25th Anniversary of Patek Philippe Exhibition

In January 1995, Haltom’s brought the unique replica Patek Philippe Museum collection from Geneva to Fort Worth.

“Times of Life: Patek Philippe’s Legendary Watch” debuted at the Jewelry Charity Ball and then exhibited at the West Richardson Museum next to the Halton Museum in Sundance Square for 12 days.

Patek Philippe is planning to build the Geneva Museum, and when they last traveled to Texas, they shipped a series of precious rare watches. This is an amazing event, we received nearly 15,000 visitors. When the new generation of watch collection was introduced, some participants had fallen in love with the Swiss watchmaking industry.

The exhibition is displayed in 25 glass display cabinets – an astonishing number of Patek Philippe watches, including:

Packard Pocket Watch-Minute Repeater with perpetual calendar, moon phases, sunrise and sunset, obvious solar time and celestial map since 1927

Pope Pius IX enamel badge 18K gold pocket watch, 1867

Rudyard Kipling’s double-case watch has a miniature enamel parable of “Peace brings abundance”

The 1853 watch was Leonard Tolstoy

Queen Victoria’s blue enamel and 18K gold brooch watch, made for a large exhibition at the Crystal Palace in 1851

The first Swiss watch made for the Countess of Hungary Kosewicz in 1868

Pendant watch by Marie Curie

Caliber 89, the most complex portable timepiece in the world, including a wheel, completing one lap every century
Literally, this is truly breathtaking, each glass case is more exciting than the next one, these works are just a highlight of the exhibition. Haltom commissioned five pocket watches and a clock, each specially designed for this exhibition. These works are miniature replicas of enamel and sculpture, depicting some of Sid Richardson’s most iconic paintings:

Miniature Russell enamel on an 18K pocket watch:
Trouble hunter
Injured: Injured Buffalo

Remington’s miniature engraving on 18K pocket watch:
Cow punch

18K cloisonne enamel longhorn cowboy and cowboy dome clocks, inspired by the Chisholm Trail murals at Sundance Square

This two-week exhibition is the culmination of two years of planning and one of the most exciting moments in my career. Browse our scrapbook can bring back beautiful memories of incredible events. It was a pleasure working with Hank Edelman and Larry Pettinelli of Patek Philippe. Learning from Ann Quinn and Pat Massad of the Jewelry Charity Ball made me their biggest admirer, and they are still my personal style and elegant idols.

The best secret of Patek Philippe

The secret we are talking about is the bell of Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary master. This beautiful timepiece has a dazzling white dial in a sparkling rose gold ring.

This complex timepiece takes 8 years to make. The diameter is 47 mm and the thickness is 16.1 mm. The movement has 1366 parts, including three gongs and three hammers, 20 complications and two dials.

The delicate case has 214 parts, including a hand-carved laurel wreath engraved with a laurel wreath.

It has 4 types of complications. A new complication is an alarm, which sets a time. Set the alarm to 7:30 and you will hear seven hours of sound and two quarter hours of sound. If it is set to 1 o’clock (only one easy-to-miss sound will be emitted at this time), the alarm will sound 12 hours at 12:58, three quarter hours and 13 minutes. Another new feature is the date repeater, which brings dates closer. http://www.chrono4usale.co