The best 5 Rado watches for men and women in 2020

Replica Rado CAPTAIN COOK AUTOMATIC BRONZE R32504205 watch

Rado replica is a popular name in luxury watchmaking. To say the least, the brand is elegant, reliable and luxurious. The watchmaker has always been proud of his design ability and made it clear to the world that it must not be taken lightly. Although it was founded in the 20th century, it is at a distinct disadvantage in terms of experience. The Swiss watchmaker never let anything become glory. Today, Rado is recognized as one of the earliest pioneers of avant-garde sports and innovation drivers, and we see it in many other brands today.

2020 Rado top five watches for men and women

Without further rado, let’s dive in and check out some of the most exquisite Rado watches that watch lovers often overlook.

Radar Captain Cook Automatic Bronze Watch R32504315

Captain Cook is essentially an ode to the past. This series is a tribute to the device that helps sailors catch the ship in time. Rado finally thought it was the right time to restore this aesthetic from the original design in 1962. Of course, there are some minor improvements to make it more suitable for the current spirit of the times. The reference involved is a 42mm automatic timer with a 30-meter water resistance. The movement has a power reserve of approximately 80 hours and has a screwed crown on the right side of three o’clock. The green dial adds charm to the watch, while the leather strap gives it a vintage aesthetic.

Replica Rado Centrix Automatic Diamonds R30035712 watch

Rado Hyperchrome Ref. R32108102

The launch of Hyperchrome is the prayer of everyone. They hope that their favorite watchmakers will finally provide an iconic dress style. The brand is so popular, but it also provides the sportiness that other timepieces of the brand usually lack. The series is the home of sleek, dynamic and outstanding watches. By design, these clocks look as good as a three-piece suit and as good as a pair of slim jeans and a polo shirt. The watch discussed here is a 45mm behemoth with an automatic movement. The watch offers a chronograph, 10 meters water resistance and a bracelet made of patented Ceramos technology.

Rado Centrix automatic heartbeat self-winding watch. R30179105

Remember the old saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, things have become easier, because now you can even try to view internal content. Centrix Open Heart has a hollow dial that literally allows you to peek into the soul of the watch. The timepiece discussed here is a 38mm self-winding device that can provide up to 80 hours of power reserve. Apart from the fact that it has a completely unorthodox dial, the timepiece is very basic.

Rado True Thinline Toge reference. R27009192

The True Thinline series has been around for a while, and to be honest, it has done nothing but the appreciation of watch connoisseurs around the world. The series aims to bring back the class and technique that ultra-thin watches are known for. From the outside, the brand has achieved significant success in its efforts. The watch mentioned here is Thinline Toge, which is a joint effort between Rado and the famous Japanese designer Ayako Suwa. The clock here is a 39mm quartz-powered device and is limited to 1,001 pieces. Of course, the strap is made of high-tech ceramics and the dial exudes a “tricky” appearance, which is exactly what the artist intended.

Rado Golden Horse Ref. R33930313

The Golden Horse Award is one of the first watches launched by Rado. It was first released to the public in 1957 and relaunched in 2019. The 37mm watch is a limited edition, with a curved dial on the top, a sleek appearance and the iconic Rado anchor symbol. The high-precision ETA C07 movement can provide up to 80 hours of power reserve, and the watch is water-resistant to 50 meters.