Bell & Ross launches limited edition BR 03-92 red radar ceramic watch

Buy Bell & Ross BR 03-92 RED RADAR CERAMIC BR0392-RRDR-CE/SRB Replica watch

Since its establishment in 1994, the toughness and practical aesthetics of aircraft instruments have always been the core of the fake Bell & Ross brand identity. Over the years, this style of inspiration has given birth to watches based on altimeters, airspeed indicators and even fighter head-up displays, but the most striking of these aviation concepts is the 2011 BR 01-92 red radar. Red Radar replaced mobile phones with crimson crystals and discs, capturing the feeling of air traffic control radar screens, and pushing the Bell & Ross design team in a new avant-garde direction. In 2021, the brand returned to the Red Radar concept, aiming to reshape this landmark design through new materials, new proportions, and more detailed and clearer layouts. The new limited edition Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic is a playful and eye-catching sublimation of the exaggerated fighter spirit at the heart of the French brand.

The 42mm flat square case of Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic is the cornerstone of the brand’s iconic appearance, with rounded corners, abbreviated lugs and four accent screws. As the name suggests, Bell & Ross uses modern matte black ceramics for this case, which reduces weight and greatly improves scratch resistance compared to stainless steel. However, by far the most striking element of this case is the deep red anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass. Most of the contents of the red radar ceramic dial are actually printed on the bottom surface of the crystal, including the hour and minute scales and the center and symbols. This gives the dial design an amazing visual depth in the image, adding drama to the already unconventional layout. These printed scales are also significantly different from the scales on the original 2011 red radar. In addition to the shared crosshair dial pattern and the concise, musical-inspired fonts used for Arabic numerals, the new red radar ceramic provides stronger and more detailed scales for the hour and minute tracks, which will greatly improve the original version The legibility. Bell & Ross rated this aerospace-inspired sports case with a solid water resistance of 100 meters.

Many of the obvious dial designs of Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic are located on the crystal, and the actual dial of the watch is very simple. The stick second hand is the only traditional hand here, and it should provide an interesting replica of the scanning radar display. Like its 2011 predecessor, the hours and minutes are tracked here using disks, but unlike the simulated radar scan pattern of the original model, this new model uses the aircraft outline as an indicator. Bell & Ross uses the compact outline of a fighter jet to represent the minute display, and the overall outline seems to imply the F-16 Fighting Falcon. In order to create a sharp contrast, the hour display was changed to a passenger plane. However, the arrangement of these elements may cause some confusion for first-time viewers. Although almost all existing analog timepieces use shorter hour hands and longer minute hands, the natural layout here is the opposite, with the minutes displayed on the smaller inner dial. Although this may not cause any trouble after a period of cheering, the potential impact on legibility at a glance can be severe. fake watches for sale

The core of Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic is the BR-CAL.302 automatic movement based on Sellita SW300-1. BR-CAL.302 is very common in Bell & Ross products, except for the date deleted here, the movement is more or less the same as other models of the brand. The performance of BR-CAL.302 is slightly mediocre, providing a power reserve of 38 hours at a beat rate of 28,800 bph. Bell & Ross offers BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic with a pair of straps. The first in the series is a black rubber strap engraved and signed by the brand. The black PVD steel pin buckle has a distinct taper. Bell & Ross also includes a black synthetic fabric strap with a layered structure and hook-and-loop closure for a stronger, military-style look.

Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic Limited Edition is one of the most eye-catching and interesting products of the brand in recent years, and one of the clearest and boldest visions in the spirit of the brand’s jet-powered style.