GMT, the first true Greubel Forsey complication?

Stricto Sensu, high power reserve or tourbillon are not complications. Complications were defined as additional function rather than improvement in HMS function. Greubel Forsey luxury watch

Aside from the flimsy power reserve and the excellent work of the builders, Steven Fauci and Robert Grubel never added complexity to their horological cathedral. Even the quadruple or double tech tourbillons don’t bring any extra functionality, despite their excellent accuracy (CF’s victory in the Chronometry competition).

The GMT, broadly named, reveals a complexity whose plumage’s interest is inversely proportional to the sobriety of its song.

This watch is the next step in the three-dimensional work that Greubel Forsey has pursued so far.

Classic elegance tends towards ultra-flat cases, and GF always goes against the trend with very chunky models. GF’s pursuit of precision by tilting the tourbillon greatly affects the thickness of the case.

Internally, the main discussion had to focus on how to make optimal use of these volumes, something almost never seen in watchmaking.

Digression: Maybe GF should overhaul their design (like the “Histoire de Tourbillon 3”, a watch produced by Harry Winston in collaboration with GF’s design office Complitime). Because the classic round case is offbeat compared to the iconoclastic design of the GF movement.

So, to get up to speed, GF had to apply their outstanding talent in 3D design to their new work.

This GMT pays off with a giant globe made of anodized titanium.

Now, of course, electroplating isn’t very glamorous. However, comparing electroplating to a chemistry class on this world map is akin to comparing the work of a microsurgeon to that of a veterinarian.

The globe (13mm diameter) is engraved with precision drill bits, while the continents are covered with a protective coating. Then, the exposed area, the ocean, is attacked by the acid. The parts are then coated with several coats of electroplating to produce these magnificent seas of lacquered blue.

A related technology used in this 24-second tourbillon, remember HW Opus VI:
Mounted on its south pole axis, this mini-Earth rotates counterclockwise like our planet in 24 hours.

A pusher at 11 o’clock advances the time zone while displaying it at 11 o’clock, while a disc on the back of the case displays the 24 time zones as well as summer and winter times.
Contrary to white cities, black cities do not have daylight saving time.

Summer time is on the central ring, while “standard” time is on the outer ring.

Undoubtedly, this device takes time to get used to, which shouldn’t be a problem for the lucky owner of this beauty. Discount watches

Based on its layout, the disk is somewhat reminiscent of the Pirata GMT from Cuervos y Sobrinos, a piece more travel-friendly than many GMT watches.

Here, without searching for Gogol, who knows Astana, Apia or F. de Noronha?

The overall design uses more concentric circles than ever before; of course, the device resembles a planetary gear, and features Earth at its peak. The power reserve indicator is at 3 pm, the second time zone is at 10 o’clock, while the world time is of course displayed between 6 and 8 o’clock, indicated by the rotation of the earth. The case measures 43.5 x 16mm, but it’s more bulky than the Luminor’s 44mm, as its aperture and thickness appear to be only 45mm. Indeed, this watch is not for lovers of fine ultra-thin watches, in addition, the twist of the 25° inclined tourbillon and a very fast 24 seconds. The spin reminds us that dreams have become reality.

Off topic: Like most of GF’s products, the case has a hole on one side that allows the Earth to be seen through the clear sapphire.

Now, let’s imagine that the globe is covered with polarized glass on the dial, which allows light to go out but not in; light only comes in from the sides, so the earth will be covered in the same way the sun’s rays illuminate the earth illuminate.

When one cannot increase the surface area any further, one adds volume, as is the case with buildings (especially those in New York, whose designs are one of the watchmakers’ main sources of inspiration).

From replica MB&F to Greubel-Forsey to Hautlence, independent watchmakers have changed the design of complications and displays by adding height as an extra dimension in their quest for updates.

With this GMT, their first three-dimensional watch with a complication, GF has reached a turning point in its evolution, at least as important as Invention 1; Complications are reinterpreted in new dimensions, and they can create new standards in watchmaking.

Greubel Forsey Renaissance d’une Montre: a special plan to breathe new life into old watches

Greubel Forsey replica provides an option to breathe new life into old watches. Not only has aesthetic changes, but also added new functions and indications. We explored the complexity of this new idea, which will be launched in 2023.

