Bremont Kingsman (Bremont Kingsman) watching the “Kingsman: Secret Service” movie

Bremont and KINGSMAN partner: secret service

We are very excited about the 20th century FOX movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. Bremont is on the shelves, a beautiful limited edition was released this week, and it was recently announced that they have partnered with “Kingsman: Secret Service” to provide watches for upcoming movies (scheduled for release in January 2015). The release of these two watches took place exclusively at the Bremont Boutique and Mr. Porter in September.

The two Bremont watches are used throughout the movie. Each agent certified by Kingsman is equipped with a rose gold chronograph Bremont watch, while the trainees wear black invisible chronographs on NATO straps. Like every secret agent, the watch is a key component in its arsenal. There will always be a watchmaker to do the job, and we look forward to seeing what Bremont does for Kingsman agents.


This is what Bremont and Kingsman collaborated on

story. The main character of the film “Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, played by Taron Egerton, is a native of Aberystwyth headquarters, right in our office Go to school on the road.

Today, the British watch company Bremont has announced Bremont Kingsman select special edition watches. We have seen Bremont trying to connect itself with typical British products, such as Chivas Scotch Whiskey or sports car manufacturer Jaguar. This time, Bremont released a movie and released three slightly different models to commemorate the role these the best replica watches in the world played in Matthew Vaughn’s new film “Kingsman: Secret Service” Character.

The film will be released in February 2015, with movie stars Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine as “Super Secret Spy from Britain” Agents of the organization.” The film even included Nick English, the co-founder of Bremen, as a guest guest performer as one of Kingsman. To this end, Bremont slightly modified its ALT1-WT watch to have three different color schemes, from rose gold to stainless steel to black DLC coated steel.

These agents will exclusively wear the rose gold chronograph world timer and the cream dial shown above. Bremont said that these watches play a key role in the film and are “an indispensable tool in the agent’s gadget lineup.” Although we are already familiar with the exact function of the special edition work, we can only tell us how to do this after watching the Kingsman movie.

Unless there are some hidden gadgets like 007 hidden under the dial, the BE-54AE movement (based on ETA 7754 caliber) will provide time, 12-hour chronograph, date and world time functions. Thank you for the second time zone pointer installed in the center and List of time zones on the rotating flange ring around the dial.

Bremen Kingsman (Bremont Kingsman) stainless steel model is worn by Merlin (Mark Strong), he is a trainer of potential super spies of the top Kingsman organization. One of the trainees (and the central character) was Taron Egerton, a criminal teenager recruited by Kingsman agents to help disintegrate the arrogant lover (Samuel L. Jackson), who will be wearing a black DLC version. Almost all the design elements are black-there are red spots and white luminous pointers everywhere-the DLC version is arguably the most secret work of the three.

Given the number of movie stars in the film and the acclaimed director Matthew Vaughn behind the scenes, the Kingsman: Secret Service movie is undoubtedly a sensational work that will show Bremen to millions of viewers around the world Dedicated watch series. world. From a more general point of view, this movie will also bring the mechanical watch as a whole to the forefront: contrary to the use of high-tech electronic wearable devices, agents will rely on mechanical watches to perform tasks, which is most gratifying for us The development of watching lovers. There may be various 21st century gadgets to assist agents in their work, but the charm of mechanical watches is still strong enough to eliminate the need for electronic watches.

The Bremont Kingsman special edition replica watch will be equipped with a 43 mm case and a 16 mm thick case. This is what we have seen on the Bremont ALT1-WT model. It has a water resistance of 100 meters and is available in rose gold. Stainless steel or DLC coated steel.