Why is the “ghost king” with good looks and skills not as popular as his brothers?

At the beginning, I can’t help but sigh, the recent market of Rolex replica is too magical. Throughout the current popular products, they all show a strong sports style, and among these products, diving watches are the most popular. But only the deep diving type (DEE SEA), which is commonly known as the “ghost king” by players, seems to have a weak market performance, and its popularity is even inferior to the entry-level Oyster Perpetual. This “King” watch with strong sports style, tough appearance and high technical content should also be a popular choice, but it is not as “received” as its own brother, let us take a look, “Ghost King” deep dive Why is the shape so happy and worrying.

In the recent heat, the prices of many Rolex sports models have been pushed to high levels. The same as the submersible type (water ghost) as a diving watch, whether it is the basic no calendar model or the precious metal model, there are different degrees of premium. Only the price of Ghost King seems to be a little “weak”, not only the actual purchase price is not much different from the public price, but it can even be obtained at a more advantageous price in the secondary market. However, the “softness” mentioned here does not refer to how low the actual selling price is, but the degree of premium relative to similar products.

In terms of the elements required as a popular model, it has scarcity, recognition, and sports style, but why is the market performance not as good as expected? Obviously, wearing comfort is the reason why many people abandoned the ghost king in the first place. After all, the huge diameter of 44mm, the thickness of 17.7mm, and the weight of more than 200 grams, if it is not for a burly body, I am afraid it is difficult to control. For watch lovers whose wrist circumference is less than 170 mm, unless they can accept the “contrast cuteness” formed by a small wrist and a large watch diameter, the wearing effect is really funny. Considering the average figure of Asians, the ghost king is destined to be only suitable for some people, and it is not as universal as the water ghost. fake watches for sale

However, being a “king” must have its excellence. We know that Rolex’s diving watches are positioned according to the level of waterproofing. The most basic series of submersible type (water ghost) has a waterproof rating of 300 meters; the sea-dweller type has a waterproof level of 1220 meters; as for the “ghost king” deep diving type, it has an ultra-high waterproof level of 3900 meters, which is a water ghost. More than ten times. It should be noted that the deep diving type is not an independent product series, it belongs to the sea-dwelling type, which can be understood as the top version and special model of the sea-dwelling type.

In order to achieve this exaggerated waterproof level, Rolex has carried out a lot of stacking. On the outer layer of the dial, we can clearly see the words “RING LOCK SYSTEM”, which literally translates to “Ring Lock System”. This patented technology is only used in ghost kings. In simple terms, the system consists of three parts: the first is the BioDur 108 alloy ring, which is located inside the case and has 3 times the tensile strength of 904 steel; the second is the titanium caseback, which is used for Absorb pressure deformation; the third is a 5.5 mm thick sapphire crystal, which can effectively resist high water pressure shocks. At the same time, there is a helium escape valve on the side of the case of the ghost king, which can quickly discharge the helium gas accumulated in the case to the outside of the case to ensure the stability of the fake watches for sale.

For the sake of waterproofing, Ghost King did not use a convex lens type calendar window. The reason is that Rolex’s convex lens-type date window is not formed in one piece, but is bonded together by two pieces of sapphire glass through a special process. After all, in a high-pressure environment, it is difficult to ensure the stability of the adhesive. Therefore, for the sake of functionality, the brand abandoned this highly recognizable design.

As the saying goes, “If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight.” If the diameter, thickness and weight of the high quality replica watches are not a problem for you, then the Ghost King, which integrates many technical stacks, is a sincere product. After all, it is a Rolex. All the popular elements are there. Compared with the high premium of the entire water ghost series, the ghost king whose actual purchase price is not much different from the public price may also be worth considering.

URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition

With ample imagination, URWERK will release watches that are isolated from other worlds and stories every year. Even though the watches are various re-versions, independent brands maintain the strong sci-fi elements through the use of new ideas or materials. The same is true for the URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition. This thoroughbred URWERK alien uses a very interesting but very beautiful 2N gold case, and its astrophysical satellites display the hours and minutes in the form of a miniature cosmic ballet.

The first time I came into contact with the (digital) brand was during my university. A small group of people trying to explore the world of watches are frantically searching for the most interesting watches on the Internet. In 2003, we discovered a brand that uses a very unusual satellite system to display the time-UR103. The watch is directly exposed to the parallel world, because for us/me, this watch is like a beautiful dream, like an extraordinary science fiction book. We never thought we could see such a watch on the spot. So I am very grateful. After many years, this magical world embraced me. I can share with you my personal experience of one of the latest URWERK watches, the UR-100 Gold Edition.

URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition
The URWERK UR-100 series was launched together with the UR-100 SpaceTime version in September 2019. This new watch combines time (hours and minutes) and space (distance traveled) in a URWERK original work. The watch shows the distance covered by our planet revolving around its own axis and the distance it revolves around the sun. UR-100 keeps reminding us of our position in space and time, reminding us how small we are compared to the earth and the universe.

Spaceship case
The word tradition has another meaning in the URWERK world. A very specific and very personal meaning of URWERK. Whether you think it’s similar to the Millenium Falcon, the corners are the front and the crown is the exhaust pipe, or a more classic starship, the crown is the front porthole (or “windshield, if you will ), the corners are double exhaust pipes, and the case of UR-100 is a classic URWERK case.

The case is made of very beautiful 2N gold, 49.7 mm long and 41 mm wide. Thanks to its smart lug system, URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition provides a very comfortable position on the wrist. Its structure makes it look good on a variety of wrist sizes. The case is finished with a matte brush, the top is round and the sides are horizontal.

The crown made of the case material bears the brand logo. The size of the crown is relatively large, but it looks good and is balanced with the rest of the case. It provides excellent grip. Setting up and winding provides a lot of fun. We can also notice a threaded plate with a limited edition number on the left side of the case.

The bottom cover is fixed with URWERK proprietary screws. The back of the UR 12.01 movement is decorated with sapphire crystal glass. The watch is equipped with a brushed and sandblasted 2N pin buckle leather strap. The name of the independent person is engraved on it.

The gold version of URWERK UR-100 displays the brand’s planetary system under the highly domed sapphire crystal. This complex system reveals three signs. At 10 o’clock, the watch will show the distance (in kilometers) our planet travels around its axis.

The dual indication is realized by the satellite on the top and the pointer through the hole. Complexity is represented by ⊕ ROTAT. For easy identification. At 2 o’clock, UR-100 shows the distance the earth revolves around the sun in space.

It is marked with ⊙⊕ REVOL., which means that the earth ⊕ orbits the sun deliberately, which is represented by the sun symbol ⊙. The indication styles are the same, but the scales correspond to each other, and each indication is engraved with kilometers for reference.

The time indication is URWERK’s traditional style (as mentioned earlier, the tradition is the brand’s personal notes in the case of URWERK)-a planetary rotation system that displays the hours on the rotating disc and the minutes on the curved orbit. The system is fairly easy to use, even for people who are not used to the digital time display with the classic 12-hour rotating schedule. It should be noted that all instructions are highlighted in the dark by a strong SuperLuminova, making the night watch a real UFO. luxury watch brands

Revealed but hidden-UR 12.01 movement
URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition is equipped with UR 12.01 movement. Although most technical details are shown on the side of the dial in the form of a titanium Geneva cross and aluminum satellite hours on an aluminum carousel, the back hides the movement behind the fascinating weight of the rotor-the planetary turbine automatic system.

The watch beats at a frequency of 4 Hz for 48 hours. It uses round textures, sandblasting, micro-sandblasting, strapping and other exquisite decorations, although most of the decorations are “hidden” behind the weight of the rotor. The function of movement can be observed in the video below, provided by URWERK.

The UR-100 Gold Edition is an easy-to-wear URWERK watch (especially compared to the other large pieces of this independent watch). Like all URWERK timepieces, UR-100 is a bold invitation to space adventure.

The watch is very comfortable to wear on the wrist. This is a constant source of interference because it is so interesting that you find yourself always learning. Of course, this is a watch that will cause a sensation whenever it is worn on the wrist, and is regarded as pure curiosity by connoisseurs or blasphemers. UR-1oo represents another successful attempt (not a good word, because it means URWERK is based on trial and error) to bring science fiction watches to those who are open to space adventure.

URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition Technical Specifications

The UR 12.01 movement is equipped with an automatic winding system, regulated by URWERK’s proprietary Windfänger system, equipped with screw and planetary gear drives
Jewelry: 39
Frequency 4 Hz / 28,800 vph
Power reserve: 48 hours
Material: Aluminum satellite hours on the Geneva cross in titanium alloy
Aluminum turntable
The triple bridge in ARCAP
Finishes: round texture, sandblasting, micro-sandblasting, strapping
Chamfered screw head
Hour and minute hands coated with Super-LumiNova

Satin-finished 18k 2N yellow gold
Dimensions: width 41 mm; length: 49.7 mm; thickness: 14 mm
Glass transparent sapphire crystal
Water resistant to 30 meters (3 ATM/3 bar)