TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) Carrera Sport Chronograph Calibre HEUE R02

Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T 45 Chronograph Tourbillon Aston Martin CAR5A8E.FT6181 watch

TAG Heuer replica has just launched the new Carrera Sport chronograph. The redesigned new model is part of the brand’s 160th anniversary edition. TAG Heuer Carrera Sport chronograph adopts Heuer 02 production movement, very modern and bold appearance, highlighting the future. Today we review the TAG Heuer Carrera sports chronograph 44mm caliber HEUER02 automatic reference CBN2A5A.FC6481.

Manual winding Tag Heuer Carrera Sport chronograph 44 mm caliber HEUER02 automatic winding

The new Carrera chronograph has an extraordinary racing pedigree and can be filled with big shoes. Can the new work match or even surpass the re-rope of the kingdom? To be sure, TAG Heuer made its first investment in all the right directions.

Bold wrist presence
TAG Heuer Carrera sports chronograph movement HEUER02 self-winding movement has a striking appearance. The 44mm stainless steel case is not suitable for those who are weak. This watch not only left a deep impression on the size, but also left a deep impression on the racing car in the overall appearance-racing machine.

The mirror finish of the strap extends to the sides of the lugs. Fine vertical drawing on the top. There is also brushing on the top of the slightly curved lugs. The watches replica are well proportioned.

The surface of the new Carrera is dome sapphire beveled sapphire crystal, which has undergone double anti-reflective treatment. The crystal is fixed in a raised black ceramic bezel. A very beautiful tachymeter scale is engraved on the fixed bezel. In the picture below, you can observe the fusion of the outline of the ceramic bezel and the crystal.

Rose gold accessories
The right side of the TAG Heuer Carrera Sport chronograph is 44 mm caliber HEUER02 automatic winding, with a rose gold crown and buttons. The combination of black and gold is awesome. The oblique push rod is fixed on the housing by a 5N rose gold cylindrical holder.

The gold crown has a good grip. The role of the rubber ring is greater. The TAG Heuer logo on the crown is absolutely stunning. In terms of handling, personal taste is a strong judgment. Setting the date is completely effortless. The time setting has good feedback, but it takes a little force to adjust the crown to the third position (1st-winding, 2d-date setting, 3d-time setting).

To use the chronograph, it takes a while to get the most accurate results. The stroke of the push rod is quite long. Actuation requires a solid push and a good grip. In comparison, the reset button is quite easy. During the video shooting process, I encountered some difficulties when using chrono. But on the wrist, using my thumb as a reaction force, the operation feels more precise and natural.

Carrera chronograph HEUER02 reference CBN2A5A.FC6481 is equipped with a black alligator leather strap and a steel folding clasp with push buttons. The wire drawing element has the touch of a polished surface and edges.

The buckle is decorated with the TAG Heuer logo engraved on the visible side of the buckle and the name is engraved on the inside of the buckle. The fixed system can be seen in the hands-on video. It has a solid feel.

The back of the men watch fake shows the Calibre Heuer 02 through a tight-fitting exhibition steel caseback.

Welcome to the competition
The face diameter of the TAG Heuer Carrera Sport chronograph is 44 mm. The HEUER02 automatically refers to CBN2A5A.FC6481 to create pure competition air. The spacious tachometer scale and well-organized timing layout make this watch an extraordinary work.

The dial is well organized. The central horizontal line includes 12h counter, central chronograph and 30min counter from left to right. This arrangement creates natural and excellent readability for the timing function.

The decline of the chronograph subdial is divided into two steps. First, a ring has a printed index. The center is decorated with a circular pattern and printed with an index of the baton with Arabic numerals.

The central seconds hand of the chronograph uses the printed track on the inner bezel as a scale. In order to be more legible, the inner bezel is chamfered and engraved with another set of indexes. This addition adds to the charm of the Carrera chronograph.

The time display uses baton rose gold-plated hands, white Super-LumiNova™ and black lacquered center. TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) Carrera Sport Chronograph Calibre HEUER02 uses complex-shaped time scales as time scales. In the case of model CBN2A5A.FC6481, the index is plated with rose gold.

The TAG Heuer logo occupies the top of the dial. The 18K 5N rose gold plated dial looks very good on a very fine round brushed black background.

As part of the running seconds sub-dial, the date window is located at 6 o’clock. Although I usually think that the date should respect the dial theme, the black and white theme did not really bother me. This is due to the good integration of the date window. And allow some savings in cost, these costs will eventually be reflected in the final price of the customer.