This is an interesting concept. Perhaps the first product offered by any watchmaker. They will be responsible for upgrading your Koppelfort watch. Not only can the external parts and aesthetics be changed, but also the movement can be changed. Modifications are not limited to aesthetic changes, but also include the addition of new functions and instructions. This is only possible because Koppelfors is a fully integrated manufacturer that knows how to make and improve every part of the watches they create. This is also a confident expression of their technical ability. Although we can’t imagine how complicated it would be to incorporate new features, functions, indicators and aesthetics into their watches, we can certainly see that this is a very difficult task. One is the most difficult and requires the best skills.

Greubel Forsey is already giving us a glimpse of the product. For example, the current owner of the Balancier Contemporain (regardless of the version, including the version launched in 2017), this is already a very good watch, with the option of being equipped with a second time zone, tilting escapement, and even a tourbillon ( To replace the plane balance wheel) wheel) for modification. Please note that the original Balancier Contemporain was a chronograph without a tilted balance wheel. Tilt balance was added to a variant called Balancier S released in August 2020, but even this new model is not equipped with a second time zone.

By the way, on November 21st, Dubai Watch Week will release a new version of Balancier S (called Balancier S²), which will carry this new face of the brand. We have seen the release material and it is great and can’t wait to see the real watch to process and photograph it for a full review.

Renaissance d’une Montre – Balancier Contemporain
As another example, the gorgeous GMT already displays local time, second time zone and world time through its earth and city dials, and can be equipped with another time zone display that is coaxial with the hour and minute hands.

Renaissance d’une Montre – GMT
As a final example, the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision can be equipped with a small seconds dial at 4 o’clock, a large date display, moon phases, or its power reserve can be modified to support the 3D method of double tourbillon 30° technology.

Greubel Forsey Renaissance d’une Montre
“Our studio is constantly developing rapidly. Our timepieces are more advanced than ever in terms of accuracy, reliability and innovation. However, our customers are very much Interested. How can we preserve the soul of these timepieces while providing them with the best expertise we currently have?”.

The questions raised by Antonio Calce, CEO of Greubel Forsey and member of the Executive Board, have been answered in the automotive and aerospace industries. Through a plan aimed at retrofitting existing vehicles, the brand was able to retain the chassis, history and soul of one of the vehicles while providing it with a major engine update.

This is exactly the principle of the “Renaissance d’une Montre” project. Its name is reminiscent of the long-term “Naissance d’une Montre” project hosted by Greubel Forsey, and it will soon provide a “remake” for the brand’s creation. Owners of certain Gaupper-Force timepieces will soon be able to contact la Chaux-de-Fonds Atelier to request changes to the external parts and even the movement of their high quality replica watches in order to provide them with new aesthetics or new functions and instructions. Same Timepiece, same story, same soul, but every owner will be able to work closely with the brand to conceive a second life.

This innovative plan is the first in the history of haute horology. Once the different possibilities offered by each movement are analyzed and recognized, the plan will be fully implemented from January 2023.

Greubel Forsey fake is a fully integrated manufacturer with a wide range of possibilities. The “Renaissance d’une Montre” program will also extend to external elements, such as the case material, strap, crown or pointer color. In fact, every work reworked in this way will become a very private and personalized creation.


If there is any progress in the new version, this year’s SIHH promises to be a good year for everyone. This year, Gaopafusi will release three new models, but only one is brand new.

These three products are Différentiel d’Égalité, GMT Earth and Double Balancier. Différentiel d’Égalité is new, not an updated incarnation.

Let’s start with the new entry, the shiny new Différentiel d’Égalité, with the fifth invention of Robert Gaupper and Stephen Fauci as the supreme glory.


Don’t worry, you can forgive asking “What the hell is that?” They are a story, like this;

In 2008, in the distant universe, Greubel Forsey introduced a new and better balance wheel to the world “via Baselworld”, providing a stable mainspring energy transmission rate. This is good news, I heard you yelling… Well, yes, of course, all improvements are welcome, but what does all this mean?

Basically, the fifth invention achieves its task by installing auxiliary springs on the differential. The auxiliary spring can reset itself every 5 seconds, helping to regulate a constant energy transfer rate.

