De Bethune DB25 Starry Varius

Humans have long looked to the sky for inspiration. The stars provide a way to tell a story, a way to navigate the world, and a reason for humans to dream and think about our place in the universe. Watchmakers and astronomers often work together to advance the scientific discovery process, resulting in new discoveries in the fields of astronomy and watchmaking.

It’s this history of innovation that has inspired De Bethune co-founder and master watchmaker Denis Flageollet to push the boundaries of innovation and materials, looking to the stars for inspiration in his avant-garde sci-fi-themed watches. De Bethune DB25 Starry Varius is less of a sci-fi adventure and more of a hit from Denis Flageollet. This watch should be synonymous with his name and the De Bethune brand.

Starry Varius perfectly leverages Denis Flageollet’s design aesthetic and iconic queue. On the case, Flageollet includes his signature skeletonized lugs, which curve gracefully along the wrist. The lugs feature torpedo points, a subtle nod to his earliest watch, the De Bethune DB1 chronograph, with its retro French inspiration.

The dial showcases De Bethune’s material innovations, with a flame-blue titanium central disc with a display of the Milky Way. Finished with hand-set and polished 24k leaf gold cabochons and laser micro-milling, the pattern depicts the Milky Way. Breguet rose gold hands complete the watch and complement the handcrafted dial.

The entire movement is finished in the Bethune curve, an in-house finishing technique that interacts with light in a beautiful and captivating way, the stripes are evident in natural light, and adjusting the angle of the watch and letting the light dance on it is a pleasure. The double-barrel system features a hand-snailed, compact spiral finish and offers an incredible six-day power reserve via the hand-wound DB2005 movement.

The movement incorporates many of Flageollet’s inventions, including a triple-chute anti-shock system, self-regulating double barrels, a titanium balance with platinum inserts, a fake De Bethune hairspring with a flat-end curve, and a silicon escape wheel. See His titanium balance wheel and balance spring work incredible with its flat end curve, a truly mesmerizing sight.

Starry Varius takes De Bethune’s signature sci-fi feel, but captures De Bethune’s innovations and patents and expresses them in beautifully handcrafted watches. Notably, De Bethune will create a custom Starry Varius with a dial depicting the sky anywhere at any time, allowing you to mark special occasions and places in your life with the celestial dial of your choice.

Model: DB25 Starry Varius

Reference number: DB25VRS3

Case Size + Material: 42mm, 18k Rose Gold

Bottom cover: Exhibition bottom cover

Movement: Manual winding movement DB2005

Complications/functions: hours, minutes

Strap/Bracelet: Double-sided alligator leather strap, rose gold Tang buckle