Bremont Kingsman Watch & In Kingsman: Secret Service Movie

Today, the British watch company Bremont replica announced that Bremont gold selection special edition watches. We see that Bremont tries to link yourself with typical British products, such as Chivas Scotch Whiskey or Sports Automakers Jaguar. This time, Bremont hit the movie because three slightly different models were released to marks the role of Matthew Wafen new movie goldsmith: Secret service.

Due to the release of February 2015, the movie star Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine are “agents from super secret British spy organization”. This movie even includes the Joint Founder of Bremont, as a sight as one of Jinxingman. To this end, Bremont modified its ALT1-WT watches (hereby reviewed), enabling them in three different color schemes, from rose gold through stainless steel, to black DLC coated steel.

This agent can specifically use the above Rose Gold Time Code Timers, as described above, Bremont best said that the watch plays a key part in the movie, and a point in the small tool lineup of the secret agent. Tools. “This will exercise in practice is what we can only identify after we have seen Kingsman movies, although we are familiar with the exact function of specialty.

Unless there are some hidden, 007-hot gadgets hidden under the dial, BE-54AE sports – based on ETA 7754 Caliber – will provide time, 12 hours chronograph, date, and world time function, thank you, concentrated The time limit on the time limit on the time limit on the time zone on the second time zone and the time zone on the flange ring.

Merlin (Mark Firth) wearing Bremont Golden Stainless Steel Model, these potential super spies for top secret Kingsman organization trainer. One of them – and the Central People – is Eggsy (Taron Egerton), which is recruited by Kingsman agents to help reveal Megalomaniac Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson), they also wear black DLC version. Almost all black design elements – here and the red and white glow hands there – the DLC version can be said to be from three most hidden fragments.

Given the number of movie stars in the movie, Matthew Vaughn, Kingsman: Secret service movie is definitely a heavy bomb, will showcase the World of Million Audience. From a more general point of view, the movie will also bring the machine to the forefront: rather than high-tech electronic wearing, and the agent will perform their tasks by relying on the mechanical timer, which is for us. The most popular development looks at the love. It is possible to be a series of 21st century gadgets to assist agents in their work, but the temptation of mechanical hours is still strong enough to eliminate demand for electronic watches.

The replica Bremont Kingsman special edition will sport 43 mm and 16 mm thick cases. We use the Yabon Alt1-WT model, water resistant to 100 meters, can be coated with rose gold, stainless steel or DLC coated steel.