Rolex Milgauss

Introduced decades ago, the cheap Rolex Milgauss has a long history within the brand as a watch designed to solve common problems with mechanical watches (also quartz, but with a different type of affectation), magnetism and how it affects movements . A watch, its operation and its precision. The watch was intended for members of the public exposed to magnetic fields, such as researchers, doctors or power plant workers, it was expensive at the time, but it was a complete success, tested by CERN scientists who put the Rolex Milgauss through rigorous testing, Magnetic fields of up to 1,000 Gauss are easily overcome, keeping its timing properties intact.

Rolex reintroduced in 2007 as reference 116400, and is best known for the lightning bolt that forms part of the seconds hand, currently powered by the same calibre 3131. This is a classic but very sturdy model. There were three original models, one with a dark grey dial and green sapphire crystal, and a similar one with a black dial and white, the latter two have been discontinued. One of Rolex’s new additions for 2014 is the latest version, also in green sapphire, featuring an electric blue dial.

At present, many mid-range movements, and of course high-end movements, have silicon hairsprings, and most Swiss brands have been implementing them for 1 or 2 years, trying to provide anti-magnetic properties to the movement. Of course, the Rolex Milgauss is on another level in this regard, being able to withstand very large magnetic fields, thanks not only to its case, but also to the hairspring, in this case made of the Rolex-patented Parachrom, a A very fine element, resistant to magnetic fields and even 10 times more shock resistant.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss 116400gv
The modern Rolex Milgauss is a watch with a diameter of 40 mm, a weight of 157 grams and a water resistance of 100 meters. It’s powerful but comfortable on the wrist, and appears larger due to the design of its bezel. Magnetic fields are not abstract things to ignore, they do wreak havoc on watches. The changes in the watch industry in this regard demonstrate the success that Rolex was and is having in launching this striking model.

The Rolex Milgauss retains the legendary lightning bolt second hand, now in orange, and made of Oystersteel, a high-strength alloy derived from the 904L steel traditionally used by the brand. An oyster bracelet is certainly up to the task, with a sturdy, beautiful and functional construction. Manufactured from a range of ferromagnetic alloys selected by Rolex, the inner case shield protects the calibre 3131 from the magnetic forces that give life to the Milgauss, an automatic movement manufactured by Rolex, which is COSC certified and Provides 48 hours of power reserve.

The dial is a unique element of the Rolex Milgauss 116400, not only because of the hint of orange and the seconds hand, but also because it is well-balanced, clean and very legible. It has a good size index and is filled with luminescent material that glows blue in the dark.

Rolex Milgauss Sapphire Green
The current version, referencing the m116400gv-0002 in electric blue and the m116400gv-0001 in black, is fitted with a striking green sapphire crystal, the only tinted sapphire used by Rolex, very unique and identifiable by the shade of green that appears on the rim of the case . Glass cutting. It is a very scratch resistant glass and stays the same over time.

Rolex Milgauss Black
The black dial Rolex Milgauss is no slouch in terms of readability, as the colour scheme on the dial is striking. The orange hour-markers at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock also offer a different touch in this color, subtly combined with the dark tones of the seconds hand, the inscription and the background. All of this, combined with green sapphires and polished Rolex steel, makes for such a beautiful round design for this technical watch.

Rolex Milgauss White
The now-out-of-print white version of the Milgauss was not very popular from the start. The white dial, unlike all the indices of the orange SuperLuminova, reminds us of the historical reference 1019, which we will see below. This version, no longer available, is greatly increased in value, with over 20,000 unused.

Rolex Migos. history
The first Rolex Milgauss was created in 1954 at the request of researchers at CERN in Switzerland. With a classic design, the diameter is larger than other watches with similar aesthetics, such as the Oyster Perpetual. The first reference is 6543, very similar to the Submariner, with a diameter of 38mm. It houses the 1080 movement derived from the 1030. Highlighting references 1019 and 6541, Milgauss was withdrawn from the Rolex catalogue in 1988 until the aforementioned 2007 launch. The Rolex Milgauss 1019 is the longest in the brand’s collection, changing the aesthetic to resemble the current reference. fake watches for sale

At the time, it was admired for its sophisticated resistance and is currently an iconic and functional tool watch, although most people probably use it without a design purpose, like most luxury tool watches.