So what’s new?
At the time, this was more like a proof of concept than a feasible implementation, but now, after all, the fifth invention has been improved, perfected and produced to provide a mechanism to reset itself every second to maintain normal energy transfer. Not only that, the Différentiel d’Égalité is also equipped with a 30° tilting balance wheel from Guberfors. When the crown is pulled out, this allows the mechanism to stop and the second hand is set to zero, which means higher accuracy. wrist watches for men

Greenwich Mean Time Earth
If you are familiar with previous avatars, you might ask what is new here? The answer lies in the 3D globe design at 7 o’clock. In the new model, the glode is now more visible. In the past, the earth rotated once every 24 hours, and only the northern half could be seen. Now, with the introduction of sapphire glass, the entire earth can be seen from the front, back and sides.

All other functions you are familiar with are the same, the hours, minutes, small seconds, and 72-hour power reserve indicator remain unchanged. Through the back cover you can see the GMT time indicator and the 24-time zone universal time indicator, and the watch retains a 24-second tourbillon tilted 25°.

Double balancer
The Double Balancier, which debuted at SIHH in 2016, is a lovely piece with a platinum and silver-plated dial for the first time. This year, it was changed to a 43 mm 5N red gold case, a black multi-layer gold dial, engraved and oven-baked enamel hour markers.

New Greubel Forsey GMT sports on the metal bracelet

The GMT movement occurs in huge titanium and blue quality. More ergonomic and modern, this GMT movement is the first replica Greubel Forsey Creation with a fully integrated metal bracelet. With new baffles and new fins, this limited edition is an exciting evolution, only 33 collectors will have the opportunity to find the first hand.

In the GMT movement, the center stage is taken in the GMT, and the unique Greubel Forsey Bezel now blogs gradually ease the key value of relief engraving and adopts a complete new file. Take a hand-made level on top and hand-polished contours and side flashes directly grinding, the baffle is soft and eye-catching new form, the baffles are exquisite, open up the dial to attract greater focus – basically – Greubel Forsey Movement And manual finishing, feature of each clock.

This new completion highlights the unique image of the BEZEL of GMT Sport, which is an oval ellipse, bent down at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock to embrace the silhouette of the wrist – a passion, reiterate this contemporary, daily style Perfect ergonomics exclusive watches.

This ergonomic design is further pursuing in this new bracelet of this GMT – this is the first metal bracelet on the Greubel Forsey Creation. It is fully imagined in Atelier, specifically used for this time meter, which is completely integrated into the GMT motion, and analyzes the ellipse seamless followed by the housing and the baffle. Faithful to its tradition, Greubel Forsey is committed to using three different styles distributed in three horizontal and central circles: linear gravel, matte and manual polishing bevel.

For example, select the sugar cream to respond to the finish of the lugs, emphasize the aesthetic continuity between the housing and the bracelet. The latter is made of 5-stage titanium, lightweight, rugged, very powerful. It has a fine adjustment system that provides valuable millimeter games, allowing the wearer to choose from loose and casual or comfortable wristbands.

As for the move, this new Greubel Forsey Sport is the first unified color: motherboard, bridge, global, second time zone dial and Tetaway 24 seconds 24 seconds indicator ring in the same blue finish in the same blue finish . The central suspension arch bridge and the gyro bridge are transparent to highlight the three-dimensional motion architecture of its strong blue finish.

On the one hand, the polishing ingredients of the side are deep, matte blue, and the polishing ingredients of titanium (bridge, global) or steel (hand, power reserves) emphasize the strong contrast of sports itself and ensures perfect readability. Due to its 42 mm housing diameter (45 mm on the baffle), this movement technology expression and intuitive central clock and a few minutes, the second time zone, the power supply reserve at 3 o’clock and the electric reserve of the rotating land It is completely harmonious. Earth in 8 o’clock. high luxury store

Through this new uniform, it is more refined, more refined than ever, and provides a new expression for their two signature creations. Their third invention is between 12 o’clock in 24 seconds between 12 o’clock and 2 o’clock. Since its cage is tilted at a 25 ° angle and complete full rotation within 24 seconds, the gyro 24 seconds is a high programming performance – except for the truly unique visual effect.

The land is then between 7pm to 9 o’clock. More than anything else, it reflects the three-dimensional time display of the Greubel Forsey champion. Due to the present invention, complete rotation is performed within 24 hours, it can be easily and intuitive to read the general time.

