Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Flying Tourbillon

Collection from code 11.59 marks a new generation of ROO models, which is more in line with ergonomic 43mm case size and redesigned caliber.

Audemars Piguet The latest Royal Oak Offshore is a standard holder of a new generation ROO model. Although the mixture of the gyro and chronographic table complications is not new to the ROO family, the case has been redesigned with new 43mm sizes, and the action is a contemporary, ejaculation adaptation to the nearest code. 11.59 Collection. New Royal Oak Offshore Co., Ltd., with the interchangeable strap system of the brand, can achieve more features.

Icon is a problem with the company’s lucky land, enough to have a problem. Do you insist on the winning formula AD infinitum, or stretch this concept in the new direction? Audemars Piguet 1972 signs Royal Oak Watches, a spectators of luxury sports watches, is still one of the most coveted watches in the world. In 1993, the AP decided to push the royal oak’s bold personality into more contemporary terrain, the royal oak sea. Still displaying the basic family characteristics of RO, ROO is an even more bold, more testoric hormone fuel model, and produces the same degree of dispute as the original royal oak. Just like the Royal Oak, the shock and awe of the Royal Oak Sea finally attracted more things, and Roo is now a comprehensive pillar of the brand.

The unstormless people of complexity, chronographs and gyro portions are routine features of the Royal Oak Sea, including this 25th anniversary model such a dramatic transparent model. Due to the introduction of motion of the code 11.59 model, the 43 mm ROO lacks the performance level of the timing code table and adds the counter-integrated time code table and enhances the landscape through the flight gyro.

The power of Royal Oak Offshore is respectful with its raised octagon baffle, with exposed screws and housing strong angles. New 43mm cases, baffles, pushed guards and rivets have made modern sandblasting finishing in titanium. In addition to new 43mm case sizes, the maximum difference in other ROO cases is highly compared. The case revealed a wider hand-polished chamfer on the edge to compare with particulate matte spray titanium. Contrast black ceramic crowns and places have chamfered on the surface and bright polishing, and more exquisite curvature. Even if the flap and glare of sapphire crystals are also vertical, Roo’s Virile personality is in line with more vitality and modern touch.

Although we don’t have information about the height of the watch, the plane from the baffle to the dialed dial is dramatic. Black inner baffles with second orbit, a hollow bridge that discloses automatic caliber 2967 mechanical mechanical mechanical machine. The flying gymne does not inhibit the presence of the upper bridge, placed in 6, and the “ring” of the chronological codes of 30 seconds and 12 hours is located at 9:00 and 3 o’clock. All chronographs are highlighted in red: the central second hand and the hand corresponding to the 30 seconds and 12 hours of hand is red, and all the labels on the flange and the chronograph. 18k Platinum, with a tobacite, a dial of a gray and black architecture. Completed as the case, you can use its hand-polished bevel to enjoy the sandblast inside of the three holes. The AP logo is applied to the qi of noon.

As we mentioned, the adjustment of the caliber 2952 introduced in the 2020 code 11.59 flying the Taxi Timing Tablet Table. A new interpretation of a new flying gyro and counter-intensive time code table, the caliber 2967 has been suitable for new diameters of the watch and decorated in one athlete, Edgier Roo. Similarly, the multi-stage architecture of the movement is highlighted with a series of different bindings. Titanium bridge with manual polished angle brush. The outer chamfer of the bridge has peeled off the black PVD coating and polished to improve the contrast of color and texture. Even 22K gold hollow oscillation is also coated with black PVD.

Royal Oak Offshore SelfWinding Flying Tourbillon Anti-excited Time Code Table With the multi-functionality provided by the latest interchangeable band system of the AP, directly integrated into the housing studs and buckles. Quick click and release the system indicates that the band can be changed in seconds, and the double push system ensures optimal security. The black rubber strip presented with a watch is a redesigned groove flowing from the stud. Also included in the second hand-sewn black crocodile strap, including sandblasting titanium folding buckle.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Flying Tourbillon Anti-excited Time Code Table (Reference 26622TI.GG.D002CA.01).

Technical Specifications – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Flying Tourbillon Anti-excited Time Code Table

Case: 43mm diameter – sandblasting titanium box, baffle, pushed guards and rivets – black ceramic places and spiral lock crown – anti-glare sapphire crystal front and back – waterproof to 100 meters

Dial-diameter: Demographic – Black inner baffles and seconds – black timeline table bells in 3 and 8 o’clock – red chronograph hand and tag – Flight Touring Wheel at 6 o’clock – 18k Platinum – Black Blinking Titanium bridge

Sports: AP manufacturing caliber 2967 (based on code 11.59 Calibre 2952) – Automatic – 21,600 Vph / 3Hz – 526 pieces – 65H Power Reserve – Hour, Minute, Flying Touring Wheel, Anti-excited Time Code

Tablet: interchangeable black rubber strap and black manual sewing generic crocodile belt, all with sandblasting titanium fold buckle

Reference: 26622TI.GG.D002CA.01

Greubel Forsey-Titanium GMT Quad Tourbillon

First launched by Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey in 2019, this outstanding GMT quad tourbillon is now in the titanium watch Available in a new limited edition of 11 pieces, with new colors and finishes.