The screen that protects the movement inside the case, as well as the material of the oscillator and escapement, guarantees the first Milgauss’ anti-magnetic properties.

vintage mirgos
Retro models for which more information is known are references 6541 and 1019. The Milgauss may have evolved more than other Rolex watches, for example, the rotating bezel disappeared, an element that would be useless for a watch with this feature, perhaps used the 6543 and 6541 that first evolved from the Submariner.

Rolex Milgauss 1019
Compared to the older Explorers from 1959 to 1989, this model was surprisingly larger. The 38mm movement protects the movement, the calibre 1580 with an anti-magnetic shield in the form of a Faraday cage. The black and red inscription “Milgauss” is engraved on the white dial, and the seconds hand has changed from a lightning bolt to a very slender hand with a distinctive red tip. It has no luminescent material.

Rolex Milgauss 6541
Prior to 1019, reference 6541 had a very short print run of 200 pieces in total. Curiously, this 1080-caliber-powered model features an additional inner case back to the steel back, in addition to the iron guard around the movement, forming this version of the Faraday cage.

Rolex Milgauss Review
All references aside, the Rolex Milgauss has always been loved and valued by fans who have always shown interest. While the Submariner, GMT-Master and Daytona are the most wanted by Rolex, the Milgauss is attractive for its aesthetics, ingenuity and previous history. The black dial and green sapphire models are by far the most successful and popular.

Considering more specific reviews, the blue dial model is attractive to users, assuming a completely different experience. The bracelet is very comfortable and the weight of the watch is well balanced with this generous case.

Has been in the catalog for a long time and is expected to continue to be so, the Milgauss is a model that will not let you down if you think about it, although for sure you will buy it, just like with others today Compared to a steel case, it’s not that easy.

Rolex Milgauss Bamford
A leading company in custom luxury watches, Bamford also makes its exclusive version for the Rolex Milgauss, albeit in an off-brand way, with a black PVD-coated steel case with a striking check textured dial and gold accents. Blue represents all elements of the sphere, although there are other versions. Although tasteful customization, this kind of thing is not very popular with fans of the brand. They have their own audience, like everything, but it’s not common, especially without brand approval.

Rolex Milgauss New

Rolex Milgauss reference. 116400GV Oyster, 40mm, Oystersteel, blue Z dial, luminous indexes and green sapphire crystal.
Rolex Milgauss reference. 116400GV Oyster, 40mm, Oystersteel, dark black dial, luminous indexes and green sapphire water.

Drake’s new Jacob & Co. watch includes a full-featured roulette wheel

Jacob & Co. Astronomia watches are designed with a very specific type of client in mind: someone who is not afraid to take risks, who is not afraid to show off, and who appreciates the sophistication of extremely complicated mechanisms.

Rapper Drake happens to be one of those people.

Drake loves custom fashion, expensive and fast cars, and luxury private jets that he can customize as he sees fit — even if he occasionally gets caught lying about buying them. He also likes watches, preferably limited editions. You’re not a fashion millionaire without such an item on your wrist.

That said, the Canadian rapper recently added a pretty impressive item to his already impressive collection of watches. This is Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia Casino Tourbillon, also known as the Astronomia Gambler.

The luxury jeweler launched the Astronomia collection in 2014 as a white canvas for novel and unexpected concepts. The idea behind it is to create small, self-contained universes that can be worn on the wrist and wow the world — and at a price to match. We’ve already discussed the Clarity Spider Tourbillon, which features a life-size tarantula made of feathers and black vapor deposition in the center of the dial.

Astro Casino may be more visually stunning than Spider, simply because it’s more complex. Truth be told, all Astronomia timepieces are overly complicated, but this one takes its place in the cake, with its over-engineering approaching ridiculous territory. However, this is not without its advantages.

As you can see in the video at the bottom of the page and the attached gallery, the Astro Casino is huge. At 47mm in diameter, it might be fooled to think it’s fairly average when viewed from above, but quite different when viewed from the side. The Casino has a thickness of 27.9mm, which is necessary to accommodate the vertically multi-layered JCAM29A movement, which has multiple complications, each more striking than the other.

