Bremont launches a new titanium MBII Savanna Pilot watch

Over the years, the standard procedures for testing the shock resistance of any Replica gents watches and its full-case movement have often varied from brand to brand—from the classic “hammer test” used by most brands to even the famous centrifuge from IWC. But until Before Bremont appeared in 2002, no brand used Martin Baker ejection seats as the gold standard for testing shock resistance. Now approaching its 20th anniversary, this British manufacturer is still the only brand specifically designed and manufactured for its MB (“Martin Baker”) pilot watch series that can be ejected from a crashed plane. In addition, the new MBII “Savanna” is made of fully matte titanium, creating a new concealed and ultra-light aesthetic, which should appeal to anyone who has a serious need for speed.

Brand: Bremont
Model: Martin-Baker MBII’Savanna’
Size: 43mm
Water resistance: 100 meters
Case material: Grade 5 titanium
Crystal/Lens: Ar coated sapphire
Movement: BE-36AE (ETA 2836 base), automatic movement with date certified by the Observatory
Frequency: 4Hz
Power reserve: 40 hours
Strap/Bracelet: Rubber

Traditionally, the civilian version of the MB watch (MBII in this case) has been made of Bremont’s hardened stainless steel, with the option of a color anodized aluminum middle barrel barrel-the massive knurled logo of this pilot watch. It is understandable that it has been favored on the wrists of active military squadrons and among tool watch fans around the world for most of the past 20 years. This new MBII retains those key calling cards, including the yellow stripe “pop-up release handle” counterweight on the second hand, while insisting on the 2020 update of the MB series, improving the handset and dial details (you may notice the new MBII The dial has only one date, not the date/date complexity of the earlier iterations), buy watches online

In addition to these improvements, this new model also adds a distinctive khaki finish, which feels as if it may be a distant cousin of the all-ceramic IWC Top Gun “Mojave” capsule that was launched in 2019 and expanded earlier this year. Now, no matter which flight school you belong to, armchair pilots and fighter pilots in flight suits may agree that titanium may be a more realistic material for the case actually deployed in the cockpit, but feel free to argue and comment. One out.

Purely for aesthetics, this special titanium treatment gives the case a very warm gray finish, designed to eliminate any potential reflective surfaces-this was once a combat hazard in the cockpit of a traditional pilot, but since the advent of radar. In addition to rigorous live-fire ejection tests, MBII has also undergone harsh tests in harsh temperatures, extreme altitudes and even salt spray, making this watch a viable choice for the crew of active aircraft carriers. It’s also cool that all these tests were done locally in the UK, except for the finishing and manufacturing of the case, which is now being carried out at the brand’s new factory opened in Henry on Thames last fall.

The new MBII Savanna is still powered by Bremont’s BE-36AE-the ETA 2836 base is locked in Bremont’s proprietary movement holder. Its self-winding bridge has been strengthened to cope with the unique impact experienced in the ejection scene, and this Savanna reference unique rotor has been hollowed out and plated with exquisite ruthenium plating to add extra gorgeousness. This movement still maintains a power reserve of approximately 40 hours, and in this particular version also has a unique touch, with a custom date wheel matching the dial on a gray background.

Two cool TAG Heuer Aquaracers

Cheap Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300 Calibre 5 Automatic Black Opaline 43mm WBP208C.FT6201 watch

TAG Heuer fake may be famous for its classic chronographs, but the brand is also very expressive in terms of divers. The brand first dipped its toes into the waters of a diving watch in 1978, the reference number is 844. However, for many people, the iconic TAG Heuer diver is Aquaracer, the design uses a familiar dive watch formula and makes it completely theirs. “Historically, when Heuer became TAG Heuer, the brand was almost exclusively rebuilt on diving watches. I am talking about the 1000, 2000 and 6000 series, and then S/EL-Link. These watches have many key features, One-way bezel, luminous markings, screw-in crown, double folding clasp, and 300 meters water resistance. These are the typical characteristics of diving watches, and this series is based on this,” TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault Said.

Although some legendary transitional designs, such as the black PVD and the gold series 1000 Diver — or the more unique version with a fully illuminated dial — were created by Timothy Dalton in The Living in 1987. Daylights is worn as Bond in the Daylights, but it has not been successfully included in the TAG Heuer catalog, but the core principles of TAG Heuer diving watches remain unchanged. Bezel, bracelet, sturdy construction. All of this is well documented, but as Frédéric Arnault explained, for the latest version launched this year, the focus is actually on improving Aquaracer as a way for the brand to expand its market share in the highly competitive dive watch field. . “This is part of us now, and we need to strengthen this story. Our gameplay is to keep improving and improving quality.

The first generation Aquaracers (2004) provided a depth rating of 300 meters, while the next generation (launched in 2009) increased it to 500 meters. Aquaracers uses a wide variety of materials, colors and movements, all of which are designed to provide divers with a clear, easy-to-read and reliable watch. Aquaracer feels powerful in a completely necessary way, which means it doesn’t have any extra design details. Every element of the watch has both aesthetic and functional purposes. Most importantly, in a world where everyone seems to be determined to make replicas of antique watches, these watches have a wonderful sense of modernity and originality in recent years. “Bold and elegant, powerful and versatile, this is a very sturdy watch that goes beyond the edges and sets a new high-watermark, high-performance mechanical watch for ergonomics. Designed for work and entertainment, to welcome Designed for nature’s most severe challenges, it is a pure symbol of TAG Heuer’s adventure and avant-garde spirit,” Arnault said.

What do we like the most about the appearance of the new Aquaracer? We like straight lines in the entire design of the watch. This is the complete opposite of all other diving watches in the world, which are characterized by a round dial, a round hour markers, a round bezel, a lollipop second hand, and of course a round case. Frédéric Arnault said: “With its eye-catching and recognizable beauty, represented by Aquaracer’s iconic 12-sided bezel and high specifications, it is completely modern, but it is reminiscent of the TAG Heuer 40. A legacy that began many years ago.”

This week we added two Aquaracer models to our store. One of them has a beautiful black dial and matching bezel, which can almost meet your needs for sports divers. The 43mm steel case provides ample presence, and the fact that the ceramic bezel is angled is a nice touch. Legibility is not a problem, because the hands and applied markers have a lot of luminous material, and the trapezoidal shape of the yellow-tip second hand is a nice touch. This Aquaracer submarine is equipped with a multi-functional steel bracelet, equipped with a reliable Calibre 5 movement, rated at 300M, suitable for diving. fake watches form china