The TAG Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph has excellent low-light vision. The lack of luminescent materials on the chronograph hands and dials will prevent the chronograph from being used in complete darkness, but the time is very readable.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Gambler AT150.40.RO.SD.A

Luxury Replica Jacob & Co. 2018 Grand Complication Masterpieces - Astronomia Gambler watch AT150.40.RO.SD.A price

Item Type: Replica Grand Complication Masterpieces Watches
Case Material: Rose Gold,Sapphire,round
Brand Name: Jacob & Co.
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 50 mm
Thickness: —
Dial: Skeletonized
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: Unisex
Band Material Type: Alligator strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Tourbillon
Year: 2018
Model Number: AT150.40.RO.SD.A

Jacob & Co. resumed the exploration of progressive mechanical watchmaking.

Jacob & Co.’s latest complex timepiece, a celestial style watch called Astronomia, is far from the modern watches produced by the Swiss watch industry. This whimsical new watch has a three-axis tourbillon, representing the function of the earth and the moon, and a floating dial, all of which revolve around the central column below the domed sapphire crystal. Jacob Arabo, the founder of Jacob & Co., said: “For me, astronomy represents the earth, space, and satellites.” “This is a futuristic view.”

In contrast to most companies in the watch industry today that tend to be more serious watch themes, Alabro allowed his imagination to guide the design of his latest works. His method is reminiscent of the inertial design of most products in the industry ten years ago, and obviously has a huge appeal to collectors today: at the Basel Watch and Jewellery Show earlier this year, Jacob & Co. ) Showed the prototype of astronomy, and word of mouth attracted many famous customers who placed orders on the spot.

Although Jacob & Co. rarely manufactures its own works directly, the company was an influential participant during the horological boom during the stroke period. Quenttin (Quenttin) watch was put on the market in 2006, equipped with a vertical tourbillon and a large continuous barrel, can provide a power reserve of 31 days, this feature since the appearance of Hublot and Concord and other brands of watches. However, in the last few years of the decade, due to the financial crisis and Arab’s own legal troubles, the company had to give up its bravest replica watch efforts.

Jacob & Co Epic X Chrono Rose Gold Green Dial EC312.42.PB.GR.A Replica watch

Jacob & Co.’s return to the forefront of the mechanical fake watch industry is the result of a collaboration with Studio7h38, a design and prototyping expert near Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The team’s head of R&D, Luca Soprana, established a harmonious relationship with Arabo, and they were able to translate Arabo’s ideas into practical reality. “I keep asking Luca if it is possible to do other things,” Arabo said. “He always comes back to me and says,’I don’t know, Jacob; I think I can make it work.'” They The first joint project was the Epic SF24, a travel watch based on the vintage flip-up train station display that debuted last year. This seemingly complicated watch was completed in only two years.

Soprana cut his nose at BNB Concept (the company that designed Quenttin for Jacob & Co.) to distinguish his work from early modernist efforts by incorporating traditional structures into the movement. Unexpectedly, he seems to have found an ally in Arabi’s alternative imagination. “At first we thought he was crazy,” Soprana recalled. “But then we realized that he, like us, is trying to change the traditional watchmaking industry.”

HYT H1 Colorblock limited edition watch, red, yellow or blue hands-on

Buy Replica HYT H1 COLORBLOCK YELLOW Men 148-TT-80-NF-FY watch

In the past, retailers and brands have profited from sales at a certain price, and some of us may think that “the price is too high to maintain the market”, but these days are soon to end. In fact, those days may be almost over, but not everyone has received the memo. The luxury watch industry continues to produce exquisite, cool things, but when it comes to their manufacturing, for whom, and how much to charge for them, they are suffering their due survival crisis. As this trend continues, I expect something to happen.

The first will be the softening of prices, as traditional manufacturer-to-retailer profit margins have fallen. The next step will be a comprehensive price reform, as watch brands are sold directly to consumers and offline and online marketing through watch magazines. The question is, for consumers like you, what is the formula for reading your favorite product here and then contacting the brand to purchase that product. I think you will agree with me, a large part of which depends on the pricing.

Anyway, this article should be about the HYT H1 Colorblock watch series, so let’s get back to this point. I think what is so effective here is boldness without exaggeration. H1 watches and the HYT brand have been making important announcements in general. The core concept of the brand is to use liquid-based indicators to help express time. In the H1 and most other HYT models, a thin sapphire crystal “capillary” is used in conjunction with a mechanical bellows system to move the liquid across the scale to indicate the number of hours. In these special watches, the liquid is black, but HYT also provides green, red, blue and some other colors of liquid.