First, the bottom is a fully functional mechanical roulette made of 18k rose gold with 37 pockets marked with black and red enamel. When you press the two buttons on the side of the case and the wheel starts to move, a white ceramic ball spins. replica watches uk

To prevent the balls from bouncing to the upper layers of the movement, the roulette wheel is covered by a sapphire crystal plate. The entire case is actually made of sapphire crystal, and the spinning roulette wheel is visible every time the release button is pressed.

Then comes the really outrageous part of this watch: the upper part of the movement is made of a rotating platform that includes four rotating arms. Yes, every element here is constantly moving independently, which is what makes this timepiece so complex and interesting.

The four arms carry a three-axis tourbillon, an asteroid made of blue magnesium, a sub-dial for timekeeping, and Jacob & Co.’s trademark rotating diamonds. That would be a 1-carat Jacobean-cut diamond with no fewer than 288 facets, revolving around its own axis every 30 seconds, so you can fully appreciate its brilliance from every angle.

In addition to the individual movements of the complication, the four arms perform a full rotation on the face of the watch in 10 minutes. Each pair of opposing arms is perfectly balanced, reducing the weight of the complication. The power reserve is 60 hours.

To top it off is a more domed sapphire crystal, while the strap is luxurious alligator leather with a gold clasp.

Astronomia Casino sounds appealing – and it is. With so much going on inside, one can barely remember actually checking the time, which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a timekeeping device on the wrist. But it’s beautiful, over-engineered, and truly a sight to behold.

New for Omega 2022: New Speedmaster ’57, Moonshine Gold Moonwatch

The Speedmaster ’57 gets an updated movement and slimmer proportions, while the new Moonwatch and Aqua Terras are all about color, tone and texture.

Omega’s Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep collection may have been in the spotlight yesterday, but there are other new arrivals that are just as exciting, including a stripped-down Speedmaster ’57, two Moonshine Gold Moonwatches and his “n” her Aqua Terras with a playful twist color dial.

Speedmaster 1957 slimming version
To celebrate the 65th anniversary of the 1957 Speedmaster, Omega has released an ode to its original trilogy, featuring a new movement and slimmer proportions.

Equipped with the hand-wound Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 9906, the updated ’57 not only has a thinner case (just 12.99mm in height), but also a finer bezel and caseback.

In addition to making the watch look more streamlined, these improvements really help to open up the dial on the front, while also giving plenty of pride to the cleverly decorated movement on the back.

In homage to the Speedmaster of 1957, the 40.5mm stainless steel case features faceted lugs.

The new Speedmaster ’57 collection includes 8 new models with 4 dials: a “sandwich” black dial with inlaid vintage Super-LumiNova luminous coating, blue PVD, green PVD ​​and burgundy lacquered hour-markers. Each watch can be paired with a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet that matches the colour of the dial.

Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann commented: “With the new Speedmaster ’57, we are trying to honor and celebrate the essence of the Speedmaster, rather than turning it into a vintage-looking piece.”

Moonwatch Moonlight Gold
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Speedmaster Moonwatch, Omega has launched two Moonlight Gold Moonwatches, an Omega-exclusive 18K yellow gold alloy inspired by the moonlight shining in the night sky.

Whiter than traditional 18K yellow gold due to the inclusion of silver, copper and palladium, this alloy is a compelling material choice not only for the case of these Moonwatches, but also for the dial of one of the models.

In fact, one features a dark green PVD dial with a green ceramic bezel, while the other features an 18K moonlight gold “panda” dial, black sub-dial and hour markers, and a black ceramic bezel. It looks fantastic.

Powering the pair is the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 3861. Additionally, the new Speedmaster Moonwatches are available with strap options: a polished and brushed Moonshine Gold bracelet or a one-piece black rubber strap with a moon-surface texture on the back.

Gorgeous Seahorse Aqua Terra 150Ms
In terms of colour and size, there is something for everyone in the new Seamaster Aqua Terra 150ms, all featuring a beautiful sun-brushed brass dial thanks to Omega’s clever use of PVD and CDD technology.