From the top of the Arctic, a ring with 24-hour tag allows all vertical portions to read all vertical times, and also behave as one day / night. On the case belt, the disc is displayed by the city name surrounded by 2 rings allows the wearer to read the UTC general and summer time of 24 cities in 24 major time zones. It also distinguishes between time zones that will take summer time (on light background) with those who are not (in dark background).

New GMT Movement – Bold Aesthetic Choice from Atelier, signed Greubel Forsey.

Greubel Forsey GMT Sport Technical Specifications
In titanium, blue movement
Limited edition
Hand-wound movement with 3 patents • Patents pending

• 2nd time zone
• rotating globe with universal time and day-and-night
• universal time on 24 time zones
• summer and winter time
• cities observing summer time
• GMT and Earth pushers
• Tourbillon 24 Secondes
• hours and minutes
• small seconds
• power-reserve

Movement dimensions
• Diameter: 36.90mm
• Thickness: 13.18mm
Number of parts
• Movement: 435 parts
• Tourbillon cage: 88 parts
• Weight of the cage: 0.38g
Number of jewels
• 63
• Olived-domed jewels in gold chatons
Chronometric power reserve
• 72 hours
• Two coaxial series-coupled fast-rotating barrels (1 turn in 3.2 hours), one of which is equipped with a slipping spring to avoid excess tension
Balance wheel
• Variable-inertia with gold mean-time screws (10mm diameter)
• 21’600 vibrations/hour
Balance spring
• Phillips terminal curve
• Geneva-style stud
Bridges and main plate
• Titanium
• Frosted and spotted, polished bevelling and countersinks, straightgrained flanks, blue treatment
• Multi-level, openworked and polished suspended-arch bridge, polished bevelling and countersinks, straight-grained flanks
• Openworked flat black polished tourbillon bridge, spotted, polished bevelling and countersinks, straight-grained flanks
• Inclined at a 25° angle, 24-seconds rotation
• Light alloy cage pillars
• Titanium cage bridges
• Gold counterweight
• Involute circle profile
• Tangential inclined gear on fixed wheel
and on escape wheel pinion
• Inclined gear and profiled teeth on intermediate wheels of the sethands mechanism.
• Hours and minutes, on suspended-arch bridge
• Small seconds on disc
• 72-hours power reserve on a sector
• 24-seconds tourbillon rotation
• Rotating titanium globe with universal time
• Day-and-night
• 2nd time zone GMT
Movement side
• 24 time zones universal time
• Summer time
• Titanium with curved synthetic sapphire crystal
• Three-dimensional, variable geometry-shaped bezel, hand-polished with hand-finished straight graining
• Profiled lugs, screwed fixing
• Engraved pushers
• Transparent back with high domed synthetic sapphire crystal
• Titanium security screws
• Raised engraving “GMT Sport” and “Greubel Forsey”
Case dimensions
• Caseband diameter: 42.00mm
• Bezel diameter: 45.00mm
• Case height: 15.70mm
• Height on synthetic sapphire crystals: 17.80mm
Water resistance of the case
• Water-resistant 10atm – 100m – 328ft (standard NIHS 92-20/SN ISO 22810:2010)
• Titanium and rubber with GF logo
• Colour-coded rubber capping, interchangeable
Dial Side
• Three-dimensional, variable geometry hour-ring, with luminescent hours and minutes indexes
• GMT indicator with raised engraving
• Power-reserve indicator, engraved and lacquered
• Tourbillon rotation indicator in gold
• Rotating globe with fixed day-and-night UTC indicator in synthetic sapphire, engraved and lacquered
Movement Side
• Synthetic sapphire disc displaying city names surrounded by 2 rings (UTC engraved on the
case / Summer time engraved on a gold movement plate, lacquered and hand matt-lapped)
• “Summer time” plate with limitation number, raised engraving, hand matt lapped
• Hours and minutes, curved profile, polished steel with Super-Luminova
• 2nd time zone GMT indicator, grey triangle
• Small seconds, fixed red triangle
• Power-reserve indicator, in polished steel
• Aluminium 24-seconds double-tipped hand, black treatment
Strap and clasp
• Rubber with text in relief, titanium folding clasp, engraved GF logo
• 3-row metal bracelet in titanium, folding clasp with integrated fine adjustment, engraved GF logo

Greubel Forsey-Titanium GMT Quad Tourbillon

First launched by Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey in 2019, this outstanding GMT quad tourbillon is now in the titanium watch Available in a new limited edition of 11 pieces, with new colors and finishes.

