Announcement of all 2019 Grand Seiko models

In 2019, Grand Seiko released many different models in all its series. I compiled a summary of the Grand Seiko men’s watch published by Seiko of the Year.

All “Seiko 2019 Releases” have separate articles.

The newest Grand Grand Seiko model is the largest and most publicly announced at the Baselworld in March. Seven men’s watches were announced at the show. I did not include any women models in this article because these women are not the models I will follow throughout the year.

Since Grand Seiko will not participate in the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show next year, it is reported that they will hold another Grand Seiko Summit. Next year (2020) is the 60th anniversary of Grand Seiko, so many people expect the brand to release exciting news. It is interesting whether they will issue a similar number of announcements in a single event, or these announcements will be distributed more throughout the year.

Grand Seiko’s announcement at the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show in 2019 included seven new menswear. The new Spring Drive models SBGY002, SBGY003, SBGZ001 and SBGZ003 based on 9R02 and 9R31 have been widely praised, and since this year is the 20th anniversary of the first Spring Drive models, it is a pleasure to see the return of manual winding movements.

The unique styles of SBGA403, SBGC230 and SBGC231 were announced at the exhibition, making bold design choices and expanding the Grand Seiko Sports series.

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In addition to the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Conference, many new Grand Seiko models were released throughout the year. This includes a series of limited-edition models and standard models, which are listed below in order of model number.

The SBGA399 is a Japanese limited edition model, sold only in Ginza, and has a dial around the “Renga” tile (Japanese brick) pattern. The model is exclusively sold in four department stores in Ginza, Tokyo, and a limited number of products are distributed among them, Wako (30), Ginza Mitsukoshi (29), Matsuya Ginza (29) and Nisshindo Main Store (29) .

SBGA405 “Godzilla” celebrates the 65th anniversary of the iconic monster. This model of Sport Collection follows the style of SBGA403 and is limited to release.

SBGA407 “Blue Snowflake” has been added to GS Elegance Collection and can be purchased as a standard model both in Japan and internationally.

Another limited edition of Ginza is SBGA409 “Willow”. The willow tree was first planted in Ginza in 1877 and was soon adopted as the official tree species in the area. Limited edition of 100 pieces, representing a tree with a green dial, gold logo and second hand.

SBGA411 is a limited edition model. This is a black dial model with golden hands and markings in a new SBGA403 style case.

The other two SBGA models released in 2019 are Seasons Collection’s unique SBGA413 and SBGA415 in the US market. SBGA413 is the “spring” model of the series, and SBGA415 is the “winter” model of the series.

This year’s last pair of SBGA series models are limited editions. The first is SBGA417, which is limited to K’ntetsu department store in Japan. This model is a blue dial variant of SBGA399. The second model is SBGA419, which is a limited edition of 40 units in the Isetan store in Shinjuku.

In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of Nissan GT-R, Grand Seiko limited edition, issued SBGC229 Spring Drive chronograph.

Many models celebrate the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive, including the black dial SBGC233 limited edition.

Another Spring Drive chronograph released in 2019 is the black ceramic case SBGC235. Replica Watches Online

The limited edition of SBGD204 has only five units and is distributed through the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Department Store. This 9R01 8-day Spring Drive movement has a rose gold case set with a diamond dust dial.

SBGE248 is another version of GS Sports Collection. This model is a two-tone stainless steel and gold GMT model with a blue dial.

SBGC249 is an exclusive model of American distributor Timeless Luxury, with a stainless steel case, snowstorm dial and blued hands, limited edition of 250 pieces.

Unique to the Seiko boutique is the SBGE251 with a black dial, and rose gold is used for the first time in the rotating bezel of GS.

The design of SBGH269 is inspired by the Japanese autumn forest. Its red dial captures the color of the leaves and the lacquered wood floors of traditional Japanese architecture. The model is a limited edition of 900 units.

The SBGH271 “Summer” and SBGH273 “Fall” models complement the exclusive Seasons Collection in the United States.

The last model released in 2019 is the Takashimaya limited edition SBGH275. It has an 18K white gold case, a GS logo textured dial, and the 9S85 movement achieves a Seiko “special” rating of +4 / -2 seconds per day. The production quantity of this model is 22 units.

SBGJ235 with blue rock watch dial and rose gold GMT hands is a special edition model specially made by Grand Seiko Boutiques. “Special Edition” refers to the availability and distribution of products and should not be confused with the “Special” provisions on the SBGH275 model above. The movement of the SBGJ235 is 9S86, which is rated at the Grand Seiko standard of + 5 / -3 seconds per day.

Just before Baselworld Grand Seiko announced its new mechanical hand-wound 9S63 movement, it had been launched in four models. All models have a similar case and a unique sub-dial at 9 o’clock. The models are SBGK002, SBGK004, SBGK005 and SBGK006, all of which belong to the GS Elegance series.

Later in the year, two more models were added to the elegant series. These are the SBGK007 and SBGK009 that all use the 9S63 movement.

Wako’s unique model is SBGM237, with a limited edition of only 50 units. This model is driven by 9S66 and is equipped with a bracelet and a belt.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the advent of quartz watches, the SBGN009 limited edition is released and is equipped with a unique dial with a Seiko quartz logo.

The SBGR315 and SBGR317 models have silver and black dials, respectively, and are both new additions to the GS Heritage Collection.

SBGR319 limited edition, the watch has a silver dial with an unusual texture pattern.

SBGW255 is a unique model of the Asian Seiko dealer Thong Sai, which is responsible for many Asian countries. This model produced only 150 units and was driven by manual winding 9S64.

Seiko Elegance series once again added four 9F61 quartz watches. Platinum case SBGX329, gold SBGX330 and stainless steel SBGX331. SBGX333 is a 500-piece limited edition with mother-of-pearl dial and bracelet.

Note: The Keio Department Store has a limited edition of 10 SBGX331 (and Ms. STGF337) to celebrate its 55th anniversary. These units are equipped with blue and black leather straps and a special box that marks the store’s 55th anniversary. Therefore, you may find this aaa quality watches comes with a non-standard box, but this is the original of the watch.

Finally, there are 3 diver models based on 9F61, SBGX335, SBGX337 and the limited edition SBGX339.

This brings the total number of Grand Seiko models announced in 2019 to 47, of which only 7 were announced at Baselworld.