The last HYT H1 watch I wrote is completely different from these lightweight titanium primary colors. It is HYT H1 Full Gold in solid 18k rose gold. In my opinion, it represents a completely different watch for different types of customers. This model is almost twice the price of the HYT H1 color block-so I think you know which model I would recommend, assuming you are as keen on price and value as most luxury watch consumers today. In other words, like I love precious metals… now is a sad moment for gold.

Buy Replica HYT H1 COLORBLOCK RED Men 148-TT-80-NF-FR watch

If you already own HYT H1, unless you particularly like these, I am not sure if this is a must-have product in your collection. I must say that every time I put on clothes, I feel happy. The big box not only looks comfortable, but also looks cool. This is the full meaning of modern mechanical clocks. It attaches importance to tradition, encapsulates the spirit of traditional watchmaking technology, but at the same time provides a very healthy service for the contemporary.

Speaking of contemporary times, “color block” is a fashionable term that is related to a specific appearance, and clothing is assembled with blocks of solid, bright and completely contrasting colors. This is actually a misnomer, because when viewing the watch as a group (actually in contrasting colors), the watch is actually just a “color block”. Separately, since the accents of the strap and dial are clearly matched, the colors are very harmonious. If each band segment and dial are of a different color, then these will be more accurately called color block watches. This may be ugly, but technically it will be a more accurate application of the term.

In addition to the name, the red, yellow and blue versions of the HYT H1 Colorblock limited edition model will be popular with consumers according to your specific taste. As I mentioned, I prefer the yellow model. What I further appreciate is how HYT continues to adjust and improve H1 regularly. Why not? Just making new colors is not enough, but fundamentally, even just playing with small things like time scales can keep the freshness.

The width of the box is 48.8 mm and the thickness is 17.9 mm, which is suitable for objects with such deep visual depth and sense of confidence. The HYT H1 Colorblock model is made of “gunmetal” PVD-coated titanium and is equipped with a new fabric strap. HYT claims that it is both hypoallergenic and waterproof (matching with titanium buckles).

Buy Replica HYT H1 COLORBLOCK BLUE Men 148-TT-80-NF-FB watch

Inside the watch is the HYT movement H1 manual winding movement, which will still be pleasant to watch and play. It operates at 4Hz (28,800bph), has a 65-hour power reserve, and displays the hours through a liquid indicator around the dial, a traditional minute hand, a turbo-type auxiliary seconds dial, and a convenient power reserve indicator. .

The design of the dial and the case itself reflect the space requirements of the bellows system, but this is a good thing because there is a welcome view of the movement. There are also luminous bodies on the dial, which is cool. Considering that the liquid is black, there is a Super-LumiNova behind it, and there are luminous points on the dial. Well done, practical and artistic. It is of course in different leagues and has different durability, but when wearing the HYT H1 color block, the fun I get is similar to the boldly designed colorful Casio G-Shock watch.

The back of the sapphire crystal glass case is a “Colorblock” logo graphic. Frankly speaking, I don’t need it. It doesn’t really add anything to the art, but I understand that brands like HYT want to make their limited edition models as unique as possible. The softest version is HYT H1 Colorblock blue. It will find a lot of love from men who don’t like bright red or yellow and wear a lot of blue jeans.

HYT H1 Colorblock watches are limited to 10 pieces each, not everyone is happy with it. The set consists of the red reference 148-TT-80-NF-FR, the yellow reference 148-TT-80-NF-FY and the blue reference 148-TT-80-NF-FB.

Best Jacobs & Astronomers Tour Celebrates New Sports Development Partnership

Jacob & Co. replica has always been known for innovation, whether in jewelry or watchmaking. Jacob & Co. uses different movement developers to create some of the craziest watches and complications, proving that this American company is not afraid to try new things and think “out of the box”.

In order to consolidate the development direction of its watches, Jacob & Co. reached an exclusive agreement with the movement designer and manufacturer Studio 7h38, and has an office in Vaumarcus Castle, Switzerland.

Jacob & Co luxury founder and chairman Jacob Arabo said: “We rely on Studio 7h38 and their chief watchmaker Luca Soprana to work together. They are a new concept for watchmaking movements that enable creators like me to realize their technical and mechanical dreams. . We share the same values: passion and excellence! For us, creativity is unlimited. This is the basis of my success: doing things differently. I am really proud of my first multiple time zone, So far, they are truly original. At last year’s Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show, we launched the EPIC SF24 developed by Studio 7h38, which won undisputed recognition in the industry and our customers. Now, we Continue to use the astronomical tourbillon.”