In this timepiece, the combination of the quadruple tourbillon and the iconic rotating globe provides a breathtaking interpretation of the GMT function.

The four tourbillons are constructed in pairs in a unique compact cage system. Each of these two systems is modeled on the Double Tourbillon 30° (double tourbillon), the first cage rotates and tilts 30° within 1 minute, and is installed in the second vertical cage within 4 minutes Finish the rotation inside.

The spherical difference is used to average the timing of two autonomous oscillators to improve timing performance. The system has been granted two patents.

In this new version, the 46.5 mm x 17.45 mm case of the GMT quad tourbillon is made of titanium. This material has the characteristics of strength, corrosion resistance and light weight. Compared with the platinum case, the weight is reduced by three points. More than luxury replica watches

All dials are located at different heights, with the highest point being the main hour/minute dial between 1 o’clock and 2 o’clock. The dial provides some new finishing details, such as a round particle hour circle with a polished bevel and a 72-hour chronograph power reserve indicator. The first time bright blue is used or it has been frosted and found to have a polished bevel, counter hole and The main board on the side of the ruled grain, and finished in gray.

The globe positioned at 8 o’clock shows several different time zones at the same time, and its blue uniform is very prominent. The sapphire crystal glass window surrounding the equator makes the clock more perfect, so that you have a complete understanding of the earth in motion.

The 3 Hz (21,600 vph) manual winding movement consists of 805 parts, including three fast-rotating barrels. Greubel Forsey replica watches

Greubel Forsey’s signature quadruple tourbillon

Greubel Forsey’s signature quadruple tourbillon timepiece gets an ultra-rare update With the new titanium case, it is mechanically heavy, but it is light on the wrist.

Greubel Forsey, the master watchmaker who used the 3D multilayer dial production method, launched the first version of this highly decorated GMT in 2013, which included a spherical globe. In addition to providing a 24-hour global time display, it also includes a tilted 24-second tourbillon, Greubel Forsey logo. The Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) platinum quadruple tourbillon has been raised to a new height in 2019 from two tourbillons instead of one.

The new version released today is titanium, not white gold, and new colors and finishes are used on the dial and movement, which change the appearance – when the timepiece is carried out so many times, the changes in color and finish will produce great changes. The shell material has also changed the rules of the game. On such a large watch-46.5 mm wide x 17.45 mm thick-titanium is much lighter than gold,

Although there is almost no need for a tourbillon nowadays, it does add serious horological fireworks to the tourbillon. Two double tourbillon watches are located at 11 o’clock and about 5:30 respectively on the dial. Each consists of an outer cage tilted 30 degrees, which rotates once a minute. Nested in it is a second horizontal cage, which rotates every four minutes. The idea is to average the position error due to gravity in all situations, which means that no matter where your wrist is, it will remain accurate. Including two double tourbillons doubles the workload, and in order to ensure that it works properly, and to prove fake Greubel Forsey‘s emphasis on the timing function, it uses a spherical differential to find the average of the timing rates of the four tourbillon cages.

Greubel Forsey was equally cautious when finishing work. This version is specially designed with new hand-finished details, including a round texture hour ring with a polished bevel and a 72-hour power reserve arc, both of which are bright blue for the first time. The hour mark applied is gold. Now, the motherboard has been frosted and polished bevels, counter holes and straight tooth sides have been found, finished in gray. The new bright blue of the hour and minute hands and the power reserve indicator match the rubber strap on the globe at 8 o’clock, which replaces the black alligator leather of the previous series. result? A brighter and sportier version of the 2019 model.

The 24-hour ring around the world determines the time zone in which daylight saving time is used. The second time zone of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the small second hand appear below the 5 o’clock position of the hour dial, and the 24-city disk on the bottom cover makes it a real world timer. The manual winding movement of the 705 component is housed in a 46.5 x 17.45mm titanium case with an asymmetric convex sapphire crystal. buy replica watches

Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Seconds Vision, new dial color

Copy Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Incline watch Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain Titan RG Online

This white gold Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Seconds Vision won the Aiguille d’Or award at the 2015 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards, and celebrates the success of this watch and is different from most other Greubel Forsey timepieces. Platinum introduced four new dial colors. The salmon color version was launched at the end of 2016, while the chocolate, blue and anthracite black versions were added in January 2017.