In this timepiece, the combination of the quadruple tourbillon and the iconic rotating globe provides a breathtaking interpretation of the GMT function.

The four tourbillons are constructed in pairs in a unique compact cage system. Each of these two systems is modeled on the Double Tourbillon 30° (double tourbillon), the first cage rotates and tilts 30° within 1 minute, and is installed in the second vertical cage within 4 minutes Finish the rotation inside.

The spherical difference is used to average the timing of two autonomous oscillators to improve timing performance. The system has been granted two patents.

In this new version, the 46.5 mm x 17.45 mm case of the GMT quad tourbillon is made of titanium. This material has the characteristics of strength, corrosion resistance and light weight. Compared with the platinum case, the weight is reduced by three points. More than luxury replica watches

All dials are located at different heights, with the highest point being the main hour/minute dial between 1 o’clock and 2 o’clock. The dial provides some new finishing details, such as a round particle hour circle with a polished bevel and a 72-hour chronograph power reserve indicator. The first time bright blue is used or it has been frosted and found to have a polished bevel, counter hole and The main board on the side of the ruled grain, and finished in gray.

The globe positioned at 8 o’clock shows several different time zones at the same time, and its blue uniform is very prominent. The sapphire crystal glass window surrounding the equator makes the clock more perfect, so that you have a complete understanding of the earth in motion.

The 3 Hz (21,600 vph) manual winding movement consists of 805 parts, including three fast-rotating barrels. Greubel Forsey replica watches

Chopard Alpine Eagle watches

Chopard replica watches adds anti-excite astronomical watch to its “Alpine” watch series

Chopard adds six references to the Alpine Eagle Series Integrated Bracelet. All watches use COSC-certified internal movements and with a hous and strap made of 18K gold, a new high-tech steel alloy or moral standard 18K gold. Issues the first flying return timeline table, a brand new color dial.

The watch series of the inspiration to the nature is released a year ago, and he continued until today. It represents men that have been a Swiss luxury brand since 1963 since 1963. The Alps Hawk Series is a modern interpretation of Santa Moritz watches, which is the first watch created by Karl-Friedrich Scheufeele in the 1970s. Now it is the company’s joint president of his sister Caroline Scheufele. The new hour is Chopard’s leisure steel sports watch with an integrated steel chain, which can wear all day. This is the most popular international trend in the watchmake, representing the overwhelming trend of leisure luxury.

All watches in this series have a Chopard best internal movement and certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Bell Testing agency Control (COSC) certification.

Carl Friedrich’s son of Karl-Friedrich proposed a sports watch idea, which is based on the suspension of St. Moritz (St. Moritz) integrated steel A striking chain. At first, he is hard to persuade his father to use this product. However, Karl-Fritz also puts forward this idea to his grandfather Karl Scheufeele III (now the former leader of Chopard , now retired), and gets more Active response. The Carl Friedrich in the son and father lobby is relaxed and approved the project.

The name and appearance of the Alps Mountain Eagles are designed to reflect the enthusiasm of Carl Friedrich on the Swiss part of the Alps and the power and majesty of wild mountains living in the area. The rocky textured dial, with dark tune, sunburst, and luminescent instructions are inspired by the eagle eye. The design represents the feathers of birds. Metallic metal with mild texture is intended to copy the glacier. The spin-entry crown is engraved with a compass rose, which shows the main direction in the map or chart. In this case, it is a symbol of the ability of the eagle to choose the correct direction. In addition, the watch of the watch can be identified by two pairs of eight index screws respectively. Watch waterproof depth is 100 meters.

Alpine eagle XL timing
This is the first flyback timeline table of the series, using 44 mm super large housings and new products in the series. It offers three versions: Lucent Steel A223 with brass dial, “Aletsch Blue” or “Pitch Black”; combined with Lucent A223 steel and moral standard products, and produced 18K rose gold and dark black dial.

Karl-Friedrich said that the dark black dial is a new color in this series, which is inspired by a strong black in the mountain high mountain night. The Aletsch blue dial is quoted in Switzerland’s largest glacier aletsch.

The table provides power through COSC 03.05-C, and has a power of COSC certification and has 60 hours of power storage. One of the functions of the column wheel timber core is one-way gear system, and Chopard “variner” (meaning “variable inertia”) balance has a wire, and the speed of the movement is stabilized by compensating for its inertial changes. The life of the watch.

Gaoshan Eagle
The first two reference versions of Alpine Eagle have been updated, and their forms are fully made of refined techniques that meet moral standards and produce 18K rose gold.

The first version of the 41 mm watch features a textured Aletsch blue dial, while the second edition uses the “Bernina Grey” dial (referring to the Bernina Mountains between Switzerland and Italy), and set with diamonds. ring.

The table is powered by COSC-certified Xiao Bang 01.01-C automatic upper chain core and has 60 hours of power storage.

This series also includes a 36 mm male or female general model. The latest version of this work is completely made from Luo Xun Steel A223 and is equipped with a Aletsch blue dial and is set with diamond.

This form is powered by COSC certified CHOPARD 09.01-C automatic upper chain head and has 42 hours of power storage. Best luxury watches