Luxury Replica Jacob & Co. 2018 Grand Complication Masterpieces - Astronomia Automatic watch AT130.40.AC.SD.A price

In most tourbillons, the cage rotates at a fixed speed (usually one full revolution in 60 seconds), but Jacob’s new timepiece has a three-axis tourbillon, which is only fixed on one side – the tourbillon cage It rotates every 60 seconds, but also rotates vertically every five minutes. At the same time, a tourbillon, a round one-carat round diamond, a miniature gold enamel globe and a time display device (due to the specially designed differential is always at 12 o’clock) are displayed in orbit, and four satellites rotate every 20 minutes once. In addition, the diamond and the globe rotate every 60 seconds.

During the rotation and rotation of all these elements, on the basis of the stunning Tanglin, the display of the watch will never be the same every time the wearer high luxury store.

The astronomical tourbillon will be manufactured in Studio 7h38 in the old Swiss way. Its key components are all handmade and refined, and then assembled and adjusted by hand. The astronomical tourbillon will only be manufactured in nine pieces. Each watch is handmade and can be customized. They are actually unique and provide many opportunities for customization and personalization.

“The astronomical tourbillon is a mechanical miracle that can take you above time, just like on the earth,” said Arable. “This is the realization of my mechanical dream: a distinctive astronomical clock. The astronomical tourbillon is an example of my free spirit associated with the Swiss mechanical fortress.”

Jacobs Denon

The iconic astronomer has been hailed as a tour of the watchmaking industry, and has now been transformed into a gallery displaying unique sculptures. Surrounding the four arms of the incredible astronomical movement is a ferocious hand-carved 18K rose gold dragon with ruby eyes. An artist completed this incredible sculpture in three months, and each piece is unique. replica watches wholesale




50 mm


Manual winding machinery. Power reserve: 60 hours, 21,600 changes/hour. Bone movement

Hours, minutes, tourbillon dual-axis tourbillon engraved with 3D dragon


Folding buckle


This unique piece enhances the limited edition Messi with rectangular-cut blue sapphires. It also includes a meeting and greetings with two of Lionel Messi’s.




47 mm


Movement: Exclusive Skull Column Wheel Dual Coaxial Chronograph, Self-winding Jacob & Co JCAA05. Power reserve: 48 hours

Hours, minutes, seconds (small seconds at 9 o’clock). Stopwatch (Minutes at 3 o’clock)

Open white rubber

18K white gold and titanium deployment buckle

Water resistance
200 meters


The CAPSOIL watch offers a chronograph and solo speed version. Its mechanical principle is completely immersed in the oil bath, completely changing the U-BOAT creative concept, while retaining the brand’s strong exclusive personality.

The oily liquid around the dial turns it into an absolute black, giving it a three-dimensional feel and depth. This liquid produces a constantly moving compensation bubble, and a surprisingly enlarged view of the hands, which seem to float freely without glass.

The case with a diameter of 45 mm, in two steel versions, one is treated with black DLC and mixed with the highest quality convex sapphire, resulting in the appearance of beige spheres and ultra-light treated hands.

The back cover is screwed and equipped with smoked mineral glass to ensure tightness under 10 ATM pressure. In the end, the watch was equipped with a leather strap with innovative waterproof lining handcrafted by Florentine craftsmen.

Wholesale Copy U-BOAT CLASSICO 45 TITANIO TUNGSTENO CA BK 8061 watch Review

technical details

  1. Reference 8108 Capsoil DLC
    Swiss electromechanical movement, lubricated with oil bath, meets U-BOAT specifications
    , Can work between 0°/ + 60° when not wearing

Minutes and seconds

The stainless steel AISI 316L and its post-processing DLC ​​black are completely filled with special oil to highlight the dial, creating a feeling of lack of glass and having a stronger black and higher definition optical effect.
Bubble compensation pressure visible on dial
Recognizable crown on the left
45 mm diameter
Back: screw-in, with mineral glass
Crystal: high-quality curved sapphire
Water resistance: 100 mt, 10 ATM

Dial passing
Two layers are superimposed, black, hands and beige hands are superluminova

Handmade and handcrafted calfskin, black, waterproof lining, with tongue buckle
Width: 22/22 mm

  1. Reference 8110 Capsoil Solotempo SS
    CAPSOIL uses a 45 mm stainless steel case, and its electromechanical devices are completely immersed in the oil bath. The oily liquid around the dial turns it into an absolute black, giving it a three-dimensional feel and depth. This fluid creates a constantly moving compensation bubble on the dial

