is in effect by reading the internal time instead of daylight saving time. Outer layer, 24 hours tracking. The back of the watch also shows the position of the sun relative to the earth; the sun is represented by stylized engravings on wheels fixed below the earth.

Setting up GMT is a fairly simple process. First, pull out the crown (only one set position). Next, set the city disk to the most recent correct time in your city (or you can set any given city to the most recent correct time in its time zone). You don’t need to consider DST. The crown can be rotated in either direction. Next, remove the crown and press and hold the GMT button. This engages the hour and minute hands with the crown and disengages it from the globe and city dial. Then, you place the pointer in the last hour of your local time. Finally, release the GMT button and set the hands to the correct local hours and minutes. This has also promoted the development of earth and city disks.

The GMT pointer can be set in 1-hour increments with the button. After setting the watch replicas, the hour hand, minute hand, GMT hand, globe and city dial will be synchronized. When changing the time zone, you can use the GMT pointer as a local time indicator by adjusting it to local time as needed. This will take care of all time zones that are one hour away from Greenwich Mean Time. However, there is an advanced user option. If you remember, the Greenwich Mean Time button will separate the crown from the Greenwich Mean Time indication, you only need to set the hour and minute hands. If you hold down the fader and reset the hour and minute hands to the local time in the new time zone, you can use the GMT indicator as the local time indicator, and you can also set the local time to any offset from GMT. Demand-includes part-time shifts. This will be my choice d choice; reading the local time on a larger display is more natural, and the globe can let you know the time around the world no matter when and where.

Now, it’s one thing to understand this kind of thing and technically understand the watch, and it’s another thing to wear it, and as far as all technologies are concerned, I don’t think this is ultimately a major technical expertise. Greubel Forsey’s watches have never been so. They usually extend an experimental perfectionism to almost every aspect of watchmaking. You can almost think of it as the absurd child of clock research: if you simply push all aspects of traditional clocks-not only to complete, but also to pursue better timekeeping functions by using traditional methods to improve isochronity, it will happen what? In my opinion, the aesthetics of Greubel Forsey watches are always accidentally discovered. Although there are many deliberate aesthetics in essence, they are so obsessed with all aspects of the watch. Compared to traditional aesthetics, they have become less and less – one is weird, but for me it is charming, boring serious attitude and completely whimsical madness.

The interesting thing about wearing GMT is that before you wear GMT, you think it’s like winning a movie star date of $20 million per movie, or getting a Ferrari F12 key on the weekend – living in a population that has not been able to live so far This is really shocking. But that is not the case. You look down at your wrist, yes, you will indeed see a very expensive and usually unattainable watch, you will also see other things.

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The diameter of the earth is 12,742 kilometers. If you turn your watch to see the time, you are watching from a titanium ball about 10 times the diameter. This means that you are seeing the Earth from above the North Pole, just as you can see from a distance of about 153,000 kilometers, a little avoiding the middle of the moon. At this distance, the earth is close enough to pull your heartstring (after all, it is home), and far enough to look abstract. This combination is outrageous, and combined with the tourbillon, hour and minute hands, your wrist can experience a completely different spatial experience in one place, as well as three distinct time scales.

I wore Greubel Forsey GMT during the Basel Watch Fair. As you might expect, it attracted people’s attention at a watch fair. But what I gained from my experience was not a feeling of luck, but a philosophical tranquility. I feel that when I look at time, I don’t see much time, but rather a broader and more balanced view of how we view it.

They say the travel range has expanded, and although there are many more affordable multi-time zone replica watches for sale for you to choose from, few people take you out like Greubel Forsey GMT. Everything must work together to truly sit down and sing, but the level of attention to technical detail in GMT contradicts (or may be necessary?) the reason it also makes it a launchpad for fantasy and philosophical reflection.

Greubel Forsey GMT: movement, 36.40 mm x 9.80 mm; 72-hour power reserve, running 50 jewels. Two coaxial barrels, running in series, rotate quickly (one revolution/3.2 hours), one of which has a sliding bri rope. Use a timing screw to freely pop up a 10mm balance; Phillips terminal curve; 21,600 vph. Germany/nickel silver/maillechort motherboard. Hours, minutes, GMT and world time indication. Case, 950 platinum 43.50 mm x 16.14 mm; water resistant to 30 meters.

Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 ° Technique Ceramic

Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 red gold Silver Replica Watch

In search of extremely high precision, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey began to create a work in 1999 that reinterpreted the tourbillon and improved the timing function. The double tourbillon 30 ° is Grauber Fossi’s first basic invention and was exhibited at the Basel fake watches for sale Fair in 2004. This proves the success of the independent studio. Seven years later, the double tourbillon 30 ° technology won first place in Concours. International Times. Throughout the competition, the timer scored a record 915 points (out of 1,000 points), with an average timing speed of 0.3 to 0.8 seconds per day.

Now, Greubel Forsey has launched the blue ceramic double tourbillon 30 ° technology, which is an extremely accurate, delicate and strong timepiece.

Unparalleled precision timepiece center
The 30 ° double tourbillon contributes to its extraordinary accuracy. Inside the cage that rotates for four minutes, a smaller cage equipped with a balance wheel and spring assembly is tilted at an angle of 30 ° relative to the first cage, and completes the rotation within 60 seconds. Combining the 30 ° inclination with the different speeds of the two tourbillons can average out the position errors due to gravity in all conventional watch positions (especially stable positions), thereby improving timing performance.

In the Double Tourbillon 30 ° double tourbillon technology, four coaxial barrels are connected to a spherical power reserve differential, which provides a 120-hour chronograph power reserve.

Ceramic case: robustness and luminosity
This is the first time Greubel Forsey copy has demonstrated the movement inside a ceramic case. The manufacture of this case requires extremely high precision. The material is compacted by pressing and then shaped before firing. During the heat treatment, the material shrinks it by about 25%. Once the element is sintered at a very high temperature, the ceramic will solidify, making the watch case very hard and therefore more difficult to use. The material becomes very resistant to scratches and corrosion, which means that surface treatment requires excellent expertise. From polishing to linear or circular satin polishing, the surface treatment can perfect the outline of the timepiece, perfected with the true Greubel Forsey spirit. The dark blue ceramic brings a subtle flash to the Double Tourbillon 30 ° technology, while its physical properties make it extremely resistant.

Technical specifications:
The bottom cover of the blue ceramic case, the bezel and the strap are made of a piece of ceramic, which is polished and straight-lined and finished by hand. Three-dimensional variable geometry lugs. The size is 48.4mm x 17.7mm. It has a double-layer sapphire crystal, waterproof to 30 meters.

The movement is a Swiss manually wound Greubel Forsey movement Double Tourbillon 30 °, equipped with 43 jewels, 21,600 vph and a 120-hour power reserve. Synthetic sapphire bridge. Olive domed gemstone, located in a golden pendant. Four coaxial series rotating barrels quickly (one in 3.2 hours), one of which is equipped with a sliding spring to avoid excessive tension. 22kt gold cover with nickel palladium treatment and relief. Variable inertial balance wheel with platinum hour-marking screws. Hairspring: Phillips terminal curve, Geneva style studs.

Motherboard: nickel silver, matte polished bevel and counter hole, straight flank, nickel palladium treatment. Bridge: artificial sapphire crystal, polished wings. Nickel silver, matte and speckled, with polished bevels and counter holes, straight flank, nickel palladium treatment. The gold plate is engraved with a personal number. Gear: involute circular outline. Bevel gear with profiled teeth. Functions are: hours and minutes, small seconds. The outer tourbillon spins for 4 minutes. Built-in tourbillon for 60 seconds. Power reserve indicator.

“Dial” is a natural sapphire hour scale, electric growth hour scale, engraved and painted tourbillon rotation indicator. Small second hand and power reserve indicator, gold, blue surface; hands: polished gold for hours and minutes, equipped with SuperLuminova swiss watches online, second hand, power reserve (red triangle), sapphire engraved 4-minute hand, blue rubber strap, titanium Metal folding clasp.

Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Seconds Edition Historique watch review

Copy Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Incline watch Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain Titan RG Online

The long and meaningful history of fine watches replica has been intertwined with technological advancements. With the mutual influence of technology and the art of watchmaking, there are few outstanding watchmakers who can make a permanent mark on the high-quality watches of the 21st century. One of them is the famous watchmaker duo and the brand Maison Greubel Forsey, recently recognized by the Advanced Watchmaking Foundation (FHH) in recognition of their exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and unique technologies and designs brought into the watchmaking industry. One of these designs is the tourbillon 24-second Historique watch.