In this piece, extra light is brought to the tourbillon through the crystal dome on the bottom cover. It sounds a bit uncomfortable, but in fact its protruding length is only 2.4 mm, and the brand said that they should pay special attention to the bone structure of the wrist when designing, so it should be very comfortable. On the front, the tourbillon has a curved bridge, which is difficult to manufacture and complete. In fact, each tourbillon is signed by a craftsman with his or her name. The front of the watch is relatively simple, mainly highlighting the 24-second tourbillon, while the rear is very rich in appearance, with a power reserve indicator and carefully polished bevels. In order to ensure the visibility of the back cover, the strap is equipped with a pin buckle without an unfolding closure.

This wholesale watches replica is powered by the manual winding movement of the GF01r movement. Two barrels connected in series provide a 72-hour power reserve. The case diameter is 43.5 mm and the thickness is 13.65 mm (except for the sapphire dome, which is 16 mm thick). Depending on the dial version, the dial is engraved with indexes engraved with Regal Enamel enamel or gold appliques.


Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Incline watch Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain Gold

N red gold or white gold case with a diameter of 44.5 mm and a thickness of 15.2 mm. The simplicity of its appearance resonates harmoniously with the internal structure. The multiple layers of the movement subtly highlight its three-dimensional characteristics. Looking at the clock, first draw your eyes deeply into the large oval cut, and then you will be moved by the hands, which seem to surging from the metal fountain hanging on the sapphire crystal minute track. The latter hides the tourbillon bridge, also made of sapphire crystal. The previous version exudes a brilliant blue. However, the natural gray finish of this version gives a discreet elegance.

The outstanding 5N red gold Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Seconds Contemporain (5-inch rose gold) is another outstanding invention of this product. This timepiece with a diameter of 44.5 mm is full of intricate details and is a perfect example of super “premium watch”. It is worth a detailed hands-on review. This is a watch whose eyes are drawn from one place to another, and each individual element on it can be carefully observed. The gray oval hollow dial highlights the outstanding work quality of Greubel Forsey. The dial has a 24-second tourbillon and its rotation indicator is located between 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock, thanks to the sapphire crystal bridge and olive-shaped gems set in the gold dial, suspended and tilted at an angle of 25 degrees. In order to provide unparalleled readability, both sides of the sapphire crystal are anti-reflective treatment.

The dial has a sapphire crystal plate around the case, which is affixed with markers and 12 o’clock numerals. The three-dimensional depth of the mechanism and dial is a real pleasure for the eyes. The dial also has a 72-hour power reserve fan indicator at 4 o’clock, a small seconds at 9 o’clock, and a hollow pointer and SuperLuinova needle point. Every component on the front has been carefully crafted with extra care and attention to detail. The black and red elements on the dial create an unparalleled symphony of contrast.

Copy Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Incline watch Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain Gold Online

Just as the dial and movement were not enough to attract the eye, Greubel Forsey made further efforts and screwed two dials with intricate engraved nameplates on both sides of the case strap, with two intricate hand-engraved dials. , Engraved with common words today describe the value and attributes of this shopping fake watch masterpiece in French. The board on the side of the crown reads: “Savoie Phil”, “Inventor Clock”, “Créativité”, “Technicité”, “Univers Original”, “Bienfacture d’Exception”, “Oeuvre Unique”, “Noblesse Esthétique” “Inventor Horlogers”, “Créativité” and “Technicité”. The medium-sized crown is engraved with the Greubel Forsey logo in black lacquer. Honestly, when it comes to details, it really doesn’t get more complicated than this.

The nameplate on the left strap is also printed with the following French words, that is, a pure horological poem: “Nus, inventor clockmaker, Avon Donald Viez Gardenham Tepps de Te Ver, the subtle Alchimieéntrecréativitét and techinicité. The intricate reproduction and the dual rights of realization fulfilled the purpose of voting.” This article was translated into English: “Our inventors in the watch industry gave this extraordinary timepiece to life, this It is a subtle alchemy between technology and creativity. Our unique know-how and exquisite craftsmanship are reflected in the complexity created for you. “This watch is waterproof to 30 meters, we just want to know Who dares to wear this clock on the wrist to enter the swimming pool or shower.