Swiss electromechanical movement, lubricated in oil bath, meets U-BOAT specifications

Minutes and seconds

In case
Stainless steel AISI 316L, fully filled with special oil that emphasizes the dial, produces the illusion of no glass, and a stronger black and high-definition optical effect
Bubbles are visible on the dial to compensate for pressure
Discriminate the left side
45 mm diameter
Back: screw-in, with smoked mineral glass
Crystal: high-quality curved sapphire.
Water resistance: 100 mt, 10 ATM

Dial passing
Two layers are superimposed, black, hands and beige hands are superluminova

Handmade and handcrafted calf leather, brown, waterproof lining, buckle.
Width: 22/22 mm

  1. Reference 8109 Capsoil Chrono DLC
    Swiss electromechanical movement, lubricated in oil bath, meets U-BOAT specifications

Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph

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Stainless steel AISI 316L and its post-processing DLC ​​black are completely filled with special oil to emphasize the dial, creating the illusion of lack of glass, as well as a stronger black and higher definition optical effect.
Bubble compensation pressure visible on dial
Recognizable crown on the left
45 mm diameter
Back: winding, with mineral glass
Crystal: High-quality curved sapphire.
Water resistance: 100 mt, 10 ATM

Two superimposed layers, black, Hans and beige indexed by superluminova.

Handmade and handcrafted calf leather, black, with waterproof lining, buckle.
Width: 22/22 mm

  1. Reference 8111 Capsoil Crono SS
    Swiss electromechanical movement, lubricated in oil bath, meets U-BOAT specifications

Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph

In case
Stainless steel AISI 316L, fully filled with special oil that emphasizes the dial, produces the illusion of no glass, and a stronger black and high-definition optical effect
Bubbles are visible on the dial to compensate for pressure
Discriminate the left side
45 mm diameter
Back: winding, with mineral glass smoke
Crystal: High-quality curved sapphire.
Water resistance: 100 mt, 10 ATM

Two superimposed layers, black, hands and beige hands are treated by superluminova.

Calfskin strap handmade and hand-finished by professional Florentine craftsman, brown, with waterproof lining, buckle. Width: 22/22 mm.

luxury replicas watches

Announcement of all 2019 Grand Seiko models

In 2019, Grand Seiko released many different models in all its series. I compiled a summary of the Grand Seiko men’s watch published by Seiko of the Year.

All “Seiko 2019 Releases” have separate articles.

The newest Grand Grand Seiko model is the largest and most publicly announced at the Baselworld in March. Seven men’s watches were announced at the show. I did not include any women models in this article because these women are not the models I will follow throughout the year.

Since Grand Seiko will not participate in the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show next year, it is reported that they will hold another Grand Seiko Summit. Next year (2020) is the 60th anniversary of Grand Seiko, so many people expect the brand to release exciting news. It is interesting whether they will issue a similar number of announcements in a single event, or these announcements will be distributed more throughout the year.

Grand Seiko’s announcement at the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show in 2019 included seven new menswear. The new Spring Drive models SBGY002, SBGY003, SBGZ001 and SBGZ003 based on 9R02 and 9R31 have been widely praised, and since this year is the 20th anniversary of the first Spring Drive models, it is a pleasure to see the return of manual winding movements.

The unique styles of SBGA403, SBGC230 and SBGC231 were announced at the exhibition, making bold design choices and expanding the Grand Seiko Sports series.

Grand Seiko Elegance Men copy watch SBGE227 for sale

In addition to the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Conference, many new Grand Seiko models were released throughout the year. This includes a series of limited-edition models and standard models, which are listed below in order of model number.

The SBGA399 is a Japanese limited edition model, sold only in Ginza, and has a dial around the “Renga” tile (Japanese brick) pattern. The model is exclusively sold in four department stores in Ginza, Tokyo, and a limited number of products are distributed among them, Wako (30), Ginza Mitsukoshi (29), Matsuya Ginza (29) and Nisshindo Main Store (29) .

SBGA405 “Godzilla” celebrates the 65th anniversary of the iconic monster. This model of Sport Collection follows the style of SBGA403 and is limited to release.

SBGA407 “Blue Snowflake” has been added to GS Elegance Collection and can be purchased as a standard model both in Japan and internationally.

Another limited edition of Ginza is SBGA409 “Willow”. The willow tree was first planted in Ginza in 1877 and was soon adopted as the official tree species in the area. Limited edition of 100 pieces, representing a tree with a green dial, gold logo and second hand.