Like all Greubel Forsey replica watches, the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Edition Historique tourbillon watch will bring you unparalleled performance. The dial of the watch is scaled down and divided in the middle, including the sapphire display, which shows the tilted tourbillon (angle: 25 °) that should be an artwork. This part adds asymmetric charm to the work. Even if an asymmetric case is made, the brand can demonstrate its exquisite skills.

Having such a unique thing is already a huge advantage for audiophiles, but knowing that there are only 22 tourbillon 24-second versions of Historique in the world is quite another matter (limited edition: 11 red gold and 11 platinum watches) . Of course, its quality is impeccable, the perfectly polished bezel, the delicate French text and every detail of the watch are obvious.

No one can question the quality of the complex surface treatment of the brand, but some people think that Greubel Forsey does not perform well in this particular shopping fake watch. The design of the watch can still feel the iconic mark of the brand, but if it is too picky, compared with other timepieces of the brand, the tourbillon 24-second version of Historique does not add much new creativity.

Technical index
Case: 44 x 15.78 mm, rose gold or platinum; transparent back
Movement: Manually wound tourbillon 24-second version of Historique movement with 24-second tourbillon, tilted at 25 degrees
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds; power reserve indicator
Number of jewels: 36 (dome gemstones in a gold frame)
Number of parts: (Sports) 302 parts; (Tourbillon cage) 88 parts
Timing power reserve: 72 hours
Strap and clasp: hand-stitched crocodile leather

Is Greubel Forsey worth the price?

Copy Greubel Forsey Signature 1 Limited Edition Steel Blue For USA & Red Gold 2017 NEW watch Online

Now, I am sitting in the office with Greubel Forsey GMT replica on my wrist. This is probably the only censored watch I really worried about. You can guess why – something is worth more than 500,000.

The thing is … is it worth it?

This is a big problem. As a watch writer (and luxury lifestyle writer), I have to make more points than I can say. The question is why I want to answer clearly and concisely, there is no clear answer at all. Instead, I asked another question.

What is value?

Now we are talking. For watches, value is a very vague question. After all, from a practical point of view, mechanical watches are objectively useless until the huge EMP wave sweeps all electronic products around the world. It is much easier to have a better timekeeper. So what is their value?

Okay, so to speak. There are hundreds of machines that can assemble cheap watches. How many watchmakers are there? Ten percent? 1%? You can assume it is much lower. This only applies to basic, simple watches. The number of tourbillons, perpetual calendars, etc. has been reduced to a fraction.

It sounds pointless, but you can easily tell. Look at fashion; you can see at a glance the difference between the labor of a Bangladesh sweatshop and three generations of Italian craftsmen. The two clothes look very similar, but in fact they are not the same.

Copy Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Incline watch Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain Gold Online

The same is true of watches. Swatch, which I totally object to, cannot be expected to match the quality of Rolex, which cannot be expected to match the quality of Greubel Forsey. But you will notice that I did not mention any value.

That’s because I want to assume that they are two very independent things. One is subjective and the other is objective. Now, bear with me here. When the cost of the product matches the selling price of the product, the value comes. It is worth mentioning whether there is a reason to buy.

Take my Greubel Forsey as an example. I don’t want to imagine what such a markup is. It will be very high-after all, this is the fake watch industry-when we talk about a high percentage of high numbers, this is a huge sum of money. It is worth mentioning a different story.

The truth is, I have never worn clothes like this, and I have worn many watches for a short time on earth. Hush. I am still young. Superb craftsmanship, unparalleled watch technology, if I come here again to introduce the most advanced products, Stephen Forsey will set off a climax from Switzerland.

I will never pay more than 500k for a watch, this is simply because I cannot and happily accept that I will never be able to do it. This does not mean that the watch is not worth it. Not only do you pay for raw materials or time spent in manufacturing; you need to pay for something that only Greubel Forsey can do.

Copy Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 watch Double Tourbillon 30 Technique Bi - color Platinum Online

They are the most extreme examples, but it will add drop by drop. The members of the watchmaker ’s club are on the same boat. Many potential collectors may look at them and then think: “When I get such a thing at the same price, I will not pay”, and to some extent, they may be right. Objectively speaking, the value of Omega may be better than some unknown independent entities. But is it worth it? No.

As I have already said, if it is worth buying, then owning a unique timepiece, a carefully crafted, exquisitely designed and strangely heterogeneous watch will be worth having for all Haimas in the world. This is why most watch experts say investment is a fool game. This is why there are top watchmakers in control of wealth, and why prices are not all because you think you are getting a deal.