To give this horological masterpiece an amazing appearance, the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain watch is equipped with a very elegant and hand-stitched black alligator strap. The strap is equipped with a comfortable and easy-to-use double folding folding clasp, matched with 5N rose gold, the front of the clasp has the Greubel Forsey logo, and the sides are sprayed with beads.

The beating heart inside Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain can be fully seen through the back of the case. The manual winding movement Greubel Forsey GF01c has a patented tourbillon that powers this watch. The movement consists of 365 parts, a tourbillon cage weighing 88.38 kg, two coaxial series of fast rotating barrels, 40 rugby-shaped jewels with gold cones, a frosted titanium main plate and a frosted and polished nickel-silver bridge Constitute chamfering and nickel-palladium treatment. When fully wound, the movement provides a 72-hour (3 days) power reserve while beating at a frequency of 21,600 vph.

If you want to buy one of the most fascinating watches there, but few people own this watch, then this Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain is your best choice. If you are used to the best habit, that is your rule of thumb, then when you think about it for a long time, this Greubel Forsey replica will undoubtedly put a smile on your face.

Greubel Forsey ends his artwork with Historique Edition

Fake Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30° watch Invention Piece 1 white gold Online

Six years after the introduction of the incredible Art Piece 1, Greubel Forsey’s Art Piece Edition Historique came to the conclusion of the boutique brand’s Art Piece works, including miniatures by contemporary British artist Willard Wigan. The sculpture can be observed with a magnifying glass. The side of the case.

This limited edition Historique will be launched first in platinum, followed by subsequent versions in other materials. Given that Historique previously had artwork, the numbering of the new model will start at 19:00. The watch was unveiled at SIHH in Geneva last month.

Stephen Forsey and his partner Robert Greubel co-founded the company in 2004. They have long emphasized the importance of clock performance change. Each new movement has improved the brand’s performance. Professional knowledge, both technically and aesthetically, are constantly breaking through. Forsey said: “Every caliber allows us to understand something, so there is always an invisible equation behind each caliber, which helps build our expertise.”

The historical version of Art Piece Edition Historique embodies this spirit, and its roots can be traced back to the double tourbillon 30° launched by the brand in 2004. The breakthrough mechanism has brought a new dimension to the historic tourbillon, and Greubel Forsey has started to update it. 21st century.

The ingenious movement makes the two tourbillon cages rotate at different speeds on different axes, while the balance wheel of the inner cage is at a 30-degree angle to the outer cage. This design improves accuracy by averaging the position error caused by gravity at any position.

In 2006, the duo collaborated with Harry Winston to create Opus 6, which displayed a double tourbillon with a blue background on the left side of the dial, called Emotion 30°. With the help of a rare open dial, the watch adopts a multi-layer, three-dimensional structure, eccentric sub-dial and disc time display, establishing the brand’s iconic aesthetic code.

Starting from Opus 6, Greubel Forsey entered invention work 1, which puts the mechanical device in the center. Fauci said: “The collectors came back to us and said it was more art,” he pointed out that the feedback led to “Art Piece Edition 1.” “We combined the art of the watchmaker with the Double Tourbillon 30°, and performed this art installation using Willard Wigan’s miniature sculptures.”

Wigan works under high magnification and is famous for his sculptures. These works are small and can be mounted on pins, so it is not difficult to appreciate the cordial spirit between his art and advanced watchmakers.

“The idea of ​​Art Work 1 is to allow collectors to tailor unique works piece by piece,” Fauci said. “Working with contemporary artists and collectors and trying to bring them together, put them in the middle and manage all of this is a daunting challenge.”

Overall, Greubel Forsey created five unique works, then moved to Art Piece 2, and engraved the nano-engraved Double Tourbillon 30° mechanism (or other custom patterns) on the nano-sapphire tablet.

For Art Piece 2 Edition 2, they completely abandoned the installation element and made the movement’s artistry self-evident. “We made it more modern and further expanded the boundaries,” Forsey said. “We have the concept of sand glass, time will run out, power reserve from 72 to 36 to zero.”

In another interesting flourish, when you press the pusher to open a window, you can see the time, display the time and hour on demand, and display a red arrow on the disc.

Greubel Forsey replica pushed the story of his works of art to a climax through this year’s historical version, fusing elements of his ancestors, especially works 6 and invention works 1, to create new things, and to the previous pay tribute.