SBGA411 is a limited edition model. This is a black dial model with golden hands and markings in a new SBGA403 style case.

The other two SBGA models released in 2019 are Seasons Collection’s unique SBGA413 and SBGA415 in the US market. SBGA413 is the “spring” model of the series, and SBGA415 is the “winter” model of the series.

This year’s last pair of SBGA series models are limited editions. The first is SBGA417, which is limited to K’ntetsu department store in Japan. This model is a blue dial variant of SBGA399. The second model is SBGA419, which is a limited edition of 40 units in the Isetan store in Shinjuku.

In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of Nissan GT-R, Grand Seiko limited edition, issued SBGC229 Spring Drive chronograph.

Many models celebrate the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive, including the black dial SBGC233 limited edition.

Another Spring Drive chronograph released in 2019 is the black ceramic case SBGC235. Replica Watches Online

The limited edition of SBGD204 has only five units and is distributed through the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Department Store. This 9R01 8-day Spring Drive movement has a rose gold case set with a diamond dust dial.

SBGE248 is another version of GS Sports Collection. This model is a two-tone stainless steel and gold GMT model with a blue dial.

SBGC249 is an exclusive model of American distributor Timeless Luxury, with a stainless steel case, snowstorm dial and blued hands, limited edition of 250 pieces.

Unique to the Seiko boutique is the SBGE251 with a black dial, and rose gold is used for the first time in the rotating bezel of GS.

The design of SBGH269 is inspired by the Japanese autumn forest. Its red dial captures the color of the leaves and the lacquered wood floors of traditional Japanese architecture. The model is a limited edition of 900 units.

The SBGH271 “Summer” and SBGH273 “Fall” models complement the exclusive Seasons Collection in the United States.

The last model released in 2019 is the Takashimaya limited edition SBGH275. It has an 18K white gold case, a GS logo textured dial, and the 9S85 movement achieves a Seiko “special” rating of +4 / -2 seconds per day. The production quantity of this model is 22 units.

SBGJ235 with blue rock watch dial and rose gold GMT hands is a special edition model specially made by Grand Seiko Boutiques. “Special Edition” refers to the availability and distribution of products and should not be confused with the “Special” provisions on the SBGH275 model above. The movement of the SBGJ235 is 9S86, which is rated at the Grand Seiko standard of + 5 / -3 seconds per day.

Just before Baselworld Grand Seiko announced its new mechanical hand-wound 9S63 movement, it had been launched in four models. All models have a similar case and a unique sub-dial at 9 o’clock. The models are SBGK002, SBGK004, SBGK005 and SBGK006, all of which belong to the GS Elegance series.

Later in the year, two more models were added to the elegant series. These are the SBGK007 and SBGK009 that all use the 9S63 movement.

Wako’s unique model is SBGM237, with a limited edition of only 50 units. This model is driven by 9S66 and is equipped with a bracelet and a belt.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the advent of quartz watches, the SBGN009 limited edition is released and is equipped with a unique dial with a Seiko quartz logo.

The SBGR315 and SBGR317 models have silver and black dials, respectively, and are both new additions to the GS Heritage Collection.

SBGR319 limited edition, the watch has a silver dial with an unusual texture pattern.

SBGW255 is a unique model of the Asian Seiko dealer Thong Sai, which is responsible for many Asian countries. This model produced only 150 units and was driven by manual winding 9S64.

Seiko Elegance series once again added four 9F61 quartz watches. Platinum case SBGX329, gold SBGX330 and stainless steel SBGX331. SBGX333 is a 500-piece limited edition with mother-of-pearl dial and bracelet.

Note: The Keio Department Store has a limited edition of 10 SBGX331 (and Ms. STGF337) to celebrate its 55th anniversary. These units are equipped with blue and black leather straps and a special box that marks the store’s 55th anniversary. Therefore, you may find this aaa quality watches comes with a non-standard box, but this is the original of the watch.

Finally, there are 3 diver models based on 9F61, SBGX335, SBGX337 and the limited edition SBGX339.

This brings the total number of Grand Seiko models announced in 2019 to 47, of which only 7 were announced at Baselworld.

Is Black Bay 58 really good?

