If there is any progress in the new version, this year’s SIHH promises to be a good year for everyone. This year, Gaopafusi will release three new models, but only one is brand new.

These three products are Différentiel d’Égalité, GMT Earth and Double Balancier. Différentiel d’Égalité is new, not an updated incarnation.

Let’s start with the new entry, the shiny new Différentiel d’Égalité, with the fifth invention of Robert Gaupper and Stephen Fauci as the supreme glory.


Don’t worry, you can forgive asking “What the hell is that?” They are a story, like this;

In 2008, in the distant universe, Greubel Forsey introduced a new and better balance wheel to the world “via Baselworld”, providing a stable mainspring energy transmission rate. This is good news, I heard you yelling… Well, yes, of course, all improvements are welcome, but what does all this mean?

Basically, the fifth invention achieves its task by installing auxiliary springs on the differential. The auxiliary spring can reset itself every 5 seconds, helping to regulate a constant energy transfer rate.

So what’s new?
At the time, this was more like a proof of concept than a feasible implementation, but now, after all, the fifth invention has been improved, perfected and produced to provide a mechanism to reset itself every second to maintain normal energy transfer. Not only that, the Différentiel d’Égalité is also equipped with a 30° tilting balance wheel from Guberfors. When the crown is pulled out, this allows the mechanism to stop and the second hand is set to zero, which means higher accuracy. wrist watches for men

Greenwich Mean Time Earth
If you are familiar with previous avatars, you might ask what is new here? The answer lies in the 3D globe design at 7 o’clock. In the new model, the glode is now more visible. In the past, the earth rotated once every 24 hours, and only the northern half could be seen. Now, with the introduction of sapphire glass, the entire earth can be seen from the front, back and sides.

All other functions you are familiar with are the same, the hours, minutes, small seconds, and 72-hour power reserve indicator remain unchanged. Through the back cover you can see the GMT time indicator and the 24-time zone universal time indicator, and the watch retains a 24-second tourbillon tilted 25°.

Double balancer
The Double Balancier, which debuted at SIHH in 2016, is a lovely piece with a platinum and silver-plated dial for the first time. This year, it was changed to a 43 mm 5N red gold case, a black multi-layer gold dial, engraved and oven-baked enamel hour markers.