This 44 mm platinum case uses a new movement, based on the royal blue 30° tourbillon tourbillon, which brings a sense of freshness. The tourbillon inside the mechanism is tilted at an angle of 30 degrees. It is a dynamic sculpture in itself, completing one rotation every minute, while the outside tourbillon rotates once every four minutes. The hand-wound movement consists of 475 parts. The 72-hour power reserve is ensured by two fast-rotating barrels connected in series, with the best accuracy.

The small second hand between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock is located at the same height as the tourbillon, and the power reserve gauge is raised in the lower right corner, reminiscent of the hourglass concept of time. On the higher plane at 2 o’clock, the red triangle tracks the hours, and you can choose to display the minutes or hide them using the button on the crown.

This unconventional time display is surrounded by the expression of the brand’s core values, engraved with more than 1,000 hand-carved characters. The back cover offers a rear view of the 30° double tourbillon and the embossed signatures of Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey.

News: Showcase of Graubel Fersey BALANCIER S

Perfect Replica Greubel Forsey BALANCIER S watch

Robert Greubel (Robert Greubel) and Stephen Forsey (Stephen Forsey) launched a new buy watches online, the watch displayed a large, high-precision and tilted balance wheel in a 100-meter waterproof titanium case. Tailored for the most active lifestyle. The watchmakers of the two inventors accepted the challenge of fully combining movement with timekeeping. The unique oval case is ergonomically designed and has integrated lugs to provide the best protection for the movement. With this new movement “Balancier S”, Greubel Forsey (Greubel Forsey) took a sports adventure, broke the technological limits, and combined ergonomics, architecture and precision. A new flagship in aesthetics, performance, innovation and craftsmanship.

Since 2004, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have been creating innovative mechanisms. Invention and creativity are the two basic elements of Greubel Forsey’s DNA weaving. With their expertise, they will continue to explore new ways to integrate the structure of the case and the structure of the movement.

At the end of 2019, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey opened a new chapter in GMT Sport-a new case structure that combines ergonomics, robustness and comfort with carved lines. Today, Greubel Forsey continues to use this method, a new interpretation of the unique case, showing a new movement.

This 45mm titanium case is round from above, revealing a unique arched oval shape from other angles, integrated lugs and strap, and decorated with a satin bezel engraved with Greubel Forsey’s key values . The new “Balancier S” has a slim profile that enhances dynamic new power.

The rubber crown and strap with rubber inserts ensure excellent grip and clock protection. The oval arched sapphire crystal imitates the curvature of the case. The bold double cantilever arch bridge technically and visually emphasizes the perfect penetration between the case and the movement, with a tilted gear train and curved hour and minute hands. These eye-catching elements are integrated and extended on the inclined balance wheel, giving the timepiece a strong personality while ensuring its excellent timing performance.

The large tilting balance at 7 o’clock stands out. In order to improve the timing function, it makes the most of the space provided by the arched case and the sapphire crystal, closely linking the shape and function. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have challenged the chronograph in their unremitting pursuit of precision and performance, especially by using a 24-second tourbillon, a quadruple tourbillon And 30-degree double tourbillon to reshape the tourbillon mechanism. fashion copy watches

They introduced a large balance wheel in 2016, so here they chose a new approach. The balance wheel is entirely developed and manufactured in-house by Greubel Forsey Atelier, with a maximum diameter of 12.6mm and is characterized by ensuring excellent timing performance. In order to precisely adjust the moment of inertia, the balance wheel rim is equipped with six hexagonal gold adjusting screws to limit air friction. The 308-part movement has a 72-hour chronograph power reserve through two coaxial barrels installed in series, indicated by an open red pointer on the fan shape at 2 o’clock. The central hour and minute dials are made of hollow-finished polished steel hands, which are completed by a small second on the inclined plane of the escapement at 8 o’clock to highlight the depth and convexity of this new movement.

The excellent timing function of this Greubel Forsey chronograph complements the sports watch case. Made of titanium, it is water-resistant to 100 meters, and the sturdy case features a lightweight and comfortable wrist. Its robustness protects the movement, especially its large balance wheel, and has been tested in the Graubel Fauci EWT laboratory to always ensure its reliability and timekeeping performance. The soft and durable rubber strap enhances the sporty feel and has all the comfort of a titanium folding clasp. Greubel Forsey Balancier S is limited edition.