Tudor BLACK BAY FIFTY-EIGHT M79030B-0001 Replica Watch

Brand :Tudor

Model :M79030B-0001


Case material :Stainless steel

Movement :Self winding

Gender :Men

Case size :39 mm

Crystal :Sapphire

Dial colour :Blue

FUNCTIONS :Hours,Minutes,Seconds

The case shape :Round

Bracelet material :Stainless steel

Water resistance :200 m

Year :2020

Power Reserve :70 hours

Tudor Black Bay 58 model 79030N debuted in 2018. It was released at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show along with Tudor Heritage Black Bay GMT Ref M79830RB. GMT generated more buzzing for several reasons. Rolex partner is particularly important. But not long after, Tudor fans began to sing the 58s. In a short time, it has become a very popular watch. Some people even say that this is the best Black Bay model to date. But is it really that good? I can save you some time and say “yes”. Yes. Instead, I will let you continue reading and decide for yourself.

A brief history of Tudor Black Bay Collection
The Black Bay series was launched in 2012. Since then, the series has become Tudor’s best-selling series, and is likely to continue. The style of the watch can best be described as “modern vintage”. Of course, this sounds like a contradiction. How can new and old things appear at the same time? Well, Tudor has managed to do it. Create a modern diving watch with a modern atmosphere.

To this end, Tudor turned to the archives. In the early 1950s, mechanical diving watches began to take off. Blancpain launched the Fifty Fat series in 1953. Shortly thereafter, the Rolex Submariner watch came out. In 1954, the first Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner was launched. Number 7922. It establishes the dial layout and basic bezel design, which will define the Tudor Submariner series.

Many of these key functions can now be found on Black Bay. It includes a black dial, selected for clarity and legibility under water. The arrangement of luminous index marks. It means there is an extra large triangle at 12 o’clock, and the round hour markers are scattered with rectangles at 3, 6 and 9 positions. The minute trajectory around the periphery is represented by a complete circle. And a rotating bezel with a 60-minute counter.

The next source of influence is the “Big Crown” (large crown), number 7924. This watch came out in 1958. As the name suggests, this crown is known for its oversized, unprotected crown. A key feature used by all modern Black Bays. This is also the first Tudor Submariner waterproof to 200m.

In order to achieve this, the 37mm Submariner case is made thicker. And of course equipped with a larger screw-in crown. It also uses a new tropical plexiglass crystal. It is thicker and domed. This means better water pressure resistance. Nowadays, domed sapphire crystal has become the standard configuration of all Black Bay. (Except Tudor Black Bay 32/36/41 series).

Number 7924 is also the main source of inspiration for Black Bay 58. But there will be more in a minute.

Replica Tudor Black Bay M79230N-0005 Watch

The remaining characteristics of Black Bay come from 1969 references 7016 and 7021. The most famous is the square pointer called “snowflake” by collectors. The shield logo replaced Tudor Rose.

Combining many different references is always risky. However, with its keen insight into design and careful use of restraints, Black Bay has become one of the most popular modern diving watches on the market. For some people, it is too big. That is the fifty-eighth place to come in.

Black Bay Fifty-eight
Nostalgic watches are currently a big deal. Although not all models are successful. Some people are more real than others. As a result, they tend to resonate strongly with the audience. Tudor Black Bay 58 is definitely the latter. It is so real that it almost hurts.

As mentioned earlier, “58” is inspired by “Big Crown”, number 7924. The name refers to the original production year. Like other models in the Black Bay series, this is an amalgam. It is not possible to directly reproduce a single model. It’s like Seiko Prospex SLA033. This means that it draws on design cues from several different references.

The steel case is 39 mm long, which is larger than the original 37 mm. But smaller than the standard 41mm Black Bay. It is also thinner and slimmer at 11.9mm. To keep everything in proportion, the lug width has been reduced to 20mm. All this work creates a very wearable and very attractive diving luxury watch brands.

The black dial is the same as the standard Black Bay model and has a gold-plated surface. The gold-plated dial was very popular in the 1950s. The term usually means that all markings on the dial are coated with gold. Although sometimes a single line may be left blank.

ref 7924 has a gold-plated dial. Therefore, “58” has rose gold-plated hands, indexes and inscriptions. Tudor also extended the touch of Midas to the subtleties of the black and stainless steel bezel. It will of course spin in one direction and have a red triangle at 12 o’clock. A trademark of Tudor retro diving watches.

Another key difference is the hands. The original factory uses Mercedes-style hour hands, similar to Rolex watches. Although “fifty-eight” uses the snowflake pointer. This makes sense because it is consistent with other products in the Black Bay series.

The crown is too large (obviously) and is accompanied by vintage roses. Unlike other models, the tube next to the crown is uncoated. This makes no difference in function. It just added 58 appearances of utilitarianism.

