Grand Seiko Spring Drive review

Can Grand Seiko Spring Drive become the most accurate mechanical watch movement ever? Discover the secret behind the operator who made the Grand Seiko movement so smooth with Spring Drive so smooth.

Grand Seiko Elegance Automatic 39.5mm Review

The special edition Grand Seiko Elegance requires special comments and high-resolution photos to truly capture the beauty provided by this luxury timepiece. Read the full review of the Grand Seiko Elegance Automatic 39.5mm Model#: sbgh263 below.

Grand Seiko Elegance Automatic 39.5mm Review

Looking closely at the case, you will find its superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, from construction to the famous Zaratsu polishing.

This special finishing method is done manually, and tinplate is used in the process to provide a mirror finish without the distortions normally associated with highly polished finishes. This method is only done by experienced craftsmen and craftsmen who need to rotate the box juxtaposed on the board at a very precise angle to make it completely correct.


The silver dial has a soft creamy tone and uses gold applique numbers. The date hole is located at 3 o’clock and is framed by a gold frame. The delicate minute recording track adds a subtle distance to the entire periphery of the dial, with equal spacing between the numbers and the edge of the silver dial.

The Grand Seiko logo is printed in black and is painted under the polished golden GS abbreviation at 12 o’clock. The “AUTOMATIC” located directly above the 6 o’clock position is displayed in capital letters using sans-serif black fonts, and has the words “HIGH-BEAT 36000” to indicate the VPH rate of the movement’s oscillation, resulting in ten oscillations per second .

The matching golden yellow-brown hour and minute hands are faceted, and polished surfaces are used on the surfaces and bevels of the hour and minute hands. With the high-tap movement, the second hand moves smoothly around the dial.


Grand Seiko Elegance Automatic 39.5mm self-winding internal automatic Grand Seiko movement 9s85 is powered by high vibration at 36,000 VpH or 5Hz. This 37 jewel self-winding movement is flawless and can be seen through the watch’s transparent sapphire caseback.

The GS 9s85 movement can be adjusted to 6 different positions and temperatures, and has undergone an accuracy test of -3 / + 5 seconds per day, even more accurate than the level required by the COSC timer. The 9s85 is equipped with a Spron 610 hairspring. Its electromagnetic frequency resistance is three times that of the previous generation Spron hairspring, and its impact resistance is twice that of the previous generation Spron hairspring.

Spron 530 alloy gives the mainspring a high torque, and its power is 6% higher than its predecessor, which means it can work an additional 5 hours, so it has a longer power reserve than most 10-beat watches. .

The case is mounted on a smooth dark brown alligator leather strap with matching brown stitching, and the back of the case back is softer light brown calf leather. The strap uses a button-type folding clasp made of stainless steel, which can be closed by a pin buckle.

Compared with SBGK005, they are almost rare. What I didn’t expect was that the dial layout might cause strange hand arrangement. With the second hand and backup power in place, you can get an amazing configuration, all of which has space and looks perfect, as well as weird distortions, hands are crowded and confused. The latter does not happen often, but I bowed my head a few times and said to myself: “Wait, what’s going on?” replica swiss watches

The only real complaint is the common situation of Grand Seiko watches, whose case has a highly polished effect: they are scratchy and dusty. At least it can be said that I have a little A-type, I find myself constantly picking up microfiber cloth to organize things. To be honest, although I don’t mind, the light of the Seiko watch case seems to be worth our weight.

Overall, I think my large-scale experiment was successful. Although SBGK005 is positioned as a variety of wearable watches, it can still be an excellent everyday wearer on the correct strap and can reinvent itself according to its environment. Its uniqueness is enough to attract people’s attention, but it will not require you to wear it so loudly. Great design, pure and simple.


SBGK005 is one of the more expensive watches in the Elegance series and one of the higher-priced non-precious metal watches in the Grand Seiko core product line. Personally, I think you will still get a lot of attention at this price point, especially if your first priority is a unique design, excellent dial and high-quality internal movement.

After spending a week with Grand Seiko SBGK005, it is safe to say that this watch belongs to the “difficult to return” category. It took me more than a week to put on this watch, which gave me a positive first impression, the rich details of the dial became more and more beautiful, and the comfort of the case became more and more time-consuming Even more impressive. Grand Seiko uses his own method to make high-end watches, which cannot be copied by any other watchmaker, and as a result, their binding power and qualities usually stand out like anything else. SBGK005 is completely a watch, which performs well in almost all daily situations.

Making a difference for your own sake is not always the best move. However, if you do something different for thoughtful reasons and want to smile on your face, then you will get some very interesting results. The Grand Seiko SBGK005 watches replica uses a familiar formula and is executed with freshness and a unique perspective, making it a very attractive watch. Only spend more time to convince you, it can become better.