Atlantic blue, bay green, sandstone, saffron and terracotta dials are available for the 38mm version and feature rhodium-plated hands and indexes.

Meanwhile, the 34mm model is available in navy blue, lagoon green, sandstone, shell powder or lavender dials with 18K white gold hands and indexes.

Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8800, whatever size you want, the polished stainless steel case comes with an integrated bracelet with redesigned round links.

Reviews on Ulysse Nardin Freak Watches

Over the years, Ulysse Nardin has been known for producing high-precision marine watches. Over time, in addition to their iconic products, they also released the Freak collection, an exotic timepiece with many bold innovations. In today’s review, we’ll take a closer look at one of the Freak’s most popular timepieces.

Born at the beginning of the 21st century, the Freak collection embodies the unique and creative essence that Ulysse Nardin pours into each design. Every watch is very different, and the escapement of its movement forms the minute hand. The operating mechanism is optimized, especially the mechanical parts inside the silicon escapement. 2005 marked the launch of the diamond escapement with the Dual Ulysse system.

Since then, Freak has been seen as a real new wind, bringing a lot of interesting things not only to watch lovers around the world, but also to Ulysse Nardin itself, as a brand about creativity and innovative new concepts.

Considered to be one of the designs that marked the beginning of the Ulysse Nardin Freak, the watch featured a special tourbillon movement on the dial, as well as a special operating system.

  1. Overall Design

Overall, the fake Ulysse Nardin Freak has a very distinctive look, but retains some of the details of a classic watch. The entire dial case is made of 18K rose gold, and the special engraved bezel connects the two micro-curved lugs, creating a soft feeling that hugs the wrist of the watch.

The bezel on the front is designed with the function of adjusting the time, so it has been carefully carved to form a pattern commonly used in ancient Greek architecture. Later, the bezel was further improved to reduce the lines, but still retain the style.

The back of the watch is a back cover made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, which supports the water resistance of the watch. However, we can only see part of the watch’s mainspring.

A special feature of the watch is that the entire caseback on the back winds the movement by turning the entire case clockwise. Combined with 18K rose gold is still the familiar crocodile leather material of the strap. With a new innovative lock, this special time machine is optimally protected and retains its inherent elegance. online fake watches

  1. Dial design

The dial is divided into two separate parts, the upper part contains details such as hands, tourbillon, hour markers and brand logo; the entire lower part is the operating machine that controls the operation of the watch. The two independent parts are separated by a layer of transparent glass, with silver Arabic numerals on the border around the glass, which are very eye-catching and clear at a glance.

In the center of the dial, a special tourbillon movement serves as the watch’s minute hand. In fact, the tourbillon is the escapement of the movement, with beautifully arranged metal gear shafts. The tourbillon set is attached to the dial by means of gold screws, which form the axis of rotation for this special hand, and secure it and the sapphire crystal to the face of the watch.

In addition to the minute hand, the hour hand of Ulysse Nardin Freak is also quite fancy, with a triangular piece of metal.

Another equally interesting detail is the “fake Ulysse Nardin” brand logo on the dial. The symbol will move around the dial, completing a full circle at the end of the hour.

  1. Operate the machine

The movement is considered the heart of every watch. And Ulysse Nardin has a strong and passionate heart, the Calibre UN-200. This is a very special movement with an automatic winding mechanism and a full bezel setup. The minute hand of the watch will be connected to the bezel by a gear, which facilitates easy winding and time adjustment.

In addition, the Calibre UN-200 is equipped with an innovative escapement made of silicon material, which helps the watch run with exceptional precision and minimizes restrictions and dangers during operation.

Made exclusively in-house, the movement UN-200 has 47 jewels, a frequency of 28,800 vph and a power reserve of up to 7 days. The running movement also supports optimum shock resistance, helping the watch measure time accurately with negligible error.

Today, Ulysse Nardin Freak remains a well-known name in the field of high-end Ulysse Nardin timepieces. With numerous new innovations, gorgeous looks and outstanding performance, this is considered a rare “mechanical masterpiece” of all time, not just a Discount watches or an elegant accessory.