Inside is the manufacturing movement MT5402. This is a modification of the internal MT5602 movement in the conventional Black Bay model. Therefore, it has all the same specifications of the larger 41mm version. This means that it has obtained COSC certification as an astronomical clock. Equipped with silicon hairspring. And provide a useful 70h power reserve. However, it is now smaller, with a diameter of 26mm and a height of 4.99mm. Consistent with the old-fashioned theme, no date is displayed. Someone likes this. There are not so many others. Personally, I prefer clean dials.

At the age of fifty-eight, a lot of boxes were played for diving skeleton watches lovers. Waterproof 200m. The 39mm case is very large and not bulky on the wrist. It has a subtle retro atmosphere, but not too conspicuous. And it has manufacturing movement. Not to mention that it is part of one of the most popular modern diving watch series. No restrictions.

Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 ° Technique Ceramic

Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 red gold Silver Replica Watch

In search of extremely high precision, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey began to create a work in 1999 that reinterpreted the tourbillon and improved the timing function. The double tourbillon 30 ° is Grauber Fossi’s first basic invention and was exhibited at the Basel fake watches for sale Fair in 2004. This proves the success of the independent studio. Seven years later, the double tourbillon 30 ° technology won first place in Concours. International Times. Throughout the competition, the timer scored a record 915 points (out of 1,000 points), with an average timing speed of 0.3 to 0.8 seconds per day.

Now, Greubel Forsey has launched the blue ceramic double tourbillon 30 ° technology, which is an extremely accurate, delicate and strong timepiece.

Unparalleled precision timepiece center
The 30 ° double tourbillon contributes to its extraordinary accuracy. Inside the cage that rotates for four minutes, a smaller cage equipped with a balance wheel and spring assembly is tilted at an angle of 30 ° relative to the first cage, and completes the rotation within 60 seconds. Combining the 30 ° inclination with the different speeds of the two tourbillons can average out the position errors due to gravity in all conventional watch positions (especially stable positions), thereby improving timing performance.

In the Double Tourbillon 30 ° double tourbillon technology, four coaxial barrels are connected to a spherical power reserve differential, which provides a 120-hour chronograph power reserve.

Ceramic case: robustness and luminosity
This is the first time Greubel Forsey copy has demonstrated the movement inside a ceramic case. The manufacture of this case requires extremely high precision. The material is compacted by pressing and then shaped before firing. During the heat treatment, the material shrinks it by about 25%. Once the element is sintered at a very high temperature, the ceramic will solidify, making the watch case very hard and therefore more difficult to use. The material becomes very resistant to scratches and corrosion, which means that surface treatment requires excellent expertise. From polishing to linear or circular satin polishing, the surface treatment can perfect the outline of the timepiece, perfected with the true Greubel Forsey spirit. The dark blue ceramic brings a subtle flash to the Double Tourbillon 30 ° technology, while its physical properties make it extremely resistant.

Technical specifications:
The bottom cover of the blue ceramic case, the bezel and the strap are made of a piece of ceramic, which is polished and straight-lined and finished by hand. Three-dimensional variable geometry lugs. The size is 48.4mm x 17.7mm. It has a double-layer sapphire crystal, waterproof to 30 meters.

The movement is a Swiss manually wound Greubel Forsey movement Double Tourbillon 30 °, equipped with 43 jewels, 21,600 vph and a 120-hour power reserve. Synthetic sapphire bridge. Olive domed gemstone, located in a golden pendant. Four coaxial series rotating barrels quickly (one in 3.2 hours), one of which is equipped with a sliding spring to avoid excessive tension. 22kt gold cover with nickel palladium treatment and relief. Variable inertial balance wheel with platinum hour-marking screws. Hairspring: Phillips terminal curve, Geneva style studs.

Motherboard: nickel silver, matte polished bevel and counter hole, straight flank, nickel palladium treatment. Bridge: artificial sapphire crystal, polished wings. Nickel silver, matte and speckled, with polished bevels and counter holes, straight flank, nickel palladium treatment. The gold plate is engraved with a personal number. Gear: involute circular outline. Bevel gear with profiled teeth. Functions are: hours and minutes, small seconds. The outer tourbillon spins for 4 minutes. Built-in tourbillon for 60 seconds. Power reserve indicator.

“Dial” is a natural sapphire hour scale, electric growth hour scale, engraved and painted tourbillon rotation indicator. Small second hand and power reserve indicator, gold, blue surface; hands: polished gold for hours and minutes, equipped with SuperLuminova swiss watches online, second hand, power reserve (red triangle), sapphire engraved 4-minute hand, blue rubber strap, titanium Metal folding clasp.