Launch of Hublot BIG BANG E

Hublot’s Big Bang is a household name, but now we also have Big Bang e: an equivalent smartwatch inspired by the Big Bang referee Hublot created for the World Cup in Russia two years ago. Hublot added such an iconic name to the connected watch, highlighting how critical they think the model will be, and that it will not only be sold online first, but also through the WeChat network in China (WhatsApp Chinese version) for sale. ) Equally show that they see the location of the early target audience. In fact, this is the first time Hublot sells watches online through its website (although it can also be purchased from retailers later), so this is a truly breakthrough moment in many ways.

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The art of fusion
Hublot talks a lot about “the art of fusion”: integrating the technical functions of smart watches into Big Bang’s traditional design language, and integrating the tradition of famous Swiss watchmakers. From the beginning, it was obvious that this is a smart watch that is as high-quality as you would expect: the case is made of black ceramic or titanium alloy and uses all the technologies that Hublot pioneered in its other watches.

Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal can double as a touch screen. In another fusion of tradition and modernity, the rotating crown with integrated buttons activates electronic controls, and of course it can also replicate classic buying replica watch complex functions (such as a perpetual calendar with precise moon phases or GMT function, which can be displayed Earth). There are also real numbers under the touch screen crystal, which means it can double as… ordinary watches.

However, buyers of this watch will obviously be most interested in its connectivity. Essentially, this is an Android smart watch supported by Google, so it can do all the work you expect from the most advanced smart watch, from the application through Google Play to the payment through Google Pay. There are usual notifications as well as email and other digital functions, but of course it can also be used as a fitness tracker. There is no real surprise in this regard, so the range and functionality of its functions may be impressive.

Buy Hublot Big Bang e Black Ceramic 440.CI.1100.RX Replica watch price

Hublot’s attempt to integrate it into high-end smart watches is highly personalized and personalized. As part of the Hublot Loves Art program, the dial changes color every three hours, which means you can see eight color-themed artworks within 24 hours. An animation is also marked every hour for five seconds. The watch has a rubber strap, but these strap designs are easily interchangeable. Hublot’s ambassadors and brand friends will also make some specific dials, which will appear over time.

Case: 42mm, titanium or ceramic

Strap: rubber, with Hublot’s foldable buckle and one-touch system, easily interchangeable

This watch raises many questions, most of which are philosophical. The answer to them will depend on how everyone views the watch. What everyone may agree on is the importance of this release and has an impact on the entire industry and its future. Not only because of the best fake watches itself, but also because of its sales and sales methods. We will focus on development.