MB&F LMX, 10th anniversary traditional machine

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The iconic feature of LM1 reappears with a more interactive and dynamic light to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the watch.

MB&F celebrated the first ten years of its traditional machine with LMX. LMX dates back to the first old version of the machine in 2011, amplifying many signature functions and creating more dynamic glasses. The floating balance wheel is new, the two dials of the independent time zone are now tilted at an angle, more mechanical parts are exposed on the dial, the vertical power reserve indicator has been redesigned, and the autonomy has been increased to 168 hours. LMX may have the signature function of the first old machine, but in fact everything has been reorganized. The only thing that has not changed its position is the balance wheel. Another compelling aspect of LMX is the enhanced interactivity of the watch with a rotating hemisphere power reserve and wheels. There are two limited editions of LMX, one is 18k rose gold with black NAC treatment on the license plate and axle, and the other is grade 5 titanium with green CVD treatment. The next stage of the journey.

When the “old machine” was launched ten years ago, many of the puzzles of MB&F’s interstellar spacecraft were puzzled. They are facing the nostalgic style of replica MB&F, not the unconventional and imaginative “horological machinery” case, but the round, more traditional and more desirable watch.

Did Max Büsser crash into his starship and permanently change the trajectory of MB&F? Far away. Bissell did not fly to the fantasy future for inspiration, but flew back a hundred years ago to explore what kind of watch he would have created if he was born in 1867 instead of 1967. Dive freely into Jules Verne’s fantastic “Voyage”, Gustave Eiffel’s engineering feat and the mechanics and aesthetics of pocket watches, Büsser dreamed of the first Legacy Machine. The balance wheel is a star on the show, just like any work you would like to be released by the MB&F Creative Lab, the balance wheel is not completely hidden under the bottom cover.

Pursuing the dynamic styling charm of all fake MB&F watches, the huge floating balance wheel is placed in the center of the dial, and it is fixed on two white lacquered dials by an arch bridge to maintain its position. With the help of the movement of friend Jean-François Mojon and the impressive and historic finishing of Kari Voutilainen, the LM1 won two prizes at the 2012 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards. Awards (public award and best male watch). To learn more about all the older machines produced so far, don’t miss our retrospective article.

The first thing for fans of LM1 to notice is that the two crowns have moved from their original positions at the bottom of the case to the top of the case. Another difference is the elegant polishing of the entire case. The first LM1 shows a mixture of polished and brushed surfaces. The lines of the 44mm case are also more streamlined and refined, with a hollow area extending along the band of the case.

The dynamic 3D architecture and animation of LMX are controlled by elegant symmetry: the two crowns are mirrored by two large gears and two inclined sub-dials on the dial, while the hemispherical power spring indicator is mirrored by comparison. The small balance second wheel leaves the center stage to the floating balance wheel.

The outstanding balance wheel of the LM1 is Büsser’s tribute to the watchmaker who was in love with the perfect adjustment system yesterday. The huge floating balance wheel is located in the center of the dial and runs at a speed of 18,000 vph per hour. The new 13.4mm balance is slightly smaller than the original 14mm balance wheel and is equipped with an inertia block. When adjusting the heart, its accuracy is higher than that of the traditional spiral balance.

The beautiful V-shaped arched bridge above the dial is directly inspired by the architectural elements of the Eiffel Tower. The bridge on the LMX is slightly different from the skeleton bridge of the first replica LM1. It is still V-shaped, but solid and round. More mechanical elements are exposed on the dial, including the components of the gear train and the tomahawk-shaped escapement bridge between the two sub-dials in the lower half of the dial. When the time on the two dials has been set, the two large wheels located next to the crown of each barrel begin to rotate. The third wheel at 6 o’clock corresponds to the small second hand. It is fixed in place by a straight bridge, and its surface is hand-finished to make it have a curved profile and polished by hand.

