Porsche Design launches new products for 2018

In 1972, after Ferdinand Alexander Porsche retired from Porsche’s operations, he decided to establish a watch (and other product) design company. Since he became a designer, he not only developed the 911, but was also responsible for all design aspects of the Porsche car concept. His goal is to continue the concept of low-key, simple but efficient design, functionality and purism, and apply it to the cheap Porsche Design product line. Clear readability and reliable functions are the core values-combined with beauty. You can always find elements inspired by Porsche sports cars and racing cars. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche has used titanium for the watch case from the beginning, a material derived from the lightweight structure of racing cars.

The Porsche Design 1919 series welcomes new members. This is the 1919 Chronotimer FlybackBrown & Leather. Since most Porsche Design watches are in black or natural titanium colors (they are all titanium, but sometimes coated), this time brown adds more formal watch touch to the sporty collection. The case design is kept slim to maintain a clear dial design. This feature can even be supported by ignoring the tachymeter scale. The new movement Werk 01.200 with flyback function is a basic movement specially built for Porsche Design. It was first launched in an exclusive series in 2017.

The next novelty we checked was added to the Chronotimer series. This is the new Chronotimer Flyback special edition. That is similar to the novelty of 1919 mentioned above, but completely different in the case design. The Chronotimer series uses a tachymeter scale and a matte black titanium case-inspired by the cockpit instruments, which is more sporty. In order to strengthen the connection with the racing car and its lightweight structure, the dial is made of black carbon fiber, and the strap is made of the same leather used inside the car-even the red stitching is the same. It is also equipped with the new Werk 01.200 with flyback function. The Chronotimer Flyback Special Edition is available in mid-June.

For more excitement, Porsche Design has added two new versions to its Monobloc Actuator series. Here, we are talking about sports-watches have nothing to do with formal watches, but they are full of power. Looking at this timepiece, you can almost smell burning tires and oil dripping from the track. The Monobloc Actuator Chronotimer Flyback Limited Edition is not without reason. It is inspired by the Porsche 911 RSR racing car. The carbon fiber dial is again based on the chassis of the Porsche 911 RSR. The black details of the white and red hands on a light background are inspired by the colors of the Porsche GT team working closely with Porsche Design. It is limited to 251 pieces. Why is it such an odd number? Because the wheelbase of the 911 RSR is exactly 251 cm, this is essential for improving the weight distribution between the axles.

The second new product in the Monobloc Actuator series is the 24H Chronotimer All Black. It is basically the same as the above model, except that there is no new Werk 01.200, but a 24-hour scale and a black titanium bracelet are added. The difference between these two watches and other series is that instead of using the two standard buttons on the side of the case to trigger the stopwatch function like traditional chronographs, the chronograph function of Monobloc Actuator activates the rocker switch by a single pressure operation. Integrated in the shell. Similar to the mechanism used in the Porsche 911 RSR engine.

The new Monobloc Actuator Chronotimer Flyback Limited Edition comes with a rubber strap with Alcantara leather inlays, while the Monobloc Actuator24H Chronotimer All Black comes with a titanium strap with a black titanium carbide coating. As you know, these two watches are designed for speed lovers.