Richard Mille (Richard Mille) Le Mans Classic Race Chronograph

Richard Mille RM 011-RM 011 Le Mans Classic Rose Gold watch

Richard Mille cheap and the famous Le Mans vintage racing partner have launched 2 new limited edition watches inspired by this legendary annual classic racing car held in France every July . The new Le Mans classic chronographs are called RM008 and RM011, and their design is inspired by racing engines, and has a green Le Mans logo at 12 o’clock, with yellow and blue decorations to match the Le Mans race Rumble bars on the road.

This watch celebrates the competition in the purest Le Mans classic style: the minutes and seconds of the chronograph indicated by the tourbillon, as well as the torque and function display echo the blue and yellow of the 24-hour tour rumbling belt. Another reminder of this historic game is the Le Mans Classic logo at 12 o’clock. The grade 5 titanium case is micro-sandblasted and equipped with a DLC-treated strap. The double-stripe “Le Mans” bezel is also micro-blasted.

The limited edition copy watches are all made with automatic movements and have a 50-hour backup battery. It has a flyback chronograph, a large date display at 12 o’clock and a 24-hour counter at 6 o’clock.

The 24-hour counter is the signature of the 24-hour nonstop race at Le Mans. The casing is made of titanium barrel with dimensions of 50mm x 40mm x 16.15mm. More than 200 separate machine operations are required to create this database.

The Le Mans Classic Limited Edition is equipped with a tourbillon, a seconds chronograph, and displays torque and functions. The watch case is made of micro-sprayed grade 5 titanium alloy and DLC coated strap. It has a wound power reserve of 70 hours and measures 48mm x 39.7mm x 14.95mm.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) Yohan Blake Tourbillon

The newest member of Richard Mille’s sports series is Yohan Blake Tourbillon RM59-01. Committed to the 2012 London Olympic silver medalist Blake (Blake), paying special attention to right-handed wearers like him.

This piece is designed for runners, and its built-in aerodynamics allows it to withstand all shocks and forces, and adapt to 100-meter sprints at extremely high speeds. This is due to the manual winding tourbillon movement in the watch, which includes four bridges made of corrosion-resistant alloys of aluminum, magnesium, silicon and titanium, and is designed in Jamaican yellow and green. This also represents Blake’s patented “beast pose” gesture, which is known to be displayed by athletes before each competition.

The watch itself is actually very thick between 2 o’clock and 5 o’clock. It is said that this extra thickness prevents the torque limiting crown from rubbing against Blake’s wrist, making him more comfortable when wearing the replica men watch.

The 50mm case adopts a reptile style and is composed of injected carbon nanotubes, which are protected by sapphire crystal glass and an anti-glare coating.