In addition to excellent animation effects and dynamic appearance, Legacy Machine is also very practical. LM represents two time zones on two separate dials, so the advantage of LM is that each dial can be set independently. Unlike the traditional dual time meter that can adjust the hours, the traditional machine allows you to adjust the hours and minutes. MB&F’s iconic Tomahawk is engraved on the crown at 2 o’clock. The time is set on the right dial and the watch is wound.

A globe is engraved on the crown at 10 o’clock, and the time is set on the left dial. The stretched white lacquered dial with black Roman numerals and blue gold hands, the charm of the Büsser pocket watch dial is no longer on the dial. Like LM Thunderdome and LM Flying T, the dial is now tilted at an angle of 50°. This inclined position adds more architectural interest to the dial. It increases the complexity of the movement, which requires energy to be transferred from the horizontal plane to the vertical plane through a bevel gear.

Going back in time to capture the spirit of traditional machines, Bissell will undoubtedly put a sextant in his suitcase, which is a kind of navigator that can determine the angle between the horizon and celestial bodies such as the sun. The traditional machine in 2011 was designed to look like a miniature sextant, with the world’s first vertical power indicator. The two curved arms of the pointer rise from the dial above 6 o’clock to echo the curved arms of the bridge on the balance wheel. fanreviewwatch.com

The LMX has a power reserve indicator, but it has been repositioned until noon and its hemispherical architecture has been reinterpreted. With a new and improved power reserve of 168 hours/7 days (LM1 has 45h), this indicator provides two different methods to measure the amount of fuel remaining in the tank. Two markers on opposite sides of the hemisphere convert the number from 1 to 7 on one number, and convert the number from the day of the week to a number on the other. By rotating the power reserve display, you can choose your preferred display mode. If you choose the right time and wind the watch on Sunday, you can rotate the sphere and enjoy the display of the day of the week. If you are more forgetful, the digital indicator will let you know when to wind up. The 2 o’clock crown engraved with the battle axe is responsible for rotating the power reserve display, adding another interactive element to the watch.

Of course, the LMX is equipped with a spectacular high domed sapphire crystal, which stands on the dials of all Legacy Machines. The huge height of 21.4 mm (only smaller than the 22.2 mm of Tri-Axial LM Thunderdome) can ensure viewing pleasure.

The manual winding 367 movement is exclusively developed by MB&F. It is equipped with three barrels and provides a powerful 7-day (168h) power reserve. The tight symmetry of the dial continues the movement, with its three barrels evenly arranged in the center. The tilt angle of the interior, the polished tilt angle, the Côtes de Genève on the bridge and the high attention to detail can all appreciate the most advanced handcraft style of the 19th century.

LMX will provide two initial versions: 18k gold and grade 5 titanium. The black hand-stitched crocodile leather strap and the red gold model are matched with a red gold folding clasp; the titanium model is equipped with a gray hand-stitched crocodile leather strap and a titanium folding clasp.


Case: 44mm diameter x 21.4mm height – 18k red gold or grade 5 titanium, polished – two crowns at 10 and 2 o’clock – high domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating both sides, front and back

Dial: red gold model with black NAC treatment – titanium model with green CVD treatment – two independent dials for dual time functionality – small seconds at 6 o’clock – floating balance wheel in centre held in place by large arched bridge – hemispherical power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock – battleaxe-shaped escapement bridge – exposed wheels at 2 and 10 o’clock rotate when crowns are activated

Movement: 3D horological movement developed exclusively by MB&F – manual-winding with three barrels for 168h/7-day power reserve – 13.4mm floating balance wheel with inertia blocks – 18,800vph/2.5Hz – 367 components – 41 jewels – gold cahtons with diamond countersinks – superlative 19th-century style hand finishings throughout – hours and minutes on two independent dials (dual time), running seconds, rotating hemispherical power reserve

Strap: 18k red gold model with black alligator strap with red gold folding buckle – titanium model with grey alligator strap with titanium folding buckle