HYT H1 Colorblock limited edition watch, red, yellow or blue hands-on

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In the past, retailers and brands have profited from sales at a certain price, and some of us may think that “the price is too high to maintain the market”, but these days are soon to end. In fact, those days may be almost over, but not everyone has received the memo. The luxury watch industry continues to produce exquisite, cool things, but when it comes to their manufacturing, for whom, and how much to charge for them, they are suffering their due survival crisis. As this trend continues, I expect something to happen.

The first will be the softening of prices, as traditional manufacturer-to-retailer profit margins have fallen. The next step will be a comprehensive price reform, as watch brands are sold directly to consumers and offline and online marketing through watch magazines. The question is, for consumers like you, what is the formula for reading your favorite product here and then contacting the brand to purchase that product. I think you will agree with me, a large part of which depends on the pricing.

Anyway, this article should be about the HYT H1 Colorblock watch series, so let’s get back to this point. I think what is so effective here is boldness without exaggeration. H1 watches and the HYT brand have been making important announcements in general. The core concept of the brand is to use liquid-based indicators to help express time. In the H1 and most other HYT models, a thin sapphire crystal “capillary” is used in conjunction with a mechanical bellows system to move the liquid across the scale to indicate the number of hours. In these special watches, the liquid is black, but HYT also provides green, red, blue and some other colors of liquid.

The last HYT H1 watch I wrote is completely different from these lightweight titanium primary colors. It is HYT H1 Full Gold in solid 18k rose gold. In my opinion, it represents a completely different watch for different types of customers. This model is almost twice the price of the HYT H1 color block-so I think you know which model I would recommend, assuming you are as keen on price and value as most luxury watch consumers today. In other words, like I love precious metals… now is a sad moment for gold.

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If you already own HYT H1, unless you particularly like these, I am not sure if this is a must-have product in your collection. I must say that every time I put on clothes, I feel happy. The big box not only looks comfortable, but also looks cool. This is the full meaning of modern mechanical clocks. It attaches importance to tradition, encapsulates the spirit of traditional watchmaking technology, but at the same time provides a very healthy service for the contemporary.

Speaking of contemporary times, “color block” is a fashionable term that is related to a specific appearance, and clothing is assembled with blocks of solid, bright and completely contrasting colors. This is actually a misnomer, because when viewing the watch as a group (actually in contrasting colors), the watch is actually just a “color block”. Separately, since the accents of the strap and dial are clearly matched, the colors are very harmonious. If each band segment and dial are of a different color, then these will be more accurately called color block watches. This may be ugly, but technically it will be a more accurate application of the term.

In addition to the name, the red, yellow and blue versions of the HYT H1 Colorblock limited edition model will be popular with consumers according to your specific taste. As I mentioned, I prefer the yellow model. What I further appreciate is how HYT continues to adjust and improve H1 regularly. Why not? Just making new colors is not enough, but fundamentally, even just playing with small things like time scales can keep the freshness.

The width of the box is 48.8 mm and the thickness is 17.9 mm, which is suitable for objects with such deep visual depth and sense of confidence. The HYT H1 Colorblock model is made of “gunmetal” PVD-coated titanium and is equipped with a new fabric strap. HYT claims that it is both hypoallergenic and waterproof (matching with titanium buckles).

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Inside the watch is the HYT movement H1 manual winding movement, which will still be pleasant to watch and play. It operates at 4Hz (28,800bph), has a 65-hour power reserve, and displays the hours through a liquid indicator around the dial, a traditional minute hand, a turbo-type auxiliary seconds dial, and a convenient power reserve indicator. .

The design of the dial and the case itself reflect the space requirements of the bellows system, but this is a good thing because there is a welcome view of the movement. There are also luminous bodies on the dial, which is cool. Considering that the liquid is black, there is a Super-LumiNova behind it, and there are luminous points on the dial. Well done, practical and artistic. It is of course in different leagues and has different durability, but when wearing the HYT H1 color block, the fun I get is similar to the boldly designed colorful Casio G-Shock watch.

The back of the sapphire crystal glass case is a “Colorblock” logo graphic. Frankly speaking, I don’t need it. It doesn’t really add anything to the art, but I understand that brands like HYT want to make their limited edition models as unique as possible. The softest version is HYT H1 Colorblock blue. It will find a lot of love from men who don’t like bright red or yellow and wear a lot of blue jeans.

HYT H1 Colorblock watches are limited to 10 pieces each, not everyone is happy with it. The set consists of the red reference 148-TT-80-NF-FR, the yellow reference 148-TT-80-NF-FY and the blue reference 148-TT-80-NF-FB.