Corum Golden Bridge Black Ceramic Case Watch

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The Corum Golden Bridge watch with black ceramic case is one of the most eye-catching and highly recognized timepieces in the world, the latest release. 35 years later, the brand has carefully crafted a beloved masterpiece. Putting the creative timepiece in a black titanium ceramic case helps make this extraordinary watch more coveted.

This timepiece is a true technical feat by injecting crystals into the case by using a pressurized mold with a pressure of 980 bar. Then the ceramic material is evenly placed in a furnace set at 320 degrees by hand for 30 seconds to harden it. This process shrinks the total volume of the ceramic material by about one third, and then shrinks when it reaches a suitable size . The size can be wrapped in crystal. This labor-intensive procedure is completed to create perfection in this timepiece.

The Corum Golden Bridge watch with a black ceramic case clearly viewed the brand signature bridge-shaped French bread movement of the timepiece at a 360-degree angle. This watch has a 40-hour power reserve, is composed of four sapphire crystals, and the 18-carat rose gold movement has a beating frequency of 4 Hz. It comes with a beautiful crocodile leather strap and, of course, hand-carved. The mechanical device introduced here was created in 1980 as a major milestone in vertical axis construction. The watch shows two pillars visible on the bridge, which increase the rigidity of the movement and provide the highest accuracy.

This timepiece is engraved with elegant hand engraving, with a brand logo, surrounded by a slender rolling pattern, depicting three outstanding ferns, these ferns in La Chaux-de-Fonds ) Growing in the forest. The magnificent work done to make such an excellent product is not only challenging but also very tricky. It is a surprising result to ensure that the material is completely uniform so that the surface texture is not rough, and then master the exact time required to burn the furnace, knowing that even one second may cause excessive shrinkage, so the case is small enough to accommodate caliber.

The Kunlun Golden Bridge Fake Cheap watches is a work of art and has the impeccable technique of genius, watch and genius. The rectangular bread movement extends along the entire length of the beautiful barrel-shaped case. The watch industry is in awe of the brand’s overcoming the challenges facing this design, including how the bridge aligns the crown at 6 o’clock with the crown, as if it were an extension of the manual winding CO 113 movement.

The sliding spring winding system in the timepiece can develop a unique structure, which separates the winding from the time setting and is cleverly installed between the bridge and the main board. The movement is equipped with a variable inertial balance to ensure long-term accurate timing. Excellent artistic design ensures quality and reliability, thus creating a timeless fake watch that will always have a place in the brand’s history.