Buy Bremont Broadsword Bronze


The outdoor surface of the British brand is treated in bronze.

In March 2019, the British brand replica Bremont launched a series of watches produced in cooperation with the British Ministry of Defence (MoD). As part of the deal, Bremont can use the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force logos, symbols and heraldic emblems in this new collection of three watches. Today, Bremont has launched a bronze version of the Broadsword field watch to expand its product line.

The case of Broadsword bronze is made of CuSn8 bronze. CuSn8 bronze is a copper alloy with a tin content of 8%, which is more corrosion resistant than other bronze variants. Due to its high corrosion resistance to salt water, the use of bronze shows the importance of this material in naval engineering. To recap, the Armed Forces collection includes a field watch, a single-button chronograph and a diver. The diver was inspired by the super-compressor-style case provided to the British military during World War II. Collectors refer to the original watches provided by 12 companies as “dirty watches.” Among them, Vertex watches have restarted the production of watches loyal to the 1940s.

Bremont Broadsword is a three-hand watch, with the date window at 3 o’clock and the second hand at 6 o’clock. The dial and hands are coated with multiple layers of luminous paint to complete the original specifications of the British Army. The width of the copper case is 40 mm, equipped with a copper screw-in crown, and it is water-resistant to 100 meters. The stainless steel bottom cover is printed with the coat of arms of the three armed men and is engraved with the words “approved under s”.

The bronze version will be available in three different color dial and strap versions-slate (gray) Sotek (military green/blue-green) and tobacco (brown). The watch is powered by the self-winding BE-95-2AV, a chronograph-grade movement that beats at 4 Hz (28,800 vph) and has a power reserve of 38 hours. These three watches are paired with a brown matte strap with white stitching or a vintage leather strap in gray or khaki.

Bremont and Hugh Laurie
Another American friend of the brand is Hugh Laurie. The actor visited one of the Bremont retailers in London and bought the Bremont U-2 with a black dial. If this is not good enough, you can see him wearing it in the last episode of the smashing American TV show “House”.

He is also known for owning one of the Bremont MBII watches, which were designed in conjunction with Martin Baker. They have undergone the same extensive tests as the pop-up seats, including shock, vibration, temperature to salt spray tests, and are now known for their resistance to external forces. In addition, due to its gorgeous aesthetic effect, it is easy to see why Hugh Laurie chose it as his product!

Bremont and Kingsman Secret Service
Another incredible film appearance of Baoming Watch is its key role in Matthew Wolf’s “Kingsman: Secret Service”. It all started when Matthew Vaughn and his wife Claudia Schiffer walked into the Bremont Mayfair store a few years ago. He talked to the store manager and explained that he was making a British spy movie and believed that this luxury watch maker would be a natural fit – not only because of its connection with the military, but also because of its British heritage.

Bremont and Matthew Vaughn worked together to produce the ultimate spy watch. This amazing timepiece is named Bremont Kingsman Limited Edition. There are three types of Kingsman watches: stainless steel, black DLC and rose gold. Each watch is limited to a certain number of models. Some of the high-end models in the movie were also put on clothes and then owned by the stars, including Nick Ingerson himself, who appeared in the movie as one of Kingsman.

Bremont and Mark Strong
In the Kingsman: The Secret Service movie, one of the actors wearing a stainless steel Bremont Kingsman fake watch is Mark Strong. He received a modified Kingsman chronograph for the role of Merlin, and he was a trainer for potential super spies organized by the top Kingsman. He soon fell in love with the design and its unparalleled performance, and since then began to pay for several other Bremont watches.

Another instrument known to be worn by this actor is the Bremont ALT1-ZT/51. He exercised in the latest Sky TV series Temple, where he played the role of a surgeon willing to perform operations on people willing to pay. Its stunning beauty is immediately welcomed by aviation enthusiasts, not only because of its clear and easy-to-read dial or highly durable case, but also its convenient 24-hour function is very suitable for such as Mark Strong (Mark Strong) World traveler.